Ozu family

Ozu family
The Ozu family (left to right): Isamu, Tsubasa, Urara, Hikaru, Kai, Houka, Makito, and Miyuki
The Ozu Family, transformed into the Magirangers (same order as above)

The Ozu Family (小津一家 Ozu Ikka?) is a fictional family portrayed in the Japanese Super Sentai series Mahou Sentai Magiranger. They are a family of mages in various proficiencies that battle the evil Underground Hades Empire Infershia with their magical ability to transform into the Magirangers.

These five children (three brothers and two sisters) lived peacefully with their mother, on the notion that their father died in an expedition in Antarctica. But upon learning the truth, their mother revealed to them their family legacy. Over time, they learn their father was a Heavenly Saint. The five siblings also receive the power to attain "Legend" form. By the final half of the series, the siblings were reunited with their parents.


Ozu Siblings

Advertisements for the series show that the first kata of the Ozu Siblings' names spell "Magician" (「ま・ほ・う・つ・ かい」(魔法使い) "Ma・Ho・U・Tsu・Kai" (Mahōtsukai)?) in Japanese.


Kai Ozu/Red Magician Magi Red (小津 魁/赤の魔法使いマジレッド Ozu Kai/Aka no Mahōtsukai Maji Reddo?) is the 17-year-old youngest of the Ozu siblings who is a Red Mage, a wizard who has power over the Burning Flame Element, and despite being the youngest leads the team. He's a sophomore student who's into soccer and fights a lot with Tsubasa. He's straightforward and impulsive, which often leads to him making mistakes, but he is also kind-hearted and very brave for his age. He hates to be babied and wants to be treated like an adult. Kai was barely an infant when his father disappeared, hence Kai has no memory of his father early in the series.

He also took his mother's apparent death by Wolzard most hard and swore vengeance for it before learning the truth that Wolzard was his father. At first, he was angry at Isamu for not being there for him during his life, but later learned to accept him again. During the course of the series, he inherits many of Isamu's techniques, mainly his "Blazing Storm" and lives by his father's saying "Chance is something you make yourself." A year after N Ma's destruction, Kai becomes a liaison between the "Surface World" and Infershia, donnning. He also now dresses in his father's traditional Magitopian robe.

His primary attack is "Red Fire," where his body is engulfed in flame creating a Phoenix which burns any adversary it flies through. As Red Magician Legend Magi Red (レジェンドマジレッド Aka no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Maji Reddo?), Kai's Magi Bolt "Flares Up Flame", which is more powerful than Red Fire. In the special "Tokusei Magiranger Special", Kai drops his Magi Phone into the Mini Garden Spring while dueling with Magi Shine and the Goddess of the Spring gives him the option of getting either a Silver Magi Phone or the Golden GripPhone and so he lies to gain the Golden GripPhone and with it, the ability to become Heavenly Hero KaiShine (Tenkū Yūsha Kaishain). As KaiShine, he is able to wield the KingCalibur (or at least a human-sized version of it) and wears Magi Shine's armor, with a red neck scarf in place of Magi Shine's flowing golden cape. However, he accidentally transforms himself into a duplicate of Hades Beast Spider and since he lied to get the Golden GripPhone, its magic is closed off to him, fortunately the Goddess of the Mini Garden Spring is able to use magic to restore him when he pledges to never be dishonest again and is returned his normal Magi Phone.

Also, In the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie it is shown that Kai carries a picture of Yamazaki-san, whom he loves, displayed in his Magi Phone when Ban asked him that if, in ten years, on the next Fantastic Happy Day, if they themselves would have families of their own.

After transforming, Kai says "The Burning Flame Element! Red Magician ~ (Legend) Magi Red!" (燃える炎のエレメント!赤の魔法使い(レジェンド)マジレッド! Moeru Honō no Eremento! Aka no Mahōtsukai Maji Reddo!?).

  • Special Attacks: Overhead Kick, Red Fire, Blazing Storm, Magi Bolt, Legend Fire, Fatal Blade red fire slash.
  • Special Ability: Alchemy, transmutating an object into anything he thinks of, such as a Zobil into a soccer ball, a car into a huge mattress, and a backpack into a jetpack.
  • Spells: Giruma Magiiro, Magi Magika

Kai is portrayed by Atsushi Hashimoto (橋本 淳 Hashimoto Atsushi?).


