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Location of Chhapra
in Bihar and India
Coordinates 25°47′05″N 84°43′39″E / 25.7848°N 84.7274°E / 25.7848; 84.7274Coordinates: 25°47′05″N 84°43′39″E / 25.7848°N 84.7274°E / 25.7848; 84.7274
Country India
State Bihar
District(s) Saran(सारण)
Parliamentary constituency Saran
Assembly constituency Chapra
Population 179,190 (2001)
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)


36 metres (118 ft)


Chhapra (Hindi: छपरा Urdu: چہَپرَ) is a city and headquarters of Saran district in the state of Bihar, India. Chhapra is also written as Chapra. It is situated near the junction of the Ghaghara River and The Ganges River.

Chapra grew in importance as a river mart in the 18th century when the Dutch,[1][2] French, Portuguese, and English established saltpeter refineries there. It was constituted a municipality in 1864. The town has major rail and road connections with the rest of India.



Various hypothesis have been put forward about the origin of the name Saran (Chhapra). General Cunningham suggested that Saran was earlier known as SARAN or asylum which was a name given to a stupa (Pillar) built by Emperor Ashoka. Another view holds that the name SARAN has been derived from SARANGA- ARANYA or the deer forest, the district being famous for its wide expanses of forest and deer in prehistoric times.


The earliest authentic historical record concerning this district may perhaps be related to 898 AD which suggest that the village of Dighwara dubauli in Saran had supplied a copper plate issued in the reign of king Mahendra paldeva. Maharshi Dadhichi belongs to Saran who had donated his bone to Gods for manufacturing of arms. Cottage of Dronacharya was also situated in Saran. Gautamasthan, 8 km from chapra town, is used to be Maharshi Gautam's ashrama. Lord Rama has provided Devi ahiylya, wife of Maharshi Gautam who become stone due to a curse (by her mistake), her life back. Currently, there is a temple and Vishnupad preserved. The fight of "Gaj" (Elephant) and "Grah" (Crocodile) was made at Sonepur in Saran also. Presently, Sonpur is well known for Asia's biggest cattle Fair on Kartik Purnima (October–November) every year. Ambica Sthan or ambika bhawani (Ami, Dighwara) is famous for goddess Durga.

Kosala country

In ancient days Modern Chhapra formed a part of Kosala country. The history of Chhapra is bound to be history of Kosala which included portions other than present limit of Saran Division. The kingdom of Kosala was bounded on the west by Panchala, by the river Sarpika (sai) in the south, on the east by Gandak and on the north by Nepal. The Kosala consisted of modern Faizabad, Gonda, Basti, Gorkhapur, Deoria in UP and Saran in Bihar. The historical background of the district- as available in the 'Ain-E-Akbari records Saran as one of the six Sarkars (Revenue Divisions) constituting the province of Bihar. At the time of grant of Diwani to the East India company in 1765, there were eight Sarkars including Saran and Champaran. These two were later combined to form a single unit named Saran. Saran(along with Champaran) was included in the Patna Division when the Commissioner's Divisions were set up in 1829. It was separated from Champaran in 1866 when it (Champaran) was constituted into a separate district. Saran was made a part of Tirhut Division when latter was created in 1908. By this time there were three subdivisions in this district namely Saran, Siwan and Gopalganj. In 1972 each subdivision of the old Saran district became an independent district. The new Saran district after separation of Siwan and Gopalganj still has its headquarters at Chapra.

Ashoka Pillar

The famous Ashoka Pillar is located about 33 km from Chapra town (5 km from Maker Village). This is the place where Lord Buddha made his 13th stop on his way to attaining 'Nirvana'. He converted "Amrapali" - a local courtesan/powerful prostitute into a saint. This is now a major tourist attraction for Buddhists all over the world and is well maintained by the archaeological survey of India. At Chirand near Chapra ancient (primitive) bones were found and are placed in the Chapra Museum. It is famous for King Maurayadhwaj who was ready to sacrifice his only son to Vaman Avatar Lord Vishnu.

