Locomotives of the London and North Eastern Railway

Locomotives of the London and North Eastern Railway

The London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) produced several classes of locomotive, mostly to the designs of Nigel Gresley, characterised by a three cylinder layout with a parallel boiler and round-topped firebox. It produced the most iconic locomotive of its day, 4468 'Mallard', the holder of the world steam locomotive speed record. It also built the world famous 4472 'Flying Scotsman'. However, its locomotive inheritance was much greater than just the 'A4 Class', it also produced highly successful mixed-traffic and freight designs.

* For an explanation of the classification and numbering systems used by the LNER and its constituent companies, see: LNER locomotive numbering and classification.

Locomotives of Constituent Companies

Great Central Railway

*GCR Class 1 (LNER Class B19, formerly B2) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 1A (LNER Class B8) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 1B (LNER Class L3) 2-6-4T
*GCR Class 2 (LNER Class D7) 4-4-0
*GCR Class 2A (LNER Class D7) 4-4-0
*GCR Class 3 (LNER Class F1) 2-4-2T
*GCR Class 5 (LNER Class J62) 0-6-0ST
*GCR Class 6AI (LNER Class J8) 0-6-0
*GCR Class 6D (LNER Class E2) 2-4-0
*GCR Class 6DB (LNER Class D8) 4-4-0
*GCR Class 8 (LNER Class B5) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 8A (LNER Class Q4) 0-8-0
*GCR Class 8B (LNER Class C4) 4-4-2
*GCR Class 8C (LNER Class B18, formerly B1) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 8F (LNER Class B4) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 8G (LNER Class B9) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 8K (LNER Class O4) 2-8-0
*GCR Class 8N (LNER Class B6) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 9A (LNER Class N4) 0-6-2T
*GCR Class 9B (LNER Class J9) 0-6-0
*GCR Class 9D (LNER Class J10) 0-6-0
*GCR Class 9E (LNER Class J9) 0-6-0
*GCR Class 9F (LNER Class N5) 0-6-2T
*GCR Class 9G (LNER Class F2) 2-4-2T
*GCR Class 9H (LNER Class J10) 0-6-0
*GCR Class 9J (LNER Class J11) 0-6-0
*GCR Class 9K (LNER Class C13) 4-4-2T
*GCR Class 9L (LNER Class C14) 4-4-2T
*GCR Class 9N (LNER Class A5) 4-6-2T
*GCR Class 9P (LNER Class B3) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 9Q (LNER Class B7) 4-6-0
*GCR Class 11 (LNER Class D5) 4-4-0
*GCR Class 11B (LNER Class D9) 4-4-0
*GCR Class 11C (LNER Class D9) 4-4-0
*GCR Class 11D (LNER Class D9) 4-4-0
*GCR Class 11F (LNER Class D11) 4-4-0
*GCR Class S1 (LNER Class S1) 0-8-4T

Great Eastern Railway

*GER Class 209 (LNER Class Y5) 0-4-0T
*GER Class C53 (LNER Class J70) 0-6-0T
*LNER Class D13 4-4-0 (rebuilt from GER Class T19 2-4-0)
*GER Class D14/D15/D16 'Claud Hamilton' 4-4-0
*GER Class E22 (LNER Class J65) 0-6-0T
*GER Class F48 (LNER Class J16) 0-6-0
*GER Class G58 (LNER Class J17) 0-6-0
*GER Class L77 (LNER Class N7) 0-6-2T
*GER Class M15 (LNER Class F4) 2-4-2T
*GER Class P43 4-2-2
*GER Class R24 (LNER Class J67) 0-6-0T
*GER Class R24 Rebuilt (LNER Class J69) 0-6-0T
*GER Class S56 (LNER Class J69) 0-6-0T
*GER Class S69 (LNER Class B12) 4-6-0
*GER Class T18 (LNER Class J66) 0-6-0T
*GER Class T19 (710 class) 2-4-0
*GER Class T19 Rebuilt 2-4-0 "Humpty Dumpties"
*GER Class T26 (LNER Class E4) 2-4-0
*GER Class Y14 (LNER Class J15) 0-6-0
*GER Holden 2-2-2
*GER Decapod 0-10-0T

