Continuity announcers in the United Kingdom

Continuity announcers in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, continuity announcers are people who are employed to introduce programmes on radio and television networks, to promote forthcoming programmes on the station, to cross-promote programmes on the broadcaster's other stations where applicable and, sometimes, to provide information relating to the programme just broadcast.

The six analogue terrestrial television channels in the UK (BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1, Channel 4, S4C and Channel 5) make use of continuity announcers, and for most of the time, continuity announcements are presented live. Continuity announcers can also be found on digital and satellite channels, but most of these channels make use of pre-recorded announcements.



The BBC mainly use live announcers on its flagship television channels BBC One and BBC Two, and mainly use pre-recorded announcements on its digital channels (apart from BBC News and BBC Parliament, which do not use announcers at all). Separate continuity for BBC One & BBC Two in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is provided by regional announcers who also double as transmission directors. BBC Wales announcers also direct Wales Today news bulletins during breakfast, mid-afternoon and late night.

Presently, the only national radio station to use continuity announcers is BBC Radio 4, where many of the announcing staff also act as newsreaders and also introduce the station's Shipping Forecast. Until about 1990, BBC Radio 2 used continuity announcers (separate from newsreaders) for its weekend and evening output, but these have long disappeared. Similarly, BBC Radio 3 has downgraded the former role of its announcers in favour of a new style of presenter. Continuity announcers played a much heavier role on the pre-1967 Home Service, Light Programme and Third Programme (and other services on the last-named's frequency). Announcing staff for Radio Scotland, Radio Wales, Radio Ulster and Radio Cymru double as newsreaders and technical operators.

Since 2003, continuity announcements for BBC television channels are broadcast from Red Bee Media's Broadcast Centre in White City, London with regional continuity teams based in the regional broadcasting centres in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast providing links for the regional variations of BBC One and BBC Two. CBBC and CBeebies continuity now airs from studios at MediaCityUK in Salford Quays - up until September 2011, CBBC presentation was broadcast from a small studio in the East Tower of BBC Television Centre while CBeebies presentation was pre-recorded at Teddington Studios. The announcing team for BBC Radio 4 work from a suite of studios on the 7th floor of Broadcasting House in London.

Historically, BBC announcers mostly spoke with Received Pronunciation, but the range of accents heard has widened considerably in recent years, and the general tone has become more informal.

In-vision continuity

Early continuity

Andrew Martin, an expert from the BBC Archives, described continuity announcements as "an essential part of television," which "actually tell us quite a lot about the style, the kind of attitudes of television in their particular era."[1]

In-vision continuity announcers, who appeared on screen between programmes, were a staple part of television broadcasts from the very earliest days of television, because "there was a need for linking material between programmes just to kind of announce them." In the early days of television, it was almost like a variety bill in the theatre... [and when] an item would come on, somebody had to say what it was often listing an entire evening's up-coming programming in one link.[2][2]

The early announcers became "celebrities in their own right," often receiving considerable amounts of fan mail, as they were among the most recognisable on-screen individuals, appearing every day, at the start of an era when television celebrity was really invented. Early in-vision announcers included Leslie Mitchell, formerly a newsreel announcer, Elizabeth Cowell and Jasmine Bligh who famously re-opened the television service in 1946. The early continuity announcers were auditioned, as "they had to look good but they also had to speak well", not solely because of the class divide, but because clear speaking was crucial to their role.[2]

Later continuity

It is believed that in-vision continuity was last used during the peak viewing hours on BBC TV in the early 1960s, with a link into the Eurovision Song Contest 1963 the last-known example of the corporation's use of in-vision continuity (as well as existing out-of-vision continuity) across the national network.