Bhojpuri heritage

Bhojpuri is a common language in states of Maharaja Bhoj; esp. in Bhojpur Ditrict (Head Quarter in Arrah) and surroundings. It has own script known as Kaithi; because in those days Kayastha are responsible for literacy. Now-a-days, this Kaithi script is limited to old Kayastha people or their related or connected person. These days, Bhojpuri is a common language in 26 District of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. All over the world there are 300000000 person spoke this language including India and Aaroad. Many Bhojpuri singers were very famous like Santraj Singh "Ragesh", Sriniwas Sinha "Bhushan", Sharda Singh, Bireshwar Singh, Janardan Dubey, Baidh Nath Prasad, Bairister Giri, Sant Kumar Singh, Tripathi Prashuram Shashtri etc. Many Bollywood actors make Bhojpui Films like Prkash Jha, Vijay Khare, Ashutosh Khare. Many persons were busy in publishing Bhojpuri Magazines like Dr. Anil Kumar Pandey (former I.G.Railway), Dr. Lal Babu Tiwari etc.- Dr. P. S. Sinha (Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Ayush, Campush, Bhopal). Amiya Bhushan is also a bhojpuri poet and scholar.

It is also famous for its Bhojpuri heritage. The famous Bhojpuri poet Bhikhari Thakur (often referred to as the "Shakespeare of Bhojpuri") came from Saran. Mahendra Misir" the pioneer of "Purvi", a style of Bhojpuri Folk song was also from Saran. Chhapra Ara and Ballia are often coloquially referred to as the "ABC" region of Bhojpuri. People of this "ABC" region have taken Bhojpuri across the Indian border to far away places in Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, Surinam and Guyana when their forefathers were settled there as indentured labourer by Imperial forces. They adopted their new homeland but still have Bhojpuri in their blood. In today's form Bhojpuri is the only Language from India being spoken in Fiji, Surinam, Mauritius, Guyana and Trinidad.


Chapra is located at 25°47′05″N 84°43′39″E / 25.7848°N 84.7274°E / 25.7848; 84.7274.[3] It has an average elevation of 36 metres (118 feet).

The district of Saran is situated between 25°36' and 26°13' North latitude and 84°24' and 85°15' East longitude in the southern post of the newly created Saran Division of North Bihar. The Ganges constitute the Southern boundary of the district beyond which lie the districts of Bhojpur and Patna. To the north of Saran lie districts of Siwan and Gopalganj. The Gandak forms the dividing line with vaishali and Muzaffarpur district in the east. To the west of Saran lies district of Siwan and the district of Balia in Uttar Pradesh, the Ghaghra constituting a natural boundary between Saran and Ballia.

The district is shaped like a triangle with its apex at the confluence of boundary of Gopalganj district and Gandak-Ganges river there are three rivers namely the Ganges, Ghaghra, Gandak which encircle the district from south north east and western side respectively. The district is entirely constituted of plains but there are quite a few depressions and marshes, which cause the formation of three broad natural division. I. The alluvial plains along the big rivers which are subjected to periodic inundation and prone to floods.

II. The region of uplands away from the rivers and not subject to floods.

III. The diara areas in the beds of the great rivers.

Out of twenty blocks in the districts, Six blocks viz Sonepur, Dighwara, Revelganj, Chapra, Manjhi and Dariyapur are affected by floods regularly. There are six partially flood affect Parsa, Marhoura, Amnaur, Jalalpur, and Ekma. The remaining blocks are free from floods. The soil of the district is alluvial. No mineral of economic value is found in the district. Located just above the Ghaghara River's junction with the Ganges, its 1991 population was 136,877 people. Chapra is a road and rail hub, as well as a center for trade in agricultural products.

Baba Mehandar Nath Temple

This place is situated about 40 km from chapra. this is a place of lord shiva who is known here as "BABA MAHENDRA NATH". There is an old temple attached with a pond which is spread over 52 bighas. The temple is a very old and thi shivlinga is natural (means this is not made by human being).this is located near to rasulpur- chainpur road and there is an easy facility of four wheelers as well as private vechiles can roam around there. this temple is very famous not only in Chapra but also people from other cities and states offer their prayer.

