Side platform

Side platform

Railway platforms at railway stations on double lines can be side platforms or island platforms. With side platforms, track centres remain the same, and no space is lost for slewing the track to wider centres, as would be needed for an island platform. Side platforms usually have access to neighbouring streets.

The distance between the track centres (track centerlines midway between rails) is typically about 4 m, while each side platform might be 5 m wide. The use of side platforms in new train and subway stations may be severely limited if space is at a premium due to regulations regarding the minimum width of platforms.

Most stations with two side platforms have an 'Up' platform which is used by trains heading towards the primary destination of the line, with the other platform being the 'Down' platform which takes trains heading the opposite way. Normally, the main facilities of the station are located on the 'Up' platform with the other platform accessed from a footbridge, subway or a track crossing. However, in many cases the station's main buildings are located on whichever side faces the town or village the station serves.

Larger stations may have two side platforms with several island platforms in between.


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