Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
Genre Tokusatsu
Created by Toei Company
Written by
Directed by
  • Katsuya Watanabe
  • Satoshi Morota
  • Hajime Konaka
  • Hajime Hashimoto
  • Noboru Takemoto
  • Toshio Ōi
  • Kenzo Maihara
  • Shōjirō Nakazawa
  • Shun Shioya
  • Nao Nagasawa
  • Kohei Yamamoto
  • Yujiro Shirakawa
  • Nobuo Kyo
Voices of
Narrated by Hironori Miyata
Opening theme "Hurricaneger Sanjō!" by Hideaki Takatori
Ending theme "Ima Kaze no Naka de" by Hironobu Kageyama
Composer(s) Kazunori Miyake
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 51
Running time 24-25 minutes (per episode)
Original channel tv asahi
Original run February 17, 2002 (2002-02-17) – February 9, 2003 (2003-02-09)
Preceded by Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Followed by Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger (忍風戦隊ハリケンジャー Ninpū Sentai Harikenjā?, [Note 1]) is Toei's twenty-sixth production of the Super Sentai television series. The catchphrase for the series is "Unknown even to others, unknown even to the world, we become shadows to defeat evil!" (人も知らず 世も知らず 影となりて悪を討つ! Hito mo shirazu, yo mo shirazu, kage to narite aku o utsu!?). Its footage was used in the American series Power Rangers Ninja Storm (the end credits listed the show as titled Hurricane Rangers).



In the Hayate Way's Ninja Academy, three pupils are not exactly fitting in. But because their sensei believes they have potential he regularly spends the morning personally and rigorously training them. While the other students are having their graduation ceremony a group of evil space ninjas known as the Jakanja infiltrate the school killing most of the students. The school's sensei, Mugensai, turns himself into a hamster to evade his pursuers. The trio is then taken to a secret base to become the legendary Hurricanegers to fight Jakanja. Later in the series they have to fight with the two ninja brothers of the Ikazuchi Way's Ninja Academy due to their respective schools' rivalries. With the aid of the mysterious Shurikenger the two ninja groups set their rivalry aside and join forces to stop Jakanja.


Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger with the Lightning Speed Gouraigers and Sky Ninja Shurikenger in Fire Mode

The six defenders of Earth are from three schools: three represent the Hayate Way (疾風流 Hayate Ryū?)'s Ninja Academy, two represent the Ikazuchi Way (迅雷流 Ikazuchi Ryū?)'s Ninja Academy, and one represents the Space Union Ninja School. Their team attack is the Super Ninpou Shadow Dance (超忍法・影の舞 Chō Ninpō Kage no Mai?)[clarification needed].


Three ninja students who are the survivors of the Hayate Way's Ninja Academy are mastering their school's Super Ninpou techniques. They represent the Hayate Heart embodying the "Presistence of the Future". The first kana of their surnames spell out "Shinobi".

  • Yousuke Shiina/Air Ninja Hurricane Red (椎名 鷹介/空忍ハリケンレッド Shiina Yōsuke/Soranin Hariken Reddo?) is the leader of the team. Though a bit dim-witted Yousuke's courage and determination make up for his slow-thinking. At age 19, he worked at a window cleaning service. He eventually meets up with Shoichiro "Taisho" Tai, a fellow student in the Air Ninja class, who dropped out after seeing that it was not his place to be a ninja and attempted to make Yousuke quit too. But after seeing Yousuke in action, Shoichiro accepts it and wishes his friend good luck. Yousuke almost gets himself killed to provide the vaccine for Ikkou. After transforming, Yousuke says "The wind howls, the sky rages. Air Ninja, Hurricane Red!" (風が泣き、空が怒る。空忍ハリケンレッド! "Kaze ga naki, sora ga ikaru. Soranin Hariken Reddo!"?).
    • Ninpou: Three-in-One Triple Hurricane (三身一体トリプルハリケーン Sanmi Ittai Toripuru Harikēn?), Super Ninpou Air Gallop (超忍法・空駆け Chō Ninpō Sora Gake?), Super Ninpou Illusion Change (超忍法・幻変化 Chō Ninpō Maboroshi Henge?), Super Ninpou Flying Skylark (超忍法・飛雲雀 Chō Ninpō Hiunjaku?).
  • Nanami Nono/Water Ninja Hurricane Blue (野乃 七海/水忍ハリケンブルー Nono Nanami/Mizunin Hariken Burū?) is the only female on the team. At age 18 she dreams of becoming a popstar and works under the stage name Nana. She has a semi-crazed manager Futoshi Hase who books her for everything but when emergencies occur Nanami has to take off. While she appears to be cute, the others try to stay on her good side since an incident where she befriended Furabiijo who took advantage of her. It is later shown she has developed feelings for Isshuu Kasumi and he reciprocates. After the final battle, she has become a successful singer. She appeared in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai when Eiji came to her rehearsal to enlist her help and then later on she is joined by Asuka, Tetsu and Tsubasa come to his aid. She transfers her "Friendship Spirit" power to AkaRed to power DaiVoyager. After transforming, Nanami says "The water dances, the waves jump. Water Ninja, Hurricane Blue!" (水が舞い、波が踊る。水忍ハリケンブルー! "Mizu ga mai, nami ga odoru. Mizunin Hariken Burū!"?).
    • Ninpou: Three-in-One Triple Hurricane, Super Ninpou Water Spout (超忍法・水流破 Chō Ninpō Suiryūha?), Super Ninpou Water Transformation (超忍法・水変化 Chō Ninpō Mizu Henge?), Super Ninpou Water Surface Run (超忍法・水面走り Chō Ninpō Minamo Bashiri?), Ninpou Water Pillar (忍法・水柱 Ninpō Mizubashira?), Ninpou Leaf Reversal (忍法・木の葉返し Ninpō Konoha Gaeshi?).
  • Kouta Bitou/Land Ninja Hurricane Yellow (尾藤 吼太/陸忍ハリケンイエロー Bitō Kōta/Okanin Hariken Ierō?) is the other male of the team and a firm believer in planning. Because of his friendly nature, Kouta works at a daycare center. He has a younger sister called Meiko whom he cared for when their parents died in a car accident and they ended up in an orphanage. He also had a grandmother named Ayame Bitou who died when Kouta was four but remained by him in spirit. Thanks to an unintended by–product of Jakanja's plan, she was resurrected as a teenager and aids her grandson before fading back to the afterlife. After transforming, Kouta says ""The ground shakes, the flowers sing. Land Ninja, Hurricane Yellow!" (大地が震え、花が歌う。陸忍ハリケンイエロー! "Daichi ga furue, hana ga utau. Okanin Hariken Ierō!"?)
    • Ninpou: Three-in-One Triple Hurricane, Super Ninpou Dancing Lion (超忍法・舞獅子 Chō Ninpō Mai Jishi?), Yellow All Around Break (イエロー八方崩し Ierō Happō Kuzushi?), Super Ninpou Sand Dash (超忍法・砂驀進 Chō Ninpō Suna Bakushin?), Super Ninpou Lion Slide (超忍法・獅子滑 Chō Ninpō Shishi Suberi?), Land Ninpou Chameleon Technique (陸忍法・カメレオンの術 Oka Ninpō Kamereon no Jutsu?), Hayate Way Ninpou Dog's Nose (疾風流忍法・犬の鼻 Hayate Ryū Ninpō Inu no Hana?).


Kabuto: "Facing the shadows, slicing the shadows…" (影に向かえて影を斬る、 "Kage ni mukaete, kage o kiru..."?)
Kuwaga: "Facing the light, slicing the light!" (光に向かえて光を斬る。 "Hikari ni mukaete, hikari o kiru!"?)
"Lightning Speed Gouraiger revealed!" (電光石火ゴウライジャー、見参! "Denkōsekka Gōraijā, kenzan!"?)

Lightning Speed Gouraiger (電光石火ゴウライジャー Denkōsekka Gōraijā?, 1, 5, 7-51) were originally the enemies of the Hurricaneger who join Jakanja despite having wiped out the Ikazuchi Way's Ninja Academy which left the Kasumi brothers as the only survivors. The brothers obtained the forbidden Gouraiger system from their father, Ikki, a rogue ninja who abused them. Ikki went against the Ikazuchi Way's wishes to obtain the Evil Will after learning of it during his mission in Egypt and learned of the "Final Secret" at the time of a meteor shower. He went against his school's wishes by creating the Gouraiger system and making his sons kill each other to evoke it while making them believe that rage and hatred would only promote strength. Though they eventually allied themselves with the Hurricanegers the Kasumi brothers were unable to completely forsake their father's cruel teachings and have a jaded view on life. The two work as construction workers. They represent the Ikazuchi Heart embodying the Bonds of the Past.

  • Ikkou Kasumi/Horned Ninja Kabuto Raiger (霞 一甲/角忍カブトライジャー Kasumi Ikkō/Tsunonin Kabuto Raijā?) is the older brother. His original goal was to raise Ikazuchi as the greatest Ninja school using it. Learning of the method his father intended Ikkou ingested Girigiri gas to go insane so Isshuu could kill him. Ikkou eventually regains his sanity and refuses to obtain the Evil Will like that ultimately deciding to abandon this goal and focus on his new goal of supporting the Hurricaneger. He develops a friendly rivalry with Yousuke later in the series as well as gaining a mortal enemy in Manmaruba (who implanted a Space Scorpion egg in the man's body for using him to get into Jakanja's ranks). He attempted to have the egg removed from his body with Ramon's aid a secret–even from Isshu. However Ramon could only hinder the hatching until Manmaruba's Mind Wave made it beyond Ramon's skills. Though told a cure may be found in Tibet Ikkou refused to leave and it nearly killed him as a result; only stopped by Yousuke nearly killed himself to provide an antidote. Ikkou would later kill Manmaruba soon after the Fangerus crisis. After transforming, Ikkou says "Crimson lightning. Horned Ninja Kabuto Raiger!" (深紅の稲妻。角忍カブトライジャー! "Shinkō no inazuma. Tsunonin Kabuto Raijā!"?).
    • Ninpou: Super Ninpou Illusion Kabuto (超忍法・幻カブト Chō Ninpō Maboroshi Kabuto?), Ikazuchi Way Ninpou Kabuto Projection (迅雷流忍法・カブトうつし Ikazuchi Ryū Ninpō Kabuto Utsushi?).
  • Isshuu Kasumi/Fanged Ninja Kuwaga Raiger (霞 一鍬/牙忍クワガライジャー Kasumi Isshū/Kibanin Kuwaga Raijā?) is the younger brother. He originally resented Ikazuchi for staying in the shadows for 500 years, idolizing his brother and respecting most of his decisions. But Isshuu took the fact they were not rebuilding their Ninja school personally until he found the resting place of his father's sword Kiraimaru. Desiring to rebuild the Ikazuchi School Isshuu used the blade with disastrous results. After learning to use the Kiraimaru in a way where his friends would not be harmed Isshuu decides to rebuild the school after Jakanja is defeated. He was later shown to have feelings for Nanami Nono. After transforming, Isshuu says "Azure thunderclap. Fanged Ninja Kuwaga Raiger!" (蒼天の霹靂。牙忍クワガライジャー! "Sōten no hekireki. Kibanin Kuwaga Raijā!"?).
    • Ninpou: Super Ninpou Fang Lightning (超忍法・牙稲妻 Chō Ninpō Kiba Inazuma?), Super Ninpou Position Change (超忍法・移り身 Chō Ninpō Utsuri Mi?).