Every Monday there is a big Mela(local fair) in which you can get various things like food items, toys, and materials for women folks. On the day of “Maha Shivratri” there is a big festival in which lakhs of people come here to offer puja(to Worship). In the month of Shravan (August) people offer water


Manjhi is a Railway Station; a block of Saran District; a place near Godna which is the place of Ahilya Taran. where Ahilya became a lady from a stone. Manjhi is birth place of great religious poet of BABA DHARNI DAS; a great poet and Sant . His grand father Lala Teckyeet Rai shifted from Balehari Distt. -Sultan Pur (U.P.) to Manjhi, Distt.- Saran (Bihar). His father`s name is Parshuram Das & mother`s name is Virma Mai. He has four brothers like Lachchhi Ram, Chhatrapati Das, Beni Ram, Kulman Das. His math (residing religious place) is till present, but not in good condition. His religious songs, thoughts etc. are published time-to-time in different eminent books, magazines, news paper like "KALAYN-in SANTANK", "Bhojpuri Ke Sant Kavi". Many family members are also residing in Manjhi till date. Dr. P. S. Sinha "Pushpak" Author of "Psychic Disorders & Homoeopathy" which is available in Hindi, English( this book is readable at : - =gbs_toc_r&cad=4#v=onepage&q&f=false, German, Spanish( this book is readable on following sites:-(01) (02), Finnish, French, Dutch, Danish, Thai, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Italian. etc. languages and available on net too. Dr. Sinha is an author of many articles which are published in eminent journals.His father in law is Shri M.P.Khare. Brother of his father in law is Shri Vijay Khare is very famous in Bollywood Actor, Producer & Director; Education : M.A.(Psy) Bihar University) Gold Medalist In Acting Course From Institute (Bombai) Other Informations : - Asst. Of Shankar Jaikishan For Six Years - Worked In 21 Hindi Films - Worked In 56 Bhojpuri Films - Produced Two Bhojpuri Films - Directed Many Serials Address : Teen Pokharia, Muzaffarpur - 842 001, Bihar, India. Phone : 0621 - 2284989(R). For more information visit the site- Family Tree of this family is - Pranjal & Pranav


Ami is a big village situated about 37 km east of Chhapra and 4 km west of Dighwara. In Ami, there is an old temple known as Ambika sthan. Hence, the name Ami is derived from the main word Ambika, which is another name of lord Shiva's wife Parvati.

AMI in Chhapra is the place where according to mythology when lord Shiva carried the dead body of "Sati" from the holy yagnakund of Daksh Prajapati, the trunk of Sati's body fell in "Ami" and the holy Shaktipeeth 'Ambika Sthan' was established. This place is famous among Hindus and popularly known as Ami. Shivpuran has the details about the same. This pyre is believed to be still present within the compound of "Ambika Sthan temple" in "Ami" situated on National highway number 19 around 50 kilometres away from Bihar’s Capital town Patna and about 28 kilometres from Chapra town.

Devotees believe that their wishes get fulfilled as they worship in this temple. Around the year, specially during Dussehra, devotees from different places throng to this place. This place is well connected by rail (the nearest station, Dighwara, is 3 kilometres away) and by road from Patna.

Also around three kilometres from Ambika Sthan there is a small town, "Dighwara", which might had earlier known as "Dirgh-dwara" (main gate)is said to be the maingate of King Daksh's yagna area, the father in law of Lord Shiva.Ami is the village of Rich persons.

Gadhdevi Mandir, Marhowrah

Gadhdevi Mandir is situated in Marhowrah,famous for Industries. According to mythology once Devi Durga came here during her journey to Thawe, People have great respect and on every Monday and Friday there is small fair .Gadhdevi mandir has got temples of many god and goddess. People from various places come here for worships. is historical lucetion in marhowra maa gadhdevi mandir

durga puja very happy ucetion in maa gadhdevi madir in marhowra and 2 deg very inpotent Monday and Friday bhagwan shiv,maa durga ji,maa gadhdevi ji,radhe krisan,ram jee sita jee,bhaironath,gayetri maa,bajrangbali ji in all mandir in maa gadhdevi mandir aeria sacil marhowra in bihar