Between the late 1960s and circa 1980, many of the BBC's English regions provided their own continuity on weekday evenings, including in-vision presentation - particularly at closedown. Regional in-vision continuity was still used by BBC South in Southampton, BBC Midlands in Birmingham and BBC North West in Manchester by the time English regional continuity was phased out. From 1998 to 2001, the Northern Ireland regional service on BBC Choice used in-vision continuity links.[3]

Children's continuity

The presentation of children's programmes had in-vision continuity from its instigation until 1965. The best-known children's in-vision continuity face was that of schoolgirl Jennifer Gay, one of the Children's Hour announcers, who introduced such favourites as Muffin the Mule between 1949 and 1953.[4]

In-vision continuity was re-introduced as part of Children's BBC/CBBC) on 9 September 1985. From then until 1994, this came from the main BBC1 continuity suite itself, referred to as "The Broom Cupboard" and introduced by various presenters including Phillip Schofield, Andy Crane and Andi Peters; Since then, it has come from larger, specialised studios. As of September 2011, presentation for both CBBC and CBeebies originates from the BBC's MediaCityUK studios in Salford Quays following the BBC Children's department move from London.[5][6]

Modern continuity

In February 2008, BBC Three introduced in-vision continuity links, in the form of live links with presenter Jose Vanders and recorded links with BBC Three viewers. For a time, the BBC Three website offered viewers the opportunity to record links for programmes. The live in-vision links were dropped after only a few months although live out-of-vision continuity during peak time returned in September 2011.

On 19 September 2008, the Scottish Gaelic-language digital channel BBC Alba launched with in-vision continuity from the channel's sole announcer, Fiona MacKenzie. A second in-vision announcer, Moira MacDonald, was appointed in July 2009. All continuity links are pre-recorded in Stornoway and transmitted from BBC Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow.[7]

Current announcers


Station/Network Announcers
BBC One/BBC Two Network
Emily Chiswell, Delroy Haynes, Matthew Jackson, Dean Lydiate, Kath Melandri, Duncan Newmarch, Peter Offer, David Vickery, Phil Vowels, Ashleigh Whitfield, Becky Wright
BBC Scotland
(BBC One/BBC Two)
Graham Anderson, Alison Cairney, Kirsty Campbell, Maura Currie, Tony Currie, Peter Easton, James Gillies, Amanda Harvey, Tamara Kennedy, Gillean McDougall, Andrea McNeill,
Ken Mitchell, John Phillips, Morag Robertson, Anne Scott
BBC Alba
Moira MacDonald, Fiona MacKenzie, Kerry Anne MacLeod
BBC Wales
(BBC One/BBC Two)
Steve Allan, Tim Cooper, Eleri Davison, Steve Dutfield, David Harper, Sean Jackson, Phillip Jones, Glyn Lewis, Catrin Morgan, Matthew Rosser, Russ Stroud, Enfys Thomas,
Geraint White
BBC Northern Ireland
(BBC One/BBC Two)
Aaron Alexander, Pamela Andrews, Elaine Ayre, Jennie Browne, Paul Buckle, Gavin Healey, Michael Higgins, David Olver, Ann Osborough, Paul Reid, Michael Selby,
Mark Simpson, Roy Willighan
BBC Three
Gavin Inskip, Jayne Sharp
BBC Four
Tegwen Tucker
(BBC One/BBC Two/
CBBC Channel)
Chris Johnson, Iain Stirling
(BBC One/BBC Two/
CBeebies Channel)
Cerrie Burnell, Andy Day, Sidney Sloane, Alex Winters, Katy Ashworth


Station Announcers
BBC Radio 4
Chris Aldridge (senior announcer), Alice Arnold, Carolyn Brown, Charles Carroll, Harriet Cass (senior announcer), Kathy Clugston, Corrie Corfield, Peter Donaldson, Matthew Exell,
Arlene Fleming, Charlotte Green, Jim Lee, Annie McKie, David Miles, Rory Morrison, Neil Nunes, Howard Philpot, Susan Rae, Vaughan Savidge, Neil Sleat, Alan Smith, Zebedee Soanes,
Diana Speed
BBC Radio 4 Extra
Helen Aitken (cover), Etholle George, Penny Haslam, Jim Lee, Joanna Pinnock, Alex Riley, Michaela Saunders, Alan Smith (cover)
BBC Radio Wales
Kim Marks, Geraint Pickard, David Woodward, Sian Thomas

