Chouriki Sentai Ohranger

Chouriki Sentai Ohranger

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show_name = Chouriki Sentai Ohranger

caption = The title card for "Chouriki Sentai Ohranger"
genre = Tokusatsu
creator = Toei
runtime = approx. 25 minutes
starring = Masaru Shishido
Kunio Masaoka
Masashi Goda
Ayumi Asō
Tamao Satō
Hiroshi Miyauchi

opentheme = "Olé! Ohranger" by Kentarō Hayami
endtheme = "Kinkyuu Hasshin! Ohranger" by Kentarou Hayami
"Nijiiro Crystal Sky" by Kentarō Hayami
narrated = nihongo|Nobuo Tanaka|田中 信夫|Tanaka Nobuo
composer = Seiji Yokoyama
producer = Jun Kaji
Takeyuki Suzuki
Shigenori Takadera
Kōichi Yada
Susumu Yoshikawa
country = flagicon|Japan Japan
language = Japanese
network = TV Asahi
first_aired = March 3, 1995
last_aired = February 23, 1996
num_episodes = 48
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preceded_by = Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
followed_by = Gekisou Sentai Carranger
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nihongo|"Chouriki Sentai Ohranger"|超力戦隊オーレンジャー|Chōriki Sentai Ōrenjā, translated into English as "Super-Powered Squadron Ohranger", is a Japanese Tokusatsu television series. It was Toei Company Limited's nineteenth production of its Super Sentai television series. Its footage was used in the American series "". nihongo|"Oh"|オー|Ō is a pun on nihongo|"olé"|オーレ|ōre, nihongo|"aura"|オーラ|ōra, and the Japanese word for nihongo|"king"|王|ō. "O.H." was also given as the acronym for "Overtech Hardware", the organization the team is part of, adding to the pun. The series was originally intended as a twentieth anniversary series for the Sentai franchise, and many writers from older series came back to work on the show with the plan for a dark theme. However, due to the events that occurred in Japan around the time the series was aired, like the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, Ohranger received much altering to its intended themes, making it the least-popular Sentai show to date. In the closing credits for "Power Rangers: Zeo", the title is romanized as "O Rangers".


"Only those who have learned the power of the Super-Civilization will be able to save humanity from its greatest crisis: Baranoia, the Machine Empire, which plans to invade the Earth…!"

Six hundred million years ago, Pangaea created a robot named Bacchus Wrath, who turned on his creators. The King Ranger defeated Bacchus Wrath and banished him from Earth. In the year 1999, Bacchus returned to Earth as the ruler of the Baranoia Empire, with the intention of wiping out all human life and bring about machine rule. Chief Counsellor Miura revived super energies that had been born of the lost civilization of Pangaea. With the assembling of pieces of a stone plate uncovered three years previously, the secrets of "Super Power" were revealed. Miura built a pyramid to generate Tetrahedron power in order to allow five UAOH officers to transform into OHRangers.



"Chouriki Sentai... Ohranger!! Oh ré!"The five Ohrangers are members of the U.A.O.H. (United Airforce Overtech Hardware). Their special team attack is nihongo|Chouriki Dynamite Attack|超力ダイナマイトアタック|Chōriki Dainamaito Atakku, where the OHRangers perform multiple mid-air flips and change into an energy ball that destroys Machine Beasts.

* / nihongo|OHRed|オーレッド|Ōreddo is 25 years old. An ace pilot and the team leader, Hoshino is the first to receive his powers. He is cool-headed and quick-thinking person. However, his stubbornness brings him and his teammates much trouble at times. He is an expert in karate, kendo and judo. The others call him "captain". Visor shape: ★
** OHWeapon: Star Riser, a powerful sword.
** Special attack: nihongo|"Secret Sword: Super-Power Riser"|秘剣・超力ライザー|Hiken Chōriki Raizā

* / nihongo|OHGreen|オーグリーン|Ōgurīn is 27 years old. The second-in-command. Yokkaichi is chosen from the same division as Hoshino. Cheerful and kind, popular with children but also serious and disciplined in work, being the oldest. Likes pork ramen and makes delicious gyouza dumplings. He is a Boxer. Visor shape: ■
** OHWeapon: Square Crushers, a pair of powerful hatchets.
** Special attacks: nihongo|"Blitzkrieg: Chouriki Crusher"|電光・超力クラッシャー|Denkō Chōriki Kurasshā, nihongo|"Exploding Mirage Knuckle"|爆烈ミラージュナックル|Bakuretsu Mirāji Nakkuru

* / nihongo|OHBlue|オーブルー|Ōburū is 21 years old. A swift person, Mita is an expert in fencing and gymnastics. His recklessness makes him the most childish member along with his way of speaking. Mita uses jumps and midair fighting tactics. Visor shape: ▼
** OHWeapon: nihongo|Delta Tonfas|デルタトンファ|Deruta Tonfa, a pair of mighty bladed-tonfas.
** Special attacks: nihongo|"Lightning: Chouriki Tonfas"|稲妻・超力トンファ|Inazuma Chōriki Tonfa, nihongo|"Crashing Rolling Bomber"|激突ローリングボンバー|Gekitotsu Rōringu Bonbā

* / nihongo|OHYellow|オーイエロー|Ōierō is 22 years old. Nijou uses martial arts researched in the United States but she also likes dancing and aerobics, which uses in battle with great results. She loves fashion. Visor shape: =
** OHWeapon: nihongo|Twin Baton|ツインバトン|Tsuin Baton, a pair of strong nunchaku.
** Special attacks: nihongo|"Explosion: Chouriki Baton"|炸裂・超力バトン|Sakuretsu Chōriki Baton, nihongo|"Lightspeed Splash Illusion"|光速スプラッシュイリュージョン|Kōsoku Supurasshu Iryūjon

