Choudenshi Bioman

Choudenshi Bioman
Choudenshi Bioman
Bioman Logo.png
Genre Tokusatsu
Created by Toei
Starring Ryōsuke Sakamoto
Naoto Ōta
Akito Ōsuga
Yuki Yajima
Sumiko Tanaka
Michiko Makino
Munemaru Kōda
Narrated by Ichirō Murakoshi (村越 伊知郎 Murakoshi Ichirō?)
Composer(s) Tatsumi Yano
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 51
Producer(s) Seiji Abe
Moriyoshi Katō
Takeyuki Suzuki
Yasuhiro Tomita
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) TV Asahi
Toei Company
Toei Advertising
Original channel TV Asahi
Original run February 4, 1984 – January 26, 1985
Preceded by Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
Followed by Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Choudenshi Bioman (超電子バイオマン Chōdenshi Baioman?, lit. Super-Electronic Bioman) is Toei Company's eighth installment in the Super Sentai series. It was aired on TV Asahi from February 4, 1984 to January 26, 1985, with a total of 51 episodes, as well as a movie. Its international English title as listed by Toei is simply Bioman.[1]



The once prosperous Bio Star (バイオ星 Baio-sei?) is destroyed after a world war erupted over the use of a scientific discovery called "Bio Particles". The Bio Star Peacekeeping Alliance (バイオ星平和連合 Baio-sei Heiwa Rengō?), which sought to use Bio Particles for peaceful purposes, sends the giant robot Bio Robo and an assistant robot named Peebo in order to prevent the same tragedy from happening on Earth. Bio Robo arrives on 15th century Japan, where it showers Bio Particles on five young individuals. Five centuries later, the descendants of these individuals, infused with Bio Particles, are chosen by Peebo and Bio Robo to become the Bioman team in order to protect the Earth from the Neo Gear Empire, an organization led by the mad scientist Doctor Man.



The Bioman are the descendants of five people showered with Bio Particles centuries ago who were spirited way by the Bio Robo during Gear's initial attack to obtain the Techno Braces (テクノブレス Tekuno Buresu?) from Peebo to become the Bioman. To transform individually they call their color and number and to transform as a group they call Bioman. Along with their Bio Swords (バイオソード Baio Sōdo?), a versatile sidearm with sword, dagger, and blaster modes, the Bioman are fairly unique in that they have a variety of team attacks that are executed after their Bio Brain Computers are synched up. Among their team attacks are Bio Electron Beam (バイオエレクトロビーム Baio Erekutoron Bīmu?) and Miracle Laser (ミラクルレーザー Mirakuru Rēzā?).

