List of The Nanny episodes

List of The Nanny episodes

This is a list of the episodes of the CBS television sitcom The Nanny. There are a total of 146 episodes in this series.



Season № of
Original airdates Notes Nielsen ratings
Premiere date End date Ranking Est. viewers
(in millions)
1 22 November 3, 1993 May 16, 1994 #60 9.52
2 26 September 12, 1994 May 22, 1995 #24[1] 12.5
3 27 September 11, 1995 May 20, 1996 Included "Oy to the World" animated episode. #17[2] 12.4
4 26 September 18, 1996 May 21, 1997 #45[3] 9.1
5 23 October 1, 1997 May 13, 1998 #50[4] 11.5
6 22 September 30, 1998 June 23, 1999 Six unaired episodes were shown after series finale. #84[5] 9.3


Season 1: 1993–1994

Series # Season # Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 1 "The Nanny" Lee Shallat-Chemel Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
November 3, 1993 (1993-11-03)

Fran Fine (Fran Drescher), a bubbly woman, works in a bridal shop with her best friend, Val Toriello (Rachel Chagall) and her boyfriend, Danny. But Danny kicks Fran out so that his new girlfriend Heather Biblow can get Fran's job. Despite Fran being upset, she goes and sells cosmetics from door-to-door and is hired by Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy), the Broadway producer after their home butler Niles (Daniel Davis) thinks that she is there to apply for the job as the nanny. At first, things don't work out quite so well between Maxwell and Fran after Maxwell's oldest daughter, Margaret "Maggie" Sheffield (Nicholle Tom) is found kissing an employee at the balcony and, in the end, Mr. Sheffield decides to give Fran a shot at the job. Guest stars: Rachel Chagall as Val Toriello, Renee Taylor as Sylvia, Fran's mother.

First appearance of Val and Sylvia. 
2 2 "Smoke Gets in Your Lies" Lee Shallat-Chemel Michael Rowe November 10, 1993 (1993-11-10)

Brighton (Benjamin Salisbury) seeks popularity at school. Fran and Val tell him about a boy in their middle school who was the coolest kid around that smoked, drank, and had tattoos. Brighton tries smoking, but gets caught. Fran realizes that the problem is her fault, and fears Brighton will turn her in, but he goes against character and keeps the secret.

First appearance of Grandma Yetta 
3 3 "My Fair Nanny" Lee Shallat-Chemel Andy Goodman November 17, 1993 (1993-11-17)
Maxwell decides to throw a party to woo a wealthy woman to produce his play. Fran jumps at the chance to plan a High Tea for mothers and daughters, but C.C. Babcock(Lauren Lane) fears that Fran's wacky ways will ruin the party. Fran is tutored to be a socialite and manages to impress the ladies. Maggie reveals that none of the daughters are happy. Fran changes back into "Nanny-mode" and turns the boring party into a great time. 
4 4 "The Nuchslep" Lee Shallat-Chemel Eve Ahlert,
Dennis Drake
November 24, 1993 (1993-11-24)
Maxwell does not let Maggie go on a date without supervision, so Fran is forced to go. Maggie is fine with this arrangement, but her boyfriend (guest star James Marsden) seems to like Fran better. 
5 5 "Here Comes the Brood" Lee Shallat-Chemel Diane Wilk December 1, 1993 (1993-12-01)

After seeing Fran being so loving to the Sheffield children, C.C decides to take the kids to the zoo to prove that she can be as motherly as Fran. However, things don't work out well when the kids have a miserable time. Gracie points out to C.C that Fran is more loving and fun than she is. Getting mad, C.C. tells Gracie that Fran only loves the children cause she's been paid to do so. Gracie runs away to Fran's mother Sylvia's (Renee Taylor) apartment and tells Fran that she misses her. Fran and her family take Gracie along to a family wedding, where they have a great time. Fran is shocked that C.C. told the children she is paid to act like she loves them, and sets Gracie straight. Guest Stars: Renee Taylor as Sylvia.

Second appearance of Sylvia 
6 6 "The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother" Lee Shallat-Chemel Howard Meyers December 8, 1993 (1993-12-08)
Fran's wealthy and obnoxious cousin comes to town, bragging about her great life. When she appears, Fran pretends that she owns the Sheffield's home. To do that, Niles pretends to be Mr. Sheffield and Maxwell pretends to be Niles. Things only get more complicated when the Butler's Association comes to evaluate "Niles". In the end, everything is revealed, and Fran's cousin is impressed by the family. 
7 7 "Imaginary Friend" Lee Shallat-Chemel Pamela Eells,
Sally Lapiduss
December 15, 1993 (1993-12-15)

Little Grace has an imaginary friend, whom she brings with her everywhere. Fran goes along with the charade-until the day when all "three" of them are baking cookies in the kitchen and Grace claims that Fran killed her friend. A visit to Grace's psychiatrist (guest star Cristine Rose) reveals the real reason behind the strange situation: Grace's "friend" appeared when she lost her mother, and this void is now being filled by Fran. Meanwhile, Maggie is learning to play the piano.

Notes: This episode marks the first time the cast of The Nanny performed physical comedy. Also, the exterior patio set Fran was seen digging on towards the end was commonly used for the outside of Maxwell Sheffield's office. 
8 8 "Christmas Episode" Lee Shallat-Chemel Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
December 22, 1993 (1993-12-22)
After Niles tells Fran that Mr. Sheffield gives big Christmas bonuses, she buys everyone expensive presents on credit. When she finds out that her "bonus" is a vase, Fran must pawn an antique watch to pay for everything. Meanwhile, she must deal with the fact that Grace does not believe in Santa Claus-Maxwell's "personal shopper" buys for the kids-and that he will be leaving on business for Christmas Day. In the end, Maxwell buys Fran her watch back and stays home due to sitting on Fran's vase, reaffirming Grace's belief in Santa Claus, who appears to room with Maxwell at the hospital. 
9 9 "Personal Business" Lee Shallat-Chemel Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
December 29, 1993 (1993-12-29)
Soap actor Brock Storm is going to star in Mr. Sheffield's show, but only if Mr. Sheffield sets him up with the nanny. 
10 10 "The Nanny-in-Law" Paul Miller Eve Ahlert,
Dennis Drake
January 12, 1994 (1994-01-12)
Mr. Sheffield's childhood nanny (guest star Cloris Leachman) comes to town. Maxwell recalls how strict she was, and fears that she will dislike Fran. His guess proves correct, and she quickly assumes power over the children, making them dress alike and work on strict schedules. When Fran reveals that her methods make the children happy, though, Maxwell's nanny realizes that Fran might be the best kind of caretaker. 
11 11 "A Plot for Nanny" Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
Sandy Krinski,
Lisa Garrett
January 19, 1994 (1994-01-19)
Fran starts dating a funeral director who decides to take a new career path to clown school. 
12 12 "The Show Must Go On" Will Mackenzie Dana Reston,
Frank Lombardi
January 26, 1994 (1994-01-26)
When Grace's school puts on a play, Fran takes Maxwell to the school meeting. Miss Trousdale wants Maxwell to direct. Fran ends up being the director and when Maxwell (who did not want to direct) sees that Fran is not doing the best job, he set off to be the new director, leaving Fran feeling left out. Fran, who is now the producer, thinks Max is too hard on the kids. Gracie ends up not wanting to act and Maxwell admits he was wrong to push so hard. Meanwhile, C.C. takes care of a little kid belonging to a wealthy family. 
13 13 "Maggie the Model" Will Mackenzie Diane Wilk February 2, 1994 (1994-02-02)
Maxwell's play involves a modeling agent. When the agent seems to want Maggie to model, Maggie cannot wait. Maggie, who is following the agent's every step, leaves Fran feeling left out. But Maggie's pictures do not end up as expected. 
14 14 "The Family Plumbing" Linda Day Bill Lawrence February 9, 1994 (1994-02-09)
The household plumbing is not working, and Fran convinces Maxwell to hire her cousin, who brings his pre-teen granddaughter along. Brighton is smitten, and manages to get to first base with her. Maxwell is proud, but at the same time, he is furious that Maggie is trying to date boys. Fran protests this double standard, and Maxwell relents. 
15 15 "Deep Throat" Linda Day Pamela Eells,
Sally Lapiduss
March 2, 1994 (1994-03-02)
Fran must go to hospital to undergo an operation by taking her tonsils out. Meanwhile C.C. is going to her sorority reunion and ask Maxwell to be her escort but he must stay at the hospital to keep Fran company. At the hospital, once under medication, Fran says "Shister Mettfield, I love you," leaving Max under the impression Fran is in love with him. After stressing the whole surgery about it with Niles, it turns out she was saying that to everyone. 
16 16 "Schlepped Away" Linda Day Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
March 9, 1994 (1994-03-09)
After everyone decides to go on a holiday to the Caribbean, they make a quick stop at Sylvia's, but cannot go on due to a blizzard
17 17 "Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off" Gail Mancuso Diane Wilk March 16, 1994 (1994-03-16)

Maxwell's sister Jocelyn (guest star Twiggy Lawson) comes to visit and announces that she's going to marry the Nigel, Duke of Salisbury (Lane Davies), but Fran's instinct tells her his sister loves her chauffeur.

Note: The character Jocelyn Sheffield makes its first appearance. When she returns in later seasons, Jocelyn is played by another actress, Sophie Ward
18 18 "Sunday in the Park with Fran" Gail Mancuso Howard Meyer March 23, 1994 (1994-03-23)
Mr. Sheffield's play will only be a hit if a certain reviewer says it will be a hit, but after taking Frank Bradley's son to the park, Fran makes a mess when she hits Frank's son with a baguette. In this episode, Fran and Mr. Sheffield share their first kiss. 
19 19 "The Gym Teacher" Gail Mancuso Alan Eisenstock,
Larry Mintz
April 6, 1994 (1994-04-06)
Maggie hates her gym teacher, but Fran says she cannot be even close to as bad as her old gym teacher, so Fran recommends her to fake an injury to get out of class. This works for a while, until the teacher reveals that Maggie must pass a fitness test or get a failing grade. Fran decides to drop in on the teacher, only to discover that it is her teacher from years ago (guest star Rita Moreno) Fran trains Maggie for the test, and both of them fail horribly. In the end, the teacher starts choking, and Fran saves her life in exchange for a passing grade. Meanwhile, Maxwell is in a similar problem when an uncouth actor he worked for in the past becomes the star of his new play and starts making absurd terms. Luckily, following Fran's advice, he manages to stand up to his star and get him under control. 
20 20 "Ode to Barbra Joan" Gail Mancuso S: David M. Matthews
T: Frank Lombardi,
Dana Reston
April 13, 1994 (1994-04-13)
C.C.'s father is arriving, and C.C. talks about how cold and emotionless he is. To everyone's surprise, he proves to be kind-hearted and loving. C.C. claims she does not want to spend time with him, so Fran begins to bond with Mr. Babcock. He lavishes gifts on her making her the daughter C.C. wasn't, including exclusive tickets and backstage passes to a Barbra Streisand concert. Though Fran is dying to go, she realizes that C.C. is jealous, and gives up the tickets and her dress to help the Babcocks. 
21 21 "Frannie's Choice" Paul Miller Tracy Newman,
Jonathan Stark
April 27, 1994 (1994-04-27)
Fran is proposed to by her ex-fiancée Danny. Though she desperately wants to marry, she realizes that she has outgrown Danny and ends up staying with the family. 
22 22 "I Don't Remember Mama" Paul Miller Howard Meyers,
Diane Wilk
May 16, 1994 (1994-05-16)
On Mother's Day, Mr. Sheffield is doing everything he can to keep the kids' minds off their dead mother with a mother-daughter beauty pageant at a country club that Maxwell takes them to get their minds off Mother's Day. Gracie wants to enter, and Fran decides to be her "mother". Maxwell disapproves and thinks it will only lead to a heartache for Gracie. Trouble happens when the pageant directors find out Fran is only her nanny, but after Gracie runs off screaming "I don't have a mother, she died," Fran and Gracie end up being in the show. 

