List of Night Court episodes

List of Night Court episodes

The following is a list of episodes for the NBC sitcom Night Court. The series aired from January 4, 1984 to May 20, 1992 during 9 seasons with 194 episodes produced.[1]


Series overview

Seasons Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 13 January 4, 1984 March 31, 1984
2 22 September 27, 1984 May 19, 1985
3 22 September 26, 1985 May 8, 1986
4 22 October 2, 1986 May 6, 1987
5 22 September 17, 1987 May 12, 1988
6 22 October 26, 1988 May 3, 1989
7 24 September 27, 1989 May 2, 1990
8 24 September 28, 1990 May 8, 1991
9 22 September 18, 1991 May 20, 1992

Season 1 (1984)

Ep. No. Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 1 "All You Need is Love" James Burrows Reinhold Weege January 4, 1984 206719
Harold T. Stone becomes a night court judge and settles a dispute involving a woman threatening her husband with gunfire. 
2 2 "Santa Goes Downtown" Asaad Kelada Reinhold Weege January 11, 1984 185365
The season is merry as Harry deals with a man in a red suit charged with trespassing and tries to restore the faith of a pair of cynical teenage runaways. Michael J. Fox appears in this episode. 
3 3 "The Former Harry Stone" Jay Sandrich Tom Reeder January 18, 1984 185362
Lana learns that Harry has a criminal record when she tries to find out his age to settle a bet. 
4 4 "Welcome Back, Momma" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege February 1, 1984 185366
A woman who claims to be Harry's long lost mother and a beauty pageant operator appear before the court. 
5 5 "The Eye of the Beholder" Jeff Melman Larry Balmagia February 8, 1984 185363
The others try to pull Bull out of the dumps when he's turned down by a charitable organization because his size and appearance are intimidating to others. 
6 6 "Death Threat" Jay Sandrich Bob Stevens February 15, 1984 185367
Things are thrown into an uproar when Harry receives a threat via a rock thrown through the window and a bomb is discovered in the courtroom. 
7 7 "Once in Love With Harry" Jay Sandrich Reinhold Weege February 22, 1984 185361
A hooker develops a crush on Harry and Dan loses a city council position to a dead man. 
8 8 "Quadrangle of Love" Jeff Melman R.J. Colleary,
Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
February 29, 1984 185369
Dan, Harry, and Bull all compete for the same pretty attorney. 
9 9 "Wonder Drugs" Asaad Kelada Howard Ostroff March 7, 1984 185364
Lana disrupts the proceedings after taking a powerful cold medicine. 
10 10 "Some Like It Hot" Jay Sandrich Stu Kreisman,
Chris Cluess
March 14, 1984 185368
A Russian (Yakov Smirnoff) that is charged with selling stolen property would rather burn down the courtroom and everyone in it than go to jail. 
11 11 "Harry and the Rock Star" Jay Sandrich Reinhold Weege March 21, 1984 185360
Fans and reporters disrupt court proceedings when Harry dates a rock star, and tries to cope with a new court clerk. 
12 12 "Bull's Baby" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens March 28, 1984 185362
The courtroom crew try to help Bull when a neighbor leaves her baby with him. 
13 13 "Hi Honey, I'm Home" Gary Shimokawa Tom Reeder March 31, 1984 185361
Harry has to settle the legal status of a woman who remarried after her first husband was mistakenly declared dead, and who wants her back. 

Season 2 (1984–1985)

