Denji Sentai Megaranger

Denji Sentai Megaranger
Denji Sentai Megaranger
The title card for Denji Sentai Megaranger
Genre Tokusatsu
Created by Toei
Starring Hayato Oshiba
Atsushi Ebara
Masaya Matsukaze
Eri Tanaka
Mami Higashiyama
Shigeru Kanai
Asami Jō
Opening theme "Denji Sentai Megaranger" by Naoto Fuuga
Ending theme "Kinosei Ka Na" by Naoto Fuuga
"Bomb Dancing Megaranger" by Hiroko Asakawa
Composer(s) Keiichi Oku
Country of origin Japan
Language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 51
Producer(s) Kenji Ōta
Shigenori Takadera
Naomi Takabe
Kōichi Yada
Running time approx. 25 minutes
Original channel TV Asahi
Original run February 14, 1997 – February 15, 1998
Preceded by Gekisou Sentai Carranger
Followed by Seijuu Sentai Gingaman

Denji Sentai Megaranger (電磁戦隊メガレンジャー Denji Sentai Megarenjā?, [Note 1]) is Toei's twenty-first production of the Super Sentai television series. The footage was also used in the American series, Power Rangers in Space. Megaranger premiered on February 14, 1997 and concluded on February 15, 1998.



The Heisei International University in Kazo, Saitama, stands in for Denji Sentai Megaranger's Moroboshi High School.

Kenta Date, a high-school student, is the ultimate champion of an arcade video game called "Megaranger". He belongs to the Cybernetics club, a group of like minded friends from his school. Kouichiro Endou, Shun Namiki, Chiasato Jougaseski, and Miku Imamura are also members of Cybernetics. The International Network of Excel-Science and Technology (INET), the games creators, invite Kenta and the Cybernetics club members to tour the INET laboratories. Following a short tour of the INET HQ buildings, the company is attacked by the Neijirejia, an evil force led by Dr. Hinelar on a mission to conquer the current reality. Dr. Kubota, INET's chief scientist, reveals that Megaranger was more than only a simple video game but actually a combat simulator to identify potential recruits for a super fighting team to combat the Neijirejia. While the INET headquarters (HQ) is destroyed by the Neijirejia warrior Yugande, Dr. Kubota gives Kenta and his friends devices known as 'Digitizers'. By entering the key-code "3-3-5" and shouting "Install, Megaranger!", Date, Endou, Namiki, Jougasaki and Imamura transform into the Megarangers to fight the Nejirejia.


The Megarangers

INET, the "International Network of Excel-Science and Technology", is the company responsible for the Megaranger video game used to identify five people to become the Megarangers. Five high school students chosen by INET become the Megarangers, with one additional Megaranger who is an INET agent. Their base of operations is the Digital Research Club "Digiken" in Moroboshi High school.

  • Kenta Date/Mega Red (伊達 健太/メガレッド Date Kenta/Mega Reddo?): 18 years old, Kenta is a slacker and knucklehead who likes yakiniku (to a point where he frequently asks Dr. Kubota to treat him to a yakiniku lunch for every mission accomplished), but is also friendly, playful, and has a good heart. He becomes an ideal candidate to become a Megaranger after beating a skilled opponent on INET's Megaranger Arcade game, which was actually a tool used to recruit Megarangers. Mega Red's appeared in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, when the Gaorangers met him and twenty three other Red Sentai warriors led By Red Falcon. He was also the Megaranger who granted their Greater Power to the Gokaiger in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger while a teacher at Moroboshi High School, heading the Digital Research Club.
    • Mega Red's forehead symbol is a Personal computer; ironically, Kenta is the only member who does not like computers. This symbol allows him to upload data and program skills into his mind, making him an adaptable warrior.
  • Koichiro Endo/Mega Black (遠藤 耕一郎/メガブラック Endō Kōichirō/Mega Burakku?): 18 years old, Kouichirou is the functioning leader and overachiever of the team. Aside from being a keen soccer player, he is a member of the class committee and is concerned about his schoolwork. He balances his duties as a Megaranger and a student. He has a younger brother, Koujiro, who also plays soccer. A natural leader but extremely bossy, he once created an hour by hour schedule for all the Megarangers to follow but they ignored it. During his stay at the Epinard Nasu hotel in Tochigi, Kouichirou encounters a mysterious boy who is a spiritual representation of the forest that is not only in danger of Kinoko Nejire's attack on it but INET's Relay Base. He eventually gains the forest spirit's trust as he uses up all his power to help the Megarangers as Kouichirou promises to have INET relocate the relay base.
    • Mega Black's forehead symbol is the Digital Satellite, which enables him to trace communication sources and transmissions.
    • Special Attacks: Satellite Search, Satellite Scan, Miracle Shoot (ミラクルシュート Mirakuru Shūto?) (soccer ball kicking attack).
  • Shun Namiki/Mega Blue (並樹 瞬/メガブルー Namiki Shun/Mega Burū?): 18 years old, Shun is a loner who aspires to become a computer-graphics artist and initially refuses to become a Megaranger. After seeing Kenta attempt to keep the Kunekune from interfering in his life-long dreams, Shun reconsiders and becomes good friends with Kenta. He plays the flute, as his late mother was a world-renowned flutist. Shun is adept at creating battle strategies, such as confusing the Nejirangers by making the other Megaranger suits look like his.
    • Mega Blue's forehead symbol is a Digital Television, which allows him to create CG images and trap enemies in a movie dimension where characters from that dimension attack the enemy.
    • Special Attacks: Virtual Vision, Virtual Holograph.
  • Chisato Jogasaki/Mega Yellow (城ケ崎 千里/メガイエロー Jōgasaki Chisato/Mega Ierō?): 18 years old, Chisato dreams of becoming a professional photographer (a homage to her predecessor in Choudenshi Bioman - the original Yellow Four, who was also a photographer). Aside from photography, she is also into singing. She is attracted to Kouichirou. The last two letters in her surname is the kanji for her color.
    • Mega Yellow's forehead symbol is a Digital camera, which can telescopically search for people and things - even allowing her to see through walls. This symbol also allows her to record and playback anything she sees.
    • Special Attacks: Digicam Search, Galaxy Search, Blade Arm (ブレードアーム Burēdo Āmu?).
  • Miku Imamura/Mega Pink (今村 みく/メガピンク Imamura Miku/Mega Pinku?): 18 years old, Miku eats a lot, but is very self-conscious about her weight. She dislikes schoolwork just as much as Kenta, and because of this, the two of them are very good friends. She is attracted to Shun. During the Megarangers' encounter with Bibidebi on episode 17, Miku is accidentally hit by an evolution beam and becomes "Super Mega Pink" (超メガピンク Chō Mega Pinku?, 17), which makes the colored squares on her costume turn gold. As Super Mega Pink, Miku gains super strength and can wield the other Megarangers' weapons. Additionally, her intelligence increases to an IQ of 800, along with a change in her personality. However, after suffering painful side effects, Miku manages to return to her normal self. In Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, she lectures Sae Taiga (Gao White) on the Super Sentai franchise's many female warriors and their shared skill at changing their clothes in the blink of an eye, something that Sae had never done before.
    • Mega Pink's forehead symbol is a Cellular phone, which can track and analyze sound waves.
    • Special Attacks: Telephone Search.
  • Yusaku Hayakawa/Mega Silver (早川 裕作/メガシルバー Hayakawa Yūsaku/Mega Shirubā?, 24-29, 32-33, 35-38, 40-43, 46, 48-51, Megaranger vs. Carranger): The 25-year-old chief of INET's Special Development department, Yusaku is one of the scientists under Kubota who created the Mega suits. Though placed in charge of the Space Mega Project, Yusaku appears to be somewhat eccentric, secretly taking the prototype Mega Suit for his own use in helping the Megarangers despite Kubota's insistence that he gets back to work. Initially, Yuusaku's transformation into Mega Silver lasts for 2.5 minutes due to a flaw in the prototype, but he was able to repair it by the time Nejirejia realized the flaw. When the main Megarangers alter their costumes to look like Shun's in order to trick the Nejirangers, Yuusaku confuses them even further by disguising himself as Neji Silver (ネジシルバー Neji Shirubā?, 41), armed with a twisted version of his Silver Blazer (weapon). Yuusaku also made his own mecha, Mega Winger. In the final battle, he is able to assist the Megarangers by using his damaged Mega Winger to free the Voyager Machines from the rubble of the moon base to give the Megarangers a chance of defeating Death Nejiro and attend their High School graduation ceremony.
    • Mega Silver's forehead symbol is the microchip.


