Territories in The Pendragon Adventure

Territories in The Pendragon Adventure

Halla, in D. J. MacHale's Pendragon, refers to "everything. Every territory, every person, every living thing, every time there ever was" (according to the character Press Tilton in The Merchant of Death). The following is the list of territories of Halla. The turning point, traveler, and other descriptions of each territory individually are included.



Cloral (pronounced /ˈklɔərəl/) is an almost entirely water-based territory. It has a tropical climate and is described to be the "paradise" of Halla. Water occupies about 99% of Cloral, whose human population lives on "habitats", or floating cities. This population has learned to use the water they live on in their inventions, coming up with efficient transport, water-based projectiles, and an advanced form of rebreather. One known land in Cloral (what is supposed to be a legend) is "Faar", an island brought up from the ocean floor late in The Lost City of Faar.

Turning Point

The turning point on Cloral was the invention of a fertilizer that was shown to increase plant growth exponentially. However, as a result of Saint Dane's intervention, it mutated crops to be poisonous, leaving food in a drastically short supply. Saint Dane's plan was to find and destroy Faar, because they had the means to spread an antidote to the poisonous fertilizer.


Benn Spader, who was replaced by his son, Vo Spader after having eaten food poisoned by the fertilizer.


Saint Dane blew a hole in Faar's protective dome, sealing off the boats with the antidote and flooding Faar. However, Bobby triggered the transpire of Faar, which rose Faar to the surface of the ocean.


Spader's acolyte, Wu Yenza, is his superior in the Cloral Aquaneer force. She is Chief Aquaneer and is compassionate toward her subordinates, but can be very strict. Spader implies that he wishes to court her.


The quigs of Cloral are giant, vicious sharks, approximately 20 feet (6.1 m) long. Just like all quigs they have yellow eyes, are fierce fighters, and are not very smart. Their top halfs are jet black.


Both the flumes on Cloral are in underwater caves, in air pockets. Both are under a coral ridge. The second flume, discovered late in the book, is where Uncle Press is gunned down by the gangster's bullets.


Faar was the first human community of Cloral, located on a mountain island in the sea. The homes and buildings follow an ancient Greek design. Faar was threatened by rising sea levels, but a dome was constructed that protects the people from the ocean's crushing weight. The people who stayed in the dome were the Faarians, and those who left Faar for exploration were the Clorans. The Faarians had stayed hidden until the turning point of Cloral, but frequently intervene secretly before that time to help the habitat-dwellers, whom they consider their kinsfolk.

Cloral facts

  • Territory Era: 70470
  • Population: Approximately 7,540,000
  • Natives: Clorans, Faarians (humans)
  • Cities: One city on land (Faar, arts center); 524 floating cities known as habitats. Among them are:
    • Grallion (farming community)
    • District of Rann (government seat)
    • Katimba Laaq (recreation center)
    • Panger City (financial center)
    • Corrian (shipbuilding community)
    • Magorran (manufacturing city)
    • Crasker (manufacturing city)
  • Landmass: one island, known as Faar, of approximately 5 square miles (13 km2). The rest of the territory is covered with water.
  • Other notable topography: the Corrian Trench, an 800-mile (1,300 km) underwater trench that is too deep to explore.
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Currency: Eggles
  • Principal Game Fish: Spinney, Cooger, Kooloo, Preel
  • Time Measured In: Pecks (one peck = approximately 20 minutes)
  • Notable Events: Rediscovery and reclamation of the City of Faar; destruction of the manufacturing city Magorran; a giant world's fair-like event where an entire floating city was created to host cultural displays and amusements from every city.
  • Most people have two letters in their first names


Almost all technology on Cloral is water-based. Transport on Cloral varies from the gigantic 'habitats' to small "water sleds", a lifesaver-like device used as a means of subaquatic transport. In between is the "skimmer", a speedboat-like transport. All vehicles operate by drawing water through the inner machinery and expelling it to the rear. All motive power on Cloral works by much the same means. Existing also are projectile weapons that expel jets or masses of water at speeds that permit such shots to penetrate metal.