  • Shirō Gō/Red One (郷史朗/レッドワン Gō Shirō/Reddo Wan?): Shirō Gō is the pilot of the first Japanese space shuttle before getting caught in the crossfire just as the Gear begins the invasion. In him, passion and responsibility unite in an unusual combination. He possessed a charm since he was born. He grew up believing that his father was dead. However, after meeting Professor Shibata, even he is not so sure. The Bio Particles within him enable him to communicate with animals. His Bio Brain Computer allows him to target any opponent with his Super Electronic Radar (超電子レーダー Chōdenshi Rēdā?) ability. Armed with Fire Sword (ファイヤーソード Faiyā Sōdo?) and Spark Sword (スパークソード Supāku Sōdo?) special attacks.
  • Shingo Takasugi/Green Two (高杉真吾/グリーンツー Takasugi Shingo/Gurīn Tsū?): Shingo Takasugi is a race car driver. Shingo can be very tough to enemies yet very kind to children, for whom he has a soft spot. Yet despite his bravado, there are times when he doubts his own abilities. Yet despite these doubts, he knows what he must do and does them as well as possible. He is the designated driver of Bio Turbo. His Bio Brain Computer allows him to use his Super Electronic Scope (超電子スコープ Chōdenshi Sukōpu?) ability to see through any deception. Armed with Hurricane Sword (ハリケーンソード Harikēn Sōdo?), as well as the Green Boomerang (グリーンブメラング Gurīn Bumerangu?) and Break Action (ブレイクアクション Bureiku Akushon?) special attacks.
  • Ryūta Nanbara/Blue Three (南原竜太/ブルースリー Nanbara Ryūta/Burū Surī?): Ryūta Nanbara is a water sportsman who is boyish and adventurous* he loves to explore and discover things new. His years of diving have made him very nimble* thus, he is very skilled in stealth techniques. He also has an intolerance towards bullies. His Bio Brain Computer allows him to use his Super Electronic Ear (超電子イヤー Chōdenshi Iyā?) ability to enhance his sense of hearing. He wields the Elec-Sword (エレキソード Ereki Sōdo?) and his special attack is Super Sky Diving (スーパースカイダイビング Sūpā Sukai Daibingu?).
  • Mika Koizumi/Yellow Four I (小泉ミカ/1初代イエローフォー Koizumi Mika/Shodai Ierō Fō?, 1-10): Mika Koizumi is a photographer who dreams of following in her late brother's footsteps to photograph the wildlife in Africa. Initially, she is hesitant to join the Bioman team until she is convinced that Gear's evil would eventually put the animals of Africa in danger. When Gear managed to gather a bit of Anti-Bio Particles to weaponize, Mika dies by Pysgorn's hand after she sacrificing herself to empty Bio Killer Gun's ammo so her allies can fight without being poisoned by the Anti-Bio Particles. The others mourn for her lost as Bio Robo activates her Bio-Brain Computer to present her memories to give the Bioman hope. Her Bio Brain Computer allows her to present photographic projections in her Super Electronic Holography (超電子ホログラフィ Chōdenshi Horogurafi?) ability. Her weapon was the Thunder Sword (サンダーソード Sandā Sōdo?). Her special attack is Yellow Flash.
  • Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four II (矢吹ジュン/2代目イエローフォー Yabuki Jun/Nidaime Ierō Fō?, 11-51): Jun Yabuki is an Olympic archer. Sometimes dressing up like an American Indian cowgirl/feudal Japan hybrid outfit. The last two letters in her surname "ki" is the kanji for her color. After watching the Bioman in action when she returned from an archery contest in Europe, she tries to join them, but is initially refused due to her lack of understanding how serious the fight is. However, her fearlessness enabled the Bioman to learn that she is also a descendant of the humans bombarded with Bio Particles. When she accidentally injured Shirō during the Samecanth incident, Jun is confronted her old squad captain who learns of her reasons of leaving the Olympics team and allows her to remain with the Bioman. Having the same abilities and arsenal as her predecessor, the new Yellow Four also uses the Bio Arrow (バイオアロー Baio Arō?) as her weapon.
  • Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five (桂木ひかる/ピンクファイブ Katsuragi Hikaru/Pinku Faibu?): Hikaru Katsuragi is a carnival flutist. Sweet yet strong, and a mistress of disguise. An unusually strong spirit yet with a strong motherly instinct. She plays the flute both to calm her spirits and to strengthen her resolve. She is able to befriend the evil computer Brain and teach him about friendship, which pays off when Brain sacrifices himself to save the Bioman as well as the world from destruction. She is also the most emotional member of the team, especially when crying. Her Bio Brain Computer allows her to use her Super Electronic Beamlight (超電子ビームライト Chōdenshi Bīmuraito?) ability. She wields the Laser Sword (レーザーソード Rēzā Sōdo?). Her special attacks are Pink Flash (ピンクフラッシュ Pinku Furasshu?), Pink Barrier (ピンクバリヤー Pinku Bariyā?) and Spin Chop (スピンチョップ Supin Choppu?). Her name means light.

Team Attacks

Unlike most Sentai teams, the Bioman used several team attacks. These are:

  • Bio Miracle Wave: The Bioman use their swords to fire an elemental beam. It was first used in episode one against Messerjū.
  • Bio Revolver: The Bioman execute a spinning kick attack from all sides to send the opponent away. It was used only in episode two against Psygorn.
  • Bio Burn Bar: The Bioman sends a series of energy blasts from the ground. It was used only in episode three against Jūō and later in the movie.
  • Bio Team Kick: The Bioman execute a Bio Kick together. It was first used in episode four against Mettzler and later as a counterattack when Mettlzer was upgraded.
  • Bio Electron Beam: The Bioman fire their pistols at the monster together. It was first used in episode five against Beast King. It was later used as a counterattack against an upgraded Psygorn.
  • Bio Miracle Beam: The Bioman fire a series of energy beams from the forehead. It was first used in episode eight against Messerjū.
  • Bio Big Bow: This attack arrived when Jun Yabuki replaced Mika Koizumi. It was first used in episode 13 against Messerjū.
  • Bio Electron Charge: In episode 34, the Bioman created a new technique to defeat stronger Jūnoids.


