NER Class H

NER Class H
NER Class H
LNER Class Y7
68088 Y7 under overhaul at Weybourne
Power type Steam
Designer T. W. Worsdell
Build date 1888-1923
Total produced 24
Configuration 0-4-0T
Gauge standard gauge
Driver diameter 3 ft 6.25 in (1.073 m)
Wheelbase 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Length 20 ft 4 in (6.20 m)
Width 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m)
Height 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m)
Locomotive weight 22.7 long tons (23.1 t)
Fuel type coal
Fuel capacity 6.25 long cwt (700 lb; 318 kg)
Water capacity 500 imp gal (2,300 l; 600 US gal)
Boiler pressure 140 psi (0.97 MPa)
Firegrate area 11.3 sq ft (1.05 m2)
Heating surface:
448 sq ft (41.6 m2)
Heating surface:
57 sq ft (5.3 m2)
Cylinders two inside
Cylinder size 14 × 20 in (356 × 508 mm)
Tractive effort 11,040 lbf (49.11 kN)
Power class 0F
Retired 1929-1952
Preserved 2

The North Eastern Railway (NER) Class H, classified as Class Y7 by the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) is a class of 0-4-0T steam locomotives designed for shunting.



68088 at Loughborough

Introduced in 1888 by Thomas W. Worsdell, six were built in 1888. Their simple, bare design easily navigated the tight curves and poor quality track which they ran on. The Y7 proved so successful, that the NER ordered a further ten in 1891, three in 1897 and five more were ordered by the LNER in 1923.

Due to their small size, these engines did not have a bunker in the traditional position behind the cab, so coal was piled up on top of the side tanks immediately in front of the cab. The Y7s shared their simple domeless boiler design with the J78 and J79 classes.

The locos were originally fitted with dumb buffers, but these were changed for small round buffers during the 1930s,[1] some also gaining vacuum brakes during this period; only hand and steam brakes were fitted when built.

Locomotives operating at Tyne Dock were altered to take shunting poles on each corner of the loco, giving the ability to pull a wagon on an adjacent line.[2]

Numbering and livery

The LNER originally painted the Y7s in black with ¼inch vermillion lining; repaints after 1928 omitted this with locomotives in plain black.[1]

Two entered British Railways stock in 1948, becoming BR 68088 and 68089.

Operation and preservation

The original work of these locos was on Tyneside, at Hull docks, and within Darlington works,[2] but LNER no.8088 was recorded working at Stratford works between 1943 and 1952.[3]

Dock work was hit hard by the depression, and between 1929 and 1932 the sixteen locomotives which made up the first two batches delivered were withdrawn, nine being sold to industrial use while the remainder were scrapped.[2]

Two have survived to preservation:

LNER No. 985 (8088), BR 68088, was sold to the National Coal Board in November 1952 and worked at Bentick Colliery until 1964 when it was purchased by the Y7 Preservation Society. This locomotive has been located at the North Norfolk Railway since 2004.[3] In December 2010 it was announced that when it's overhaul was completed, 68088 would be based at Beamish Museum for three years.

NER No. 1310 was bought by the Steam Power Trust, and has been located at the Middleton Railway since 1965.[4]


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