Everyday tools on Cloral

  • Skimmer – Skimmers are one-man water vehicles that are used on the open water, as well as on the canals that snake through the floating habitats in Cloral. They can also travel underwater.
  • Water Sled – Water sleds are used to propel swimmers underwater in Cloral. It is a valuable tool while working the underwater farms.
  • Air Globe – Air globes are clear devices that morph into a form-fitting, perfectly sealed helmet that allows swimmers to breathe and communicate underwater. These were used all throughout the book by Spader, Press, Bobby, and various others. Bobby's first time trying this on made him hyperventilate until Press told him to breathe slowly.
  • Spear Gun – The spear gun's primary use in Cloral was to hunt spinney fish and to kill invading predators. The spear guns of Cloral are clear.

Characters from Cloral

See Characters in "The Lost City of Faar"


Denduron (pronounced /ˈdɛndʊrɒn/) is strongly influenced by the medieval era. It has several tribes that trade the goods of their areas with each other.

Turning point

The first turning point for Denduron was the discovery of tak, a clay-like, volatile explosive. Upon discovery, the Milago planned to use the tak against the Bedoowan empire to free themselves. Saint Dane hoped to inforuence the Milago to use the tak against all other tribes, therefore creating an empire and shifting the balance. In Raven Rise, it is revealed that the Milago are using the tak that Bobby previously dug up to attack a neighboring tribe, the Lowsee.


In the first turning point (in The Merchant of Death), the Travelers were able to ignite the tak mine, therefore effectively "blowing it to kingdom come." The Milago village and Bedoowan castle were destroyed in the resulting earthquake. The two tribes were then forced to live together in harmony, as equals. In the second (during Raven Rise), the recovery of the tak mine allowed the united tribes of Milago and Bedoowan to assault the neighboring Lowsee tribe in hope of conquering Denduron. They claim to have done this because the Lowsee were withholding their triptyte, a substance used to generate light.


Alder – a Bedoowan knight on Denduron, Alder is believed to be the most honest and loyal of all the Travelers. He is very kind, calm, and also a skilled fighter. He is fairly innocent of heart. He does not know much more than what Bobby and Loor do about Traveling. In Raven Rise, he is shot by a Ravinian guard with a machine gun, and his spirit returns to Solara.


An unnamed widow of a Milago miner who was executed by the Bedoowan during a transfer ceremony.


The quigs of Denduron are large bear-like animals with spikes in their backs. At Saint Dane's urging, they were sent into an arena to eat Milago prisoners, similarly to the Roman Coliseum Games. As seen in The Reality Bug, Bobby has always remembered this type with special fear.


The flume on Denduron is in a cave on a mountain. There was another flume underground, in the glaze and tak mines. This flume was buried by the explosion that destroyed the mine.

Denduron facts

  • Territory Era: 124-the year of rising light
  • Principal Tribes: Bedoowan, Gallauao, Milago, Novan, Reuenian, Toom, Lowsee
  • Population: Approximately 12,300,000
  • Natives: Denduronians (humans)
  • Three Suns: Noab, Lao, Rigg
  • Landmass: Fifteen continents; three inhabited (Bedoo, Nodd, Galla), 12 uncharted
  • Oceans: 9. The largest, Tinitebian, surrounds the continent of Bedoo where the Bedoowan and Milago tribes live
  • Highest Peak: The mountain of Orloo (on the continent of Nodd). At 29,112 feet (8,873 m), it is taller than Mount Everest of Second Earth and three times as tall as the mountains which loom near the Milago village
  • Climate: Inhabited continents along the meridian are temperate. Uncharted continents to the north and south are frozen
  • Currency: Quills
  • Time Measured In: Marrs (one marr = approximately 1 hour).
  • Major Holidays: Feast of Noab (Milago holiday to celebrate on the harvest), Kukura (Novan holiday that rejoices in the creation of the stars), Runnow Taa (Bedoowan holiday of music)

Characters from Denduron

See Characters in "The Merchant of Death"


Eelong is a tropical jungle territory ruled by Klees (bipedal, human-sized cat-creatures). It is fairly primitive, but possesses solar-powered technology. Instead of a sun, the source of light is the 'Skaa', a band of light that travels across the sky.