Former announcers


Station/Network Announcers
BBC One/
B.W. Adams, Dave Adey, David Allan, Glen Allen, Michael Aspel, Dan Austin, Roger Bailey, Jenni Bale, John Ross-Barnard, Piers Bishop, Guy Blackmore, Susie Blake, Jasmine Bligh,
Peter Bolgar, Lucy Bolger, Stephanie Bower, John Braben, John Brand, Tim Brinton, Peter Brook, Rosemary Brooks, Michael Burley, Christine Burn, Alma Cadzow, Alison Cairney,
Douglas Cameron, Amanda Carlton, Duncan Carse, Andy Cartledge, Kay Cavendish, Pauline Cavilla, Judith Chalmers, Mark Chapman, Maggie Clewes, Crispin Clover, Kathy Clugston,
Charles Colville, Jim Colvin, Jayne Constantinis, Elizabeth Cowell, Carol Crawford, Dan Damon, Chris Denning, Mark Devlin, Mark Doolan, Ben Edwards, Polly Elwes, Brian Empringham,
John Escolme, Martin Everard, Malcolm Eynon, Jumoke Fashola, Adrian Finighan, Arlene Fleming, Michael Gamble, Jennifer Gay, Sarah Gentry, Claire Gibb, John Glover, Peter Gourd,
Donald Gray, Anne Gregg, Monica Grey, Peter Haigh, Bruce Hammal, McDonald Hobley, David Hoffman, Olga Hubiczka, June Imray, Nikki James, Natalie Jaque, Kenneth Kendall, Martin King, Halyna Kozak, Sally Lawrence, Chris Loosemore, Francis Lyne, Heather Lynn, Alex MacIntosh, Roseanne MacMillan, Kenneth MacOnochie, Steve Madden, Michael Maine, Mary Malcolm, Manju Malhi, Vicki Marriot, Keith Martin, Trevor Maskell, Alex Mason, Roger Maude, Andrea McDowell, Vera McKechnie, Bernard McNab, Noelle Middleton, David Miles, John Mills,
Leslie Mitchell, Martin Muncaster, Tim Nichols, Charles Nove, Yvonne O'Grady, Meryl O'Keffe, James Orlando, Paul Owen, Mel Oxley, Mary Parker, Isla Paton, Sylvia Peters, Ian Phillips,
Nicola Phoenix, Valerie Pitts, Tony Raymont, David Reed, Rachael Robertson, Liz Robinson, Clive Roslin, Reg Sanders, Michaela Saunders, Phillip Schofield, Avis Scott, Hannah Scott-Joynt, Brian Sharpe, Clem Shaw, Peter Shoesmith, Winifred Shotter, Valerie Singleton, Alyson Slorach, Mary Small, Zebedee Soanes, Michael Speake, Nick Spilman, Ian De Stains, Lorna Stevens, Cathy Stewart, Michael Stirrup, Richard Straker, Vivien Stuart, Juliet Stubbing, Andy Taylor, Russell Taylor, Guy Thomas, Linda (Lu) Thomas, Pauline Tooth, Sheila Tracey, John Trevor,
Sasha Twining, Simon Vance, Mark Waddington, Patrick Walker, Sarah Ward, Colin Ward-Lewis, Gillian Webb, Jane Westrop, David Wheal, Robin Whitting, Nan Winton, Jane Wymark,
Lynsey Young
BBC Scotland
(BBC One/
BBC Two)
Anna Maria-Ashe, Craig Austin, Douglas Brock, Ken Bruce, Alma Cadzow, Bob Christie, Jane Copland, David Findlay, Mike Gower, Harry Gray, Alasdair Hutton, Paul Jamieson, Robert Logan, Colin MacIntyre, Rob Matheson, Andrea McDowell, Alec Monteath, Charles Nove, James O'Hara, Pamela Patterson, Iain Purdon, Gordon Roddick, Pam Ross, Alister Smith, Mark Stephen, Arlene Stuart, Pam Tibbetts
BBC Wales
(BBC One/
BBC Two)
Dan Austin, Roger Bailey, Sian Bassett-Roberts, Steven Beaven, Ceri Berrington, Alun Ap Brinley, Rob Brydon, David Canham, Alan Christopher, Ian Cresswell, Steve Dewitt, Ceri Evans,
Adrian Finighan, Rob Finighan, Mari Griffith, Mark James, Steve James, Geraint Jones, Robin Jones, Frank Lincoln, Lyn Morgan, Jamie Owen, Gary Price, Richard Rees, Deloni Roberts,
Mike Sweet, Peter Twist, Nia Wyn-Jones
BBC Northern Ireland
(BBC One/
BBC Two)
Pamela Andrews, John Ashe, Lynda Bryans, Kathy Clugston, Peter Dickson, Martin Everard, Steve Le Fevre, Michael Fieldhouse, David Gamble, Jacqui Godfray, Duncan Hearle,
Alasdair Hutton, Roy Larmour, Walter Love, Edgar Martin, Stephen Montgomery, Michael Nunan, David Olver, Ann Osborough, Gillian Porter, Judith Rebbick, Kerry Turner, Linda Wray
BBC Three
Lola Buckley, Emily Chiswell, Collette Collins, Kieron Elliot, Jose Vanders
BBC Four
Emily Chiswell, Nicola Phoenix, Hannah Scott-Joynt, Zebedee Soanes
(BBC One/
BBC Two/
CBBC Channel)
Toby Anstis, Zoe Ball, Angellica Bell, Andy Crane, Jennifer Gay, June Imray, Andi Peters, Phillip Schofield, Michael Underwood, Oucho T. Cactus, Ed Petrie
(BBC One/
BBC Two/
CBeebies Channel)
Chris Jarvis, Pui Fan Lee, Sue Monroe


