Gorma Tribe

Gorma Tribe

The Gorma Tribe (ゴーマ族 Gōma Zoku?) are a group of fictional characters and are the antagonist in the 1993 Super Sentai series, Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Eight thousand years ago they were the military of the three tribes, but decided to take the world for themselves and destroy the other two. The Gorma are humans who have master a You Power and gained the ability to become monsters. Their leader is the Gorma Emperor with many other divisions under him. However, it was revealed that most of the higher aristocracy had been killed centuries before the series even began. It was thought that Shaddam had secretly made clay versions of them all in a bid to be emperor himself. However, as he himself turned out to be clay, it is debatable who created the clay copies. While the You Power the Gorma uses gives them great power, it also has damages their mental facilities, as the most powerful Gorma are almost completely insane as seen with the Gorma Emperor and those before him due to the Earth Shaking Jewel.


Gorma XV

Gorma XV (ゴーマ十五世 Gōma Jūgōsei?, 20-49): The fifteenth Emperor of Gorma who mysteriously resurfaced to reopen the Gorma Palace with intent to restore his crumbling empire to its former glory. He is an extremely powerful entity, though a bit insane. The insanity was an inherent aspect of all the Gorma's past fourteen emperors due to the power of the Earth Shaking Jewel which supplies the Emperor with an unlimited supply of "You Power" for him to live, though only few actually know the truth. The Emperor was more of a sadistic, heartless creature with a "playful" outlook on things. However, the Emperor got more serious when he saw Shaddam's intention to overthrow him. He was hoping for Shadam to fall to their enemies so he can rule the world forever. But when Shaddam became next in line and demanded the Earth Shaking Jewel, the Emperor refuses and attempts to use the item to kill Shaddam himself. However, The Emperor's own conceit was a flaw as Shaddam revealed he recreated the Emperor from clay, only letting him live until Shaddam became Emperor himself and Gorma's official leader. With that revelation, Shaddam managed to steal the Earth Shaking Jewel while the former Emperor is reduced to clay dust.

Gorma XV is portrayed by the late Munemaru Kōda, who also played Hideo Kageyama/Doctor Man in Choudenshi Bioman.

Gorma Triumvirate

The Gorma Triumvirate, who are part of the Military Level (Jiaxu also belongs to this level), help spear head the Gorma's attack on humans.

In episode 30, they get to wield the ReiRyoku powers of Hell.


Commander Shadam (シャダム中佐 Shadamu Chūsa?) is the leader of the Gorma Triumvirate and the real father of Akomaru and Kou. He was also the one who spear-headed the Gorma attack against the Dai Tribe in China. He hates humans for their weaknesses and can assume a fighting form, with a mask that practically covers his face.

Shaddam's motivation in Gorma was to reach higher rankings until he become the 16th Gorma Emperor, deposing of the competition in anyway possible. He eventually realized his dream and the power of the Gorma Emperor once he defeated Jiaxu and disposed the previous once he is resurrected so he can become his successor. As Gorma XVI (ゴーマ十六世 Gōma Jūrokusei?, 49-50), he intended to use the Earth Shaking Jewel to take over the world despite suffering its mind-warping effects, fighting the Dairangers. But when Daijinryuu appears, the Earth Shaking Jewel left Shaddam in order to appease Daijinryu's wrath. A maddened Shadam attempted to escape, only to be encountered by Ryou in a one-way knife duel between them. Shaddam lost and died on his own knife, revealing that he was actually a clay figure made long ago. As his body crumbled to dust, only an electricity-vibrating human eyeball remained among the pile of dirt. Shaddam was revealed to have been responsible for making clay copies of the Gorma higher ranks, as most of them died years ago but since Shaddam too was a clay copy, It is not known what happened to the real Shaddam and who created the copies.