* / nihongo|OHPink|オーピンク|Ōpinku is 20 years old. Uses Chinese boxing and Aikido. She loves the city and Baranoia used that against the Ohranger at times. Maruo is best friends with Nijou. Maruo is the most femenine of the female members. Visor shape: ●
** OHWeapon: nihongo|Circle Defenser|サークルディフェンサー|Sākuru Difensā, power defensive shield and weapon.
** Special attacks: nihongo|"Hurricane: Chouriki Defenser"|疾風・超力ディフェンサー|Shippū Chōriki Difensā, nihongo|"Flashing Miracle Chi Kung Shot"|閃光ミラクル気功弾|Senkō Mirakuru Kikōdan

* / nihongo|KingRanger|キングレンジャー|Kingurenjā: The legendary child-like hero of Pangaea who chased Emperor Bacchus Wrath off Earth 600 millions years ago. In the story, he has revived from suspended animation and is the protector of Dorin. Visor shape:

** Weapon: nihongo|King Stick|キングスティック|Kingu Sutikku, a mighty staff.
** Special attack: nihongo|"King Victory Flash"|キングビクトリーフラッシュ|Kingu Bikutorī Furasshu


*: An ancient warrior known for his honor and courage. Imprisoned within the form of a tiny tiki, the only way to unlock his power is by placing a key into his forehead and reciting the magic words nihongo|"Ganma Ganma Dondoko Ganma"|ガンマガンマ ドンドコガンマ|Ganma Ganma Dondoko Ganma. For some reason, the key always ended up in the hands of a child and everyone knew the magic words. When awakened, Gunmajin would grant a single wish to his discoverer as long as it didn't mean harm to anyone. There were times in which he simply didn't like the wish and refused to grant it or punished his awakener for lying to him. Gunmajin possessed the Majin Saber through which he focused his power into the four styles of Majin One Sword Fencing (Fire, Lightning, Wind and Blinding Light). In the series finale, he took Acha, Kocha, and Buldont, Jr. to his care. In "OhRanger vs. Kakuranger", he is revealed to be terrified of Youkai (monsters fought by Kakuranger).

** Weapon: nihongo|Majin Saber|マジンサーベル|Majin Sāberu
** Special Attack: nihongo|"Majin One Sword Style"|マジン一刀流|Majin Ittō Ryū

*: The OHRangers' commander, a dedicated leader who refuses to give up no matter what. An anthropologist and scientist as well, he used his knowledge about ancient civilizations and technologies to create all the OHRangers' arsenal and mecha, as well as their suits. He once defeated a Baranoia Soldier with his bare hands after a UAOH soldier couldn't do it with a gun. (Played by the tokusatsu actor Hiroshi Miyauchi).

*: A girl of Pangaea who was found sleeping inside King Piramider. It's discovered that she is an important part of the Super Force in Earth and Riki is assignated to her care. Was killed once by Multiwa but revived in the finale. She has a green pet lizard named nihongo|Paku|パク|Paku.

* Ninja Sentai Kakuranger: Only in the movie "Chouriki Sentai Ohranger vs. Kakuranger". As the previous year's team, they assisted the Ohrangers in defeating the Youkai demon Onbu-Obake and the Machine Beast Bara Gear. This was the start of the trend of a yearly movie with the newest sentai teaming up with the previous year's heroes.

* Gekisou Sentai Carranger


*: The OHRangers' changing device. One piece is worn on each wrist. The right-armed piece has a Storage Crystal, the source of the OHRangers' energy, attached to it. The Storage Crystal is also placed inside of the cockpit of OHRanger Robo in order to pilot it. The left piece also can work as a communication device to contact U.A.O.H.'s home base, and to contact the other Rangers. By using the henshin call nihongo|"Super-Powered Transformation!"|超力変身!|Chouriki Henshin! and connecting their braces, the user transforms into an OHRanger.

*: Riki/KingRanger's version of the Power Brace. gold-colored (as opposed to the OHRangers silver-colored brace) with a Storage Crystal with a nihongo|"king"|王|Ō shape. The Henshin call is the same as the other OHRangers.

*: A special combination of the main five OHRangers' weapons and a King Smasher. The weapon is used to destroy normal-sized Machine Beasts.
** nihongo|King Smasher|キングスマッシャー|Kingu Sumasshā: A combination of the King Blaster & Battle Stick.
*** nihongo|Battle Sticks|バトルスティック|Batoru Sutikku: Sword-like weapons wielded by the OHRangers. Can be combined with the King Blasters to form King Smasher weapons. Can also be used in the "Battle Stick Hurricane" team attack.
*** nihongo|King Blaster|キングブラスター|Kingu Burasutā: Standard laser pistols wielded by the OHRangers. They can be combined with the OHRangers' other various weapons to form even more powerful tools.

*: A giant wheel stored inside Sky Phoenix, used by OHRed to destroy normal-sized Machine Beasts.

*: A Cannon loaded with Hyper Storage Crystals, used to finish off Machine Beasts.


*: Air force fighter jets piloted by UAOH members.