Station Announcers
BBC Radio 4
David Anderson, Bill Bingham, Louise Botting, Louise Bruce, Piers Burton-Page, Pauline Bushnell, Edward Cole, Andrew Crawford, John Hedges, Anna Hill, Peter Jefferson, Astley Jones,
Jonathan Lampon, Jenny Lane, Pennie Latin, Laurie Macmillan, Bryan Martin, Patrick Muirhead, Jamie Owen, Brian Perkins, Andy Rushton, Clive Roslin, Jane Steele, Moira Stuart,
Catriona Young
BBC Radio Wales
Alan Christopher, Nia Wyn-Jones


All announcements for ITV plc-owned stations on ITV1 and Channel Television, and for ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 come from the company's main transmission facilities at Technicolor in Chiswick, with separate teams of continuity announcers based at STV's headquarters in Pacific Quay, Glasgow and UTV's headquarters at Havelock House, Belfast.

Most announcements broadcast on ITV are conducted live, while overnight announcements and occasional regional continuity on ITV1, and continuity for ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 is often pre-recorded. All of ITV plc's announcers work on a freelance basis.

STV uses live continuity during the evening (between around 17:00 and 05:30) with daytime announcements pre-recorded by the duty prime time announcer during their shift. A separate team of out-of-vision announcers present the station's overnight strand The Nightshift live each night. STV-branded presentation is utilised throughout the station's broadcast hours with transmission manned by technical staff in Glasgow 24 hours a day.

UTV continuity is broadcast live during prime time, typically from 19:00 to 00:00. In-vision continuity links often feature during the evening. No daytime continuity is provided, except for emergency situations. Some of UTV's announcing staff also present late night and short news bulletins. Overnight, UTV transmission is handed over to ITV1's overnight service.

The consolidation of ITV companies during the 1990s and 2000s led to the closure of transmission and continuity facilities at some ITV company studios:

ITV region
ITV company at time of last known announcement
Date of last known announcement
The Borders
Border Television
Late 1999/Early 2000 (regional continuity moved to Yorkshire Television in Leeds).[8]
Central Scotland
Scottish Television (STV)
Still has regional continuity (also heard in Northern Scotland)
Channel Islands
Channel Television
2002/3? Still has pre-recorded regional continuity during primetime.[9]
East of England
Anglia Television
1998 (regional continuity moved to Meridian Broadcasting in Southampton).
ITV London
Still has regional continuity (which is heard throughout England, Wales and Southern Scotland).
Central Independent Television
28 October 2002 (regional continuity moved to The London Studios).
Transmission moved to Yorkshire Television in Leeds in 2004.
North Scotland
Grampian Television
July 1998 (regional continuity moved to STV in Glasgow).
North East England
Tyne Tees Television
16 March 1996 (regional continuity moved to Yorkshire Television in Leeds).
Transmission moved to Leeds in early September 1993 (probably September 4);
All non-live presentation fed from Leeds starting 1 January 1993.[10]
North West England
Granada Television
1998 (regional continuity moved to Yorkshire Television in Leeds).[8]
Northern Ireland
Still has regional continuity.
South and South East
Meridian Broadcasting
28 October 2002 (regional continuity moved to The London Studios).
Wales and West
HTV Wales
HTV West
16 January 2006 for Wales (regional continuity moved to The London Studios),
2000 for West (regional continuity moved to Meridian Broadcasting in Southampton).
South West England
Westcountry Television
28 October 2002 (regional continuity moved to The London Studios).
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
Yorkshire Television (YTV)
28 October 2002 (regional continuity moved to The London Studios).[11]