Shadam is portrayed by Rintarō Nishi, who later voiced Dokoku in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


Commander Gara (ガラ中佐 Gara Chūsa?, 1-49) is the female member of the Gorma Triumvirate, though she was actually a clay copy of the original Gara and a former member of the Dai Tribe who joined Gorma at age 10 when she believed that her friend Kujaku abandoned her after she was scarred in the face while protecting her, getting revenge with Mirror-Makeup Artist's aid. When Gara died soon after, Shaddam created the one that the Dairangers would face in present time, identical to the original in every way. She created a copy of her self called Wraith Gara (生き霊ガラ Ikiryō Gara?) for a short time by dripping her own blood onto a small doll made of straw. During the final battle, Gara learned the truth of her 'existence' as the "Real Gara" appeared and used her power to reduce Gara into dust.

Gara is portrayed by Akiko Amamatsuri, who previously played Rui Senda/Dr. Mazenda in Choujuu Sentai Liveman.


Lieutenant Commander Zydos (ザイドス少佐 Zaidosu Shōsa?, 1-48) is the strongman, brutal and prone to deep thinking. He was a key player amongst the Gorma because of his power and he could create extremely dangerous new Gorma like Jin. He believed utterly in Shaddam as his leader, but was also prone to doing his own things. He has trouble controlling the 3 Gorma Idiots as they tend to botch the plans due to their competitive nature. He was nearly killed by the Heavy Armor Qi Palace, but he survived. During the match between Shaddam and Jiaxu, Zydos was sent to destroy the power booster Jiaxu intended to use in the match. Though he barely survived the Heavy Armor Qi Palace for the second time, Zydos died when he turned into his true form: a clay figure created by Shaddam as he remembered him.

Zydos is portrayed by Maroshi Tamura.

Senate Level

The highest level next to the Emperor. Priests, Imperial Guards, Minister's Secretaries, and Archbishop Saw belong on this level.

Archbishop Saw

The Archbishop Riju/Archbishop Saw (大僧正リジュ/ノコギリ大僧正 Daizōjō Riju/Nokogiri Daizōjō?, 7-8) was an insane Gorma of higher rank than the Gorma Triumvirate, and Zhang Liao's master. After his pupil failed to kill the Dairangers, Riju took matters to his own hands. He would have succeeded had Zhang Liao not attacked him when he was attacking Ryou. First to be killed by Dairen'oh.

General Tenpou

General Tenpou (Tenpō Shōgun, 17-48) is second-in-command to the Emperor and Akomaru's teacher/guardian. He was killed by Shaddam when Tenpou saw what he was doing to a resting Gorma XV and noticed the clay hand that exposed the Emperor as a clay copy.

Tenpou is portrayed by Chūkō Ueda.


Akomaru (阿古丸 Akomaru?, 17-22, 31-44) is a Gorma child who is the son of Shadam, though the two despise each other fiercely. Shadam apparently had Akomaru put up for adoption when he was born, and was now under General Tenpou's wing. In fact, Akomaru is ranked higher than his father. He wants to replace his father as the Gorma military leader. He first appears to take the power of the Kiba Ranger, knowing Kou has it and aware of their relation and wanted Kou to fight by his side as brothers. Unfortunately, Akomaru saw that Kou seemed unable to hate and it annoyed him. Akomaru was killed when he was crushed by a boulder, with Kou at his side. Later the Gorma Emperor brought Akomaru back from Hell prior to his tenth birthday, when he and Kou came into their adult power as Gorma. Akomaru was made to believe that his mother abandoned him to a father who does not care about him. Akomaru gave the Dairangers quite a battle when he rode atop his bodyguard Ikazuchii. After Ikazuchii died, Akomaru learned the truth that mother abandoned him because of a taboo that one twin must be killed so the other can have the power of both. So their mother decided to save them, with Akomaru to live as a Gorma and Kou as a normal human. But Akomaru was soon mortally injured by Shadam, limping into the cave collapsing on itself and dying in the embrace of his dying mother with the knowledge that he was loved.

Akomaru is portrayed by Shohei Shibata.