Internationally famous for Asia's largest cattle fair held on the occasion of Kartik Purnima, it is also the head quarters of Sonepur Anchal. Sonepur is a Nagar Panchayat and is noted for its Railways platform which is one of the largest in India. So far as religious aspect of Sonepur Mela is concerned, special significance is owing to the temple of shree Hariharnath and the site of the battle of Gaj-Grah and rescue of the former by Hari During Kartik Purnima Ganga Snan or ceremonial bathing in the Ganges is held by Hindus to be unusually efficacious. On the day of full moon (Kartik Purnima) immense crowd assembles and take bath. The Mela commences on that day and lasts for more than a fortnight. The Shiva temple, Kali temple and other temples and historical religious monuments are situated here and social and economical activities are at the highest peak during the Mela period. People come here to pay their oblation to the lords and thus its importance is not within Sonepur of Bihar rather it is of India and world fame.

Dhorh Ashram

This place is situated towards north of Parsagarh where many exhibits of archaeological importance can be seen. On the bank of river Gandaki and ancient temple of Bhagwan Dhadheswar nath is situated in which a gigantic Shiv Ling of stone is there. This place is exactly 45 km from chapra district headquarters. An old temple is here which is made by Nepal naresh. Near this temple a local market is situated name janta bajar, this market is famous due to this temple. There a large mela gets organised on shivratri. While any one is preferring the road way this place is situated almost in the middle of MAHARAJGUNJ and BANIYAPUR. 8 km away from parsagarh in north. Sonpur is the holy place of Hindus.

Gautam Sthan

In the epic Ramayana, there is a mention of Gautam Rishi who had cursed his wife who turned into stone. Later Lord Rama had released Ahalya from her stone statue and as per religious belief, the purification of Ahilya was meted out here. The Ashram of Gautam Rishi is situated 5 km west of Chapra. Ramayana describes it as Ahalya-Uddhaar. This place is situated near Ghaghara (Sarayu) river where a big fair is orgnaised on Kartick Purnima. in this place lot of temples are made in a ground like 1. Ram, Laxman, Sita; 2. Devi Ahilya; 3. Goutam Rishi; 4. Bajrangbali; 5. Jamant Ji and a big foot mark of lord Ram.gautanm sthan is the revilganj.It is also known as manuman's "Nanihal" (the residing of Haniman grand father.- kumar arun chaudhary- revelganj


This is an important place as per the child Episode of Shiv Puran and Ram charitra Manas. The mohbhan of Narad depicts the place to be here. This ancient place is 2 km away from Marhowra, and 24 km away from Chhapra. Morhowra is connected to Chapra by Rail line. It helps devotes to visit the holy place.

On every Shivratary, mela is organized here during which the devotes of Baba Shilanath come to pay their obeisances.

There is a very famous temple of Shankar Bhagwan. By: Bhushan

Great Economist

Some persons come in picture when we discuss about economics. 1.Late Sri Bhagawat Giri born in Mubarak pur Village who was a Great teacher and kind person who had done lot of work for poor student and education system in his locality. 2.Late Sri Gorakh Nath Singh who was born in Marhowrah and get first prize in London in exam of economics. His son in law late Kumar Kalika Singh was a chair person of saran district. 3. The Late Dr P N Singh, the former Minister of Finance, Bihar, was a well known economist of Chapra. He belonged to Mubarakpur village of the district. He was not only a Economist but an Educationist, Bhojpuri Poet and successful Politician as well. 4. One of the great economist of Chhapra is Dr Shri Nath Pd Singh who is Head of Dept. of Economics, H R College Mairwa.


Chirand is situated 11 km south east of the district headquarter near Doriganj Bazar at the north bank of river Ghaghra. The result of the excavation there reveals about four thousand years old developed culture of Pashan age. Inhabitants of Chirand were engaged in Animal Husbandry, agriculture and hunting. In whole of India new Pashan age culture was firstly revealed here. Chirand had become an important urban place.