* Jetter Machines: Five motorcycles that serve as the OHRangers' personal transportation. Can be stored into the Thunderwings until they are needed.
** nihongo|Red Jetter|レッドジェッター|Reddo Jettā: OHRed's motorcycle.
** nihongo|Green Jetter|グリーンジェッター|Gurīn Jettā: OHGreen's motorcycle.
** nihongo|Blue Jetter|ブルージェッター|Burū Jettā: OHBlue's motorcycle.
** nihongo|Yellow Jetter|イエロージェッター|Ierō Jettā: OHYellow's motorcycle.
** nihongo|Pink Jetter|ピンクジェッター|Pinku Jettā: OHPink's motorcycle.

UAOH Mecha

Mecha constructed by UAOH.

*: Combination of OHRanger Robo and Red Puncher from the nihongo|"Super-Assault Fusion!"|超砲撃合体!|Chōhōgeki Gattai! command. It can use the two large shoulder cannons to destroy Machine Beasts with its nihongo|"Big Cannon Burst"|ビッグキャノンバースト|Biggu Kyanon Bāsuto finisher.
** nihongo|Chouriki Mobiles|超力モビル|Chōriki Mobiru: The first 5 mecha that were made by the UAOH nihongo|OHRangerRobo|オーレンジャーロボ|Ōrenjā Robo is formed by the command nihongo|"Super-Powered Fusion"|超力合体|Chōriki Gattai. OHRangerRobo is a unique Sentai Robo because of its interchangeable "Helmets", one for each of the 5 separate vehicles. The default nihongo|Wing Head|ウィングヘッド|Wingu Heddo mode used the nihongo|Super Crown Sword|スーパークラウンソード|Sūpā Kuraun Sōdo for its nihongo|"Crown Final Crash"|クラウンファイナルクラッシュ|Kuraun Fainaru Kurasshu, "Chouriki Crown Sword Shoot", and "Chouriki Crown Spark Shield" attacks. It is also armed with the nihongo|"Chouriki Moa Cannon"|超力モアキャノン|Chōriki Moa Kyanon with the nihongo|Cannon Head|キャノンヘッド|Kyanon Heddo; "Chouriki Jump Crash", nihongo|"Dogu Sky Kick"|ドグスカイキック|Dogu Sukai Kikku, nihongo|"Chouriki Dogu Vulcan"|超力ドグバルカン|Chōriki Dogu Barukan with the nihongo|Vulcan Head|バルカンヘッド|Barukan Heddo; nihongo|"Leon Punch"|レオンパンチ|Reon Panchi, nihongo|"Chouriki Leon Beam"|超力レオンビーム|Chōriki Reon Bīmu with the nihongo|Graviton Head|グラビトンヘッド|Gurabiton Heddo; and nihongo|"Chouriki Taurus Thunder"|超力タウラスサンダー|Chōriki Taurasu Sandā with the nihongo|Horn Head|ホーンヘッド|Hōn Heddo. It was damaged badly in episode 19 by Bara Builder, and repaired in episode 22. OHRangerRobo's power helped to power up GaoKing in "Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai".
*** nihongo|Sky Phoenix|スカイフェニックス|Sukai Fenikkusu: Piloted by OHRed. Forms OHRanger Robo's head, back, and Wing Head helmet. Helps out in "Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai".
*** nihongo|Gran Taurus|グランタウラス|Guran Taurasu: Piloted by OHGreen. Forms OHRanger Robo's waist, upper legs, and the Horn Head.
*** nihongo|Dash Leon|ダッシュレオン|Dasshu Reon: Piloted by OHBlue. Forms OHRanger Robo's chest, arms, and the Graviton Head.
*** nihongo|Dogu Lander|ドグランダー|Dogu Randā: Piloted by OHYellow. Forms OHRanger Robo's lower left leg and the Vulcan Head.
*** nihongo|Moa Roader|モアローダー|Moa Rōdā: Piloted by OHPink. Forms OHRanger Robo's lower right leg and the Cannon Head.
** nihongo|Red Puncher|レッドパンチャー|Reddo Panchā: A large boxing robot, comes when the command "Red Puncher, come!" is given. It was sealed away after an incident in which it went berserk and killed its original pilot. Piloted by OHRed, it can combine with OHRangerRobo to form Buster OHRangerRobo, forming the posterior and nihongo|"Buster Head"|バスターヘッド|Basutā Heddo. Armed with the nihongo|"Magna Puncher"|マグナパンチャー|Maguna Panchā and nihongo|"Puncher Gatling"|パンチャーガトリング|Panchā Gatoringu.

*: King Ranger's mecha. A massive Pyramid which can convert to either nihongo|Carrier Formation|キャリアフォーメーション|Kyaria Fōmēshon or to a gigantic robot, nihongo|Battle Formation|バトルフォーメーション|Batoru Fōmēshon and is able to carry either the Super-Power Mobiles or OHBlocker, as well as the Red Puncher. The finisher for the Battle Formation is the nihongo|"Super Legend Beam"|スーパーレジェンドビーム|Sūpā Rejendo Bīmu barrage. It transforms into either form whenever the commands "King Pyramider, Carrier Formation!" or "King Pyramider, Battle Formation!" are given. The bases of the left and right sides become the arms, the black section of the front becomes the feet as the legs are revealed, and the back side shows a black pyramid that becomes the head (the lower half of the front side shows the face). Like the Turbo Builder in Turboranger, it cannot walk.