Tsubasa Ozu/Yellow Magician Magi Yellow (小津 翼/黄色の魔法使いマジイエロー Ozu Tsubasa/Kiiro no Mahōtsukai Maji Ierō?) is the Ozu family's fourth child at 19 years old and second born son. He is the second-in-command and a Yellow Mage, a wizard who wields the power over the Galloping Thunder Element. Tsubasa is intuitive, a realist and usually rational, as well as the family’s rebel; he bickers a lot with Kai and pays little heed to Makito's bossiness. Nevertheless, he is quite close to his older sister Houka, despite their vastly different personalities. Tsubasa also boxes and even coaches when not fighting as a wizard. He often bickers with Kai and wants to live up to their older brother's standards. He also fell in love with Rei in Stage 28 and refused to set her soul free because he did not want them to be separated. Tsubasa managed to save her when Neries used her soul to heal her throat, and even though Rei did love him back, they could not remain together because Rei was already dead.

By the end of the series he fulfilled his passion of being a boxer. Along with his brother in law, Tsubasa appeared in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai when he was in a boxing match and Eiji shows up. Later on he along with Eiji, Nanami, Tetsu, and Asuka fight Chronos. He transferred his "Courage Spirit" power to AkaRed to power DaiVoyager.

His primary attack is "Yellow Thunder," where he shoots a barrage of lightning arrows from his Magi Stick Bowgun. As Yellow Magician Legend Magi Yellow (レジェンドマジイエロー Kiiro no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Maji Ierō?), Tsubasa's Magi Bolt "Rains Forth Lightning".

After transforming, Tsubasa says "The Galloping Thunder Element! Yellow Magician ~ (Legend) Magi Yellow!" (走る雷のエレメント!黄色の魔法使い(レジェンド)マジイエロー! Hashiru Ikazuchi no Eremento! Kiiro no Mahōtsukai (Rejendo) Maji Ierō!?).

  • Special Attacks: Yellow Thunder, Magi Bolt
  • Special Ability: Potion Making. Apparently, Tsubasa can use this ability to anything he sets his focus to; in Stage 23, for example, he made a potion which, when applied to his fingertips, would give him any kind of manual ability, from playing the piano to performing difficult spells. He is the only one of the family whose magic always works exactly how he wants it.
  • Spells: Gi Gigiru

Tsubasa is portrayed by Hiroya Matsumoto (松本 寛也 Matsumoto Hiroya?).


Urara Ozu/Blue Magician Magi Blue (小津 麗/青の魔法使いマジブルー Ozu Urara/Ao no Mahōtsukai Maji Burū?) is the Ozu family's middle child at 20 years old, youngest daughter and a Blue Mage, a sorceress with power over the Shaking Water Element. She has a gentle heart, often acting motherly, as shown in Episode 4 when she pushes Kai out of the way of a monsters' attack and gets turned to stone herself (Smoky considers her his mother figure).

She's a passive sort, listening to the others and holding her tongue, hiding her own feelings of hurt and distress until they boil over and she explodes (as seen in Stage 10, when she and her siblings overheard Eriko belittling Makito's feelings, she darted into the restaurant saying she wanted to punch Eriko in the face; even though Kai, Tsubasa and Houka tried to restrain her, she ended up hitting Makito by mistake). Furthermore, a practical joke Kai played on her when they were children induced a fear of frogs, which she had to overcome to restore Hikaru to normalcy, she also freaked out when the Hades God Toad was chosen to carry out his Divine Punishment (she was both frightened and disgusted by him and his plan for his Divine Punishment for the surface world). Although she initially shows great animosity towards Hikaru, she eventually fell for and married him in Stage 47.

Her primary attack is "Blue Splash," which acts as either a high powered stream of water or a barrage of exploding geysers. As Blue Magician Legend Magi Blue (レジェンドマジブルー Ao no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Maji Burū?), Urara's Magi Bolt becomes a Water Tornado. In the end of the series, she stays in Magitopia with Hikaru with Magiel still adjusting to her living there.

After transforming, Urara says "The Shaking Water Element! Blue Magician ~ (Legend) Magi Blue!" (揺蕩う水のエレメント!青の魔法使い(レジェンド)マジブルー! Tayutau Mizu no Eremento! Ao no Mahōtsukai (Rejendo) Maji Burū!?).

  • Special Attacks: Blue Splash, Boiling Water, Magi Bolt, Fantastic Splash
  • Special Ability: Divination via a crystal ball, however she cannot read her own future.
  • Spells: Gii Magika

Urara is portrayed by Asami Kai (甲斐 麻美 Kai Asami?).


Houka Ozu/Pink Magician Magi Pink (小津 芳香/桃色の魔法使いマジピンク Ozu Hōka/Momoiro no Mahōtsukai Maji Pinku?) is the Ozu Family's second born child at 22 years old, oldest daughter and a Pink Mage, a sorceress with power over the Blowing Wind Element. She is cheerful and flighty, stringing along several boyfriends, and her catchphrase is "Yahoo!". She has a narrow focus, though, and can be a troublemaker. However, she also sees everything in a positive light (except for the Infershia. Titan was the only exception), which can sometimes steer her into arguments with her older brother. She works as a fashion model when she feels like it. In Stage 5, Houka used a corkscrew kick variant of her primary attack. In the last episode, she thanked Nai and Mea for reviving both her father and Hikaru despite in the past that both of them treated her badly (having even temporarily turned her into a vampire in Stage 11). She still stays with her mother and father at home.

