Chris Johnson (presenter)

Chris Johnson (presenter)
Christopher Johnson
Born 25 January 1991 (1991-01-25) (age 20)
Occupation Television Presenter & Voice Actor

Christopher David Johnson (or Chris Johnson), born 25 January 1991, is a voice actor & presenter for CBBC.[1] His first television appearance was for BBC Three, introducing Family Guy. He began presenting on the CBBC Channel in January 2010. Chris also has a strong Youtube following under the user name ChrisIsSnowie.[2]


Early life

He attended Moorside High School in Swinton from 2002-2007 where he performed in a number of school musical productions. He then attended Pendleton College from 2007 to 2009, studying Performing Arts and Film Studies. Whilst there, Chris played a part in several shows, taking on the title role in an adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray as one example, as well as being involved in the college's first comedy review show. Adaptations of his Youtube sketches appeared in the review as video gags.

From early 2008 to the end of 2009, Chris was the co-presenter of The Lewis Ryan Show on Salford City Radio. He has made several appearances since and, as of late August 2011, seems to have become a regular on the show once more.


BBC Three

During his time at Pendleton, he submitted a short introduction video to BBC Three as part of their Be On TV campaign. Performing an impression of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, Chris's video proved successful enough upon airing to encourage BBC Three to require him once more in a relaunch of the campaign, this time providing a trailer showing others how to submit their own videos. The ad ran from April to August in 2009 on BBC Three.


In January 2009, Chris began presenting links on the CBBC Channel; he currently presents weekend mornings with Dodge T. Dog, and has been teamed previously with Ed Petrie or London Hughes. During school holidays, Chris presents the live mornings, and is also the voice of CBBC on BBC One & BBC Two. As of early 2010, he also became the chief presenter of CBBC's red button service CBBC Extra. When the BBC moved children's services to MediaCityUK‎ Chris was the first presenter to appear onscreen in the brand new CBBC Office set.

As part of the CBBC line-up, Chris has been involved with tie-in events such as Red Nose Day 2011 for Comic Relief. He has also made cameos on Sam & Mark's TMi Friday and in the fourth episode of the third series of Little Howard's Big Question alongside Hacker T. Dog.

Doctor Who

Whilst working at CBBC, Chris has taken part in several Doctor Who & The Sarah Jane Adventures promotional events. As an open 'mega-fan' of both shows, he is the obvious choice for the sketches, which have included a five part crossover with the CBBC Office and the characters from The Sarah Jane Adventures, interviewing Amy Pond actress Karen Gillan for CBBC on the week of the launch of the new series of Doctor Who, and many other examples.

In early 2011, Chris made his début as a member of the new Time Team feature for Doctor Who Magazine, and has appeared in every issue since.

Chris also played several characters in the Doctor Who spin-off Gallifrey IV by Big Finish Productions, as well as appearing in the Bernice Summerfield story 'Private Enemy No.1' from the 'Epoch' series.

Chris appeared in the latest episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, 'The Gunpowder Plot', in the roles of 'Barnaby', plotter Robert Keyes and a royal guard.


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