Sky Ninja Shurikenger (天空忍者シュリケンジャー Tenkū Ninja Shurikenjā?, 21-49) is the Ninja of 20 Faces and a representative of the Space Union Ninja School. He was formerly known as Asuka Kagura, a star pupil of Hayate Way who had the talent to become a Hurricaneger, but he mysteriously vanished and was branded a Nukenin (抜け忍?) as a result. He encounters Gozen who he devotes himself to as her personal fighter at the cost of his renouncing his name and face and is forced to remain in his costumed form permanently. A somewhat comical figure, Shurikenger often used broken English phrases including the famous "I am Ninja of Ninja!" and also often poorly mixes both Japanese and English into his sentences. At first he would often disguise himself as a 'regular' person (even the other ninja would not know who) until he reverts to his true form with the Shuriken Ball device when confronted by Jakanja. He has the ability to transform through the command "Face Change!" into Shurikenger Fire Mode (シュリケンジャー ファイヤーモード Shurikenjā Faiyā Mōdo?), a quicker and deeper voiced version of himself, when the top of his helmet is rotated as he removes his main chest armor, which is a weight-inhibitor, and once removed from his body Shurikenger's strength and speed increase. Though he came to believe that a true ninja must follow orders he defied Gozen by saving the other ninja whom he began to see as his friends. Taking Gozen's death hard Shurikenger proceeds to train the ninja while remaining as unfeeling as possible. When mortally wounded while fighting Sandaru Shurikenger reveals his origins and urges the team to continue fighting from their world. He gives them his Shurikenball so they can follow the tracking device he planted on Sandaru to make their way to the centipede. While he seemingly died in Tenkuujin (the centipede destroyed Satarakura in a kamikaze attack), Shurikenger survived and aids the Abaranger and Hurricaneger/Gouraiger teams briefly in their fight against Janin Iga stating "he's wherever he is needed." When introducing himself Shurikenger says "I am Ninja of Ninja! The green light bullet! Heavenly Ninja Shurikenger! (I am Ninja of Ninja!緑の光弾!天空忍者シュリケンジャー Ai amu Ninja obu Ninja! Midori no Kōdan! Tenkū Ninja Shurikenjā?).

  • Super Ninpou: Miracle Thousand Knock, Branch Magic Ball, Fire Ken.
  • Whether intended or not Shurikenger's "master of disguise" trait is reminiscent of Soukichi Banba (of J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, played by Hiroshi Miyauchi), who also regularly disguised himself. One example of Banba's trait is when he disguised himself as a fisherman in J.A.K.Q. vs. GoRanger and showed up just when all hope of victory for justice seemed lost.
  • The actors who play Shurikenger's (10) human forms were all Super Sentai actors at one point: Hayato Ōshiba and Masaya Matsukaze (respectively MegaRed and MegaBlue in Denji Sentai Megaranger), Yūji Kishi and Yoshihiro Masujima (respectively Red Racer and Blue Racer in Gekisou Sentai Carranger), Toshiya Fuji (FiveRed in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman), Shūhei Izumi (TimeYellow in Mirai Sentai Timeranger), Ryūichirō Nishioka (GoRed in Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive), Tatsuya Nōmi (ShishiRanger in Gosei Sentai Dairanger), Masaru Shishido (OhRed in Chouriki Sentai Ohranger) and Kenji Ohba (Battle Kenya in Battle Fever J and DenjiBlue in Denshi Sentai Denziman). Most of the actors have a reference to their previous Super Sentai roles, with Ohba referencing his role as Retsu Ichijouji/Gyaban in Uchuu Keiji Gyaban.
  • In addition, he also disguised himself as Yousuke once, Ikkou once, and Kouta twice. Ayame, Kouta's grandmother brought back to life, was mistaken for Shurikenger, as was Wendinu in a human disguise by the boys (Nanami caught on right away).
  • Before Shurikenger disguises himself as Detective Tarou Kakio (Kunihiko Oshiba, also Kenta Date/MegaRed in Denji Sentai Megaranger), the real Kakio hands out his business card. At the bottom, "Zubatto kaiketsu shimasu" (his business motto?) can be clearly seen. This is a direct nod to the Kaiketsu Zubat television series, being part of the titular character's introduction phrase.


  • Mugensai Hinata (日向 無限斎 Hinata Mugensai?): The Ninja master of Hayate Way's Ninja Academy and a master of animal-change Ninpou. He turned himself into a hamster to evade his pursuers but forgot the words that would restore him to normal because of which he is referred to as the "Hamster Curator" (ハムスター館長 Hamusutā Kanchō?). Despite his form he can fight and communicated with Gozen before she revealed herself. Mugensai briefly returned to human form in the movie by means of a kiss from Princess Laiina but was forced back to a hamster when she left. Eventually he returns to his human form to protect his daughter from falling debris when their base was affected by the Evil Force. Two months after the final battle Mugensai gives the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers a final challenge to take their diplomas from him.
  • Oboro Hinata (日向 おぼろ Hinata Oboro?): Mugansai's daughter and a scholar who provides the team's arsenal. She is their senpai due to her being in class 487. She also invented the robot ninja that wipes out the memories of civilians who have seen the Hurricanegers or those who left the Hayate Way to ensure the public is unaware of the school's existence. She and Shurikenger worked together to create their own Tri-Condor for the team. Oboro also has a habit of breaking the fourth wall in Sentai team-up specials by talking about mecha combinations. She speaks with a kansai dialect.
  • Princess Laiina (ライーナ姫 Raīna Hime?, Movie): From planet Astrom she and her royal family were known for having the gift of regeneration—as shown when they briefly restoring Mugensai to human form. She was sought after by the Jakanja for that power and for use in the "Soul-Eating Ceremony" which would turn her into an elixir that bestows immortality to whoever drinks it. After being saved by the Hurricanegers from the Saruninja Laiina wants Yuusuke as her bodyguard but his intolerance towards her spoilt nature drives her away. She was captured by the Saruninja but was saved by the Hurricanegers. Yuusuke comes to understood Laiina through Knuckle and offers to be her friend. To return the offer of friendship Laiina lets them borrow her Tri-Condor to form Tenraisenpuujin and defeat Ashurasaru. She then takes Tri-Condor to return to her planet with a sense of new-found courage.
  • Knuckle (Nakkuru Movie?): A small Karakuri robot and Laiina's servant that usually is a wrist charm until he is activated.
  • Yuusaku Ramon (羅門 勇作 Ramon Yūsaku?, 28): A former teacher from the Ikazuchi Ninja School who aided Ikkou in stopping the hatching of the centipede until Manmaruba ensnares it.
  • Kagura/Lady Gozen (覚羅/御前様 Kagura?, 39-48): A 500 year-old seemingly young woman, who Shurikenger protects, is the daughter of a feudal lord who died protecting her before she went into hiding. She is the reason both Ninja schools have similar Karakuri systems. The Dark Stone placed in her forehead gives her a prolonged life but forces her to refrain from any form of sadness to maintain the seal. She moves in with the Hurricanegers after her location is compromised only to learn of the changes that occurred during her solitude from the outside world. In the process she learns the ninja are true heroes in spite of her earlier impressions of them. However, learning of her weakness, Sandaru manages to weaken Gozen and force the Grieving Bow Medal out of her which kills her as a result.
  • Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger: The warriors chosen by the Power Animals to fight the Orgs. Though they returned to a normal life they and Tetomu were kidnapped by Space Ninja Chubouzu who took their G-Phones and left them for Tsue-Tsue and Yaibaiba to have revenge on. Giving the G-Phones to Jakanja, Manmaruba, Sargain, Furabiijo, Satarakura and Windenu who assume the forms of the Gaorangers using a masking device to make them look and sound exactly like the Gaorangers in human form. The "Dark Spear Gaorangers" almost defeat the ninja in Gao King when the real Sae Taiga arrives with the Power Animals leaving. While the Gouraigers and Shurikenger fend the fake Rangers off the Hurricanegers fight Chubouzu and free the real Gaorangers. The fight goes in the villains' favor until Shirogane arrives and returns the G-Phones to their proper owners. After a major battle Chubouzu grows and brings back a few Jakanja Chunin. When Chubouzu uses a team attack with the other monsters Gao King, Tenkuujin and Gao Hunter are badly damaged with Gourai Senpuujin losing one of its arms. Gao Red gets an idea from Gao Lion to combine Gao Tiger, Gao Shark, and Gao Elephant with Gourai Senpuujin to create Gourai Senpuujin Sword & Shield. Tenkuujin combines into Gourai Senpuujin after the Power Animals separate and finish Chubouzu with a team powered attack.
  • Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger: The Abarangers came upon the Hurricangers when they find Yousuke fighting Wendinu and Furabiijo, who had been at DinoEarth since "their defeat" by the Hurricanegers, with the prison of Jakanja in their possession. Though awkward in their relationship the Hurricangers and Abarangers eventually team up to fight Jakanja and the Evoliens.
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: A group of space pirates on earth looking for the greater powers of different sentai in hopes of finding the greatest treasure in the universe. When the Zangyack empire brought in Satarakura Jr. and Sandaaru Jr. (both sons of their respective fathers) to turn everyone into chestnuts, the Hurricanegers sensed them and found them fighting the Gokaigers. When Satarakura Jr. sent Marvelous, Joe and Luka into Boki Space and Sandaaru Jr. was destroyed by Goujyujin, Ahim gave the three their Hurricaneger keys and fought with the Gokaigers. Trusting the space pirates, the Hurricanegers gave back their ranger keys along with their greater power which was used to destroy Satarakura Jr.


