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Uchuu Keiji Shaider

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country = JPN
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first_aired = March 02, 1984
last_aired = March 01, 1985
num_episodes = 48
nihongo|"Uchū Keiji Shaider"|宇宙刑事シャイダー|Uchū Keiji Shaidā, translated into English as Space Sheriff Shaider, is the third part of the Metal Heroes genre, the last of the Space Sheriff Trilogy. It aired on TV Asahi from March 2, 1984 to March 1, 1985. Some of its footage was later used in the second season of the American TV series VR Troopers.


In college, Dai Sawamura deciphered the figures on the Nazca Plain in Peru. Impressed by this feat, the Galactic Union Police recruited the archaeologist and trained him to be Earth's third Space Sheriff, after which he was given the code name 'Shaider' in memory of an ancient warrior who defeated the villain Emperor Kubilai and brought down the Fuuma Empire 12,000 years ago.The empire, upon knowing the appointment of Dai as the new 'Shaider', plotted to annihilate him in order to conquer Earth once again.


* Dai Sawamura ("Sawamura Dai") /nihongo|Uchuu Keiji Shaider|宇|Uchū Keiji Shaidā: Archaeologist-turned-Space Sheriff. Named after the warrior Shaider, he was fated to repeat his predecessor's destiny by saving Earth from Fuuma. He is Annie's, Kitz' and Ullu's classmate and best friend. Usually patrols the streets using a blue 1980's Suzuki SJ with Jimny livery. Alexis Del Mundo is the Philippine dubbed version of Dai Sawamura.

* Annie: Dai's classmate whose homeworld of Mount was annihilated by Fuuma. She requested to be assigned to Earth with Dai, so as to avenge the destruction of her home planet. She usually drives a yellow Mazda RX-7 FB to patrol the streets or arrive at the scene of a battle.

* Commander Com: He is the commander of Galactic Union Patrol and the father of Mimi.

* Marin: Assistant of Commander Com.

* Mimi (1;crossover): She is the daughter of Commander Com and Gavan's assistant/girlfriend/fiancée. Teacher to Space Sheriff School. Asks for Shaider to take Annie with him to Earth. After the final battle against Fuuma, she marries Gavan.

* Gavan (44;48;crossover): Captain of Galactic Union Patrol. Battles Fuuma to defend the Bird Planet from Fuuma's attack. After the battle against Fuuma, he announces his marriage with Mimi.

* Sharivan (44;48;crossover): He is a Space Sheriff from Iga Planet and helps defend this planet from Fuuma attack.

* Ullu (1;46): Squirrel-like faced being . He is Dai's, Annie's and Kitz' classmate and best friend. Dies when Fuuma attacks his home planet at the Great Invasion (ep 44).

* Kitz (1;46): Bird-like faced being. He is Dai's, Annie's and Ullu's classmate and best friend. Dies when Fuuma attacks his home planet at the Great Invasion (ep 44).

* Vivian (41): Journalist who writes a book about the Space Sheriffs. She is a petted daughter of the mayor of Bird Planet. Fell in love with Shaider and caused jealousy to Annie. She was brainwashed by Fuuma to destroy Vavilos.