  • Peebo (ピーボ Pībo?): An android who is the guardian of the Bio Particles, Bio Robo and Bio Dragon, built as an experimental robot when the Bio Particles were in development. He came to Earth 500 years ago and showered five courageous people with Bio Particles. Now that Gear has made its move, Peebo and Bio Robo gather the descendants of the original five. He shows a great fear for Silva. In the last two episodes, he used himself to energize Bio Robo.
  • Shūichi Kageyama (蔭山 秀一 Kageyama Shūichi?): Thinking himself an orphan, named Kōichi Nakamura (中村 公一 Nakamura Kōichi?), he learns he is in reality Shūichi Kageyama, the son of Doctor Man and basis of Prince's design. At first, Doctor Man tries to get him to join Gear, but Shūichi rejects Doctor Man. Eventually, Shūichi finds and joins Doctor Shibata. Later, he helps the Bioman ultimately defeat Gear. He manages to convince Doctor Man to help them stop the bomb that could destroy the whole Earth through the use of human emotions.
  • Setsuko Kageyama (蔭山 節子 Kageyama Setsuko?): Doctor Kageyama's former wife and the mother of Shūichi. After Kageyama became Doctor Man, she left her husband and gave away their son Shūichi for adoption to the Nakamura family. 17 years later, the Bioman team and Shūichi stumble onto a letter she left behind, along with a video recording, which revealed Doctor Man's true identity. She never actually appears in the series besides a photograph of herself with Kageyama and Shūichi as an infant, and a voice-over while Shūichi reads her letter.
  • Shin-ichirō Gō (郷 紳一朗 Gō Shin'ichirō?): Shirō's estranged father and the former research partner of Hideo Kageyama. After Kageyama became insane, he faked his death and left his wife and son in order to stop his former friend. He turned himself into a cyborg like Doctor Man did in order to continue his research and overthrow the Neo Gear Empire. Adopting the alias of Professor Shibata (柴田博士 Shibata-hakase?), he disguises his true identity by wearing rose-colored eyeglasses and a fake beard. He creates a "conscience circuit" that is capable of giving Mecha Clones free will.
  • Joy (ジョーイ Jōi?): A young friend of Peebo from Bio Star. He recorded a video message on a compact disc addressed to Peebo that was sent to Earth from Bio Star before its destruction. Doctor Man managed to get a hold of the disc before Peebo does and decides to create a Mecha Clone of Joy in order to trick Peebo into revealing the location of the Bioman's headquarters. Peebo is deceived by the duplicate at first, but manages to see through the deception after he views Joy's video recording, which revealed that the real Joy was unable to escape Bio Star's destruction and that he recorded the video as his final farewell to Peebo. Doctor Man, who did not understand the language of Bio Star's people, did not realize that Joy was already dead.
  • Ken Hayase (早瀬 健 Hayase Ken?): Jun's former coach and the captain of the Japanese Olympic Archery Team. He tries to investigate Jun's sudden departure from the team in order to convince her to return, only to discover Jun's secret identity as Yellow Four and allows her to remain with the Bioman.
  • Shota Yamamori (山守 正太 Yamamori Shōta?): A protector of nature who lives in Mt. Nekura by himself. When the Bioman team first encounter Yamamori, Shiro ponders the possibility of whether Yamamori might carry Bio Particles within him. After falling in love with Jun, Yamamori tries to join the team desperately, but is ultimately rejected when Bio Robo finds no traces of Bio Particles within his body. Disillusioned, Yamamori is tricked by a disguised Farrah into undergoing a procedure that would transform him into the Magne Warrior (マグネ戦士 Magune Senshi?), which puts under Gear's control. However, Yamamori manages to break free of Gear's influence and helps the Bioman team destroy the Magne Megas. Yamamori is considered a prototype of the "sixth warrior" additions featured in later Super Sentai shows.
  • Miki (ミキ?): A special Mecha Clone developed by Doctor Man to be coupled with Satan Megas in episode 43-44, Miki had the unusual appearance of a young girl in school uniform. As long as she existed, Satan Megas was able to re-assemble himself indefinitely, making him virtually invincible. After being implanted with Professor Shibata's conscience circuit, however, Miki felt guilt for the ravages caused by Gear, and resorted to activate her self-destruct so Bio Robo could defeat Satan Megas.


