Philip Martin (Neighbours)

Philip Martin (Neighbours)

Infobox soap character
colour = Television colour|Neighbours
name = Philip Martin

first = July 4,1985
Episode 71
last = July 29,2005
Episode 4775
cause = New Job
nickname = Phil
alias =
gender = Male
age = 56
born =
death =
occupation = Retired
title =
family =
spouse = Loretta Martin (?-1985, deceased)
Julie Robinson (1986-1994, deceased)
Ruth Wilkinson (1998-)
children = Debbie Martin (daughter)
Michael Martin (son)
Hannah Martin (daughter)
relatives =
episode =
portrayer = Ian Rawlings
Christopher Milne
creator =
residence = Darwin

Philip Gordon Martin was a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Christopher Milne during the character's first appearance in 1985 and by Ian Rawlings when the character returned to the show in 1992until 1999. He briefly returned in 2005 for several episodes.

About Philip

First appearances

Philip first came to Erinsborough as the manager of the Pacific bank, where Julie Robinson was working. The two became involved but they were met with a problem, Philip was married and had two children, Michael and Debbie. Phillip's wife Loretta was an alcoholic, which put a strain on their marriage.

Philip decided he couldn't take any more and was going to leave Loretta, but had a change of heart when Debbie tried to kill herself.

Julie told Philip to stay with his family, but several months later, tragedy rocked the Martins. Philip and Loretta were involved in a car crash caused by Loretta's drunkenness. She was killed in the crash while Philip was seriously injured and paralysed for a while.

Phillip and Julie got together and later decided to get married. Although Debbie warmed to Julie and started calling her "mum", Michael hated Julie and blamed her for Loretta's death. The Martins then left Erinsborough for the country. Philip and Julie soon had a daughter called Hannah, off-screen.

Active years

In July 1992, The Martins returned to Erinsborough, for the funeral of Todd Landers, Julie's cousin. They got lost on the back roads, but soon found Helen Daniels, after she had been kidnapped by Bob Landers, Todd's father. She was only found after the family were circling the area.

Things were pretty tight for the Martins. Philip worked as a Janitor at Erinborough High, much to the embarrassment of Julie. However, their fortune's changed when Julie's brother Paul offered Philip a managerial position at Lassiters. They soon moved across the street to Number 32, when things got crowded at Number 26.

When Michael returned from boarding school, he caused Philip and Julie no end of grief. He even went so far as to poison Julie and spike Hannah's orange juice with Vodka. Michael was placed in a detention centre for several local crimes. Philip, despite all this, wasn't prepared to write off his only son. Michael eventually returned to town and became a much nicer person towards his sister and stepmother.

In 1994, Philip and Julie's marriage had been going from bad worse and even though they decided to go away on a Murder Mystery weekend, things were still tense. The next day, neighbour Cheryl Stark discovered Julie's body at the foot of the stairs. Julie lay comatose in hospital for several days and Philip kept a bedside vigil. Sadly, Julie began flatlining and died. Philip was grief-stricken.

As if things weren't bad enough, Philip was subsequently arrested at Julie's cremation and charged with her murder. Debbie, after several flashbacks, eventually came clean that she had seen Julie fall from the top balcony of the hotel whilst drunk the night before her body was discovered.

With Julie dead, and Debbie and Michael further afield, Philip tried hard to bring Hannah up on his own.

Philip began dating again, he even went so far as to date Jen Handley for a little while, but things fell apart.

Philip didn't really find happiness until he met Ruth Wilkinson, the mother of Hannah's Ex-Boyfriend, Lance.

Philip and Ruth's relationship went through a few teething troubles but they were finally married in 1998.

A Year later, Philip, Ruth and Hannah packed up and moved to Darwin. Hannah didn't want to leave Ramsay Street at first behind due to her memories of Jim, Julie and Helen who had died in the years previous, but she eventually came around.


In 2005, Philip and his friend, Doug Willis came back to Erinborough to pay their old mate Lou Carpenter a visit and to watch the screening of Annalise Hartman's Documentary about Ramsay Street.

At the Scarlet bar while conversing with former Neighbour, Susan Smith, Philip bumped into his former Brother-in-law, Paul and immediately launched a tirade at him for framing him for fraud twelve years earlier, this was quickly broken up by Doug and Paul's Sister, Lucy.

Despite this, Philip had a great time catching up with old friends then later went back home to Ruth in Darwin after watching the documentary.

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