In-vision continuity

The use of on screen continuity announcers was common on ITV when each region had a distinct identity and their own transmission and continuity facilities. During the 1980s and 1990s, many regional companies abandoned the use of in-vision continuity announcers:

ITV region
ITV company
at time of last known
in-vision announcement
Date of last known in-vision announcement
The Borders
Border Television
Still in use in 1998, believed to have been dropped when continuity moved to Yorkshire Television in Leeds.[12]
Central Scotland
Scottish Television (STV)
Dropped January 1989 in daytime, but kept for Scottish Through the Night only. Believed to have been dropped in October 1991.[13]
Channel Islands
Channel Television
Still in use in late 1990s.
East of England
Anglia Television
Still in use in 1990 for Anglia Through the Night only, dropped soon afterwards.
Thames Television
London Weekend Television
Thames: probably the end of 1987 in the evenings, 1988 in daytime and 1990 overnights.
LWT: probably the end of 1982.
Central Independent Television
Still in use in April 1987, dropped soon afterwards.[14]
North Scotland
Grampian Television
Dropped early 1998, shortly before continuity moved to STV in Glasgow.
North East England
Tyne Tees Television
Dropped on 16 March 1996 when continuity moved to Yorkshire Television in Leeds.
Previously dropped in 1970 (at the same time as Yorkshire following the Trident takeover), reintroduced in 1971.[10]
North West England
Granada Television
Still in use in 1996, dropped before/when continuity moved to Yorkshire Television in Leeds.[15]
Northern Ireland
Still uses in-vision continuity.
South and South East
Meridian Broadcasting
1995 - Meridian only used IVC during Nightime at weekends.
Their predecessors, TVS dropped in-vision in the daytime and evening in September 1987,
but in-vision links continued for Late Night Late until 1991.[16]
Wales and West
HTV Wales
HTV West
Wales: 31 December 1992.
West: circa 1994.[17]
South West England
Television South West
31 December 1992.
Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
Yorkshire Television (YTV)

The only ITV companies which have never used in-vision continuity are Carlton Television (London) and Westcountry Television, who both began broadcasting in January 1993.

Current announcers

Network/Station Announcers
Jim Davis (weekends only), Dominic Green, Paul Jamieson (cover), Mark Manchester, Gina Mellotte, Katy Pullinger, Catherine Whale
Toni Frutin, Maggie Lavender, Cameron McKenna, Donald Pirie, Derek Smith
Pamela Ballantine (freelancer), Aidan Browne (freelancer), Rose Neill (freelancer), Gillian Porter, Julian Simmons

