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Search Guard Successor Foundation
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GoGo Sentai Boukenger (and Daikenjin Zubaan)

The Search Guard Successor (S.G.S.) Foundation (サージェス財団 Sājesu Zaidan?) is a fictional organization in the Japanese Super Sentai series GoGo Sentai Boukenger that collects hidden treasures that have suddenly begun to disappear all over the world. These treasures include relics from early civilizations, sunken ships, unexplored regions, and fossils of animals long gone, all of which are called "Precious". The S.G.S. discovered these Precious and organized a secret team to defend them from those who wish to use the relics' powers.



Satoru Akashi

Mitsuomi Takahashi as Satoru Akashi

Chief Satoru Akashi/Fiery Adventurer Bouken Red (明石 暁/熱き冒険者ボウケンレッド Akashi Satoru/Atsuki Bōkensha Bōken Reddo?) was once an enthusiastic treasure-hunter known as the "Immortal Fang", the tragic deaths of his partners Kyouko and Masaki in a blaze trap made him retire, only to be hired by SGS. With a calm exterior, Satoru actually hides hot blood inside, as evidenced when he simply catapulted Masumi and Natsuki into the Go Go Dump's bucket and carried them and an entire tub of dirt and gravel at full throttle out of the Goadom temple before dumping the entire load upon coming to a full stop. He says "Attack!" and simultaneously snaps his finger at the end of each order he gives to the others. He refers to the other Boukengers by their respective colors, something that Masumi has a thing against. He is also seemingly oblivious to Sakura's heavily implied attraction to him. He became filled with self-doubt in Task 4 after Go Go Vehicles 1~5 were buried under ice in a deep crevasse, the resulting suffering of his teammates sparked his memories of Kyouko and Masaki. It took his mighty willpower for him to control the overload-prone Go Go Drill and prevent history from repeating itself. Satoru used to be a huge fan of Jimon Kagawa's writings about heroes. He is a constant rival of Ryuuon and took Ragi, a human whom Ryuuon had transformed into a Wicked Dragon, under his protection and received "the Greatest Adventure" while restoring the Water Metropolis. Satoru was given the offer to quit the Boukengers and join SGS Rescue, but he refused, because he likes to have his own adventures. Instead, he gave Eiji the Go Go Changer. During the events of the Boukenger movie, Satoru encountered his father Kouchi, whom he eventually settled his affairs with.

Satoru at times has gone off by himself to find Precious or protect his comrades. In Task 10-11, he let Ryuuon and Gaja take DaiBouken with him inside to the secret island where SGS kept the Manuscript of Leon Giordana. In Task 42, when all of the Go Go Vehicles were damaged by Gai and Rei's new Homunculus, he took SirenBuilder, since Eiji at that time was frozen in stone and was never used, to go stop the Quester controlled Homuculus. His real intention was to detonate SirenBuilder with the Homunculus holding on, but everyone came in time to tell Satoru that they are a team and cannot do everything alone. He fought Ryuuon for the final time, only to endure the destruction of the Precious Bank thanks to Zubaan. He then followed Desparado in the modified DaiVoyager. Six months after the final battle with Gaja, Satoru left the Boukenger team to take on a new adventure by taking the space-worthy GoGo Voyager into space to fight outer space Precious, though he was surprised that Sakura followed him, and apparently utterly clueless as to her true intentions. However, when Sakura is possessed by Pachacamac, Satoru is forced to aid him in obtaining the two jewels the monster needed to regain his power. Once Sakura is freed, Satoru aids his team and the Gekirangers in defeating Pachacamac.

  • "Akashi" (明石?) is from the surname of Japanese officer Motojiro Akashi (明石 元二郎 Akashi Motojiro?), who entrapped Russia to confusion as a spy of the imperial Japanese army in the Russo-Japanese war.
  • The kanji for "Satoru," "暁," can also be read as "sunrise" ( akatsuki?, literally red dawn). "Satoru" is also Japanese for "to realize".
  • The First 3 Letters in his Surname (Aka) also refers to the kanji for his color

Satoru Akashi is portrayed by Mitsuomi Takahashi (高橋 光臣 Takahashi Mitsuomi?).

Masumi Inou

Yasuka Saitoh as Masumi Inou

Masumi Inou/Fast Adventurer Bouken Black (伊能 真墨/迅き冒険者ボウケンブラック Inō Masumi/Hayaki Bōkensha Bōken Burakku?) is on the reverse side of society, he was able to adopt the title of a treasure hunter from his techniques of searching ruins and excavation, but he's not as good as Satoru. When he was younger, Yaiba of Darkness murdered his excavation group (the members of which were abusive in several ways), and Masumi has been in a pursuit of revenge ever since. He is a rookie member of the Boukenger team along with Natsuki (whom he first met when she had her leg trapped under a heavy rock that left her with amnesia). He acts as a brotherly figure towards her, but soon becomes visibly jealous when he notices that Natsuki is becoming more attached to Satoru and Souta. Masumi has a thing against being referred to by color by Satoru, whom he wants to refer to everyone by name, instead. He has admitted his affection towards Natsuki, but only because she was "cute." Despite these actions, Masumi's actor, Yasuka Saitou, has stated that Masumi only sees Natsuki as a little daughter he needs to protect. Masumi appears to have a disliking towards peas, as he is often seen removing them whenever he eats fried rice.

In Task 1, after taking the Heart of Goadom, he briefly returns his Accellular to Satoru, who in turn threatened him to drop him into red-hot magma for it if he did not accept it again. Eventually, after Masumi's battle with Yaiba, he learns to trust Satoru, since Satoru had believed in him from the start. Even though Souta used to consider him to be a thief, Masumi sometimes calls him an "ex-spy." He refers to Sakura as "Sakura-neesan" (sister) and seems to admire her, yet he also fears her. Masumi is hot-tempered and tends to act irrationally, but he will never give up and will never run away from a fight. Unlike Souta, Masumi fights first and asks questions later. His rebellious nature and anti-hero persona tends to bring him some trouble, but his risky tactics make him a valuable asset to the team. He, as Yaiba had stated, suppresses darkness in his heart and this darkness is freed at the conclusion of Task 45 when he holds the Precious known as the Three Headed Dragon of Darkness. He became infuriated when Nendo-gami mimicked his human form in Task 14; naturally, the fury did not die down until Nendo-gami was terminated. In Task 33 he is kidnapped by the Jaryuu and the Questers to obtain information about Natsuki, revealing to him that she is actually a Lemurian. Feeling responsible for all that happened following this revelation and what happened to Natsuki, Masumi went into her rescue only to see Natsuki with the Questers and disappear. After finally breaking into the Jaryuu's base, in a desperate attempt to get Natsuki out of her trance, Masumi embraces her and yells her to remember who she really was, a Boukenger, and succeeded recovering Natsuki and foiling the Negative's plans. As of Task 46, due to doubts about himself and fears of what he could do to his comrades, Masumi abandoned the team, leaving only his SGS Jacket and Accellular. He returns to the team in Task 48, wielding the Dual Crasher numerous times with Souta, Natsuki, Sakura and Eiji untransformed and without the AccelTector. In task 49 after the final battle between Gaja, Masumi becomes the new Chief of the Boukengers after Satoru retired his Bouken Red commission to explore space for precious. Masumi's treasure was being a Boukenger.