  • Bio Dragon (バイオドラゴン Baio Doragon?): A carrier ship for Bio Jets One and Two. On the fuselage side, two laser guns are equipped. With its magnetic force crane, it can pick up an inert Bio Robo. It can even transport a fully formed Bio Robo to the scene of battle.
  • Bio Robo (バイオロボ Baio Robo?): Coming from Bio Star 500 years ago, Bio Robo is a semi sentient robot that showered five people with Bio-particles upon arriving on Earth around the time of Feudal Japan. Years later, Bio Robo activates upon detecting Gear's attacks and gathers the Bioman team together. It is formed from the two Bio Jets when the command "Fusion! Hyper Cross!" (合体!ハイパークロス! Gattai! Haipā Kurosu!?) is given. Bio Robo is armed with the Super-Maser (スーパーメーザー Sūpā Mēzā?) sword and it destroys monsters with a variety of finishing attacks including, but not limited to, Concentration (コンセントレーション Konsentorēshon?), Comet Cutter (コメットカッター Kometto Kattā?), Chainsaw Cutter (チェーンソーカッター Chēnsō Kattā?), Straight Flush (ストレートフラッシュ Sutorēto Furasshu?), Pinball Sting (ピンボールスティング Pinbōru Sutingu?), and Dashing Beam (ダッシングビーム Dasshingu Bīmu?). It uses a powered up attack, the Bio Particle Cut (バイオ粒子斬り Baio Ryūshi Giri?) against later monsters.
    • Bio Jet One (バイオジェット1号 Baio Jetto Ichigō?): It is used by Red One and Pink Five, forming the upper half of Bio Robo. It reappeared in Gaoranger Vs. Super Sentai.
    • Bio Jet Two (バイオジェット2号 Baio Jetto Nigō?): It is used by three other Bioman, forming the lower half of Bio Robo.

Neo Empire Gear

The Neo Empire Gear (新帝国ギア Shinteikoku Gia?) was founded and led by the cyborg Doctor Man, from his Neo Grad fortress at the South Pole. Gear's forces believe themselves to be a technologically advanced society with the right to rule Earth.