Her primary attack is "Pink Storm" where she transforms into an electric fan and blows away the bad guys. As Pink Magician Legend Magi Pink (レジェンドマジピンク Momoiro no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Maji Pinku?), Houka's Magi Bolt "Blows Piercing Wind".

After transforming, Houka says "The Blowing Wind Element! Pink Magician ~ (Legend) Magi Pink!" (吹きゆく風のエレメント!桃色の魔法使い(レジェンド)マジピンク! Fukiyuku Kaze no Eremento! Momoiro no Mahōtsukai (Rejendo) Maji Pinku!?).

  • Special Attacks: Pink Storm, Magi Bolt
  • Special Ability: Transformation Magic, turning herself into any form she can imagine - such as a VW Beetle, a soccer ball launcher, a stereo, a pepper shaker, and a fishing rod - occasionally serving as comic relief, especially since these items are always pink. She can also transform herself into other characters (although in these forms she has a large pink bow which gives her away), for example in Stage 5 she transformed herself into Vancuria to lure the Hades Beast Mimic into a trap since it was loyal to her, and in Stage 46 she transformed herself into Hades God Titan to lure Hades God Wyvern away while the real Titan could make his way to the Lake of Slumber without hindrance although once Wyvern caught up with her and Makito he could easily see the difference and attacked. In Stage 23 she briefly transformed into Chopin, wearing a pink tuxedo.
  • Spells: Maagi Magiiro

Houka is portrayed by Ayumi Beppu (別府 あゆみ Beppu Ayumi?).


Makito Ozu/Green Magician Magi Green (小津 蒔人/緑の魔法使いマジグリーン Ozu Makito/Midori no Mahōtsukai Maji Gurīn?) is the Ozu Family's oldest child at 24 years old and a Green Mage, a wizard who wields the power over the Howling Earth Element. He spent his life growing vegetables on his property, "Aniki Farm," and cooking delicious meals himself. He's usually a cheerful fellow and moves at his own pace, but he does have a nasty temper and can get on people's nerves. He tends to be a father figure to his siblings, although still recognizes his youngest brother as the leader of the team, and even though he sometimes seems overemotional and overbearing, he is truly the linchpin of the team; his determination brought the family back together after they lost to Branken, and when Shichijuurou cut their familial bonds, and his moral support allowed his siblings to defeat Wolzard when Makito had been afflicted with Mold. Hikaru's arrival initially leaves him feeling replaced both as head of the household and in the heart of his girlfriend Eriko. He tends to be emotional at weddings as evident during his sisters' weddings.

His primary attack is "Green Ground" where he creates a ground shockwave by slamming his Magi Stick Ax against the ground. He can also summon vines from the ground to tie up an enemy. He now is expanding his farm by studying abroad. As Green Magician Legend Magi Green (レジェンドマジグリーン Midori no Mahōtsukai Rejendo Maji Gurīn?), Makito's Magi Bolt makes "Boulders Go" flying at any enemy. As seen in Stage 37, Makito can speak some (surprisingly colloquial, implying a deeper interest) English, in which he gave directions to an American tourist.

After transforming, Makito says "The Howling Earth Element! Green Magician ~(Legend) Magi Green!" (唸る大地のエレメント!緑の魔法使い(レジェンド)マジグリーン! Unaru Daichi no Eremento! Midori no Mahōtsukai (Rejendo) Maji Gurīn!?).

  • Special Attacks: Green Ground, Magi Bolt
  • Special Ability: Herbology. Through his power, Makito may "hear" the forest and have it obey him. In Stage 10, he uses his power to make the trees tell him where the Hades Beast chased Eriko to, and the nearby ones bent to the same direction in answer; this continued as he made his way into the woods, as well as smaller branches pointing when and where to turn.
  • Spells: Gii Magika

Makito is portrayed by Yuki Ito (伊藤 友樹 Itō Yūki?).


