List of James Bond allies in For Your Eyes Only

List of James Bond allies in For Your Eyes Only

This is a list of James Bond allies in the film For Your Eyes Only.


Recurring Allies

Countess Lisl von Schlaf
Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation Milos Columbo
Portrayed by Cassandra Harris

Countess Lisl von Schlaf

Countess Lisl von Schlaf is a secondary character in For Your Eyes Only (1981), portrayed by Cassandra Harris, coincidentally the late wife of later Bond star Pierce Brosnan.

A supposed Austrian Countess who is really from Liverpool, she is the mistress of Milos Columbo. At the casino, Lisl "dumps" Columbo, giving Bond an opportunity to meet her. The Contessa invites Bond to share champagne and oysters with her.

Later, on a beach, Aristotle Kristatos's henchman Emile Locque mows Lisl down with a beach buggy. He had presumably been alerted to the beach by Apostis, one of Kristatos's henchmen, who had driven Bond and Lisl back to her nearby house and overheard them talking about Kirstatos. Locque was unable to eliminate Bond, who kicked a gun from his hands, while Locque's accomplice Claus was killed by a harpoon fired by one of four men working for Milos Columbo, who then captured Bond and took him to Columbo who told Bond that Kristatos was the real villain.

Bond later avenges Lisl by pushing Locque and his car off a jagged cliff into the sharp rocks below.

Columbo seemed not to care too much about Lisl when he learned of her death, although he laters states: "I would laugh if my heart was not so heavy about my poor Lisl."

Luigi Ferrara

Luigi Ferrara
Character from the James Bond franchise
Affiliation MI6
Portrayed by John Moreno

Luigi Ferrara is a fictional character from the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. He is portrayed by John Moreno.

Film biography

Ferrara is a young British Secret Service agent on loan to the Italians. He is instructed by MI6 to contact James Bond in Cortina d'Ampezzo. Ferrara is first seen watching Bond's Lotus Esprit arrive at his hotel. As Ferrara exits through the lobby door, he steps aside as 007 makes his way into the lodging. Later, when 007 takes a shower in his suite, Ferrara writes the words "Tofana 10 A.M." on the fogged-up mirror(offscreen). Bond gets the message and goes to the Tofana ski lift at the time. As he glimpses at the Alps, Ferrara says to 007, "The snow this year is better at Innsbruck." To which Bond replies, "But not at St. Moritz.", as a greeting signal. The two then properly introduce each other, stating their names. Luigi tells Bond that assassin Emile Locque is in fact in Cortina as they speak. Ferrara also informs his fellow agent that he has "A reliable Greek contact, here[Cortina], an anglophile. After discussing the Greek's affairs, Luigi takes 007 to meet him. It is Aris Kristatos who, in reality, is the man in league with Locque.

Ferrara introduces Bond to Kristatos and subsequently leaves with Bond after Kristatos tells about himself and his rival, Milos Columbo. Luigi says that he will ring his Milan office for more information on Columbo. As the two walk to the resort's central square, Bond spots Melina Havelock and tells Ferrara he will "See you later." Ferrara walks away and disappears for some time until 007 drives with him in the Lotus to a local ice skating rink to bid Bibi Dahl farewell. Bond leaves Ferrara in the Lotus and warns him not to flick any switches. Minutes later, Bond returns but finds his friend dead with his throat sliced in the Lotus. Bond feels for Luigi's pulse, only to discover no beating. He opens Luigi's hand containing a dove pin in it. (The Dove is what Columbo is known as in the Greek underworld.) 007 later finds out that Locque is responsible for Ferrara's murder. Following this, Bond confronts the killer in Albania saying to Locque while holding the pin up, "You left this with Ferrara, I believe." Bond then kicks Locque in his Mercedes off a cliff, killing him and avenging his friend's death.

Milos Columbo

Milos Columbo
Character from the James Bond franchise
Milos Columbo.jpg
Affiliation Self-employed smuggler
Portrayed by Chaim Topol

Milos Columbo is a fictional character from the James Bond series, first appearing as Enrico Colombo in the 1960 short story "Risico" and then in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only. The character was named after Gioacchino Colombo, a Ferrari engine designer, specifically the supercharged Ferrari 125, which Fleming admired [2].