  • Doctor Man (ドクターマン Dokutā Man?): The supreme ruler of Gear, Doctor Man was actually a human named Dr. Hideo Kageyama (蔭山 秀夫 Kageyama Hideo?) who experimented on himself to accelerate his intelligence, only to have his body rapidly age in the process. To extend his life, Kageyama converted himself into a cyborg with a deep disgust for humanity, planning to conquer the world with his army of Mecha Clones while remaining alive long enough to find a worthy heir to his empire. When his true origins are revealed, Doctor Man countered the coup with a Mecha Clone copy of himself and later reprogrammed the Big Three and reorganized the empire. With his empire dying, he goes and fights the Bioman with King Megas only to be defeated. He activated the Neo Bomb but he ended up stopping it when his son and the Bioman prodded him eventually resulting in his death.
  • Prince (プリンス Purinsu?, 19-20): An advanced Mecha Clone constructed by Doctor Man in the image of his estranged son Shūichi as a teenager, he was created to be the perfect heir to Gear. A cold-headed sadist, Prince is armed with a baton and a laser-shooting shotgun. He first appears to take over Mason's scheme to cause an energy crisis, his sadist actions getting blue's disdain. However, Nanbara's confrontation stirs the memories Prince has of Shūichi's mother and had to be brought back by Mason and Farrah as his nature as a Mecha Clone is revealed. After Doctor removed his human emotions, Prince calls out Blue Three for a one-on-one fight before piloting Grotescanth and is consumed in the explosion that destroyed his Mecha Gigan. Episodes 49 and 50, Silva construct a replica of Prince in order infiltrate Neograd and recover Balzion, but Shūichi trades place with it instead and poses as Prince.
  • Big Three (1-50): The three android generals who supervise field missions. They can also disguise themselves as humans.
    • Mason (メイスン Meisun?): The leader of the Big Three and the first of the trio to battle the Bioman, Red One's frequent rival. Given Bio Killer Gun, Mason only managed to kill Mika when she intentionally had him empty out all his Anti-Bio Particle ammo on her while he wanted to kill Shiro. He once plotted against Doctor Man himself upon leaning his origins. He is armed with a staff which fires energy bolts which was later broken in half by Red One. He later fired an energy bolt to Red One from his chest after his Staff was Broken. Doctor Man apparently puts more importance on him than the other two. He later shares a close relationship with Farrah. He was later rebuilt and armed with Mason Rockets and Mason Machine Gun. He was eventually killed by Silva, praising Doctor Man one final time for he explodes.
    • Farrah (ファラ Fara?): The female member of the Big Three, she uses beam weapons and leaves the dirty fighting to Farrah Cat. She often disguises herself as human in her schemes, favoring cunning and deception above brutal force. She used to show resentment towards Mason but later developed a close relationship with him starting with the plot to steal gold bars which Mason designed. Later rebuilt and armed with Farrah Fire Storm and Farrah Kiss (blows an explosive flying kiss). She is rivals with Yellow Four and Pink Five. She died after receiving damage in battle while piloting Balzion.
    • Monster (モンスター Monsutā?, 1-48): The brute of the Big Three who uses a battle axe as his usual weapon of choice, though he can use nearby heavy objects in his fights as well. He usually works with Zyuoh. He was later upgraded and armed with Black Mace, Iron Paw. Despite being an android, he is revealed to have feelings for Farrah which she resents and Mason considers it disgusting suggesting a love triangle. He was killed while trying to capture Balzion in Super Megas.
  • Farrah Cat (ファラキャット Fara Kyatto?, 2-51): Farrah's android bodyguard who does the dirty work, dressed in black and purple skins, she is quick, agile and acrobatic. She has claws for weapons and uses twin nunchukus as well. She eventually meets her end when Yellow Four and Pink Five blew off her circuits with a full blast.
  • Mecha Clones (メカクローン Mekakurōn?): The robotic foot soldiers of Gear. They have black bodies with red eyes, and silver masks that hide their mechanical faces. Their arms include swords and guns. They can be programmed to pilot Mechadrone jet fighters or act as laboratory assistants.


  • Bio Hunter Silva (バイオハンター・シルバ Baio Hantā Shiruba?): A robot, given half of Bio Particles as a power source and with a built-in arrow launcher in his elbow, from Bio Star built by the Anti-Bio Union with the objective to terminate anything with Bio Particles. However, Silva malfunctions and uses his mecha Balzion (バルジオン Barujion?) to destroy Bio Star. Tracking Bio Particle signature of Peebo and Bio Robo, Silva arrives on Earth to complete his objective. Though an arch enemy of the Bioman, Silva is also at odds with Gear who desire to utilize Balzion's technology for their own use. Losing his robot, Silva retrieves Balzion while killing Mason. In the end, Silva is destroyed when Balzion was defeated by a sudden charge of Bio Energy from Bio Robo.