Ep. No. Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 14 "The Nun" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens September 27, 1984 185602
An impressionable young nun decides to leave her order after meeting Harry. 
2 15 "Christine and Mac (a.k.a. Daddy for the Defense)" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege October 4, 1984 185601
A brand new public defender has a rough first day in court, thanks to Harry and her over-protective father. One-episode guest stint by Markie Post as Christine Sullivan. 
3 16 "Billie and the Cat" Lee Bernhardi Zachary D. Wechsler October 18, 1984 185604
Harry sends public defender Billie Young to jail for refusing to reveal the whereabouts of a cat her client is accused of kidnapping. 
4 17 "Pick a Number" Jeff Melman Ron Osborn,
Jeff Reno
October 25, 1984 185605
The courtroom becomes a circus when a meek little fellow chooses Harry to decide what worthy person will receive the money from his winning lottery ticket. 
5 18 "The Computer Kid" Jim Drake Bob Stevens November 1, 1984 185607
A precocious computer whiz barricades himself in Harry's office and threatens to wipe out all his school's records. 
6 19 "Bull Gets a Kid" Jeff Melman Nat Mauldin November 8, 1984 185608
Bull finally is allowed a foster son by a volunteer-fathers organization, but he winds up with a bit of a surprise. 
7 20 "Harry on Trial" Jeff Melman Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
November 15, 1984 185609
Harry is called before a disciplinary board for his unorthodox courtroom behavior. 
8 21 "Harry and the Madam" Noam Pitlik Tony Sheehan November 22, 1984 185610
Harry feels a lot of official pressure when a notorious madame with a hot diary comes before his bench. 
9 22 "Inside Harry Stone" Jeff Melman Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
November 29, 1984 185606
Harry is reluctant to have surgery for his ulcer symptoms. John Astin appears as a hospital patient named Kenny. 
10 23 "The Blizzard" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege December 6, 1984 185611
A blizzard traps everyone in the courthouse and Dan in an elevator with a man who's attracted to him. 
11 24 "Take My Wife, Please" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder December 13, 1984 185612
Mac marries Quon Le, a girl he knew in Vietnam, and Harry conducts court despite temporary blindness. 
12 25 "The Birthday Visitor" Gary Shimokawa Ron Osborn,
Jeff Reno
January 3, 1985 185613
Billie's birthday dinner for Harry is disrupted by an insecure intruder. 
13 26 "Dan's Parents" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege January 10, 1985 185614
Dan's past is revealed when the parents he told everyone were dead come to see their successful sonny boy. 
14 27 "Nuts About Harry" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder January 17, 1985 185603
Patients from a mental institution stage a strike to convince the court they're being mistreated at the hospital. 
15 28 "An Old Flame" Jeff Melman Nat Mauldin January 24, 1985 185615
Selma's old beau wants to rekindle their romance and a substitute judge isn't what he's cracked up to be. 
16 29 "The Gypsy" Alan Bergmann Howard Ostroff January 31, 1985 185616
Harry uses a little hocus-pocus to convince Bull he's cured of a gypsy curse. 
17 30 "Battling Bailiff" Jeff Melman Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
February 7, 1985 185617
Bull quits his job in frustration and becomes a professional wrestler. 
18 31 "Billie's Valentine" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens February 14, 1985 185618
Billie's new boyfriend turns out to be a professional problem for her, despite his romantic accomplishments. 
19 32 "Married Alive" Jeff Melman Ron Osborn,
Jeff Reno
February 21, 1985 185619
His friends believe the worst when Dan starts dating a homely, gauche woman who's heir to $40 million. 
20 33 "Mac and Quon Le: Together Again" Alan Bergmann Tom Reeder February 28, 1985 185620
Quon Le appears before the court for prostitution and Harry has to choose between Billie and Dan for the mayoral commission. 
21 34 "World War III" Alan Bergmann Nat Mauldin May 2, 1985 185621
Harry searches for Yakov's brother, a Russian circus defector. Meanwhile, Soviet and American agents (Leonard Stone, Gordon Jump) negotiate an arms agreement. 
22 35 "Walk, Don't Wheel" Reinhold Weege Reinhold Weege May 9, 1985 185622
A disabled law student takes Harry's refusal of her prom invitation as a slap against her handicap. 

Season 3 (1985–1986)