  • Shinobi Medals (シノビメダルメダル Shinobi Medaru?): The Hurricaneger and Gouraiger, as well as Shurikenger, each possess their own personal Shinobi Medal on their changers. The Shinobi Medals are used by the Hurricaneger and Gouraiger to active their changers and also combine their "mecha". The other Shinobi Medals are used to summon the Karakuri balls.
  • Hurricane Gyro (ハリケンジャイロ Hariken Jairo?): The Hurricaneger's transformation devices and are capable of shooting out little disk-like shuriken called Gyro Shuriken (ジャイロ手裏剣 Jairo Shuriken?). The transformation call is "Ninpuu, Shinobi Change!" (忍風・シノビチェンジ! Ninpū Shinobi Chenji!?)
  • Portable Ninja Sword Hayatemaru (携帯忍刀ハヤテ丸 Keitai Nintō Hayatemaru?): Standard sword-based weapons of the Hurricaneger. Can be charged-up for an energized slash and also be used as a gun. The Hurricangers can use the Hayatemaru to execute the Super Ninpou Triple Thrust Dance (超忍法・乱舞三重衝 Chō Ninpō Ranbu Sanjūshō?) and Typhoon Slash (台風 (タイフーン) 斬り Taifūn Giri?) attacks. Hurricane Red and Hurricane Yellow can team-up to execute the Hayate Way Secret Technique Sky Land Slash (疾風流奥義・大空大地斬 Hayate Ryū Ōgi Daikū Daichizan?) attack. Other attacks the Hurricangers can execute with the Hayatemaru are the following:
    • Hurricane Red: Hayate Way Sword Technique Gale Slash (疾風流剣技・疾風斬 Hayate Ryū Kengi Shipūzan?), Super Ninpou Thunder Blast Slash (超忍法・雷撃斬 Chō Ninpō Raigekizan?) and Kabuto Thunder Blast (カブト雷撃破 Kabuto Raigekiha?).
    • Hurricane Blue: Hayate Way Sword Technique Torrent Slash (疾風流剣技・激流斬 Hayate Ryū Kengi Gekiryūzan?)
    • Hurricane Yellow: Hayate Way Sword Technique Land Slash (疾風流剣技・大地斬 Hayate Ryū Kengi Daichizan?), Super Ninpou Mine Blast (超忍法・地雷撃 Chō Ninpō Jiraigeki?) and Super Ninpou Turbulence Slash (超忍法・乱れ斬り Chō Ninpō Midaregiri?)
  • Dry Gun (ドライガン Dorai Gan?): Hurricane Red's personal weapon. It resembles a hair dryer and can shoot flames.
  • Sonic Megaphone (ソニックメガホン Sonikku Megahon?): Hurricane Blue's personal weapon. It resembles a megaphone, and can fire sound based waves.
  • Quake Hammer (クエイクハンマー Kueiku Hanmā?): Hurricane Yellow's personal weapon. It resembles a mallet and can be used for a ground-based attack. By using it, Hurricane Yellow can perform the Quake Hammer Hundred Strike (クエイクハンマー百連打 Kueiku Hanmā Hyakurenda?) and Super Ninpou #869 (超忍法869号 Chō Ninpō Happyakurokujūkyū-gō?) attacks.
  • Triple Connection Triple Gadget (三重連トリプルガジェット Sanjūren Toripuru Gajetto?): This combination of the Hurricaneger's personal weapons can be used in three different functions, where each one has a different finishing attack depending on which weapon is in the front.
    • Dry Gadget (ドライガジェット Dorai Gajetto?): Formed by placing the Dry Gun in front, Quake Hammer in the middle and Sonic Megaphone in the back. It uses a fire-based attack.
    • Sonic Gadget (ソニックガジェット Sonikku Gajetto?): Formed by placing the Sonic Megaphone in front, Dry Gun in the middle and Quake Hammer in the back. It fires a ball of intense high pitched waves.
    • Quake Gadget (クエイクガジェット Kueiku Gajetto?): Formed by placing the Quake Hammer in front, Sonic Megaphone in the middle and Dry Gun in the back. It can summon a 100 ton weight to use on its opponent.
  • Hurricane Wingers (ハリケンウインガー Hariken Uingā?): Hang gliders that serve as the Hurricanegers transportation.
    • Red Winger (レッドウインガー Reddo Uingā?): Hurricane Red's Winger.
    • Blue Winger (ブルーウインガー Burū Uingā?): Hurricane Blue's Winger.
    • Yellow Winger (イエローウインガー Ierō Uingā?): Hurricane Yellow's Winger.
  • Gourai Changer (ゴウライチェンジャー Gōrai Chenjā?): The Gouraigers' transformation devices. Ikkou and Isshu's personal Gourai Changer are shaped as their personal insects. The transformation call is "Jinrai Shinobi Change!" (迅雷・シノビチェンジ! Jinrai Shinobi Chenji!?)
  • Assumable Staff Ikazuchimaru (変幻自在棍イカヅチ丸 Hengenjizai Kon Ikazuchimaru?): Standard weapon for the Gouraiger. Other than its standard staff appearance it can also be used as the Spear Mode (手槍モード Teyari Mōdo?), the Cross Mode (十字の型 Jūji no Kata?) (a large cross-shaped throwing weapon), and the Circle Moon Mode (円月の型 Engetsu no Kata?) (a ring based weapon that is used as a shield for defense). The Gouraigers can use the Ikazuchimaru to execute the Ikazuchi Thunder Blast Slash (イカヅチ雷撃斬 Ikazuchi Raigekizan?) and Ikazuchi Turbulence Beating (迅雷乱れ打ち Ikazuchi Midareuchi?) attacks. Kabuto Raiger can also execute the Kabuto Thunder Blast (カブト雷撃破 Kabuto Raigekiha?) and Ikazuchi Way Sword Technique Thunder Blast Slash (迅雷流剣技・雷撃斬 Ikazuchi Ryū Kengi Raigekizan?) attacks. Once, Isshuu was also able to connect his Stag Breaker to the end of his Ikazuchimaru to use for the Ikazuchi Way Sword Technique Thunder Fang Blow (迅雷流剣技・雷牙一撃 Ikazuchi Ryū Kengi Raiga Ichigeki?) attack.
  • Horn Breaker (ホーンブレイカー Hōn Bureikā?): Kabuto Raiger's personal weapon. It is used as a gun based weapon.
  • Stag Breaker (スタッグブレイカー Sutaggu Bureikā?): Kuwaga Raiger's personal weapon. This pincer weapon can be used to snare opponents and the zap them with electrical energy. By using it, Kuwaga Raiger can perform the Super Ninpou Fang Run (超忍法・牙走り Chō Ninpō Kiba Bashiri?) and Ikazuchi Way Sword Technique Thunder Fang Flash (迅雷流剣技・雷牙一閃 Ikazuchi Ryū Kengi Raiga Issen?) (with the Ikazuchimaru) attacks. It can also be attached to the staff to serve as a blade of Ikazuchi Breaker (イカヅチブレイカー Ikazuchi Bureikā?).
  • Double Connection Double Gadget (二重連ダブルガジェット Nijuūren Daburu Gajetto?): This combination of the Gouraiger's personal weapons, fires an electrical ball.
  • Bari Thunders (バリサンダー Barisandā?): Motorcycles that are used by the Gouraiger for transportation. In episode 37, Kouta and Nanami had to learn to ride the Bari Thunders in order to rescue Ikkou and Isshuu who were trapped in Manmaruba's body after he evolved into his final form.
    • Bari Thunder Kabuto Type (バリサンダー・カブトタイプ Barisandā Kabuto Taipu?): Kabuto Raiger's motorcycle.
    • Bari Thunder Kuwaga Type (バリサンダー・クワガタイプ Barisandā Kuwaga Taipu?): Kuwaga Raiger's motorcycle.
  • Quintuple Connection Victory Gadget (五重連ビクトリーガジェットビクトリーガジェット Gojūren Bikutorī Gajetto?): This combination of the Triple (in the Quake Gadget formation) and Double Gadgets. Is the most powerful team based attack of the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers.
  • Shuriken Ball (シュリケンボール Shuriken Bōru?): Shurikenger's personal transformation device which he can use to impersonate other people. His Shinobi Medal is located inside the ball. To change into his true form Shurikenger shouts "Tenkuu, Shinobi Change!" (天空・シノビチェンジ! Tenkū Shinobi Chenji!?). By using it, Shurikenger can perform the Super Ninpou Clone Miracle Ball (超忍法・分身魔球 Chō Ninpō Bunshin Makyū?) attack. It can be placed in Tenkuujin's controls to access its transformation sequence. Shurikenger gave the Shuriken Ball to Yousuke just before he died so the team could enter Jakanja's base.
  • Shuriken Zubat (シュリケンズバット Shuriken Zubatto?): Shurikenger's personal weapon. Other than being used as a sword it can also be used as a baseball bat and was once used as a microphone. Its special attack is to allow Shurikenger to hit a hoard of baseballs at his opponent. By using it, Shurikenger can perform the Super Ninpou Secret Hitting Thousand Knock (超忍法・秘打千本ノック Chō Ninpō Hida Senbon Nokku?) (with the Shuriken Ball), Miracle Thousand Knock (ミラクル千本ノック Mirakuru Senbon Nokku?) (with the Shuriken Ball), and Wing Ninja Sword Technique Heavenly Slash (翼忍剣技・天空斬 Yokunin Kengi Tenkūzan?) attacks. It can also be placed into Tenkuujin to use as a control stick.
  • Ninjamisen (天下統一武奏ニンジャミセン Tenkatōitsu Busō Ninjamisen?): This shamisen-like instrument is primarily used to summon and control the Revolver Mammoth by using a Shinobi Medal to play it. Originally only Shurikenger could use it but later in one of his disguises he was able to teach the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers to learn how to control the Revolver Mammoth as well. It also has a gun mode and with Shuriken Zubat, Hayatemaru, or Ikazuchimaru it can be used to produce sonic waves. The sound created by the Ninjamisen reflects the user's skill level. It would sound like a traditional shamisen if used by a novice, namely the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers, or an electric guitar if played by an experienced player such as Shurikenger. Its attacks are the Red Sonic (レッドソニック Reddo Sonikku?), the Blue Sonic (ブルーソニック Burū Sonikku?), the Yellow Sonic (イエローソニック Ierō Sonikku?), the Kabuto Sonic (カブトソニック Kabuto Sonikku?), the Kuwaga Sonic (クワガソニック Kuwaga Sonikku?), the Shuriken Sonic (シュリケンソニック Shuriken Sonikku?), the Shock Wave Sextet (衝撃波六重奏 Shōgekiha Rokujūsō?), and the Heavenly Wind Thunder Blast Wave (天風雷撃波 Tenpū Raigekiha?) with the Victory Gadget.
  • Kiraimaru (鬼雷丸 Kiraimaru?): Ikki's weapon which was long sealed in a cave that Isshu sought after in hopes of gaining more strength as Isshuu at the time had become disillusioned by the Gouraigers alliance with the Hurricaneger. The Kiraimaru is a double-ended naginata which can slice through any object. Its power comes with a price—although the Kiraimaru is supposed to be used to fight enemies, and unknown to Isshuu, it was changed by his father Ikki. It damages the loved ones of the person who wields it whenever they use the Ikazuchi school's most powerful Ninpou - the Ikazuchi Way Secret Technique Kirai Blast (迅雷流奥義・鬼雷爆撃破 Ikazuchi Ryū Ōgi Kirai Bakugekiha?). Isshuu found out the hard way during the battle against Gomubiron but later deliberately snapped the Kiraimaru in half and used part of it to impale Gomubiron to effectively use the Kirai Blast.

Shinobi Machines

These are Giant Karakuri created for the last Hurricanegers. Each of the Shinobi Machines (シノビマシン Shinobi Mashin?) come whenever the Hurricaneger, Gouraiger and Shurikenger call out "Shinobi Machines!".