Season 2: 1994–1995

  • S: = "Story by:"
  • T: = "Teleplay by:"
Ep Title Directed by Written by Original air date
23 1 "Fran-Lite" Lee Shallat-Chemel Janis Hirsch September 12, 1994 (1994-09-12)
The children are heading back to school, but Brighton refuses to go back because he feels "small" in middle school. Fran misconceives this when Brighton tells her he was in the locker room at the time, to which Fran describes to Mr. Sheffield as being "gherkin". Mr. Sheffield exclaims "But he has such big feet!" such as in the myth of large features to conclude to a larger genital size. Maxwell starts dating a woman (guest star: Tracy Kolis) exactly like Fran. 
24 2 "The Playwright" Gail Mancuso Lisa Medway September 19, 1994 (1994-09-19)
In order to teach Brighton a lesson about rejecting girls, Fran goes on a date with Jeffery that she used to torment in high school. Jeff is now a playwright, and threatens to commit suicide unless Mr. Sheffield does not place his piece on Broadway. At the end the whole cast does the hustle
25 3 "Everybody Needs a Bubby" Lee Shallat-Chemel Diane Wilk September 26, 1994 (1994-09-26)
While the retirement home gets fumigated, Grandma Yetta comes to stay at the Sheffield mansion, but when she starts passing some of her "wisdom" among the children, Fran and Maxwell are concerned. 
26 4 "Material Fran" Lee Shallat-Chemel Eileen O'Hare October 3, 1994 (1994-10-03)
One of Fran's old high school friends sets her up with her husband's business partner to see how she likes someone who is loaded. The idea would sound mighty fine if Fran's date (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) was not so old. 
27 5 "Curse of the Grandmas" Lee Shallat-Chemel Eric Cohen October 10, 1994 (1994-10-10)
It is the first anniversary since Fran started working for the Sheffields, but Maxwell does not seem to recall this very important occasion. Also, Fran leads Gracie's girl scout troop to "adopt" their very own grandmas at Yetta's retirement home, but each of Gracie's grandmas die. 
28 6 "The Nanny Napper" Lee Shallat-Chemel Jayne Hamil,
Rick Shaw
October 17, 1994 (1994-10-17)
During a mishap in the subway, Fran unknowingly "kidnaps" a foreign woman's baby. 
29 7 "A Star is Unborn" Lee Shallat-Chemel Pamela Eells,
Sally Lapiduss
October 24, 1994 (1994-10-24)
Fran is hired by an amateur director to play Juliet in a reproduction of Romeo and Juliet. Unbeknownst to her, the director is hoping for the play to fail so that he can do better on his taxes. Meanwhile Maggie wants to go to The Hamptons, but Maxwell won't allow it. Fran tries to convince him otherwise. Maxwell and Fran also share their second kiss. 
30 8 "Pishke Business" Lee Shallat-Chemel Alan R. Cohen,
Alan Freedland
October 31, 1994 (1994-10-31)
Sylvia and her canasta club want to invest their pishke in Maxwell's next play, but there may not be a play when C.C. assaults Maxwell's other investor. So, since the investor doesn't know what C.C. looks like, Fran pretends to be her and save the play. 
31 9 "Stock Tip" Lee Shallat-Chemel David M. Matthews November 7, 1994 (1994-11-07)
Fran meets a man, Glen, (Corbin Bernsen) at the supermarket and he tells her that he works on Wall Street and later convinces Maxwell into investing 100,000 dollars in stocks. Everything goes well at first but then Fran learns that Glen is a hot dog vendor and has to stop Maxwell from investing into 100,000 dollars by infiltrating a gentlemen's club dressed as a man. 
32 10 "The Whine Cellar" Lee Shallat-Chemel Eileen O'Hare November 14, 1994 (1994-11-14)
It is Sylvia's "50th" birthday and Fran is the hostess. However, when she and C.C. accidentally lock themselves inside the wine cellar, the two must learn to tolerate each other. 
33 11 "When You Pish Upon a Star" Lee Shallat-Chemel Diane Wilk November 21, 1994 (1994-11-21)
When Maxwell casts a major child star named Jack Walker into his reproduction of Oliver!, Fran is charged with taking care of this obnoxious kid. Things start to heat up when Fran convinces Jack to quit show business! Maxwell and Fran share their third kiss. 
34 12 "Take Back Your Mink" Lee Shallat-Chemel Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
November 21, 1994 (1994-11-21)
Fran's great-aunt dies and leaves Fran her coveted mink coat. Maggie's obsessive belief in animal rights prompts Fran to reject the coat, pitting her against her mother. 
35 13 "The Strike" Lee Shallat-Chemel Janis Hirsch November 28, 1994 (1994-11-28)
Maxwell and Fran attract unwanted press attention due to an incident on the opening night of Maxwell's latest play: Maxwell forces Fran to cross a picket line. 
36 14 "I've Got a Secret" Lee Shallat-Chemel Eric Cohen December 12, 1994 (1994-12-12)
When Maxwell invites a high-profile actress to recover at his house from plastic surgery, Fran goes to great lengths to find out who she is. Eventually, she discovers that the mystery guest is Cher. She blabs to Val, who quickly spreads the rumor around. Thankfully, Fran manages to think of a way to scare off reporters, involving one of her cross-dressing cousins who dresses as Cher. In the end, it turns out that the press didn't learn about Cher from Val, but from a friend of Maxwell's whom he blabbed to. Meanwhile, Brighton borrows a parrot from a friend despite his reputation of forgetting to feed his pets. 
37 15 "Kindervelt Days" Lee Shallat-Chemel Frank Lombardi,
Dana Reston
January 2, 1995 (1995-01-02)
Sylvia is turning the attic into a den for Morty, so they go through Fran's old junk and find some remarkable things, including a "win a date with Erik Estrada" entry form. Meanwhile, Fran has to attend the reunion for her Kindervelt summer camp and tries to get Mr. Sheffield as her date to impress her camp friends. But the kids surprise Fran when they bring Erik Estrada himself to escort Fran. They go to the reunion, but Erik doesn't stay too long, after all it was all a publicity stunt. Luckily, Mr. Sheffield comes to rescue Fran and unmasks Fran's rival date. 
38 16 "Canasta Masta" Lee Shallat-Chemel Frank Lombardi,
Dana Reston
January 9, 1995 (1995-01-09)
Maxwell wants Brighton to play a sport, but he fails at all things athletic. He soon discovers that he has a talent for canasta, and joins Sylvia and Yetta's team. The family travels to Atlantic City for a championship, where Fran bumps into Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. Meanwhile, Niles alone and supposedly bored and parodies the dancing scene in Risky Business upon C.C.'s return. 
39 17 "The Will" Randy Bennett Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
January 16, 1995 (1995-01-16)
Mr. Sheffield is preparing his will and wants to include Fran in it. C.C. and Maxwell are having Doug Emerson (one of Andrew Lloyd Weber's former investors) for dinner, and his doctor sends in his special diet from the American Heart Association. When Fran finds it, she connects the dots and thinks Mr. Sheffield is going to die, so she tries by all means to keep him from eating fat food, and ends up sending Doug to the ER after giving him what he could not eat. Meanwhile, one of Gracie's friend has a crush on Brighton and Fran teaches them how to handle that. 
40 18 "The Nanny Behind the Man" Lee Shallat-Chemel Jerry Perzigian January 23, 1995 (1995-01-23)
Maxwell wants to secure the rights to a legendary playwright's latest work, and prepares to wine and dine him. Fran helps out by offering a woman to woo the playwright: Yetta! The two hit it off, and Maxwell is thrilled-until complications begin to arise. 
41 19 "A Fine Friendship" Lee Shallat-Chemel Eileen O'Hare February 6, 1995 (1995-02-06)
Gracie meets a new friend who has a male nanny. He and Fran hit it off, and become great friends-but only because Fran thinks that he is homosexual. Meanwhile, after overhearing Fran talking about a soap opera, Grace becomes convinced she is pregnant. 
42 20 "Lamb Chop's On the Menu" Lee Shallat-Chemel Frank Lombardi,
Dana Reston
February 13, 1995 (1995-02-13)
Fran offers to take care of Chester while C.C. is having some work done in her apartment. Meanwhile, C.C. gets their first feature film rights for "Lamb Chop: The Movie". Mr. Sheffield invites guest star Shari Lewis to stay at his house, and of course Fran has to snoop around her stuff. She accidentally lets go of Chester, who eats Lamb Chop. Knowing she'll get in trouble, Fran makes a "Fran-Chop", a modified version of Lamb Chop, but Niles finds the real one in the laundry basket, and Lamb Chop decides to break the contract. 
43 21 "Close Shave" Dorothy Lyman Elliot Stern February 20, 1995 (1995-02-20)
Fran earns Maggie a job as a hospital candystriper. Meanwhile, Maxwell learns why he should not accept food from C.C. The two paths cross when Maxwell needs to have his appendix removed...on the same day Fran is covering for Maggie! Fran has to "shave" Maxwell for the surgery, prompting a hilarious scene. 
44 22 "What the Butler Sang" Lee Shallat-Chemel Diane Wilk February 27, 1995 (1995-02-27)
Fran discovers that Niles has a beautiful singing voice and convinces him to audition for Mr. Sheffield's next play. Meanwhile, she asks her sister Nadine to come cook for them, and Nadine starts to hit on Mr. Sheffield since she recently left her husband. Nadine starts to get on Fran's nerves, so Fran calls her husband to come pick her up. They have a big fight that ruins Niles's audition, but is a success among the investors. 
45 23 "A Kiss Is Just a Kiss" Dorothy Lyman Eileen O'Hare May 1, 1995 (1995-05-01)
Fran encourages Maggie to enter Billy Ray Cyrus' kissing contest to be on the cover of his next album, but Fran wins by accident. Mr. Sheffield is convinced that her kissing abilities aren't what got her to win, so Fran proves him wrong in a very good way (They share their fourth kiss). When she meets Billy Ray, his manager tells her it's because she makes him look younger. Offended, Fran turns down the offer and returns home depressed about her age. Niles tells C.C., who can't wait to tell Maxwell. She tries to kiss him, but accidentally kisses Niles, and Mr. Sheffield comforts Fran. 
46 24 "Strange Bedfellows" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi,
Dana Reston
May 8, 1995 (1995-05-08)
Fran is having problems with what her role would be after the kids are grown up. Her friend Mona who is also a nanny in a very similar situation with a very similar story is retiring. Fran drawing the comparisons, seems to be troubled by the fact tha Mona does not seem to have anywhere to go but back to her mother and grandmother, and with little prospects or opportunities. So Fran goes to the retirement party for Mona and gets a little drunk and into troubles. Meanwhile, it is CC's birthday and Niles will give her a very "interesting" present. 
47 25 "The Chatterbox" Lee Shallat-Chemel S: Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
T: Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson,
Prudence Fraser,
Robert Sternin
May 15, 1995 (1995-05-15)