He was portrayed by the Israeli actor Chaim Topol.[1]

Short story biography

In the short story, Bond is sent to Italy to break up a drug-smuggling operation. While there his contact is Aristotle Kristatos, who occasionally works with the CIA. Kristatos informs Bond that the man behind the operation is Enrico Colombo, however, after being captured and taken aboard Colombo's ship, the Colombina, Bond is told by Colombo that Kristatos is actually a double working for the Russians and the man behind the drug smuggling operation. Colombo proves this to Bond by taking him on a raid of Kristatos' warehouse where they catch Kristatos and his men loading a shipment of drugs.

Film biography

In the film, Milos Columbo is a Greek smuggler who was set up by Kristatos as the man in charge of Emile Locque, both to remove a larger rival and because he knew too much about Kristatos's KGB connections and the fact that Kristatos had been an agent for Germany in WWII.

Columbo is first mentioned by Kirstatos when he meets Bond in the Italian skii resort of Cortina, where he mentions that Columbo is known as "the dove". Bond comes to realise that Emile Locque leaves a dove-shaped badge at the scene of his crimes, for instance the murder of secret agent Luigi Ferrera, who was stabbed to death while waiting in Bond's car.

Columbo is first seen in a hotel with his mistress Countess Lisl von Schlaf, while Bond is there with Kristatos. He has bugged a conversation between Bond and Kristatos and hears Kristatos's suggestion that Bond may have to kill him.

Columbo has Bond captured just as Emile Locque has killed Countess Lisl and is preparing to shoot Bond, but Bond manages to cheat death by kicking the gun out of Locque's hand, while Locque's accomplice Claus is killed by a harpoon fired by one of four men who are standing in the sea. The four men then capture Bond, who realises they are Columbo's men but is mystified as to why they have prevented Locque and Claus from killing him when they are allegedly on the same side.

When Columbo meets Bond, he tells him that Kristatos is actually giving Locque orders. Columbo also tells Bond the whole background and that Aris Kristatos is the real enemy. While he admits to smuggling gold, diamonds, cigarettes and pistachio nuts (the later of which he has a personal taste for and is often seen eating) he denies smuggling heroin - which Kristatos does.

Columbo invites Bond on a raid of one of Kristatos's factories in Albania to prove that his allegations against Kristatos were true, where here they find Locque, along with other evidence. Later he helps James and Melina get up to St. Cyril's Monastery, Greece - they knew Kristatos was hiding out there because Melina's parrot Max repeated it after hearing Kristatos telling his men where they were all going.

Columbo later chases Kristatos in an aggressive yet brief scuffle, causing Kristatos to lose his footwork and drop the ATAC. When Melina is about to kill Kristatos, Bond begs her not to, referring to Chinese proverbs. Kristatos pulls out a switchblade knife and tries to kill Bond, but Columbo impales him in the back with a knife, killing him instantly.

He then becomes the new sponsor for ice skater Bibi Dahl, who was sponsored by Kristatos until she fell out with him not long before his death.


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Max is Melina's parrot. When Melina's parents are killed by a hit man on their boat, Max survives. Later on in the film, when Bond and Melina are captured, Kristatos discusses his plans with his henchmen, but they do not know that Max is in the same room as them. Max tells Bond and Melina that they have taken the ATAC to St Cyril's, where they then go to get it. At the end of the film, when the Prime Minister calls Bond on his watch-phone, he gives it to Max, who says "Give us a kiss!" before dropping it into the sea.

Prime minister

Prime Minister
Character from the James Bond franchise
Margaret Thatcher by Janet Brown.jpg
Affiliation Her Majesty's Government
Portrayed by Janet Brown

The Prime Minister is a fictional character based on the real life British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, played by actress Janet Brown.

She is first mentioned by Frederick Grey as Bond's mission to interrogate Hector Gonzales wound up with Gonzales being killed by Melina Havelock ("I'm afraid we have to inform the Prime Minister that Operation Undertow is dead in the water. Why... she'll have our guts for garters!"). Then after Bond's mission to rescue the ATAC is finished, the Prime Minister calls MI6 looking for Bond — and 007 receives the call on his Seiko watch phone, but gives it to Melina's parrot, Max as he goes skinny dipping with Melina. In the following dialogue, the Prime Minister thanks Bond and tells that "Denis and I look forward to meeting you", and asks "if there is anything I can do for you". Max replies "Give us a kiss", causing the Prime Minister to get stunned and say "Well, really, Mr. Bond" — and MI6 to finish the call, realising that it is a bird speaking and not Bond.

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