*: Made up of the second set of mecha that the UAOH created, the nihongo|Blocker Robos|ブロッカーロボ|Burokkā Robo. Shaped as geometric shapes, respective to their OHRanger pilot's symbol. They are combined when the command nihongo|"Super-Heavy Fusion"|超重合体|Chōjū Gattai is given. OHBlocker wields the nihongo|Twin Blocken|ツインブロッケン|Tsuin Burokken swords, with which it performs the nihongo|"Twin Blocken Crash"|ツインブロッケンクラッシュ|Tsuin Burokken Kurasshu finisher. Each individual Blocker Robo can wield giant-sized versions of the Battle Stick and King Blaster, and the OHRanger's main weapons.
** nihongo|Red Blocker|レッドブロッカー|Reddo Burokkā: Star-shaped, OHRed's blocker. Armed with the nihongo|"Star Head Attack"|スターヘッドアタック|Sutā Heddo Atakku and "Red Star Fire". Forms OHBlocker's body.
** nihongo|Green Blocker|グリーンブロッカー|Gurīn Burokkā: Square-shaped, OHGreen's blocker. Armed with the nihongo|"Green Body Attack"|グリーンボディアタック|Gurīn Bodi Atakku and "Green Enclose Net". Capable of operating underwater. Forms OHBlocker's lower legs.
** nihongo|Blue Blocker|ブルーブロッカー|Burū Burokkā: Triangle-shaped, OHBlue's blocker. Armed with the nihongo|"Blue Kick"|ブルーキック|Burū Kikku and "Blue Freezing Storm". Forms OHBlocker's waist and upper legs.
** nihongo|Yellow Blocker|イエローブロッカー|Ierō Burokkā: Equal-sign-shaped, OHYellow's blocker. Armed with the nihongo|"Yellow Spinning Kick"|イエロースプニングキック|Ierō Supuningu Kikku and "Yellow Lightning Flash". Forms OHBlocker's head, shoulders, and arms.
** nihongo|Pink Blocker|ピンクブロッカー|Pinku Burokkā: Circle-shaped, OHPink's blocker. Armed with the nihongo|"Pink Skyline Chop"|ピンクスカイラインチョップ|Pinku Sukairain Choppu and "Pink Impact Wave". Forms OHBlocker's feet.

*: A massive American Football Player robot, yet a dwarf compared to the other robots. It converts to a massive wheel (the back of the wheel is the feet, which reveals the head, and the sides are the arms). Artificially intelligent, Tackle Boy can be thrown by OHBlocker for the nihongo|"Dynamite Tackle"|ダイナマイトタックル|Dainamaito Takkuru finisher.

Machine Empire Baranoia

The nihongo|Machine Empire Baranoia|マシン帝国バラノイア|Mashin Teikoku Baranoia is a cruel race of machines out to conquer Earth. Possessing countless armies, Takopas jet fighters, Baranoia was a force to reckon with, having already conquered an entire chain of galaxies before reaching Earth. It was when the Empire arrived on Earth that they finally encountered a power capable of blocking their forces: the OHRangers.

* (1-34, 39-40): The ruler of Baranoia, Bacchus was created 600 million years ago by an ancient race. He turned to evil and was banished into the depths of space by KingRanger. Very violent. Doesn't tolerate failure. In episode 34, He grew in power and eventually battled the OHBlocker, but was destroyed in the fight. However, his head survived and gave all his energy to his son Buldont to turn him into Kaiser Buldont, resulting in Bacchus' total shutdown. Name is from god nihongo|Bacchus|.

*: Wife of Bacchus Wrath, she usually remains in the fortress devising plans with her husband, though she does go down to Earth by herself at times. She usually carries a metal fan with her. She despised humans for their feelings, but after the Empire's takeover by Bomber the Great, she started to learn the value of life and feelings. She eventually self-destructs in order to protect her grandchild, due to her own realization of feelings. Her body color changed from gold to silver when she gave all her power to her niece Multiwa. Name is from Hysteria, a term coined in ancient Greece.

*: The son of Bacchus Wrath, he is basically a robot child. Mischievous and spoiled, he thought of humans as simple toys. He once attempted to direct his own movie, "Century of the Machine Empire", by using humans with no notion that they die from the realism. After his father's death, Buldont challenged Bomber the Great to a duel for the throne of Baranoia and lost. His body and Hysteria were banished to Space. However, Bacchus, who somehow managed to survive via his head, managed to give all his remaining energy to his son, and turned him into nihongo|Kaiser Buldont|カイザーブルドント|Kaizā Burudonto, a fully-grown form. After returning to Baranoia and destroying Bomber the Great, Buldont regained the leadership of Baranoia. He died fighting the OHrangers alongside his wife Multiwa in the series finale at the hands of King Pyramidder Battle Formation. Name is from the god Pluto.

* (35-41): Called the nihongo|"Universal Bomb Bastard"|宇宙の爆弾野郎|Uchū no Bakudan Yarō, Bomber the Great was just another one of Baranoia's Machine Beasts, yet was able to turn his entire body into a missile. He was exiled after a failed attempt to take over the Baranoia Empire, only to return upon hearing of the death of Bacchus-Wrath to try and take over once again. This time he set his sights on trying to take over the empty throne. After revising the Baranoia Constitution, Art 12, Bomber challenged Buldont to a duel for the Empire which he won and banished Buldont, and later Hysteria, proclaiming himself "Bomber the Great the 1st, new Emperor of Baranoia". At first, being new to the throne, Bomber did his best at leading the Empire, trying to win Hysteria's affections and to kill the OHRangers in the process, but consistently met with failure in both prospects. He was eventually killed by the OHRangers after Kaiser Buldont returned to take back his birthright and Multiwa took control of Bomber by reprogramming him. Bomber was soon sent on a suicide mission to kill the OHRangers, but was destroyed by a massive ball of fire thrown by King Pyramider Battle Formation (OHBlocker) before he could accomplish this. He was rebuilt, shortly afterwards, to destroy sun, only to be flung to the other side of space by Gunmajin and be destroyed for good.

