List of Neighbours characters (2011)

List of Neighbours characters (2011)

The following is a list of characters that first appeared or will appear in the Australian soap opera Neighbours in 2011, by order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the shows executive producer Susan Bower. The 27th season of Neighbours began airing on 11 January 2011.[1] That same month saw Jack Finsterer join the cast as Garland Cole. Dieter Brummer made his first appearance as Troy Miller in May and Carolyn Johnstone, a new love interest for Harold Bishop, followed shortly after. Ivan DeMarco and Superintendent Duncan Hayes began appearing in June. Doctor Rhys Lawson, Michelle Tran and student Noah Parkin arrived in July. Bobby Morley made his debut as Aidan Foster the following month. Martin Chambers, Lorraine Dowski and Emilia Jovanovic began appearing from September. Kyle Canning's cousin, Dane, made his first appearance in October.

Garland Cole

Garland Cole
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Jack Finsterer
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 28 January 2011
Last appearance 3 March 2011
Classification Former, recurring

Garland Cole, played by Jack Finsterer,[2] made his first on-screen appearance on 28 January 2011. Garland is an ex-criminal who is also involved in illegal street racing.[3] The character of Garland is Finsterer's second role with Neighbours. He previously appeared as Russell Sykes in 1992.[3] Finsterer began filming his role in October 2010.[3]

When Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major) needs some money to buy a new motorbike, Billy Forman (Jez Constable) gives him Garland's contact details. Garland brings a car to the garage for Lucas to illegally rebirth. He comes to pick up the parts and leaves Lucas with the shell. Garland later meets Lucas and Billy at Charlie's and he tells Lucas that he recognised his name and asks him whether he raced for Reyada. Lucas tells him that he did and that he has a new bike, Garland then asks if he wants to get involved in some street racing. Lucas initially turns him down, but he later turns up at the race and wins it, earning Garland and Billy a lot of money. At the next race, Garland tells Lucas to lose, throwing the race. However, Lucas wins the race, which makes Garland angry as he lost money. Garland later turns up at the garage and gets one of his associates to beat Lucas up. Garland arranges Lucas' house to be trashed and Billy later tells Lucas that Garland is giving him a second chance. Lucas goes to the venue of the race and deliberately loses for Garland, who gets his money back.

Lucas decides to race again and Garland tells him that he was not sure he would be back and that there is one more race left for the day. He introduces Lucas to a new racer called Rob, but Lucas realises that it is Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) undercover. After the race, which Lucas wins, Garland tells Mark to go and collect his winnings and that he can shout him and Lucas breakfast. However, Lucas tells him that he some work to do at the garage and Garland questions whether they are good with each other. Lucas later calls Garland to Charlie's and just before he can get him to talk, Garland sees Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer) and tries to flirt with her. Lucas tells him that he wants back in on the car stripping and Garland tells him that he will be in touch. Garland delivers a new car to Lucas and tells him Mark, as Rob, will be helping him. When Garland comes to pick up the car, he discovers Kate hiding in the garage and demands to know what is going on. Mark tells him that he met Kate at Charlie's and that she came to meet him at the garage early. Once the parts are loaded, Garland tells Mark that they should take Kate for a drive as he is suspicious about how she turned up and Billy pulled out. The police arrive and Mark arrests Garland and takes him to the station. Mark later tells Kate that Garland was given an eighteen-month prison sentence.

Troy Miller

Troy Miller
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Dieter Brummer
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 10 May 2011
Last appearance 8 June 2011
Classification Former, recurring
Occupation Soldier

Captain Troy Miller, played by former Home and Away actor Dieter Brummer, made his first on-screen appearance on 10 May.[4][5][6] Brummer had a seven week guest contract with the show and he relocated to Melbourne for filming.[4] He began filming his first scenes on 2 March 2011.[7] Brummer said that he was "thrilled" to get the role of Troy and it has allowed him to catch up with his friend Scott Major.[5] Of Brummer's casting, Susan Bower said "We are delighted that Dieter is joining us and very excited about the character he is playing. The Captain will certainly leave his mark on Ramsay Street."[4]

Troy is the ex-boyfriend of Sonya Mitchell (Eve Morey) and the biological father of her son, Callum Jones (Morgan Baker).[8] Holy Soap said that not everyone in Erinsborough will be ready to welcome Troy and they described him as a "sexy soldier, who's guaranteed to see plenty of heavy combat during his time on the Street."[4] Brummer told TV Week that Troy is "involved in Sonya's dark past" and that he comes to Erinsborough to work out something with Sonya.[5] When asked what kind of man Troy is, Brummer said that he has been through many changes since his relationship with Sonya and that he stands up for himself.[8] Troy will also "turn like a cut snake if he's crossed."[8] Of Troy's relationship with Sonya, Brummer revealed "I think he would have been more dedicated to Sonya and their relationship in the past if he'd known that she decided to keep their baby. He has never really let go of Sonya. For whatever reason they finally decided to break up and neither one of them was in a great place at the time. Then he left to join the army."[8] Troy arrives in Ramsay Street and Brummer explained Troy is not "intentionally stirring up trouble, but there are aspects of his personality that will cause some problems."[5] He added that his character will cause waves between Sonya and her current boyfriend Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney).[5] Toadie sees Troy as a threat because he is Callum's real father.[8] Moloney told Holy Soap that the way Toadie and Tory react to one another is like "a couple of bulls eyeing off each other, waiting to see who charges first."[9] He added that he would like to see Brummer channel Ray Meagher and slip some of his mannerisms into the scripts.[9]


Troy asks Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer) about where to find Toadfish Rebecchi and Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) overhears and tells him that he knows Toadie. Troy tells Harold that he needs to get in touch with him and Harold takes his name and number to give to Toadie. Troy reveals that he has just got back from Afghanistan and that he knows Sonya Mitchell. Troy goes to Harold's Store and overhears Kate and Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major) talking about Sonya and her sister, Jade (Gemma Pranita). He asks Lucas for Sonya's address and goes to Ramsay Street. Jade and Sonya are shocked to see him and Troy explains that a lawyer called his base a few weeks ago and Sonya's name was mentioned. Troy remembers that Sonya was pregnant and asks her if he has a son. Sonya tells him that he does. Troy asks her why she did not tell him at the time and Sonya says it was because he had walked out on her. Troy wants to see his son, but Sonya tells him that he cannot. Troy then tells her that he has changed and that the army gave him structure and discipline. Sonya asks him to give Callum time and stay away. Troy later sees Callum, but does not approach him. Troy and Sonya meet up and he tells her about his time in the army. Troy comes to Ramsay Street to show Sonya some photos and he briefly talks to Callum. A meeting is arranged and Troy meets Callum at Harold's Store and they bond. The meeting is cut short by Toadie, but he later asks Troy if he wants to spend some more time with Callum.