Great North of Scotland Railway

*GNoSR class A (LNER class D44) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class D (LNER class J90) 0-6-0T
*GNoSR class E (LNER class J91) 0-6-0T
*GNoSR class F (LNER class D40) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class G (LNER class D48) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class H (LNER class D39) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class K (LNER class D47/2) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class L (LNER class D47/1) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class M (LNER class D45) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class N (LNER class D46) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class O (LNER class D42) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class P (LNER class D43) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class Q (LNER class D38) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class R (LNER class G10) 0-4-4T
*GNoSR class S (LNER class D41) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class T (LNER class D41) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class V (LNER Class D40) 4-4-0
*GNoSR class X (LNER class Z4) 0-4-2T
*GNoSR class Y (LNER class Z5) 0-4-2T

=Great Northern Railway=

Archibald Sturrock 1850-1866

Patrick Stirling 1866-1895

Stirling built locomotives with domeless ("straightback") boilers.Many were rebuilt by Ivatt with larger, domed boilers, and were placedin a different class as shown in the table.

Hull and Barnsley Railway

The H&BR was taken over by the North Eastern Railway (NER) in 1922.

Vincent Raven

Electric locomotives

*NER Class EB1 Bo-Bo electric (1500V DC/Pantograph) banking locomotive
*NER Class EE1 2-Co-2 electric (1500V DC/Pantograph) express locomotive
*NER Class EF1 Bo-Bo electric (1500V DC/Pantograph) freight locomotive
*NER Class ES1 Bo-Bo electric (1500V DC/Pantograph and 3rd rail) shunter

Locomotives built by the LNER

Gresley Designs

* Class A3
* Class A4
* Class A8
* Class B17
* Class D49
* Class J38
* Class J39
* Class K4
* Class P1
* Class P2
* Class U1
* Class V1
* Class V2
* Class V3
* Class V4
* Class W1

=Thompson Designs=

* Thompson Class A1/1
* Thompson Class A2
* Thompson Class B1
* Thompson Class B2
* Thompson/Peppercorn Class K1
* Class K5
* Thompson Class L1
* Class O1
* Class Q1

Peppercorn Designs

* Peppercorn Class A1
* Peppercorn Class A2
* Thompson/Peppercorn Class K1

Private manufacturers

* LNER Class J72
* LNER Class J94
* LNER Class Y1 Sentinel shunter
* LNER Class Y3 Sentinel shunter
* LNER Class Y10 Sentinel shunter
* LNER Class Y11 Simplex 0-4-0 petrol locomotive "(later British Rail 15097 - 15099)"


British Rail continued to build LNER designs (the B1 and L1 classes in particular) immediately after Nationalisation. Remarkably, it even built a new series of shunting locomotives (J72 class) to a pre-Grouping design (of the North Eastern Railway). However, it was to be the Eastern Region that took the first of BR's new Standard locomotives, 70000 'Britannia', for its Great Eastern Main Line workings to Norwich in 1951.

BR built 396 locomotives to ex-LNER designs. One of these, the J72 Class was a North Eastern Railway design dating from 1898.


Withdrawal of ex-LNER locomotives took place throughout the 1960s, with some of the once high-profile 'A4 Class' locomotives ending their lives on heavy freight trains in Scotland; a far cry from the glamorous express workings of the late 1930s.

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* [http://www.lner.info/locos/locos.shtml Locomotives of the LNER]


* Groves, N, "Great Northern Locomotive History" (4 vols.), [http://www.rcts.org.uk Railway Correspondence & Travel Society]
* Baxter, B., (1978-9) "British Locomotive Catalogue 1825-1923 Vols.5A & 5B", Moorland Publishing

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