Ep. No. Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 36 "Hello, Goodbye" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege September 26, 1985 185711
Everyone tries to adjust to Selma's death as Harry interviews possible replacements, but Bull goes on a drinking binge instead. Florence Halop joins the cast as Florence Kleiner. Markie Post joins the cast permanently as Christine Sullivan. 
2 37 "The Hostage" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens October 3, 1985 185713
A strange little man charged with stealing electronic parts takes Dan hostage and demands the rest of the parts he needs to communicate with his home planet of Saturn. 
3 38 "Dad's First Date" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege October 17, 1985 185716
Christine's father has his first date in eight years and ends up before Harry, along with the tenants of a clothing-optional building. 
4 39 "Mac and Quon Le: No Reservations" Alan Bergmann Teresa O'Neill October 24, 1985 185712
Mac tries to hide Quon Le from his prejudiced grandfather, who's going to loan Mac the money he needs to open a restaurant. 
5 40 "Halloween, Too" Alan Bergmann Teresa O'Neill October 31, 1985 185719
Harry falls hook, line and sinker for a beautiful woman, who turns out to be a real witch. 
6 41 "Best of Friends" Reinhold Weege Howard Ostroff,
Gilbert Spragg
November 7, 1985 185718
Dan has a real problem when his high school buddy comes to visit as a decidedly changed man. 
7 42 "Dan's Boss" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens November 14, 1985 185720
Dan's life becomes a living hell as he tries to butter his new boss: a little person with a very nasty personality. First appearence by Daniel Frishman as Vincent Daniels. 
8 43 "Up On the Roof" Jeff Melman Jeffrey Davis,
Julie Fleischer
November 28, 1985 185717
Harry tries to free a rock star literally imprisoned by his overly solicitous entourage. 
9 44 "The Wheels of Justice (Part 1)" Alan Bergmann Jeff Reno,
Ron Osborn
December 5, 1985 185714
Everyone is in a financial crisis when the city can't pay its employees, Harry has to evict a woman and son from a sleazy hotel, and a homeless couple from West Virginia tells their tale of woe. 
10 45 "The Wheels of Justice (Part 2)" Alan Bergmann Nat Mauldin December 12, 1985 185715
See Part 1, above. 
11 46 "Walk Away, Renee" Jim Drake Teresa O'Neill December 19, 1985 185723
Nobody wants to break the news to Bull that his new girl friend is a prostitute. 
12 47 "Dan's Escort" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens January 9, 1986 185724
Dan takes a job as a paid escort for a wealthy, lonely woman who expects a lot for her money, and Yakov appeals to Harry for help when his wife is arrested on a visit to the US. 
13 48 "The Night Off" Jim Drake Nat Mauldin,
Reinhold Weege
January 16, 1986 185725
A crazy judge brought in to substitute for Harry imprisons Dan and Mac for contempt and appoints Florence and Phil the wino as the defense and prosecuting attorneys. 
14 49 "Harry and Leon" Jeff Melman Nat Mauldin January 23, 1986 185727
Harry takes pity on the building shoeshine boy (Bumper Robinson), who seeks refuge from a social worker trying to place him in another foster home. 
15 50 "The Apartment" Jim Drake Teresa O'Neill January 30, 1986 185728
Harry throws a surprise birthday for Dan whose date is extremely anxious to be home by midnight. 
16 51 "Leon, We Hardly Knew Ye" John Larroquette Bob Stevens February 6, 1986 185729
Harry's concern with Leon's imminent adoption blinds him to the presence of Mel Torme in the courthouse. 
17 52 "The Mugger" Jim Drake Robert Perlow,
Gene Braunstein
February 20, 1986 185726
Christine decides to quit after she's mugged in the cafeteria, but a man takes her hostage in the courtroom before she can leave. 
18 53 "Could This Be Magic?" Jim Drake Lisa A. Bannick,
Jack Carrerow
February 27, 1986 185725
Harry decides to help his idol, a down-and-out magician, who goes on to help himself to Harry's possessions. 
19 54 "Monkey Business" Jeff Melman Nat Mauldin March 6, 1986 185721
Bull tries to save a baby orangutan from animal-research experiments. 
20 55 "Flo's Retirement" Tim Steele Nat Mauldin March 13, 1986 185730
The staff tries everything they can think of to postpone Flo's mandatory retirement. 
21 56 "Hurricane (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege May 1, 1986 185731
The courtroom becomes a delivery room when Hurricane Mel traps four pregnant women. 
22 57 "Hurricane (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege May 8, 1986 185732
See Part 1, above. 

Season 4 (1986–1987)