  • "Inou" (伊能 Inō?) is from the surname of Japanese surveyor and cartographer, Tadataka Inou (伊能 忠敬 Inō Tadataka?). He is known as a person who exerted himself for creation the first perfect map of Japanese Islands by modern surveying techniques.
  • The second kanji of "Masumi," "sumi" ( sumi?), means "black ink", which is used in calligraphy.

Masumi Inou is portrayed by Yasuka Saitoh (齋藤 ヤスカ Saitō Yasuka?).

Souta Mogami

Masashi Mikami as Souta Mogami

Souta Mogami/High-Up Adventurer Bouken Blue (最上 蒼太/高き冒険者ボウケンブルー Mogami Sōta/Takaki Bōkensha Bōken Burū?) is a former secret investigator. Called a "spy," he is the information expert of the team. He is also a specialist in personal computers and digital technology. He is a little cocky, as evidenced in Task 1 when he nearly ended up on the terminated list for touching a fake Heart of Gordom, something that Natsuki foresaw, and later, when he hurt his hand punching a Karth in the chest with full force (and discovered the healing factor that the Karths possess). He initially considered Masumi to be a thief (and Masumi sometimes calls him an "ex-spy").

In Task 3 his past as a spy was revealed. Yamatoni Kazuma noted that he and Souta are the same since he used to do various missions to please himself. When Souta realised that his missions caused ever lasting pain to others, he quit being a spy and told Kazuma that they were not the same. Souta is always with a smile and his nature is gentle and polite. Souta's persona as a gentleman brings himself to a fault when he fights against beautiful women — he can't help but go easy on them, especially Shizuka of the Wind (whom he and Sakura fight frequently).

Although Souta says he never hurts anyone, but in truth he had hurt many. In Task 23 this was revealed. In this task, Souta's old spy partner, Yuji Toba, was hired by Gai and Rei to interrogate Souta for the whereabouts of the Precious warehouse. Although Souta fought through Rei's mind read ability at first, Yuji used the memories of Souta during his times as spy to hinder his mind defense. But Yuji in the end helped Souta and the other Boukengers to defeat Gai and Rei's robot by setting off the bomb he placed in the robot. Also, to much relief and annoyance to the Boukengers, the Precious warehouse was a fake.

Souta acts like a brotherly figure to Natsuki, and often considers her feelings even against Satoru's orders. He also has a catchphrase he constantly uses, which is "Sou sou Souta!" ("Sou sou Souta" is a pun off of "Sou sou sou da", which means "Yes, that's right."). After encounter with Shizuka and Gekkou, Souta found his treasure to be his friends.

  • "Mogami" (最上?) is from the surname of Japanese explorer Mogami Tokunai (最上 徳内?), who explored Ezo[1] and Sakhalin and some of the Kuril Islands in 1785-1786[2]
  • The first kanji of "Souta," "蒼," can also be read as "ao" ( ao?), the Japanese kanji for the color blue.

Souta Mogami is portrayed by Masashi Mikami (三上 真史 Mikami Masashi?).

Natsuki Mamiya

Chise Nakamura as Natsuki Mamiya

Natsuki Mamiya/Strong Adventurer Bouken Yellow (間宮 菜月/強き冒険者ボウケンイエロー Mamiya Natsuki/Tsuyoki Bōkensha Bōken Ierō?) learns that her real name is Lilina, Princess of Lemuria. Natsuki is completely attached to Masumi and met him long ago, when she was trapped under a rock in some ruins. The weight of that rock left her with amnesia. Natsuki is a rookie member of the Boukenger team. She is very naïve, which makes her seem like an air-head and a ditz. In fact, she freaked out when they first formed DaiBouken , as she and Masumi were still FNGs and had not finished their training yet. She often refers to herself in the third person. Apparently, she can see into the immediate future (her visions are in greyscale), as evidenced in Task 1 when she foresaw Souta being obliterated by a fake Heart of Gordom. Later, in Task 2, after a brief confrontation with a Jaryuu (which was interrupted by Souta and Sakura), Sakura scolded her, believing her to be part of the Negative Syndicate—in fact, Natsuki's feelings were hurt so badly that she briefly doubted her worthiness to the team and returned her Accellular to Masumi. It took the others to cheer her up and convince her to rejoin. Natsuki owns a bracelet that had stayed with her when Masumi found her. She believes that if someone recognizes it, they would be able to let her know who she really is. Because of the need to find out her true origin, Natsuki joined the Boukengers. However, in Task 14, she ceased to consider her past to be her top priority when Dark Shadow Tsukumogami Nendogami tried to falsify the past. She is the only Boukenger without a rival. In Task 24, she controlled DaiBouken and Ultimate Daibouken by herself. She calls Eiji "Ei-chan". She is also often found eating something.

In Task 33, Natsuki's past is finally revealed. Kazuko Karamonoya (from Tasks 9 and 10) told Natsuki that she did have a vague memory about the bracelet and showed her a statue of a woman wearing the bracelet and holding Zubaan in his sword mode. After seeing this statue, both Natsuki and Zubaan started acting strangely. Ryuuwon later revealed the truth about Natsuki and her sudden change: she is the last survivor of the Lemurian Civilization and her bracelet proves not only her origin but that she was an important member. One hundred-thousand years ago, her parents (played by Eri Tanaka, Chisato Jogasaki/MegaYellow ofDenji Sentai Megaranger, and Keisuke Tsuchiya, Kazu Tenjisei/KirinRanger ofGosei Sentai Dairanger), knowing their civilization's nearing demise, left Natsuki in a Sleeping Capsule that would slow her growth speed to a rate of 1 year for every 5,000 years. Natsuki, thinking that she might finally find answers, is taken by Ryuuwon to where the capsule rests. They find not only that capsule, but the Precious known as "the Sun of Lemuria." When Natsuki touched the Precious, her entire appearance changed to that of a Lemurian and Rei brainwashed her into thinking that her parents' desire and her sacred duty was to activate the Sun of Lemuria and destroy humanity. Having also obtained control over Zubaan, Natsuki, the Questers and Masumi, who wanted to rescue her, disappear. When Masumi finally broke into the Jaryuu's base, he tried to bring Natsuki back from the trance Rei had put her in and after remembering who she was, a Boukenger, the trance ended and Natsuki returned to her previous appearance. After the entire event, she forgot everything that had happened up till the point after she touched the Sun of Lemuria. When she returns to the cave to return the Sun of Lemuria, her parents appear in a hologram to tell her that they wanted her to use the Sun to make the future better for mankind, and her real name, Lilina, is revealed. At the end of the series Natsuki becomes wielder of Zubaan, as well as finding out her treasure is the memories she forged with the Boukengers.