The Klees are ruled from Leeandra by the Council of Klee, presided by the Viceroy. The Gars (humans) were used as slaves on forages for food and on thousands of hard, manual jobs around Leeandra. Their inferior physical abilities and willingness to do work scorned by Klees had caused the Klees to scorn the Gars as well; a scorn that led to routine abuse.

The Gars of Leeandra escaped from slavery during Black Water in a spectacular event called the Advent. During the Advent, the civilized Gars dwelling in the community of Black Water dispatched a radio message to all their kindred, who had been covertly given radio links. The enslaved Gars marched overland to Black Water, where they were received and accommodated. Saint Dane, who had disguised himself as a Klee and taken the position of Viceroy, gave orders to destroy the Gars; the attempt to do so was thwarted by other Travelers. Later, the Gars established diplomatic bonds with the Klees, which allowed them to live on terms of equality.

Travelers and acolytes

The Traveler from Eelong was Kasha; her acolyte was Boon. Kasha inherited a Traveler ring from her father Seegen, along with a map to Black Water and a personal letter. Kasha rejected her Traveler destiny upon first learning of it, but later accepted her new life. Seegen (the first Traveler of Eelong) died on Second Earth as a result of Saint Dane's poisoning crops with a poison brought from Cloral. His acolyte was Yorn.

Yorn was later killed by Saint Dane through some unknown attack, whereupon Saint Dane assumed his identity. Kasha was killed after the Advent when the flume collapsed as a result of having need to transport Bobby Pendragon's acolytes (Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde) . She was cremated on Zadaa.

Kasha reappeared at the end of Raven Rise along with all of the other Travelers. She appears in The Soldiers of Halla in the flesh and returns to Eelong.


There is one known recreational game in the territory called Wippen, where Klees mounted on Zenzens (Large, zebra-like equines with an extra joint in the leg) try to get a ball through a hoop while Gars (humans) act as helpers for the team. There is no rule against hurting or even killing a Gar. Saint Dane later introduced this game to Quillan.

Eelong facts

  • Territory Era: Unknown (Time is not measured on Eelong)
  • Natives: Klees (cats) and Gars (humans)
  • Landmass: Five continents: Not stated
  • Notable Geography: Not stated
  • Population: Approximately 68,000,000 (22,000,000 Klee and 46,000,000 Gar)
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Currency: Not stated
  • Energy: Solar power gathered from the belt of small suns known as the Skaa that provide the territory's light and warmth
  • Major Cities: Leeandra, Black Water (Ruum), Benzara (Sheeg), Saravara (Oron)
  • Recreation: Wippen (team sport played on zenzen horses), Kagel (individual sport of target shooting using small, metal disks)
  • Notable events: Revelation of the Gar colony of Black Water, First radio broadcast, Wippen Championship won by the North End Strikers of Leeandra
  • Sun Type: Strip, called "sunbelt", unknown moon
  • Wildlife:Tangs(Large,green,carnivorous lizards that have been described by Bobby to be raptor-like), zenzens(double jointed legged horse-like creatures), rookers(blue turkey like birds), blue apple like fruits
  • Technology:Gigs(miniature helicopter like vehicles), Link(small amber cubes that work like radios), killing razor disks

and radio cannon's (only in the soldiers of halla when the exiles [yanks] work with the gars to help build technology).


The Quigs of Eelong are cannibalistic humans, known as '"gars" on Eelong. It is suspected that Saint Dane chose the gars as a distraction for Bobby and his mission on Eelong; it is believed that Saint Dane supposed that if Pendragon saw these people as animals he would be unable to see the true turning point in the survival of the gars.