Troy takes Callum off to show him his army equipment and some survival skills. They then join Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) and Lucas for drinks. Troy and Sonya later share a kiss. Harold and Carolyn Johnstone (Paula Duncan) try to talk to Troy and Carolyn asks him how much it will take to get him to leave town. Callum later sees Troy and Sonya kissing. Toadie invites Troy to Harold's bucks night at Charlie's and while he is getting drinks with Harold, Troy physically threatens him. Callum goes to Puckapunyal with Troy, but does not tell Toadie. When they get back, Toadie is angry with Troy, until he explains that Callum sneaked into the back of his car and he did not know until he stopped for petrol. Troy promises Sonya that he would not take off with Callum without asking for permission first. Troy also explains that the thing with Harold was a misunderstanding. Sonya tells Troy that she is back together with Toadie, and after Jade goads him, Troy goes to confront Toadie. He yells at Callum and accuses Toadie of trying to steal his son. He then punches him. Sonya goes to see Troy and he explains that he wants to be a family with her and Callum. Sonya replies that cannot happen and Troy stops her from leaving. Troy worries that he is going to be shut out of Callum’s life, but Sonya tells him that they can arrange something next time he is on leave. Troy then reveals that he is on permanent leave from the army after being dishonorably discharged. Troy tries to make Sonya have an emotional breakdown and tells her that Toadie is never going to fully trust her. Sonya tells Troy to stay away from her and her family and she leaves him alone in his room. Troy then leaves town.

Carolyn Johnstone

Carolyn Johnstone
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Paula Duncan
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 25 May 2011
Last appearance 15 June 2011
Classification Former, recurring
Home Byron Bay
Occupation Earthly Essence Teas owner

Carolyn Johnstone, played by Paula Duncan, made her first on-screen appearance on 25 May 2011.[10] Carolyn was introduced as Harold Bishop's fiancée.[11]

On 30 March 2011, the Herald Sun reported that Duncan had joined the cast of Neighbours in a guest role as Harold Bishop's (Ian Smith) love interest.[12] Duncan began filming her first scenes as Carolyn in late March at the Nunawading studio.[12][13] This is the second time Duncan has joined the show, having previously appeared as Amy Medway in 1985.[12] Of playing Harold's love interest, Duncan said "Harold is very Salvation Army, so there is no alcohol or sex."[12] Of Carolyn and Harold, the official Neighbours website said "Harold's back and his bought with him a brand new love he picked up on his travels around Australia, to join him on his favourite Street. So, where will Harold and his new love live? In his Winnebago perhaps?"[13] Executive producer Susan Bower said she was delighted that Harold is sharing his journey with the "beautiful and extremely talented" Duncan. She added that not everyone will welcome Harold and Carolyn when they arrive in Ramsay Street.[13] Duncan told TV Week in May that she was "nervous" about joining the cast as the "vivacious" Carolyn.[14] Duncan described her character as "always been a highly ambitious, dramatic, over-the-top person and she's found a simple and graceful man in Harold – and that's what she has been searching for all her life."[14] Smith revealed to Inside Soap that he suggested Harold should get married and so he returns engaged to Carolyn.[15] Harold's news about Carolyn is not well received by his best friend, Lou (Tom Oliver).[15]

Harold reveals to Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) that Carolyn used to be a corporate lawyer, but she now runs her own company, Earthly Essence Teas. Harold met Carolyn after he enquired about the tea in a cafe one day and was directed to her. Carolyn makes a surprise visit to Erinsborough to see Harold. She meets Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) and gives some tea to Lyn Scully (Janet Andrewartha). Harold and Carolyn talk to Troy Miller (Dieter Brummer) and Carolyn asks him how much it will take to get him to leave town. Toadie is not happy with what happened and tells Harold to stay out of his business. Carolyn tells Toadie that he takes Harold for granted and they argue. After realising how much Erinsborough means to Harold, Carolyn suggests that they get married while they are in town. Carolyn meets Harold's friend, Lou, and she is not impressed. Carolyn vetos Lou's idea of a buck's night and they argue. Harold gets them to compromise on a joint party at Charlie's.

On the day of the wedding, Lou and Toadie tell Carolyn that Harold has gone missing. Carolyn is not fazed and tells them Harold will be at the ceremony. Harold arrives late and he and Carolyn are married. Harold and Carolyn return from their honeymoon and try to tell Lou that he has taken on too much at the car yard, but Lou does not listen to them and he later collapses. Carolyn accompanies Harold to the hospital, where they are told Lou will be fine. Harold and Carolyn begin packing the van, ready to leave when Callum asks them to get Sonya to move back in with him and Toadie. Carolyn calls on Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major) for reinforcements, but their plan fails and Harold and Carolyn are sorry they could not convince Sonya and Toadie to move in together. However, Carolyn thinks that Toadie and Sonya just need something to prompt them into action. After saying goodbye to Lou, Harold and Carolyn are delighted when Toadie and Sonya reveal they are moving back in together. They say their goodbyes and Harold and Carolyn leave.

Ivan DeMarco

Ivan DeMarco
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Ben Knight
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 2 June 2011
Last appearance 29 June 2011
Classification Former, recurring
Date of birth 5 August 1983
Occupation Gardener

Ivan DeMarco, played by Ben Knight, made his first on-screen appearance on 2 June 2011. Ivan was introduced as a love interest for Natasha Williams and was described as being a "bad boy."[16]

In June 2011, Inside Soap reported that school student Natasha Williams (Valentina Novakovic) was to meet and "hook up" with Ivan, a guy ten years older than her.[17][18] A source told the magazine that Ivan "isn't necessarily good for her."[17] In an attempt to impress Ivan, Natasha sends him "raunchy photos" of herself.[18] However, Ivan betrays Natasha by showing the pictures to his friends and her classmates find out causing a scandal at her school.[18] Ivan was branded a "cad" by TV Week, whilst Susan Hill writing for the Daily Star called him a "hunky bad boy."[19][20]

Ivan meets Natasha Williams on a night out. He asks to meet her again the next day and they go to the university bar. Natasha confesses that she is seventeen, but this does not worry Ivan, who tells her that he wants someone fun and up for a good time. Ivan later gives Natasha a fake ID. Natasha tries to get Ivan to meet her father, Michael (Sandy Winton), but Ivan refuses. Natasha takes him to Charlie's for lunch and arranges for Michael to meet them there. Ivan is not interested in talking to Michael, but Natasha begs him to stay. Michael asks Ivan what he wants from Natasha, but Ivan leaves. Ivan meets up with Natasha and she asks him to continue their relationship in secret. Ivan buys Natasha a necklace and takes her out to breakfast, before asking her why they have to keep sneaking around. Natasha explains that it is better that way. Natasha and Chris Pappas (James Mason) run into Ivan at the university, where he is working, and Natasha tells him to stay away from her. Whilst she is alone, Natasha goes over to Ivan and he tells her that he did not like being shot down and things are starting to feel a little like high school. Natasha explains that she needs more time for people to get used to the idea of them being together. They make up and Ivan asks Natasha to send him naked pictures of herself to him, which she does.

Natasha confronts Ivan when she learns that his friends have seen the pictures. Ivan convinces Natasha that it was unintended and that it will not happen again. He later goes to Charlie's to see her and offers to take her out. Natasha discovers that her pictures are on the internet. She confronts Ivan about who he sent them to and she smashes his phone. Ivan and his friends go to Charlies and start talking about Natasha's photos. Michael sees them and he takes Ivan's phone and puts it in a glass of beer. Ivan comes to Ramsay Street to talk to Natasha and Michael punches him. Ivan comes to Natasha school and tells her that they need to talk. Ivan wants to know if Michael is still going to the police and Natasha tells him that he is. Natasha also tells him that it is her word against his about who took the photos. Ivan gets angry and Michael finds them. He asks Ivan to leave, but Ivan stays and tells Michael that Natasha took the photos. Ivan then reveals that he will go to the police if Michael does. Just as Michael is leaving the police station, Ivan appears and tells him that he is going to make an assault complaint. Michael shoves Ivan up against a wall and Ivan encourages him, reminding him there are plenty of witnesses around. Michael lets him go and tells him to get lost. Ivan then walks away.