  • "Mamiya" (間宮?) is from the surname of Japanese explorer Rinzo Mamiya (間宮 林蔵 Mamiya Rinzo?), who traced that Sakhalin (Karafuto) was not a peninsula but an island. Incidentally, Rinzo had learned surveying techniques from Tadataka Inou, just as Masumi is a mentor of sorts to Natsuki.
  • Natsuki's name in kanji "na" (?) and "tsuki" (?) mean "cole (blossoms)" and "moon", which are often yellow.

Natsuki Mamiya is portrayed by Chise Nakamura (中村 知世 Nakamura Chise?).

Sakura Nishihori

Haruka Suenaga as Sakura Nishihori

Sakura Nishihori/Deepsea Adventurer Bouken Pink (西堀 さくら/深き冒険者ボウケンピンク Nishihori Sakura/Fukaki Bōkensha Bōken Pinku?) is the sub-instructional person on the team, she was a former Self-Defense Force official, and she was raised as an elite of combat, tending to be a bit bossy at times. She is also good at handling machines, shooting, and military arts. Sakura is often seen as the serious, level-headed person in the group and barely ever smiles. She soon gets along with Natsuki and starts trusting her more, contrary to the beginning of the series where she threatened Natsuki with a sword, believing her to be part of the Negative Syndicate. Sakura is very loyal to SGS and keeps her feelings for Satoru to herself. She and Souta frequently fight Shizuka of the Wind. In the movie, Sakura is also revealed to have a fear of bugs. In Task 26, it is revealed that she ran away from her parents and joined a special army school to find her destiny, and when she first met Satoru and he asked her to join the other Boukengers in the shooting gallery. She may seem very cold-headed and insensitive to a certain point but in Task 31, after Eiji was badly injured by Gai, Sakura's emotional self showed after being enraged by the cruelty and treachery of Gai. After the final battle with Gajah, Sakura stowed away on GoGo Voyager when Satoru left the Boukenger team to take on a new adventure in outer space with her new-found treasure: her smile. However, while exploring planet Isla, Sakura is possessed by the released Pachacamac XII, who uses her as both a host and as a hostage to ensure Satoru aids him willingly in gaining his ancestor's power. Once freed of the monster's control, Sakura aids her team and the Gekirangers in defeating Pachacamac. Since the series finale, Sakura calls Satoru by his real name, and not by "Chief".

  • "Nishihori" (西堀?) is from the surname of Japanese scientist and alpinist, Eizaburo Nishibori (西堀 栄三郎 Nishibori Eizaburo?). He is known as the captain of the primary Japanese Antarctica wintering party.
  • "Sakura" (?) is Japanese for "cherry blossoms", which are pink.

Sakura Nishihori is portrayed by Haruka Suenaga (末永 遥 Suenaga Haruka?).

Eiji Takaoka

Masayuki Deai as Eiji Takaoka

Eiji Takaoka/Dazzling Adventurer Bouken Silver (高丘 映士/眩き冒険者ボウケンシルバー Takaoka Eiji/Mabayuki Bōkensha Bōken Shirubā?) is descendant of the Takaoka Clan, those most likely responsible for having sealed the Ashu Tribe - a race of'demons,' in the World of Demons utilizing the "Mirror of Demons." He debuts in Task 17 "The Ashu's Mirror," as a monk-like warrior in pursuit of the Ashu Tribe, with a strange power. Aloof and somewhat arrogant, to Eiji, the world's Precious are of little value to him; all that concerns him is the Ashu Tribe. And it is this attitude that tends to rub others the wrong way, especially Masumi. Furthermore, Eiji's father Karato had history with the Ashu and was slain by Gai, which is the source of Eiji's aggression, as well as the fact his own mother Kei (portrayed by Mami Higashiyama, Miku Imamura/MegaPink ofDenji Sentai Megaranger) was an Ashu as well, making Eiji a hanyō who believed his birth was an excuse to continue the Ashu bloodline.

Eiji at first wielded Karato's shakujo. It allowed him to perform the "Takaoka-Style Ashu Soul Destruction," which was effective on normal Ashu. But Gai, now a Quester (as is Rei), broke the shakujo with his hip and gunned the ornament into oblivion. As a result, Eiji's Ashu lineage surfaced and nearly overtook him until SGS created the SagaSniper for him along with a Go Go Changer allowing him to transform into Bouken Silver. Because his Accel Suit is connected to the new Neo-Parallel Engines, he is not affected by the Gordom Engine. Satoru told Eiji that the SagaSniper had the same power as his shakujo, but this was eventually revealed as a lie, since Satoru knew that Eiji's heart fought against and could control his Ashu side under his own power. When offered to be the Boukengers comrades he initially agreed, but when he remembered his father Karato he hesitated and ran away. After talking with Natsuki and seeing his mother's tear, he realized his place in the world and joined the Boukengers officially, joining the SGS Rescue division, receiving his silver jacket.

His rivals are the Ashu Tribe & the Questers, specifically Gai. When Ouga was awakened, Eiji attempted to performed the Ashu Soul Destruction on Ouga, but his soul was dragged by the Ashu into the limbo between worlds. But Eiji managed to defeat Ouga there and managed to return to his body and help the others fight the Questers. In the end, Eiji finally defeated Gai as he had vowed to and later setting up grave markers for him and Rei as a sign of respect. DuringBoukenger vs. Super Sentai, To help his comrades, Eiji gave the Spirit of Hope to Akared to power up Daivoyager to its Burning Legend form. When Masumi took leave, Eiji filled his spot during mecha formations. In task 48, Eiji reunited with his mother Kei once more in the house where he grew up in, and she helps Eiji discover what his personal treasure is, which is to have his own adventure. In task 49 after the final battle between Gajah, Eiji spends the majority of his time in rescue work in SGS Rescue, assisting the Boukengers on the side until a new Bouken Red and Bouken Pink are recruited.