  1. The Enigmatic Giant Robo Arrives (謎の巨大ロボ出現 Nazo no Kyodai Robo Shutsugen?)
  2. Gathering! Warriors of Destiny (集合!宿命の戦士 Shūgō! Shukumei no Senshi?)
  3. Our Friend, Bio Robo (わが友バイオロボ Waga Tomo Baio Robo?)
  4. Self Destruct! Mecha-Humans (自爆!メカ人間 Jibaku! Meka Ningen?)
  5. Kill the Unseen Enemy (見えない敵を斬れ Mienai Teki o Kire?)
  6. Rise up! Bio Robo (起て!バイオロボ Tate! Baio Robo?)
  7. Captured Peebo (つかまったピーボ Tsukamatta Pībo?)
  8. Fight! Wishing upon a Star (戦え!星に誓って Tatakae! Hoshi ni Sakatte?)
  9. The People-Erasing Jump Rope (人を消すなわ跳び Hito o Kesu Nawatobi?)
  10. Goodbye Yellow (さよならイエロー Sayonara Ierō?)
  11. Enter New Warrior Jun (新戦士ジュン登場 Shin Senshi Jun Tōjō?)
  12. Murderer Green! (殺人者グリーン! Satsujinsha Gurīn!?)
  13. Jun! (ジュンよ! Jun yo!?)
  14. New Intellect Brain! (新頭脳ブレイン! Shin Zunō Burein!?)
  15. The Female Warrior's Flaming Oath (女戦士炎の誓い Onna Senshi Honō no Chikai?)
  16. Run, 21599 Seconds (走れ21599秒 Hashire Ni-Man-Sen-Gobyaku-Kyū-Jū-Kyū-byō?)
  17. I Saw Tatsumiya Castle (僕は龍宮城を見た Boku wa Tatsumiya-jō o Mita?)
  18. The Esperer Girl's Prayer (超能力少女の祈り Chōnōryoku Shōjo no Inori?)
  19. My Father is Doctor Man (父はドクターマン Chichi wa Dokutā Man?)
  20. Prince's Challenge! (プリンスの挑戦! Purinsu no Chōsen!?)
  21. Protect Bio Base (守れバイオベース Mamore Baio Bēsu?)
  22. A Great Burglar!? Blue! (大泥棒!?ブルー! Dai Dorobō!? Burū!?)
  23. Gyo! Attack of the Puppet! (ギョ!人形の襲撃! Gyo! Ningyō no Shūgeki!?)
  24. The Exploding Flower of Love (爆発する愛の花 Bakuhatsu Suru Ai no Hana?)
  25. Prince's Ghost? (プリンスの幽霊? Purinsu no Yūrei??)
  26. My Father's Dreadful Secret (恐るべき父の秘密 Osorubeki Chichi no Himitsu?)
  27. Spider Hell's Female Warrior (クモ地獄の女戦士 Kumo Jigoku no Onna Senshi?)
  28. Doctor Man Assassination (ドクターマン暗殺 Dokutā Man Ansatsu?)
  29. The Day Tokyo Disappeared!? (東京が消える日!? Tōkyō ga Kieru Hi!??)
  30. Ultimate Canth's Demon Sword (最強カンスの魔剣 Saikyō Kansu no Ma Ken?)
  31. New Model!? The Megas Arrives (新型!?メガス出現 Shingata!? Megasu Shutsugen?)
  32. Gear's Great Remodeling Plan (ギアの大改造作戦 Gia no Dai Kaizō Sakusen?)
  33. Has It Come Forth!? The New Finishing Move (出るか!?新必殺技 Deru ka!? Shin Hissatsu-waza?)
  34. Behold! Bio Power (見よ!バイオの力 Mi yo! Baio no Chikara?)
  35. The Sixth Man (6番目の男 Rokubanme no Otoko?)
  36. Transform Boy (変身ボーイ Henshin Bōi?)
  37. The Assassin Silva! (殺し屋シルバ! Koroshiya Shiruba!?)
  38. The Enigmatic Balzion (謎のバルジオン Nazo no Barujion?)
  39. Mason's Trap! (メイスンのワナ! Meisun no Wana!?)
  40. Stolen Turbo! (奪われたターボ! Ubawareta Tābo!?)
  41. The Demonic Lullaby! (悪魔の子守り唄! Akuma no Komoriuta!?)
  42. Gō! Risk Your Life! (郷!命を賭けろ! Gō! Inochi o Kakero!?)
  43. The Sailor-Suited Soldier (セーラー服の戦士 Sērā-fuku no Senshi?)
  44. The Beautiful Conscience Circuit (美しき良心回路 Utsukishiki Ryōshin Kairo?)
  45. Human Bomb Jun! (人間爆弾ジュン! Ningen Bakudan Jun!?)
  46. Escape! The Town of Traps! (脱出!わなの町! Dasshutsu! Wana no Machi!?)
  47. Professor Shibata's True identity!? (柴田博士の正体!? Shibata-hakase no Shōtai!??)
  48. Enter! Balzion (出現!バルジオン Shutsugen! Barujion?)
  49. Critical Bio Robo (危うしバイオロボ Ayaushi Baio Robo?)
  50. Assault Neograd (突撃ネオグラード Totsugeki Neogurādo?)
  51. Goodbye Peebo (さよならピーボ Sayonara Pībo?)