Duncan Hayes

Duncan Hayes
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Paul Ireland
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 15 June 2011
Classification Current, recurring
Occupation Police Superintendent

Duncan Hayes, played by Paul Ireland, made his first appearance on 15 June 2011. Duncan is a senior police officer and Mark Brennan's boss.[21] Ireland's casting was announced in April 2011.[22] Scottish-born Ireland was signed up for 13 episodes and he hoped viewers would like his character and producers would keep him on.[21] Of his casting, the actor said "I'm thrilled to be joining Neighbours. It's a great show and a terrific opportunity."[21]

Detective Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) goes to the station to see Duncan and he tells him that his home has been trashed. Duncan tells Mark that it is probably kids, until Mark says he is being targeted. Mark explains that his car has been vandalised and he is getting threatening texts and silent calls. Duncan tells him that he will look into it and that they have to tread carefully until the investigation is resolved. Duncan asks to meet Mark at Charlie's and he tells him he put the word out and that he received a threatening text too. Duncan tells Mark that he needs to go into witness protection. Duncan and Mark meet the next day and Mark admits that he does not know if he can go into witness protection. Duncan realises that Mark is not single, but Mark assures him that it is not serious. Duncan tries to convince Mark that witness protection is the only way to keep him safe and he tells him that he does not have much time. Mark agrees to go into witness protection and Duncan tells him to go home and wait for his call. A few days later, Duncan tells Mark that things have moved faster than expected and his new place and identity are ready. He then gives Mark an hour and a half to get ready.

Mark returns to the station and tells Duncan that things have changed. Duncan explains that the plan cannot be changed, but Mark tells him that it will have to, or he will not go. Duncan meets Mark at a carpark and tries to hurry him along, but Mark wants to wait for Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer). Eventually they have to leave without Kate, but Duncan allows Mark to text her from his phone. Duncan visits Kate the next day and she asks him where and how Mark is. Duncan tells her that he cannot discuss Mark's whereabouts and that he is there to reiterate the importance of keeping quiet about Mark. Duncan goes to see Kate at Harold's Store and tells her to stay away from the station. He reveals that he had a phone call from Mark's mother that afternoon. He tells Kate that her actions could have put Mark's safety at risk and jeopodised the whole operation. Kate explains that she just wants to talk to Mark one more time. She asks Duncan if she can give him a message to pass onto Mark, but he tells he cannot and that she has to let this go. Duncan invites Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) to the station, so he can sign some statements. An officer interrupts the meeting and tells Duncan that there has been a fatality, and they leave the room. Toadie opens the door and hears Mark's name being mentioned. Duncan takes him into his office to explain that Mark is dead and no one can know. Duncan comes to Charlie's and bumps into Toadie. Duncan tells him that he must work through the situation alone and that he will not have it compromised by him or anyone else. A few months later, Duncan runs into Callum Jones (Morgan Baker), who confronts him about keeping his officers safe and doing nothing when they are killed. Toadie visits Duncan and tells him his partner and son, Callum, know about Mark's death. Toadie asks Duncan if they can tell Kate about Mark and he agrees. Duncan then tells Kate about Mark's death.

Rhys Lawson

Rhys Lawson
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Ben Barber
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011–
First appearance 13 July 2011
Classification Current, regular
Home 26 Ramsay Street
Occupation Doctor

Rhys Lawson, played by Ben Barber, made his first on-screen appearance on 13 July 2011.[23] Rhys is a doctor who works at Erinsborough Hospital. The character and casting was announced on 18 May 2011.[24] Barber began filming his first scenes alongside established cast members Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) and Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) the week before his casting announcement.[24]

Of Rhys, Barber said "I love the character, he is very determined and focused which gets him into trouble."[25] Barber explained Rhys is good at separating his work life from his home life and can switch from one to the other easily. Barber added that his character knows how to have a good time.[26] Digital Spy reported that Rhys was set to "cause a stir" amongst the locals.[24] While the official UK Neighbours website said his arrival would not go down too well with some of his neighbours.[23] Barber told Inside Soap his character is very driven and sees Erinsborough as being "a bit of a backwater." He would like to be a surgeon one day and is not afraid to step on his colleagues toes, including Karl Kennedy's, who he "riles."[25][26] Rhys becomes caught between Karl and Susan who are having marriage problems, but Barber said Rhys' main priority is his patient, Jim Dolan (Scott Parameter), who has befriended Susan.[26] Barber said "He's solely concerned with Jim's well-being. He wants him to have chemotherapy, but Karl tells Susan it will only prolong Jim's suffering, not save his life. Susan tells that to Jim, which Rhys doesn't like."[26] In July 2011, Rhys meets Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer) and after a "big night out", they end up having a one-night stand.[27] Brewer said Kate and Rhys have different attitudes to what happened and she explained "Rhys is a bit of a player, so it's not a big deal to him. He doesn't have any expectations of Kate, but she's uncomfortable and tries to cover her tracks."[28] TV Week branded Rhys a "handsome doc."[27]

Rhys meets Jim Dolan for his first round of chemotherapy and assures him that it is a straightforward procedure. He takes over from Jodie Smith (Mary Annegeline) when she cannot find a vein. Rhys also meets Susan Kennedy and assumes she is Jim's wife, until she corrects him. At Jim's next treatment session, Rhys is not happy to learn that his colleague, Karl Kennedy, has been giving his patient advice. Susan talks to Rhys about Jim's condition and tells him that Jim needs to know how serious it is. Rhys asks her to leave Jim's treatment to him. Rhys is not happy when Jim decides to stop his treatment because of the advice given to him by Susan's husband, a doctor. Rhys learns that Susan is married to Karl and he calls him to the hospital, where they discuss Jim's condition. Rhys goes to Charlie's and meets Kate Ramsay. He argues with Karl, who spills Kate's drink. Rhys pays for Kate's next drink to make it up to her, but declines to join her and her friends. However, Kate wakes up in Rhys' apartment the next morning and Rhys gives her his number. He later bumps into Kate at Harold's Store, where she tells him that nothing can happen between them. Karl apologises to Rhys about interfering with his patient and Rhys later buys him a drink in Charlie's. They bond over a mutual love of golf and arrange to play together one day.

Rhys meets Jade Mitchell (Gemma Pranita) in Charlie's and asks her to join him for drinks. She turns him down, telling him Kate is one of her best friends. Rhys gives her his number in case she changes her mind. Rhys and Karl help to save Jim when he collapses and Rhys agrees to let Karl take over as Jim's attending physician. Rhys goes to check on Jim and sits with him as he dies. Rhys gives Susan Jim's belongings and she asks him what happened. Rhys tells her about holding Jim's hand and being there for him. Rhys goes for a drink and runs into Kate and Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major). He later goes to the gym and competes against Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) in a circuit workout. Rhys loses and shouts Kyle a drink. Jade asks Rhys to pose as a property inspector, in order to get her housemate, Michelle Tran (HaiHa Le), to leave. In return, Rhys asks Jade to play football with him and his friends. Danielle Paquette (Georgia Bolton) confronts Karl and Rhys about a mistake on an unsigned prescription form, Rhys takes the blame for Karl. He then asks Karl to introduce him to the Head of Surgery, Martin Chambers (John Wood). Rhys and Martin get on well and Martin invites Rhys to watch him in surgery one day. Kyle invites Rhys to move in with him and Jade. Rhys neglects his household jobs, which angers Jade and in revenge, she ruins one of his shirts. When Rhys flirts with another man's girlfriend at Charlie's, Kyle defends him. A fight breaks out and Rhys leaves. Kyle is angry with Rhys for leaving him alone, but Rhys apologises and tells Kyle he has hired a cleaner to help them around the house.