  • "Takaoka" (高丘?) is from the surname of Japanese imperial family member and Buddhist Takaoka Shin'ou (高丘親王 Takaoka Shin'ō?). He left for India to try to find Nirvana after resigning the title of Crown Prince. However, he went missing while sailing.
  • "Eiji" (映士?) is pronounced like the chemical symbol for silver:Ag. The first character of his name, "ei" ( ei?), means "reflection", comparable to a silver mirror.

Eiji Takaoka is portrayed by Masayuki Deai (出合 正幸 Deai Masayuki?), who later played Ken Ashihara/Trigger Dopant in Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate and Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal.

Other SGS Members


Morio Makino (牧野 森男 Makino Morio?) is in charge of the mechanical side of things for the Boukenger from his "Makino Workshop" near the GoGo Vehicle hangar, where equipment and weapons are held and developed. His dream is to prove the existence of the mystical island of Atlantis. As observed from his frequent comments of equipment not being tested, he is a systematic person. He stayed up three days straight while working on GoGo Jet, which required Masumi and Natsuki to force him to get some sleep. However, he woke up just in time to inform Satoru of GoGo Jet's completion and Ultimate DaiBouken in the battle against Naga. When the team was trying to retrieve the God's Head, he disguised himself as Satoru to confuse the enemies, even fooling Natsuki, Eiji, and Masumi, making them think that all the Boukengers were in one spot. Only Souta and Sakura knew it was him. Makino had a Accelluar also with him, but it was fake. Plus when the rest of them posed, he only stated his title,'Mechanic Makino'! In the aftermath of Gajah's defeat, Morio disguised himself again this time as Sakura while the real Sakura sneaked away to go along with Satoru in the GoGo Voyager into outer space. Morio also eats from Dino Curry, meeting SCRTC's Miki Masaki there.

Makino is portrayed by Shigeru Saiki (斉木 しげる Saiki Shigeru?).

Mister Voice

Mister Voice (ミスター・ボイス Misutā Boisu?) is in charge of the Boukengers. Heard only by voice. He appears to the Boukengers (via a 3-piece computer screen in the SGS base) as a computer-generated white (though he does turn red when infuriated and has a spikier crown), cone-shaped, moustached face with two stick-like arms. Mr. Voice reveals missions to the Boukenger team, while the team can also contact him for support (a trait reminiscent of Charlie in Charlie's Angels. He is always strict with the Boukenger, making sure they do not disobey orders given, despite the numerous times they have done so. His true age and identity are unknown until in Task 49. It is revealed that Mr. Voice's true identity is a young mysterious girl who was introduced in Tasks 47-48 and helped Masumi get rid of his problems while keeping the Brain of Gōdom away from Desparado. She assumes the identity of Mr. Voice by using a computer program which controls her avatar's physical emotions and words.

It was eventually revealed in the epilogue chapter of the Boukenger reference guide-book that the young mysterious girl was none other than Leon Giordana, whom with the use of alchemy had transplanted his soul into different bodies throughout the centuries. With his accumulated wealth and knowledge on Precious and new identity, Giordana created the SGS and encouraged the development of the Parallel Engines and recruitment of adventurers to collect all the Precious possible to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands..

Mister Voice is voiced by Nobuo Tanaka (田中 信夫 Tanaka Nobuo?), the narrator of all previous anniversary Super Sentai Series:Dengeki Sentai Changeman,Kousoku Sentai Turboranger,Chōriki Sentai Ohranger, as well as the first series Himitsu Sentai Goranger. The mysterious girl who is the identity of Mister Voice is portrayed by Rio Kanno (菅野 莉央 Kanno Rio?).


DaiKenjin Zubaan (大剣人ズバーン Daikenjin Zubān?, lit. Great Sword Man Zubaan) is actually the Precious called The Golden Sword that was enshrined in the ruins of Lemuria. It is originally in Saken Mode, or Sacred Sword Mode. When the seal of the Saken Mode is turned, Zubaan can transform into a human-sized fighter. He also has the ability to grow to the size of DaiBouken at will. Its special attack in combination with Ultimate DaiBouken is called "Giant Holy Sword Slash" (大聖剣斬り Dai Seiken Giri?). In his humanoid form, Zubaan's speech is limited to saying his name, or mixed-up parts of it (such as "Ban-ban!", "Zun! Zubabababababa!", etc.) much like a Pokémon. In Task 42, he became the size of DaiBouken's sword, GoGoKen, to help the Boukengers defeat the Questers' Homunculus. Voyager DaiBouken with Zubaan in hand used the "Super Riding Adventure Drive" to do so. Zubaan is also able to finish giant monsters by using a powerful double kick or a rapid barrage of quick attacks. After Satoru and Sakura left for space, Natsuki carries Zubaan with her on the Boukenger's adventures.

Zubaan is voiced by Hideyuki Hori (堀 秀行 Hori Hideyuki?).


The Boukengers' helmets have headlights over the visor. The switch is on the side. The top of the switch affects the left turn signal, while the bottom affects the right. In addition to providing illumination, they can counter the effects of hypnotism.