A movie version of Chōdenshi Bioman premiered at the Toei Manga Matsuri film festival on July 14, 1984. It was directed by Nagafumi Hori and written by Hirohisa Soda, who both worked on the series. The events of the movie are set somewhere between Episodes 11 and 33 due to the presence of Jun Yabuki as Yellow Four and the appearance of all five Beastnoids.

International broadcasts

Bioman aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN in 1988 - making it the first Sentai show to be broadcasted in the country since Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai. It was also the last tokusatsu title in the Philippines to be dubbed in English, as Uchuu Keiji Shaider - which was aired on the same year - began the trend of dubbing tokusatsu in Filipino. In recent years, Bioman was re-broadcast and re-dubbed in Filipino.

The series was also popular in France, with singer/actor Bernard Minet recording a French version of the show's theme for that country.[2]

Like most Super Sentai series, Bioman was also broadcasted in Thailand. The series was aired on Channel 7.

In 1986, Haim Saban produced a pilot episode of an American adaptation of the series simply titled Bio-Man.[3][4]


  • Shirō Gō: Ryōsuke Sakamoto (阪本 良介 Sakamoto Ryōsuke?)
  • Shingo Takasugi: Naoto Ōta (太田 直人 Ōta Naoto?)
  • Ryūta Nanbara: Akito Ōsuga (大須賀 昭人 Ōsuga Akito?)
  • Mika Koizumi: Yuki Yajima (矢島 由紀 Yajima Yuki?)
  • Jun Yabuki: Sumiko Tanaka (田中 澄子 Tanaka Sumiko?)
  • Hikaru Katsuragi: Michiko Makino (牧野 美千子 Makino Michiko?)
  • Doctor Shibata: Tadao Nakamaru (中丸 忠雄 Nakamaru Tadao?)
  • Shūichi Kageyama, Prince: Hidenori Iura (井浦 秀知 Iura Hidenori?)
  • Doctor Man/Hideo Kageyama: Munemaru Kōda (幸田 宗丸 Kōda Munemaru?)
  • Mason: Hirohisa Nakata (中田 博久 Nakata Hirohisa?)
  • Farrah: Yōko Asuka (飛鳥 裕子 Asuka Yōko?)
  • Farrah Cat: Yukari Oshima (大島ゆかり Ōshima Yukari?)
  • Monster: Strong Kongō (ストロング金剛 Sutorongu Kongō?)
  • Mettzler: Hiroshi Izawa (伊沢 弘 Izawa Hiroshi?)
  • Zyuoh: Masahiro Anzai (安西 正弘 Anzai Masahiro ?)
  • Psygorn: Keisuke Yamashita (山下 啓介 Yamashita Keisuke?)
  • Aquaiger: Hirotaka Nagai (永井 寛孝 Nagai Hirotaka?)
  • Messer Beast: Shun Yashiro (八代 駿 Yashiro Shun?)
  • Bio Hunter Silva: Kazuo Hayashi (林 一夫 Hayashi Kazuo?)
  • Narrator: Ichirō Murakoshi (村越 伊知郎 Murakoshi Ichirō?)

Voice Actors

  • Peebo: Yoshiko Ōta (太田 淑子 Ōta Yoshiko?)


Opening theme
  • "Choudenshi Bioman" (超電子バイオマン Chōdenshi Baioman?)
    • Lyrics: Chinfa Kan (康 珍化 Kan Chinfa?)
    • Composition: Kunihiko Kase (加瀬 邦彦 Kase Kunihiko?)
    • Arrangement: Tatsumi Yano (矢野 立美 Yano Tatsumi?)
    • Artist: Takayuki Miyauchi (宮内 タカユキ Miyauchi Takayuki?)
Ending theme
  • "Biomic Soldier" (バイオミック・ソルジャー Baiomikku Sorujā?)
    • Lyrics: Chinfa Kan
    • Composition: Kunihiko Kase
    • Arrangement: Tatsumi Yano
    • Artist: Takayuki Miyauchi


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