Maggie is invited to her first sweet sixteen party, so Fran takes her to "The Chatterbox", her favorite beauty parlor. Meanwhile, Mr. Sheffield is holding auditions for his next play and this poor girl named Mary Ruth is rejected. She makes friends with Fran, who takes her to The Chatterbox to see if they can hire her as the new shampoo girl (a job also wanted by Sylvia). There, Mary Ruth soon noses herself into the personal life of the owner, Mr. Anthony, and his son, Mimo, who are trying to live without their wife and mother. In the parlor there is also Claude, the gay hairdresser, and Kim, the Chinese manicurist who can paint incredible things on her extra-long nails.

Note: The same person that played Jack Walker in the episode "When You Pish Upon a Star" played Mimo. 
48 26 "Fran Gets Mugged" Lee Shallat-Chemel Jayne Hamil,
Rick Shaw
May 22, 1995 (1995-05-22)

Mr. Sheffield plans to donate a rare piece of Shakespeare's original handwriting to a museum. When Fran accidentally places the list in her purse, followed by her being mugged and becoming paranoid, problems arise.

NOTE: This episode had a cliffhanger with the entire Sheffield mansion's goods being stolen. However this was not resolved in the next episode, and all of their stuff seems to be back to normal. It is very possible they caught the culprit and all their stuff was returned. It is also possible that they just replaced everything. 

Season 3: 1995–1996

Ep Title Directed by Written by Original air date
49 1 "Pen Pal" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil,
Rick Shaw
September 11, 1995 (1995-09-11)
After many years of exchanging letters, Fran's pen pal Lenny wants to meet her. But Fran is worried because over the past years she exaggerated a little on the lies and now is concerned that Lenny won't like her for who she really is. But Mr. Sheffield pushes her to attend the date (more because he wants to see Lenny than because he wants Fran to meet him) and waits for him with her at the Russian Tea Room. But Lenny never shows up and leaves a note at the door saying he couldn't possibly compete with such a good looking guy she was with (Mr. Sheffield). Meanwhile, C.C. arranges to work late just to seduce Maxwell, and Niles plays with her. Bored, the two have a few drinks and have their first romantic kiss after calling each other names. 
50 2 "Franny and the Professor" Dorothy Lyman Janis Hirsch September 18, 1995 (1995-09-18)
C.C. makes a bet with her brother that he cannot get Fran to play Jeopardy!. But Fran somehow enters the game and manages to win! Meanwhile, Mr. Sheffield is driving himself crazy for not being invited to the Renaissance Weekend held by Bill Clinton, and Fran gets him tickets with the new next door neighbor, Roger Clinton. 
51 3 "Dope Diamond" Dorothy Lyman Diane Wilk September 25, 1995 (1995-09-25)
Fran's been going out with a rich, handsome Jewish doctor named Julius Kimble. After only 2 weeks, he asks her to marry him. Although having some doubts about it, Fran accepts after Sylvia pushes her into doing it. When they go out to buy Fran a ring, Julius disappears and takes the very expensive ring with him. Turns out he was just a thief and now Fran is left all alone. She blames her mother for the disaster and the Fine women end up going to a shrink to solve their problems. Back at home, both Mr. Sheffield and Fran complain about the lack of single attractive people for them to date. 
52 4 "A Fine Family Feud" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi October 2, 1995 (1995-10-02)
Maggie's 16th birthday is approaching and Fran intervenes in her father's plans for her party. Instead of a boring party at the Guggenheim Museum, Fran convinces Mr. Sheffield to have it at her Aunt Frieda's club. While the place is not nearly as fancy as the museum, Fran has to solve a very important family feud before the party can happen: her mother and Frieda haven't spoken to each other since 1979. The two make peace, but when Frieda comes out of the bathroom, her butt is showing and she blames Sylvia for the same embarrassment when they first fought. They start a food fight which quickly spreads to the whole party in a huge food war. When Mr. Sheffield walks in, he is shocked to see that scene and just when he's about to twist nanny Fine's neck Maggie thanks him for the best party ever. 
53 5 "Val's Apartment" Dorothy Lyman Pamela Eells,
Sally Lapiduss
October 9, 1995 (1995-10-09)
Feeling that taking care of the kids has taken over her life and eliminated her personal life, Fran thinks about moving out of the mansion. But the real push is given by Mr. Sheffield who assures her she can't do it. So Fran and Val move in together to a very small apartment in a building full of gay men. Fran misses the mansion but doesn't want to give Mr. Sheffield the pleasure of being right. What she doesn't know is that he is also dying for her to come back. So they secretly ask for Sylvia's help, and Fran finally moves back to the mansion. Guest Star: David Lander as the landlord. 
54 6 "Shopaholic" Dorothy Lyman Eric Cohen October 16, 1995 (1995-10-16)
When Val announces that Fran's ex-finacee Danny is going to marry Heather Biblow, Fran claims she is not jealous. However, she shops like crazy to make up for her feelings of loneliness. She joins "Shoppers Anonymous", but it takes a little therapy from Max to fix her problems. When Maxwell finds Fran in the store he falls for her, and kisses her. (Their fifth kiss) 
55 7 "Oy Vey, You're Gay" Dorothy Lyman Eileen O'Hare October 23, 1995 (1995-10-23)
Fran tells Mr. Sheffield he should retire his wedding ring, and after C.C. points out that Andrew Lloyd Webber was featured in the paper's crossword puzzle, Maxwell decides to get a publicist to improve his image and make him more popular. He hires the gorgeous Sydney Mercer (guest star Catherine Oxenberg) and radically changes his image to a middle aged bad boy. He starts to fall for Sydney, causing both C.C. and Fran to get jealous. They set a date in the Rainbow Room but Fran discovers in the last minute that Sydney is gay, and more interested in her, so she rushes to meet Mr. Sheffield, but they end up getting stuck in the elevator. 
56 8 "The Party's Over" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas November 6, 1995 (1995-11-06)
Mr. Sheffield and C.C. are going to Boston for the weekend, but what originally started as a romantic getaway plan for C.C. turned into family weekend thanks to Niles. Fran, Maggie and Niles have the house to themselves, and Fran and Val decides to throw a singles party at the house to fish an eligible bachelor. But the party is over when an undercovered cop shows up and arrests Fran for not having the required licenses. After spending the night in jail, Fran returns home and Mr. Sheffield almost fires her, if it wasn't for Maggie stepping in and taking the responsibility for the mess. Fran goes to court, but Mr. Sheffield shows up in the last minute to help her from her senile lawyer, Uncle Mannie. Guest starring Milton Berle as Uncle Mannie. 
57 9 "The Two Mrs. Sheffields" Dorothy Lyman Diane Wilk November 13, 1995 (1995-11-13)
Fran fights with a woman over flowers at a store, but this woman turns out to be Mr. Sheffield's mother who's in town visiting! She annoys everyone in the house except for C.C., who right away tells her that Fran has her eye on Maxwell. Mrs. Sheffield tells his son to get rid of the nanny, but Maxwell proposes to Fran instead just to tease his mother. When Fran realizes the proposal isn't real, she decides to play with Mr. Sheffield and make him feel guilty for the fake proposal. 
58 10 "Having His Baby" Dorothy Lyman Erik Mintz November 20, 1995 (1995-11-20)
Fran considers a sperm bank in order to have a baby after learning that her ex-fiance Danny has had a child, much to Sylvia and Maxwell's distress. Donna Dixon guest stars as Monica Baker. 
59 11 "The Unkindest Gift" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi November 27, 1995 (1995-11-27)
Sylvia hires Brighton to film the bris of a cousin of Fran's. Brighton has no idea what a bris is and passes out during the most important moment of the party. Fran sends his video to America's Wackiest Home Videos, and they are picked to go on the show. The entire family goes to Hollywood and tour around some filming lots. Fran gets lost while looking for a bathroom and ends up on the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman set. After being thrown out several times (and trying to get back in just as many times), they return to New York to discover that Mr. Sheffield's book is going to be published. Just another result of Fran's work (and the $2,500 she paid to have it published). Guest Stars: Jane Seymour and Joe Lando
60 12 "The Kibbutz" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi December 4, 1995 (1995-12-04)
Mr. Sheffield decides to send Maggie off to a convent in Switzerland and wants Fran to tell her the news. Trying to smooth things, Fran tells Maggie about the time she went to a kibbutz in Israel with Val, which makes Maggie want to go to a kibbutz as well. While not happy with her decision, Mr. Sheffield eventually agrees. But Fran later remembers that she hated the kibbutz and it was there she lost her "hat". Now she has to convince Mr. Sheffield to go back on his decision, which results in the whole family going on the kibbutz. Meanwhile, Niles has the holidays for himself and C.C. teases him for being cheap. They both go on their ways but meet in the most strange place. 
61 13 "An Offer She Can't Refuse" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil,
Rick Shaw
December 11, 1995 (1995-12-11)
Fran gets a date with a guy named Tony Tattori, who later she discovers to be in the mob. Scared to death that her life might be in jeopardy, Fran doesn't have the guts to break up with him, and Mr. Sheffield decides to do it for her. C.C. accidentally dumps Whoopi Goldberg from their show and they need a tenor for their replacement show... Meanwhile, Brighton steals Maggie's diary and makes her his personal slave until Fran comes up with something that will get her out of that situation. 
62 14 "Oy to the World" Dorothy Lyman Fran Drescher,
Peter Marc Jacobson
December 18, 1995 (1995-12-18)

An animated Christmas fantasy in which Fran and Brighton are magically whisked to the North Pole, where they must protect Christmas against the wrath of ice princess "C.C. the Abominable Babcock".