  • Accellular (アクセルラー Akuserurā?): The Boukenger's transformation device is a cell phone-like item that is held in a special Accellular Holder worn on the upper left arm and doubles as a blacklight and scanning device, which can be used for things such as identifying how hazardous an object is. In Task 1, Masumi briefly returned his to Satoru, who in turn threatened to drop him into orange-hot magma for it. In Task 2, Natsuki returns her Accellular briefly after doubting her abilities to be a Boukenger. Number keys 0-9 correspond to a certain GoGo Vehicle. As demonstrated in Task 4 (Masumi placed a pair of round-lens glasses on a sleeping Satoru for the demonstration), they are also camera-phones. Apparently, they do not run low on batteries and need no recharging. They can malfunction, as seen in Task 28 (Masumi's Accellular had a voice modulator problem), but under normal circumstances, cannot be broken, except for situations under which the suits receive extreme damage. Both the Henshin Command and any Go Go Vehicle-related commands are executed by hitting the appropriate button, then striking the'GoGo Turbine' (small wheel-like part of the Accellular) against an object, usually either by spinning it with one's hand or striking it against the user's left arm. However, there have been various situations where another object or person was used to activate the GoGo Turbine.
    • 1: GoGo Dump (start here for Trailer Formation, Bouken Formation "1", Super Formation, and Ultimate Formation)
    • 2: GoGo Formula
    • 3: GoGo Gyro (stop here for Trailer Formation)
    • 4: GoGo Dozer
    • 5: GoGo Marine (Diver) (stop here for Bouken Formation "1")
    • 6: GoGo Drill (start here for Bouken Formation 2 and Super Formation)
    • 7: GoGo Shovel
    • 8: GoGo Mixer
    • 9: GoGo Crane (stop here for Super Formation)
    • 0: GoGo Jet (stop here from 1 for Ultimate Formation or from 6 for Bouken Formation 2)
    • GO!: Launches chosen GoGo Vehicle(s) (Launch Shift (発進シフト Hasshin Shifuto?))
    • Robot: Combines chosen GoGo Vehicles into a certain formation (Combination Shift (合体シフト Gattai Shifuto?))
    • Sun: Activates AccelSuits and transforms each hero into their Boukenger form. The henshin call is "Boukenger… START UP!" (although just saying "START UP!" will suffice). The Boukengers have been known to shout "Ready!" before performing the chant.
    • Transmission: Call
    • Light: Blacklight
    • GoGo Turbine: Enter
    • Camera: Button at the back. Masumi used this to play a prank on Satoru while he was asleep (and having a nightmare about his deceased friends, Masaki and Kyouko).
  • Survi-Busters (サバイバスター Sabaibasutā?): Standard firearm weapon, which can be changed into sword weapons known as Survi-Blades (サバイブレード Sabaiburēdo?).
  • Scope Shots (スコープショット Sukōpu Shotto?): A Swiss Army Knife device. Aside from being a knife, the Scope Shot can fire survival tools such as grappling hooks, magnets, emergency flares, a small parachute, metallic Bouken Chips (ボウケンチップ Bōken Chippu?) (these chips can contain messages which the Boukengers can only see with the Accellular Search Mode's blacklight) and can also serve as a telescope. The Scope Shot can combine with the Survi-Buster to form the Survi-Buster Sniper Mode (サバイバスター・スナイパーモード Sabaibasutā Sunaipā Mōdo?), the finisher with this weapon is the Climax Shoot, first used on Tsukumogami Jougami.
  • Bouken Arms (ボウケンアームズ Bōken Āmuzu?)
    • Bouken Bo (ボウケンボー Bōken Bō?): Bouken Red's tool (resembles a truck's leaf spring), can also transform into the Bouken Javelin (ボウケンジャベリン Bōken Jaberin?) and can initiate the finisher "Red Zone Crash," rushing slash attack with the Bouken Javelin. He also has a finisher called "Twin Sword Slash" when the Survi-Blade and Bouken Javelin are used together. Another attack is "Javelin Crash," in which he converts the energy of the GoGo Dump's Parallel Engine into flame and slashes the enemy. In Task 47, the Bouken Bo was sliced in half by Ryuuwon who was wielding two out of the three Blades of the Three Kingdoms Leadership at the time, but the Bouken Bo was later seen in Task 49 completely repaired. "Bo" is Japanese for "rod."
    • Radial Hammer (ラジアルハンマー Rajiaru Hanmā?): Bouken Black's tool (resembles a driveshaft and axle); his attack is called "Drift Crash," where he tosses his hammer like a boomerang. His other attacks are "Lightning Attack", where by spinning around his hammer in circles, he shoots lightning from it, and "Hammer Break," where he maximizes the power from the GoGo Formula's Parallel Engine and pulverizes the enemy. In Task 46, to defeat Yaiba, Masumi with the Accel Tector on, he uses the full power of the hammer on him. It was called "Hammer Dynamite"
    • Blow Knuckle (ブロウナックル Burō Nakkuru?): Bouken Blue's tool (resembles a jet turbine; in Task 1, Souta hurt his hand while punching a Karth with full force, so he has chosen to use this weapon more often); His attacks are "Hover Attack," where he punches the ground and launches himself into the air, then blast enemies with a strong wind gust, and "Knuckle Cannon," where he maximizes the power from the GoGo Gyro's Parallel Engine and blows his enemies away.
    • Bucket Scoopers (バケットスクーパー Baketto Sukūpā?): Bouken Yellow's tools (resemble bulldozer buckets); her attacks are "Scooper Punch," where her punch power is increased to the point she can break cliff walls, and "Scooper Phantom," where she maximizes the power of the GoGo Dozer's Parallel Engine and delivers an X-uppercut to the enemy.
    • Hydro Shooter (ハイドロシューター Haidoro Shūtā?): Bouken Pink's tool (resembles Go Go Marine); her attack are called "Aqua Shoot," where she shoots high-powered water shots, and "Shooter Hurricane," where she maximizes the power of the GoGo Marine's Parallel Engine and attacks her enemies with strengthened water pellets.
  • Accel Tector (アクセルテクター Akuseru Tekutā?): Special armor worn by the Boukenger. The Tector is a small, blue, saucer-shaped dome with the Boukenger "Compass" on the front. By placing the "Scale of the Salamander" inside of it, a special body armor activates on the wearer's chest. Apparently the armor's main purpose is to minimize recoil damage caused by the Dual Crasher, but later on it was used as an armor for combat, and it can also power-up the Bouken Arms, giving them new powers. It was used mainly by Bouken Red at first, but from Task 12 onwards, the other four also wore it to finish off the enemy. The Combination Crush is only effective if all members are present, although one member can use the Dual Crusher alone, although the shock absorption is not as effective. Eiji has only worn the Accel Tector twice, once in the Special File short and in GoGo Sentai Boukenger Vs Super Sentai.
  • Dual Crusher (デュアルクラッシャー Dyuaru Kurashā?): A weapon used in conjunction with the Accel Tector. The Dual Crusher has two heads:
    • Mixer Head (ミキサーヘッド Mikisā Heddo?): Immobilizes target by encasing it in "Hyper Concrete (ハイパーコンクリート Haipā Konkurīto?)."
    • Drill Head (ドリルヘッド Doriru Heddo?): Penetrates immobilized target with drill (Combination Crush).
  • GoGo Changer (ゴーゴーチェンジャー GōGō Chenjā?): Bouken Silver's henshin brace. Eiji shouts the henshin call "GoGo Changer, START UP!" when using it. Like the Accellulars, the GoGo Changer can summon GoGo Vehicles 1-10, but only Bouken Silver can summon 11-13. Since it is too small for numbered buttons (only having Launch and Combination Shift buttons), it has an LCD which displays the number of a particular GoGo Vehicle. Bouken Silver turns a dial to a particular number (the selection process always starts with No. 11-13), and then presses the button inside the dial to summon or combine. The GoGo Vehicles must be launched one at a time. Accordingly, GoGo Vehicles 4-10, which can combine with GoGo Fire, must be combined one at a time.
    • 11: GoGo Fire ("Fire! Go!Go!")
    • 12: GoGo Aider ("Aider! Go!Go!")
    • 13: GoGo Police ("Police! Go!Go!"/"Siren Formation!")
    • 01: GoGo Dump ("Dump! Go!Go!")
    • 02: GoGo Formula ("Formula! GoGo!")
    • 03: GoGo Gyro ("Gyro! Go!Go!")
    • 04: GoGo Dozer ("Dozer! GoGo!"/"Dozer! Power On!")
    • 05: GoGo Marine (Diver) ("Marine! Go!Go!"/"Marine! Power On!")
    • 06: GoGo Drill ("Drill! Go!Go!"/"Drill! Power On!")
    • 07: GoGo Shovel ("Shovel! Go!Go!"/"Shovel! Power On!")
    • 08: GoGo Mixer ("Mixer! Go!Go!"/"Mixer! Power On!")
    • 09: GoGo Crane ("Crane! Go!Go!"/"Crane! Power On!")
    • 10: GoGo Jet ("Jet! Go!Go!"/"Jet! Power On!")
    • Enter: Transform and Go Go Vehicle-related commands
    • Dial: Select Go Go Vehicle
    • Robot: Combination Shift
    • GO!: Launch Shift
  • Sagasniper (サガスナイパー Sagasunaipā?): Bouken Silver's weapon. It has three modes: Sagasniper for ranged combat, Sagaspear (サガスピア Sagasupia?) for melée combat, and the metal detector-like Sagasu Mode (サガスモード Sagasu Mōdo?). To activate Sagasu Mode, Bouken Silver turns a cylinder on the neck of the Sagaspear, a red light near the sensor blinks three times, and the Sagaspear itself says "Search Start"; when Bouken Silver pulls the trigger, a buzzing noise beeps from the sensor, and when the sensor hits metal, the red light shines, an alarm sounds, the Sagaspear yells "Hit!" and Bouken Silver yells "Lock On!" when he is about to revert to Sniper Mode; "Sagasu" (探す; 捜す) means "to search for"). The weapon has two attacks: "Sagastrike" (Sagasniper) and "Sagaslash" (Sagaspear). Another attack is "Sniper Gatling," where he maximizes the power of the Go Go Fire's Neo Parallel Engine and delivers a rapid-fire assault on the enemy.