Three Priestesses of Hell

Three Priestesses of Hell (三人官女 Sannin Kanjo?, 17-22) are three sisters who served as Akomaru's bodyguards/nannies, mistress of the 3-as-1 fighting style. They were sent to try and prevent Kiba Ranger being born, and later to track him down as part of Akomaru's scheme of drafting him.

  • Earring Priestess (イヤリング官女 Iyaringu Kanjo?, 17-18): The youngest sister, able to shoot her hair to grab opponents in a constrictor hold. Mortally wounded by Kiba Ranger after she found out his true identity, she died from massive bloodloss before she could tell Akomaru.
  • Necklace Priestess (ネックレス官女 Nekkuresu Kanjo?, 17-20): Middle. Able to extend her neck to great lengths & possesses telescopic vision in her third eye. She disguised herself as the abusing and indifferent mother of Akomaru's "Kasumi guise". Killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Ring Priestess (指輪官女 Yubiwa Kanjo?, 17-22): Eldest. She was able to create energy rings to lasso her opponents. After her two sisters died, Lady Ring vowed to avenge them. Using their possessions, Lady Ring could create "phantom" versions of her sisters to fight with her. Using this ability she easily defeated Won Tiger, but later became first to be killed by Kibadaioh.

Gorma Four Deva Kings

The Gorma Four Deva Kings (ゴーマ四天王 Gōma Shitennō, Big Four, lit. four kings of heaven?, 20, 28-31) are the most favored of the Gorma Emperor's minions; Touhouten (東方天 Tōhōten?, Eastern Sky), Nanpouten (南方天 Nanpōten?, Southern Sky), Saihouten (西方天 Saihōten?, Western Sky), and Hoppouten (北方天 Hoppōten?, Northern Sky); wearing the attire of Buddhist Priests and being masters of displacement. They attempted to use their illusions to trap the Dairangers with key figures (Kujaku, Jin, Three Gorma Stooges, and Akomaru) individually. Their teamwork skills were their greatest power, as they could merge into one deadly four-headed entity called Combined Four Deva Kings (合体四天王 Gattai Shitennō?). They survived the attack of Kibadaioh twice, but were soon the first to be killed by Heavy Armor Qi Place.


Ikazuchi (イカヅチ Ikazuchi, Thunder?, 42-44) is Akomaru's insectoid bodyguard, this monster fought the Kiba Ranger-less Dairangers. He obtained his name from the fact that he can fire lightning from parts of his body, powerful enough to attract Daijinryuu and the Gorma-infested Kiba Ranger's attention. He was winning until Kiba Ranger was purified and rejoined the team, thus killing Ikazuchi with Heavy Armor Qi Palace.

Imperial Guard

In episode 49, the armors of Kaku and Zilong are brought to life and are metal-colored by Shadam who sends them against the Dairanger. They are defeated by Shouji, Kazu and Ryou and disappear.

  • First Lieutenant Zilong (Jiryu Chui, 45-46): One of the leaders of the Imperial Guard, Zilong is a member of the Marching Men. He was Kaku's supporter amongst the Gorma. He had Hercules-like strength and from his eye beams the power of the monster-strength of the Gorma. He dies fighting Dairen'oh to Kaku's horror.

The Three Gorma Stooges

The Three Gorma Stooges (San Baka Goma, 15/Soccer, 24/Baseball, 40/Motorcycle Race, 47-48) are three Gorma in the servie of Zydos, though their foolishness deemed them at lower ranks; they all have a sense of competition and honor. Furthermore, to make them less respectable, none of them can assume human form like their fellow Gorma.

They were beaten by Ryuuseioh the first time and Kibadaioh the second time. Though they survived both fights, the trio ended up being bandaged up. Over the course of the series, they would gain respect for the Dairangers (and vice versa); specifically for Shouji, who was seen as the most competitive of the Dairangers. After all that happened to them, they managed to survive the entire series after being blown up various times. Deep down, they did not want to kill the Dairangers, just defeat them in contests and sports.