  • Prof. Eikichi Kubota (久保田 衛吉博士 Kubota Eikichi-hakase?): He is in charge of the Megaranger program - specifically the Megaranger video game. During a surprise attack on the NASADA base by the Nejirejia, he is forced to give the Digitizers to five students - turning them into Megarangers. He was once friends with Dr. Samejima, who had left this dimension for Nejirejia - becoming Dr. Hinelar. Dr. Kubota is a boxing fan and he plays the trumpet.
  • Shougo Kawasaki: A young man who is head engineer of the Mega Ship's maintenance department. His father, Professor Kawasaki, is a world authority on robot control programs (helped create the program for DeltaMega) and wants Shougo to attend college, using the program he developed for Delta Mega to get his son back on Earth. However, after Mega Red saves Shougo from Guirail, he is allowed to remain with I-Net.
  • Tachibana: crew member on the Galaxy Mega.

Moroboshi High

The high school attended by the five Megarangers until the series finale. Each of the team's classmates and teachers ended up being involved in a Nejirian scheme and they become enraged when they learned the identities of the Megarangers. It was only in the final battle with Dr. Hinelar that the school realized the error of their stand and started to support the Megarangers.

  • Miss Nishiyama (4): The Biology teacher.
  • Mr. Ooiwa (12-13, 18): The class' lazy Homeroom/Science teacher. Despite his laziness, he manages to find ways to motivate his students - especially the well-disciplined Kouichirou. In episode 12, while the Megarangers battle MoguraNejire, Mr. Ooiwa stumbles upon a meteorite fragment and keeps it in his possession, making him a target of the Nejirejia. When he and Mega Black are captured by MoguraNejire, he tells the overachiever to never give up. As a result, Mr. Ooiwa inspires Mega Black to break free and foil the Nejirejia's plans.
  • Shintaro (6, 45): An overweight shy boy who has a crush on Miku. He threatened to reveal some secret photos of Miku to the school unless she would go on a date with him. Miku agrees as she thought the photos were of her transforming into Mega Pink. The photos are of her sleeping in class and the nurse's office. Shintaro was placed under the control of the Thorn Nejilar to do Dr. Hinera's bidding until he is freed by the Megarangers.
  • Jiro (6, 45): Shintaro's best friend and spokesperson due to Shintaro's shy personality. He consoles Shintaro when Miku turns him down for a second date.


  • Takeshi: One of the arcade children Kenta befriended. He was used by Guirail in a scheme to break Mega Red's fighting spirit by having the boy receive the end of Mega Red's punch.
  • Space Fairy Picot (Picoto, Megaranger vs. Carranger?): Known as the "Light of Hope", Picot is a dragon-like fairy who assumes a clam-like form while traveling to a planet where he can only grant five wishes. After fulfilling the wishes, Picot leaves the planet and would eventually return to the visited planet 100,004,000 years later. Though originally chased by Helmedor, Picot becomes trgeted by the Nejireians as well. While on Earth, Picot granted Miku's giant cake wish, Kyosuke's wish for katsudon, Helmedor's planet destroying laser cannon, and Kani Nejilar's wish to bring dead Psycho Nejilars back to life. After granting Kenta's wish for the Megarangers to have for energy to keep fighting, giving them their Mega Tector armor, Picot leaves for the next planet.
  • Gekisou Sentai Carranger: A group of workers at Pegasus Auto Garage who are chosen by the Hazardian Dappu to become the Carrangers, using Carmagic Power to fight the Bowzock gang. After defeating the Bowzock, the Carrangers are notified by Dappu of Picot with orders to find him and keep him safe from Helmedor. After a miscommunication with the Megarangers, with Kyosuke wasting a wish on katsudon, they get along with the other team while admitting their dream was to travel the universe and see the friends they made during their adventure. Soon after, Shibolena cast a spell making the Carrangers fight the Megarangers before Dappu infuses the latter's weapons with Carmagic Power to bring the Carrangers back to normal.
  • Seijuu Sentai Gingaman