Characters from Eelong

See Characters in "Black Water"

First Earth

First Earth is a fictional name for a non-fictional world in D. J. MacHale's Pendragon series of fantasy novels. First Earth is Earth in 1937, specifically around the time of the Hindenburg disaster. Bobby and Spader visit First Earth in The Never War. In The Pilgrims of Rayne, Bobby and Courtney visit First Earth in an attempt to find Mark. When Bobby decides it's more important to go to Ibara to figure out the turning point and to find saint Dane, he leaves Courtney to find Mark on First Earth as her responsibility. With the help of Gunny's acolyte, Dodger, Courtney and he find mark on the Queen Mary on a voyage to London England in the company of Nevva Winter and Saint Dane in his classical disguise as Andy Mitchel to deliver forge to KEM.

The Traveler from First Earth is Vincent "Gunny" Van Dyke, an African American working in the Manhattan Tower Hotel as Captain. He got the nickname "Gunny" during World War I, where he failed to fire a gun multiple times.


Vincent "Gunny" Van Dyke – Traveler. The bell captain of the Manhattan Tower Hotel. Jovial and optimistic. Calls Bobby "Shorty". The original traveler of First Earth is Jed Sweeney, a friend of Gunny's.


Dodger – The bell hop at the Manhattan Tower Hotel. He helps Courtney during her time in First Earth.

The Never War

In The Never War, Saint Dane tricked Bobby into almost preventing the Hindenburg crash; a prevention which would have caused the fall of all 3 Earth territories by having the Nazi's discover the atomic bomb first and destroying New York and Washington. It seems that the only historical change the Travelers made was the change of how crime lord Maximillian Rose died: instead of dying in a car crash, Maximillian Rose died when he dove into the flaming wreckage of the Hindenburg in an attempt to rescue his fortune.

The Pilgrims of Rayne

In the eighth book in the series, Saint Dane takes Mark to First Earth to introduce a product known as "Forge". This changes the course of history on Second and Third Earths by causing a significant rise in technology. Courtney realizes this in the form of a talking, robotic cat, while Patrick Mac finds dados doing work all over Third Earth. Bobby and Courtney travel to First Earth; later, Courtney remains there to attempt to correct the situation.

First Earth facts

  • Territory Era: 1937 CE
  • Landmass: Seven continents making up approximately 92,500,000 square miles (240,000,000 km2). Seventy-five percent of the territory is covered with water, making up approximately 224,500,000 square miles (581,000,000 km2).
  • Movies: A Day at the Races, starring the Marx Brothers; Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
  • Popular sport: Baseball (New York Yankees defeat New York Giants for the professional championship)
  • Radio broadcasts: Notable performers include Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Jack Benny, Bob Hope
  • Notable books published: The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien; And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street, the first book by Dr. Seuss
  • Notable events: Destruction of the airship Hindenburg (event captured and broadcast as the first coast-to-coast radio broadcast). Amelia Earhart, female aviator, disappears while attempting to fly around the world. Opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. First cartoon starring Daffy Duck
  • Time measured in: minutes, seconds, and hours
  • President of the United States: Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Notable Inventions: ballpoint pen, photocopier, nylon, cellophane tape, first jet engine, electric digital calculator, Forge

Characters from First Earth

See Characters in "The Never War"


Ibara (pronounced /aɪˈbærə/) is the focus of the eighth book in the series, The Pilgrims of Rayne, and is a single, tropical island as well as its own territory on the world of Veelox, set 300 years in the future from the Veelox depicted in The Reality Bug. However, Ibara is an island separated from Rubic City by an ocean. Some people escape from Lifelight to Ibara, led by Aja Killian, the traveler of Veelox. In Book 8, Aja Killian is said to be a hero, but is killed by a Flighter assassin. The new traveler revealed is named Siry, and is the son of Jen Remudi. Siry is a delinquent and he has a band of kids he calls the Jakills, derived from Aja Killian (aJA KILLian).

A Traveler of Ibara, Remudi, was killed by Saint Dane on Quillan. Nevva Winter, the Traveler of Quillan, tricked Remudi to enter the Quillan Games because Nevva wanted to use Remudi as a bait to let Bobby Pendragon compete in the Grand X, the Quillan Olympics. Nevva was on Saint Dane's side all along and her plot caused the death of Jen Remudi.