Ep. No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 58 "The Next Voice You Hear..." Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege October 2, 1986 185931
Harry's distracted from a courtroom full of ventriloquists and their dummies by the delivery of a letter from his mother, mailed fifteen years earlier. John Astin appears as Buddy Ryan. Roz Russell (Marsha Warfield) become the court's new bailiff after Flo's death. 
2 59 "Giving Thanks" Jeff Melman Teresa O'Neill October 9, 1986 185935
Dan demands that Christine sleep with him after he saves her life with the Heimlich maneuver. 
3 60 "Author, Author" Jeff Melman Dennis Koenig October 16, 1986 185933
Bull tries his hand at writing a children's story; however, the results are a trifle strong for the editors he submits it to. 
4 61 "Halloween II: The Return of Leon" Tim Steele Linwood Boomer October 30, 1986 185934
Harry looks forward to seeing Leon again while Dan crawls for an invitation to his boss' Halloween party. 
5 62 "Dan's Operation (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens November 6, 1986 185936
Dan refuses to admit his surgery has weakened him and he overexerts himself into a coma. 
6 63 "Dan's Operation (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Bob Stevens November 13, 1986 185937
After Dan falls into a coma, his friends maintain a bedside vigil and reminisce about the good times they've had. 
7 64 "The New Judge" Jeff Melman Linwood Boomer November 20, 1986 185939
Dan makes a friend out of the judge substituting until he realizes the man is trying to bribe him, and his friends talk him into wearing a wire to entrap the man. 
8 65 "Contempt of Courting" Jeff Melman Tom Straw November 27, 1986 185938
Harry returns and finds a lovely woman substituting on the bench for him, who likes him a lot and jails Christine for mouthing off about perceived mistreatment of a client. 
9 66 "Earthquake" Jeff Melman Dennis Koenig December 4, 1986 185940
A mild earthquake traps Dan and Roz and two wrestlers in an elevator. Meanwhile Harry has to deal with a group of smart-mouthed criminals. 
10 67 "Prince of a Guy" Tim Steele Tom Reeder December 11, 1986 185941
Harry tries to prevent the forced marriage of a Polynesian princess while her brother auctions off Christine. 
11 68 "New Year's Leave" John Larroquette Tom Straw December 18, 1986 185942
Harry deals sympathetically with an escaped felon whose only wish is to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square to celebrate his 42nd wedding anniversary. 
12 69 "Murder" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege January 8, 1987 185943
Harry has to deal with a woman who confesses to him that she killed her husband that morning, a detective who can't get used to working without his partner and a morose Dan who was rejected as a sperm bank donor. 
13 70 "Baby Talk" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder January 15, 1987 185932
Mac goes on a drunken spree in a cowboy bar after Quon Le spends them into bankruptcy and then announces her pregnancy. 
14 71 "The Modest Proposal" Jeff Melman Howard Ostroff January 29, 1987 185944
Harry scoffs when Christine announces her engagement. 
15 72 "A Day in the Life" Thomas Klein Nat Mauldin,
Teresa O'Neill,
Bob Stevens
February 5, 1987 185945
Harry must judge all his cases by midnight. 
16 73 "Rabid" Jim Drake Dennis Koenig February 12, 1987 185946
The gang searches for a dog that saved Harry from a fire but has bitten Dan and may have given him rabies. 
17 74 "Chistine's Friend" Jim Drake Bob Stevens February 19, 1987 185947
Harry and Dan compete to take Christine's hot friend away to a romantic weekend getaway. 
18 75 "Caught Red Handed" Howard Ritter,
Harry Anderson
Harry Anderson February 26, 1987 185948
Christine's new boss (Michael Gross) sexually harasses her. Meanwhile, Dan meets his match in a woman who has sworn celibacy. 
19 76 "Paternity" Jim Drake Teresa O'Neill March 18, 1987 185950
After a smart-mouthed kid claims to be his son, Dan is served with a paternity suit. 
20 77 "Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson" Jim Drake Tom Reeder March 25, 1987 185949
Quon Le plans to become a US citizen before her baby is born, but she and Mac are both rushed to the hospital with pains just as Harry begins the swearing-in ceremony. 
21 78 "Her Honor (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Linwood Boomer April 29, 1987 185951
Dan thinks he will become a new judge, but Christine is awarded the position. However, Harry discovers that his name is not on the judge reappointment list. Meanwhile the Wheelers, the hick couple from West Virginia, become the proprietors of the concession stand. 
22 79 "Her Honor (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Craig Porter,
Linwood Boomer
May 6, 1987 185952
Upon learning that he will not be reappointed as a judge, Harry disappears to perform an outrageous stunt. But he doesn't realize that Christine, who has taken over the night court, has gotten his job back. 

Season 5 (1987–1988)