  • Digitizer (デジタイザー Dejitaizā?): The main Megarangers' special tool. Dialing certain number codes into the Degitizier (worn on the wrist) they can activate their Digital Suits, call their Cyber Sliders, and activate their Mecha.
    • 335: Ranger transformation. (Transformation call is "Install Megaranger!")
    • 259: Calls Cyber Sliders.
    • 761: Calls Digitank.
    • 108: Launches Mega Shuttle.
    • 541: Starts Galaxy Mega formation.
  • Mega Sniper (メガスナイパー Mega Sunaipā?): The main Megarangers wield this gun which can be split into two smaller laser pistols, Mega Magnum (メガマグナム Mega Magunamu?) and Mega Shot (メガショット Mega Shotto?) for the TwinShoot attack. This weapon can also be attached to the Mega Weapons to increase the Mega Sniper's power.
  • Drill Saber (ドリルセイバー Doriru Seibā?): Mega Red's mega weapon which he uses to execute the Saber Slash (セイバースラッシュ Seibā Surasshu?) and Screw Drill Saber (スクリュードリルセイバー Sukuryū Doriru Seibā?) attacks. When combined with Mega Red's Mega Sniper, it becomes the Drill Sniper (ドリルスナイパー Doriru Sunaipā?). The Drill Saber is broken by Yugande but soon repaired with a new capability, becoming the Drill Sniper Custom (ドリルスナイパーカスタム Doriru Sunaipā Kasutamu?) - formed when the Drill Sniper is combined with a small screw. Most of the time, this weapon is used alongside the Multi Attack Rifle. It can also be powered into the Super Drill Sniper Custom by pressing "03" on the Battle Riser to transfer its energy into the Drill Saber.
  • Mega Rod (メガロッド Mega Roddo?): Mega Black's mega weapon he uses to perform the Rod Break (ロッドブレいき Roddo Bureiki?) attack. Combines with Mega Black's Mega Sniper to become the Rod Sniper (ロッドスナイパー Roddo Sunaipā?).
  • Mega Tomahawk (メガトマホーク Mega Tomahōku?): Mega Blue's mega weapon with which he can perform the Tomahawk Hurricane (トマホークハリケーン Tomahōku Harikēn?). Can combine with Mega Blue's Mega Sniper to become the Tomahawk Sniper (トマホークスナイパー Tomahōku Sunaipā?).
  • Mega Sling (メガスリング Mega Suringu?): Mega Yellow's mega weapon with which she can combine her Mega Sniper to become the Sling Sniper (スリングスナイパー Suringu Sunaipā?).
  • Mega Capture (メガキャプチャー Mega Kyapuchā?): Mega Pink's mega weapon with which she can combine her Mega Sniper to become the Capture Sniper ( キャプチャースナイパー Kyapuchā Sunaipā?).
  • Cyber Sliders (サイバースライダー Saibā Suraidā?): Surfboard-like vehicles the Megarangers use to move through space.
    • Cyber Slider 1: Mega Red's Cyber Slider.
    • Cyber Slider 2: Mega Black's Cyber Slider.
    • Cyber Slider 3: Mega Blue's Cyber Slider.
    • Cyber Slider 4: Mega Yellow's Cyber Slider.
    • Cyber Slider 5: Mega Pink's Cyber Slider.
  • Digitank (デジタンク Dejitanku?): A highly durable armored vehicle used by the Megarangers for transportation, created as the ultimate rescue tool. Can be used to enter dangerous areas or to burrow underground and has a scanner called the MultiView Searcher to scan through walls and a fire extinguishing spray. Its armaments consist of the Digihand (デジハンド Dejihando?) a long claw and a small turret located on top called the Digital Particle Cannon (メガバーティカルキャノン Dejital Bātikuru Kyanon?). The Digitank was destroyed when Prof. Kubota tried to fight off Shibolena and Yugande near the finale.
  • Multi Attack Rifle (マルチアタックライフル Maruchi Atakku Raifuru?): Combination of the Mega Rod, Mega Tomahawk, Mega Sling, and Mega Capture wielded by Mega Black. Most of the time this weapon is used alongside the Drill Sniper Custom.
  • Battle Riser (バトルライザー Batoru Raizā?): Special wrist-worn device given to Kenta by Prof. Kubota. It allows for powered-up chop, punch, and shooting attacks. It is also used to summon and control the Delta Mega and to active the Super Galaxy Mega formation. Contains a "Vulcan" beam which can be activated by hitting "02", even when a Megaranger does not have their Digital Suit on. In the two final battles against the Nejirangers, Mega Silver receives his own Battle Riser to control the Delta Mega and to help fight with Mega Winger. Near the finale Mega Black and Mega Yellow receive their own Battle Risers. In Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Mega Pink has a Battle Riser. It is uncertain if Mega Blue received his own Battle Riser device though Prof. Kubota once used the Battle Riser to command the Delta Mega in Episode 50 during the defense of the Moonbase.
    • 01: Enables Riser Punch (ライザーパンチ Raizā Panchi?), Riser Chop (ライザーチョップ Raizā Choppu?) and Super Galaxy Mega's Super Galaxy Knuckle attacks.
    • 02: Enables Vulcan beams
    • 03: Enables gun's firepower by 1.5 times of an original firepower (mostly on Super Drill Sniper Custom for the Full Power attack).
  • Keitaizer (ケイタイザー Keitaizā?): Yuusaku/Mega Silver's change device. It uses many of the same features as the Digitizer (but with Mega Silver's own unique vehicles) and is also used as an actual cell-phone. The devices name is actually a play off of "Keitai Denwa", or "cellular phone".
    • 2580 - MEGA: Ranger transformation. (Transformation call is "Keitaizer, Install!")
    • 259: Calls Auto Slider.
  • Silver Blazer (シルバーブレイザー Shirubā Bureizā?): Mega Silver's arm weapon with sword or gun modes. Attacks with Blazer Impact (ブレイザーインパクト Bureizā Inpakuto?) - a barrage of blasts in gun mode, followed by a close blade slash.
  • Auto Slider (オートスライダー Ōto Suraidā?): Mega Silver has his own Cyber Slider which is capable of transforming into a motorcycle and can fire the Slider Beam (スライダービーム Suraidā Bīmu?).
  • Megatector (メガテクター Mega Tekutā?): An upgrade armor that the Megarangers receive in Megaranger vs. Carranger. Their finishing move, Rainbow Impulse, involves them turning into balls of light and destroying their enemies not unlike the Lights of Ginga. The armor was a movie exclusive and was never used in the actual TV series.

INET Mecha

The mecha used by the Megaranger were made by INET.