Guest Stars: Pamela Hayden and Maurice LaMarche from The Simpsons
63 15 "Fashion Show" Dorothy Lyman Eileen O'Hare January 8, 1996 (1996-01-08)
When Maxwell insists that Fran rush out of the house to make a party on time, she accidentally grabs a purse that does not match with her outfit. This faux pas places her on a "Fashion Don'ts" list, much to her chagrin. To apologize, Maxwell lets Fran designs the costumes for a scene from Our Town that he is putting up in a revue. Everyone fears that her costumes will ruin the scene...but with help from her cousin Todd Oldham, she steals the show! 
64 16 "Where's Fran?" Dorothy Lyman Sally Lapiduss January 15, 1996 (1996-01-15)
When Fran catches Maggie smoking with her boyfriend, she pretends to smoke so Mr. Sheffield can teach her a lesson in front of Maggie, so she doesn't have to tell on Maggie and lose her trust. But Mr. Sheffield exceeds himself a little too much which results in Fran leaving the house. After a few hours of wondering where she is (and remembering all the unique situations they all have been since Fran entered the house), Mr. Sheffield finds her at Roger Clinton's, where Fran pretends to have an offer from Hillary just so Mr. Sheffield would beg her to come home. 
65 17 "The Grandmas" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas January 22, 1996 (1996-01-22)
Fran feels like Mr. Sheffield's life is falling into a routine and convinces him to change. Meanwhile, she is terrified to learn that her mother kicked her father out of the house and goes to her grandmothers for help. When Gracie doesn't want Fran to go on her play dates anymore, Fran wants everything go back to the way it was. When Sylvia and Morty finally make up, Fran still has to convince Mr. Sheffield not to make big changes in his life. 
66 18 "Val's Boyfriend" Dorothy Lyman Erik Mintz February 5, 1996 (1996-02-05)

Val gets a new boyfriend and Fran goes through an unusual situation: her best friend has a date and she doesn't! When Val's boyfriend makes a move on Fran, she thinks it's just jealousy and goes out with C.C., but later Val's boyfriend goes a little too far. Meanwhile, C.C. asks for an equal partnership, and after Maxwell denies it, she quits. She pretends to have formed a new partnership with Marvin Hamlisch just to make Maxwell envy, and Fran gives her a little push to go back to Maxwell.

Absent: Madeline Zima as Grace and Nicholle Tom as Maggie 
67 19 "Love is a Many Blundered Thing" Dorothy Lyman Dan Amernick,
Jay Amernick
February 12, 1996 (1996-02-12)
Fran's upset because Valentine's day is approaching, but she quickly turns to happy when she scores a date with Jeff, the cop. She encourages Mr. Sheffield to get a date himself, and shortly after an anonymous valentine's card appears on Fran's purse. She automatically thinks it's from Mr. Sheffield and gets a huge billboard sign asking for Mr. Sheffield to be her valentine. When she discovers the card was from Brighton's friend, Fran and Val rush to Times Square to try to erase the billboard before Mr. Sheffield sees it. Due to an accident, Fran is left hanging from a rope and Mr. Sheffield's the one that comes for the rescue. 
68 20 "Your Feet's Too Big" Dorothy Lyman Sally Lapiduss February 19, 1996 (1996-02-19)
When Sylvia decides to have plastic surgery on her arms, the doctor tells her it's normal at a certain age for body parts to grow. Fran's feet modeling agency reunion is coming up, and Fran starts to freak out about her age and the fact that her feet have gone up a whole size. Luckily, she has Mr. Sheffield, who volunteers to escort her to the reunion. 
69 21 "Where's the Pearls?" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi February 26, 1996 (1996-02-26)
Mr. Sheffield has Elizabeth Taylor over, and like with all celebrities, Fran can't control herself until she meets her. A very friendly Elizabeth asks Fran to take her black pearls necklace to a courier, but of course Fran has to do it in her own way. She takes a cab, and accidentally bumps her head against the window when the driver (Rosie O'Donnell) misses a red light. She is taken to the hospital and wakes up with amnesia. She thinks she's Mrs. Sheffield. After she looks at her photo album with her mother, she remembers what happened she finds herself in a lot of trouble when she realizes she lost Elizabeth Taylor's pearls. 
70 22 "The Hockey Show" Dorothy Lyman Robbie Schwartz March 4, 1996 (1996-03-04)
Fran starts to date Mike LaVoe (Anthony Addabbo), a famous hockey player for the NY Rangers. Mike is very superstitious and blames Fran for losing the game when she wears red shoes to the stadium. The entire city thinks she's a jinx and she decides to prove him wrong. But did the red shoes really jinx the game? 
71 23 "That's Midlife" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas March 11, 1996 (1996-03-11)
After losing to Fran in tennis, Maxwell goes through a midlife crisis including dressing younger and buying a flashy sports car. Fran finally makes him realize his life is great, and the two of them go for one last hurrah in the sports car. 
72 24 "The Cantor Show" Dorothy Lyman Diane Wilk April 29, 1996 (1996-04-29)
Fran goes out with the new temple cantor, Gary. When Mr. Sheffield listens him singing, he hires him to be on his next play. He quickly promotes the cantor to the lead of the play after the original actor is run over by a bus, and Gary decides to quit the temple to dedicate his time to his Broadway career. Everyone blames Sylvia and Fran for it, and they start to be ignored at temple. Sylvia throws a curse on Fran and everything starts to backfire until Fran donates the $500 she got from the air company to temple. 
73 25 "Green Card" Dorothy Lyman Rick Shaw May 6, 1996 (1996-05-06)
Brighton is failing French in school so Mr. Sheffield hires a tutor for him. His tutor is incredibly good looking and attractive, and Fran wastes no time in flirting with him. He quickly proposes to her, something Mr. Sheffield thinks is quite suspicious since he doesn't have a green card. But Fran doesn't listen to him until she finds out Philippe has made a pass at C.C. and only proposed to her to stay in the country. She dumps him and Mr. Sheffield takes Fran out to console her. 
74 26 "Ship of Fran's" Dorothy Lyman Diane Wilk May 13, 1996 (1996-05-13)
Fran decides to go on a cruise to meet men with Val, but Mr. Sheffield quickly changes her plans and buys the entire family (his and hers) tickets to board the ship. While Niles and C.C. fight over who has to sleep in the same room with Yetta, Fran is excited to meet the single guy a psychic said she would meet. Sylvia introduces her to Steve, a fantastic man who is later thrown out of the ship for being a clandestine. Lucky Fran that Mr. Sheffield steps in as her mambo dancing partner and Fran gets her dance on water with the man of her dreams – even if she doesn't realize that! 
75 27 "A Pup in Paris" Dorothy Lyman Diane Wilk May 20, 1996 (1996-05-20)
Mr. Sheffield is off to Paris. His mother wants him to talk to Nigel, his brother, who's spending his trust fund on a nightclub. He accidentally takes the bag with Chester instead of the one with his clothes to Paris, and Fran chases him into the plane. It's too late to get out, and now Fran and Maxwell are together in Paris. They go shopping and touring around the city, after Maxwell has a horrible fight with Nigel. Eventually, he realizes all he wants is to be like Nigel, so he takes the first flight back to NY. The plane goes through heavy turbulence, and upon the threat of a disaster Maxwell opens his heart and tells Fran he loves her. 

Season 4: 1996–1997

Ep Title Directed by Written by Original air date
76 1 "The Tart with Heart" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi September 18, 1996 (1996-09-18)

Fran and Maxwell return from their trip to Paris, and Fran couldn't be happier. Just as they are about to get home, Mr. Sheffield takes back saying "I love you" to Fran, and she is devastated. C.C. takes advantage of the fact that Fran is vulnerable and says Maxwell probably only hired her for her looks, which is accidentally confirmed by Max when he tries to compliment Fran. She decides to go to a singles bar with Val and meets a blind man, Jack (Jason Alexander). The idea of dating a blind man sounds nice to Fran, since it'll serve as a proof that she isn't just a pretty face. After she is dumped by the blind guy, she and Mr. Sheffield decide to remain just friends.

Absent: Nicholle Tom as Maggie 
77 2 "The Cradle Robbers" Dorothy Lyman Nastaran Dibai,
Jeffrey B. Hodes
September 25, 1996 (1996-09-25)
Mr. Sheffield is furious when he finds out Maggie is seeing a 25-year-old man. He wants Fran to make it stop, but won't listen to her when she tells him to see a doctor for his hearing problem. Fran decides to chaperone Maggie on her (last) date with John, but she completely forgets Mr. Sheffield's orders when she meets John's gorgeous friend Mike, who is interested in Fran. Still, she has to fix Maggie's problem, so she decides to let it flow and wait until she gets tired of John, which doesn't take long to happen. Too bad it means that Fran will have to drop her 25-year-old as well. Meanwhile, C.C. misses an incredible opportunity of dinner with Max when she falls asleep (the result of a caffeine trick Niles pulled on her). 
78 3 "The Bird's Nest" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil October 2, 1996 (1996-10-02)
Fran takes Gracie to the Loehmann's Semi Annual Red Star Clearance and has to fight over a green sweater with another woman. Back at the mansion, Brighton is having some problems with his science grade and Maxwell tells him he'll be sent to military school shall his grades not rise. He also tells Fran not to help him with his science project, but of course Fran doesn't listen to him. They decide to warm up a bird's eggs with lights and make a report on the birth, but Fran forgets to turn the lights off and the eggs hard boil. Now she has to ask Brighton's teacher for an extension, and what a surprise when she turns out to be the same lady from whom Fran stole the green sweater. 
79 4 "The Rosie Show" Dorothy Lyman Nastaran Dibai,
Jeffrey B. Hodes
October 9, 1996 (1996-10-09)
Fran, Val and Gracie go to The Rosie O'Donnell Show and Fran is picked out of the audience to talk to Rosie. She's so natural and funny that Rosie asks her to come on the show as a regular guest to give parenting advice. C.C. jumps in as her agent, and Fran starts to have a taste of life as a celebrity. Maxwell gets scared of losing her and makes up a story about a dream he had where a ghost told him something horrible would happen to Fran if she didn't quit Rosie's show (a parody of the dream scene in Fiddler on the Roof). Fran gets fired and is replaced by a retired couple from Florida (the couple is played by Fran Drescher's parents.) 
80 5 "Freida Needa Man" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi October 16, 1996 (1996-10-16)
Fran's Aunt Freida has gone broke and moves into the Sheffield residence. The only way Fran can turn this around is if she convinces Freida's rich boyfriend Fred (Donald O'Connor) to propose to her. Fred doesn't think of himself as an exciting man, so Fran decides to teach him dance lessons. He has a heart attack and falls on Fran, just as Freida walks in. After the situation is cleared, everything seems to be fine again until Fred tells Fran he's in love with her. She almost puts a stop to the wedding, if Mr. Sheffield hadn't interfered. Fred has another heart attack, but this time everything ends up just fine. 
81 6 "Me and Mrs. Joan" Dorothy Lyman Peter Marc Jacobson October 30, 1996 (1996-10-30)
Maxwell's father is in town and Fran decides to help end the Sheffield family feud inviting James Sheffield over for dinner. He brings Joan with him, his old secretary for whom he left Maxwell's mother. Maxwell is outraged at his father's selfishness during dinner, while Fran keeps wondering why can't Maxwell act more like his father and marry the help. 
82 7 "The Taxman Cometh" Dorothy Lyman Dan Amernick,
Jay Amernick
November 6, 1996 (1996-11-06)
Jay Leno leaves his dog under the care of Mr. Sheffield. Meanwhile, Fran is being audited for her taxes, and not even flirting and champagne can help her out. She calls Mr. Sheffield for help, and they go to the IRS office to prove Fran's income taxes. The hearing doesn't go too well until Jay Leno shows up, making the appeals officer happy enough to dismiss the case. 
83 8 "An Affair to Dismember" Dorothy Lyman Diane Wilk November 13, 1996 (1996-11-13)