Ep. No. Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 80 "Her Honor (Part 3)" Jeff Melman Linwood Boomer September 17, 1987 186201
Christine nervously takes the bench as Dan and Mac try to cover for the newly reinstated Harry, who's planning the greatest gag of all time. 
2 81 "Her Honor (Part 4)" Jeff Melman Linwood Boomer September 24, 1987 186203
While preparing to attempt his outrageous stunt, Harry talks to and saves the life of a suicidal man. 
3 82 "Death of a Bailiff" Jeff Melman Bob Underwood October 15, 1987 186202
Bull decides to give away all his worldly goods after hearing God's voice when he's struck by lightning on the roof of the courthouse. 
4 83 "Ladies Night" Jeff Melman Paul J. Raley October 22, 1987 186207
Christine and Roz visit a male strip joint to do some female bonding, but Harry and the guys show up just as the show gets going. 
5 84 "Safe" Tim Steele Tom Reeder October 29, 1987 186206
On Halloween, Harry traps himself inside a safe while practicing a magic trick and Dan is pursued by a little devil who seems to know all about him. 
6 85 "Mac's Dilemma" Jeff Melman Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
November 12, 1987 186205
An old friend (David Graf) asks Mac to lose his court records and a Japanese man about to be honored by the governor dies while in custody. 
7 86 "Who Was That Mashed Man?" Jeff Melman Tom Straw,
R.J. Colleary
November 19, 1987 186211
Dan's sadistic boss asks him to look out for his very attractive niece (Teri Hatcher) while Harry tries to prevent a TV hero of yesteryear from killing himself. 
8 87 "No Hard Feelings" Jeff Melman Tom Straw November 29, 1987 186204
Harry hires a blind assistant (Elayne Boosler) whose abrasive sense of humor puts everyone on edge and Dan struggles with impotence when he meets a seductive prospective employer. 
9 88 "Constitution (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Rich Reinhart December 3, 1987 186209
Harry tries to talk sense to Roz, a recently diagnosed diabetic who's convinced her life is over, and handle a desperate man holding an original draft of the Constitution hostage in the courtroom. 
10 89 "Constitution (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Rich Reinhart December 10, 1987 186210
See Part 1, above. 
11 90 "Let It Snow" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder December 17, 1987 186213
A blizzard traps everyone inside the courthouse and cancels holiday plans, including a visit from Bull's mother, the skipper of a garbage scow. 
12 91 "Dan, the Walking Time Bomb" Tim Steele Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
January 7, 1988 186212
Dan frantically tries to rid himself of a briefcase containing a time bomb that someone has handcuffed to his wrist while Joy demands that Bull treat her as he would a sighted woman. Also, Dan's real name is revealed to the staff. 
13 92 "Hit the Road, Jack" Jeff Melman Dennis Koenig January 14, 1988 186208
Christine's father makes plans to retire to Florida, but winds up living with her and hanging out with Dan. 
14 93 "I'm OK, You're Catatonic/Schizophrenic" Jeff Melman Reinhold Weege January 21, 1988 186215
Dan ties up Mel Tormé so Harry can meet him but the judge is preoccupied with trying to keep his stepfather Buddy out of a mental hospital. 
15 94 "Chrizzi's Honor" Jeff Melman James Gates February 11, 1988 186216
A very nice stranger on the run from the mob crashes Christine's anniversary party in honor of Charles and Diana. 
16 95 "Another Day in the Life" Jeff Melman Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
February 18, 1988 186217
Panic grips the courtroom as the gang races to clear 207 cases in one session so a millionaire will donate money to save an orphanage and so Dan can win an office pool for the most convictions. 
17 96 "Heart of Stone" Tim Steele Bob Underwood February 25, 1988 186214
An old flame of Harry's drops by to renew their relationship but neglects to tell him she's married. 
18 97 "Russkie Business" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder March 25, 1988 186221
Yakov returns for some help in getting a visa to return to Russia to visit his mother. Johnny Carson appears as himself. 
19 98 "Jung and the Restless" Tim Steele Tom Straw April 1, 1988 186220
The gang joins Roz in an encounter group she's required to attend to temper her hostile attitude at work, and they see a new side to their co-worker. Guest stars a young Don Cheadle as Jack. 
20 99 "Top Judge" Jeff Melman Dennis Koenig April 8, 1988 186219
Harry becomes uncharacteristically glum and morose after an elderly judge dies after one of Harry's pranks, so his friends urge him to respond when a new judge lays claim to Harry's crown as the "King of the Courtroom Cutups." 
21 100 "Mac's Millions" Tim Steele Linwood Boomer May 5, 1988 186218
Mac quits after inheriting $2 million from his grandfather, leaving his friends at the mercy of the most incompetent court clerk in New York. 
22 101 "Danny Got His Gun (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
May 12, 1988 186222
Dan flip-flops on his active duty for the Army Reserve until he learns it will be in a tropical paradise with a beautiful lady officer. 

Season 6 (1988–1989)