Hikaru/Heavenly Hero Magi Shine (ヒカル/天空勇者マジシャイン Hikaru/Tenkū Yūsha Maji Shain?, 19-49) is the human form of Heavenly Saint Sungel (天空聖者サンジェル Tenkū Seija Sanjeru?), a Heavenly Saint who wields the power over the Shining Solar Element, having fought Hades monsters like Cerberus in the past. He was transformed into a frog as a side effect of sealing Raigel 15 years earlier only to be restored by Urara/Magi Blue, as only a blue mage's kiss can break the spell. After being restored, Sungel took on the name "Hikaru," given to him by Houka after the bright aura he gave off as a frog when the Ozu siblings found him, and took it upon himself to aid the Ozu siblings as their mentor in the ways of magic and comes to their aid when he's needed. Overtime, Hikaru began to develop feelings for Urara while giving her and her siblings the five rings of the Heavenly Saints that would deem their worth obtain their Legend powers.

Hikaru eventually manages to settle things with Memmy, Raigel's new Infershian identity, in a life or death game while Bragel sealed N Ma. But learning of the Hades Gods from Memmy, with Snowgel revealing more about them, Hikaru attempted to force the Ozu siblings not to interfer as he attempts to fights Ifrit on his own so the surface world would not suffer the price if humans intervene against a Hades God's Divine Punishment. Later, after confronting Drake prior to him being chosen, Hikaru is assigned by Snowgel to learn from Kai, only to believe it was nothing before realizing otherwise and using that knowledge to destroy Drake. After N Ma's resurrection, given a vision of his death at the evil god's hands, Hikaru ultimately marries Urara before accompanying Isamu to Magitopia where he and his mention/father-in-law were killed by N Ma However, he was soon revived by the Nightmare Sisters to fight N Ma at his wife's side. At the end of the series he lives in Magitopia with Urara by his side. Along with Tsubasa/Magi Yellow, Hikaru appeared in the GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai movie as he and Smoky were trapped in Chronos' Dimension along with the Boukengers. He transferred his "Love Spirit" power to AkaRed to power DaiVoyager.

After transforming, Hikaru says "The Shining Solar Element! Heavenly Hero ~ Magi Shine!" (輝く太陽のエレメント!天空勇者マジシャイン! Kagayaku Taiyō no Eremento! Tenkū Yūsha Maji Shain!?).

  • Special Attacks: Prominence Crush, Prominence Flare, Prominence Shower, Prominence Drop, Prominence Shoot, DekaBreak Shinning Fist, Prominence Attack.

Hikaru is portrayed by Yousuke Ichikawa (市川 洋介 Ichikawa Yōsuke?).

Ozu Parents


Miyuki Ozu/White Magician Magi Mother (小津 深雪/白の魔法使いマジマザー Ozu Miyuki/Shiro no Mahōtsukai Maji Mazā?, 1-2, 7, 43-49) is an ideal mother who she raised her five children alone after Isamu disappeared. She kept many secrets from them as Isamu had her promise, not the least of which was the truth about Isamu & herself. She is a very caring and sympathetic woman, even showing mercy to the Infershia. During the events of Blagel's sacrifice, Miyuki went to Magitopia to see Magiel, whom she convinced with her courage to give and her children the means to fight Infershia should they return to their world. Since then, Miyuki became a White Mage, a sorceress wielding the power over the Sparkling Ice Element. She wore white armor with a snowflake emblem on her helmet and wand. Miyuki was seemingly killed by Wolzard, but in reality, Wolzard momentary regained his memory as Isamu and faked her death to teleport her away into the Flower Garden of Souls as light, leaving only her Magi Stick remaining to have his children believe their mother was killed and be a motivation for them to fight Infershia. She later helped her children in spirit in various events such as when they battled Branken with Magi King. However, upon the awakening of Infershia's Gods, she was taken by Toad during his soul-hunt in the Flower Garden and was brought depths of the Kemono world's Briar Garden in a deep slumber until she was reunited with her children and defeated Toad.

In Stage 48, she attempted to reason with Dagon while Sleipnir was carrying out his divine punishment with her children fight him and Isamu and Hikaru fought N Ma in Magitopia. Dagon captured her and took her to the Kedomono Realm after she and her children were defeated by the two remaining Hades Gods but she was saved when Sphinx and Vancuria came to her aid and Sphinx destroyed Dagon. She returned and aided her family against N Ma in their final battle against him in Stage 49. She now lives with her children and husband in peace in their household.

After transforming, Miyuki says "The Sparkling Ice Element! White Magician ~ Magi Mother!" (煌く氷のエレメント!白の魔法使いマジマザー! Kirameku Kōri no Eremento! Shiro no Mahōtsukai Maji Mazā!?).

  • Special Attacks: Deep Freeze, Ice Arrows
  • Spells: Majuna, Jiruma Majuna, Magika, Gigiru, Magiiro, Giruma Majuna, Maagi Magi Magika, Gii Magiine

Miyuki is portrayed by Azusa Watanabe (渡辺 梓 Watanabe Azusa?).