Former announcers

Station Announcers
John Benson (1957-1966), John Duncanson, John Edmunds, Philip Elsmore, David Hamilton, Sheila Kennedy, Keith Martin, Bill Steel (1967-1968)
Patrick Anthony (1976-c.1989), Graham Bell (1966-1969, 1988-1997), Richard Crowest (1990-1998), Katie Glass (1977-2000), Fiona Honan, Graham James, Paul Lavers (1987-1991),
Verity Lines, Helen McDermott (1979-c.1989), Caroline Oldrey, Graham Rogers, Drew Russell, Paul Seed, Peter Shoesmith, Michael Speake (1975-1989, 1999-2000), Paul Thompson (1994-1998)
Pat Astley (late 1950s-early 1970s), Su Evans (late 1970s-1981), Trevor Lucas, Kevin Morrison, Mike Prince (1966-1981), Shaw Taylor, Peter Tomlinson, Stewart White (1979-1981)
Helen Aitken, Craig Austin (1988-1997), Andrew Burns (1989-1996), Allan Cartner (1961-1988), Clive Champney (1962-1987), Tracey Crawford, Pat Doody, Colin Lamont (1988-1989),
Sue Radford (1988-1995)
Kevan Brighting, (1982-c.2002), Su Evans (1982-c.2001), Evadne Fisher (1984-1989), Hilary Holden, Helen Lloyd, Andy Marriott (1991-2002), Ted May (1985-2002), Terry Pearson (1988-2000), Mike Prince (1982-c.1991), Allan Sherwin, Gary Terzza (1982-1987), Paul Veysey (c.1985-2002), Amanda Youngs
David Allan (1995-2002), Graham Bannerman (1993-2002), Fiona Goldman (1993-2002), Mark Lipscomb (1993-2002), Erica Longdon (2000-2002), Andrea McDowell, David Vickery
Gordon De Ste Croix, Francis Hamon, Alastair Layzell, Jane Stuart, Tony Scott-Warren
David Bennett, Scott Brown (c.1993-1998), Tracey Crawford (c.1989-1995), Margaret Donald (1980-1988), Kay Duncan (1985-1992), Kate Fraser (1993-1998), Robin Galloway (1987-1995), Douglas Kynoch, Colin Lamont (1984-1985), Lesley MacLeod (1977-1984), Barrie Redfern, Anne Scott, Diana Speed (1986-1998), Arlene Stuart (1988-1993), Kennedy Thomson (1970-1996)
Helen Aitken, Beverley Ashworth (c.1987-mid 1990s), Tracey Crawford, Neil Didsbury, Pamela Dodd (1989-1994), Charles Foster (early 1970s-c.1994), Don Murray-Henderson (early 1960s-1971), Graham James, Maggie Mash, Ray Moore, Jim Pope (mid 1970s-early 1990s), Bob Preedy, Sue Robbie (late 1970s-mid 1980s), Roger Tilling (1997-c.2000), Colin Weston (1968, c.1971-1998)
HTV Wales
Arfon Haines Davies (1976-1992), Leighton Jones, (2003-2006), Dilwyn Young Jones (early 1980s-1992, 2000-2003), Dan Lewis (1993-2000), Jenny Ogwen, Margaret Pritchard (late 1970s-1992), Sue Powell-Reed (late 1970s-1992)
HTV West
Sally Alford (1968-1984), Philip Banks (1994-2000), Peter Crawford (c.1987-1995), Tom Edwards, Fiona Honan, Gill Impey (c.1987-1994), Peter Lewis, Peter Marshall, Sam Mason (c.1989-1994), Susan Osman, Su Porter (c.1989-1994), Elise Rayner (c.1988-1991), Graham Rogers, Paul Seed, Annie St John (1981-1983, 1987-1990), Michael St John, Colin Weston
Ruth Anders (early 1980s-mid 1990s), Trish Bertram (1982-1987, 1989-1990, 1991-2002), Barri Haynes, Peter Lewis (1968-1997), Andy Marriott (1992-2002), Sue Peacock (early-late 1980s),
Alec Taylor (1968-1977), Glen Thompsett (1987-2002), Roger Tilling (c.1997-2002)[18]
Fiona Honan (2000-2002), Graham James, Graham Rogers, Paul Seed (1995-2002)
Associated Rediffusion
