NER Class C1

NER Class C1
NER Class C1
LNER Class J21
(L)NER 876 at Shildon, 2011
Power type Steam
Designer T. W. Worsdell
Builder NER Gateshead and Darlington Works
Build date 1886–1894
1901–1913 (conversions from Class C compounds)
Total produced 201
Rebuild date 1914-1925 (superheater conversions)
1923-1929 (saturated engines given larger cylinders)
Configuration 0-6-0
UIC classification C
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Driver diameter 5 ft 1 14 in (1.556 m)
Wheelbase Loco: 16 ft 6 in (5.03 m)
Tender: 12 ft 8 in (3.86 m)
Both: 37 ft 9 34 in (11.525 m)
Axle load 15.5 long tons (15.7 t)
Locomotive weight 42.4 long tons (43.1 t)
Tender weight 36.8 long tons (37.4 t)
Locomotive & tender
combined weight
79.2 long tons (80.5 t)
Boiler 4 ft 3 in (1.30 m) diameter
Boiler pressure Original: 140 psi (0.97 MPa)
Rebuilt: 160 psi (1.1 MPa)
Firegrate area 17.2 sq ft (1.60 m2)
Heating surface:
1,025 sq ft (95.2 m2) saturated
480 sq ft (45 m2) superheated
Heating surface:
270.1 sq ft (25.09 m2) (superheated only)
Heating surface:
108 sq ft (10.0 m2)
Heating surface:
1,133 sq ft (105.3 m2) saturated
1,041.6 sq ft (96.77 m2) superheated
Superheater area 183.5 sq ft (17.05 m2)
Cylinders Two, inside
Cylinder size 18 × 24 in (460 × 610 mm) original
19 × 24 in (480 × 610 mm) rebuilt
Valve gear Joy; some rebuilt to Stephenson
Valve type D slide valves
Tractive effort 15,108 lbf (67.20 kN) original
17,265 lbf (76.80 kN) early rebuilds
19,237 lbf (85.57 kN) later rebuilds
Career NER, LNER, BR
Class NER: C1, C
Withdrawn 1929–1962
Disposition One preserved (no. 876), remainder scrapped

The North Eastern Railway (NER) Class C1, classified J21 by the London and North Eastern Railway, is a class of 0-6-0 steam locomotive. They were designed by T.W. Worsdell.

Originally 30 were built, but later 171 Class C Compound locomotives were converted to simple operation.

Seventy-seven passed into British Railways ownership in 1948 and they were numbered 65025-65123 (with gaps).


One, LNER 876 (BR 65033), has survived to preservation and is the subject of a bid to restore it to working order. The Locomotive was preserved in 1972 for Beamish Museum. It was used at Beamish from 1975, pulling the restored NER Coach and the restored NER wagons between the Colliery Sidings and Station, until 1984 when it was declared unfit to run due to the Boiler certificate running out it last ran in December 1983. It then languished in the station yard, with No 14 (Hawthorn Leslie) or the Diesel shunter moving it to keep the motion from seizing up on occasion. It was on static display until 2004/2005 when it was removed to the North Norfolk Railway for restoration to steam in 2007. Hopefully in the next ten to fifteen years she will come back to Beamish, though this may not be until 2025 at the very least.


The rebuilding history of the class is very complex. All the Class C compounds were rebuilt as Class C1 simples and all were then re-classified as Class C (NER) and later Class J21 (LNER).

Some locos were further rebuilt with superheaters, 19" bore cylinders, piston valves and Stephenson valve gear. Strangely, the superheaters were later removed from some of these locomotives.

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