Weapons and Arsenal

* Vavilos: The giant spaceship headquarters of Shaider and Annie. The base of their operation strategies as it circles around the Earth. It can fire the Vavilos Beam from its wings. Whenever Shaider enters the Strange Realm and encounters a giant Fuuma gunship, he summons Vavilos, commanding it to transform either into a giant gun called the Big Magnum or a giant robot whose chest emits a giant laser beam called Vavilos Fire (which he does rarely because its movements are limited), fires Vavilos Lasers from its hands, and can shoot Vavilos Missiles. Babilos is the Philippine dubbed version of Vavilos and "Matrix Projection" is also another version of "Shooting Formation"..
* Shaian: A tank that holds both the Sky Shaian and the Battle Shaian together at the same time. It's simply the Battle Shaian carrying the Sky Shaian.
* Sky Shaian: it is a fighter jet either driven by Shaider or Annie to attack and to destroy carriage-like Fuuma jet fighters. It blasts Shaian Beams to destroy the Fumma jet fighters. Also known as the Sky Striker.
* Battle Shaian: Also known as the Battle Tank, it is a giant drill tank that drills underground. It contains Shaian Rockets (Battle Tank Rockets) to attack enemy arsenals on ground, underground (rescuing people enslaved by Fuuma in the process). It is also equipped with a Shaian Searcher.
* Blue Hawk: A Suzuki motorcycle that serves as Shaider's vehicle to enter the "Strange Realm" in order to chase the Fuuma's Strange Beast. Capable of shooting Hawk Lasers and Hawk Missiles.
* Suzuki SJ: A stock mini-SUV from Suzuki with Jimny livery and spare tire cover design, which Dai uses to patrol in plain clothes. Essentially the same vehicle used in Uchuu Keiji Gavan, only colored blue.
* Savanna RX-7: a yellow sports car from Mazda which Annie uses to patrol in plain clothes.
* Laser Blade (Shaider Cutter): Shaider's sword, drawn like a metal tape measure from his waist. It sometimes assume a ribbon-like flexibility to hold Strange monster in battle. Required to execute his ultimate blow, the Shaider Blue Flash.
* Laser Shot: Annie's side arm, quite similar to Shaider's Video Beam Gun.
* Video Beam Gun:: Shaider's side weapon . It has a video screen to see Strange monsters that went invisible, which can be used while using the Shaider Scope.

Attacks and Skills

* Shaider Punch: Shaider can punch straight to the enemy in mid-air.
* Shaider Kick: Shaider spins in mid-air while doing a kick.
* Blue Flash Spark: Shaider can transform himself into a blue light orb and can fly from one place to another.
* Shaider Full Power

Strange World Fuuma

A religion based from the Strange Palace in the Strange World dimension revering Kubilai as its god which intends to conquer the universe through psychological attacks. Kubilai attempted to take over Earth 12,000 years ago, only to be stopped by the warrior Shaider and was defeated again by the modern Shaider.
* Great Emperor Kubilai: The ruler of Fuuma and the former ruler of the Mu Empire. He is portrayed as a giant, golden head with three red eyes embedded in the wall of the Fuuma Palace. Later revealed to have had a body once, having tentacled limbs with serpent-like heads on the ends, but he was separated from his body by the warrior Shaider, when the latter cut his head off 12,000 years ago, and sealed his body in a cave. (Episode #47) Kubilai intended to find his body to become whole again. Shaider managed to get Kubilai's animated body back into the cave and blow up all of its limbs, leaving only the torso (which could speak and had a mind and eye of its own) to remain and was destroyed by Shaider. (Episode #48) Shaider eventually broke into the fortress to save Annie. He then challenged Kubilai to fight one on one. For this, Kubilai had a new robotic body, with tentacles to give him mobility. Shaider destroyed this new body, forcing Kubilai to resort to levitation for movement. Shaider killed Kubilai after realizing his (Kubilai's) weakness: he impaled his sword in Kubilai's third eye. His last words were "Long live Fuuma!" Fuuma Le-Ar is the Philippine dubbed version of Kubilai.

* Shinkan Poe: Kubilai's transvestite grandson in white who serves as advisor and strategist. He is attired in elegant white robes, and a horned, immensely large oval shaped headdress. As a high priest, Poe presides over the Strange Beast birth and Strange Dimension Generation ceremonies. Drinking an elixir made somehow from young girls every 500 years, he lived 15,000 years. Unwilling to have anyone be more beautiful than he, his true face is mummified. He met his end at the end of the series (Episode #48) after Kubilai was destroyed. Since his grandfather was no longer alive to give him the energy he needed to stay young, he repented to Annie and Shaider before fading away into nothingness alongside the lower ranked Fuuma monsters that were on the Palace. In battle, Poe could toss his scepter as well as blast Shaider with blue lasers from the scepter's core. Poe possesses teleportation and telekinetic abilities that he demonstrated on Shaider, before he broke free from his control. Babaylan Ida is the Philippine dubbed version of Poe.