Nigel Sheffield arrives in New York, but since Maxwell is too busy to spend time with him he has Fran show him around town. They go out to nightclubs and parties, and Fran starts acting very happy for finally having a social life – something she complained about not having since she started working at the house. Nigel surprises Fran when he proposes to her and asks her to leave with him aboard a luxurious boat. Doubtful, she thinks about her relationship with Maxwell, its past and its future. In one hand she has the man she really loves, who hasn't made a move in 3 years. In the other hand, a rich, good looking and single man, everything she always hoped for. She chooses to go with Nigel, but she misses the boat and has to go back home. Maxwell arrives and takes care of Fran, who pretended to twist her ankle on her way back. Some things are just meant (not) to be.

Note: The Barbra Streisand song, "Don't Rain on My Parade" is featured in this episode. 
84 9 "Tattoo" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas November 20, 1996 (1996-11-20)

Maggie wants a tattoo, Fran already has one and Mr. Sheffield is intrigued with the idea of finding out where Fran's tattoo is hidden.

Note: This episode acknowledged one of Fran Drescher's real life experiences: having a pet. In the final scene, Sylvia tells Fran that if she didn't get her tattoo removed, she would have to be buried in the backyard next to her pet cat. In real life, Drescher had a pet goldfish that died. 
85 10 "The Car Show" Dorothy Lyman Robbie Schwartz December 11, 1996 (1996-12-11)
Maggie wants a new car, but since her father won't give her one she convinces Fran to enter a beauty pageant to win one for her. In the contest, Fran has to drive a stick shift car, which she doesn't know how to, so Mr. Sheffield takes her up to the country to teach her. But Fran gets traumatized after running over a bunny, which causes her to lose the contest. To cheer her up, Maxwell invites her to go with them to the charity dinner at Barbra Streisand's house. On their way there, Mr. Sheffield has a stomachache, forcing Fran to drive. Later she realizes it was all a plan of his to make her get over her trauma. Now she has to go to Barbra's again, but to return the boot and purse she stole from her. 
86 11 "Hurricane Fran" Dorothy Lyman Rick Shaw December 18, 1996 (1996-12-18)
Fran decides to spend her holidays away with Val, but this time just the two of them, no Mr. Sheffield, no kids, nobody but the two single gals. A hurricane hits the island, making Fran's dream vacations a nightmare. She returns home early to find a lonely Maxwell, who later takes the entire family on a cruise around the Greek Islands. 
87 12 "Danny's Dead and Who's Got the Will?" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil January 8, 1997 (1997-01-08)
Danny Imperiali, Fran's former fiance, is dead. At his funeral (while comforting Danny's widow, Heather Biblow, played by guest star Pamela Anderson), she meets a Jewish man who is ignored by his former lover's family and got nothing after he died. Afraid the same thing will happen to her, Fran stands up for herself and implores Mr. Sheffield to do something. Afraid his grandmother (who's in town visiting), might judge him and remove him from her will, Mr. Sheffield does nothing, so Fran quits. When he realizes he might have lost Fran forever, Mr. Sheffield goes after her and takes back taking back saying he loved her. 
88 13 "Kissing Cousins" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas January 15, 1997 (1997-01-15)
Fran meets an incredible man (guest star Jon Stewart)at a singles bar. He's Jewish, he's a doctor, he's rich, he's everything Fran ever dreamed of in a man. But during her cousin's wedding - where she was a bridesmaid - Fran discovers that Mr. Perfect is her cousin! Seeing Fran devastated, Mr. Sheffield decides to send her to a therapist, and the therapist says Fran has an obsession about getting married. Fran decides to stop chasing men around, just to make Mr. Sheffield guilty. 
89 14 "The Fifth Wheel" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil January 29, 1997 (1997-01-29)
Fran decides to stop chasing men like Dr. Miller told her. Sylvia doesn't like that at all and blames Mr. Sheffield for her daughter staying single forever. Fran, Val and C.C. decide to go out together on a "girls night", with no pressure to find a man, but after Val and C.C. get dates, Fran finds herself as a fifth wheel on their double date. Alone, embarrassed and depressed, Fran goes home trying to act as if she had a great time with them, but can't. Once again, Mr. Sheffield and Fran find themselves alone, comforting each other. Meanwhile, Dr. Miller tries hypnosis with Sylvia but that doesn't go too well. 
90 15 "The Nose Knows" Dorothy Lyman Rick Shaw February 5, 1997 (1997-02-05)
Fran freaks out on Mr. Sheffield after he brings home a model and makes out with her in the living room. Dr. Miller says Fran is upset because she is thinking of Maxwell as her husband, not as her employer. At the movies, she runs into Dr. Miller, but is shocked to see him picking his nose. She is so disgusted that she thinks of never seeing him again. Mr. Sheffield worries about her and confronts Dr. Miller about his actions, but gets very embarrassed when he finds out the "inappropriate behavior" Sylvia told him about wasn't what he had in mind. Meanwhile, C.C. is dumped by her boyfriend and asks Niles to escort her to an awards show, and the two end up having a very pleasant night out. 
91 16 "The Bank Robbery" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil February 12, 1997 (1997-02-12)
Yetta's got a new boyfriend, who's much younger than her (he's 60) and already proposed. Afraid he's after Yetta's money, Sylvia decides to go to the bank to make sure money can't be taken out of their joint accounts without both signatures. While waiting in line, a very bumbling bank robber takes over the bank and makes Sylvia and Fran hostages. The bank robber is so unprepared that he even forgets to put on the mask and accidentally reveals his name - Leslie Tilbett - and Fran ends up making friends with him. They chat, order some food, and the kidnapper even acts as mediator between Fran and Mr. Sheffield (who messed things up with Fran with a Valentine's Day faux pas). When Leslie decides to leave, Fran and Sylvia argue about the best way he should take to escape the cops and they both end up going with him. At the bank door, Mr. Sheffield apologizes for taking back saying he loved Fran, and they make up. Sylvia, though, is still taken as hostage, but the kidnapper is arrested after Sylvia makes him stop at a Mongolia Barbecue restaurant to get some food. 
92 17 "Samson, He Denied Her" Dorothy Lyman Flo Cameron February 19, 1997 (1997-02-19)

Mr. Sheffield calls from the limo saying he has to repair a mistake he made to Fran 6 months ago.