Isamu Ozu (小津 勇 Ozu Isamu?) is the human form of Heavenly Saint Blagel (天空聖者ブレイジェル Tenkū Seija Bureijeru?), the ultimate warrior and champion of the Heavenly Saints who wields the power over the Raging Fire Element. He was well-loved by his allies and family and even though he was their greatest enemy, he was respected among the ranks of the Infershia. Blagel took on the human form of Isamu Ozu and married Miyuki but he soon had to leave his family when the Magitopia/Infershia war escalated. Before he left, Isamu had Miyuki promise him not to reveal the truth about their magic to their children unless otherwise the right time came. Once more a Heavenly Saint, Blagel went against Magiel's wishes and battled Infershia directly to protect his family from them.

This act resulted in Blagel sacrificing himself to have Lunagel seal the Hades Gate if he should fail to destroy N Ma before he could enter the human world. But within the Gate, Blagel fought against Beastman Four Kings of Hell and although he managed to do some damage (such as injuring Neries' throat and therefore disabling her singing voice attacks) was severely wounded by Zee the Yeti. When he was sealing N Ma and the rest of the Hades Beastmen, N Ma seeped his darkness into the open wound Zee made, causing Blagel to be transformed into Dark Magic Knight Wolzard, becoming N-Ma's servant while retaining his courage and honor while seemingly killing his wife and battling his children until they learn his true identity. However, the Incarnation Curse is eventually broken and Blagel regains himself before finishing what he started years ago.

He was thought to have died in stopping N Ma, his last words revealed to the children that Miyuki was still alive, Isamu survived by holding N Ma's soul in his body and hiding in location to ensure his resurrection never happens at the cost of his body trapped in Wolzard form. Dagon confronted an astral projection of Wolzard and tempted him to come out of hiding to help his children when Drake was commencing his Divine Punishment. It wasn't until Dagon raised the stakes by sending Sleipnir to the surface to aid Drake, that Wolzard came out of hiding to help his children against both Ultimate Hades Gods. While fighting Sleipnir as WolKaiser, Wolzard was unknowingly struck by Vancuria with one of Dagon's scales, which served as a tracking device for the Hades Gods to find him. Wolzard then dragged himself and Sleipnir back into Infershia where he then went into hiding. Nai and Mea found him and informed Dagon where he was hiding, who then arrived along with Wyvern and Titan to challenge him. Wyvern fought him at first but was wounded in both body and pride. Then Dagon had Titan battle him, who caused his Jagan Shield to break. Dagon then successfully extracted N Ma from him, then disposed of Blagel by opening a fissure beneath him.

Left for dead, Isamu was soon healed by Miyuki and joined his family to fight the Hades Gods in a new red-armored form, Heavenly Hero Wolzard Fire (天空勇者ウルザードファイヤー Tenkū Yūsha Uruzādo Faiyā?), by absorbing Wyvern's fire attack and using his new found power to destroy Wyvern. After that he, along with Miyuki, went to seek counsel from Snowgel, knowing that N Ma's rebirth would bring disaster. He dueled with Kai once again in Stage 48, teaching him his Fatal Blade technique, before he left for Magitopia to confront N Ma in a battle which cost him his life. However, he was soon revived by the Nightmare Sisters to aid his family in destroying N Ma.

After transforming, Isamu says "The Ferocious, Raging Fire Element! Heavenly Hero ~ Wolzard Fire!" (猛る烈火のエレメント!天空勇者ウルザードファイヤー! Takeru Rekka no Eremento! Tenkū Yūsha Uruzādo Faiyā!?).

  • Special Attacks: Blazing Storm, Raging Storm Slash, Fatal Blade

Isamu is portrayed by Tsutomu Isobe (磯部 勉 Isobe Tsutomu?).


Because of their magical prowess, the Ozu have many items at their disposal.