Michelle Tran

Michelle Tran
Neighbours character
Portrayed by HaiHa Le
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 15 July 2011
Last appearance 29 August 2011
Classification Former, recurring
Occupation Florist

Michelle Tran, played by HaiHa Le, made her first on-screen appearance on 15 July 2011.[29][30] The character and casting was announced on 1 June 2011.[31] Le had a two month guest role with the show and she said joining Neighbours was a "real gift."[31][32] When asked if she would like to see Michelle move into Ramsay Street full time, Le told Holy Soap "That is entirely up to the writers and producers but I think Michelle would be a great addition to Ramsay Street. She's a bit of trouble and there is certainly a point-of-difference with this character. It would be wonderful to continue."[32]

Michelle is one of Jade Mitchell's (Gemma Pranita) clients and she happens to be looking for somewhere to live.[32] She moves in with Jade and Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) at Number 26 and quickly becomes known as the "housemate from hell."[29] Le said that Michelle seems fine at first, but cracks in her persona begin appearing and she "turns things upside down for her flatmates."[32] The show's official website said Michelle will "upset Jade's equilibrium" as she is just a "little bit annoying."[33] Le explained that Michelle means well, but she rubs people up the wrong way without realising and she jumps into situations without thinking about the consequences.[32] Le told the official website "To describe her as annoying is an understatement, and she is certainly one of a kind. However, despite the madness, she has a heart of gold."[29] Asked whether Michelle is similar to other characters she has played before, Le said she is, but unlike them, Michelle has a dark edge, which the actress found fun to play.[32] Le added that the writers have done "an amazing job" with Michelle and the costume department have made Michelle very colourful.[32] Michelle becomes "infatuated" with Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major), who is friends with Jade and Kyle.[29][32] Her crush gets out of hand and Le said Michelle "knows what she wants she doesn't let go and doesn't take no for answer." The actress added that Michelle has selective hearing and she blocks out what she does not want to hear.[32] Caroline Fitton of the Daily Mail branded Michelle an "irritating flatmate" and pointed out Lucas had found her "almost as clingy as her clothes."[34]

During a session with her personal trainer, Jade Mitchell, Michelle reveals that she has to move out of her home because her roommate is going overseas and she cannot find anyone to move in that she gets along with. She does not like living by herself as she is a people person. Jade reveals that she and her housemate, Kyle, have a spare room and Michelle agrees to move in. Michelle brings some of her belongings over to the house. She sees the table set for dinner and asks Jade if she is preparing for a date. Jade tells her that they have an official housemate dinner every month. Michelle later returns with a cake she made, interrupting Jade and Kyle. Michelle, Jade, Kyle and Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer) go to Charlie's for a night out and Michelle picks up on Kyle's crush on Kate. Jade introduces Michelle to Lucas Fitzgerald and he buys her a drink. Michelle listens to Kyle talk about Kate and her one-night stand. She later confronts Kate at Harold's Store and tells her that Kyle deserves better. Kyle is angry with Michelle and she apologises to him. Michelle rearranges the kitchen and later borrows Jade's dress for a date. Jade gets angry and explains that only things they share are the house and the bills, upsetting Michelle. When she returns home, Michelle reveals her date was with Lucas. Michelle and Lucas then begin dating.

Michelle discovers Lucas has a lot of money and he tells her his late father left it to him. Michelle tries to get him to open up about his father, but he is not very forthcoming with information. Michelle starts planning a holiday with Lucas, but he tells her they are not ready to go away together. Lucas breaks up with her and during a fit of rage, she throws an ornament on the floor. Michelle cannot believe her relationship is over and asks Jade to help her get Lucas back. Jade tries to tell Michelle to move on, but Michelle is devastated. She later calms down and Jade tells her she and Kyle want her to move out. Michelle tells them her name is on the lease and she is not going anywhere. Kyle and Jade offer Michelle her rent money back to leave, but she refuses to take it. Michelle sees Jade has brought a cat into the house and tells her she is allergic and that keeping pets is in breach of the lease. Michelle is suspicious when a property inspector suddenly comes to look at the house. When he finds damage to her room and reveals it will cost her thousands of dollars to repair, she decides to move out. Just before she leaves, Michelle reveals Jade and Kyle's friends with benefits arrangement to Lucas and Sonya.

Noah Parkin

Noah Parkin
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Orpheus Pledger
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 27 July 2011
Classification Current, recurring
Occupation Student

Noah Parkin, played by Orpheus Pledger, made his first on-screen appearance on 27 July 2011.[35] The character and Pledger's casting was announced on 25 May 2011.[35] The actor began filming his first scenes opposite Kaiya Jones, a week before the casting annnoncement.[35] Pledger revealed his agent had told him about an upcoming role in Neighbours and asked him to read through Noah's character notes.[36] Pledger told Digital Spy, "I thought he was a really cool character and someone I'd really like to play. I was then asked to come in for a test with the Neighbours casting director, then there was a recall and then I was given the role!"[36] Pledger has a six month contract with the show.[36] Of Noah and Pledger's casting, executive producer, Susan Bower said "We are very excited about Noah, he is certainly different from our regular characters and Orpheus fits the role perfectly."[35] Bower promised that viewers will love Noah's storyline.[35]

Pledger revealed the Neighbours producers first described Noah as "a cool, guitar-playing dude", which the actor liked.[36] Noah is a senior student at Erinsborough High and was described by the Neighbours official website as being a "free-spirited teen who will set some hearts on fire."[35] Noah is the son of a minister and has good intentions. Pledger explained that he is a nice person with a good heart.[37][38] Noah stays in his own bubble and does not try to interact with anyone as he can manage on his own.[38] He is not shy, but does not seek popularity.[36] Of Noah's quiet introduction to the show, Pledger explained "It's different from the introduction of other characters and I like it because it makes the audience want to learn more about him. Also, you think he is going in one direction because his appearances are so subtle, and then it shifts dramatically..."[36] The official UK Neighbours website reported Noah would get close to one particular Erinsborough local and they should prepare for "heartbreak and havoc."[39] Noah connects with Sophie Ramsay (Jones) as they are both into music and playing the guitar. Pledger said there is physical attraction and Sophie is just a friend, who Noah can help.[36] However, Sophie develops a crush on Noah, which he does not notice.[38] Instead Noah falls for her older sister, Kate (Ashleigh Brewer).[38] Pledger told TV Week that Noah thinks Kate is beautiful and he tries to be around her because she is nice to him.[38] The actor later expanded on this, saying Kate is "one of the few that were really nice to him from the start - she didn't judge him. He's a pretty deep thinker so he reads her natural friendliness as something more than what it is."[36] Noah takes Kate's friendly gestures the wrong way and Pledger added Noah sees an opportunity to act on his feelings and the consequences are drastic.[38][36] Of Noah, Dianne Butler of the Herald Sun said "I love a stalker as much as the next girl, and the way he told those others he had a "present for his girlfriend" and, I don't know, that beanie ... pull it down and cut eye holes in it and suddenly Erinsborough's got a rapist/killer/kidnapper/pervert of whatever threat level."[40] Butler also thought Noah may spend the next four years growing dreadlocks as he seems to have bought the hat to accommodate them.[40]

Noah begins his first day of Erinsborough High and is introduced to his class by Michael Williams (Sandy Winton). During a Maths lesson, Natasha Williams (Valentina Novakovic) tries to get Noah's attention, but he just shows her a cartoon he has been drawing of their teacher. Natasha compliments it, but Noah does not say anything and throws it in the bin when the class ends. Sophie Ramsay (Kaiya Jones) finds Noah playing the guitar and she asks him about the piece he is playing. Noah tells her it does not have a name and that he wrote it. Noah finds Sophie practising the guitar and he gives her some tips on the chords. Noah offers to tune Sophie's guitar and he lets her play his one. He tells her he has been playing the guitar since he was seven and that his parents support him. Sophie's sister, Kate, introduces herself to Noah and thanks him for helping Sophie out. She later asks Noah if he will give Sophie some guitar lessons. During a practice session, Noah and Sophie manage to blow an outlet and the whole street loses power. Noah gives Sophie a journal, so she can write down some songs and he goes to Harold's Store. Kate praises Noah's sketches and he asks her to tutor him in history. Sophie organises a gig for Noah at the Men's Shed and Kate tells him that Sophie has a crush on him. Noah gets involved in the local History Wall project, which is being overseen by Kate.