Ep. No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 103 "Danny Got His Gun (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther,
Dodie Warren
October 26, 1988 186461
Dan's rescued by a group of friendly Eskimos while his friends in New York plan a memorial service. 
2 104 "Danny Got His Gun (Part 3)" Jeff Melman Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
October 26, 1988 186462
See Part 2, above. 
3 105 "Fire" Jeff Melman Bob Underwood November 2, 1988 186463
A fire breaks out in the building so everyone is forced to retreat to the morgue for safety, but this doesn't stop Dan from watching the election results for his race for the state assembly. 
4 106 "Harry and the Tramp" Jeff Melman Nancy Steen,
Neil Thompson
November 9, 1988 186464
Harry learns in his courtroom that his date for a big social event is a porno movie star. 
5 107 "Educating Rhoda" Jeff Melman Harold Kimmel November 16, 1988 186465
Bull falls for a sweet, but inept bailiff trainee (Denny Dillon) who allows a psychotic prisoner to steal her gun, who promptly makes a date with Dan. 
6 108 "The Last Temptation of Mac" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder November 23, 1988 186466
Christine wears herself out planning a Thanksgiving feast for the courthouse regulars and Mac faces the seduction of an attractive classmate. 
7 109 "The Law Club" Tim Steele Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais November 30, 1988 186467
Dan has to choose between Christine and membership in an exclusive law club when his sponsor demands his silence about his plans to seduce her to win a bet. 
8 110 "Night Court of the Living Dead" Tim Steele Paul J. Raley December 14, 1988 186468
An inventor runs away from court to avoid being committed to Bellevue, a man just out of a 20 year coma appears before the bench, and Christine fences with her replacement when a computer error declares her dead. 
9 111 "The Night Court Before Christmas" Tim Steele Bob Underwood December 21, 1988 186469
Buddy comes to visit Harry for the holidays and Roz is arrested for appropriating a sled full of toys and distributing them to needy children. 
10 112 "Mental Giant" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder January 11, 1989 186470
Bull scores very high on an I.Q. test and is offered a cushy job at a think-tank trying to communicate mentally with test animals. 
11 113 "Rock-a-Bye Baby" Jeff Melman Neil Thompson,
Nancy Steen
January 18, 1989 186473
Christine wears herself to a frazzle watching a neighbor's baby while the others monopolize her television watching a lacrosse game. 
12 114 "Clip Show (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Larry Strawther,
Gary Murphy
January 25, 1989 186471
A city auditor (Richard Sanders) tries to investigate some of the more bizarre expenses attributed to Harry's court (via flashbacks) but he's interrupted by a clown wielding a gun and threatening to shoot everyone. 
13 115 "Clip Show (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Larry Strawther,
Gary Murphy,
Tim Steele
January 25, 1989 186472
See Part 1, above. 
14 116 "The Trouble is Not in Your Set" Jeff Melman Mike Imfeld February 1, 1989 186474
A woman (Marion Ross) who can't tell where her life begins and television ends interrupts the proceedings brandishing a grenade and demanding that her husband be released from prison and given a pardon. 
15 117 "The Game Show" Jeff Melman Bob Underwood February 15, 1989 186475
Bull goes on a game show to raise money for a rec center, but the gang has to hypnotize him so that he is not too nervous to go on. 
16 118 "This Old Man" Jeff Melman Nancy Steen,
Neil Thompson
March 1, 1989 186476
Harry and the gang refuse to take Christine and her new beau seriously: he's old enough to be her father. 
17 119 "Strange Bedfellows" Jeff Melman Tom Reeder March 8, 1989 186477
Dan finally meets his opponent for the state assembly seat on election day and sparks fly; Harry gives his cold to Mel Tormé in exchange for two concert tickets. 
18 120 "From Snoop to Nuts (Part 1)" Jeff Melman Harry Anderson March 15, 1989 186478
Harry works undercover to get the goods on a mobster and earns a contract on his life when Buddy spills the beans about it and about Harry's real father. 
19 121 "From Snoop to Nuts (Part 2)" Jeff Melman Larry Strawther,
Harry Anderson,
Gary Murphy
March 22, 1989 186479
See Part 1, above. 
20 122 "Pen Pals" Jeff Melman Bob Underwood April 12, 1989 186480
Roz falls in love with Christine's prison pen pal, who has escaped from prison; Dan flirts with a law student. 
21 123 "Not My Type" Tim Steele James Gates April 26, 1989 186481
Christine accepts a date with Art the handyman, then regrets it; meanwhile Mac's children's story is lost in the courthouse computer. 
22 124 "Yet Another Day in the Life" Jeff Melman Nancy Steen,
Neil Thompson
May 3, 1989 186482
The gang tries to set another record for cases adjudicated as the building slowly floods, causing prisoners to pile up in the hallways and Dan grinds his teeth to be off by midnight to catch a flight to anywhere. 

Season 7 (1989–1990)