* (40-48): Hysteria's niece and Buldont's cousin who appeared around the same time Buldont was upgraded and returned to reclaim the throne. She aided him by using their power to reprogram Bomber their slave which later led to his destruction. The two married after Buldont became the new ruler of Baranoia. Her main weapon is a bow, which can also become a sword. She eventually died by her husband's side at the hands of King Pyramidder Battle Formation's "Super Legend Beam", but not before she bore him a son. Fits the theme of Cupid.

* (47-48): Kaiser Buldont and Princess Multiwa's child, born around the time of his parents and grandmother's destruction. Lives with Acha, Kocha and Ganmajin after the death of his parents.

* (26-28): An Officer who came to Earth to help destroy KingRanger. She was in charge of taming the Machine Beasts. Could assume a female human form. First enemy to be killed by King Pyramider's Battle Formation.

*: Baranoia's Imperial Family Butler who follows whoever is in command at the time. He read the War Declaration to Earth in Episode 2. Took care of young Buldont when in the field, even serving as the producer of his movie. When Bomber the Great took over, he simply forgot about Hysteria and served him. When Buldont returned, the same happened, Acha would't care less about Bomber. At the end of the series, he turned good and went with Kocha, Buldont and Multiwas's son, and Gunmajin back to Gunmajin's planet. Fits the theme of a jester.

*: A miniature robot who served the family along Acha. It was always on his bigger counterpart's shoulder like a pirate captain's parrot. In episode 8 an enlarging beam for the Machine Beasts was installed. At the series finale he was taken by Gunmajin back to Gunmajin's home planet. Like Acha, fits the theme of a jester.

*: Mass-produced android troops of the Machine Empire of Baranoia. Their movements and general behaviour are similar to that of monkeys. Have sticks, that can extend into battle staffs or spears and give off an electric shock, as weapons and their heads can open so they can throw cutter discs or nets from their mouths and energy blasts from their eyes. They pilot the Takonpas jet fighters.

*: Octopus-like Jet fighters which could switch to a "walking" mode. Takonpas fighters seems to be a direct homage to the Martian Tripods in H.G. Wells' novel, War of the worlds. Piloted by the Baro Soldiers.

*: Bigger fighters in the shape of gears. Means of transportation from Baranoia to Earth.

Machine Beasts

Produced in the Dark Side of the moon by Baranoia, nihongo|Machine Beasts|マシン獣|Mashin Jū are the main weapons used for Earth's invasion. There would be different types of Machine Beasts, from mindless weapons of destruction to robots with intelligence or feelings superior to that of humans.

*: The first Machine Beast to be sent to Earth, it was destroyed single handedly by OHRed. A second Bara Drill was later built, only to be destroyed by Green Blocker.

*: A giant Machine Beast that could attack with tentacle arms, using them to bind and shock enemies. It was the first giant monster the Ohrangers encountered and as such, caused quite the problem for them. However, using massive amounts of teamwork with their new weapons, the Ohrangers hacked apart Bara Saucer and finished it with the newly formed Big Bang Buster. A second Bara Saucer was built, only to be destroyed by Blue Blocker.

*: A land mine-like Machine Beast sent to Earth in retaliation for the Ohrangers' debut. Equipped with and using a solar-powered sensor, Bara Vanish is able to turn itself invisible gaining an advantage over its opponents in sunlit and unlit areas. Gorou managed to save a boy who took a small crystal Vanish wanted. Once its' light sensor was destroyed, Bata Vanish was killed by the Big Bang Buster.

*: A Machine Beast brought to Earth by Acha, Crusher ambushed the Ohrangers in the boiler room of an apartment building. Though destroyed by the King Smashers, Crusher bit a Police Officer just prior to its death, infecting the man with insect-bots that entered his bloodstream and converted him into a new Bara Crusher. This new Bara Crusher started kidnapping children and infecting them. The Ohrangers interfered, with the 2nd Bara Crusher accidentally torching the building and forcing to take his son from harm. The Ohrangers managed to use Bara Crusher's fear of fire and heat to force it out of the officer, with the bug blasted by GoRed's King Blaster. A third Bara Crusher was built in 33, destroyed by Yellow and Pink Blockers.

*: Brother robots, who care for each other. Caused one child to start becoming a Machine Beast himself after hitting him with needles. In the battlefield, they are a formidable force, creating multiple blasts and attacks that cause mass havoc. After some dissension between the brothers, it was determined that Bara Cactus 1 would take on the OHRangers alone, with the well-being of his brother on the line. But when Bara Cactus 1 survived, he found his brother dead. He was soon killed by Bacchus-Wrath himself, using the two brothers as a reminder of the price of failure.

*: A cunning beast who was sent to trick and capture Chief Miura into revealing the location of the OHRanger Robo by kidnapping and controlling Mika, the young orphaned daughter of an old U.A.O.H comrade. After the death of his creation Bara Separate, he died himself, having been linked mentally to Bara Separate.

*: A giant robot controlled by Bara Brain that defeated the OHRangers before they combined the OHRanger Robo together. Bara Separate could radiate destructive lightning, and fire power blasts from his arms. The top segment of the star on his back could detach and transform into a boomerang of destructive energy. Separate also had the ability to transform into a large metal sphere, making it practically invulnerable to any attack. Eventually the OHRangers managed to form OHRanger Robo and kill the monster by destroying the sphere before it could gather the rest of its' body together.