Ibara is a territory mixing old and new; people live in primitive huts, use blowguns (which double as clubs) for weapons, and simplistic clothing. However, there is some technology present, such as the lighting system, the auto-defense guns, and some of the medicine. The Quigs here are killer bees that glow yellow. Unique things to this territory include the Flighters, savages who are the evolved forms of the people who refused to shun Lifelight (Thus their name, (li)Flighters). They also have a festival called the Festival of Zelin, thought to be a changed form of Zetlin. The turning point on Ibara is when the people there attempt to once again colonize the rest of Veelox, though fail when the Flighters, given weapons by Saint Dane, destroy the ships.

In that sense, Ibara is considered a failure for Bobby and a victory for Saint Dane. However, after the destruction of the pilgrimage by the Flighters, Saint Dane led an army of dados to destroy the rest of the people. This battle was won by the Ibarans, so perhaps the pilgrimage can be attempted once more; the territory is thus often referred to as a "draw".

Towards the end of The Pilgrims of Rayne, Bobby destroys the flume on Ibara, cutting Ibara off from the rest of Halla.

As of Raven Rise, the flume in Rubic City has been unearthed only to be re-sealed by a fallen subway train.


The traveler on Ibara is Siry Remudi, son of Jen Remudi, the former Traveler of Ibara, killed by Saint Dane who disguised himself as the Challenger Green in the book The Quillian Games.


Siry's best friend, Loque is the acolyte. He was injured and presumed dead after the Flighters shot out a huge window he was standing under. He was discovered and set to work by Saint Dane, who was digging for the flume in the Rubic City subway. He escaped, stole a skimmer, and returned to Ibara. There he was discovered by Bobby and divulged his bad news.


The quigs on Ibara are bees and they sting Bobby multiple times when he first lands on Ibara. (Bobby was in a haze of pain at the event, Bobby said thousands as described in Journal #29.)

Characters from Ibara

See Characters in "The Pilgrims of Rayne"


Quillan is one of the ten territories of Halla in the Pendragon series by D. J. MacHale. Bobby Pendragon visits Quillan in the seventh book, The Quillan Games.


According to Saint Dane, Quillan was once very similar to the Earth territories, before a company called Blok was founded. Blok, because it sold and manufactured things as cheaply and quickly as possible, was able to sell for much less than its competitors. It therefore rapidly grew in popularity, slowly closing the other stores and manufacturers. By the time Bobby comes to Quillan, every aspect of the territory is controlled by the ten trustees of Blok, who have established total control over the people through a form of blackmail.

All the citizens of Quillan have been forced into large cities. Law is kept on Quillan by robots called dados, which are owned by Blok. Blok has concealed Quillan's history, leaving people with no memory of a happier lifestyle than that under which they live; withheld all but the most bare of essentials; and imposes fierce punishment on all those who do not enrichen it financially. In order to make more money, Blok hosts an attraction known as the Games, which are projected all over Quillan and hosted by two phaders from Veelox, Veego and LaBerge (pronounced la-bear-j). Individuals called challengers are captured, color-coded, and forced to play against each other in a variety of dangerous games. Citizens of Quillan bet on these games in the hope of winning large rewards. Things that are used to bet are food, money, and in some cases, lives.

Most of the citizens of Quillan are passive, and have lost their will to fight back. However, there is a group of people called the revivers who are working to dethrone Blok and make Quillan the prosperous territory it once was. They have preserved a library/museum, known as "Mr. Pop", containing every aspect of Quillan's history before Blok seemingly destroyed it. Bobby and Nevva Winter were taken to Mr. Pop by the revivers, but Nevva betrays its location to Blok, who send an army of dados to destroy it.


The Traveler of Quillan was a woman named Nevva Winter. Nevva was a servant to the trustees of Blok, but was also a high-ranking reviver. Nevva, disillusioned, eventually betrayed Mr. Pop to Blok in an alliance with Saint Dane. Nevva mentions how she will go to Ibara and become the Traveler there, as the original traveler of Ibara, Remudi, was killed earlier in the book in a Quillan game. However, she instead changes form into Telleo, who influences Bobby on Ibara in Pilgrims of Rayne and Raven Rise.