  • Karakuri Giant Senpuujin (絡繰巨漢旋風神 Karakuri Kyokan Senpūjin?, lit. Trick Giant Whirlwind God): The Hurricanegers' Karakuri Giant that they use to battle the enlarged Jakanja monsters. It is formed by the command "Ninpuu Combine" (忍風合体 Ninpū Gattai?). With the command "Senpuujin, hurry up!" (旋風神・ハリーアップ! Senpūjin harī appu!?), it is able to change into a smaller much faster form called Senpuujin Hurrier (旋風神ハリアー Senpūjin Hariā?) that lasts for 60 seconds. While in this form it has two large Double Hurrier Swords (ダブルハリアーソード Daburu Hariā Sōdo?). Senpuujin's attacks are the Dolphin Tornado (ドルフィントルネード Dorufin Torunēdo?) and the Mane Hurricane (タテガミハリケーン Tategami Harikēn?). Senpuujin Hurrier's attacks are the Wheel Crash (ホイールクラッシュ Hoīru Kurasshu?), the Gale Circle Moon Slash (疾風円月剣 Shipū Engetsu Giri?), and Hurrier Bullet Slash (ハリアー弾丸斬り Hariā Dangan Giri?). It was destroyed in the final episode only to be rebuilt by Wendinu and Furabiijo.
    • Hurricane Hawk (ハリケンホーク Hariken Hōku?): Hurricane Red's personal mecha. A giant robotic red hawk with ninja fire magic which forms the head of Senpuujin. Its attack is the Karakuri Ninpou Fire Hawk (カラクリ忍法・火炎鷹 Karakuri Ninpō Kaen Daka?).
    • Hurricane Dolphin (ハリケンドルフィン Hariken Dorufin?): Hurricane Blue's personal mecha. A giant robotic blue dolphin with ninja water magic (also rarely used) and forms the right arm of Senpuujin, or Gourai Senpuujin's right shoulder cannon, and can switch with Tenkuujin to form Tenkuu Senpuujin. Hurricane Dolphin is the only Shinobi Machine left out of the Tenrai Senpuujin formation. Its attacks are the Dolphin Attack (ドルフィンアタック Dorufin Atakku?) and the Karakuri Ninpou Big Tidal Wave (カラクリ忍法・大津波 Karakuri Ninpō Ōtsunami?).
    • Hurricane Leon (ハリケンレオン Hariken Reon?): Hurricane Yellow's personal mecha. A giant robotic yellow lion with ninja earth magic which forms the majority of the body of Senpuujin: legs, torso and left arm (which forms Gourai Senpuujin's chest). Its attack is the Karakuri Ninpou Lion Dance (カラクリ忍法・連獅子 Karakuri Ninpō Ren Jishi?).
  • Karakuri Giant Gouraijin (絡繰巨漢轟雷神 Karakuri Kyokan Gōraijin?, lit. Trick Giant Booming Thunder God): The Gouraigers' Karakuri Giant, formed by the command "Thunderclap Combine" (迅雷合体 Ikazuchi Gattai?), was destroyed when the Gouraigers sacrificed it to destroy Sandaaru so that the Hurricanegers could go on to save the Earth from Tau Zanto. It was later rebuilt by Wendinu and Furabiijo and could attack with Gourai Cannon.
    • Gourai Beetle (ゴウライビートル Gōrai Bītoru?): Kabuto Raiger's personal mecha. A giant tank-like black & maroon rhino beetle that forms Gouraijin's upper half. It also forms Gourai Senpuujin's feet, left shoulder cannon and Tenrai Senpuujin's feet. Its weapons are the Gourai Cannon (轟雷砲 Gōrai Hō?), the Gourai Cannon (ゴウライキャノン Gōrai Kyanon?) gatling guns, and pulse beam cannons. Its attack is Karakuri Ninpou Horn Change (カラクリ忍法・角変化 Karakuri Ninpō Tsuno Henge?).
    • Gourai Stag (ゴウライスタッグ Gōrai Sutaggu?): Kugawa Raiger's personal mecha. A giant tank-like black and navy blue stag beetle that forms Gouraijin's lower half and Double Horn Cutter (ダブルホーンカッター Daburu Hōn Kattā?) weapon. It also forms arms for Gourai Senpuujin and Tenrai Senpuujin. Its attacks are the Stag Thunder (スタッグサンダー Sutaggu Sandā?) and Karakuri Ninpou Fang Vanish (カラクリ忍法・牙がくれ Karakuri Ninpou Kiba Gakure?).
  • Karakuri Giant Tenkuujin (絡繰巨漢天空神 Karakuri Kyokan Tenkūjin?, lit. Trick Giant Heavenly God): Shurikenger's personal mecha has the ability to transform from helicopter Shinobi Machine mode to robot mode with the command "Soaring Transformation" (飛翔変形 Hishō Henkei?) where the cockpit becomes arms (revealing the head), the engines become legs and one of the rotor blades (the tips of the blades retract) becomes a head–dress. In a Shinobi Machine mode, it uses the Heavenly Launchers (天空ランチャー Tenkū Ranchā?) and the Karakuri Ninpou Heavenly Split (カラクリ忍法天空裂破 Karakuri Ninpō Tenkū Reppa?) attack. With a different command, "Tenkuu Armament" (天空武装 Tenkū Busō?), it can replace Hurricane Dolphin on Senpuujin to form Karakuri Giant Tenkuu Senpuujin (絡繰巨漢天空旋風神 Karakuri Kyokan Tenkū Senpūjin?, lit. Trick Giant Heavenly Whirlwind God) as the right arm for the Dynamite Tornado (ダイナマイトトルネード Dainamaito Torunēdo?) attack, with Gouraijin to form Karakuri Giant Tenkuu Gouraijin (絡繰巨漢天空轟雷神 Karakuri Kyokan Tenkū Gōraijin?, lit. Trick Giant Heavenly Booming Thunder God) as the back-mounted shoulder cannons for the Soaring Thunder Blast Cannon (天翔雷撃砲 Tenshō Raigeki Hō?) attack, or with Gourai Senpuujin during the "Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger" special to form Karakuri Giant Tenkuu Gourai Senpuujin (絡繰巨漢天空轟雷旋風神 Karakuri Kyokan Tenkū Gōrai Senpūjin?, lit. Trick Giant Heavenly Booming Thunder Whirlwind God) joining as the right arm as it does with Senpuujin for the Wold Thunder Hurricane (ワイルドサンダーハリケーン Wairudo Sandā Harikēn?) attack. Tenkuu Gourai Senpuujin is the only combination to actually utilize all six Shinobi Machines. Shurikenger once brought in two Tenkuujin, duplicates which could combine with the other machines, so that they could combine with both Senpuujin and Gouraijin simultaneously and leave a Tenkuujin free to fight on its own. They were piloted by Oboro's slave robots but were inferior to the Tenkuujin and overheated too easily. In the finale Tenkuujin was destroyed when Shurikenger used its self-destruct to kill Satarakura.
  • Karakuri Giant Gourai Senpuujin (絡繰巨漢轟雷旋風神 Karakuri Kyokan Gōrai Senpūjin?, lit. Trick Giant Booming Thunder Whirlwind God): Combination of Senpuujin and Gouraijin with Fuuraimaru formed by the command "School Transcendence Wind-Thunder Combine" (流派超越風雷合体 Ryūha Chōetsu Fūrai Gattai?). Its finisher attack is the Rolling Thunder Hurricane (ローリングサンダーハリケーン Rōringu Sandā Harikēn?). Once in Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger Chubouzu breaks off Gourai Senpuujin's arms and the Gaoranger are able to combine Gao Shark, Gao Tiger and Gao Elephant with Gourai Senpuujin by replacing Gourai Stag as the arms to create Karakuri Giant Gourai Senpuujin Sword & Shield (絡繰巨漢轟雷旋風神ソード&シールド Karakuri Kyokan Gōrai Senpūjin Sōdo ando Shīrudo?). It could only be maintained for a short time because the three Power Animals were too powerful for Gourai Senpuujin. Its finisher attack is the Wind-Thunder Hundred Animals Slash (風雷百獣斬り Fūrai Hyakujū Giri?). As Revolver Gourai Senpuujin (リボルバー轟雷旋風神 Riborubā Gōrai Senpūjin?, lit. Revolver Booming Thunder Whirlwind God) its finisher attack is the Thunder Hurricane Strike (サンダーハリケーンストライク Sandā Harikēn Sutoraiku?). Its components were rebuilt for Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger. Unfortunately, it was defeated by KillerOh.
  • Karakuri Giant Tenrai Senpuujin (絡繰巨漢天雷旋風神 Karakuri Kyokan Tenrai Senpūjin?, lit. Trick Giant Heavenly Thunder Whirlwind God) is the combination of Senpuujin, Gouraijin and Tenkuujin with Tri-Condor that is formed by the command "Galactic Transcendence Three-God Combine" (銀河超越三神合体 Ginga Chōetsu Sanjin Gattai?) and can use Tenkuujin's helicopter blades as the Cross Blades for the Karakuri Sword Technique Heavenly Thunder Gale Slash (カラクリ剣技・天雷疾風斬 Karakuri Kengi Tenrai Shippū Zan?) attack. Tenrai Senpuujin was first formed in the Hurricaneger movie to fight the Shinobi Space Monkey in their Ashurazaaru form with the aid of the Tri-Condor owned by Princess Laiina. Tenrai Senpuujin was later used when Manmaruba became huge and ate the Gouraiger. Hurricane Blue and Hurricane Yellow went to save them on the Gouraiger's Bari Thunders while Hurricane Red used Senpuujin to hold Manmaruba. Oboro sent three new Karakuri Balls which she created with Shurikenger's help. These new Karakuri Balls, which form Tri-Condor, are what enabled the combination of all three robots into Tenrai Senpuujin. When the mecha's chest blades spin they summon a destructive whirlwind called the Ultima Storm (アルティマストーム Arutima Sutōmu?) attack which lifts monsters into the sky and kills them. A stronger golden version of it is the Ultima Storm Maximum (アルティマストームマキシマム Arutima Sutōmu Makishimamu?) such as when Gozen was in the cockpit with the Earth Ninja. Another technique is the Double Cross Formation (ダブルクロスフォーメーション Daburu Kurosu Fōmēshon?) where the chest blades turn 45° and project a force field that can block almost any frontal attack. In one episode Tri-Condor's Shinobi medals are each shattered after its first fight as Tenrai Senpuujin. The team were not able to use it for a while, due to the conflict of mixing wind and thunder energy together, but Orobo was able to repair the medals by herself. Tenrai Senpuujin does not utilize the Hurricane Dolphin as a component. As the Revolver Tenrai Senpuujin (リボルバー天雷旋風神 Riboruba Tenrai Senpūjin?, lit. Revolver Heavenly Thunder Whirlwind God), a combination of Tenrai Senpuujin and Revolver Mammoth, and used with the Karakuri Ball weapons (aside from #9 and #13), it can create the Ultima Rainbow (アルティマレインボー Arutima Reinbō?) attack.
  • Super Karakuri Beast Revolver Mammoth (超絡繰獣リボルバーマンモス Chō Karakurijū Riborubā Manmosu?): A giant robotic mammoth activated during the meteor shower once all six Shinobi Medals unlocked the seal of Ninjamisen by the command "Come on, Revolver Mammoth!". Revolver Mammoth is summoned into battle when one is playing the Ninjamisen. It can supply a seemingly endless amount of Karakuri Balls. The other way to call Revolver Mammoth is to pray. Gourai Senpuujin or Tenrai Senpuujin can also ride Revolver Mammoth and combine attacks. Attacks with Mammoth Beam (マンモスビーム Manmosu Bīmu?) and Karakuri Balls that are loaded into it.