  • Magi Phones: The Magirangers' transformation devices utilize the spell "Maagi Magi Magiro" (106) for "Magical Transformation!" (Mahou Henshin). Before saying the spell, they usually say Heavenly Saints, Grant us the use of Magic. With the power of the Oath Rings, the Magiranger can cast the spell "Maagi Magi Magi Magiro" (1006) "Super Magical Transformation!" (Chou Mahou Henshin) to access their Legend powers.
  • Magi Sticks: The Magirangers' magic wands. Red, Yellow and Green's Magi Sticks transform into various weapons (a sword, a crossbow and an axe respectively). Blue, Pink and Mother's are the only ones that don't transform. Magi Mother's Magi Stick was also longer, like the DialRods.
  • Sky Hokies: Five brooms that transform into the Magirangers' flying vehicles.
    • Red Sky Hoki: Magi Red's Sky Hoki.
    • Yellow Sky Hoki: Magi Yellow's Sky Hoki.
    • Blue Sky Hoki: Magi Blue's Sky Hoki.
    • Pink Sky Hoki: Magi Pink's Sky Hoki.
    • Green Sky Hoki: Magi Green's Sky Hoki.
  • Magi Punch: Magi Red's personal weapon, summoned via the "Gi Gi Gigiru" spell (883). The "Fire Screw Upper" finishing attack can be performed while wearing these gloves. Magi Yellow has used this occasionally. Magi Blue and Magi Pink have used the same spell to summon the Magi Punch, but instead were pom-poms (however, when using it in Stage 15, Magi Pink wore the same regular Magi Punch gloves).
  • GripPhone: Magi Shine's transformation device. After inserting a Magi Ticket, he casts the spell "Goolu Golu Goludiiro" "Heavenly Transformation!" (Tenkū Henshin).
  • Magi Lamp Buster: Magi Shine's weapon, transformed from Smokey's Magi Lamp. Uses the Smoky Shinning Attack. A variation of the attack is the Smoky Blue Shining Attack with Magi Blue wielding the weapon.
  • Skarpet: Magi Shine's flying carpet.
  • Green Muscles: Magi Green can cast the "Magi Maagi" spell (01) for extra strength - his body becoming extremely muscular as a result. He becomes so strong that he can launch his siblings for aerial attacks. It was only shown three times, with the third time introducing a stronger version used by Legend Magi Green: Rock Armor. Summoned by the "Golu Maagi" spell, the user's enhanced body becomes bulletproof, able to take repeated shots on the same location.
  • Magical Holy Staff DialRods (魔法聖杖ダイヤルロッド): Predecessors to the Magi Phones, and the result of combining the Magi Phone and Magi Stick. Each one has a rotary dial design with the numbers 1-5 at the top, and performs a Magi Bolt attack. When put together while casting the spell "Gii Golu Magi Bolt", the Magirangers can perform the "Legend Finish" ("Family Legend Finish" when combined with Magi Mother's Magi Stick). Tsubasa transformed his DialRod into the DialRod Bowgun by casting the spell "Goo Magiiro". In the finale, Magi Red wielded both his Magi Stick Sword and DialRod in performing the "Fatal Blade" attack, a technique taught to him by his father.
  • Fire WolzaPhone: Wolzard Fire's transformation device, a red version of the WolzaPhones that utilizes the "Super Heavenly Transformation!" (Chou Tenkū Henshin) spell "Goolu Golu Golu Goludiiro".
  • WolSabre & Jagun Shield: Wolzard Fire's weapons.
  • Gold GripPhone: The Goddess of the Mini-Spring presented a golden version of the GripPhone that can allows the user to make any ideal thing a reality. Kai dishonestly chose it and use it to become KaiShine, brandished the KingCalibur and trapping Hikaru in the Magi Lamp with a mini-Destruction Fire. However, after Kai accidentally turned himself into a copy of Hades Beast Spider when he started thinking of a spider while thinking of becoming the perfect date for Yuka, the Phone closed itself off to Kai due to his abusive actions with it. "Golu Goolu Goo Goo" is the Gold GripPhone's primary spell.
  • Silver Magi Phone: The Goddess of the Mini-Spring presented a silver version of the Magi Phone that "brings peace, like the snow falling on the ground". Although Kai didn't choose it, it later reversed his own backfired spell that transformed him into a copy of the Hades Beast Spider and reverted back to his original Magi Phone. Miyuki's Magi Phone transformed into the silver version in Stage 44.

Magical Devices

  • Tell-Me Theremin: An archaic form of tracking down non-violent Infershia activity, playing when an Infershian is on the move. It eventually broke down when it sensed Memmy.
  • Oath Rings: Presented by Hikaru, said to be worn by the Five Legendary Magicians who helped create Magitopia. The rings powered up the Rangers' Magi Phones in order to obtain their Legend power. They also were engagement, and then wedding rings, by Magi Blue and Magi Shine.
  • Heavenly Flower: This item is the center of attention in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger. A brooch Miyuki received from Magitopia, which every ten years would siphon all the love from the world unless in the presence of a "undying love". Ten years prior, Miyuki tried to give the brooch to Doggy and Swan to protect it from the wrong hands, though they turned her down. To that end, Miyuki set up Happy Fantastic Day so had her family's love can keep the Heavenly Flower in check. However the Hades Beastman Demon Aboloth/Agent X and Alienizer Babon were after it to steal love from the universe. The two teams finally got possession of the brooch and used its once in a millennia Blizzard of Light power to destroy Agent X and Babon with the Fantastic Strike Out.

Magical Mecha

When facing giant Hades Beasts, Beastmen or the Hades Gods, the Magirangers have many giant robos which they can control or transform into to fight them.