  • Electromagnetic Fusion Galaxy Mega (電磁合体ギャラクシーメガ Denji Gattai Gyarakushī Mega?): Combination of Mega Ship and Mega Shuttle, a homage to Bioman's Biorobo. Initially INET thought the Megarangers did not fully utilize the robots potential and had their tactics programmer, Professor Toyokawa, install a program that allows Galaxy Mega to fight without a human pilot. But the Shirmp Nejire incident helped Toyokama's to understand the negative potential and he allows the robot to remain in Kubota's control. The Galaxy Mega's last appearance in the series was when it was rendered inoperable by Super Warrior Yugande, but was repaired and used again in Gingaman vs. Megaranger. Galaxy Mega's power helped to power up GaoKing in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai. The Galaxy Mega's weapons are the MegaSaber (メガサーベル Mega Sāberu?), a sword which the Galaxy Mega can use to perform a wide variety of attacks; Mega Side Cutter (メガサイドカッター Mega Saido Kattā?) - a horizontal slash, Mega Flying Cutter (メガフライングカッター Mega Furaingu Kattā?) - a jumping slash, Saber Electromagnetic Whip (サーベル電磁ムチ Sāberu Denji Muchi?) - an energy whip that is used to weaken an opponent, Mega Dash Cutter (メガダッシュカッター Mega Dasshu Kattā?) - a dashing horizontal slash, Mega Cross Cutter (メガクロスカッター Mega Kurosu Kattā?) - a double diagonal Slash attack that forms an X, Galaxy Lance (ギャラクシーランス Gyarakushī Ransu?) - a sword extension attack that destroys its target from a distance, Mega Flash Arrow (メガフラッシュアロー Mega Furasshu Arō?) - the saber is thrown like an arrow/spear to impale its enemy, Mega Straight Cutter (Mega Straighto Katta) and Saber Electromagnetic Snake (サーベル電磁ヘビ Sāberu Denji Hebi?) - used against Toad Nejire, where Mega Pink took advantage of a toad's natural fear of snakes, by transforming the tip of the sword into a projection of a snake; MegaShield (メガシールド Mega Shīrudo?), which can protect the Galaxy Mega and enable it to safely enter Earth's atmosphere; and Booster Rifle (ブースターライフル Būsutā Raifuru?), a gun created from the Shuttle Booster which originally enabled the Mega Shuttle to make it into space. The Booster Rifle can fire energy blasts or freezing gas to freeze opponents.
    • Mega Ship (メガシップ Mega Shippu?): Orbital space station for Megarangers and Dr. Kubota. The sides and nose form Galaxy Mega's legs, and the undercarriage forms the arms while the underbelly becomes the shield. Armed with the Mega Particle Cannon. There are a hundred people who work inside Mega Ship.
    • Mega Shuttle (メガシャトル Mega Shatoru?): The orbiter forms Galaxy Mega's head (the engine becomes the "mullet", and the cockpit becomes the cranium). The Shuttle Booster forms the Booster Rifle (with the fuel tank holding the handle and muzzle). The orbiter docks in the nose. The Shuttle Booster can be docked to the underside of the Mega Ship. On the toy, the Shuttle Booster can also add weapons to the Mega Ship by separating into three pieces with the fuel tank becoming a cannon on the underbelly and the rocket boosters on the sides. This function is never seen in film.
  • Delta Mega (デルタメガ Deruta Mega?): An additional mecha created by Prof. Kubota that is activated and controlled by either Mega Red or Mega Silver using the Battle Riser bracelet. Its program was developed by Prof. Kawasaki. One panel in the central control room was for the program to start it with another to start a self-destruct program. It made its debut in Episode 20. Comes by the command "DeltaMega Install!". Its armaments consist of two small guns known as the Delta Laser (デルタレーザー Deruta Rēzā?) and two Gatling Blaster (ガトリングブラスター Gatoringu Burasutā?) arms. However there is a flaw in the control system which Guirail takes advantage of and uses against the Megarangers. But after Galaxy Mega sent out a wave circuit to DeltaMega its Gattai System activated, later combining into Super Galaxy Mega. When the Battle Riser is placed into the Galaxy Mega's controls it allows for the Delta Mega to combine with it to form the Super Galaxy Mega. The Delta Mega was destroyed near the finale by a powered-up Yugande, but rebuilt and reappeared in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.
  • Super-Electromagnetic Fusion Super Galaxy Mega (超電磁合体スーパーギャラクシーメガ Chō Denji Gattai Sūpā Gyarakushī Mega?): Combination of Galaxy Mega and Delta Mega. First appeared in Episode 21. In this mode the Delta Mega's Gatling Blasters are positioned on the shoulders of the Super Galaxy Mega and three times stronger than normal. The Super Galaxy Mega's finishing attack is called the Super Galaxy Knuckle (スーパーギャラクシーナックル Sūpā Gyarakushī Nakkuru?) where it fires both fist like rockets to destroy the enemy. When the Super Galaxy Knuckle proved useless against Mad Guirail a new attack was used, the Big Bang Attack (ビッグバンアタック Biggu Ban Atakku?). The Super Galaxy Mega spins around at high speeds, flies up into the air, and finally shots down like a comet and blasts through the Mad Guirail. Mad Guirail survived the attack.
  • Voyager Machines (ボイジャーマシン Boijā Mashin?): A series of mecha created by INET's Special Development in the Mega Space Project which Yusaku oversees. When Mad Guirail over powered the Super Galaxy Mega, the Megarangers obtain use of the Voyager Machines, which are launched from INET's Moon Base. The five Voyager Machines were combined into Galaxy Fusion Mega Voyager (銀河合体メガボイジャー Ginga Gattai Mega Boijā?). Mega Voyager used the top section of Rocket Voyager 3 as its main weapon for the Voyager Spartan (ボイジャースパルタン Boijā Suparutan?) finishing attack. When Mega Winger donates its Mega Wing, Mega Voyager becomes Wing Mega Voyager (ウイグメガボイジャー Uingu Mega Boijā?), which could use the Winger Spartan (ウインガースパルタン Uingā Suparutan?) (the Voyager Spartan shot in midair). A more powered-up version, used to destroy the last three Nejiranger, was the Mega Sparton (Mega Suparutan). Other attacks include the Voyager Kick and Voyager Punch. Aside from using Rocket Voyager 3 as a weapon, Mega Voyager has also used Galaxy Mega's Mega Saber. It continued to be the Megarangers' primary mecha until it was destroyed in the finale battle with Hinelar and Death Nejiros in the series finale.
    • Rovoyager-1 (ロボイジャー1 Roboijā Wan?): Piloted by Mega Red, Rovoyager-1 is a humanoid robot (based on an astronaut's spacesuit) with two large missile batteries on its shoulders. Forms the waist and upper legs of Mega Voyager.
    • Shuttle Voyager-2 (シャトルボウジャー2 Shatoru Boijā Tsū?): Piloted by Mega Black, Shuttle Voyager-2 is a space shuttle that can fire an energy blast from its nose. Forms Mega Voyager's head and shield.
    • Rocket Voyager-3 (ロケットボイジャー3 Roketto Boijā Surī?): Piloted by Mega Blue, Rocket Voyager-3 is a large rocket ship that becomes the Voyager Spartan weapon for Mega Voyager, and also becomes Mega Voyager's lower legs and abdominal area. Kenta often used it as a surfboard for Rovoyager-1.
    • Saucer Voyager-4 (ソーサーボイジャー4 Sōsā Boijā Fō?): Piloted by Mega Yellow, Saucer Voyager-4 is a UFO-like spaceship that can fire energy blasts from its wings. Forms Mega Voyager's body and arms, and the blasters on both sides of its thrusters attach to Mega Voyager's head.
    • Tank Voyager-5 (タンクボイジャー5 Tanku Boijā Faibu?): Piloted by Mega Pink, Tank Voyager-5 is a covered tank with two large cannons on top. Forms Mega Voyager's feet.
  • Mega Winger (メガウインガー Mega Uingā?): Personal mecha of Mega Silver, created by Yuusaku, allows him to operate as Mega Silver, (introduced in Episode 36). It could change from Flyer Mode (フライヤーモード Furaiyā Mōdo?) to Fighter Mode (ファイターモード Faitā Mōdo?) at phenomenal speed with the command "Blitzkrieg Transformation" (電撃変形 Dengeki Henkei?). It could donate its Mega Wing (メガウイング Mega Uingu?) to Mega Voyager, transforming it into Wing Mega Voyager. Mega Winger's main weapon was the Winger Cannon (ウインガーキャノン Uingā Kyanon?), which required both hands to operate. The undercarriage forms the lower legs and the "nose" becomes the arms (the inside parts spinning to become the forearms), revealing the head. The Mega Winger's final battle was in Episode 50, where it was crippled in battle against Super Warrior Yugande while defending the INET Moonbase. But Yuusaku was able to use the damaged Mega Winger to free the Voyager Machines from the rubble of the Moonbase before it finally collapsed due to the earlier damage.