She's very excited at the prospect of him coming forward, and telling her he loved her again. To her disappointment, he merely wants to pay her a little extra, with money he received from a tax claim. Tired of living on high expectations, Fran decides to take some time off the house and joins C.C. on jury duty. How surprised is Fran when the case is about a woman who chopped off her boss' hair just because he told her he loved her then took it back. Fran manages to convince the jury that the woman is not guilty, and finds out later that the man married the employee. Meanwhile, Sylvia takes over Fran's job as the nanny, and the entire family starts to feel hungry since Sylvia is an eating machine. 
93 18 "The Facts of Lice" Dorothy Lyman Nastaran Dibai,
Jeffrey B. Hodes
March 5, 1997 (1997-03-05)
After Niles is depressed about his life as a butler, he begins to act strange and while he is cleaning, he drops a piece of paper containing a list of items that convinces Fran that Niles is possibly a murderer due to his recent strange behavior and the contents of his list. A search of his room confirms her suspicions. During a stormy night, Maxwell takes the children out for dinner leaving Fran and Niles alone. Niles approaches Fran and she thinks Niles is about to murder her. He confronts Fran about how she knows what he is up to when in fact he is simply writing a play. 
94 19 "Fran's Roots" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas March 12, 1997 (1997-03-12)
A woman (Telma Hopkins) calls Fran saying she might be her mother due to a mix up that happened in the hospital the day she was born. Doubtful, Fran goes to Sylvia to ask her about the day she was born, and finds out the story might be true after Sylvia says she left her for a moment while chasing for food. Terrified that her whole life might have been a lie, Fran invites the strange woman to her house, and for her surprise, she turns out to be black. Still, after Fran pays a visit to Lila Baker's huge mansion, Fran insists that she might be her daughter, since her late husband was Jewish, but the DNA test proves not. Fran is really Sylvia's daughter, which is something Sylvia only gets after spending some time pleasuring herself with the wonderful food Lila has at her house. Meanwhile, Niles tries to convince Maxwell to sell one of his plays to CBS so C.C. has to move to LA. 
95 20 "The Nanny and the Hunk Producer" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi April 2, 1997 (1997-04-02)
After winning the Tony Award for play of the year - for "The Widower", beating his longtime rival, Andrew Lloyd Webber - a tabloid starts to publish fake stories about Mr. Sheffield and Fran having an affair since Maxwell's honeymoon. Maggie is very upset about it, and won't believe it's not true. Fran's upset not by the fact that it's a fake story, but that the story said she was 40. Maxwell and Fran go to the tabloid to confront the journalist, but he assures them he won't print any more stories about them, since they were the lowest selling edition in 5 years! Meanwhile, Niles is upset because Maxwell didn't invite him to the cast party, and Dr. Miller convinces Mr. Sheffield to give him a "Butler of the Year" award. 
96 21 "The Passed-Over Story" Dorothy Lyman Rick Shaw April 9, 1997 (1997-04-09)
Fran's high school classmate, Morgan Faulkner, is hired by Mr. Sheffield as the star of his upcoming play. This causes Fran to get a bit envy, seeing how Morgan's life turned out great while she is just a nanny. On top of that, Maggie decides not to go to college and become Morgan's personal assistant (just what Fran needed. She's rich, beautiful, famous, and now she's stealing her children!), but Fran manages to talk her out of it. Meanwhile, the entire family is invited to Passover at the Fines', and Niles quickly learns the secrets of the Jewish cuisine. 
97 22 "No Muse is Good Muse" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil April 23, 1997 (1997-04-23)
After watching Tasha's (a new female rock star) video on MTV, Fran decides to write lyrics of her own about her misery and suffering and make it big in showbiz. Discouraged by Mr. Sheffield, Fran decides to hand her lyrics to Tasha no matter what, and even passes herself as a hotel maid with Val just to meet Tasha. When she finally does, Tasha is so interested in reaching out and listening to what the people have to say that she actually hangs out with Fran. Fran's song is no good, but her misery is good enough for Tasha, who uses Fran as her muse – until Mr. Sheffield tells Fran he misses her and Fran turns happy, which makes Tasha turn to Val for inspiration (after all, Val lives with her parents, is over 30 and single). 
98 23 "You Bette Your Life" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi April 30, 1997 (1997-04-30)
Fran offers herself for the charity auction Mr. Sheffield is putting together with Bette Midler. A gifted 10-year-old pianist, son of a big time investor, wins the auction and gets to have Fran as his babysitter for 5,000 dollars. Fran takes him to Yetta's retirement home and while entertaining the elderly with his piano skills, one senior collapses and dies in front of the kid. Shocked, he says he will never play again, and his father cancels the 5 million he promised to invest. Bette Midler goes to the mansion herself to teach Fran a lesson, but luckily Gracie picked up a few things from Fran over the past 4 years, which is enough to convince the kid to play again and his father not to back out on the investment. 
99 24 "The Heather Biblow Story" Dorothy Lyman Ivan Menchell May 7, 1997 (1997-05-07)
Fran is shocked to learn that her biggest rival, Heather Biblow (who stole her fiancé and her job) is starring on her favorite soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Heather invites Fran and Val over to her Malibu beach house, where she can rub it on their faces how successful she is. Fran and Val visit the studios, where they run across some of their favorite soap stars (Richard Kline, Jeanne Cooper, Shemar Moore, Joshua Morrow, Melody Thomas Scott, Barbara Crampton, and Hunter Tylo). Heather has a really hard time memorizing the lines, and Fran doesn't think twice before jumping at the chance of finally stealing something from Heather: her daytime TV job. Fran is hired to replace her, and calls the mansion saying she won't return. C.C. is happy at first, but quickly realizes she needs Miss Fine back when Maxwell hires a new nanny: Heather Biblow. Fran is so distracted by the thought of Heather in the house that she is fired from the show and returns to NY to get her job back. 
100 25 "The Boca Story" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas May 14, 1997 (1997-05-14)
Sylvia decides to invest in a condo in Boca Raton. This much anticipated fact that should come as a blessing for Fran upsets her deeply, and Dr. Miller says it's because deep down she doesn't want her mother to leave. While Mr. Sheffield is judging the Miss Universe competition nearby, he thinks if he takes Fran to see the condo she'll accept the idea, and just when Fran finally realized how much peace she'd get from that, they discover there isn't any condo, only a swamp. Fran is devastated (especially when Sylvia interrupts her fantasy from coming true), but at least she won't have to separate from her mother yet. Meanwhile, Niles feels bad for being the only one of his friends who's still single. Guest Stars: Alicia Machado
101 26 "Fran's Gotta Have It" Dorothy Lyman Diane Wilk May 21, 1997 (1997-05-21)
Mr. Sheffield is going to London to convince Celine Dion into doing Broadway. Fran decides to go after him and take advantage of the romantic scenario to solve their situation once and for all. After a romantic afternoon together, Max and Fran go back to the hotel and almost sleep together, if it wasn't for him backing out in the last minute. Insulted, offended and tired of all the cat and mouse play, Fran decides to leave him before it's too late for her to marry anybody. But they receive a phone call from NY saying that Niles just suffered a heart attack. Fran decides to stay and help while Niles recovers, giving Mr. Sheffield another chance to make a commitment. While in the hospital room together, they both realize that they must "live each day as if it were their last." Meanwhile, C.C. is surprisingly sad after Niles' attack and even drops by at the hospital to bring him some flowers. She reveals to Fran that deep down she doesn't hate Niles as much as it seems. 

Season 5: 1997–1998

  • Beginning with this season, Renee Taylor, Ann Guilbert and Rachel Chagall are credited as "starring" during the in-show credits.
  • Lauren Lane was pregnant through half the season so the crew hid her stomach.
Ep Title Directed by Written by Original air date
102 1 "The Morning After" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas October 1, 1997 (1997-10-01)
While Niles is recovering from his heart attack, Mr. Sheffield asks Fran to redecorate the kitchen to distract her from what happened between them yesterday night at the hospital. Fran enlists her cousin Sheila (guest star Roseanne Barr) to help with redecorating, but becomes paranoid that they lead parallel lives when she finds out that Sheila has broken up with her employer. Meanwhile, Yetta is engaged to Sammy (guest star Ray Charles), her new fiancee. 
103 2 "First Date" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi October 8, 1997 (1997-10-08)
Maxwell trusts Fran to go on a date with him to the screening of a new screenplay by Elton John (Elton John and David Furnish guest star). While the Sheffields, Fran, Niles, C.C., Sylvia and Yetta are viewing the movie, it is revealed that Fran accidentally angered Elton once in passing. In order to hide this from Mr Sheffield and to not be revealed to Elton, she disguises herself as Yetta. 
104 3 "The Bobbie Fleckman Story" Dorothy Lyman Diane Wilk October 15, 1997 (1997-10-15)
Fran screwed up with Elton John, and Brighton won a radio contest and the prize is that a film crew is coming to his house for a new music video by the Brian Setzer Orchestra (Brian Setzer and Lisa Loeb guest star). When the film producers crew comes, a duplicate of Fran shows up (played by Fran Drescher), and Fran thinks that Maxwell is starting to fall for her so she dresses up like Bobbie Fleckman and gets involved in a wacky plot to get Mr. Sheffield to become uninterested in Bobbie Fleckman. 
105 4 "Fransom" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil October 22, 1997 (1997-10-22)
Fran is hosting a wedding shower for Yetta, and asks to walk C.C.'s dog, Chester. Fran gets tricked into thinking she was looking for a man's dog, but Chester gets dog-napped. When Fran and Val go to rescue Chester, they get kidnapped, and its up to Maxwell to rescue them. 
106 5 "The Ex-Niles" Dorothy Lyman Nastaran Dibai,
Jeffrey B. Hodes
October 29, 1997 (1997-10-29)
Niles demands a raise and gets denied, so he quits and is replaced by a sophisticated butler. He finds employment with Fran's paternal aunt, Frieda (recurring guest star Lainie Kazan). Soon he returns, agreeing to do anything but "clean windows". Meanwhile Fran and C.C make an appointment with a professional woman, guest star Dr. Joyce Brothers, to decide to see which is the better woman for Mr Sheffield. 
107 6 "A Decent Proposal" Dorothy Lyman Ivan Menchell November 5, 1997 (1997-11-05)
The Sheffields, Niles, Fran, and C.C are going to Atlantic City for a project, and are staying at Trump Taj Mahal. Maxwell is jealous that guest star Chevy Chase asks Fran to be in his room. Meanwhile, Niles is addicted to gambling. 
108 7 "Mommy and Mai" Dorothy Lyman Caryn Lucas November 12, 1997 (1997-11-12)

Mai Ling, the Cambodian girl Fran and Val "adopted" in high school for 17 cents a day, is coming to NY to visit them. Sylvia doesn't like the girl, for whom Fran and Val fight over, resulting in a split up between the two best friends. Sylvia thinks Mai Ling will also come between Fran and Mr. Sheffield, but Fran finds out Mai Ling got engaged to Brighton to get a green card! Meanwhile, Maxwell thinks Niles is acting like Fran so he could get attention.

Note: This episode acknowledges the fact that Lauren Lane was pregnant throughout this season because C.C. was shown carrying these huge props in one scene.

Absent: Madeline Zima as Grace 
109 8 "Fair Weather Fran" Dorothy Lyman Rick Shaw November 19, 1997 (1997-11-19)
Upset about Yetta's upcoming wedding, Fran is advised by Dr. Miller to focus her energy on new life projects. She decides to pursue an old dream of becoming a weather girl, and thanks to Sammy (Ray Charles), who's Bryant Gumbel's uncle, Fran scores an audition for editorial commenter of Public Eye. Mr. Sheffield does not like the idea of Fran leaving the house, so he sets up a scheme with Gracie to convince Fran into quitting her new job. But they don't have to do that, because Fran ruins her audition by herself (by mistaking gene therapy with therapeutic jeans). Meanwhile, Sylvia has problems accepting her soon-to-be stepfather. 
110 9 "Educating Fran" Dorothy Lyman Suzanne Gangursky December 10, 1997 (1997-12-10)
Fran goes to Maggie's school to have a word with her philosophy teacher, and ends up developing a crush on him. After having to ask Maggie for her approval, Fran starts dating the gorgeous Jewish bachelor, which, of course, upsets Mr. Sheffield (who won't do anything regarding his true feelings towards Fran). Fran then lies about her age to Professor Steve, and later pays the price when his astrologist tells him he should be with a woman in her mid-thirties – C.C. 
111 10 "From Flushing with Love" Dorothy Lyman Dan Amernick,
Jay Amernick
December 17, 1997 (1997-12-17)
Fran and Niles fight over who gets to ask Mr. Sheffield for the weekend off. Fran wins, and Niles accuses her of seducing Mr. Sheffield to get what she wants. He decides to get back at her, and allies with C.C. against Fran. Finally, Niles and Fran forgive each other, and he suggests Fran takes Mr. Sheffield with her to the Fine Family Reunion at Niagara Falls, the perfect place for him to propose, and a solution that will give them both the weekend off. Fran doesn't hear Mr. Sheffield's proposal because the roar of the waterfall is too loud. He slips and falls, with no recollection of what happened. 
112 11 "Rash to Judgment" Dorothy Lyman Ivan Menchell January 7, 1998 (1998-01-07)

Val has tickets to see Michael Bolton so Fran asks Mr. Sheffield on a date. Before the date however, she develops a huge rash. While on the date, she and Maxwell go up to their hotel room where she stalls by distracting Maxwell with a call to Gracie. While he is on the phone, she goes to the hospital where she gets a shot for the rash. When she gets back to the hotel, she realizes that she is puffy because of a reaction to the shot, so her plans with Maxwell for the night are postponed. She finds out that the root vegetable soup she ate earlier started the rashes.