Karakuri Balls

Karakuri Balls (カラクリボール Karakuri Bōru?, lit. Trick Balls): Become the tools the robots use in battle. The kanji next to the tool names are those found on their Shinobi Medals and their meanings are included.

  • Karakuri Ball 01: Sword Slasher (ソードスラッシャー Sōdo Surasshā?): The Hurricanegers must fuse the Shinobi Medals on their Hurricane Gyros to make this weapon but Kabuto Raiger has also used a Shinobi medal with "鉾" (halberd) on it. It is the primary weapon of Senpuujin that creates two illusionary copies of Senpuujin for its three-way Copy Illusion Slash (分身幻斬り Bunshin Maboroshi Giri?) attack. In Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger with their powers combined they helped to create a golden version called the Mahoro Slasher which was wielded by AbarenOh.
  • Karakuri Ball Combo: Goat Hammer (ゴートハンマー Gōto Hanmā?): Combination of Goat Crusher and Tortoise Hammer used for Goat Hammer Hurricane Comet (ゴートハンマーハリケン彗星 Gōto Hanmā Harikēn Suisei?) attack. Based on a kendama.
    • Karakuri Ball 02: Goat Crusher (ゴートクラッシャー Gōto Kurasshā?, 槌 hammer): Used by Hurricane Yellow for the Gale Dynamic Drop (疾風豪快落とし Shippū Gōkai Otoshi?) attack.
    • Karakuri Ball 03: Tortoise Hammer (トータスハンマー Tōtasu Hanmā?, 甲 armor): Used by Hurricane Blue for the Rocked Buster (ロックドバスター Rokkudo Basutā?). A mace-like weapon.
  • Karakuri Ball 04: Plant Axe (プラントアックス Puranto Akkusu?, 車 wheel): Primary weapon of Gouraijin for the Big Spin Booming Slash (大回転轟斬り Daikaiten Todoroki giri?) attack. When combined with the Double Horn Cutter weapon from Gouraijin's chest it becomes known as the Ax Cutter (アックスカッター Akkusu Kattā?) and is based on a pinwheel.
  • Karakuri Ball Combo: Gatling Attacker (ガトリングアタッカー Gatoringu Atakkā?): Combination of Gatling Leo and Squid Attacker used for Hurricane Spiral (ハリケンスパイラル Hariken Supairaru?) attack.
    • Karakuri Ball 05: Gatling Leo (ガトリングレオ Gatoringu Reo?, 銃 gun): Used by Hurricane Yellow for the Big Rotation Lion Explosive Bullet (大回転獅子爆裂弾 Daikaiten Shishi Bakuretsu Dan?) attack.
    • Karakuri Ball 06: Squid Attacker (スキッドアタッカー Sukiddo Atakkā?, 錐 drill): Used by Hurricane Blue for the Spindle Drill (スピンドドリル Supindo Doriru?) attack.
  • Karakuri Warrior Fuuraimaru (カラクリ武者 風雷丸 Karakuri Musha Fūraimaru?): Combination of Fuurai Head and Fuurai Knuckle important to help in the Gourai Senpuujin transformation process.
    • Karakuri Ball 07: Fuurai Head (風雷ヘッド Fūrai Heddo?, 兜 helmet): Used by Hurricane Red and forms Fuuraimaru's upper half or Gourai Senpuujin's helmet.
    • Karakuri Ball 08: Fuurai Knuckle (風雷ナックル Fūrai Nakkuru?, 拳 fist): Used by Kabuto Raiger and forms Fuuraimaru's legs or Gourai Senpuujin's fists.
  • Karakuri Ball 09: Karakuri Mantle (カラクリマント Karakuri Manto?, 服 clothing): Used by Hurricane Red. Can make Senpuujin invisible or be used for defense but is not effective in its first battle and is not used in the future.
  • Karakuri Ball 10: Spin Bee (スピンビー Supin Bii?, 廻 revolve): Primary weapon of Tenkuujin. Used for the Violent Top (暴れ独楽 Abare Goma?) attack.
  • Karakuri Ball 11: Kabuto Spear (カブトスピアー Kabuto Supiā?, 突 stab): Used by Kabuto Raiger for the Crash Lance Stab (突貫香車突き Tokkan Kyōsha Zuki?) attack but loaded in Revolver Mammoth as Kuwaga Raiger's.
  • Karakuri Ball 12: Catch Spider (キャッチスパイダー Kyatchi Supaidā?, 糸 thread): Used by Shurikenger.
  • Karakuri Ball 13: Karakuri Stamp (カラクリスタンプ Karakuri Sutanpu?, 印 stamp): Used by Hurricane Red once for the Stamp Hundred Hand Press (スタンプ百烈押し Sutanpu Hyakuretsu Oshi?) attack.
  • Karakuri Ball 14: Pitatto Hitode (ピタットヒトデ Pitatto Hitode?, 着 stick): Used by Hurricane Blue for the Starlight Knee Drop (スターライトニードロップ Sutāraito Nī Dorop?) and Star Dust Cracker (スターダストクラッカー Sutādasuto Kurakkā?) attacks.
  • Tri-Condor (トライコンドル Torai Kondoru?): A combination of three parts. It is important to help in the Tenrai Senpuujin transformation process. Another Tri-Condor was involved in the movie but was not numbered and has white-colored trimmings instead of the gold colored trimmings. It functions as Laiina's spaceship and was the basis of the Tri-Condor used in the Hurricanegers' arsenal.
    • Karakuri Ball 15: Tri-Condor (Horns) (トライコンドル(角) Torai Kondoru (Tsuno)?, 角 horn): Used by Shurikenger and forms Tri-Condor's tail or the horns of Tenrai Senpuujin's helmet.
    • Karakuri Ball 16: Tri-Condor (Body) (トライコンドル(胴) Torai Kanmuri (Dō)?, 冠 crown): Used by Hurricane Red and forms Tri-Condor's body or Tenrai Senpuujin's helmet.
    • Karakuri Ball 17: Tri-Condor (Wings) (トライコンドル(翼) Torai Kondoru (Tsubasa)?, 爪 nail): Used by Kabuto Raiger and forms Tri-Condor's wings or Tenrai Senpuujin's claws.

Space-Ninja Group Jakanja

The Space-Ninja Group Jakanja (宇宙忍群ジャカンジャ Uchūningun Jakanja?) are a ruthless band of aliens based in their fortress Centipede (センチピード Senchipīdo?). Their goal is to bring Earth to ruins in order to invoke "it", the "Evil Force" (邪悪なる意志 Jaakunaru Ishi?) that would form in the depths of the ocean before destroying the universe. But when Tau Zanto assumes his ultimate form the Centipede is destroyed in the transformation.