They would finally settle things with the Dairangers in a bike race, thought they made their peace with the Dairangers using the minefield Zydos placed on the finishline to fake their deaths.

The trio later returned to help Shouji.

Before entering battle, they say "The roaring three stars! Our name is the famous (in name only) three monsters Gorma 3-chans".

Chief Tombstone

Chief Tombstone (Hakaishi Shacho) is the tombstone-themed/right-hand man of the group, can open his head to reveal a variety of things, refers to himself as "Placing hands together to pray! The offering star, Chief Tombstone!".

Voiced by Takuzou Kamiyama.

Master Phone

Master Phone (Denwa Sensei) is Kamikaze's telephone-themed "girl", able to control any phone to spy on people or attack from long distances, refers to herself as "Free to spy, nation-wide! Japan's public telephone corporation star, Master Phone!".

Voiced by Akiko Muta.

General Kamikaze

General Kamikaze (Kamikaze Taisho) is the motorcycle-themed leader of the group who rides a motorcycle. He tends to use "baby" in his sentences, refers to himself as "The red bullet cutting through the wind! The roaring engine star, General Kamikaze!".

Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama.

Jin Matoba

Demon-Fist Master Jin Matoba (Makenshi Matoba Jin, 26-28, 35, 39, 47-48) is a master of dark karate and all manner of martial arts, and was a gentleman assassin. His favorite targets were martial arts masters, as his own master cut off his left arm. Jin got a prosthesis, perfected his arts and went on a campaign to slaughter other masters who were too hard on their students in order to return and kill his first teacher.

Jin's trademark was to flip a coin into the air and kill his opponent before it landed. But the man foiled that plan by dying before Jin got around to it. But that all changed the day he met Ryou and was defeated by him. Later, Jin sold his soul to Zydos to become stronger than Ryou, becoming the Demon-Fist Master after killing Aki, a young nurse who was the only person who cared for him. But Jin refused to be Gorma's lapdog and perfected his new-found powers on his own, after which he went hunting for Ryou.

His power had many facets, and one of them was the deadly "Dance of the Spider" poisoning technique. But Zydos captured the rogue and infused him with more Gorma power, turning him into Garouki (Garoki, Hungry-Wolf Demon, 39). Unlike the normally born Gorma, Jin's transformation was against his will and thus he was unable to control himself as Garouki.

As Garouki, Jin is like a totally obedient dog for Zydos with a desire to kill and eat his victims. Jin was soon freed of his "Gorma-incarnation" thanks to Ryou's attack separating the monster from his body. While Jin fought Zydos, with Garouki destroyed by the Qi-Power Bazooka, he was mortally wounded. After one final bout with Ryou, Jin went on the run from the Gorma.

Jin was last seen fighting the bulk of an entire army of Cotpotros led by Zydos, only to be seemingly gunned down by the second wave. But Jin later appeared to Ryou and proceeded to beat sense into him for not giving up despite no longer being a Dairanger.

Jin is portrayed by Yutaka Hirose (credited as Takumi Hirose), who previously played the villain Emperor Tranza in Choujin Sentai Jetman, Dr. Kempu in Liveman and Ley Wanda in Flashman.


The Cotpotros (コットポトロ Kottopotoro?) are Gorma grunts in black tuxedo tights with lipped but otherwise blank black and white faces. They would disguise as humans and serve virtually any Gorma, including the Three Gorma Stooges, serving as players in their various games. In the finale, the Dairanger faced red-dressed Cotpotros in the palace. The group were later summoned by Zaigan during Super Sentai World.

Gorma Minions

The Gorma Minions (ゴーマ怪人 Gōma Kaijin?) are the warriors of the Gorma Tribe, having both human and monstrous forms. There are cases in which the monster overranks even Shadam himself, like the High Priest. Each Gorma is a master of a Shinken style that is associated with his/her form. They are enlarged with Gorma's Enlargement Bombs (巨大化爆弾 Kyodaika Bakudan?).

