Short posterior ciliary arteries

Short posterior ciliary arteries

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Latin = arteriae ciliares posteriores breves
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Caption = The arteries of the choroid and iris. The greater part of the sclera has been removed.

Caption2 = The ophthalmic artery and its branches.
BranchFrom = ophthalmic artery
BranchTo =
Vein = vorticose veins
Supplies = choroid (up to the equator of the eye)
ciliary processes
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DorlandsPre = a_61
DorlandsSuf = 12153868
The short posterior ciliary arteries from six to twelve in number, arise from the ophthalmic as it crosses the optic nerve.

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They pass forward around the optic nerve to the posterior part of the eyeball, pierce the sclera around the entrance of the optic nerve, and supply the choroid (up to the equator of the eye) and ciliary processes.

Some branches of the short posterior ciliary arteries also supply the optic disc via an anastomotic ring, the Circle of Zinn-Haller or Circle of Zinn, which is associated with the fibrous extension of the ocular tendons (Annulus of Zinn).


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