Later, Bobby meets Nevva's mother, Elli Winter. Elli was confronted by Press Tilton and told of her and Nevva's destiny. Elli had trouble accepting the responsibility, and asked Press to go to her daughter and give the job to her. After Nevva left for Ibara, Elli decided to take on the responsibility of being a Traveler. Elli is now the Traveler from Quillan, and is grouped with the other Travelers, presumably preparing to face Saint Dane one last time.

Characters from Quillan

See also Characters in "The Quillan Games"


The quigs of Quillan are mechanical, dado-like spiders, whose computer skeletons resemble that of the Forge technology, created by Mark and Saint Dane(at the time disguised as Andy Mitchell), and the larger, humanoid security and service dados of Quillan.

Plans with Ravinia

Blok represents Ravinia's "elite," those who will be privileged and raised up. This basically corresponds to the existing order of things on Quillan, as Blok already controls almost every aspect of life there. A demonstration of this is when Veego and LaBerge are rewarded with Ibara as their own personal island. Bobby meets them returning to Ibara in Raven Rise.

Second Earth

Second Earth is a territory of Halla in the Pendragon Adventure series by D. J. MacHale. In the series, Second Earth is our Earth in the present time.


Press Tilton – Lead Traveler, killed in The Lost City of Faar, which made Bobby Pendragon lead traveler. He reappears at the end of Raven Rise.

Bobby Pendragon – Lead Traveler of his generation, and successor to Press Tilton.

Alexander Naymeer – Traveler in Raven Rise after Bobby quit. Later killed by Bobby at the end of Raven Rise after he falls into the flume in Yankee Stadium. Was originally supposed to be Bobby's Traveler mentor until Press took over the job. After Bobby quit,Alexander was given Mark's ring in Raven Rise by Nevva Winter and, therefore, became the Traveler. Never traveled; saw Halla through Mark's ring.


Courtney Chetwynde and Mark Dimond- Press's acolyte was Tom Dorney.

Changes through the series

Mark Dimond's escape to First Earth, and his activities there, caused changes in history and technology. His creation of the voice-activated, shape-changing, versatile substance known as Forge led to the creation of highly sophisticated tools, computers, vehicles, and robots. The presence of these altered history on all three Earth territories, conflating it was that of Quillan. Hence, The Quillan Games and The Pilgrims of Rayne both feature the robots called "dados", which are made with such technology as was developed by Mark, on the Earth territories, to which they are alien. The word "dado", in its Earthling usage, is an acronym of "Dimond Alpha Digital Organization". After Mark hands Nevva his Traveler ring, Ravinia comes into existence under Alexander Naymeer, the new Traveler of Second Earth. Second Earth's turning point is the Bronx Massacre, which also triggers The Convergence resulting both in Saint Dane's victory, for now. This has changed in Book 10 since all the Travelers and Press Tilton are alive,and ready to fight back.


The quigs on Second Earth are giant dogs.


Merchant of Death – This story starts out on Second Earth.

The Lost City of Faar – Mark and Courtney read Bobby's journals on Second Earth.

The Never War – Mark and Courtney read Bobby's journals on Second Earth. Later, Bobby spends time on Second Earth, so as to recover from trauma experienced during the Hindenburg disaster.

The Reality Bug – Mark and Courtney read Bobby's journals on Second Earth. Mark and Courtney make plans and later arrangements to become acolytes on Second Earth.

Black Water – Mark and Courtney read Bobby's journals on Second Earth. After realizing how to save Eelong, they leave for Cloral then join Bobby on Eelong. They are gone for a month, but return to find that only a half hour passed.

Rivers of Zadaa – Mark and Courtney read Bobby's journals on Second Earth. Mark is befriended by former school bully Andy Mitchell, an alter ego of Saint Dane, with whom he attends science classes that are part of a special club. Courtney, emotionally shattered by her involvement in the death of the traveler Kasha, spends the summer at a special school. There she meets an attractive boy. He causes her to fall into a ravine and reveals himself to be Saint Dane.

The Quillan Games – This story shows Courtney reading Bobby's journals on second earth, the death of Mark's parents, and Bobby showing up to find history changed and Mark gone.

