Greatness or preeminence is a concept that is heavily dependent on a person's perspective and biases. The term can be used to emphasize perceived superiority of a person or thing. In Europe the most lauded rulers were given the attribute "the Great" (e.g. Alfred the Great, Peter the Great), or during the Roman Era and Middle Ages, the Latin title for "the Great" (Magnus) was used (e.g. Albertus Magnus).

The greatest art and literary works have entered the English language as: magnus opus, literally meaning "great work" in Latin.

Preeminence [Lipkin, M: "One Life, One Meeting: How to Build Preeminence One Conversation at a Time", page 20. Environics/Lipkin, 2008.] is defined by the following 8 points:

1 - Notable above all others.
2 - Peerless.
3 - Supreme.
4 - High status owing to a unique personal value to others.
5 - A quality that is won or lost every day.
6 - A magnetic source of power.
7 - The patheway to personal fulfillment.
8 - The benchmark by which all others are judged.

Lists of great things

Lists may be assembled of great people, things, and places, but they are by their very nature subjective. Such lists may be formulated by panels of experts, by polls, or by an individual. Such lists are never definitive since they are subject to the opinion of the assembler.

Some examples are:

* Seven Wonders
* Greatest hits

ee also

*Great man theory


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