  • Boss Tau Zanto (首領タウ・ザント Shuryō Tau Zanto?, 1-50): The leader of the Jakanja is a centipede-like demon with various faces on his segments who learned of the Evil Force 500 years ago and intends to evoke it to destroy the universe and become a god of the new universe that would be created as a result. From the very start he attempted to bring about the Evil Force's coming by having the Gouraigers kill each other and Fangerus. Though both attempts failed Tau Zanto found an alternate means after probing Manmaruba's mind to learn of the Raging Arrow and the Grieving Bow. Once he ingested both weapons Tau Zanto used Satarakura to gather enough energy to assume a suitable form, the gigantic Tau Zanto Ultimate Form (タウ・ザント究極体 Tau Zanto Kyūkyokutai?, 50-51). Though he was able to open the wormhole Sandaaru wounded Tau Zanto forcing him to make his way in and become one with the Evil Force. As it began to destroy everything the Hurricanegers managed to reverse the process. Tau Zanto, with the Evil Force inside him, emerged and fought Senpuujin. Tau Zanto, mortally wounded, grabbed Senpuujin as he exploded but Tau Zanto survived and assumed the guise of all Seven Lancers until the two Ranger teams defeated them. Tau Zanto proceeded to overpower the Rangers without mercy but their refusal to give up enabled them to kill Tau Zanto with the Victory Gadget destroying the Evil Force forever.
  • The Seven Darkness Lancers (暗黒七本槍 Ankuro Nanahon Yari?, 1-50): Generals of Tau Zanto are Jonin (上忍 Jōnin?) with different specialties gathered from all corners of the universe. Over the course of the series the members die leaving only Furabijo and Wendinu as the sole survivors in spite of their apparent deaths. They reappear in Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger in a vain attempt to join up with the Evoliens by obtaining Janin Iga but the two girls are denied membership and hang out on DinoEarth until Furabiijo is summoned back to Earth by Chronos. During the final episode, while fighting the Hurricanegers, Tau Zanto/Evil Force assumed the forms of all seven Darkness Lancers who all battled and were killed by the Hurricaneger/Gouraigers teams. Their team attack is the Darkness Bomber (暗黒ボマー Ankuro Bonbaa?) and the members' name are themed around seven days of week.
    • First Lance, Furabiijo (壱の槍・フラビージョ Ichi no Yari Furabījo?, 1-50, Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger, Boukenger vs. Super Sentai): A girl with a bug head–dress first recruited by Zanto and a mistress of Bee Ninpou (蜂忍法 Hachininpō?). She carries a notepad with information on the monsters sent to fight them and uses a stamp when they die to mark them out with "X for flunking". It was soon learned she was a student at a Space Ninja School until she was expelled for failing an exam. After being kicked out of her family Furabiijo was found by Tau Zanto on Space Central Street and joined the Jakanja. After every other Jakanja had failed Furabijo decided to do her own mission by creating Furabijenu but it resulted in her being kicked out when her own creation upstaged her. She takes advantage of her demotion to trick Nanami to get her and her friends to create a remote control for Furaibijenu, which overpowers her creation and reveals her true colors. Though she failed Furabijo found the Hurricanegers' base though the info was not much help. In Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger she became Gao White and later got hit in the head by the real Gao White's Tiger Baton. In the finale Furabijo and Wendinu form an allegiance with Sandaaru after he seemingly killed Tau Zanto but the two end up being blasted into DinoEarth reappearing in Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger where they fail in their attempt to join the Evoliens. Furabiijo returned once again in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai using the Gordom engine to return from Dino Earth. Her appearance was delayed because she claimed to "have taken a walk" much to the dismay of the other villains. With her appearance she was quickly used as an ingredient to create a new "Precious", the Staff of the Three Philosophers, that powered Chronos up. When Chronos was destroyed by Burning Legend DaiVoyager so too was the staff and Furabiijo along with it much to her annoyance. This was because she had just reappeared - only to be killed off again in the end.
      • Bee Ninpou: Hachi Kill, Elegant Barrier
    • Second Lance, Chuuzubo (弐の槍・チュウズーボ Ni no Yari Chūzūbo?, 1-19, Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger): The leader of the Bionin Corps uses an extendable rod as a weapon. He eventually develops a grudge against the Gouraiger, due to their indifference in letting his friend Octonyuudo die, and vows to have his revenge on them. He almost gets it when Tau Zanto sends him to set up the two ninja groups to ensure Kabuto Raiger and Kuwaga Raiger kill each other. After failing Chuuzubo takes the painful retribution from Tau Zanto before he attempts to be the first to kill the Gouraigers. The Hurricanegers' interference results in Chuuzubo using the forbidden Dark Soul Summoning Ninpou to grow large and increase his power while reducing his life. Though he overpowered Gouraijin and Senpuujin he is killed by the newly formed Gourai Senpuujin and is graded A+ by Furaibijo for effort. His brother in the Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger movie only to be killed by Gourai Senpuujin once again briefly revived him.
      • Space Ninpou: Box Formation (ability to grab things with the arms from the box on his back sending his victims into a pocket dimension where their power is less than 50%), Giant Spear and Human Puppet (Control a persons body.)
    • Third Lance, Manmaruba (参の槍・マンマルバ San no Yari Manmaruba?, 1-19): Tau Zanto's most valuable servant for his unique power, Manmaruba sees fate in an absolute and unavoidable way. It was due to this ability that Manmaruba found the Gouraigers who deceived him into thinking they were the last two Spears. After Chuuzubo's death Manmaruba undergoes a pupal state and emerged two episodes later as an adult form, Manmaruba Imago (20-36), wearing a cloak outside battles with his psychic abilities magnified and armed with the Manmaru Slasher. He had a grudge on Ikkou for misleading him earlier and infects him with a deadly Space Scorpion, whose brood spread to the others. Though Shurikenger managed to remove the scorpions Manmaruba still had Ikkou set for death as he secretly implanted a Space Scorpion egg inside his body during the initial attack. In Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger he became Gao Black. However, as his psychic power assured him that Ikkou would die, he was horrified to see his own demise at Kabuto Raiger's hand in the process. Though his previous glimpse of the future was ruined by Hurricane Red's trickery, Manmaruba's own demise could not be stopped and thus created another cocoon with a clone of himself inside it. As he died, the cocoon eventually hatched a new Manmarubra more stronger than the original. With heightened psychic power he sees a future where he personally kills the ninja and makes the Gouraigers suffer a slow and painful death. He also sees a meteor shower through which he can clearly see "it". Manumabra places special life-draining neck-rings on the Hurricanegers and anyone the Gouraigers came into contact with recently to force them into a confrontation at Onibi New Town. He overpowers the Gouraigers until the meteor shower begins. Though he gains the information needed for Jakanja's goals, the meteor shower causes his cellular structure to mutate him into the mindless monster Manmaruba Reckless Form (マンマルバ暴走体 Manumaruba Bōsōtai?, 36-37). Tenkujin attempted in vain to stop him but Manmaruba ingests the Gouraigers as the Hurricanegers arrived in Senpuujin. The monster proves too much for them to beat but fortunately Manmaruba falls asleep to digest his food. The Hurricanegers take advantage of this to get the Gouraigers out of Manmaruba's stomach with Kouta and Namami freeing them while Yousuke holds Manmaruba at bay with Senpuujin. Once the Gouraigers are freed the team form Tenrai Senpuujin and destroy him. Tau Zanto manages to use a means to see into Manmaruba though to obtain what he saw from the meteor shower: The Legendary Karakuri.
      • Space Ninpou: Kanedama (Temporary assumes his larva-form and rams at opponents in a fiery aura).
    • Fourth Lance, Wendinu (四の槍・ウェンディーヌ Yon no Yari Wendīnu?, 1-50, Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger): A Snake Ninpou (蛇忍法 Hebininpō?) mistress of disguise who appears on Earth with Furabiijo, occasionally called by her partner as "Wendy". Wendinu is the one who enlarges the henchmen in various ways. Wendinu was made a Dark Spear due to her unique ability to grow into a giant super-strong berserker after amassing enough stress and rage in her. In that crazed state of mind Wendinu destroys an entire planet single-handedly. After Manmaruba's death Wendinu follows her own plan in setting up her own Wendinu Cram School scheme using brainwashed children to kill the ninja for her. In the process she falls head over heels in love with a young man named Hashimoto. Once her plan failed Wendinu's rage reaches its zenith and she grows, overpowering Senpuujin and Gouraijin easily, until the presence of Hashimoto causes her to shrink back to normal size. In Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger she became Gao Blue but gets clawed by real Gao White and gives in to her vanity. She questions Sanderu and attempts to use Sargain's final creations to destroy the ninja in vain. She and Furabijou are blasted by the Victory Gadget ending up on DinoEarth instead of being destroyed and returning during Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger. With Furabijo's death during the events of Boukenger vs. Super Sentai three years later Wendinu is the lone survivor of the Jakanja.
      • Snake Ninpou: Free Sword, Supicous Attack
    • Fifth Lance, Sargain (五の槍・サーガイン Go no Yari Sāgain?, 1-43): The leader of the Mechanin Corps and a master swordsman he is actually a karakuri-robot body, built from Jakanja alloy and piloted by a small cyborg ant. He could extend his Dark Twin Swords Ganryuken from his shoulders and can build his own personal robots to fight the Hurricanegers. In Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger he becomes Gao Yellow. Receiving the Raging Arrow from Sanderu to unlock its power Sargain learns that it functions like the Shinobi Medals. Though he unlocked the Raging Arrow he lost it when Gaingain was destroyed. Though he survives the destruction of Gaingain, he is cut down with his own blade by Sadaaru as he had no more need of him.
    • Sixth Lance, Satarakura (六の槍・サタラクラ Roku no Yari Satarakura?, 20-49): Summoned by Tau Zanto to replace Chuuzubo Satarakura is leader of the Masked-Ninja Corps. A clown trickster-ninja with a sick sense of humor Satarakura performs evil acts for his own amusement. He is an Owarai entertainer in personality with an exaggerating amount of one-liners, puns and jokes at his disposal referring to Tau Zanto as "Ta-Za". He was grounded after the Fangurlu incident until Sargain failed. In Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger he becomes Gao Red ("Shakunetsu no 4×4=16 (shi shi juuroku)!"). To make preparations for "it" coming Satarakura makes his attack during the final Meteor Shower using the Jaykumu Gun created from Sargain's data to suck the energy out of people and extracting the rage and sadness for "it" to give to Tau Zanto. Satarakura was stopped by the Earth ninjas but Tau Zanto saves him to preserve the Jaykumu Gun as it fused to his arm and drained him of his own energy. Taking advantage Satarakura uses the energy of the Jakyumu Gun to overpower the ninjas and take their energy. Sandaaru arrives once the Jakyumu Gun's energy pack is full and takes it before attempting to kill Satarakura. Though Satarakura survives, his mask is broken and his mind shattered turning him into a hateful pyschopath intent on killing both sides. It takes Tenkujin's self-destruct to finally kill him.
      • Space Ninpou: Everybody Magnet uses his masks to revive Space Ninja and the Satora Shadow Clone which creates five duplicates to fight alongside him.
    • Seventh Lance, Sandaaru (七の槍・サンダール Nana no Yari Sandāru?, 39-50): A powerful shark ninja who destroyed many worlds before coming to Earth. After he obtained the Raging Arrow from Astrom, he became the most powerful of all the Seven Dark Lances. Though he distrusts them, Sandaru convinces the other Dark Spears save Sargain that they were comrades and should fight together instead of one at a time—a method of attack which actually managed to best the Hurricanegers for a short time. While he siphons the Earth Ninjas of their rage to power the Raging Arrow he uses Sargain to create the means for them to use it, killing him in secret after making copy of Sargain’s data on the Karakuri Ball system, with only Tau Zanto knowing the truth. Using the Medal data he tracks down the location of the Raging Arrow and regains it using it to take the Grieving Arrow from Gozen. Though he intended to take over Jakanja, Sandaaru learned that he himself was set up from the beginning and reveals his true colors after the destruction of the Space Centipede. Surviving the Victory Gadget, Sandaaru enlarges himself and overpowers Revolver Gorai Senpuujin. At the last second the Gouraigers are forced to sacrifice Goraijin to kill Sandaaru.
      • Space Ninpou: Free Rope (produces ropes of energy he uses to grapple his enemies and slam them into each other), Shark Shuriken (Throwing sand-dollar shaped shurikens at his enemies), Gyozan Eye, Land Shark (Summoning a gigantic shark to ride on and rammed enemies) and Giant-Change Jutsu
  • Chubouzu (Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger): The arrogant younger brother of Chuzubo possesses as many Ninpou as his brother and more. He arrives on Earth to avenge his brother, meeting the Duke Orgs Yaibaba and Tsuetsue who reveal the Gaorangers' existence to him. Setting up a partnership with the Orgs, Chubouzu managed to capture the Gaorangers and Tetomu obtaining the G-Phones that he gave to Jakanja on the condition that taking his brother's place in the Seven Dark Spears should the plan succeed. Though the eight villains had them on the run Gao Silver's interference gave the gang a chance to return the G-Phones to their true owners. Chubouzu was hit by the Victory-Gadget/Hyakkujuuken combo attack he uses the Dark Soul Summoning Ninpou to evade death and his Regeneration Ninpou to revive Girigirigaishi, Kangaroulette and Jingiron to aid him. He also uses his Big-Bro Spirit Summoning Ninpou to revive Chuzubo himself. In the end Chubouzu is killed using the Power Animal-powered Tenkuu Gourai Senpuujin.
  • Evil Ninja Iga (邪忍イーガ Janin Iga?, Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger): An ancient Jakanja who arrived on DinoEarth centuries ago and fought the Dragonoids delighting in the destruction in his wake cased by his Evil Ninpou (邪忍法 Janinpō?). Three DinoEarth sages eventually sealed him in an orb until Migela who modified its contents with Evolien influence before handing it to Wendinu and Furabiijo as they possessed the power to free him found his prison. While using his three shadow clones to fight the Sentai teams, JaniIga absorbed Dino Guts from the masses in order to become the strongest ninja. JaniIga met his end due to the combined might of the Hurricaneger/Gouraiger teams and the Abarangers though Abarenoh.
    • Evil Ninpou: Kage Vanish, Storm Leaves, Skill Seal, Explosion, Demonic Grand Transformation and Blader Spin
  • Genin Magerappa (下忍マゲラッパ Genin Magerappa): The henchmen who are low-ranked ninjas that constantly say their name repeatedly while dancing around.


  • Copy Giant (コピージャイアント Kopī Jaianto?): A blank robot launched as a missile from the Centipede to revive Sargain's Chunin into giant-form by scanning the remains and mimicking the monster à la Gorlin in Fiveman.
  • Honoo Kiba (ほのおきば Honoo Kiba?, Fire Fang): Manmaruba's motorcycle.
  • Raging Arrow (怒りの矢 Ikari no Ya?): An arrow with a sword-like handgrip at the end of its shaft is the keystone of Astrom's Karakuri Ball technology. However, without the Greviving Bow, a weak user goes into a berserk rage while using it. It was obtained by Sandaru who eventually used the rage of others to unseal it. It was in Jakanja's hands before the Hurricanegers had it momentarily when Sandaru reclaimed it. After being used the Raging Arrow was sucked into the vortex it brought about with the Hurricanegers shooting it in order to negate the wormhole. Rather than being marked with a kanji its Shinobi Medal resembles the pattern of a sand dollar.
  • Grieving Bow (なげきの弓 Nageki no Yumi?): A bow that allows the wielder to safely use the Raging Arrow. Known as the Dark Stone (闇石 Yami Ishi?) it came to Earth during a meteor shower and became the keystone in the creation of the technologies used by the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers. It was sealed in Gozen until Sandaaru managed to break the seal and use the Raging Arrow to force out the Grieving Bow. Once used by Tau Zanto the Grieving Bow was regained by the Hurricanegers who used it to reverse the doomday process. Rather than being marked with a kanji its Shinobi Medal is marked with a complex hexagonal pattern that was used as the crest of the Space Union Ninja School.