GoGo Vehicles

Each of theGoGo Vehicles (ゴーゴービークル GōGō Bīkuru?) can be controlled through Bouken Drivers (ボウケンドライバー BōkenDoraibā?), carrying-case-like boxes which hold collapsible controls (a steering wheel and one joystick on each side). The GoGo Gattai Machines are additional vehicles which can serve as power-ups for the main robots. The Parallel Engines of these mecha are stronger than those of Vehicles 1~5, which initially put strain on the core Boukengers. Two or more of these Machines can combine with DaiBouken and/or SirenBuilder. Originally, the GoGo Vehicles were equipped with Parallel Engines until the arrival of the Questers' prompted GoGo Vehicles 1 through 10 to be refitted with Neo Parallel Engines, which were around equipped into the GoGo Vehicles 11 through 18. When Gajah managed to absorb the energy of SirenBuilder's Neo Parallel Engines, Mr. Voice commissioned the shutdown of the GoGo Vehicles to modify the engines to counter Gajah's magic, ultimately removing all the Precious and limiters within each engine and instituting the Boukengers themselves as their primary power outlet.

  1. GoGo Dump (ゴーゴーダンプ Gō Gō Danpu?): Piloted by Bouken Red, who draws his power from this vehicles's Parallel Engine. The bucket splits into a pair of manipulator arms. Forms the head, body, and legs of DaiBouken, Super DaiBouken, and Ultimate DaiBouken, and the trailer unit of the GoGo Trailer.
  2. GoGo Formula (ゴーゴーフォーミュラ GōGō Fōmyura?): Piloted by Bouken Black, who draws his power from this vehicles Parallel Engine. The front bumper hides a missile launcher. Forms the chest of DaiBouken, the back of Super and Ultimate DaiBouken, and the wheels of the GoGo Trailer's tractor unit. Eiji drives GoGo Formula in Masumi's absence in Task 46.
  3. GoGo Gyro (ゴーゴージャイロ GōGō Jairo?): Piloted by Bouken Blue, who draws his power from this vehicle's Parallel Engine. The GoGo Gyro has cables which are strong enough to enable the GoGo Gyro to lift the GoGo Marine (Diver). In addition, the Gyro is actually two vehicles combined—the part that forms DaiBouken's helmet is an exploration vehicle called Met Lander (メットランダー Metto Randā?). Forms DaiBouken's back and helmet, Super DaiBouken's "spine", Ultimate DaiBouken's abdominal area, and the cabin of the GoGo Trailer's tractor unit.
  4. GoGo Dozer (ゴーゴードーザー GōGō Dōzā?): Piloted by Bouken Yellow, who draws her power from this vehicle's Parallel Engine. The bucket is resilient enough to throw a daikaijuu off of its feet. Forms DaiBouken's right arm (but goes into the back of the left leg in a power up), goes into the right leg of Super and Ultimate DaiBouken, and goes on the right side of the Go Go Trailer's trailer unit.
  5. GoGo Marine (Diver) (ゴーゴーマリン(ダイバー) GōGō Marin (Daibā)?): Piloted by Bouken Pink, who draws her power from this vehicle's Parallel Engine. The GoGo Marine has a manipulator claw on each side. It forms DaiBouken's left arm (but goes into the back of the right leg in a power up), goes into the left leg of Super and Ultimate DaiBouken, and goes on the left side of the GoGo Trailer's trailer unit.
  6. GoGo Drill (ゴーゴードリル GōGō Doriru?) has three spiral drills in its cone. All three rotate in the same direction as the cone. GoGo Drill makes a right arm and replaces GoGo Dozer to make DaiBouken Drill, which gains a finishing move known as "Maximum Penetration". Uses "Rising Penetration" when joined to DaiBouken in conjunction with GoGo Shovel (this combination is known as DaiBouken Drill & Shovel). Uses "Bind Break" when attached in conjunction with GoGo Mixer (known as DaiBouken Drill & Mixer). Uses "Lift-Up Strike" when attached in conjunction with GoGo Crane (known as DaiBouken Drill & Crane). Uses "Double Arm Liquid Bomber" when joined to SirenBuilder in conjunction with GoGo Shovel (known as SirenBuilder Drill & Shovel). Bouken Yellow usually pilots this machine, but it was first piloted by Bouken Red.
  7. GoGo Shovel (ゴーゴーショベル GōGō Shoberu?) has its shovel unit retractable. When not combined, it has an attack known as the "Shovel Swing." It forms the left arm and attaches to DaiBouken in place of GoGo Marine, forming DaiBouken Shovel. The shovel can be used in the "Shovel Defense" maneuver, and DaiBouken Shovel can use the finisher move "Shovel Knuckle". Uses "Rising Penetration" when joined to DaiBouken in conjunction with GoGo Drill in Daibouken Drill & Shovel. It uses "Double Arm Liquid Bomber" when joined to SirenBuilder in conjunction with Go Go Drill in SirenBuilder Drill & Shovel. Bouken Pink usually pilots this machine.
  8. GoGo Mixer (ゴーゴーミキサー GōGō Mikisā?) hides a cannon in its mixer section. Like any concrete mixer truck, this GoGo Machine must first be filled with water (collected during launch as it drives through a waterfall) and mineral aggregates (fed by DaiBouken with the Go Schoper). It combines with DaiBouken in place of GoGo Marine to form DaiBouken Mixer. It used "Agitation Shoot" to immobilize multiple Bouken Blue copies while uncombined and "Wall Shoot" to cover a burning warehouse (Wicked Evil Dragon Dryken was the culprit) in a layer of Hyper Concrete when part of DaiBouken Mixer, and later as Super DaiBouken's right foot, to squander an ambush attempt by Gajah and Girad. It uses "Bind Break" when attached in conjunction with GoGo Drill in DaiBouken Drill & Mixer. It forms the right foot of Super and Ultimate DaiBouken and the lower right leg for DaiTanken. Bouken Blue usually pilots this machine.