*: Bara Missiler comes from the army on the planet Dorora. It was the first Machine Beast to be enlarged, and could fire missiles from its arms and shoulders. It could also fire chains from its torso which could ensnare an opponent. It was capable of flying at extreme speeds and could operate in outer space. Killed by OHRanger Robo. Killed again in episode 33 by Red Blocker, when a second Bara Missiler was built.

*: A small bird-resembling video camera monster. Camera Trick flew about to audition the stars of Buldont's movie. It was the only Machine Beast left to aid in Buldont's next project. Fate remains unknown.

*: A robotic train monster who says "baby" in his sentences and could turn into an actual train. Steam Punk was created when all the monsters in the movie fused together into one monster, abducting the children due to being a weak monster. Once he lost his leverage, Steam Punk shrank and attempted to escape on a train track. But, Ohranger Robo sliced the track apart with Super Crown Crash, with Steam Punk unable to stop as he fell to his death below.
** nihongo|Machine Beast Rocker Night|ロッカーナイト|Mashin Jū Rokkānaito: A robotic shower-head monster that rides on horseback and use his rod to fire lightning.
** nihongo|Machine Beast Cat Signal|ネコシグナル|Mashin Jū Nekoshigunaru: A robotic traffic sign monster with cat ears, uses an oil lantern and keychains as weapons and can fire a beam from his eye.
** nihongo|Machine Beast Kabochumpkin|カボチャンプキン|Mashin Jū Kabochanpukin: A robotic Jack O'Lantern/witch monster, she uses a broom as a weapon.
** nihongo|Machine Beast Faucetchuck|ジャグチャック|Mashin Jū Jaguchakku: A robotic faucet-themed monster, able to entend his mouth and fire water from the faucet on his belly or his mouth. Later rebuilt stronger and used again in the series.

*: A Scorpion Machine Beast who threw parts at people or objects making them rust. Juri appeared to side with him and betray her teammates after Gorou, Shouhei and Yuuji had been hit, but this was a farce to gain the antidote, which Bara Darts also had. Killed by OHRanger Robo.

*: Hacked information about the Ohrangers and their weapons, using his special talents. He was easily able to block the King Smashers, and the Big Bang Buster. It took the newly introduced Giant Roller to bring him down. Killed by OHRanger Robo.

*: When seeing that humans took their everyday appliances for granted she summoned Bara Printer who was the matchmaker of Baronoia. She had a beam that caused lovesickness in not only resident's of Baranoia but humans and machines. She could be affected by her own powers, as seen when Shouhei made one of her beams reflects off of a mirror back at her and she became attracted to Acha (who had begun using Bara Printer's power to cause everyone to fall in love with him wanting some consideration) After making light of the situation and suggesting a honeymoon vacation Kocha returned her back to normal. She was killed by OHRanger Robo.

*: Could make babies scream in such a way as to make buildings and soda bottles explode. The Baranoia's goal was to make humans hate babies, thus ensuring the end of the human race. But it backfired, as mothers tried even harder to stop their babies from crying. Bara Baby was later killed by OHRanger Robo.

*: A mining robot controlled by a smaller mechanoid. He was destroyed by OHRanger Robo.

*: A trio of Pinocchio-style Machine Beasts. One kept power in its' nose, which weakened them once the appendage was severed. . The third was killed by OHRanger Robo.

*: A Machine Beast formed from the collected robot pieces at Baranoia's junk yard. Unlike the others, Bara Revenger wanted nothing to do with Baranoia, though his biggest desire was to kill Bacchus-Wrath, and performed noble acts such as saving a dog from being run over by a car on the street. At first, the OHRangers were distrustful of the monster, until Yuuji befriended him. However, during a confrontation between Bacchus-Wrath and Bara Revenger, Acha appeared with a remote control that included a dial. He turned the dial on it, emitting blinding beams of light that forced Bara Revenger to fight the OHRangers against his will. At his pleas, the OHRangers were forced to kill him with OHBlue using Giant Roller and the robot was reduced to spare parts once again.

*: A Machine Beast who resembled the Phantom of the Opera and could attack with music from the piano on his solarplex. Killed by OHRanger Robo.

*: A Machine Beast who could suck people up into his vacuum-like tube and blast them at enemies like energy spheres. Killed by OHRanger Robo.

*: An ivy/plant-like robot that was very intelligent. Killed by OHRanger Robo.

*: It could have weapons and additions attached to it to make it stronger. First to be killed by Red Puncher after it crumbled the OHRanger Robo.

*: A boxer-themed robot. He could attach spikes onto his boxing gloves to make him a stronger opponent. Killed by Red Puncher.

*: A robotic toy monster that had a happy golden brown face and a more vicious and angry looking silver face too. Killed by Red Puncher.

*: An armadillo-themed robot that could roll up into a ball making it nearly invulnerable to various attacks. Its' body was covered in spikes and it could even attack while it was rolled up in a ball. First to be killed by Buster OHRanger Robo.

*: A swimsuit-themed robot. Killed by Buster OHRanger Robo.

*: Had an obbession with Momo. Resembled a robotic Napoleon Bonepart. Killed by Buster OHRanger Robo.

*: A robot that resembled a toy with a beanie propellor on his head. It wanted to eat the Ohrangers. Killed by Buster OHRanger Robo.

*: A powerful goblin-themed robot. His arrival signaled the arrival of the KingRanger. Killed by King Pyramidder.

*: A monster sent to impersonate KingRanger and lure the rest of the OHRanger into a trap. First (and only) creature to be killed by King Pyramidder Carrier Formation.