* Hessler: A field operative. Hessler oversees the attacks on Earth. He is a proud, yet easily irritated warrior who often gets into arguments with his younger brother Himley, who once tried to take his position. Hessler met his end, near the end of the series (Episode #45), when he was destroyed by Shaider in battle. Drigo is the Philippine dubbed version of Hessler.

* Himley(ep 28): Hessler's brother. He is dressed in an armor that seems to be spider-themed and wields two swords, and a trident, in battle. He and Hessler went into battle against Shaider together. Himley could blast lasers from the spider's eyes embedded in his head gear and seemed to be a great fencer. Himley could also blast webbing-shaped lightning bolts, in battle. He was destroyed by a fatal sneak attack inflicted by Hestler, after he had betrayed Hessler by trying to usurp his position. Kubilai promised to give Himley Hessler's job and position if he destroyed Shaider. After the offer, Himley eagerly agreed and looked forward to taking Hessler's place.

* Girl's Army: A team of five deadly, kunoichi trained in the most vicious and dangerous arts of combat. They had no individual names, but the production notes listed them as: Girl 1 (black), Girl 2 (purple), Girl 3 (red), Girl 4 (green), and Girl 5 (pink). They are commanded by Hessler. First Girl 1 was destroyed (Episode #44) and then Girl 3 followed (Episode #45). At the end of the series, Kubilai ate the three remaining girls to give him energy to battle Shaider. Amazonas is the Philippine dubbed version of Girls' Army.

* Miraclers: Grunts with big round eyes and fanged mouths. They act either as foot soldiers or as pilots for the carriage-shaped aircraft. Destroyed at the end of the series when the fortress crumbled apart and exploded. Shaider occasionally kicks their butts before going on to fighting the Strange Beast.

Strange Beasts

Psychedelic, deceptively comical-looking creatures that Kubilai "gives birth" to using a special ceremony with the help of Poe. Their naming system is two syllables, repeated twice (an allusion to the Japanese penchant for onomatopoeia).

#No monster created, as Himley was the main enemy in this episode.

*Muchimuchi (Movie 2)

Other Villains

* Omega (Movie 1): An assassin (alien gunman to be exact) who has been hunting all the Space Sheriffs. He previously went after Gavan and later Sharivan but failed. In the movie, Shaider was his new prey. Armed with twin shoulder cannons.

Shigi jiku / Strange Dimension

The Strange Dimension is an alternate universe with various traps and other dimensions. Some of the traps used in this realm are designed to match the monster's theme. Also seen are grunts and minions that assist the monster against Shaider. The temperature in this dimension reaches about 6,000 degrees Celsius. The primary purpose of this dimension is to enhance a Strange monster's powers and abilities by about 4 times, in an attempt to give it the upper hand against Shaider. When Kubilai calls for the Strange dimension, Poe will summon it to draw the beast inside, thereby luring Shaider to follow it into Fuuma territory. Besides the monster and the various traps within the Strange dimension, a constant threat Shaider faces inside is a Fuuma gunship; for this reason, he calls on his battle fortress Vavilos, using either its giant blaster or robot form to destroy the gunship.

Despite an upgrade in its fighting strength, a Strange Beast can still be destroyed by Shaider while inside the Strange Realm. This, in turn, will dissolve the warp until the next time it is summoned again. Time Space Warp in the Philippine and Tempo Espacial Mágico in the Brazillian dubbed version of Strange Dimension. Shinkan Poe's (Babaylan Ida) phrase in Philippine dubbed is "Time Space Warp, Ngayon Din!" (Strange Dimension, at once!)"