Fan Beast Corps

The Fan-Beast Corps (扇獣軍団 Ōgijū Gundan?) are monsters commanded by Sandaaru summoned from his fan. Unlike the Space Ninja Corps the Phantom Beast Corps are animals rather than actual ninja.

  • Misfortune Fan-Beast Badogi (凶扇獣バドーギ Kyōōgijū Badōgi?, 40, 44): This giant dragon-themed ninja forced the Earth ninja to retreat during the first confrontation. Sandaaru later summoned Badogi to gain the Raging Arrow back fighting Senpuujin and withstanding all of its attacks until Yousuke used the Raging Arrow. Once Senpuujin fell under the Raging Arrow's power Gozen was forced to reveal herself to Badogi. After freeing Senpuujin from the Raging Arrow's power, Gozen instructs the Earth Ninja to form Tenrai Sempuujin, and they use the Raging Arrow with it to destroy Badogi.
  • Disaster Fan-Beast Dezagi (災扇獣デザーギ Saiōgijū Dezāgi?, 44, 47): A raven-themed ninja from the planet called Crow Garden. Its feathers are made of a strong alloy. It was first summoned to steal back the Raging Arrow from Tenrai Senpuujin when Hurricane Red stopped Sandaaru from hurting Gozen. Dezagi later battles the Earth Ninja to gain Gozen using its wings to blow back every attack that the Hurricanegers sent at it – including Tenrai Senpuujin's Ultima Storm. Sandaaru later uses Dezagi to track down Gozen's location with Hurricanegers and Gouraigers protecting her in spite of a disadvantage. Seeing the two ninja groups embody their schools' strongest attributes Gozen is able to increase Tenrai Senpuujin's power to destroy Dezagi.
  • Cursed Fan-Beast Madogi (呪扇獣マドーギ Juōgijū Madōgi?, 45, 48): An ocelot-themed spy from the planet Ocelot who is a mistress of shadow ninpou and used her skills to uncover the Dark Stone's whereabouts. She attempted to kill Gozen but Shurikenger kept her at bay before Sanderu called his pet back. Later, given Dezagi's feathers, Madogi used her special abilities to create the Fake Rangers (Nise Renjā), evil duplicates of each Earth Ninja, using them to draw out the real Rangers and Gozen for Sandaaru's actual plan of putting collars around the Rangers' necks to force them to kill Gozen which makes Gozen feel sad about fighting the Rangers. Madogi was able to attack the powerless Gozen but Gozen used her short sword to destroy Madogi's collar negating her power over the Rangers. Enraged by Madogi's stunt the Rangers use their Wild Thunder Break attack to kill her.


  • Space Ninsaru (宇宙忍猿 Uchūninsaru?, Movie): Two armored monkey-ninja composed of fire-using Hisaru (ヒザール Hisaru?) and his ice-using lacky Blizaruブリザール (Burizaru?). They were hired by Jakenja to abduct Laiina from Astrom bringing her to Earth on the Tri-Condor. They ended up in a dogfight with Tenkujin which results with Laiina crashing the ship although she loses the Tri-Condor when the Hurricanegers save her. They learn that Laiina is needed for the Soul-Eating Ceremony and, upon learning of the location it is being held at, the Ninsaru freeze the villains and take Laiina's essence for their own and to become immortal. Though Laiina is captured the Hurricanegers managed to save her before defeating the Ninsaru with Triple Gadget with Laiina regaining her Tri-Condor. The two villains survived and used their "Gigantic Fusion" Ninpou to assume the titanic form of Combined Space Ninsaru Ashurasaru (合体宇宙忍猿アシュラザール Gattai Uchūninsaru Asurasaru?) who overpowers Senpuujin, Gouraijin and Tenkuujin. Laiina gives the ninja use of Tri-Condor allowing them to form Tenrai Senpuujin for the first time to defeat Ashurasaru.
  • Pretty-Girl Ninja Furabijenu (美少女忍者フラビジェンヌ Bishōjoninja Furabijennu?, 30): A robot that Furabijo created and is identical to her in every way but 300 times powerful. She actually defeated the Gouraigers and Shurikenger single-handly until she was called back to re-charge her batteries returning to fight at full-power by the end of the week. Upset by this fact, and impressed with the robot, the other Spears kick Furaibijo out for the better robotic version. She intended to overthrow the Jakanja when their guard was down and become the new leader. Once fully charged she returns to Earth only to find her creator was standing up to her and planned to plant the remote control on her. Furaibijenu was scrapped by an enraged Hurricane Blue only for a Copy Giant to recreate her. With her creation destroyed by Senpuujin, using Pitashito Hitode, Furabiijo returned to her place in the Jakanja.
  • Ninja Wolf Beasts Fangule (忍狼獣ファングール Ninōkamijuu Fangūru?, 31-33): The last of the wolf-like demons they are from the B-Strike Hell Nebula which was decimated by Jakanja long ago. The Fangarou were too vicious to die out with rest of their race and were found by Satarakura who uses a special whistle to control them. He makes them his personal pets before setting them loose on the day of the second meteor shower via Tau Zanto's plan to evoke the Evil Force. Their names are Brown Destruction, Black Beginning and Silver Emergency. The Fangarou use their racial abilities to eat the shadows of their victims turning them into werewolves until the Fangarou themselves are killed. The trio overpower the Hurricanegers and Shurikenger until the Gouraigers arrive forcing the wolves to retreat back to the city to claim more victims. Though they overpowered the ninja they managed to destroy the Fangarou. However, at Satokura's call, the Fangarou reformed and merged into the 3-faced Giant Beast Fangerus (巨獣ファンゲロス Kyodaijuu Fangerosu?, 32-33) and the victims of the Fangule start to turn other people into werewolves to complete the ideal setting for the Evil Force is coming. Though the Gian t Beast Fangerus overpowered Gourai Sempujin it splits back into the Fangarou when Satokura's whistle is broken. Once Satokura fixes the whistle the Fangarou merged back into Fangerus and resume attacking the city and fighting the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers who were now in their Shinobi Machines as humans. This is until Revolver Mammoth arrives with the wolves being the first to be killed by Revolver Gourai Senpuujin.

Karakuri Giants

Giant robots built by Sargain.

  • Karakuri Giant Megatagame (絡繰巨漢メガタガメ Karakuri Kyokan Megatagame?, 15): is piloted by Sargain and was commissioned by the Gouraigers to aid them in acquiring Shinobinium. Based on their specifications Megatagame used lightning based attacks. It overpowers the Hurricane Blue-piloted Senpuujin until she uses Gatling Attacker to destroy it. Sargain later creates an improved red-pink version called Karakuri Giant Megatagame Mark II (絡繰巨漢メガタガメ・マークII Karakuri Kyokan Megatagame Māku Tsū?, 28) using it to fight Senpuujin with the Hurricanegers overconfident of beating it. Sargain surprises them with Megatagame's own "Hurrier Mode" which lacks a time limit so Megatagame Mark II can "hurry down" and "hurry up" at will. Tenkuujin manages to give the Hurricanegers time to escape after Senpuujin is defeated. After further improvements Megatagame Mark II reappeares and Senpuujin battles it in vain until Gouraijin arrives. The two attempt to combine but Megatagame steals FūraiHead to halt the fusion. Tenkuujin appears and uses Catch Spider to trip the giant and take back the orb for the others form Gourai Senpuujin and destroy the giant. When he was researching the means to unlock the Raging Arrow's power Sargain uses the blue armored Karakuri Giant Megatagame Mark III (絡繰巨漢メガタガメ・マークIII Karakuri Kyokan Megatagame Māku Surī?, 42) to do the job as it possesses body armor ten times stronger than its predecessors. Egging the ninja to bring out Senpuujin Gouraijin and Tenkuujin, Sargain uses his creations Laser Scan to copy the "Shinobi Medal Set" technology on disc before it was destroyed by Tenrai Senpuujin.
  • Karakuri Giant Gaingain (絡繰巨漢ガインガイン Karakuri Kyokan Gaingain?, 42-43): A blue and silver mecha created by Sargain using the Shinobi Medal Set system he had scanned from Megatagame Mark III. With the data that Sargain collected he manages to unlock the Raging Arrow making the mecha powerful enough to defeat Tenrai Senpuujin and Revolver Mammoth singlehandedly. It attacks with Bullet Punch, Dark Ultimate Secret Rock Slash, and Angry Black Break (with the Raging Arrow). Deciding to search out the Sadness Bow Sargain has Gaingain use the Raging Arrow to force the ninja out once more battling Tenrai Senpuujin until the ninja form Revolver Tenrai Senpuujin. They use the Ultimate Rainbow attack to destroy Gaingain with Hurricane Red gaining the Raging Arrow.
  • Karakuri Giant Megatagame Sexy (絡繰巨漢メガタガメセクシー Karakuri Kyokan Megatagame Sekushī?, 46): Is piloted by Wendinu who changed the name from the original Karakuri Giant Megatagame Mark IV based on Megatagame II's Hurrier Form. She also changed part of its coloring and theme in the process. Its special attack is the "Dark Throwing Kiss" where it releases a powerful kiss-themed beam from its mouth. Wendinu used Megatagame Sexy to bring out Senpuujin and Goraijin who are overwhelmed by Senpujin Hurrier until FurabijenRobo and GiantMusasabiSuit arrive. Megetagame Sexy overpowers Tenkujin until Hurricane Dolphin latches[clarification needed] so Hurricane Blue can graffiti Wendinu's face leaving her unable to fight back as Megatagame Sexy is destroyed by the Revolver Tenrai Senpuujin.
  • Karakuri Giant FurabijaneRobo (絡繰巨漢フラビジェンヌ・ロボ Karakuri Kyokan Furabijennu Robo?, 46): Is piloted by Furabiijo and modeled after Furabijenu. Its special attack is called the "Elegant Beam" but it is destroyed by Tenkuu Senpuujin
  • Karakuri Giant Musasabisutaru (絡繰巨漢ジャイアントムササビスタル Karakuri Jaianto Musasabisutaru?, 46): Is piloted by Satarakura and modeled after Musasabisutaru. Originally it was meant to be piloted by Sargain but he was destroyed before he could orchestrate his final creation and Satarakura is forced to pilot it. Its special attacks are "Calbee Dive" and "Mosquito Ruby Punch". In battle it can also release a crystal laser from its three eyes with a radius of 10 kilometres range. It is destroyed by Tenkuu Gouraijin.


At the end of each episode there is a short Ninja File segment on a Jakanja the Hurricanegers dealt with.

