List of Toronto subway and RT stations

List of Toronto subway and RT stations

This is a list of all current stations of the Toronto Transit Commission's subway/RT system.

tation list

Yonge-University-Spadina line
Bloor-Danforth line
Scarborough RT line
Sheppard line

NameAmenitiesOpening Year [ [ Toronto Transit Commission - History ] ] Major Interchanges [] Daily Ridership
(As of 2006) At stations serving more than one line, ridership is per-line, rank is based on combined value of both lines at this station.]
PlatformsParking spaces [ [ City of Toronto: Toronto Transit Commission TTC ] ]
Finchaccess icon"'1974Viva Blue, Viva Pink, York Region Transit,
GO Transit, Brampton Transit

2 North York Centre198725,710Side

3 Sheppard-Yongeaccess icon"] , Lottery Booth1974Sheppard69,110 (total 112,370)Centre

4 York Millsaccess icon1, Gateway Newstands1973GO Transit26,480Centre260

5 Lawrence197320,130Centre

6 Eglintonaccess icon1, Great Canadian Bagel, Wewa Sportswear, D.K. Lotto Centre PLUS Fast, Dry Cleaners, Women's Fashion Store1195475,020Centre
7 Davisvilleaccess icon1 Gateway Newstands
Interac, American Express, MasterCard, Visa
195422,690SideSouthbound platform is technically an island, but only one face is used for revenue service, the other is part of the Davisville Yard]

8 St. Clairaccess icon1, McDonald's, Gateway Newstands195432,210Side

9 Summerhill19545,980Side

10 Rosedale19546,490Side

11 Blooraccess icon1 1.
Interac, American Express, MasterCard, Visa ("North Side only")
1954Bloor-Danforth185,700 (total 362,280)Side
12 Wellesley195421,830Side

13 College195438,390Side

14 Dundasaccess icon1
Gateway Newstands, Interac, American Express, MasterCard, Visa "(East Side only)",
1954Greyhound, Ontario Northland Motor Coach Services
(Toronto Bus Terminal, 300m via PATH)

15 Queenaccess icon1195455,340Side

16 King195455,480Side

17 Unionaccess icon1, Legacy Sportswear
Interac, American Express, MasterCard, Visa

1954VIA Rail, GO Transit,
Ontario Northland Railway, Amtrak
(Union Station)

18 St. AndrewGateway Newstands196350,060Centre

19 Osgoodeaccess icon1196316,060Centre

20 St. Patrick196327,010Centre

21 Queen's Parkaccess icon1, Gateway Newstands196336,750Centre

22 MuseumGateway Newstands196310,800Centre

23 St. Georgeaccess icon1, Gateway Newstands (two locations)1963Bloor-Danforth112,340 (total 239,790)Centre

24 SpadinaGateway Newstands1978Bloor-Danforth12,450Side

25 DupontGateway Newstands197813,550Side

26 St. Clair WestGateway Newstands197826,010Side

27 Eglinton Westaccess icon1, Gateway Newstands197816,900Side158

28 Glencairn19785,080Centre

29 Lawrence WestGateway Newstands197817,520Centre

30 YorkdaleGateway Newstands1978GO Transit, Greyhound, York Region Transit23,140Centre1,144

31 Wilson1
Gateway Newstands, Tarts Treats
32 Downsviewaccess icon
Transit Café (Gateway Newstands with bakery), Lottery Booth, Interac
1996Viva Orange30,760Centre641
33 Kiplingaccess icon Gateway Newstands/Lottery Booth,
1980GO Transit (Kipling railway station)43,830Centre1,488
34 IslingtonDry Cleaners, Bakery, Cafe1968Mississauga Transit36,850Centre1,282

35 Royal YorkGateway Newstands196819,110Side

36 Old Mill19684,880Side

37 Janeaccess icon1196816,680Side

38 Runnymede196814,590Side

39 High ParkGateway Newstands196810,810Side

40 Keele196615,960Side221

41 Dundas Westaccess icon1, McDonald's, Gateway Newstands1966GO Transit (Bloor railway station)26,340Side

42 Lansdowne196615,440Side

43 DufferinGateway Newstands196627,470Side

44 OssingtonGateway Newstands196621,620Side

45 Christie196612,950Side

46 Bathurstaccess icon1, Gateway Newstands, Lottery Booth, Dry Cleaners/Alterations, Deli, Bakery196631,480Side

47 Spadinaaccess icon1, Gateway Newstands1966University-Spadina34,760Side

48 St. Georgeaccess icon1, Gateway Newstands (two locations)1966University-Spadina107,290Centre

49 BayLost articles office196633,610Centre

50 Yongeaccess icon.
Interac, American Express, MasterCard, Visa
51 Sherbourne196623,710Side

52 Castle Frank19668,160Side

53 Broadviewaccess icon1196626,970Side

54 ChesterGateway Newstands19666,170Side

55 PapeTim Hortons, Gateway Newstands196627,180Side

56 Donlands196610,370Side

57 Greenwood196611,670Side

58 CoxwellGateway Newstands196616,580Side

59 Woodbine196612,630Side

60 Main Streetaccess icon11968GO Transit
(Danforth railway station 350 m)

61 Victoria ParkCoffee Shop196825,680Side270

62 Warden196826,950Centre1,092
63 Kennedyaccess icon (Two locations)
1980Scarborough RT, GO Transit (Kennedy railway station)69,200Centre1,138
64 Kennedyaccess icon (Two locations)
1985Bloor-Danforth, GO Transit (Kennedy railway station)38,370Side
65 Lawrence East19859,560Side90

66 Ellesmere19851,960Side68

67 Midland19853,750Side

68 Scarborough Centreaccess icon11985GO Transit, Greyhound26,700Side

69 McCowan19854,690Side

70 Sheppard-Yongeaccess icon"] , Lottery Booth2002Yonge39,600Side [The station also has an unused island platform, and another side platform on the north side, which is used rarely for disembarking when a train is out of service; the south side platform is for revenue service]
71 Bayviewaccess icon120026,730Centre

72 Bessarionaccess icon120022,130Centre

73 Leslieaccess icon12002GO Transit
(Oriole railway station 1 km)

74 Don Millsaccess icon Gateway Newstands2002Viva Green, GO Transit, York Region Transit28,910Centre366


access icon Denotes the station is wheelchair accessible. denotes a washroom in the fare-paid zone.The listed amenities are in fare-paid zones.

In addition, the streetcar system has a single underground station with no subway connections: Queen's Quay-Ferry Docks. It opened in 1990 and is wheelchair accessible, though the streetcars that service the station are not. Exhibition Loop can also have station-like status during major events; at such times ticketing booths are used at its entrance, and thus its fence-enclosed streetcar platform becomes a fare-paid area.

Interac, American Express, MasterCard, Visa indicate method of payment of Metropass purchases only at Collection Booths. Tickets and Tokens are cash only.
Most of the other amenities will have signs displayed on their doors for payment methods.


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