Episode List & Air Dates

#"The Strange World" 03/02/84
#"Dance, Petopeto" 03/09/84
#"Annie doesn't listen" 03/16/84
#"The children who became animals" 03/23/84
#"The sudden case of laziness" 03/30/84
#"The attack of the Strange World's cooking" 04/13/84
#"Have you seen the girl's hallucination?" 04/20/84
#"The rebellious girl from the stars" 04/27/84
#"I hate the Blue Boys band!" 05/04/1984
#"House of darkness" 05/11/84
#"Leave it to Annie" 05/18/84
#"The true identity of perfect scoring Genta" 05/25/84
#"The gold medal man" 06/01/84
#"Mutant of Love" 06/08/84
#"Marine blue of the seashore" 06/15/84
#"The surprised alien life form" 06/22/84
#"The mysterious writings of the space sheriffs" 06/29/84
#"The fallen empire swallowed by the pacific ocean" 07/06/84
#"Annie in danger" 07/13/84
#"The Strange song" 07/20/84
#"I hate them! The little beast family" 07/27/84
#"The oddity of the sea according to a merman" 08/03/84
#"The great escape with wounds all over" 08/24/84
#"The beautiful mask of Po" 08/31/84
#"Esper Queen" 09/07/84
#"Great crash into the Demon Zone" 09/21/84
#"Death match at Demon Island" 09/28/84
#"The backstabbing brothers of the Demon Palace" 10/05/84
#"The female cop with a hundred faces" 10/12/84
#"The message of life slicing the sky" 10/19/84
#"The big sale on wild canned monsters" 10/26/84
#"The melody of yours and mine" 11/02/84
#"The walking Puppet Master" 11/09/84
#"Kubilai's secret" 11/16/84
#"The mysterious golden arrow" 11/23/84
#"I'ts the age of dream computer madness" 11/30/84
#"Roaring beam gun" 12/07/84
#"The demonic Cinderella" 12/14/84
#"The choir of dancing masks" 12/21/84
#"Vavilos S.O.S." 12/28/84
#"Direct attack on the female journalist" 01/11/85
#"The miracle of Grade 6 class 0" 01/18/85
#"Our fuuma" 01/25/85
#"The great invasion" 02/01/85
#"The fire breathing golden idol" 02/08/85
#"Phantom showtime" 02/15/85
#"12,000 years of darkness" 02/22/85
#"Justice, friendship, And love" 03/01/85

TV Special & Air Date

"Three Space Sheriffs: Gavan, Sharivan, and Shaider Assemble!" 03/08/85

Movies & Release Dates

* "Space Sheriff Shaider" 7/14/84 (Takes Place Between Episodes 19 & 20)
* "Space Sheriff Shaider: Chase the Strange Kidnappers!" 12/22/84 (Takes Place Between Episodes 39 & 40)


*Dai Sawamura/Shaider:
*Commander Qom: Toshiaki Nishizawa
*Mimi: Wakiko Kano
*Marin: Kyoko Nashiro
*Dr. Kojiro Aoyama: Masayuki Suzuki
*Kubilai: Shōzō Izuka (voice)
*Poe: Jun Yoshida
*Hessler: Tomodachi Takayuki
*Narrator: Tōru Ōhira


;Opening theme
*nihongo|"Space Sheriff Shaider"|宇宙刑事シャイダー|Uchū Keiji Shaidā (1-48 and 1st Movie)
**Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
**Composition & Arrangement: Michiaki Watanabe
**Artist: Akira Kushida

*nihongo|"Hello! Shaider"|ハロー!シャイダー|Harō! Shaidā (2nd Movie)
**Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
**Composition & Arrangement: Michiaki Watanabe
**Artist: Akira Kushida

*nihongo|"A Starry Sky Message"|星空のメッセージ|Hoshizora no Messēji (crossover)
**Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
**Composition: Michiaki Watanabe
**Arrangement: Kōji Makaino
**Artist: Akira Kushida

The opening theme was covered by the Japanese novelty metal band Animetal in their Animetal Marathon II album.

;Ending theme
*nihongo|"Hello! Shaider"|ハロー!シャイダー|Harō! Shaidā
**Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
**Composition & Arrangement: Michiaki Watanabe
**Artist: Akira Kushida

Video game

A video game based on this TV series, The Space Sheriff Spirits, was released for the Playstation 2 system on May 25 2006 by Bandai Namco. This product was made available in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The actors for Gavan and Sharivan reprised their roles, but Hiroshi Tsuburaya died before the game was developed.

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