Raven Rise – Saint Dane has targeted Second Earth and attempts and succeeds in creating a cult called Ravinia and establishing it as the dominant force in both Second Earth and all of Halla.

Third Earth

Third Earth is Earth in the future, first seen in The Never War.


Third Earth is the greatly advanced Earth of the year 5010. It is peaceful (due to the righting of wrongs in the years following Second Earth) and cooperative (due to the increasing scarcity of natural resources) at the beginning of the series. At this time, people live underground, underwater, and in space (on the moon, Venus, Mars, and two of Jupiter's moons). Bobby Pendragon describes its farms and pastures as consisting mostly of pine trees. At present in the series, however, due to the rise of Ravinia, the utopian Third Earth has been erased. Instead, it has changed into a slummier version of Second Earth, with Ravinians still prowling the world preventing people from learning too much about the past. Among other things, gas-powered cars are still used, skyscrapers do not have the shiny silver covering described in earlier books, and the extensive computer system at the New York Public Library is gone, replaced by old-fashioned print books. Apparently, similar to other changes caused by Saint Dane, this shift simply happened: one day Patrick Mac, the Traveler from Third Earth, woke to find his futuristic, subterranean home to be aboveground, with the toppled Statue of Liberty outside of it. In The Soldiers of Halla most of Third Earth is destroyed and in ruins except for the Ravinian Conclave.

Turning Point

Because Third Earth is linked to First and Second Earth everything that happens affects the future. When Mark creates an invention that he sells to the past Saint Dane uses this to affect Third Earth. In The Soldiers of Halla the turning point is the overthrowing of the Ravinian Conclave. This is also the turning point for all of Halla.


The first traveler was Em Stickler, but she was replaced Patrick Mac – A teacher and librarian on Third Earth.

Technological advances

Some devices that Bobby listed in his journal are as follows:

The Never War

  • Monochromatic, doughnut-shaped shoes that change shape to match the feet of the wearer (similar to the rebreather globes on Cloral).
  • Silver, square cards, used for communication. Gunny used this to call for Patrick (Third Earth's Traveler).
  • Monorails that generate a quiet hum, suggesting that they are either floating or powered by an electrical charge.
  • Underground malls (estimated to have about 50 stories) with such things as shops, restaurants and other luxury items one would find aboveground.
  • Two-wheeled land scooters (similar to bicycles, based on a picture in The Guide to the Territories of Halla).
  • All books have been replaced by computers, besides Green Eggs and Ham, which is on display in the New York Public Library because "we voted, and it was everyone's favorite" Patrick describes the database as being a billion times more powerful than modern-day (Second Earth) computers, containing large amounts of data on surfaces no larger than a grain of sand.

The Pilgrims of Rayne

  • All books replaced by computers, including Green Eggs and Ham, which has been taken off display, not voted for, or never written, due to the change in history.
  • Normal medical procedures, at least to Third Earthians, are now administered by dados.


At the end of The Quillan Games, Bobby and Courtney go to the flume and travel to Third Earth – apparently to see what has become of it, since Second Earth has been changed so much; and to follow Mark, as he has flumed to First Earth with Saint Dane at the end of Book 7.


Veelox is both a fictional territory and its own planet. Almost all the inhabitants are living in a computer program called Lifelight where they live out their own dreams in a virtual reality. Lifelight buildings are pyramid-shaped. The main food source is called gloid, and it is a nutritional substance of 12 different colors and flavors. The only vehicle mentioned is a car with 3 wheels. The main city mentioned is Rubic City, which slowly deteriorates because the citizens in Lifelight refuse to come back to reality and resurrect the dying city. After the Travelers lost Veelox and the world went back into Lifelight, the phaders did all they could to keep the grid up as long as possible. After the situation became critical, the phaders gave up and repopulated to Ibara. The island of Ibara allows for a growing, peaceful community on Veelox and its name is even given to a second territory that exists on the Veelox world, three hundred years after the original Veelox territory crumbles.


Headmistress Nilssin was the first traveler, but was replaced by Aja Killian


Evangeline, Aja's "aunt". She isn't Aja's biological aunt, but she is Aja's best friend.