Absent: Benjamin Salisbury as Brighton 
113 12 "One False Mole and You're Dead" Dorothy Lyman Frank Lombardi January 14, 1998 (1998-01-14)
When Fran, Maxwell and C.C. find out that Margo Lang's famous mole is a fake, Maxwell warns Fran that if she told a soul, it would ruin the play. But of course, Fran doesn't listen and tells her mother, not knowing that a famous gossip lady was listening in on their conversation. Once the gossip lady spreads the news, Maxwell orders Fran to apologize to Margo Lang and afterwards, comes up with a brilliant idea: to sell fake beauty marks on the internet. When Maxwell blabs and ruins Fran's chances at becoming famous he rashly proposes to Fran, who turns it down, although Max isn't sure he wanted her to. 
114 13 "Call Me Fran" Fran Drescher Diane Wilk January 21, 1998 (1998-01-21)
Fran decides to take her father to a basketball game, but he refuses to go, knowing the tickets came from Mr. Sheffield. Confused, Fran goes to Dr. Miller for advice, and he tells her she's always looking for men like her father – that will keep a distance between them. Fran decides then to make Mr. Sheffield change, and when that doesn't work, she decides to quit her job and change herself. Not wanting to let her go, Mr. Sheffield calls her Fran. Although they agree on not doing it in front of others yet, Max and Fran take their first step on the road of commitment. 
115 14 "Not Without My Nanny" Dorothy Lyman Nastaran Dibai,
Jeffrey B. Hodes
January 28, 1998 (1998-01-28)
Gracie is invited by a school friend to fly to his palace in Koorestan. Fran tries to convince Maxwell to let Niles take her, so they can call each other by their first names all weekend, but Max needs Niles there, so he sends Fran instead. There, she is flattered by all the luxury, and by how much the Sultan looks like Mr. Sheffield. After the Sultan invites Fran to stay with him forever, she thinks he proposed, and says no. And when she decides to fly back to NY, she is surprised to see that her passport and clothes are missing, and there are guards at her door. Meanwhile, Niles tricks C.C. by saying that it's Mr. Sheffield's birthday, and she uses his gift to look good, but Niles had tickets to Koorestan instead. Mr. Sheffield goes to Koorestan to rescue her, but turns out the Sultan only wanted her to be his nanny. Mr. Sheffield says he loves Fran, and doesn't take it back! 
116 15 "The Engagement" Dorothy Lyman Rick Shaw March 4, 1998 (1998-03-04)
Fran is thrilled to tell the family that Maxwell has told her he loved her, and this time he didn't take it back! Everybody is happy for her (except for C.C.) and congratulates Fran. Maxwell reveals to Niles that he bought an engagement ring and is going to propose to Fran tonight. He, of course, can't keep a secret and tells Fran, who tells Sylvia, in a chain reaction that results in virtually everybody knowing about it. Maxwell asks Fran to invite her family over, because they're having a very important dinner at the Rainbow Room, and they should all be there. All the Sheffield and Fine families gather and wait for Maxwell, who never shows up, for he is mugged by punks at the theater. Afraid something happened to him (because she was sure he wouldn't just leave her waiting), Fran goes after him, and finds a passed out Mr. Sheffield behind the theater. He was knocked out by burglars who stole his watch and Fran's ring. Nevertheless, he proposes to Fran. 
117 16 "The Dinner Party" Dorothy Lyman Ivan Menchell March 11, 1998 (1998-03-11)
Maxwell decides to shop for a new ring for Fran, and Sylvia asks them to go to their uncle Stanley's, because he is family. But once there, they change their minds and go to Cartier instead. Fran gets an astonishing ring and they are mentioned in the social column (and Fran's name is mistyped Fran Fone...). But Fran starts to see that she might not be very well accepted among Maxwell's rich friends: she, Sylvia and Val are mistaken by ordinary people at a fancy clothe store, and at a dinner party Fran finds out that everybody is making fun of her behind her back. Hurt and afraid she might not be good enough for Maxwell, she goes to the park and meets a homeless man. She offers him chicken and opens her heart for him, giving him her address and offering him to drop by at anytime he feels hungry. That man turned out to be one of the richest men in the city, and he ends up sponsoring Maxwell's new play. Meanwhile, Sylvia gets Maxwell and the kids to call her "ma" and "nana"; Niles has fun by showing C.C. the engagement ring. 
118 17 "Homie-Work" Dorothy Lyman Jayne Hamil March 18, 1998 (1998-03-18)
Fran decides that even though she's marrying Maxwell, she still wants to work. She decides to help him with his new play. They have to find a rapper and Fran gets Sammy's grandson (Coolio), who is a gift wrapper instead. In major trouble, Fran has to turn the nerdy gift wrapper, into a music rapper in less than 24 hours to prove to Mr. Sheffield that she isn't stupid. Meanwhile, C.C. feels left out and replaced by Fran, and Niles doesn't let the opportunity of teasing her go away, until she finally goes nuts and is taken to a mental hospital
119 18 "The Reunion Show" Dorothy Lyman Suzanne Gangursky,
Sean Hanley
March 25, 1998 (1998-03-25)

Fran attends her high school reunion and is surprised to see that all her old friends are getting divorced, while she's the only one getting engaged. Trying not to be affected by all the negativity, Fran discusses with Maxwell the little things of life as a couple - which side of the bed they sleep on, what to do on the weekends, and how many children they'll have. That becomes an issue because Maxwell does not want anymore children, while Fran does. After realizing how much motherhood means to Fran, Maxwell says they'll plan it in the future, leaving them plenty of time to practice. Meanwhile, Niles goes through depression without having Ms. Babcock around to tease on; and Gracie gets scared that she'll be sent away to a boarding school after a friend tells her it happened after her dad married her stepmother.

Absent: Lauren Lane as C.C. Babcock 
120 19 "Immaculate Concepcion" Dorothy Lyman Fran Drescher,
Robert Sternin
April 1, 1998 (1998-04-01)
Maxwell's father unexpectedly passes away, and in his will he leaves everything to Concepcion, a secret daughter he had with a flamenco dancer. C.C. is back from the sanatorium and doesn't miss the opportunity of terrifying Fran and trying to split Fran and Maxwell up. Afraid that the Sheffields are going bankrupt, Fran visits Concepcion trying to persuade her to share the money with her siblings, but can't. Knowing what it feels like being poor, Fran tells Maxwell that she will understand if he decides to marry a rich woman in order to keep his lifestyle. C.C. offers herself to marry Maxwell, but his love for Fran is beyond money. Then Maxwell's lawyer arrives with the news: Concepcion decided to share her money, all because Fran made her feel like family. Niles plays tricks on Miss Babcock, making her doubt her own sanity. 
121 20 "The Pre-Nup" Peter Marc Jacobson Frank Lombardi April 29, 1998 (1998-04-29)

Pressured by his family, Maxwell wants Fran to sign a pre-nup, which upsets her. She thinks he doesn't trust her and/or doesn't have faith their marriage will last forever. Unbelievably, Val is the one that opens her eyes to what's happening and how it is better for Fran to sign it. Brighton has a roller-skating accident and is taken to the hospital, and Fran is not allowed in because she's not his legal guardian. So she disguises herself as a nun (much like in guest Whoopi Goldberg's Sister Act) in order to see him. In the hospital room, Fran tells Brighton, Maggie, and Gracie that she loves them like they were hers. After listening to that, Maxwell decides he doesn't want Fran to sign any pre-nup, but the adoption papers that will make Fran the kids' mother. Meanwhile, C.C. sends in a temporary substitute, who walks, talks and acts just like her, for Niles' desperation - until she reveals her taste for men.

Absent: Lauren Lane as C.C. Babcock 
122 21 "The Best Man" Dorothy Lyman Rick Shaw May 6, 1998 (1998-05-06)
Maxwell's brother, Nigel, is back to throw him a bachelor party, and Fran is terrified because Maxwell doesn't know that she almost married Nigel a year and a half ago. She tries to keep it a secret, but after Nigel gets drunk at the party, he tells Maxwell, just as Fran comes out of the cake in a surprise for him (after Sylvia confessed that Morty cancelled his wedding and ran off with the cake girl - Sylvia!). Fran and Maxwell have a fight over it, and they end up calling the wedding off, until C.C. (under the influence of Prozac) tells Fran that "Maxwell didn't spend 5 years doing the one man show". So Fran gets Marla Maples, who had a quick fling with Maxwell a year and a half ago, and confronts Maxwell. They finally realize they love each other and call the wedding back on. 
123 22 "The Wedding, Part I" Peter Marc Jacobson Caryn Lucas May 13, 1998 (1998-05-13)
Fran is excited about the wedding and moves into her mother's apartment because it is tradition that the groom not see the bride 24 hrs before the wedding. On their way back from New Jersey where they went to pick up Fran's wedding night lingerie, Fran, Sylvia and Val get stuck in the middle of nowhere when Val's car gets a flat (She used the spare a few days earlier). Val's mom calls Mr Sheffield and tells him that Fran and the ladies are missing. Guest Stars: Renee Taylor as Sylvia and Rachell Chagall as Val. 
124 23 "The Wedding, Part II" Peter Marc Jacobson Caryn Lucas May 13, 1998 (1998-05-13)
Fran spends her last night as a single woman at her mom's house, where Sylvia reads her a letter she wrote to Fran when Fran was born. Just a few moments before the wedding, Maxwell's sister Jocelyn tells Fran that the social differences between she and Maxwell will ruin their marriage as it did to hers. At the ceremony, Ms. Babcock tries to give it one last shot and pretends being the bride, but it doesn't work. Fran doesn't show up at the altar, leaving everybody apprehensive about what happened to her. Sylvia goes to her dressing room and finds Fran crying on the couch. Maxwell arrives and Fran tells him that their marriage will never work and decides it will be better if they cancelled it. Max tells Fran that what happened with his sister will not happen to them, because they love each other. The wedding proceeds, and Fran and Maxwell finally marry. 