  • Baron String (紐男爵 Himo Danshaku?, 1-2, Movie): The first Gorma, took on the form of a boy who loved singing while playing with his yo-yo. He ingested people through the mouths at the end of his tentacles. The Master of the Himo-ken (Fist of the String) fighting style (attacks included the "String Electric Shock"), though he is a bit rusty as he had not used it for years, he was the first to be killed by Ryuuseioh. He was brought back in the movie by Duke of Trumps to battle the Dairangers and was absorbed by Duke of Trumps to become the Great King Ojaru. In the epilogue of the series finale (fifty years after the final battle), a new generation of Gorma emerged, including a new version of Baron String, who was simply called New Gorma Monster (New Goma Monster, 50). The new Baron Sting was killed by Dairen'oh piloted by the next generation Dairangers.
  • Purse Monk (ガマグチ法師 Gamaguchi Hōshi?, 2, Movie): A Gorma in the service of Zydos. He liked basketball and takes on the form of a tall athlete. He serviced as executioner for Gorma sacrifices. His attacks were characterized by sending flying at his target seemingly hundreds of gourds carved with smiling, human faces. Once these things secured someone's head, basically the body was under total control. Killed by the Dairangers before he had a chance to grow giant. He was brought back by Duke of Trumps in the movie to battle the Dairangers and then was absorbed by Duke of Trumps to become the Great King Ojaru.
  • Key Clown (鍵道化師 Kagi Dōkeshi?, 3-4, Movie): An oddball hard to catch Gorma. He spent most of his time rolling about on rollerblades, choosing children and stealing their souls to give life to his bloodthirsty dolls. Killed by the Dairangers. He was brought back by Duke of Trumps to fight the Dairangers and then absorbed by him to become Great King Ojaru.
  • Lipstick Songstress (口紅歌姫 Kuchibeni Utahime?, 5-6, Movie): A Gorma in the service of Gara, the Lipstick Songtress is extremely vain. A master of the Kunchibenishinken (Fist of the Lipstick) fighting style, she uses song-based attacks. When her face was scarred from a fight with Lin, she vowed vengeance. A swipe of her lipstick across a girl's lips turned the victim into a controlled slave, singing a dangerous soprano tone that tended to blow out our heroes' eardrums. Killed by Ryuuseioh and the Heavenly Qi Palace. She was brought back in the Dairanger movie by Duke of Trumps to battle the Dairangers, her human form being a harem girl with big lips, and then was absorbed by him to become Great King Ojaru.
  • Duke Trump (トランプ公爵 Toranpu Kōshaku?, Movie): He turned children into playing pieces in a card game, and was able to use special trumps of Baron String, Purse Priest, Key Jester, and Lipstick Songstress to bring them back and fight the Dairangers. He then absorbed them to become Great King Ojaru (オジャル大王 Ojaru Daiō?, Movie), only to be killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Master Mirror Makeup (鏡化粧師 Kagami Keshōshi?, 9): A Gorma in the service of Gara, Master of the Kagamishinken (Fist of the Mirror) fighting style. He prefers women who admire themselves in his Mirror-form, getting sick when he ingests a man by mistake. He had Kujaku trapped within him for six-thousand years. She managed to escape when his mirrored torso was broken. In battle, he can blast shiny laser spheres. Killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Cherry Blossom Viscount (サクラ子爵 Sakura Shishaku?, 10): A Gorma in the service of Gara, whose cherry tree blossoms are violence-inducing. He seemed to enjoy the catfight between his mistress and Kujaku. He can attack by firing a storm of flower petals. Killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Magnet Priest (磁石神父 Jishoku Shinpu?, 11): A Gorma in the service of Gara, ending his sentences with "gauss" (ガウス gaussu?). A Experienced in the Fist of the Magnet style, his trademark move is Super-Electro Road Tornado (超電王道竜巻 Chōdenōdō Tatsumaki?). Posing as a man of the cloth, Father Magnet uses his power to set up a "N" magnetic field on people, repelling them from those they care for. Among his victims is Shouji, who manages to turn his own power against him with the Linear Fist Central Bullet Train to break his spell. After Father Magnet grows and attaches a magnet to its chest, Dairen'oh sliced the magnet in half before killing the Gorma Monster.