  9. GoGo Crane (ゴーゴークレーン GōGō Kurēn?) can combine with DaiBouken in place of GoGo Marine to form DaiBouken Crane and uses "Wire Hook Punch" (this combination was not used until Task 28, but has had its own picture in the official tv asahi website since Task 9), and "Lift-Up Strike" when attached in conjunction with GoGo Drill in DaiBouken Drill & Crane. It forms the left foot and helmet for Super DaiBouken, the left foot alone for Ultimate DaiBouken and the lower left leg and part of the body for DaiTanken. Bouken Black usually pilots this machine.
  10. GoGo Jet (ゴーゴージェット GōGō Jetto?) was under construction until Task 16. Unlike the other GoGo Gattai Machines, this one is behind closed doors until needed. Its wingspan is so long, that the wings fold upward so that it can fit into its hangar. It uses a rail to take off, much like the Jetscrander from Mazinger Z (parts of the combination sequence also resemble that of Mazinger Z with the Jetscrander). The cockpit of this mecha doubles as an exploration vehicle and the mecha itself is able to carry other GoGo Gattai Machines into action. It is armed with "Ultimate Missiles", which can destroy Zorads. The wingtips have cannons, and GoGo Jet can also drop explosives like a military bomber. It combines with DaiBouken to form either DaiBouken Buster Mode (ダイボウケンバスターモード Daibōken Basutā Mōdo?) or with SirenBuilder to form SirenBuilder Jet, although these combinations were never used. It forms the helmet, wings, back and shield for Ultimate DaiBouken and the head, body, and upper legs to DaiTanken. Bouken Red is assigned this machine.
  11. GoGo Fire (ゴーゴーファイヤー GōGō Faiyā?) forms the head, torso, and legs of SirenBuilder and is designed like a western fire engine. When the twin water cannons on its back are fired, it uses "Double Water Shoot", an attack which Bouken Silver can use either in GoGo Fire or SirenBuilder. Bouken Silver receives his power from this vehicle's Neo Parallel Engine, making him immune to the Gordom Engines that power the Questers.
  12. GoGo Aider (ゴーゴーエイダー GōGō Eidā?) forms the left arm of SirenBuilder and is designed like an ambulance. Bouken Silver can control it and GoGo Police remotely via the GoGo Changer. It has the ability to fly and is armed with two blasters on the bumper (and more specifically, the areas which become SirenBuilder's left index and small fingers) which can fire bright red energy beams to attack. According to the Official Super Sentai Website, this Vehicle can also deliver medical supplies to the Danger Zone and carries its own emergency room.
  13. GoGo Police (ゴーゴーポリス GōGō Porisu?) forms the right arm of Siren Builder and is designed like a police patrol car. Like GoGo Aider, Bouken Silver can control it remotely via the GoGo Changer, and it can fly. It is armed with four "Police Vulcans" (two on each side of the vehicle) which fire a barrage of bright yellow energy bolts to attack.
  14. GoGo Commander (ゴーゴーコマンダー GōGō Komandā?) is an airborne reconnaissance vehicle piloted by Bouken Red that becomes the head of DaiVoyager. It gathers and analyzes information from the battle for the rest of the team. When GoGo Voyager is solely piloted, it is controlled from the cockpit of GoGo Commander.
  15. GoGo Carrier (ゴーゴーキャリアー GōGō Kyariā?) is a heavily armored freighter vehicle piloted by Bouken Black that becomes the body and legs of DaiVoyager. It carries dangerous Precious and materials for the team.
  16. GoGo Fighter (ゴーゴーファイター GōGō Faitā?) is a highly maneuverable fighter jet vehicle piloted by Bouken Blue that becomes the shoulders of DaiVoyager. It has two Voyager Cannons, the main weapons of GoGo Voyager and DaiVoyager
  17. GoGo Attacker (ゴーゴーアタッカー GōGō Atakkā?) is an attacker/bomber vehicle piloted by Bouken Yellow that becomes the chest of DaiVoyager. It is equipped with two Voyager Cannons, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Its specialty is dive bombing.
  18. GoGo Roader (ゴーゴーローダー GōGō Rōdā?) is a steamroller-like vehicle piloted by Bouken Pink that becomes the arms of DaiVoyager. Its giant roller flattens out unsafe terrains.

GoGo Combinations


Rumbling Fusion DaiBouken (轟轟合体ダイボウケン Gōgō Gattai DaiBōken?): The combination of the five mainstream GoGo Vehicles in the Bouken Formation (ボウケンフォーメーション Bōken Fōmēshon?). Natsuki did freak out a bit during the first combination sequence during the fight with the Gordom God (as she and Masumi hadn't completed their training at the time). DaiBouken is armed with the Go Scooper (ゴースコッパー Gō Sukoppā?), a shovel ("schop" is Dutch for shovel), and the Go Picker (ゴーピッカー Gō Pikkā?), a pickaxe (the Japanese use "Pickel", the German word for "pickaxe"), that combine to form the GoGo Sword (轟轟剣 Gōgō Ken?). Its finishing move is called "Adventure Drive." A series of pistons on each leg allows DaiBouken to deliver a blow of any kind with greater force when activated. Its name in Japanese means "Great Adventure". It can also jump onto SirenBuilder's shoulders, propelling into the air for "Flying Adventure Drive", which was seen in Task 32. It also has a Trailer Formation (トレーラーフォーメーション Torērā Fōmēshon?), known as GoGo Trailer (ゴーゴートレーラー GōGō Torērā?) but so far this command has not been used, and the GoGo Trailer was only shown in the opening of the first episode. Its license plate reads: SGS BK-5050.