John Benson, Redvers Kyle (c.1956-1968), Leslie Mitchell, Muriel Young (1955-1968)
Peter Brook, John Crosse, Adrian Edwards (1976-1980), Philip Elsmore, Bill Flynn, Martin King, Verity Martindill, Martin Muncaster (1958-1960),
Brian Nissen (1958-1981), Meryl O'Keefe (1958-1960), Christopher Robbie, Colin Weston
Clem Ashby (early-mid 1970s), Arthur Boreland (mid 1970s), David Chalmers (mid-late 1970s), Bryce Curdy, Tony Currie (1976-1987), Brian Ford (late 1980s-2006), Mike Gower (1979-1990), Steve Hamilton (mid 1970s-c.1988), Liz Kristiansen (1981-1994), Colin Lamont (1985-1988), Kate Mathieson (late 1970s), Alec Monteath (1964-1969), Pauline Muirhead (late 1970s-mid 1980s), Gordon Roddick (1961-1973), Anne Scott, Jim Symon (1983-2003), Pat Trevor (late 1960s-early 1970s), Marion White (mid 1970s), Hamish Wilson (early-mid 1970s)
Teledu Cymru
Iris Jones, Robin Jones (1962-1964), Ivor Roberts
Victoria Crawford (c.1986-1989), Tom Edwards, Philip Elsmore (1968-1992), Evande Fisher (1989-1990), David Hamilton (1968-1980), Bob Holness, Peter Marshall (1976-1992)[19]
Bruce Lewis, Maureen Staffer, Alan Taylor
Samantha Balshaw, David Fitzgerald (1985-1992), Jennifer Gavin (1982-1988), Ruth Langsford (1986-1992), Roger Shaw (1982-1989), Judi Spiers (1982-1985), Ian Stirling (1982-1992)
Malcolm Brown (1982-1992), Keith Butler, Jennifer Clulow, Sally McLaren, Brian Nissen (1982-1987), Gordon Radley, Christopher Robbie (1982-1988), Graham Rogers (1987-1991), Colin Weston
Tyne Tees
Helen Aitken, Adrian Cairns (1959-1964), Allan Cartner, Andy Craig, Tracey Crawford, John Crosse, Jane Jermyn, Judi Lines (c.1984-1992), Lesley Manners, Maggie Mash, Ray Moore,
Jonathan Morrell, Nick Oliver, Karen Petch, Bob Preedy, Pam Royle, Kathy Secker (1978-1983; 1991-1996), Lyn Spencer (1975-1979; 1989-1993), Annie St John (1983-1987),
Bill Steel (1980-1996), Neville Wanless, Colin Weston, Stephen Whitlock
Aidan Browne (1993-2009), Keith Burnside, Tina Campbell (1994-1997), Sarah Dobson (2007-2009), Brian Durkin (1959-1968), Lynda Fulford (2007-2009), James Greene (1959-1965),
Tracey-Anne Griffiths (1991-1996), John O'Hara (c.1975-1984), Bill Smyth (1978-1987), Marc Mallett (2007-2009), Peter Marshall (1967-1969), Adrienne McGuill (1959-1969),
Frank Mitchell (1987-1993), Barbara Palmer (c. 1985-1992), Gillian Porter, Robin Taylor (1993-2009), Audra Thomas (1997-2007; 2008-2009), Joanne Woods (c.1978-1987)
Philip Elsmore, Peter Griffin (1993-2002), Chris Langmore (1994-2002), Lorna Stevens (1993-1994)
Fern Britton (1980-1981), Jennifer Clulow (late 1970s-1981), Guy Corey, Alison Holloway, Stuart Hutchinson, Jan Leeming (1965-1966), David Rodgers, Roger Shaw (1961-1981),
Judi Spiers (1977-1981), Ian Stirling (1975-1981)
Helen Aitken (1995-2002), Tracey Crawford, John Crosse (early 1970s-1998), Neil Didsbury (2001-2002), Kerrie Gosney (2000-2002), Pete Haslam, Paul Kaye, Redvers Kyle (1968-1993),
Paul Lally, Peter Lewis, Keith Martin, Maggie Mash (1988-2002), Nick Oliver, Karen Petch, Bob Preedy (1988-2002), Earl Richmond, Graham Roberts, Ian De Stains, Roger Tilling (1998-1999), Colin Weston, Stephen Whitlock