  • Tofu Hermit (豆腐仙人 Tōfu Sennin?, 12): A semi-harmless Gorma who is a master of the Zui Quan Style, able to breathe sake-induced fire and using a butcher knife-like sword for his Winding Drunken Sword Cut and Boiled Bean Curl Slice and Dice. Posing as a mime, Tofu Hermit uses Cotpotros to sell tofu laced with strong sake to intoxicate many civilians to destroy their bonds. While Tofu Hermit uses his tofu to take out the competition, he attracts Kazu's attention. Using a girl named Machiko as a hostage, Tofu Hermit challenges Kazu to a sake drinking contest. With Kazu stalling for time, with Daigo & Shouji switching the Kamegoto Sake with water, Kazu lowers the Gorma's guard as the others arrive incognito. After getting Machiko to safety, Kiririn Ranger defeats Tofu Hermit Acute Hangover Iron Style and Block Start Style Illustration combo. After Dairen'oh is formed, Tofy Hermits uses its Daiohken before losing it and getting killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Kabuki Boy (歌舞伎小僧 Kabuki Kozō?, 13-14): A Gorma master of Kabuki who uses Wooden Nunchaku, he is able to possess people and use them to stir chaos. Prior to coming to Japan, Kabuki Novice abducted his Yugang fiancé, Xiao Qiao, whom he had an obbession over. Possessing the body of a bank guard, stealing a bag of money, he battles Ryu Ranger and Tenma Ranger before being Yufang intervene and Kabuki Novice ditches his host. Entering a multitude of people, Kabuki Novice causes chaos before entering a recently dead jewelry thief the Dairangers battle before Yufang itentionally kills the host to drive Kabuki Novice out. After revealing his actions in China to them, the Gorma Triumvirate order Kabuki Novice to kill Yufang so he can have Xiao Qiao forever. Aducting a boxer, martial artist, and kendo fighter, Kabuki Novice uses them to fight Yufang before being forced to enter a robot to overpower the grandmaster until the Dairangers interfer. Though Hohouranger destroys his robot body, Kabuki Novice arrives to help the Gorma Triynvirate as they battle the Dairangers before being wounded by the Dairangers' Qi-Power Shoot move. But enlarging in the process, Kabuki Novice uses his tongue on Dairen'oh before being killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Funeral Figurine Ventriloquist (ハニワ腹話術師 Haniwa Fukuwajutsushi?, 16): A puppeteer Gorma master of the Haniwa Fist style under Gara who turns children into Haniwa stones with his puppet familiar to weak out those of Gorma descent who are unaffected by his power. Though destroyed by Shishi Ranger, it turned out the puppet is the real Haniwa Ventriloquist. Once exposed, Haniwa Ventriloquist assumes his true form as he enlarges before being killed by Dairen'oh and his curse undone.
  • Hooded Heat Haze (陽炎頭巾 Kagerō Zukin?, 23): A horse-riding Gorma who devoured Kujaku and Daigo, using them as hostages. Trapped and being baked alive within him, instead of giving up, Daigo decided to literally punch his way out. When this gorma grew, the monster took off his veil revealing a flame-like face. His hood came off before but he put it back on. Heat Wave Hood was killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Copy Empress (コピー女帝 Kopī Jotei?, 25): A Gorma who posed as publicist, successfully taking a photo of each Dairanger, creating the Copy Dairanger (コピーダイレンジャー Kopī Dairenjā?, 25) to assassinate Kaku. She then brought the copies to life, using them to fight the originals so they can be real. Killed by Dairen'oh after making the Copy Mythical Qi Warrior Ryuuseioh (コピー気伝武人龍星王 Kopī Kiden Bujin Ryūseiō?, 25).