Ep. No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 125 "Life With Buddy" Jim Drake Bob Underwood September 27, 1989 186331
Buddy leaves the institution and moves in with Harry while Dan and his real estate agent scheme to take over a dying man's Park Avenue apartment. 
2 126 "If I Were a Rich Man" Jim Drake Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
October 11, 1989 186333
Dan plans to swindle a billionaire land developer and Mac agrees to host a cosmetics party for Quon Le. 
3 127 "The Cop and the Lady" Jim Drake Nancy Steen,
Neil Thompson
October 18, 1989 186332
Christine falls for the gorgeous piece of beefcake assigned to protect Dan when the sleazy DA receives several death threats. 
4 128 "Come Back to the Five and Dime, Stephen King, Stephen King" Tim Steele Fred Rubin October 25, 1989 186334
On Halloween night, Harry loses his new bat, Tito, and an exorcist's curse resurrects the unquiet spirit of a defendant from fifty years earlier. 
5 129 "Blue Suede Bull" Jim Drake Bill Bryan November 1, 1989 186335
Harry embarrasses Christine in front of a very pro-feminist judge with his trick handcuffs while Dan repays a debt to Bull by taking him out on the town for a swinging evening. 
6 130 "For Love or Money" Jim Drake Nancy Steen,
Neil Thompson
November 8, 1989 186336
Buddy proposes to a wealthy, fun loving widow while Dan tries to hide the fact that he's been reduced to living in his office. 
7 131 "Auntie Maim" Jim Drake Bob Underwood November 15, 1989 186338
Roz drafts Mac to pose as her fiancé when her overbearing auntie comes to visit and Dan meets an aging actress who teaches him some new tricks in an elevator. 
8 132 "Attack of the Mac Snacks" Jim Drake Harry Anderson,
Turk Pipkin
November 22, 1989 186337
Harry and Mac team up to market one of Quon Le's snack concoctions, Christine's stingy uncle pays her a visit, and Dan tries to pretend he's in touch with his feminine side in order to seduce a co-worker. 
9 133 "Branded (Part 1)" Jim Drake Bill Bryan November 29, 1989 186341
Dan becomes the target for first a job offer, then disbarment proceedings when a wealthy lawyer seeks to get charges against his son dropped, and Christine and Roz become diet buddies. 
10 134 "Branded (Part 2)" Jim Drake Bill Bryan December 6, 1989 186342
See Part 1, above. 
11 135 "Passion Plundered" Jim Drake Gail Rock December 20, 1989 186343
Dan and Harry each vie for the attentions of an attractive reporter doing a story on Harry's courtroom and Roz gets swept off her feet by three Boldavian brothers. 
12 136 "Amore or Less" Jim Drake Fred Rubin January 3, 1990 186339
Christine finds everyone too busy to help her out with her new romance so she turns to two feuding advice columnists. 
13 137 "Razing Bull" Jim Drake Fred Rubin January 17, 1990 186344
Bull chains himself to the entrance of an old theater scheduled to be demolished and the ensuring efforts to save the building reveals a secret life from Mac's past. Special appearance by The Rivingtons
14 138 "Futureman" Tim Steele Leonard Mlodinow,
Scott Rubenstein
January 24, 1990 186340
Dan is held hostage in the courtroom by two thugs but a man from the future — VHK 937 — appears on a mission to save him. 
15 139 "Wedding Bell Blues (Part 1)" Jim Drake Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
February 7, 1990 186346
Christine makes an impulsive decision at her farewell dinner with beau Tony, one that has severe repercussions when he leaves on an assignment he may not return from. 
16 140 "Wedding Bell Blues (Part 2)" Jim Drake Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
February 14, 1990 186347
Christine deals with Tony's departure and her unexpected pregnancy. 
17 141 "The Talk Show" Jim Drake Nancy Steen,
Neil Thompson
February 21, 1990 186345
Dan finds a new niche in life as the host of a shock-TV show and Mac and Quon Le may lose out on their Graceland vacation. 
18 142 "Melvin and Harold" Jim Drake Bob Underwood February 28, 1990 186348
Plans for Mel Tormé to appear at Harry's 40th birthday party are derailed when Harry puts his idol behind bars for failing to pay a parking ticket. 
19 143 "The Glasnost Menagerie" Tim Steele Fred Rubin March 7, 1990 186349
Harry helps Yakov get a visa extension for his father (Arte Johnson) and Mac buys a washing machine with an attitude problem. 
20 144 "I Said Dance!" Jim Drake Bill Bryan March 14, 1990 186350
Roz faces a lawsuit and no job after Bull borrows her gun and shoots himself in the foot, thanks to his sue-happy lawyer cousin. 
21 145 "My Three Dads" Charles Robinson,
Howard Ritter
Nancy Steen,
Neil Thompson
March 28, 1990 186351
While attending childbirth class with her three coaches, Christine imagines her child as it grows up influenced by each of the eager proxy fathers. 
22 146 "Still Another Day in the Life" Tim Steele Bob Underwood April 4, 1990 186352
Harry helps a young man appearing before his court stop his girl friend's marriage to a prefab preppie. 
23 147 "A Closer Look" Howard Ritter,
Harry Anderson
Bill Bryan,
Fred Rubin,
Bob Underwood
April 11, 1990 186353
Harry, his court and co-workers come under the sharp journalistic eye of a TV reporter doing a story on typical night court events. 
24 148 "The Blues of the Birth" Tim Steele Gary Murphy,
Larry Strawther
May 2, 1990 186354
Christine goes into labor while trapped in an elevator with Buddy and a squeamish courtroom visitor (Stephen Furst). 