Mahadani King Mayurdvajh's palace's archeological remains are still found here, just on the bank of Ganges-Saryu sangam at Chirand area. Chapra also has maharshi Dadhichi's ashram. Dadhichi was a great tapasawi, he has donated his bones to make Lord Indra's vajra to help them in fighting with asurs.chirand is a historical palace.


Bareja is a village in Chapra district, situated between Chapra and Siwan. The place is 9 km away from Manjhi, which is the UP Border. The village is under Manjhi Block which borders UP. Bareja was a big melting pot of politics during independence movement. During the Salt Movement, Bareja was one of the few villages that manufactured Salt and actually sent it to the English. The Bareja High School was founded way back in 1940s and was the only high school in the area for years. Pandit Girish Tiwari, a well-known freedom fighter from the village rose to be the first education minister of Bihar. Bareja also had some very affluent Jamindars who owned property running in millions during British era. The village presently is populated by most of the castes except Rajputs who live in almost all the villages surrounding it.


Kateyan is a village in Chhapra district and is situated in the 40 KM north from the main district centre. The village is under Lahladpur block. Kateyan was a big political witness during independent India.Before independence it was ruled by Kayasth Jamindar Babu Dineshwar Sahay and Babu Nath Sharan Sahay. The Man Rani Anirudh Narayan High School was founded in 1985 inaugrated by former state education minister Smt. Uma Pandey. Kateyan has given a great Hindi & Bhojpuri poet and writer Sri Anirudh Narayan Verma who wrote very famous mahakavya Aarya Anarkali.


Olhanpur is a big Village in Chhapra district and its far from 15 km from chhapra town as well as this village is under Marhaurah Block. In Olhanpur village one historic masjid is situated which is made by Emperor shah Jahan people called Shahi Masjid .The founder of Khuda Baksh Library(Khuda Baksh Library is situated at Patna which are very famous in Asia for Persian and Urdu books) is also belongs to Olhanpur. This village has one of the best school in Chapra District i,e Islamia High School.

Pojhi Kapoor and Buzurg

Pojhi is a village in Chahapra district and is 15 km away from Chhapra.This village is named after two brothers Kapoor and Buzurg.The one Western part of village is known as Pojhi Kapoor and Eastern Part is known as Pojhi Buzurg.This villege have Produced many Prominent People.Yadubanshi Rai was two times MLA,Lal Babu Rai also two times MLA and Present MLA of area Jitender Rai all Belongs to this Village.This Village HUB is of engineers and young Professionals.Hundred of youths from this village is serving in bihar and other cities of India.Pojhi Kapoor is famous for high production of potato.Sita ram project valika uchh Vidayalya is Only girls senior secondary school in the region started by group youths of pojhi two decade ago.Now about girls from dozen of near by villages comes here for study.near the pojhi a very beautiful i.e. bhualpur.bhualpur is a historical village. here are a king kwonw as bhuwal bhualpur a very famous gadhdevi temple.there r many people doing govt service .the people of bhualpur are respect to all person and participate in all festival.bhualpur village have produced many prominent people i.e. shri parasuram pandey, shri chandra shekhar pandey,ahad ali khan. near bhualpur a river and a nahar.

(Diwakar kumar pandey)


Mubarakpur is a village in Chhapra district and is one KM east of Olahanpur. This village is named after Mubarksah the famous sufi sant. His samadhi is situated in Mubarakpur.The famous Hindi teacher late sri Rameshwar Pandey, was a teacher in Islamic High School, Olahanpur. His house is situated in the eastern part of the Village. These village is also famous for Roopkala Mandir. These village has great people like Shri Jaganath Prasad who is well known for helping poor people and he is a great socialist. The places to see in Mubarakpur are Chat Ghat and shiv temp.


Sonouli Sonauli village is situated in Bihar, Chapra District, Bihar. This village is very beautiful in Chapra District Total population is about 6000 (source census 2010) in this village you will find all religion and caste. whole day there is bus available between and sonouli, chapra and Siwan there is local market where you can find local fresh vegetables and fruits and nearest railways station is Mashrakh which is connected to Chapra and Gopalganj, There is 3 Private English Medium School Two Government School One Private Hospital, One Marriage Hall, Two Maszid. One Temple and Many Medical and Grocery Outlets This Village is about 700 Years Old.