Season 6: 1998–1999

  • The opening sequence changed slightly in this season. Producer Kathy Landsburg was promoted to co-executive producer of the series as her producer credit was moved to the in-show credits, while the creator credits of Drescher and Jacobson, and the developer credits of Sternin and Fraser were added in its place.
  • During the show's original run this season, the show went on a hiatus after the episode "California Here We Come" with the two-part finale airing months later in May. Despite having its finale aired in May, the episodes "Ma'ternal Affairs" to "The Baby Shower" were aired in chronological order afterwards in June, but not before the finale episodes leaving its chronological continuance ruined. In syndication, the final episodes were aired in order.
  • S: = "Story by:"
  • T: = "Teleplay by:"
Ep Title Directed by Written by Original air date
125 1 "The Honeymoon's Overboard" Peter Marc Jacobson Frank Lombardi September 30, 1998 (1998-09-30)
Fran and Maxwell find themselves on a desert island after falling off their honeymoon yacht. Maxwell finds himself struck with ailment while Fran is left to care for the both of them. Somehow this leads to a hot and passionate moment in which they become intimate. 
126 2 "Fran Gets Shushed" Peter Marc Jacobson Caryn Lucas October 7, 1998 (1998-10-07)
While trying to learn to live together Fran agrees to be less forward if Maxwell will learn to be less uptight. They both try out their new personalities at a business dinner meeting. In short, it doesn't go well. 
127 3 "Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary" Peter Marc Jacobson Allen Jay Zipper October 14, 1998 (1998-10-14)
Brighton wants to go to Atlantic City and his father is inevitably against it. Fran finds herself torn between being nanny and wife as Max calls her "The Nanny." Grace goes through hormonal changes, briefly in the episode. 
128 4 "Sara's Parents" Peter Marc Jacobson Jayne Hamil October 21, 1998 (1998-10-21)
Fran dreads a visit by Sara's parents. When they show up, many things don't go well. They feel that Fran is not suitable to "replace" their daughter. Also, Fran wants to legally adopt the children but Sara's parents are completely against it. 
129 5 "Maggie's Boyfriend" Peter Marc Jacobson Rick Shaw October 28, 1998 (1998-10-28)
Fran couldn't be happier with Maggie's rich, handsome, Jewish, model boyfriend, but when they decide to move in together, Maxwell wants Fran to put her foot down. 
130 6 "I'm Pregnant" Peter Marc Jacobson Ivan Menchell November 4, 1998 (1998-11-04)
Maggie confides in Fran that she thinks she is pregnant, but she doesn't want Fran to tell Maxwell unless they're sure. They then attempt to secretly take a pregnancy test, but Maxwell finds them and decides they have to go to the doctor to find out for sure. At the doctor's office, Dr. Reynolds has some news for Fran. 
131 7 "Mom's the Word" Peter Marc Jacobson Cody Farley,
Suzanne Myers
November 11, 1998 (1998-11-11)
Fran tells Niles and her mother about her pregnancy, but wants to tell Maxwell on her own, in a special way. But Maxwell, unknowingly, tells Fran he's not ready for another child yet. As Fran goes sulking in the park, she gets a severe pain in her abdomen, and is rushed to the emergency room. Fran finds out that she had a hormone imbalance that resulted in a false positive, and was never pregnant. 
132 8 "Making Whoopi" Peter Marc Jacobson Suzanne Gangursky November 18, 1998 (1998-11-18)
Maxwell is invited to be part of Hollywood Squares, but only because he would be replacing Andrew Lloyd Webber. Fran decides to try out different methods, some without Maxwell's permission, to become pregnant. The almond cookies that are supposed to make Fran and Max "frisky" are eaten by Niles and C.C. who start flirting. Her latest, a device to see if she's ovulating, gets a positive as Maxwell is taping Hollywood Squares! By now, C.C. and Niles have stopped eating the cookies and start hating each other again. 
133 9 "Oh, Say, Can You Ski?" Peter Marc Jacobson Dan Amernick,
Jay Amernick
November 25, 1998 (1998-11-25)
Maxwell invites Fran on a trip to meet the president, in hopes of her beginning to relax. Fran soon begins to forget about getting pregnant and then the unexpected happens. Fran becomes pregnant. 
134 10 "The Hanukkah Story" Peter Marc Jacobson S: Matthew J. Berman,
Ivan Menchell
T: Ivan Menchell
December 16, 1998 (1998-12-16)

While excited about celebrating her first Hanukkah with her new husband and family, Maxwell, C.C. and Gracie have to drive to Boston in a snowstorm. Fran is worried sick when they don't arrive on time after they run off the road. After praying with a nun, Max, Gracie, and C.C. arrive. They had enough gas in the car for an hour, but it lasted for 8, just like the first Hanukkah candle. They then have the best "first day of Hanukkah" on the second day.

Note: In "The Christmas Episode", Fran recalls the time where she begged her mother for a Christmas Tree, but in this episode, the audience sees a flashback moment where Fran as a young girl is asking her mother why she and her family couldn't have a Christmas Tree. 
135 11 "The In-Law Who Came Forever" Peter Marc Jacobson S: Danny Passman,
Michael Scalisi,
Rick Shaw
T: Rick Shaw
January 6, 1999 (1999-01-06)
After Aunt Freida buys her parent's apartment, the Fines move into the Sheffield mansion. Maxwell and Fran at first aren't so happy. But later, Sylvia tends to Max because he missed out on a good childhood relationship with his mother. He then doesn't want her to leave. In the end, Fran convinces him that if they leave it will be better. Sylvia and Frieda make up after they edit the wedding video so it looks like Frieda sang at their wedding. 
136 12 "The Fran in the Mirror" Jennifer Reed S: Chandler Evans,
Jayne Hamil
T: Jayne Hamil
January 20, 1999 (1999-01-20)
After Fran lends a college buddy of Maxwell's $1 million, she hears that he is broke and has been swindling others. She goes and demands it back, but after he gives her the check she decides to invest anyway, to give him another chance. Max and Fran then go back again and he tells them that it was a good investment and Max now had $500,000 now. 
137 13 "The Yummy Mummy" Peter Marc Jacobson Cody Farley,
Suzanne Myers
February 3, 1999 (1999-02-03)
Fran goes visiting universities with Brighton, but his fellow students find Fran a bit too attractive and make inappropriate comments. Brighton then tells Fran that he doesn't want her coming to any more colleges. Fran starts to think its because she's stupid. She starts reading encyclopedias and trying how to learn to talk smart. Finally, Brighton tells her, and unlike him, she doesn't mind if she's thought "hot and sexy". Meanwhile, Fran finds out that she and Maxwell are having twins. 
138 14 "California, Here We Come" Peter Marc Jacobson S: Suzanne Gangursky,
Mary Lindes
T: Suzanne Gangursky
March 26, 1999 (1999-03-26)
Maxwell Sheffield is asked to turn one of his plays into a sitcom, and the Sheffields might be moving to California. Fran thinks that her mother is heartbroken that her daughter is leaving her and rents her a home in CA too. However, Sylvia tells Fran she really does want to stay in New York. When Fran investigates, she finds out that her mother has been seeing a doctor three times a week. Not because she's sick, as Fran finds out, but because she is having an affair with the doctor! 
145 15 "The Finale: Part 1" Peter Marc Jacobson Caryn Lucas May 12, 1999 (1999-05-12)
During Fran and Maxwell's first anniversary, C.C. flees after Niles proposes again. Fran runs after her and gets stuck in an elevator with her and goes into labor. 
146 16 "The Finale: Part 2" Peter Marc Jacobson Caryn Lucas,
Peter Marc Jacobson,
Frank Lombardi
May 12, 1999 (1999-05-12)
C.C. and Niles get married while Fran is in labor, and find out that they are also expectant parents. Maggie and Brighton head off to Europe as the Sheffields head to California with the new twins, Jonah Samuel, and Eve Katherine, Grace, Niles, C.C., Sylvia, Val, Morty, Yetta and a new life followed by a series flashbacks. The first flashback is of Gracie in the first season saying what the letters of Fran's name stand for, and the last one is the first episode when Fran comes down the stairs, with C.C. asking "What's that?" and Maxwell saying "That's... the Nanny." Then the series finale is Fran closing the door. 
139 17 "Ma'ternal Affairs" Peter Marc Jacobson Frank Lombardi June 2, 1999 (1999-06-02)
Fran checks into a man (played by Joseph Bologna, Renée Taylor's husband) that her mother is seeing and coaches her father (Steve Lawrence), whose face we see for the first time, on spicing up their marriage. Ironically, the same man is at the fancy and romantic dinner party Fran and Max force Sylvia and Morty in to attending, and he unintentionally convinces Morty to tell Sylvia how special he is to her. Morty even serenades her after she forgives him. This is the first time the audience sees Fran's father's face. 
140 18 "The Producers" Peter Marc Jacobson S: Mike Dow,
Chandler Evans,
Rick Shaw
T: Rick Shaw
June 9, 1999 (1999-06-09)
Niles finally admits to Fran that he loves C.C.! The two of them decide to try and produce a play (using Max and C.C.'s name) so that Niles will become successful and eligible to marry C.C. They end up getting fined. Max gets everything sorted out and the play turns out to be a success. At the end, Niles suddenly proposes to C.C.. 
141 19 "The Dummy Twins" Steve Posner S: Rachel Chagall,
Harriet Goldman,
Camelia Kath,
Ivan Menchell
T: Ivan Menchell
June 16, 1999 (1999-06-16)
Fran coaches Nile in his unappreciated courtship of C.C. It doesn't go well and when C.C. doesn't let up on holding Niles proposal(s) over his head and he quits the Sheffield's but not before calling C.C. pathetic and lonely, which leads to C.C. quitting her partnership with Max. Later Fran and Max find both Niles and C.C. in bed together. 
142 20 "Yetta's Letters" Peter Marc Jacobson S: Dan Amernick,
Jay Amernick,
Bernie Vyzga
T: Dan Amernick,
Jay Amernick
June 16, 1999 (1999-06-16)

Maxwell uses Yetta's letters as the basis for a play on Broadway beating out Andrew Lloyd Webber who also wanted to use them. They get Sylvia to sign the rights over to Max, and the show is a great hit.

Absent: Nicholle Tom as Maggie 
143 21 "Maggie's Wedding" Fran Drescher Jayne Hamil June 23, 1999 (1999-06-23)

Michael proposes to Maggie! At first Max is against it, but after he and Maggie talk, he agrees. Meanwhile, Fran learns that Michael's cousin is James Brolin and that Barbra Streisand is coming to Maggie and Michael's wedding. Fran is so excited that she goes into premature labor causing her to miss Barbra. She sneaks back home and finds everyone gone, only to find out that Barbra and the rest are at the hospital to meet her, causing her to miss Barbra sing once again. Finally, Maggie and Michael get married.

Absent: Daniel Davis as Niles 
144 22 "The Baby Shower" Peter Marc Jacobson S: Sean Hanley,
James Nelson,
Howard Preiser
T: Cody Farley,
Suzanne Myers
June 23, 1999 (1999-06-23)

Fran gets bad news from her fortune teller that Max will set eyes on a blonde in California. At the same time, Mrs Fran Fine Sheffield runs into actress Fran Drescher and her future of what will happen is her storyline on her show and in the end, the blonde turns out to be Niles!

Absent: Nicholle Tom as Maggie 

Reunion Special: 2004

Title Original airdate
Special "The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember" December 6, 2004 (2004-12-06)
The cast members reminisce about the show and present blooper footage not previously shown on television, and present an update on their current activities. 

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