Andrew Robinson (Jordan Smith) finds a song Noah wrote and accuses him of having a crush on Kate. Kate talks to Noah, but he insists he actually has a crush on Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas), which Kate believes. Noah learns about Kate's ex-boyfriend and he talks to her about past relationships. Noah finds an upset Kate at the History Wall and he is delighted when she kisses him. Kate later tells Noah the kiss was a mistake. Noah sends Kate a drawing and Kate tells him to back off. Kate asks Noah to meet her and she confronts him about stealing her work apron from her room. Noah denies taking the apron. Noah spots Kate putting something in his guitar case and he tells Natasha and Chris the gift is from his girlfriend.

Aidan Foster

Aidan Foster
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Bobby Morley
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011–
First appearance 19 August 2011
Classification Current, recurring
Occupation Nurse

Aidan Foster, played by former Home and Away actor Bobby Morley, made his first on-screen appearance on 19 August 2011.[41] Aidan was introduced as a love interest for Chris Pappas (James Mason).[42] The casting and character was announced on 18 June 2011. Morley has a six month contract with Neighbours, but it could be extended.[42]

Aidan is a male nurse and he and Chris will form the show's first gay couple.[42] Of his Aidan, Morley told the Herald Sun, "I don't see it as a big deal that the character is gay. It certainly doesn't define him and what the writers have planned is really interesting and authentic."[42] Morley added that the fact his character is gay did not make a different to him joining Neighbours.[42] Executive producer Susan Bower said the storyline was a "natural progression" for Chris and that at some stage he needed to meet someone.[42] She added viewers will find the storyline compelling.[42] Bower later told Digital Spy that Chris and Aidan's romance will be handled in a sensitive way and it may not be a full-on relationship.[43] She explained, "The character that Bob is playing is older and further down the track with his relationship testing, so it will be a relationship story rather than a gay male romance."[43] Bower also added that she had seen some letters from viewers who are not happy with the upcoming storyline and she mentioned one letter surprised her when it mentioned Aidan's job was a cliché.[43]

In November 2011, Anthony D. Langford of AfterElton said he liked Aidan from the scenes he had seen.[44] Langford thought Aidan seemed like "a funny, interesting guy" and he was pleased with how Neighbours handled the reveal that he was gay, saying "I'm so glad they didn't drag it out and keep it like it was some big secret, but revealed it matter of fact and with some humor. But then, Aiden is already out and clearly comfortable with himself and the show has already done the coming out drama with Chris, so there's no need to repeat it."[44] Langford went on to say he was looking forward to Aidan interacting with Chris, but thought he seemed a little too old for the teenager.[44]

Michael Williams (Sandy Winton) asks Aidan how his daughter, Natasha (Valentina Novakovic), is after her accident. Aidan tells him Natasha is fine, but she had a big knock to her head, which she will be feeling for a while. He praises her friends for knowing CPR. Aidan catches Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) trying to take Jim Dolan (Scott Parmeter) out of the hospital and he tells her Jim is far too sick to leave his bed. Susan tells Aidan that Jim would like some fresh air and Aidan helps Jim into a wheelchair. Aidan attends a barbeque at his colleague, Rhys Lawson's (Ben Barber) house. He meets and befriends Jade Mitchell (Gemma Pranita).

Martin Chambers

Martin Chambers
Neighbours character
Portrayed by John Wood
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011–
First appearance 1 September 2011
Classification Current, recurring
Occupation Head of Surgery at Erinsborough Hospital

Martin Chambers, played by John Wood, made his first on-screen appearance on 1 September 2011.[45][46] The character and casting was announced on 3 June 2011 and Wood began filming his first scenes later that month.[45][47] When asked how he felt about joining Neighbours, Wood revealed that he had not been expecting it, but it had been a pleasant surprise.[47] He told the Herald Sun, he accepted the small continuing role of Martin, as it sounded good and he had not been on commercial television for a long time or on Neighbours before.[48] He explained, "A day a week, that is not going to kill me and it reminds everyone I am still alive."[48] Executive producer Susan Bower said she was "thrilled" to welcome Wood to the cast and said his storyline would be "great."[45]

Of Martin, Wood told TV Week: "He's the head of surgery at Erinsborough Hospital. He's very focused and ambitious and doesn't suffer fools – so he could be a good bloke or a villain, depending on what he thinks of you."[49] The actor later told the official UK Neighbours website that Martin is intimidating, has strong opinions and is not easily swayed.[47] Digital Spy reported that Martin is strict and has a reputation for taking his work very seriously.[45] Wood revealed that he is not good with blood or other people's health problems, but hoped to be able to act around it. He also expected the medical jargon to include some "challenging pronunciations."[47] Script producer, Emma Gordon, told the The West Australian that viewers can expect a different side to Wood, saying "John was a bit worried when he came in and asked if he actually had to do any surgery but I told him most of his stories take place on the golf course or in the bar. We certainly keep that sense of larrikin about him, even though he is very senior, and all the things that people love about John he won't help but bring to the character."[50] Martin will join Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) and Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber), who is just settling in at the hospital. During an interview with TV Week, Wood said Martin has known Karl for a long time, but he has never been seen before. Wood said "Presumably he's been beavering away in the hospital and has finally come up for air."[51] Wood said the three doctors initially get along, but that does not last long and the story starts to become interesting.[45][47] Wood explained "Rhys has an agenda which involves my character. Karl Kennedy also gets involved, and he and Chambers don't see eye to eye on some issues mainly involving Rhys so plenty of conflict."[47] Rhys tries to get into Martin's good books in order to become a surgeon and this makes Karl feel like he is being sidelined.[51] Wood explained Martin's main reason for being in Neighbours is to be a catalyst between Karl and Rhys. The actor added "I suspect that Rhys is going to show Dr Chambers up by saving someone that Martin is losing on the operating table."[51]

Martin arranges a round of golf with Adrian Pearce (Christopher Waters) and Karl Kennedy. Karl invites Rhys Lawson along and he introduces him to Martin. Martin is impressed with Rhys's golfing ability and Rhys reveals he is a fan. Martin tells Rhys they can talk about his early work sometime off course. Martin chats to Karl about his wife, Susan (Jackie Woodburne), and their upcoming holiday. Martin questions Rhys on where he is going in the hospital and Rhys reveals he wants to become a surgeon. Martin invites him to observe him. Martin organises another round of golf with Rhys. They meet Karl and his son, Malcolm (Benjamin McNair), and decide to play together.