Evil Electric Kingdom Nejirejia

The Evil Electric Kingdom Nejirejia (邪電王国ネジレジア Jaden Ōkoku Nejirejia?) are invaders from another dimension ruled by an entity called Javious. Their names and appearances are all twisted and distorted. They are stationed in the Gran Nejiros (グランネジロス Guran Nejirosu?) fortress which transforms into the giant robot Death Nejiro (デスネジロ Desu Nejiro?, 51) in the series finale. This robot can regenerate severed limbs as well as bind and electrocute his victims with cables and was finally destroyed along with the Mega Voyager in the finale. Hinelar self-destructed the Death Nejiro from the inside in an attempt to blow up the Megarangers and the Mega Voyager. The Megarangers nearly sacrifice themselves to carry Death Nejiro with the Mega Voyager into the sky to prevent any damage to the city.

  • Evil Electro-King Javious I (邪電王ジャビウス1世 Jadenō Jabiusu Issei?, 2-43) is the ruler of Nejirejia. He appears only as a giant eye on the screen of the Gran Nejiros. Very little is known about him and he is killed when the last of the Nejirangers, whose life forces are connected to his, are destroyed by the Megarangers. Upon his death, Javious was revealed to be the nucleus of Nejirejia, which fades away upon his death. Only Javious' heart remained, which Hinelar used to power his Hinelar City.
  • Dr. Hinelar (Dr.ヒネラー Dokutā Hinerā, Twisted?) is the leader of the Nejirejia invasion party. He was originally a cybernetics scientist named Dr. Samejima (鮫島博士 Samejima-hakase?), who studied space exploring suits and lost his beloved daughter in one of his experiments, destroying his reputation and scarring him. He later worked with Kubota on an interdimensional project, being the first to discover the existence of Nejirejia. A year later, Samejima decides to enter the dimension to prove its existence in spite of Kubota's pleas not to be reckless and ends up becoming Javious' right-hand man. Kubota later realized that Dr. Hinelar and Samejima are one and the same when he recognizes that the suits of the Nejirangers are similar to the Power Suits Samejima had developed. Hinelar later plots and successfully kills Javious through the Nejirangers, to become the new high leader of the Nejirejians. After the destruction of Javious, the nejire dimension closes making Hinelar build Hinelar City (ヒネラーシティ Hinerā Shiti?) in which he intended to concentrate all mankind as data cards. Soon after the destruction of his city, Hinelar began his personal attack on the Megarangers after learning their identities and making sure that become outcasts to society. But Shibolena's demise drove Hinelar over the edge gained a second 'fighting' form to battle the Megarangers himself. However, the device that kept his body from warping on itself (a side effect from being in Nejirejia) was damaged and he retreated into the Gran Nejiros and turning it into Death Nejiro. When Death Nejiro exploded during the Mega Voyager's sacrifice, Hinelar dies, still inside while trying to will his body from collapsing onto itself.
  • Shibolena (シボレナ Shiborena, Squeezing?, 1-50) is a cybernetic gynoid modeled after Hinelar's long dead daughter, Shizuka. Considers herself the masterpiece of Dr. Hinelar's work. She was second-in-command to Hinelar on the Gran Nejiros, a mistress of disguise and illusions. Armed with a rapier, she was also the smart one, often initiating plans for conquest. Creating Bara Nejire through her own DNA, Shibolena poses as a nun to give her offshoot's roses to children, turning them into slaves and subject them to Akumatherapy (or Demon Therapy) to create "Petit Bara Nejire". But with one of the children being her new friend Ruri, Chisato arrives and nearly exposes herself as Mega Yellow (whom Shibolena establishes a rivalry with) to wound Shibolena with her Blade Arm. Fortunately, Mega Blue creates a holographic duplicate of Chisato to confuse Shibolena. She was critically wounded near the finale, by Mega Red, while protecting Yugande. She makes it back to the Gran Nejiros, to inform Hinelar of Yugande's death. Her body explodes right before Dr. Hinelar's eyes after she say goodbye to her father.
  • Bibidebi (ビビデビ?) is a little annoying monster that begins his sentences with "Bibi" and ends them with "debi". In episode 2, Dr. Hinelar modified him with the ability to make the Nejire Beasts grow by biting them and injecting them with an Gigantification Virus (巨大化ウィルス Kyodaika Wirusu?) whenever they are destroyed or are nearing defeat at the hands of the Megarangers. In secret, Bibidebi wanted to be the head of Nejirejia and has some affection for Shibolena, secretly sending Canary Nejire to act on his behalf. He appears to have died in the Gran Nejiros when it was destroyed, by Mega Voyager's suicide attempt. Later, it is revealed that he teleported Hizumina out of the giant robot before the destruction.
  • Yugande (ユガンデ Yugande, Warping?, 1-8) is a prideful robot general created by Hinelar whom he admires and unconditionally obeys. Being high-strung, Yugande offers to handle the Megarangers himself. Using a divide and conquer strategy to take out the Megaranger members one by one, Yugande gets Mega Red to fight him in subspace so no one would interfere and nearly kills him before the others manage to breach the barrier. Mega Black is badly injured as they get their teammate to safety. Later, Yugande calls Mega Red out, attacking him in his enlarged form as the others arrive to aid him. Using Galaxy Mega, the Megarangers weaken him with the Saber Electromagnetic Whip before killing him with the Mega Side Cutter. However, Yugande is later rebuilt through the Nejire Circle in a stronger form, Yugande Strong (ユガンデストロング Yugande Sutorongu?, 9-31). But as he needs to get used to his upgrade, Yugande remained on the sidelines until the "Ultimate Lifeform" incident, attempting to extract revenge on Mega Red while the monster feeds. Though he manages to destroy Mega Red's Drill Saber and nearly kills him, Yugande is driven off by the Megarangers' Multi-Attack Rifle. Later, he was critically wounded in Episode 30 when Guirail uses him as a shield to protect him from the Super Galaxy Mega's Super Galaxy Knuckle. Yugande has to be modified with various mechanical implants placed on him in order to survive, and is given a better sword called the Dark Crisis (ダーククライシス Dāku Kuraishisu?), which has three buttons on its handle to activate different attacks such as Dark Blade, Dark Fire, Dark Lightning, and Dark Triple Crisis (all three attacks combined). Yugande uses a special chip to take on a more powerful, red-colored form called Burning Yugande (バーニングユガンデ Bāningu Yugande?, 50). With this new power, Yugande proves to be a difficult challenge for the Megarangers, as he destroys the Delta Mega, badly damages the Galaxy Mega and Mega Winger and nearly destroys the Voyager Machines when he damages the INET moonbase. Yugande, however, meets his end when the Neji reactor inside him is damaged and he is killed by Mega Red.