  • Pot Taoist (壷道人 Tsubo Dōjin?, 26-27): The first of the stronger Gorma, and you had to be extraordinarily quick and talented to escape his attack. Though the Dairanger tried to develop their skills to face him, he captured first Lin, then Shouji in his jar. And while Ryou found someone to spar with him (Jin) on to greater heights, Kazu and Daigo were also captured. But Ryou had found the way by fighting Jin, and retrieved his friends. Killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Fast-Talking Wanderer (早口旅ガラス Hayakuchi Tabigarasu?, 29-30): A champion talker, he uses bombs that detonate if you failed to say a tongue-twister. He was gathering children with his fishing rod to slave for the Gorma, to open a crack in the gates of hell, so that the Gorma Triumvirate could drink in that power emitted from it. It was during his part in the plan that he exposed Kou as the Kiba Ranger. Though killed by the Kiryouku Bazooka, his fishing rod remained and was used by the Gorma Emperor to retrieve Akomaru from Hell.
  • Birdcage Vagrant (鳥カゴ風来坊 Torikago Fūraibō?, 32): A Gorma with a golden-left leg that made him nearly invincible. Birdcage Vagabond's golden leg was stolen by Jiaxu 6000 years ago, making Birdcage useless to the Gorma. Until recently, Birdcage traveled the world, learning Spanish words that he frequently in his sentences and drank often in his "human" form. He had his eagle familiar capture Shouji and a little girl to bargain the return of his leg. But Zydos managed to get the leg for Birdcage, who got killed in the end by Dairen'oh anyway.
  • Media Magician (Media Majutsushi, 33): A Gorma in the service of Gara, he posed as a photographer named Shouichirou Takamura (Takamura Shoichiro). He was supposed to steal Lin's soul while she was vainly letting him take millions of photographs of her. But when he found out she did so really because she loved him, he went on a pinwheel of shock, for he fell in love with her. He saved her from himself, and then was mortally injured protecting her from Gara. And he said to Lin before he died that he wished to be reborn as a human, so he could see her smiling face once again. Gara used his lifeless body as a giant puppet, which was destroyed by Dairen'Oh. His Human Form was Played By Ryosuke Kaizou who previously Portrayed Takeru/Red Mask in Hikari Sentai Maskman
  • General Cactus (サボテン将軍 Saboten Shōgun?, 34): A Gorma in the service of Gara, though he shows little to no respect to her. He has a thing for little girls, kidnapping them and paralyzing them so he could play with them like dolls. Some years ago he had given a cactus a soul, and somehow it had ended up in Daigo's care. The spirit called herself Michiru, and she acted to save Daigo's life from her creator in vain. Killed by Kibadaioh. Cactus' human form was played by Satoru Saitō, who later on was Dr. Eikichi Kubota in Denji Sentai Megaranger.
  • Sergeant Cannon (大筒軍曹 Ōzutsu Gunsō?, 35): A Gorma in the service of Zydos, who claimed that his cannonballs could instantly kill whomever they struck. Sergeant Cannon was not terribly bright with a shoot-first-ask-questions-later persona. But he served to capture Jin. Killed by Kibadaioh.
  • Count Kaleidoscope (万華鏡伯爵 Mangekyō Hakushaku?, 36): A Gorma in the service of Gara, who sent him to prevent Kujaku from finding the Peacock's Tears. He could create solid illusions to set as traps, at one point making her think she had found the tears, but Daigo arrived just in time to keep her from being killed by the poison within. He fired an intensified light-beam in battle and also wielded a sword. He was killed by Dairen'oh.
  • Great Famous Pachinko Player (パチンコ大名人 Pachinko Daimeijin?, 37-38): A Gorma with a playful and mischievous personality who was obsessed with Pachinko. He was also part of Shaddam's plan to turn Kou into a Gorma. Pachinko Player was crushed to death under Daijinryuu's foot.

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