Lorraine Dowski

Lorraine Dowski
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Zoe Bertram
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 23 September 2011
Classification Current, recurring
Occupation Cleaner

Lorraine Dowski, played by former Prisoner actress Zoe Bertram, made her first on screen appearance on 23 September 2011.[52] The character and Bertram's casting was announced on 25 July 2011.[52] Bertram had a four week guest stint as Lorraine and most of her scenes saw her appear opposite Stefan Dennis.[52] Lorraine is a Polish cleaner, who is hired by Dennis' character, Paul Robinson. The character has been described as being "less than diplomatic" and Bertram had to perfect a distinct Polish accent for the part.[52] Of playing her character, Bertram said "She certainly isn't like any of the characters I've played before and the accent was fun."[52] Cameron Adams of the Herald Sun believed Lorraine's accent sounded Russian and fake.[53] He added "not sure why Paul hasn't had a cleaner before now, and hopefully the writers have something in mind here because it all seems a little too random. But in between all her laid-on-thick accent work, she gives Paul some knowledge to use as fuel in his goal to fight City Hall -- or at least a planned new shopping centre to which he objects."[53]

Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber) hires Lorraine to clean Number 26 and he recommends her services to Paul Robinson. Lorraine meets with Paul at Charlie's bar to discuss his cleaning needs. Paul puts Lorraine's discretion to the test and she tells him she is not nosey. Paul then hires Lorraine. She tells him that she is involved in the History Wall project and has learnt a lot about Erinsborough. She mentions the old newspaper office is very old and Paul has it preserved. Lorraine accidentally uses Jade Mitchell's (Gemma Pranita) costume skirt as a cleaning cloth and Jade demands she make her a new one. Lorraine does not like Jade's attitude, but she makes the skirt. Jade then sacks Lorraine. When Lorraine goes to the Erinsborough News office to fetch Paul's house keys, she reveals she also cleans for Ajay Kapoor (Sachin Joab). Paul takes Lorraine for coffee and tells her he wants to give her a new job as a reporter. He explains the council have been taking bribes to push through a new development and he suspects Ajay is involved. Lorraine tells Paul she will not spy on her employer, but Paul insists on giving her a phone with a camera. Ajay comes to the Erinsborough News office with Lorraine and gives Paul's phone back. Lorraine informs Paul she quits and Paul tells her he was going to fire her anyway.

Emilia Jovanovic

Emilia Jovanovic
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Freya Stafford
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011–
First appearance 30 September 2011
Classification Current, recurring
Occupation Hairdresser

Emilia Jovanovic, played by Freya Stafford, made her first on-screen appearance on 30 September 2011.[54][55] Stafford's casting was announced on 14 July 2011 and she has a six month contract with the show.[56][57] She began filming her first scenes at the end of July 2011.[58] The Daily Telegraph reported Emilia is a "glamorous" Serbian hairdresser who works around the world as a hair and make up artist.[56] She is the long lost aunt of Natasha Williams (Valentina Novakovic).[56] Natasha and Emilia have met before, but Natasha was a toddler and does not remember her.[59] The Neighbours official website said Emilia's arrival will dig up a lot of secrets and lies that get the neighbours gossiping and she will play a "pivotol role in Natasha's teenage angst."[57] Of her character, Stafford said "She does stir things up on Ramsay Street, she brings up a lot of baggage for Michael, Sandy Winton's character, so that will be interesting."[56] During an interview with Digital Spy, Winton said Emilia knows more about Michael and his late wife, Helena, than anyone else. This worries Michael and he is scared about what Emilia will tell Natasha.[60] Stafford told TV Week there is a history between Emilia and Michael that makes it difficult for them to get along.[61] She explained "If they dredge up those memories, it'd open a huge can of worms - something they're both reluctant to do. There's an understanding that certain things should be kept until a later date - if not forever."[61] The actress added Emilia is happy when she meets Natasha again and she fills a hole in her life.[61]

Emilia is working at a fashion shoot, when she notices Natasha Williams and mistakes her for one of the models. She tells her to take a seat, but then realises Natasha is not a model. Natasha, using the name Christine, tells her she had an appointment at her salon, but it was cancelled and she would really like Emilia to do her hair and make up. Emilia obliges and Natasha asks her questions about her family. When Natasha is gone, Emilia checks her receipts and notices Natasha's real name. She realises Natasha is her sister, Helena's daughter. Emilia goes to Erinsborough and observes Natasha with her friends. Emilia turns up at Erinsborough High and she and Natasha go to Charlie's to talk. Natasha asks Emilia about Helena and tells her Michael does not mention her mother. Emilia learns Michael has lied to Natasha about how her sister died. Emilia leaves a birthday gift for Natasha on her doorstep, as she goes to leave, Emilia's car breaks down. Lucas Fitzgerald (Scott Major) spots her and takes the car to his garage to fix. When she finds out Lucas is friends with Michael, Emilia quickly leaves. Emilia calls Lucas when she realises she left her boot in his garage. Emilia meets Lucas in Charlie's bar to collect her boot. Lucas later calls Emilia for an appointment and she comes to his home and waxes his chest. Shortly after leaving Lucas' house, Michael appears and tells her to stay away from Natasha. Emilia tells him he cannot keep the truth about Helena from Natasha forever. Michael gives Natasha's present back to Emilia and tells her to go. Emilia goes to Erinsborough High to see Natasha, but Michael spots her first. They leave and talk about Natasha and Helena. Michael explains to Emilia that Natasha would not be able to handle the fact he has been lying to her.

After canceling a date with Lucas, Emilia is surprised when he turns up at her workplace and invites her to have lunch in his van. Emilia enjoys the date and tells Lucas about her family. She then decides to go to Ramsay Street to see Natasha as it is her birthday. Michael is not happy to see Emilia, but he allows her to stay for Natasha's sake. Emilia tells Lucas that she is related to Michael and Natasha and they have their first kiss.

Dane Canning

Dane Canning
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Luke Pegler
Introduced by Susan Bower
Duration 2011
First appearance 19 October 2011
Classification Current, recurring
Home Frankston

Dane Canning, played by Luke Pegler, made his first on screen appearance on 19 October 2011.[62][63] The character and Pegler's casting was announced on 16 August 2011 and the actor began filming his first scenes on the same day.[63][64] Peglar had a six week contract with the show.[64] He was cast after Chris Milligan injured himself while playing football and had to take a break from filming.[63] Of his Peglar's casting, executive producer Susan Bower said "The show must go on. The beauty of Neighbours is we're about families, so we can pull in a cousin or sibling in these very unusual situations."[64] Pegler wrapped his guest stint on 23 September 2011.[65]

Dane is Kyle Canning's (Milligan) cousin. He arrives in Ramsay Street to take over Kyle's room at Number 26, while Kyle visits his sick mother.[63] Of this, Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy reported, "Dane's sudden appearance will allow minimum disruption to scripts as he takes over Kyle's role in a plot that was already being filmed."[63] Dane's trademark hair style sees him sporting "striking blond tips."[66] Of his character's hair style, Pegler told Channel 5, "Yeah, they definitely scream, 'Look at me, dude!' which is not quite the attention I'm after."[65] Pegler said he would be making an appointment with a hairdresser to get rid of the blond tips and added he would not miss them.[65] Pegler explained Dane has "Canning DNA" and is just as oblivious to things around him as Kyle.[67] The actor added Dane would find himself in the middle of some awkward situations.[67]