  1. Wind and Ninja (風とニンジャ Kaze to Ninja?)
  2. Giant and Karakuri (巨人とカラクリ Kyojin to Karakuri?)
  3. 60 Seconds and An Impostor (ニセモノと60秒 Nisemono to Rokujūbyō?)
  4. Tunnel and Siblings (トンネルと兄妹 Tonneru to Kyōdai?)
  5. The Chief and the Bath (館長とお風呂 Kanchō to Ofuro?)
  6. Scissors and Kunoichi (ハサミとくノ一 Hasami to Kunoichi?)
  7. Thunder and Ninja (雷とニンジャ Ikazuchi to Ninja?)
  8. Wind and Thunder (疾風(はやて)と迅雷(いかづち) Hayate to Ikazuchi?)
  9. Thunder Brothers and the Hourglass (雷兄弟と砂時計 Ikazuchi Kyōdai to Sunadokei?)
  10. The Thunder God and the Destroyed Valley (雷神と滅びの谷 Raijin to Horobiru no Tani?)
  11. Dream Feast and Starting Anew (夢喰いと再出発 Yumekui to Saishuppatsu?)
  12. Steel Frame and Father & Daughter (テッコツと父娘(おやこ) Tekkotsu to Oyako?)
  13. Moustache and Engagement Ring (ヒゲと婚約指輪 Hige to Nin'yakuyubiwa?)
  14. Crybaby and Candy (泣き虫とあめ玉 Nakimushi to Amedama?)
  15. Giant Waterbug and Contest (タガメと争奪戦 Tagame to Sōdatsusen?)
  16. Mist and Prediction Device (霧と予言装置 Kiri to Kanegoto Sōchi?)
  17. Darkness and the Island of Death-Bouts (暗闇と死闘の島 Kurayami to Shitō no Shima?)
  18. Father and Brotherly Bonds (父と兄弟の絆 Chichi to Kyōdai no Kizuna?)
  19. The Big Box and the Wind-Thunder Giant (大箱と風雷巨人 Dai Hako to Fūrai Kyojin?)
  20. Punch and Rival (パンチと好敵手(ライバル) Panchi to Raibaru?)
  21. Masks and Riddles (仮面とナゾナゾ Kamen to Nazonazo?)
  22. Wings and Ninja (翼とニンジャ Tsubasa to Ninja?)
  23. Cologne and the Great Detective (コロンと名探偵 Koron to Meitantei?)
  24. Taiko and Lightning (タイコと稲妻 Taiko to Inazuma?)
  25. Phantoms and a Schoolgirl (オバケと女学生 Obake to Jogakusei?)
  26. Bow & Arrow and Sea Bathing (弓矢と海水浴 Yumiya to Kaisuiyoku?)
  27. Kushiyaki and Zero Gravity (串焼きと無重力 Kushiyaki to Mujūryoku?)
  28. Hurrier and Counterattack (ハリアーと逆襲 Hariā to Gyakushū?)
  29. Lingering Summer Heat and Stamp (残暑とスタンプ Zansho to Sutanpu?)
  30. Idol and Friendship (アイドルと友情 Aidoru to Yūjō?)
  31. Meteors and Three Wolves (流星と三匹の狼 Ryūsei to Sanbiki no Ōkami?)
  32. The Grim Reaper and the Final Secret (死神と最終奥義 Shinigami to Saishū Okugi?)
  33. Mammoth and Six Ninja (マンモスと6人 Manmosu to Rokunin?)
  34. Mushrooms and 100 Points (キノコと100点 Kinoko to Hyakuten?)
  35. Sparkle and Shamisen (キラリと三味線 Kirari to Shamisen?)
  36. Ring and Revenge (リングと復讐 Ringu to Fukushū?)
  37. The Third Lance and the Great Escape (三の槍と大脱出 Sannoyari to Dai Dasshutsu?)
  38. Demon Sword and Ballons (魔剣とふうせん Maken to Fūsen?)
  39. The Seventh Lance and the Mysterious Stone (七の槍と謎の石 Shichinoyari to Nazo no Ishi?)
  40. Decoy and Ninja Law (オトリと忍の掟 Otori to Nin no Oite?)
  41. Medal and Comedian (メダルと漫才 Medaru to Manzai?)
  42. Armor and the Raging Arrow (鎧と怒りの矢 Yoroi to Ikari no Ya?)
  43. Super Fusion and Big Clash (超合体と大激突 Chō Gattai to Dai Gekitotsu?)
  44. Your Majesty and the Misfortune Fan Beast (御前様と凶扇獣 Gozen-sama to Kyōsenjū?)
  45. Refuge and Spring Cleaning (隠れ家と大掃除 Kakurega to Ōsōji?)
  46. New Year's Meal and Three Giants (おせちと三巨人 Osechi to San Kyojin?)
  47. Seal and Space Unification (封印と宇宙統一 Fūin to Uchū Tōitsu?)
  48. Trap and Eternal Life (罠と永遠の命 Wana to Eien no Inochi?)
  49. Mission and the Heavenly Ninja (使命と天空忍者 Shimei to Tenkū Ninja?)
  50. Darkness and a New World (暗黒と新世界 Ankoku to Shin Sekai?)
  51. Wind, Water, and Earth (風と水と大地 Kaze to Mizu to Daichi?)

V-Cinema releases

  • Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger
  • Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger Shushuuto the Movie
  • Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger Super Video: Super Ninja and Super Kuroko
  • Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: Super Ninpou CD
  • Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger
  • GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai


  • Yousuke Shiina: Shun Shioya (塩谷 瞬 Shioya Shun?)
  • Nanami Nono: Nao Nagasawa (長澤 奈央 Nagasawa Nao?)
  • Kouta Bitou: Kohei Yamamoto (山本 康平 Yamamoto Kōhei?)
  • Ikkou Kasumi: Yujiro Shirakawa (白川 裕二郎 Shirakawa Yūjirō?)
  • Isshu Kasumi: Nobuo Kyo (姜 暢雄 Kyō Nobuo?)
  • Oboro Hinata: Shoko Takada (高田 聖子 Takada Shōko?)
  • Mugensai Hinata: Ken Nishida (西田 健 Nishida Ken?)
  • Furabijo: Azusa Yamamoto (山本 梓 Yamamoto Azusa?)
  • Wendinu: Mio Fukuzumi (福澄 美緒 Fukuzumi Mio?)
  • Futoshi Hase: Hiroshi Teruya (てるや ひろし Teruya Hiroshi?)
  • Kagura: Hitomi Miwa (三輪 ひとみ Miwa Hitomi?)

Voice actors

  • Shurikenger: Taiki Matsuno (松野 太紀 Matsuno Taiki?)
  • Tau Zanto: Kiyoyuki Yanada (梁田 清之 Yanada Kiyoyuki?)
  • Chuuzubo: Daisuke Gōri (郷里 大輔 Gōri Daisuke?)
  • Manmaruba: Takahiro Imamura (今村 卓博 Imamura Takahiro?)
  • Sargain: Yoshinori Okamoto (岡本 美登 Okamoto Yoshinori?)
  • Satarakura: Bin Shimada (島田 敏 Shimada Bin?)
  • Sandaaru: Shūichi Ikeda (池田 秀一 Ikeda Shūichi?)
  • Narrator, Fuuraimaru: Hironori Miyata (宮田 浩徳 Miyata Hironori?)

Guest actors

  • Ikki Kasumi: Jiro Dan (団 時朗 Dan Jirō?)
  • Shoichiro Tai: Tomohiro Waki (脇 知弘 Waki Tomohiro?)
  • Meiko Bitou: Asami Katsura (桂 亜沙美 Katsura Asami?)
  • Ayame Bitou: Hiroko Toda (戸田 比呂子 Toda Hiroko?)
  • Shurikenger's disguise
    • Taro Kakio (23): Kunihiko Oshiba (大柴 邦彦 Ōshiba Kunihiko?)
    • Roppei Tsuzumi (24): Ryuichiro Nishioka (西岡 竜一朗 Nishioka Ryūichirō?)
    • Kazuya Misaki (26): Masaya Matsukaze (松風 雅也 Matsukaze Masaya?)
    • Yuusaku Ramon (28): Toshiya Fuji (藤 敏也 Fuji Toshiya?)
    • Yoshinari Hashimoto (34): Yoshihiro Masujima (増島 愛浩 Masujima Yoshihiro?)
    • Kazuma Namekawa (35): Yūji Kishi (岸 祐二 Kishi Yūji?)
    • Teppei Sakaki (39): Shuhei Izumi (和泉 宗兵 Izumi Shūhei?)
    • Sanpei Hamada (42): Tatsuya Noumi (能見 達也 Nōmi Tatsuya?)
    • Jou Kikuchi (44): Masaru Shishido (宍戸 勝 Shishido Masaru?)
    • Retsudou (45): Kenji Ohba (大葉 健二 Ōba Kenji?)

Movie & VS Series Guest actors

  • Princess Laiina (Movie): Sayaka Yoshino (吉野 紗香 Yoshino Sayaka?)
  • Knuckle (Movie): Yūko Miyamura (宮村 優子 Miyamura Yūko?, Voice)
  • Hizaru, Ashurazaru (Movie): Arata Furuta (古田 新太 Furuta Arata?, Voice)
  • Blizaru (Movie): Hiroyuki Muraoka (村岡 弘之 Muraoka Hiroyuki?, Voice)
  • Chubouzu (Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger): Yūji Kishi (岸 祐二 Kishi Yūji?, Voice)

Suit actors

  • Hurricane Red, Gouraijin: Hirofumi Fukuzawa (福沢 博文 Fukuzawa Hirofumi?)
  • Hurricane Blue: Yūki Ono (小野 友紀 Ono Yūki?)
  • Hurricane Yellow Yasuhiro Takeuchi (竹内 康博 Takeuchi Yasuhiro?)
  • Kabuto Raiger, Senpuujin, Gourai Senpuujin, Tenrai Senpuujin: Hideaki Kusaka (日下 秀昭 Kusaka Hideaki?)
  • Kuwaga Raiger: Yasuhiko Imai (今井 靖彦 Imai Yasuhiko?)
  • Shurikenger, Tenkuujin: Koji Mimura (三村 幸司 Mimura Kōji?)
  • Chuuzubo, Manmaruba, Sandaaru: Yūichi Hachisuka (蜂須賀 祐一 Hachisuka Yūichi?)
  • Sargain: Yoshinori Okamoto (岡本 美登 Okamoto Yoshinori?)
  • Satarakura: Shoma Kai (魁 将馬 Kai Shōma?)


Opening theme
  • "Hurricaneger Sanjō!" (ハリケンジャー参上! Harikenjā Sanjō!?, "Here Come the Hurricanegers!")
    • Lyrics: Neko Oikawa (及川 眠子 Oikawa Neko?)
    • Composition & Arrangement: Takeshi Ike (池 毅 Ike Takeshi?)
    • Artist: Hideaki Takatori
Ending theme
  • "Ima, Kaze no Naka de" (いま,風のなかで?, "Now, Inside the Wind")
    • Lyrics & Composition: Hideaki Takatori
    • Arrangement: Hiromasa Kagoshima
    • Artist: Hironobu Kageyama


  1. ^ Ninpū (忍風?) literally translates as "Enduring Wind". The kanji comes from the word "ninja" (忍者?)

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