Hood may refer to:


:"For a listing of people with the surname "Hood," see Hood (people)."


* In the United States:
** Fort Hood, a US Army post near Killeen, Texas
** Hood College, a liberal arts college in Frederick, Maryland
** Mount Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon
*** Mount Hood, Oregon, an unincorporated community named after the mountain
*** Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon, the name of the post office that serves Mount Hood, Oregon
** Hood County, Texas
** Hood Canal a fjord off Puget Sound in Washington state
** Any of several places named Hood River (disambiguation)
** A slang for neighborhood or ghetto



* Hood (anatomy), a flap of skin behind the head of a cobra
* Fume hood, a piece of laboratory safety equipment
* Clitoral hood, the outer layer of skin surrounding the clitoris


* "HMS Hood (51)", British battlecruiser sunk by the Germans in the Battle of Denmark Strait, 1941
** HMS Hood (disambiguation), other ships of the same name
* Hood (headgear), a type of head covering
* An article of Academic dress
* Animal hood, something used in fancy dress or part of an animal transformation fantasy
* Bondage hood, a sex toy
* HP Hood, an American food manufacturer (especially focusing on dairy products)
* Lens hood, a device used to block light from creating glare in photographs.
* Hood (vehicle), the covering over the engine compartment in a motor vehicle (aka 'bonnet in UK)
* Hood (soft top), the retractable soft roof of a convertible vehicle
* HOOD method, a software design method
* Range hood, an exhaust system for a stove or cooktop
* "Hood" (novel), a 1995 novel by Emma Donoghue
* Hood, early maker of steam cars in Lanark, Illinois
* Hood (band), a British band
* Hoods (band), an American band
* "The Hood", a character in the "Thunderbirds (TV series)" series
* Hood (comics), a Marvel Comics character

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