Dane moves into Number 26 and meets Jade Mitchell (Gemma Pranita). Dane explains Kyle has gone to Frankston to care for his mother, who has contracted malaria, and they have done a house swap, so Dane can take care of Kyle's business. Jade takes Dane to Harold's Store for coffee and he meets Summer Hoyland (Jordy Lucas) and Jade's sister, Sonya (Eve Morey). Dane tells Sonya he knows who she is and Kyle has filled him in about the shopping development and the threat it poses to his business. Dane speaks to Tony Winstone (Luke Lennox) about the development and Tony tells him the project was pushed through by the council quicker than normal because they were bribed. Dane seeks out Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and tells him what Tony said. Dane also tells Summer, who decides to run the story on her radio show. Paul tells Dane the story is unfounded, but he should let Summer go ahead with the broadcast. Dane goes to PirateNet and gives Summer the option of pulling the story, but she declines. Dane then speaks to Andrew Robinson (Jordan Smith) and asks him to talk to Paul, as he does not want Summer to get into trouble if the story is just a rumour. Andrew thanks Dane for giving Summer the story. Summer later goes to see Dane and asks him for the name of the guy he spoke to. Dane is initially reluctant to tell her, but eventually reveals the guy's name was Tony.

Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber) buys a barbeque for the house and he, Dane and Jade throw a party for their friends and neighbours. A few days later, Rhys asks Dane and Jade to leave the house, so he can invite some surgeons and senior doctors over for a party. Rhys later calls Dane and explains there is a rat in the barbeque. Dane returns and removes the rat. Rhys takes Dane for a drink at Charlies to thank him and they try to pick up a couple of women, by pretending they are both doctors. However, Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) ruins their plan.


