At-grade intersection

At-grade intersection
A diagram of an at-grade intersection
An unusual at-grade intersection with mixed modalities at London Heathrow Airport, England. A British Airways Boeing 777-200 is being towed across a public road on its way to the maintenance hangars.

An at-grade intersection is a junction at which two or more transport axes cross at the same level (or grade).

Traffic management

With areas of high or fast traffic, an at-grade intersection normally requires a traffic control device such as a stop sign, traffic light or railway signal to manage conflicting traffic.


The various types of at-grade intersections have different names. Examples are intersection (roads), level junction (railways) and railroad crossing (both). Some of them can also mix transportation modalities. An example of this is the railroad grade crossing (American English) or level crossing (British English) where roads cross railways at grade.

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