*: A tarantula-themed robot. Seemed to have two forms. It could launch mini-spiders from its' body, which would latch onto and electrocute the Ohrangers. Killed by King Pyramidder Battle Formation.

*: Wears a nightcap. She put humans to sleep, while in her very sloth-like (but adorable) first form by singing a lullaby. Riki joined the Ohrangers and killed this form, but Bacchus ordered her to be re-assembled with a power amplifier where her face used to be. While her second form was much more powerful, it was taken down by the Ohre Bazooka and was eventually Killed by King Pyramidder Battle Formation.

*: Replicate of Faucetchuck from the Ohranger movie, though this one was much stronger. Killed by King Pyramidder Battle Formation.

*: A white robot that wields a hammer. Killed by the Chouriki Dynamite Group attack.

*: Used by Bacchus-Wrath in the bet he made with his son. Bara Gear is capable of placings cogs on any machine to take it over. He also briefly piloted OHRanger Robo after placing a gear in it. He was later combined with Onbu-Bake to form nihongo|Onbu-Gear|オンブハグルマ|Onbuhaguruma, who was killed by OHRanger Robo, Red Puncher and OHBlocker with Tackle Boy.

*: A mammoth-themed robot. First monster to be summoned by Bomber the Great. Killed by OHBlocker.

*: A skunk-themed robot that could release stench-scented gas from its' tail and mouth. Killed by OHBlocker (with the help of Tackle Boy).

*: A police officer-themed robot. Killed by OHBlocker and Gunmazin.

*: A golden retriever-themed robot. Last monster used by Bomber the Great. Killed by King Pyramidder Battle Formation.

*: A robotic monster that could blast lasers from its' shoulder-protruding cannon. Killed by King Pyramidder Battle Formation (OHBlocker).

*: A robotic monster that could blast lasers from the cannon on its' forehead. Killed by OHBlocker (with the help of Tackle Boy).

*: A robot monster that wielded a large bazooka-like weapon in battle. This robot could blast lasers and was very strong. Killed by Gunmajin.

*: A worm-like monster that used a "divide-and-conquer" tactic, breaking its body by segments which each had their own method of attack on OHBlocker. Killed by energy summoned by Dorin in the shape of a pyramid.

*: The last of the Baranoians, he intended to enlist the aid of the Bowzock to establish his own empire of "car-people". Originally aided by the Carrangers (or specifically Kyousuke Jinnai/Red Racer) due to confusion between the teams, he soon kidnapped Gorou to make him the first of his "car-people", only to be thwarted by the Carranger and Ohranger. He was able to enlarge himself without the aid of Acha and Kocha. Killed by OHRanger Robo.


#nihongo|Invasion!! 1999|襲来!!1999|Shūrai!!1999
#nihongo|Assemble!! The Super-Powered Squadron|集結!!超力戦隊|Shūketsu!!Chōriki Sentai
#nihongo|Crisis!! The Secret of Super-Power|危機!!超力の秘密|Kiki!!Chōriki no Himitsu
#nihongo|Grotesque!! Iron Man Papa|怪奇!!鉄人パパ|Kaiki!!Tetsujin Papa
#nihongo|Violent Love!! The Brothers of Flame|激愛!!炎の兄弟|Geki Ai!!Honō no Kyōdai
#nihongo|The Formidable Enemy, Brain Machine|強敵 頭脳マシン|Kyōteki Zunō Mashin
#nihongo|Complete!! The Super-Powered Robo|完成!!超力ロボ|Kansei!!Chōriki Robo
#nihongo|Crash!! A Super Giant Battle|激突!!超巨大戦|Gekitotsu!!Chō Kyodai Sen
#nihongo|Suddenly!! A Traitor|突然!!裏切り者|Totsuzen!!Uragirimono
#nihongo|He's Here!! It's a Thief|参上!!泥棒だヨン|Sanjō!!Dorobō Dayon
#nihongo|Submission!! The Refrigerator of Love|服従!!愛の冷蔵庫|Fukujū!!Ai no Reizōko
#nihongo|Explosion!! A Baby|爆発!!赤ちゃん|Bakuhatsu!!Akachan
#nihongo|Illusions!! The Dog of the Gods|幻想!!神様の犬|Gensō!!Kamisama no Inu
#nihongo|I Love Pinocchio|大好きピノキオ|Daisuki Pinokio
#nihongo|O Friend!! Sleep Hotly!!|友よ!!熱く眠れ!!|Tomo yo!!Atsuku Nemure
#nihongo|Naughty!! The Future Child|腕白!!未来っ子|Wanpaku!!Miraikko
#nihongo|Plunder!! The Transformation Brace|強奪!!変身ブレス|Gōdatsu!!Henshin Buresu
#nihongo|Dad's Unusual Love|父の異常な愛情|Chichi no Ijō na Aijō
#nihongo|The New Robo's Red Impact|新ロボ赤い衝撃|Shin Robo Akai Shōgeki
#nihongo|Iron Fist 100 Bursts|鉄拳100連発|Tekken 100 Renpatsu
#nihongo|The Storm-Calling Cup-and-Ball|嵐を呼ぶケン玉|Arashi o Yobu Kendama
#nihongo|The (Classified) Fusion Order!!|合体㊙指令!!|Gattai Maruhi Shirei!!
#nihongo|The Final Swimsuit...|最後の水着…|Saigo no Mizugi...
#nihongo|The Laughing Nostalgic Man!!|笑う懐かし男!!|Warau Natsukashi Otoko!!
#nihongo|The Festival One-Shot Contest|お祭り一発勝負|Omatsuri Ippatsu Shōbu
#nihongo|The 600-Million-Year-Old Boy Warrior|6億歳少年戦士|6 Oku Sai Shōnen Senshi
#nihongo|King's Gallant Entrance|キング颯爽登場|Kingu Sassō Tōjō
#nihongo|Behold the Miracle Fortress|見よ奇跡の要塞|Miyo Kiseki no Yōsai
#nihongo|Dance! The Invasion Cram School!!|踊る!侵略塾!!|Odoru! Shinryaku-juku!!
#nihongo|The Earth is Snoring|地球がグースカ|Chikyū ga Gūsuka
#nihongo|Home Delivery Diet|宅配ダイエット|Takuhai Daietto
#nihongo|The School's Scary Nightmare|学校の怖い悪夢|Gakkō no Kowai Akumu
#nihongo|The Five Robos' Great Riot|5大ロボ大暴れ|5 Dai Robo Dai Abare
#nihongo|The Emperor's Final Challenge|皇帝最後の挑戦|Kōtei Saigo no Chōsen
#nihongo|The Radical Bomb Guy|過激な爆弾野郎|Kageki na Bakudan Yarō
#nihongo|A Direct Hit With Flatulence!!|オナラに直撃!!|Onara ni Chokugeki!!
#nihongo|I am Gunmajin|拙者ガンマジン|Sessha Ganmajin
#nihongo|It's Tough Being a Majin!|魔神はつらいよ|Majin wa Tsurai yo
#nihongo|The Prince Dies in a Duel|皇子決闘に死す|Ōji Kettō ni Shisu
#nihongo|Arrival! The Mysterious Princess!|出現!謎の姫!|Shutsugen!Nazo no Hime!
#nihongo|The Dangerous Couple!!|危険なふたり!!|Kiken na Futari!!
#nihongo|The Squadron's Public Execution!!|戦隊公開処刑!!|Sentai Kōkai Shokei!!
#nihongo|The Trump Card is Seven Changes|切り札は七変化|Kirifuda wa Shichi Henka
#nihongo|The Strongest Beauty on Earth|地上最強の美女|Chijō Saikyō no Bijo
#nihongo|Destruction!! The Super-Powered Base|壊滅!!超力基地|Kaimetsu!!Chōriki Kichi
#nihongo|Earth's Final Day!!|地球最期の日!!|Chikyū Saigo no Hi!!
#nihongo|Stand Shine Revive!!|立て輝け蘇れ!!|Date Kagayake Yomigaere!!
#nihongo|The Heroes of Love|愛の勇者たち|Ai no Yūshatachi