Magi King

The Magirangers press a special code on their Magi Phones: "Maagi Magi Magika" (107) to transform into giant armored forms called Majin (魔神 majin?); this is Great Magical Transformation (魔法大変身 Mahō Dai Henshin?). The Majin can combine into Majin Fusion Magi King (魔神合体マジキング Majin Gattai Majikingu?) when they dial "Maagi Giruma Magi Jinga" (1205). However, the Magirangers appear as what are best described as game pieces on a chess board. Magiking wields the KingCalibur sword that is used in his "Magical Climax" finishers, Magical Slash and Heavenly Magical Slash. Wolzard sealed the Magi King's spell and took its power for his own, until FireKaiser destroyed the seal.

  • Magi Phoenix (マジフェニックス Majifenikkusu?): Magi Red's Majin Form. Wields the Phoenix Sword, which combines with the Mermaid Lance to form the Dragon Lancer, which Magi Phoenix wields while riding Magi Dragon (the Dragon Lancer combines with the Dragon Tail to form KingCalibur). During the SaintKaiser formation, Magi Phoenix becomes Saint Magi Phoenix (セイントマジフェニックス SeintoMajifenikkusu?) – a version of Magi Phoenix with gold in the silver areas, gold "Ms" across its chest and head, and a red crown gem in place of the yellow on the original. Forms the chest of Magi King, FireKaiser, or SaintKaiser. Attacks with Phoenix Spin Kick.
  • Magi Dragon (マジドラゴン Majidoragon?): Its four components combine when they dial "Maagi Giruma Jinga" (125) on their Magi Phones; this is the "Magic Dragon Fusion!" (魔竜合体 Maryū Gattai?), Magi Phoenix rides it into battle.
    • Magi Garuda (マジガルーダ Majigarūda?): Magi Yellow's Majin form. His arms, Garuda Wing, can be used as weapons in the Garuda Attack. Forms Magi Dragon's back, wings, and neck, and Magi King's wings and back. He can shoot lightning bolts from his eyes.
    • Magi Mermaid (マジマーメイド Majimāmeido?): Magi Blue's Majin Form. She wields the Mermaid Lance and can fuse her legs into a fishtail for swimming in water. Forms Magi Dragon's tail or the anterior of Magi King's legs, the Mermaid Shield on her back combines with the Taurus Axe to form the Dragon Tail, while the Mermaid Lance combines with the Phoenix Sword to form the Dragon Lancer, which combines with the Dragon Tail to make KingCalibur.
    • Magi Fairy (マジフェアリー Majifearī?) / Magiranger Ball: Magi Pink's Majin Form. She wields the Fairy Cutter and can turn into the Magiranger Ball the others use in the Magi Shoot. Notably smaller than the others (as tall as Magi Taurus' head). Forms Magi Dragon's head and Magi King's "sternum".
    • Magi Taurus (マジタウロス Majitaurosu?): Magi Green's Majin Form. He wields the Taurus Axe. Notably bigger than the others (twice as tall as the average Majin). Forms most of Magi Dragon (body, arms, and legs; Taurus Axe combines with the Mermaid Shield to form the Dragon Tail) and Magi King (head, arms, and posterior; Dragon Tail combines with Dragon Lancer to form KingCalibur). When Samurai Shichijuurrou was enlarged, Makito finished him in one blow called the Super Aniki Special Crash.


Friendship Fusion FireKaiser (Yūjō Gattai FaiyāKaizā): A combination, though only seen in Stages 9 and 18, that results from the fusion of Magi Phoenix with Varikion. Mandora Boy called this being a Phantom Majin because it is very rare. The spell used is (2105) "Giruma Maagi Magi Jinga!". His weapon is a staff made of Varikion's mane and head, using it in his "Fire Spin Braid" attack.


"Connection complete! Magical Iron-God Travelion!" (變結完了! 魔法鉄神トラベリオン! Henketsu kanryou! Mahō Tetsujin Toraberion!?)

The Magical Train Travelion Express (魔法特急トラベリオンエクスプレス Mahō Tokkyū Toraberion Ekusupuresu?) is a magical-train Magi Shine uses to cross any Marudeyouna world. Steampunk in nature, it moves by the various leavers and switches in its engine with a crystal ball and main control mechanism. It can transform into Magical Iron-God Travelion (魔法鉄神トラベリオン Mahō Tetsujin Toraberion?) when Magi Shine uses the Joint Magi Ticket for the spell "Goo Goo Goludiiro", this is the Mahou Transformation (魔法変形 Mahō Henkei?). In battle mode, Travelion can fire the cannon barrel in its chest for its Destruction Fire and Destruction Fire Reverse Spray attacks and from the funnel on top of its head Steam Bazooka. Travelion has two miniature trains stored in its legs, the Remote Liners, that can be used to bind an enemy. Travelion has also performed rapid-fire punches Piston Punch, and kicks in battle. The Head Train becomes the chest, the Rear Train becomes the head and body, Cargo Trains 1 and 3 become the arms (right and left respectively), and Cargo Trains 2 and 4 make the legs (right and left respectively).