  • Guirail (ギレール Girēru, Cutting?, 19-32) was one of Javious's trusted minions, he is sent to Earth to aid Hinelar with the Megarangers. Guirail used crueler methods than Dr. Hinelar's (an example of this is in his first appearance where he used children as shields), even performing unusual experiments on the Nejire Beasts. Prior to revealing himself to Hinelar's group, Guirail stages an attack to capture the children of a city district while breaking Kenta's will to fight by having him hit Takeshi by accident. However, while leading a new attack on a communication building, Guirail messes with Mega Red until he is beaten by him with the Battle Rizer. Later on, he parasited Yugande to become Giga Guirail (ギガギレール Giga Girēru?, 30). But when the Super Galaxy Mega used its Super Galaxy Knuckle attack, Guirail cancelled out the fusion to use Yugande as a shield to protect himself. An angry Shibolena trys to kill him but Dr. Hinelar stopped and tricked Guirail into taking the NejiGen Capsule that gives him tremendous power and robs him of his sanity. This mutated Guirail into an insane beast called Mad Guirail (マッドギレール Maddo Girēru?, 31-32) who was so powerful that the Super Galaxy Mega was no match for it. Usin full power the Galaxy Mega only caused him to break off a piece of his body that formed into Gigire (ギギレ Gigire?, 31-32), who could fly through space and blast a powerful laser from his forehead. The Megarangers were able to escape to the INET moonbase on the Delta Mega where Yuusaku gave them the Voyager Machines. In the end, Gigire, and later Mad Guirail, were the first two to be killed by the Mega Voyager.
  • The Jaden Sentai Nejiranger (邪電戦隊ネジレンジャー Jaden Sentai Nejirenjā?, Evil Electric Squadron Nejiranger) (38-43, 48) group were created by Dr. Hinelar from Javious' DNA as evil counerparts to the Megarangers. Their suits are similar to power suits Dr. Hinelar had developed back when he was known as Samejima. They share an attack called Neji Energy Attack. Unfortunately, the Nejirangers were impatient and wanted nothing more than to kill their Megaranger counterparts. The Nejirangers were used by Hinelar not only to kill the Megarangers in suicide attacks, but also to kill Javious by slowly draining him of his "life energy". When badly damaged or enlarged, they transformed into their monstrous true forms. The Nejirangers' urge to kill managed to keep them from dying as they used Hinelar's data-card machine to regain physical form. They not only resume their original goal but also to try to kill Hinelar for using them in the first place. The Megarangers manage to digitize them, preserving them as Data Cards in the now destroyed Hinelar City. Hinelar found the cards soon after the city was destroyed and sent them to where no one would ever find them.
    • Neji Red (ネジレッド Neji Reddo?, 38-43, 48): Leader, armed with Neji Saber (ネジセイバー Neji Seibā?). True form, Neji Phantom (ネジファントム Neji Fantomu?, 42-43, 48), is a fire-like monster. Once turned on Dr. Hinelar when he discovered that the Nejirangers were mere pawns in Hinelar's plans, but had his free will removed. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega, Mega Voyager and Mega Winger, later turned into a Data Card.
    • Neji Black (ネジブラック Neji Burakku?, 38-43, 48): The fiercest member of the five. Armed with Neji Rod (ネジロッド Neji Roddo?). True form, Neji Vulgar (ネジヴァルガー Neji Varugā?, 42-43, 48), is a rock-like monster. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega, Mega Voyager and Mega Winger, later turned into a Data Card.
    • Neji Blue (ネジブルー Neji Burū?, 38-41, 48): Armed with Neji Tomahawk (ネジトマホーク Neji Tomahōku?). The most sadistic of the five, he became obsessed with specifically fighting and killing Mega Blue. True form, Neji Bizzare (ネジビザール Neji Bizāru?, 41, 48), is a crystalline monster. Killed by Wing Mega Voyager, later turned into a Data Card.
    • Neji Yellow (ネジイエロー Neji Ierō?, 38-43, 48): Armed with Neji Sling (ネジスリング Neji Suringu?). The most cunning member and rival of Neji Pink. True form, Neji Sophia (ネジソフィア Neji Sofia?, 42-43, 48), is a lizard/hornet monster. Killed by Super Galaxy Mega, Mega Voyager and Mega Winger, later turned into a Data Card.
  • Neji Pink (ネジピンク Neji Pinku?, 38-40, 48): The most brutal member, armed with Neji Arrow (ネジアロー Neji Arō?). True form, Neji Jealous (ネジジェラス Neji Jerasu?, 40, 48), is a plant-like beast. Killed by Mega Voyager, later turned into a Data Card.
  • Hizumina (ヒズミナ Hizumina, Distortion?, Gingaman vs. Megaranger) is the last of Hinelar's creations and Shibolena's "Younger Sister", mostly identical save for her armor being purplish. She secretly wished to revive Hinelar having grown to miss him with Shibolena's memories, but was betrayed by Gregory when participating in reviving the Balban space pirates. Surviving the treachery, Hizumina attempts to take adventage of the fight to kill the Magirangers, only to be ultimately killed by Mega Red.
  • Soldiers Kunekune (兵士クネクネ Heishi Kunekune?, Soldiers Wriggling) are Nejirejia's grunts, having twisted faces and using twisted blades as their weapons. They are also able to assume human form.
    • Boss Kunekune (ボスクネクネ Bosu Kunekune?, 14): A black-headed version of the Kunekune able to fire energy from his hands. Posing as a police officer, Boss Kunekune leads his Nejire Army into taking over the Yuuhigaoka Apartment building in the H Ward as part of a plan to secretly replace every person on Earth with Kunkune. When Megarangers uncover the plan, the Kunekune attempt to kill off Mega Red and Mega Pink with their massive numbers before Boss Kunekune arrives to finish them off. However, after being defeated by Mega Red's Drill Sniper Custom, Boss Kunkune calls his army to group around him to form King Kunekune (キングクネクネ Kingu Kunekune?), with his head in the heart area. Because he was composed of many Kunkune, King Kunekune could close wounds in seconds. When Boss Kunekune was destroyed by the Galaxy Mega with the Booster Rifle, King Kunekune disassembled in the explosion.