Gandar Gandar Village is situated in Chapra district,Bihar. This is very beautiful village in Chapra District. Total Population of this Village is around 3000.This village is situated 15 km from Marhourah. In this Village Only yadav are living. It is from 7 km east from Mashrak Railway station.In this village all people are living happily with each other and all people are very nice. This Village has great people like Dr.Birendra Prasad Yadav who is Madical practitioner and socialist and Dharmendra Prasad Yadav who is Prakhand Pramukh Of Taraiya Block. This village has a Lord Siva Temple, Maa Bhawani Temple and GORAYA BABA temple etc. There are one Medile School in this Village.


The main commercial site is the municipal chowk. Hathwa market is famous for selling cloths. On 11 August 2006, Union Railways Minister Aaditya Bhavsar announced setting up of a locomotive factory in the district. The famous chocolate factory Morton was located at Marhowrah. Sugarcane, Iron, Cotton factory are also located at Marhowrah.



Jai Prakash Vishwavidyalaya (University), Chapra is one of the premier universities of Bihar. Serving the needs of higher and quality education of the people of Saran commissionary, it has completed its 14 years and has entered its 15th year. With 21 constituent colleges and 9 affiliated colleges, it is offering courses at the Under Graduate level and Post Graduate level in most subjects. With a student strength of thousands of students, J.P. University is amongst the largest universities of Bihar. Main colleges of chapra are Rajendra College, Jagdam College,Ganga singh Mahavidyalah Ramjaipal College, J.P.Mahila Collage, SDS College, Dr. R.N.Singh Evening College, T.S College, P.N. Singh College Parsa, Jaglal Ray College, P.C. Science College, H.R College Amnour, Bishweshwar Dayal Sinha Memorial Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Basant Inter College Basant, Garkha (by Ritesh Upadhyay 2007 mob-9308111431,7488538117.) and many more.


Top school of chhapra enlisted as Children Delight School, Zila School, B.Seminary, Sita Ram Project Balika Uchh Vidailya(Pojhi Kapoor),Saran Academy, Rajput High School, Brahmin School, Hariji High School, Aphar and R.S.K.S. High School Khalpura, Darihara High School, Darihara are very good schools for boys & Girls whereas Govt. Girls' High School, Janak Yadav Girls High School and Arya Kanya Girls School are good schools for girls, and also the another important government school is Gautam Rishi Uccha vidyalay which is in Revelganj. Apart of it J.M. High School Raipura (Garkha), Islamia High School, Olhanpur, B.N.High School,Mohamadpur,Ishwari High School Basant,(by Ritesh Upadhyay, Ratan Pura Basant)2005. Saran are also the good schools. There is another popular school.25 km north on the Gudari-Baniyapur Road; Mishri Lal Dharmnath Prasad High School, Kanhauli. Baniyapur, Saran, situated on the bank of a pond named Paigambarpur pokhara.-Dharmendra Mohan Srivastava (student of 1967 Batch.)Amit Kumar By-Rupesh Kumar (mithepur) Rampurkhoram High School by Surenra Gupta (Student of 1982 Batch.)One of most noted convent school in Chapra is Brajkishor Kindergarten which is the oldest English medium school in this region and till now has produced several noted bureaucrates, acamedician and political figures.

Notable personalities

Chapra is the home of freedom fighter and political leader Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan. Jaiprakash Narayan University has been opened in the name of Jai Prakash Narayan "stalwart of Indian politics". The author Shailendra Sengar belongs to Sawari Jalalpur near Chapra.

Chitragupta, the famous music composer of Bollywood, hailed from Chapra and his Music Director duo son Anand-Milind are still bringing glory to this place.