Veelox facts

  • Territory Era: 45-226-9B
  • Population: Approx. 100,000,000 (Number of people in LifeLight reaching 100,000,000)
  • Number of LifeLight pyramids: 75,000
  • Land Mass: Forty-seven continents. 24% of the territory is covered by water.
  • Sociology: There are 212 sovereign countries, including: The Ibilik Federation (the largest and most powerful country), Kanda (including its capital and the book's setting, Rubic City), The Kingdom of See (smallest country, population of 651), The Principal of Deelix (technology center where phaders and vedders are trained)
  • Currency: Rists (One Rist equals about 330 U.S. Dollars)
  • Time measured in: Unets (One unet equals about one minute)
  • Climate: Temperate throughout
  • Foods: Twelve variants of gloid, a nutritional supplement
  • Notable Events: None since LifeLight was invented


Surprisingly, Veelox is quig-free. Saint Dane says that this is because he was already done with Veelox by the time Bobby arrived. It can be assumed that the quigs on Ibara, killer bees, would be the same on Veelox, as the quigs on First, Second, and Third Earth are all the same. In addition, Bobby faces the quigs from Denduron while inside Lifelight on Veelox because they are the quigs that he remembers and fears the most.

Characters from Veelox

See Characters in "The Reality Bug"


Zadaa (pronounced /zəˈdɑː/) appears to be a desert world. One of the main cities is called Xhaxhu and it is the home of the traveler Loor and her acolyte Saangi. It is also the home of two tribes, the Rokador and Batu, and many different characters.


The quigs on Zadaa are snakes. Alder kills one with his knife on his first trip to Zadaa, as does Spader.


Osa (deceased), Loor



The two tribes

The Rokador is a light-skinned tribe that wear white clothing and live in underground cities that they tunneled out of the rock. To excavate further, they use Dygos; spherical vehicles having tank-like treads and large drill bits protruding from the front. They control the water supply in return for protection from the cannibal tribes of the desert, and have more advanced technology than the Batu. They rarely came up to the surface and when they do they are careful not to be burned.

The Batu are a dark-skinned tribe, living on the surface of Zadaa. They live a simpler life than the Rokador, having no technological sophistication beyond the demands of necessity. The city of Xhaxhu is their capital. The Ghee are Batu warriors who maintain order around Xhaxhu during hard times. Loor stated that if Ghee reject their responsibility, they are sent off the labor camps in the desert or executed. Periodically, the Ghee maintain their considerable martial skills by competing in fierce tournaments. Their Rokador counterparts, with whom they often train, are the Tiggen guards, who wield electrified rods and steel arrows as opposed to the wooden clubs and staves of the Ghee.

The book's cover illustrators took cue from the books' texts, and the way characters' are described, and portray the Batu as having strictly African features; the idea rather realistic in the manner of human (animal) characteristic naturally suiting climate and geological conditions.

In The Rivers of Zadaa, the Rokador nearly made war on the Batu, fearing that as many Rokador had died of an epidemic disease the Batu might try to seize control of the water supply. After the caverns inplode and create a huge ocean in the desert, the Rokador relocate and interdepndence resumes.


Formerly, Xhaxhu (pronounced /ʒɑːˈʒuː/) was a peaceful city, disturbed infrequently. It was an oasis in the desert; one of a very few. In The Rivers of Zadaa, the Rokador, fearing that the Batu will attack them in their disease-weakened state, withhold the water supply. This triggers a true campaign against them, which is averted when the water supply is released indiscriminately. Members of both tribes help each other survive, regardless of nationality, leading to a revival of mutual respect. The water supply becomes a river, on whose opposing banks the tribes rebuild.

Plans with Ravinia

It is stated at the end of Raven Rise that Ravinia has sent military tacticians to aid the Rokador in wiping out the Batu, which in time, would result in Zadaa's collapse. In The Soldiers of Halla, all of the Batu either become slaves to the Rokador, or are imprisoned in Mooraj, a training camp.

Main characters from Zadaa

See Characters in "The Rivers of Zadaa"


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