  1. Don't Let Them! The Twisted Invaders (ゆるすな! ねじれた侵略者 Yurusu na! Nejireta Shinryakusha?)
  2. Look! Our Galaxy Mega (見てくれ! 俺たちのギャラクシーメガ Mite Kure! Oretachi no Gyarakushī Mega?)
  3. For Real! A Huge Nejire Beast (マジかよ! でっかいネジレ獣 Maji ka yo! Dekkai Nejirejū?)
  4. Smash it! Shibolena's Trap (砕くぞ! シボレナの罠 Kudaku zo! Shiborena no Wana?)
  5. Decide! This Is an Underhanded Battle (キメるぜ! これが裏技バトル Kimeru ze! Kore ga Urawaza Batoru?)
  6. We Did It, eh!? The Roaring Digitank (やったね! 爆走デジタンク Yatta ne! Bakusō Dejitanku?)
  7. What the? The Annoying Stalker Girl (ナンなの? おっかけ迷惑娘 Nan na no? Okkake Meiwaku Musume?)
  8. Will We Lose!? Reverse Teamwork (負けるか! 逆転チームワーク Makeru ka! Gyakuten Chīmuwāku?)
  9. Reveal! The Demon Lurking In CDs (あばくぞ! 魔物がひそむCD Abaku zo! Mamono ga Hisomu Shī Dī?)
  10. Goodbye! The Android of Sadness (さよなら! 哀しみのアンドロイド Sayonara! Kanashimi no Andoroido?)
  11. Danger! The Red Rose's Temptation (あぶない! 赤いバラの誘惑 Abunai! Akai Bara no Yūwaku?)
  12. Worry! We're Lazy Teachers (こまるぜ! 我らがぐうたら先生 Komaru ze! Warera ga Gūtara Sensei?)
  13. Heartthrob! Our Teacher Is Like the Wind (どきどき! 先生は風のように Dokidoki! Sensei wa Kaze no You ni?)
  14. Surprise! The Neighbors are Nejirejians (びっくり! おとなりはネジレジア Bikkuri! Otonari wa Nejirejia?)
  15. See Through It! The Mecha of Genius High (見やぶれ! 天才高校のカラクリ Mi Yabure! Tensai Kōkō no Karakuri?)
  16. Very Bad! Will We Die? (激ヤバ! オレたち死ぬのか? Gekiyaba! Oretachi Shinu no ka??)
  17. Way Cool! The Sexy Super Miku (すごすぎ! いけてるスーパーみく Sugosugi! Iketeru Sūpā Miku?)
  18. Protect it! The Mysterious Boy's Forest (守るぞ! 不思議な少年の森 Mamoru zo! Fushigi na Shōnen no Mori?)
  19. Thrust! The Persistent Deadly Punch (打ちこめ! 不屈の必殺パンチ Uchikome! Fukutsu no Hissatsu Panchi?)
  20. Count on it! The New Robo, Delta Mega (たのむぜ! 新ロボデルタメガ Tanomu ze! Shin Robo Deruta Mega?)
  21. Right Now! The Life-Threatening Super Combination (いまこそ! 命をかけた超合体 Ima Koso! Inochi o Kaketa Chō Gattai?)
  22. Break Out! The Devilish Labyrinth (ぬけ出せ! 悪魔のラビリンス Nukedese! Akuma no Rabirinsu?)
  23. Why! My Egg's a Nejire Beast (なんでだ! オレのたまごはネジレ獣 Nande da! Ore no Tamago wa Nejirejū?)
  24. Running Alone! A Silvery New Face (独走! 銀色のニューフェイス Dokusō! Gin'iro no Nyū Feisu?)
  25. Just in Time! Time Limit: 2.5 Minutes (ギリギリ! タイムリミット2分半 Girigiri! Taimu Rimitto Nifunhan?)
  26. Really? The End of Nejirejia (ホントか? ネジレジアの最期 Honto ka? Nejirejia no Saigo?)
  27. Kick Them About! The Demonic Coral That Calls Death (けちらせ! 死を呼ぶ魔のサンゴ Kechirase! Shi o Yobu Ma no Sango?)
  28. It's Over! The Explosive Granny Whirlwind (おてあげ! 爆裂おばあちゃん旋風 Oteage! Bakuretsu Obaachan Senpū?)
  29. I Wanna Lose Weight! Miku's Dubious Diet (やせたい! みくの怪しいダイエット Yasetai! Miku no Ayashii Daietto?)
  30. Explosion! The Friendship Combination (サク烈! 友情のコンビネーション Sakuretsu! Yūjō no Konbinēshon?)
  31. Stop it! Guirail's Reckless Run (止めるぜ! ギレールの暴走 Yameru ze! Girēru no Bōsō?)
  32. Is It the End!? Desperate Situation, Galaxy Mega (終わりか!? 絶体絶命ギャラクシーメガ Owari ka!? Zettai Zetsumei Gyarakushī Mega?)
  33. Cheerful! The Lover Who Came From the Moon (ウキウキ! 月から来た恋人 Ukiuki! Tsuki Kara Kita Koibito?)
  34. I'll Show You! Big Bro's Miracle Shoot (見せるぜ! 兄貴のミラクルシュート Miseru ze! Aniki no Mirakuru Shūto?)
  35. Overcome! Mega Silver's Greatest Crisis (のりきれ! メガシルバー最大の危機 Norikire! Mega Shirubā Saidai no Kiki?)
  36. Flap Your Wings! The Wings of Hope Dancing in the Sky (はばたけ! 宇宙(そら)に舞う希望の翼 Habatake! Sora ni Mau Kibō no Tsubasa?)
  37. Why? Chisato Has an Old Man's Voice (どうして? 千里がオヤジ声 Dōshite? Chisato ga Oyaji Koe?)
  38. Scary! Nejirejia's Fiendish Squadron (戦慄! ネジレジアの凶悪戦隊 Senritsu! Nejirejia no Kyōaku Sentai?)
  39. Exposed! Mega Red's True Identity (バレたぜ! メガレッドの正体 Bareta ze! Mega Reddo no Shōtai?)
  40. Scary! Bad Women (コワいぜ! バッドな女たち Kowai ze! Baddo na Onnatachi?)
  41. Collapsing! The Blue Terror, Neji Blue (キレてる! 青の恐怖ネジブルー Kirete 'ru! Ao no Kyōfu Neji Burū?)
  42. Lose Them! The Evil Stalkers (ふりきれ! 邪悪な追跡者 Furikire! Jaaku na Tsuisekisha?)
  43. We Won't Lose! The Decisive Battle is on Christmas Eve (負けない! 決戦はクリスマスイブ Makenai! Kessen wa Kurisumasu Ibu?)
  44. Relax! Kenta's New Year's Eve Riot (お気楽! 健太の年越し騒動 O-kiraku! Kenta no Toshikoshi Sōdō?)
  45. Stubborn! Hinelar's Big Strike Back (しぶとい! ヒネラーの大逆襲 Shibutoi! Hinerā no Dai Gyakushū?)
  46. Prevent it! Setting Sail to Underworld (阻むぞ! 地獄への船出 Habamu zo! Jigoku e no Funade?)
  47. Plunge! The Dreadful Hinelar City (とびこめ! 恐怖のヒネラーシティ Tobikome! Kyōfu no Hinerā Shiti?)
  48. Crush it! Hinelar's Dark Designs (つぶすぜ! ヒネラーの黒い野望 Tsubusu ze! Hinerā no Kuroi Yabō?)
  49. Despair! We're Outcasts!? (絶望! 俺たちは嫌われ者!? Zetsubō! Oretachi wa Kiraware Mono?)
  50. Sublime! The Red-Hot Super Soldier Yugande (壮絶! 灼熱の超戦士ユガンデ Sōzetsu! Shakunetsu no Chō Senshi Yugande?)
  51. Seize it! Our Diplomas (つかむぜ! 俺たちの卒業証書 Tsukamu ze! Oretachi no Sotsugyōshōsho?)

Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger

The V-Cinema special takes place between episodes 39 and 40. Arriving late for school, as the car was at Pegasus Garage, Kenta learns that today is graduation picture day. Seeing a beam of light nearby, Kouichiro gets the others out of class to investigate. The five find a seashell before they are attacked by Space Biker Helmedor who wants the shell to fulfill his dreams, overpowering the Megarangers before Mega Silver arrives and engages the biker in a motorcyclists' duel. Suddenly enlarging with his bike, Helmedor battles Super Galaxy Mega before he is forced to shrink and retreat. Later, while trying to find out the seashell's true nature, Miku uses it to wish for a big cake before it is stolen by a group of strange students who actually are the staff of the Pegasus Garage. But with Mega Yellow placing a tracer on the getaway car, the Megarangers track them to the Pegasus Garage where Kyousuke wishes for Katsudon before he and his team are attacked by Yugande and Kani Nejilar. Refusing to stand aside, they assume their Carranger forms to fight Kani Nejilar while the Megarangers deal with Yugande and the Kunekune. The two Sentai teams join forces to force the Nejireians back as the shell opens up to reveal an alien identified as Space Fairy Picot who wants to grant their last three wishes. Arriving to Yume Beach, the teams get to know each other while talking out to want they would use the last three wishes before Dappu arrives. But "Dappu" turns out to be Helmedor, having made a deal with the Nejirians to get Picot.

As Helmedor runs off, Shibonlena has the Kunekune hold the Megarangers as she uses her power to turn the Carrangers into her slaves and sicks them on the Megarangers. During the fight, the Megarangers find the real Dappu and untie him. In a risky gambit, Dappuin fuses the Megrangers's weapons with his CarMagic to free the Carrangers from Shibolena's spell. At that time, after wishing for a planet destroying laser cannon, Helmedor betrays Kani Nejilar and fights him as Megarangers. After making a wish to revive previous Psycho Nejilars to overpower the Megarangers, Kani Nejilar was about to make the final wish when Helmondo steals the fairy. But the Carrangers get Picot and throw a decoy into the distance to hold the villains at bay. Coming to the students' aid, the Carrangers give them Picot to make the final wish to their shock. By the time Kani Nejilar and a brainwashed Helmondo return to the battlefield, the Megarangers' wish to keep fighting enables them to don the Mega Tector armor. After destroying the revived monsters with Rainbow Impulse, Shibolena has Bedibedi bite Kani Nejilar and Helmedor as Mega Voyager and RV Robo are formed to fight them. Though Helmondo attempts to turn with the planting destorying laser, Mega Winger destroys the weapon as Wing Mega Voyager and RV Robo execute their signature moves to respectively destroy Kani Nejilar and Helmedor. Soon after, Picot leaves for the next planet as the two sentai teams go out to take their own graduation memorial picture at Yume Beach.


  • Hayato Ōshiba: Kenta Date (credited as Kunihiko Ōshiba)
  • Atsushi Ehara: Koichiro Endo
  • Masaya Matsukaze: Shun Namiki
  • Eri Tanaka: Chisato Jogasaki
  • Mami Higashiyama: Miku Imamura
  • Shigeru Kanai: Yusaku Hayakawa
  • Satoru Saitō: Eikichi Kubota
  • Ryūzaburō Ōtomo: Javious (Voice)
  • Asami Jō: Shizuka Samejima/Shibolena, Hizumina
  • Tetsuo Morishita: Dr. Hinelar
  • Tomokazu Seki: Bibidebi (Voice)
  • Hirotaka Suzuoki: Yugande (Voice)
  • Jinnai Tatsuyuki: Guirail (Voice)
  • Toshiro Tantsu: Neji Red/Neji Phantom (Voice)
  • Kunihiko Yasui: Neji Black/Neji Vulgar (Voice)
  • Yoshiharu Yamada: Neji Blue/Neji Bizzare (Voice)
  • Masako Katsuki: Neji Yellow/Neji Sophia (Voice)
  • Erina Yamazaki: Neji Pink/Neji Jealous (Voice)
  • Takumi Hashimoto: Jiro


Opening theme
  • "Denji Sentai Megaranger" (電磁戦隊メガレンジャー Denji Sentai Megarenjā?)
    • Lyrics: Saburo Yatsude
    • Composition & Arrangement: Keiichi Oku
    • Artist: Naoto Fūga
    • Episodes: 1-43, 45-50
  • "Megaranger "The Cyberdelix""
    • Lyrics: T.CRANE
    • Composition & Arrangement: Keiichi Oku
    • Artist: Mega Mickey
    • Episodes: 44
Ending themes
  • "Kinosei ka na" (気のせいかな?, "Isn't It Imagination?")
    • Lyrics: Saburo Yatsude
    • Composition & Arrangement: "Taka-Tora" (鷹虎?)
    • Artist: Naoto Fūga
    • Episodes: 1-21, 31-50
  • "Bomb Dancing Megaranger" (Bomb Dancing メガレンジャー Bon Danshingu Megarenjā?)


  1. ^ Denji (電磁?) translates as "Electromagnetic".

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