* Chouriki Sentai OHRanger the Movie
* Chouriki Sentai OHRanger: The Group Members' Notebook
* Chouriki Sentai OHRanger: Ohre VS Kakuranger
* Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. OHRanger


* Masaru Shishido: Gorou Hoshino/OhRed
* Kunio Masaoka: Shohei Yokkaichi/OhGreen
* Masashi Gōda: Yuuji Mita/OhBlue
* Ayumi Asō: Juri Nijou/OhYellow
* Tamao Satō: Momo Maru/OhPink
* Hisashi Sakai: Riki/KingRanger
* Hiroshi Miyauchi: Captain Miura
* Akira Kamiya: Gunmajin (Voice)
* Tōru Ōhira: Emperor Bacchus Wrath (Voice)
* Minori Matsushima: Empress Hysteria (Voice)
* Tomokazu Seki: Prince Buldont (Voice)
* Miho Yamada: Princess Multiwa (Voice)
* Nobuyuki Hiyama: Bomber the Great (Voice)
* Kaneta Kimotsuki: Acha (Voice)
* Shinobu Adachi: Kocha (Voice)
* Kaoru Shinoda: FaucetChuck (Voice, Movie)

uit Actors

*Kazutoshi Yokoyama: OHRed/Red Blocker (main), Ohranger Robo/Buster Ohranger Robo, OHBlocker, Empress Hysteria
*Hirofumi Fukuzawa: OHRed/Red Blocker (sub)
*Kenji Takechi: OHGreen/Green Blocker (main)
*Yasuhiko Imai: OHGreen/Green Blocker (sub)
*Yasuhiro Takeuchi: OHBlue/Blue Blocker, Emperor Bacchus Wrath, Red Puncher
*Kiyohito Nakagawa: OHYellow/Yellow Blocker (main)
*Keiko Hashimoto: OHYellow/Yellow Blocker (sub)
*Rie Murakami: OHPink/Pink Blocker (main)
*Motokuni Nakagawa: OHPink/Pink Blocker (sub), Kocha
*Naoki Ōfuji: KingRanger
*Tomoe Tanabe: Tackle Boy
*Hideaki Kusaka: Gunmajin
*Kenjirō Fujita: Prince Buldont
*Akiko Yoshio: Princess Multiwa


;Opening theme
*nihongo|"Olé! Ohranger"|オーレ!オーレンジャー|Ōre! Ōrenjā
**Lyrics: Saburo Yatsude
**Composition: Yasuo Kosugi
**Arrangement: Ryō Yonemitsu
**Artist: Kentarō Hayami

;Ending theme
*nihongo|"Emergency Takeoff!! Ohranger"|緊急発進!! オーレンジャー|Kinkyū Hasshin!! Ōrenjā
**Lyrics: Saburo Yatsude
**Composition: Yasuo Kosugi
**Arrangement: Saburō Makino
**Artist: Kentarō Hayami

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