"When the light and fire become one, the Holy Majin will now appear!"

Heavenly Fusion SaintKaiser (天空合体セイントカイザー Tenkū Gattai SeintoKaizā?): Unigolon becomes a suit of armor around Saint Magi Phoenix. His weapon is a staff made of Unigolon's mane and head. The spell used to invoke the combination is "Maagi Magi Giruma Jinga" (1025). SaintKaiser bares a remarkable resemblance to FireKaiser as well. The attack "Saint Horn Finish" involves flying into the sky and then falling back down again head first with his staff with the Unicorn head end. Blagel as Wolzard Fire also has the ability to combine with Unigolon called BraveKaiser (BuraveKaizā), but was never used in the series.

  • Horned Sacred Horse Unigolon (一角聖馬ユニゴルオン Ikkaku Seiba Yunigoruon?): A Unicorn Majuu, he first appeared in the Movie and resurfaced in Stage 34 to help Kai try to free Blagel from being Wolzard. Unigolon appears to be a white version of Varikion with a horn on its forehead (in the toy, that horn can be removed to become Saint Magi Phoenix's Saint Horn). Unigolon used to be Blagel's partner years ago, and he saw a little of Blagel inside of Kai/Magi Red. Forms the head, "sternum", back, arms, and legs of SaintKaiser and the Horn Lancer.

Magi Legend

Upon obtaining the "Legend Power", the Magirangers gained the power to become armored beasts called Majuu (魔獣 majū?) as well. Note that while the Legend Magirangers actually become giant Majuu forms, they essentially pilot the humanoid combined forms, sitting in what are best described as game pieces on a chess board. The fusion of Magi Firebird and Magi Lion is Legendary Fusion Magi Legend (伝説合身マジレジェンド Densetsu Gasshin Majirejendo?) when the Magirangers use the spell "Maagi Giruma Golu Jingajin" (5). Also known as the "Extraordinary Majin". Armed with the ScrewCalibur, Magi Legend performs the "Magical Climax" finishers, Fire Tornado, Legend Fire Slash and Final Slash. Also armed with "Lion Claws", which Magi Legend can retract for hands.

  • Magi Firebird (マジファイヤーバード Majifaiyābādo?): Also known as the "Crimson Firebird". Legend Magi Red's Majuu Form when he uses the spell "Maagi Golu Majuulu" (3) on his DialRod. Forms Magi Legend's back and wings and the ScrewCalibur.
  • Magi Lion (マジライオン Majiraion?): Also known as the "Lion of Four Colors". Legend Magi Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Green's Majuu Form when they use the spell "Maagi Giruma Golu Gogoolu" (4) on their DialRods. Forms most of Magi Legend (head, body, limbs).

Other combinations

A number of additional combinations are depicted both on the toy packaging as well as detailed in their instructions that remained unused within the footage of the television show.

  • A combination of Magi Taurus, Magi Garuda, Magi Mermaid, and the Head Train of Travelion Express. In this combination, the Head Train replaces both Magi Phoenix and Magi Fairy as the chest position on Magi King. This is the only form to utilize the fold-out handles on the sides of the Head Train. A magazine promotion identifies this form as Shoot Magi King, although it is unnamed on the box and instructions for Travelion as most of the unused formations are.
  • A combination of the Head Train and Varikion. This form is the only form to make use of a joint atop the Head Train, for the attachment of the Kaizer head.
  • A combination using both Magi Phoenix and Magi Fairy in place of the Head Train in the formation of Travelion.
  • A combination using Wolzard in place of the Head Train in the formation of Travelion. This is the only depicted form that uses the hinges on Wolzard's legs, allowing them to fold alongside the chest module.
  • FireKentauros (ファイヤーケンタウロス Faiyākentaurosu?): A centaur formation using Varikion and MagiPhoenix.
  • SaintKentauros (セイントケンタウロス Seintokentaurosu?): A centaur formation using Unigolon and Saint MajiPhoenix.
  • A centaur formation using Unigolon and Wolzard.
  • A humanoid formation using Unigolon and Wolzard. This form makes use of a new face on Unigolon's parts not used for any other combination.
  • A combination utilizing Magi Taurus, Magi Garuda, Magi Mermaid, the head of Magi Lion, and the Screw Caliber weapon from Magi Firebird. In this combination, the Magi Lion's head replaces both Magi Phoenix and Magi Fairy as the chest of Magi King.

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