Pandit Ramavatar Sharma, Acharya Pandit Kapil Dev Sharma (Padma-Vibhushan) who had been the scholar of about 13 languages, Dr Govind Sharan, Pandit Bharat Mishra, and Dr. Harihar Nath SaranBold text, Bindeshwari Prasad Verma, Dr. Katyayan Pramod Parijat Shastri ( Bharatacharya ) who is a well known Astrologer, Mythologist and scholar of Sanskrit, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bangla, English etc. has contributed his writings in the forms of articles, poems in many leading national newspapers and magazines like Dainik Hindustan, Dainik Jagran, Aaj, Dharmayug, Saptahik Hindustan and Kadambini.He has written many books like Bauddh Darshan, Ajatshatru ( A Biography Of Dr. Rajendra Prasad ), Udte hue Sanyasi aur Kandaraon ki Kalbhairavi and many others.He had also Edited the historical Newspaper of Post Independent era like Gomati.Dr. Shastri is the pioneer to launch the written astrological Predictions in the Indian Newspaper.After spending his 9 years into Rashtrapati bhawan as Being closely associated with President Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Radhakrishnan he took the name of Chhapra in to new heights.All these notable personalities belonged to the soil of Chhapra. This place had also given 6 Chief Ministers to Bihar State. Great Bhojpuri poet and folk artist Bhikari Thakur who is known as Shakespeare of Bhojpuri is also a son of Chhapra(saran) district.

Surur Hoda is a well known gandhian and socialist leader. He played leading role in organising Free JP campaign chaired by Nobel prize winner Noel- Baker outside India for the release Jayaprakash Narayan during emergency. Surur Hoda was awarded Order of British Empire by Queen Elizebeth II in 2000 for services to community relations in Britain and to international human rights. He was close friend of famous leader George Fernandes.[4]

Robin Raj He did his B. Tech from Punjab Technical University and Currently works with MNC in Delhi.He is running a Bihar Based NGO and Members of Various Organizations Working for the betterment of Bihar.

Among freedom-fighters Ramdeo Singh from Village Thahara West, Maker was one of them who fought for the country against British rule and went to Chapra jail for 3 months.

Among NRI's Sabita Singh, a daughter of Chhapra’s Mukrera village, is judge of the District Circuit Court of Massachusetts in USA. She is the first South Asian judge in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Her grandfather was a senior lawyer in the Chapra district court.chapra is famous district of India. Sidharath Gautam belongs to Chhapra, he is Founder & CEO of SG Group, USA. Recent railway minister of India Mr. Lalu Prasad very famous leader in the world.

Shankar Prasad Singh of Pojhi Kapoor Village is very famous agriculturist.He is known for his own developed methods of agriculture .He was awarded by Novartis for record production of potato in his field.He is Son of Shri Diplal Singh.

Sanjay Singh of village Chainpur Lalapur is an film actor who acted as a hero in Bhojpuri films "Garda Garda Kaile Baadu Jabse BHailu Jawan" & "Mora Balma Chhail Chabila" and also worked as a executive producer in Bollywood & south Indian films.Now turns Independent producer.Schooling from High School Bajitpur later went to A N College patna thereafter moved to Mumbai and settled there.He is son of Shri Ramesh Kumar Singh.He is a football player also.


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  • List of Indian trains — A list of Indian trains, both old current.A*Abida Begum Express *Ajanta Express (Manmad Aurangabad Parbhani Nanded Secunderabad) *AgniVeena Express *AhilyaNagari Express(Indore Bhopal Nagpur Vijaywada Chennai Coimbatore Trivandrum) *Ahimsa… …   Wikipedia

  • List of named passenger trains of India — This article contains a list of named passenger trains in India. Contents 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D–F 5 G …   Wikipedia

  • Saran (Division) — Vorlage:Infobox Division in Indien/Wartung/FlächeVorlage:Infobox Division in Indien/Wartung/Einwohner Saran Division सारन प्रमंडल …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Nidhu Babu — Ramnidhi Gupta (Bengali: রামনিধি গুপ্ত) (1741 1839), commonly known as Nidhu Babu, is one of the great reformers of Bengali tappā music. Nidhu Babu was born in Kumartuli in northern Calcutta, where he grew up learning Persian and some English.… …   Wikipedia

  • Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus — The Mumbai CST Chhapra Express is a weekly mail express train, running between Bombay and Chhapra via. Bhopal, Jhansi and Kanpur. This train doesn t exist. View Chhapra Express Categories: Rail transport stubsTrain services in India …   Wikipedia

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