Channel 4

Channel 4 employs continuity announcers on its network of stations; Channel 4, E4, Film4 and More4. All announcements come from Red Bee Media in White City, London. Since 2009, Red Bee have provided playout facilities for Channel 4.

In-vision continuity

Channel 4 used links featuring the announcer on-screen for a brief period following its launch in 1982, mainly at closedown. The station briefly reprised the use of in-vision continuity links for a short period from 1996, used mainly in evening transmissions.

Current announcers

Channel 4
Barra Fitzgibbon
Tracey-Anne Griffiths
David MacLeod
Pete Nottage
Isla Paton
Gary Terzza

Corie Brown
Beth Palmer
Dominic O'Shea (also Channel 4 and Film4)

More 4
Amanda Carlton
Danny Cowan

Film 4
Jeanna Gallagher

Freelance announcers
Natalie Jaque
Helen Veysey
Lynsey Young

Former announcers

Ali Ballantyne
Marcus Bentley
Bill Bingham
Sean Bolger
Carol Bolt
Jon Briggs
Martin Buchanan
Syd Burke
Paul Coia
Jane Copland
Ben Edwards
Vanessa Edwards
Sabrina Farley
Claire Gibb
Keith Harrison
Olga Hubicka

Veronica Hyks
John Livesey
Erica Longdon
David Miles
Ric Mills
Kate Moon
Vuyiswa Ngqobougwana
Trevor Nicholls
Graham Rogers
Kate Stephenson
David Stranks
Ian Swann
Lynda Thomas
David Vickery
Martin Wheadon
Hayden Wood


S4C announcers provide live out-of-vision continuity links from the channel's headquarters in Llanishen, Cardiff.

In-vision continuity

S4C used in-vision continuity throughout broadcast hours from launch in November 1982 until around 1991.

In-vision presentation continues to be utilised during S4C's children strands, Cyw (for young children) and Stwnsh (for older children). Stwnsh links are mostly conducted live whereas Cyw links are mostly pre-recorded. Characters and presenters from S4C's Cyw output occasionally appear as guest announcers.

Children's presentation is produced by the independent production companies Boomerang (Planed Plant/Cyw in-vision links) and Cwmni Da (Cyw).

Current announcers

Sian Bassett Roberts
Huw Charles
Rolant Prys Davies
Richard Elfyn
Alwyn Humphreys
Sara Hunter
Alun Ceri Jones
Liz Scourfield

Lois Cernyw
Eleri Griffiths
Owain Gwynedd
Geraint Hardy
Anni Llyn
Tudur Phillips

Gareth Delve (in-vision)
Leusa Mererid (out of vision)
Rachael Solomon (in-vision)

Former announcers

Alan Ap Brinley
Nia Ceidiog
Glenda Clwyd
Rowenna Griffin
Robin Jones
Siân Lloyd
Garry Nicholas
Gwyn Parry
Sian Thomas
Margaret Williams

Planed Plant
Rhydian Bowen Phillips Elain Edwards
Sarra Elgan
Mari Grug
Lisa Gwilym
Branwen Gwyn
Alex Jones
Alun Williams

Planed Plant Bach (now Cyw)
Martyn Geraint
Lowri Williams

Channel 5

Channel 5 use announcers on its network of stations; 5*, 5USA and Channel 5. All announcements come from Channel 5's headquarters in London.

In-vision continuity

Channel 5 has only used on-screen announcers as part of its children's strand, Milkshake!.

Current announcers

Channel 5
Andrea McDowell
Natasha Powell
Kelly-Anne Smith
David Wartnaby

Kemi Majeks
Derek Moran
Jen Pringle
Amy Thompson

Former announcers

Channel 5
Glen Allen
Trish Bertram
Vicki Blight
OJ Borg
Bill Buckley
Jim Colvin
Rachel Darcy
John Darval
Vanessa Edwards
Pauline Eyre
Jane Farnham
Gavin Inskip
Paul Jacobs
John Last
Ted May
Stuart McWilliam
Beth Palmer
Lucy Sassoon
David Vickery

Lucy Alexander
Beth Evans
Konnie Huq
Eddie Matthews
Andrew McEwan
Kate McIntyre
Dave Payne
Lynne Thigpen
Naomi Wilkinson
Hannah Williams


Sky1 out-of-vision continuity is broadcast live in the evening with pre-recorded links broadcast during the day and overnight, largely voiced by long-serving announcer Claire Sturgess.

Current announcers

  • Paul Daniels
  • Katie Hudson
  • Kate Morton

Former announcers


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