Super DaiBouken

Super Rumbling Fusion Super DaiBouken (超轟轟合体スーパーダイボウケン Chō Gōgō Gattai Sūpā DaiBōken?) is when GoGo Vehicles 1-9 combine into the Super Formation (スーパーフォーメーション Sūpā Fōmēshon?). The grappling hooks from GoGo Crane are worn as a helmet. It attacks with "Cannonball Headbutt" and "Double Arm Crash" (finisher). It can also fire Hyper Concrete ("Wall Shoot") to foil any attempt to ambush the Boukengers from behind. It first appears at Task 11.

Ultimate DaiBouken

Ultimate Rumbling Fusion Ultimate DaiBouken (究極轟轟合体アルティメットダイボウケン Kyūkyoku Gōgō Gattai Arutimetto DaiBōken?) is formed from GoGo Vehicles 1-10 in the Ultimate Formation (アルティメットフォーメーション Arutimetto Fōmēshon?). It attacks with "Variable Typhoon" and "Ultimate Blaster," its finisher. The cockpit of GoGo Jet covers the DaiBouken head completely. It first appears at Task 16.


Emergency Rumbling Fusion SirenBuilder (緊急轟轟合体サイレンビルダー Kinkyū Gōgō Gattai SairenBirudā?) is commanded by Bouken Silver, and is the combination of GoGo Fire, Aider, and Police in the Siren Formation (サイレンフォーメーション Sairen Fōmēshon?). Its finishing attacks are "Triple Liquid Bomber" and "Builder Crash". SirenBuilder has the ability to "Jack Up", which involves GoGo Fire's leg formation activating or deactivating at his command; this comes in handy for dodging attacks or jumping ("Jack Down"). When it fires from Aider and Police, an attack called "Knuckle Vulcans" is activated. SirenBuilder is part of the "SGS Rescue Project", which involves aid and defense of civilians and the use of Precious for humanity's sake, according to Makino. SirenBuilder can also utilize GoGo Vehicles 4-10. In Task 42, Satoru released the limiters on SirenBuilder so he could detonate it along with the Quester's Homuculus, but was stopped by the other Boukengers.


DaiTanken (ダイタンケン DaiTanken?, Great Expedition) is formed from GoGo Vehicles 6-10 in the Bouken Formation #2 (ボウケンフォーメーション2 Bōken Fōmēshon 2?). DaiTanken's finisher is "Bouken Flash", where powerful lasers are shot from GoGo Vehicles 6 through 9. DaiTanken first appeared in GoGo Sentai Boukenger The Movie: The Greatest Precious and then in the series in Tasks 40 and 42. It can also do "Big Red Bomber", where the cockpit of Jet takes off of DaiTanken, and hits a villain, destroying it.


Extreme Rumbling Fusion DaiVoyager (超絶轟轟合体ダイボイジャー Chōzetsu Gōgō Gattai DaiBoijā?, Chōzetsu (超絶) can also mean "Superior," "Transcendent," or "Excellent") is the Boukengers' fourth mecha that appeared in Task 34. It is composed of GoGo Machines 14 through 18 in the Voyager Formation (ボイジャーフォーメーション Boijā Fōmēshon?). It is the strongest of all of the mecha, and its finisher is the "Adventure Double Screw" where DaiVoyager's fists spin and punch its opponent with great force. It is nearly 1.4 times taller than DaiBouken (65.5 meters as opposed to 47), and like DaiBouken has a trailer form, GoGo Voyager (ゴーゴーボイジャー GōGō Boijā?) (Carrier forms the main body, Loader connects to the front, Fighter goes on top of Carrier's cabin, Attacker goes on top of Fighter, and Commander goes on the end) on which DaiBouken itself can ride. GoGo Voyager is an amphibious battleship that has four sets of Voyager Cannons. To transform from GoGo Voyager to DaiVoyager, the Boukenger press the Gattai button on their Accelulars and then center of the wheel of their Bouken Drivers. In GoGo Sentai Boukenger VS Super Sentai, with the power of AkaRed, DaiVoyager becomes Burning Legend DaiVoyager (バーニングレジェンドダイボイジャー Bāningu Rejendo DaiBoijā?), armed with fiery wings, a blazing chestplate in the style of the Super Sentai Series "V" logo, and crimson fists over GoGo Roader's. Its attacks in this form are "Double Fire Punch" and "30 Super Sentai Soul" which utilizes the strength of all the Super Sentai teams. In the series finale, GoGo Voyager was used a spacecraft, driven Satoru and Sakura, as they search for Precious in space.

Voyager DaiBouken

Voyager DaiBouken (ボイジャーダイボウケン Boijā DaiBōken?) is formed when DaiBouken rides on GoGo Voyager in the Riding Formation (ライディングフォーメーション Raidingu Fōmēshon?). To perform this, Eiji pilots GoGo Voyager, while the rest of the team is in DaiBouken . Its finishing attack is the Riding Adventure Drive. It can also perform the Super Riding Adventure Drive by using Zubaan instead of the GoGo Ken.

Other combinations

In Task 22, Ultimate DaiBouken and SirenBuilder switched their arms around; Ultimate DaiBouken had GoGo Aider and GoGo Police for arms, and only SirenBuilder, now SirenBuilder Drill & Shovel, fought and terminated Tsukumogami Zukangami by using "Double Arm Liquid Bomber".

In Task 28, DaiBouken and SirenBuilder switched arms several times. During this time they created SirenBuilder Drill & Mixer. Then later on DaiBouken and SirenBuilder create DaiBouken Aider & Police and SirenBuilder Dozer & Marine, with which Bouken Silver performed the Adventure Drive attack to defeat Quester Robo Elite, Daibouken Aider and Police finishing the job with Aider and Police's Knuckle Vulcans attack.

In Task 43, DaiVoyager becomes DaiVoyager Drill & Shovel to defeat the Golem that Gajah set loose on the city on Christmas along with SirenBuilder and DaiBouken.

Also, in Task 43's Special File about the first seven-piece combination, Satoru appears in DaiBouken's cockpit calling out a twelve-piece combination of Ultimate DaiBouken and GoGo Aider and Police stuck onto the backs of Ultimate DaiBouken/GoGo Jet's wings. This combination was never named, as it is not really part of the actual series.

In Task 45, SirenBuilder becomes SirenBuilder Crane to fight against the last Jakuryuu.

According to official website for Boukenger, combinations such as Ultimate DaiBouken Roader & Fighter, and SirenBuilder Roader are possible.

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  1. ^ Ezo is the former name of Hokkaidō
  2. ^ Nussbaum, Louis-Frédéric. (2005). "Mogami Tokunai" in Japan Encyclopedia, p. 1014. at Google Books

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