Date(s) Character Actor Circumstances
11 January Matt Pasquese Salim Fayad[68] Matt is a firefighter who attends the call out to the fire at Number 26. Paul Robinson asks him to rescue his son, Andrew Robinson, and tells him that Summer Hoyland and Michael and Natasha Williams are inside.
14 January–17 March Phil Rochford Matthew Barker[69] Matthew is a Superintendent with the Erinsborough Police. He and Mark Brennan are flashed by Donna Freedman, Kate Ramsay and Jade Mitchell in Charlie's. Matthew and some patrons complain and the girls are taken to the station. Mark reveals that Matthew is in charge of Paul Robinson's attempted murder case. He takes a statement from Kate when she confesses to lying in her original one.
28 January–3 March Vince Villante Nathaniel Kelly[70] Vince is an associate of Garland Cole. When Lucas Fitzgerald loses Garland a lot of money, Garland gets Vince to beat him up. Vince later goes to the garage with Garland to pick up car parts from Lucas. When the police arrive, Vince runs away.
10–15 February Jeremy Scholton Andrew Southwell[71] Jeremy "Jezza" Scholton is a biker involved in illegal street racing. He rides against Lucas Fitzgerald, who throws the race so Jeremy can win. Lucas sees Jeremy at the Police station and later on in Charlie's. Jeremy tells him that the police wanted to know about the races.
15 February–10 March Megan Phillips Cate Commisso[72] Megan is a Senior Constable who is working with Mark Brennan on a case involving illegal street racing. They pull in Jeremy Scholton for questioning and Lucas Fitzgerald later sees them at Lassiter's Hotel. Mark asks Megan if she has information on the next race and she tells him that her source reckons it will be soon. Mark explains who they are looking for and that he will be going to the race alone. Megan tells him that she will let the rest of the team know that they are ready. Megan is later seen at an Erinsborough Police Station open day demonstrating self defence moves.
21 March Tom Randall Josh Blau[73] Tom and Brad go to Charlie's and meet Kate Ramsay and Jade Mitchell. They buy them drinks and swap stories, before listening to a band and playing pool together.
Brad Bain Aaron Jakubenko[74]
21 March–3 May Sam Wilks Simon Maiden[73] Detective Sergeant Sam Wilks is Mark Brennan's colleague. He tells Mark to stay away from another officer's leaving drinks and to see a counsellor, after Wes' arrest. Mark later confronts Wilks after his tyres are let down.
24 March– Reg Pander Shane Nagle[75] Reg runs the second-hand shop next to Grease Monkeys. Callum Jones asks him about a stuffed toy monkey and Reg explains that it was from a television show about and there were lots of the toys around. A few months later, Natasha Williams sells some records to Reg. Her father, Michael, goes to the store to see if the records are still there and talks to Reg about their families.
5 April Will Jackson Anthony Pepe[76] Will is a Zumba instructor and Darren is an electrician. Natasha Williams sets Will up with Chris Pappas first and Summer Hoyland sets Darren up with him after Will leaves. Chris discovers that he has nothing in common with Will and finds it awkward chatting to Darren.
Darren Rowe Dylan Russell[76]
18 April Emily Martin Renee Burleigh[77] Emily is a tutor who runs an English study day at Eden University. Emily introduces herself to Andrew Robinson and they discuss a mutual friend, while flirting with each other.
27–28 April Wes Holland Daniel Hamill[78] Constable Wes Holland comes to the used car yard and begins harassing Kyle Canning. Wes threatens Kyle into giving him some money by telling him that he will damage the stock and close the yard down. Kyle later sees Wes having a drink with Mark Brennan. Wes goes back to the car yard and scares off a customer, he later returns and takes money from Kyle. Mark then appears and arrests Wes.
13 May Jonathan Swan Gary Abrahams[79] Jonathan is an anesthetist at the hospital. Karl Kennedy introduces him to his daughter, Libby. Jonathan gives Libby his number and asks her for a tour of the area some time.
1 June Sarah Campbell Ellen Carlin[80] Natasha Williams meets Sarah in Charlie's and compliments her on her top. They discuss the shop where it is from and Sarah invites Natasha to join her and her friends. Natasha then takes Sarah's ID.
2–20 June Bethany Peters Elizabeth Nabben[81] Bethany is an Eden University student and Ivan DeMarco's friend. Ivan introduces Bethany to Natasha Williams, who lies that she is twenty. Bethany remarks that Ivan tends to go for the young ones. When Natasha goes to get some drinks, Bethany notices that her ID belongs to Sarah Campbell, who she knows. Bethany later informs Natasha that Ivan has been showing his friends some naked pictures that Natasha took and sent him.
13 June Nikki Mays Fiona Macy[82] Nikki is one of Jade Mitchell's clients, who likes to invest in businesses if she can see a good return. Jade introduces Nikki to Kyle Canning and she tells him to come up with a business plan for her to look at. Jade thinks Nikki is taking advantage of Kyle because he needs the money and ruins their meeting. Nikki decides not to back Kyle and fires Jade.
21–23 June Cathy McPhee Rebecca Macauley[83] Cathy is the mother of Thomas, Callum Jones' friend. She meets with Toadfish Rebecchi and Sonya Mitchell to discuss a sleepover for their sons. Cathy reveals that she is involved in the high school and the primary school, which overwhelms Sonya. Cathy asks around and finds out about Sonya's past. She then cancels the planned sleepover.
28 June–14 July Patrick Fitzgerald Brad Liddicoat[84] Patrick is Daniel and Lucas Fitzgerald's father. He tries calling Lucas, who does not pick up. Patrick then has a heart attack and dies. Patrick is later seen in a flashback.
29–30 June Judy Forrester Caroline Stainsby[85] Judy is a police officer. Michael Williams talks to her about Ivan DeMarco distributing naked photos of his daughter He loses his patience with her, when she tells him they cannot do anything as the laws have not caught up with technology. Michael apologises and Judy wishes they could do more. A few days later, Kate Ramsay asks Judy if she can speak to Superintendent Duncan Hayes. Judy tells her that she cannot get her an appointment unless she knows what Kate wants. Kate decides to leave Judy with a message to gives to Duncan.
1 July– Danielle Paquette Georgia Bolton[86] Danielle is a nurse at Erinsborough Hospital. She helps Jim Dolan with a pathology referral letter he received and she calls Doug Harris for Susan Kennedy. Danielle is interviewed by Kyle Canning and Jade Mitchell for a room at Number 26 and she accepts their invitation to move in. However, she turns the room down when Lou Carpenter emerges from the shower. Danielle plays football with Jade, Kyle and Rhys Lawson. She and Kyle get on well together and they go out for pizza. Rhys asks Danielle about her date with Kyle the next day. Danielle later confronts Karl Kennedy and Rhys about a mistake on an unsigned prescription form. Rhys admits it was his mistake and Danielle warns him not to do it again.
1 July– Peter Noonan James Saunders[87] Peter is Patrick Fitzgerald's solicitor. He gets in contact with Lucas Fitzgerald about his father's will and gives him Patrick's ashes. Peter asks Toadfish Rebecchi for a meeting and he offers him a job with the company. Peter also tells Lucas that his father has left him a lot of money. Toadie accepts Peter's job offer. Peter goes to Toadie's home for lunch and meets Sonya Mitchell and Callum Jones. Peter makes jokes about vegetarianism and marriage, which annoys Sonya. She argues her views and Peter is delighted that someone took him on. Peter and Toadie begin representing the Hamilton Group, who want to build a new shopping complex. Peter worries Toadie is not committed to the project and later threatens to fire Toadie, if he can not get the development approved.
4 July David Sheridan Benjamin Rigby[88] David, Rhea, Tammy and Joel are all interviewed by Kyle Canning and Jade Mitchell for the spare room at Number 26. David is an actor who likes to be called Hamlet, Rhea enjoys the Bible, Tammy catches Kyle's eye and Jade is attracted to Joel. All the potential housemates are rejected and Tammy and Joel end up swapping numbers.
Rhea Thomas Chloe Boreham[89]
Tammy Frazer Teressa Liane[88]
Joel Howard Kamran Ozturk[90]
4–14 July Lucas Fitzgerald, Age 5 Julian Mineo[88] A young Lucas and Daniel are seen in a flashback playing with their father, Patrick.
Daniel Fitzgerald, Age 7 James Roach[88]
8 July– George Pappas Lliam Amor[91] George is Chris Pappas' father. George goes to Eden University to find his Chris, who has a study session there. Andrew Robinson tells him Chris is working at the garage and George goes there and orders Chris to leave. George tells Michael Williams that he wants Chris to stop working for Lucas Fitzgerald. Chris reveals that he has quit the basketball team and his job at the gym, so he can work at the garage. George goes through the university preferences guide with Chris and says he found a compromise, mechanical engineering. He tells Chris he has been setting aside some money for the university fees. George discovers Chris has an apprenticeship at the garage and is not going to university. George slaps Chris and Lucas punches George. Chris's father originally appeared in 2010, named Ricardo and played by Mark Andrew.[92]
13 July– Ajay Kapoor Sachin Joab[93] Ajay is a council member. He tells Toadfish Rebecchi about the council selling off the community garden. Toadie later interrupts Ajay and his wife, Priya, during their wedding anniversary dinner. He asks Ajay to sign some forms, which Ajay does after Toadie sends over a bottle of champagne. Ajay goes to look at the History Wall project and is confronted by Summer Hoyland about corruption in the council. Susan Kennedy speaks to Ajay about the closure of PirateNet and asks him if he will look into reversing the decision.
14 July Carla Turner Natasha Cunningham[94] Carla befriends Lucas Fitzgerald in Charlie's and she asks him to help her pick a winner in the horse racing. He does and Carla buys him a drink and asks him to pick another for her. They win again and Carla wonders if Lucas made his money by gambling. Lucas decides to leave, but puts down $100.
26 July Stewart Harman David Harrison[95] Stewart is Dean Harman's older brother. Stewart and his friends go to Charlie's and tease Natasha Williams about her appearance.
29 July Simon Dupont Jack Starkey-Gill[96] Simon and Gael are French backpackers, who come to Erinsborough. They ask Andrew Robinson if there is a place for them to stay nearby and Andrew and Summer Hoyland take them to the Men's Shed.
Gael Moreau Ben Bordeau[96]
2 August–14 September Molly Baker Gemma-Ashley Kaplan[97] Molly is a music teacher at Erinsborough High School. She teaches Sophie Ramsay the guitar.
8 August Gary Denham Anthony West[98] Gary conducts the auction of the Community Garden. Marge and Barney are bidders who unsuccessfully compete against Sonya Mitchell.
Marge Baker Maria Papas[98]
Barney Smith David MacRae[98]
23 August Kendra Kimmel Hannah Jones[99] Kendra works at the Erinsborough Gym. She monitors and offers encouragement to Kyle Canning and Rhys Lawson during their circuit workouts.
1 September– Adrian Pearce Christopher Waters[100] Adrian is a surgeon and friend of Martin Chambers. Adrian joins Martin, Rhys Lawson and Karl Kennedy for a round of golf. Adrian later attends a party thrown by Rhys at his house.
1 September– Priya Kapoor Menik Gooneratne[100] Priya is Ajay Kapoor's wife. Toadfish Rebecchi interrupts Priya and Ajay's wedding anniversary dinner at Lassiter's Hotel, upsetting Priya.
8–27 September Erik Poulos Ivan Bradara[101] Erik gives Andrew Robinson a $1000 deposit to find him a specific car that he has been after for ages. Erik gives Andrew one more week to find the car, before he takes his money back. Erik becomes impatient, but Lucas Fitzgerald finds the car, delighting Erik.
9 September Warren Burrell Tony Rickards[102] Warren takes his son's car to Carpenter's Mechanics for a service. He tells Chris Pappas and Lucas Fitzgerald that he thinks his son is gay and makes bad comments about gay people.
21 September– Helena Williams Camilla Jackson[103] Helena is the late wife of Michael Williams. After their daughter, Natasha, starts asking questions about how she died, Michael begins seeing visions of Helena.
11 October– Amy Holdsworth Andrea Powell[104] Amy Holdsworth is a therapist at Erinsborough Hospital. Michael Williams goes to Amy to talk about his late wife and his daughter, Natasha. During their next session, Amy and Michael go to Lassiter's Lake and Michael explains how he cannot talk to Natasha about his late wife. He also asks for some help with insomnia.
19 October Janet Green Briony Williams[105] Janet comes to Erinsborough High to asses Kate Ramsay's progress for her teaching course. Janet is surprised when Kate messes her lesson up and leaves the classroom. Janet tells Kate that she will have to fail her, but Noah Parkin reveals Kate just found out about her ex-boyfriend's death. Janet decides to rearrange Kate's assesment.
19–25 October Tony Winstone Luke Lennox[105] Tony is a surveyor working on behalf of the council and the Hamilton Group's shopping development. While setting up his equipment, Tony tells Dane Canning that the council have accepted money to rush the development through. Summer Hoyland talks to Tony about the corruption story and Tony tells her he was just winding Dane up. He heard the information from a tea lady who had just been fired, so the whole thing was probably made up.


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