Season 8 (1990–1991)

Ep. No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 149 "A Family Affair (Part 1)" Jim Drake Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
September 26, 1990 186931
Christine comes back from having her baby and has to deal with the shadow of her replacement, good 'ole Ted. Harry tries to avoid the tutor arranged to help him pass a crucial high school history test. Meanwhile Dan's sister comes to visit, and Dan asks Bull to take her out to see the sights of New York, unaware that his baby sister is a chip off the old Fielding block. 
2 150 "A Family Affair (Part 2)" Jim Drake Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
October 3, 1990 186932
Dan learns that Bull slept with his visiting sister. 
3 151 "When Harry Met Margaret" Jim Drake Benjy Compson October 10, 1990 186933
Harry's first date with Margaret Turner (Mary Cadorette), the new court reporter, turns into a disaster when he follows Dan's advice. 
4 152 "Can't Buy Me Love" Jim Drake Elaine Aronson October 17, 1990 186934
Dan is thrilled when he offers himself as a prize at a bachelor auction, until he sees the lecherous old woman who bids highest for him; and Christine is beginning to have doubts about her marriage to Tony. 
5 153 "Death Takes a Halloween" Jim Drake Harry Anderson October 31, 1990 186936
On Halloween, Harry locks up a defendant known as the Spirit of Death, and people, including next scheduled victim Dan, stop dying. 
6 154 "Crossroads (Part 1)" Jim Drake Bob Underwood November 7, 1990 186937
When the staff is quarantined for the night, they spend the hours reminiscing about turning points in their lives. 
7 155 "Crossroads (Part 2)" Jim Drake Bob Underwood November 7, 1990 186938
See Part 1, above. 
8 156 "Day Court" Jim Drake Kevin Kelton November 14, 1990 186935
Roz surprises everyone by becoming unbearably perky when the staff is temporarily assigned to daytime hours, and Christine decides she must totally change her personality to hang onto Tony and her marriage. 
9 157 "A Night Court at the Opera" Jim Drake Jim Pond,
Bill Fuller
November 21, 1990 186940
Dan tries to win over Margaret during a night at the opera and Bull acquires disciples convinced that he's their god. 
10 158 "Nobody Says Rat Fink Anymore" Hoard Ritter Fred Rubin November 28, 1990 186939
Harry has to summon the courage to face a bully from his childhood who is brought before him in court, and Christine searches high and low for the perfect nanny. 
11 159 "Jail Bait" Christine Ballard Nancylee Myatt December 5, 1990 186941
A street artist helps raise Christine's spirits, and Mac and Dan indulge a passion for photography. 
12 160 "It's Just a Joke" Howard Ritter Lee Maddux December 12, 1990 186942
Everyone gets their two cents in when a comic's offensive routine sparks a First Amendment debate. 
13 161 "Bringing Down Baby" Charles Robinson,
Howard Ritter
Elaine Aronson January 2, 1991 186943
Roz loses yet another battle with courtesy and tact when she tells off the mother of an obnoxious child star shooting a TV pilot in the courtroom. 
14 162 "Presumed Insolvent" Jim Drake Kevin Kelton January 23, 1991 186944
Dan looks at Phil the wino in a whole new light when the bum rescues a defendant left penniless by the S&L crisis. 
15 163 "Mama Was a Rollin' Stone" Jim Drake Jim Pond,
Bill Fuller
February 6, 1991 186945
Dan anticipates a windfall from Phil the wino's will but gets a surprise instead. Bull anxiously awaits a visit from his mother, an old salt due to retire from the sea and come live with sonny boy. 
16 164 "Attachments Included" Jim Drake Fred Rubin February 13, 1991 186946
Christine finds herself tense over finalizing her divorce, Harry is nervous about moving in with Margaret, and Bull follows his mother's advice and looks for a wife — with the help of a matchmaker. 
17 165 "Alone Again, Naturally" Tim Steele Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais February 20, 1991 186947
Harry gets a wealth of conflicting advice when he confides in his friends that he thinks Margaret is about to propose marriage. 
18 166 "Hey Harry, F'Crying Out Loud — It is a Wonderful Life... Sorta" Jim Drake Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
February 27, 1991 186948
An angel appears in the guise of Mel Tormé to show Harry how dismal the courtroom would be if he'd never been born, especially with Dan as the corrupt judge in charge. 
19 167 "To Sleep, No More" Jim Drake Bob Underwood,
Tom Abraham,
Mike Underwood
March 6, 1991 186947
Dan suffers all the pangs of a guilty conscience over misuse of the Phil Foundation funds. Bull tries out a toupee, the Shatner 2000. Bert Parks appears as himself. 
20 168 "With a Little Help From My Friends" Kevin Sullivan Nancylee Myatt March 13, 1991 186949
Roz tries Christine's "happy therapy" and sets the group back several months and Jack's son finally admits to himself and his dad that running the newsstand isn't for him. 
21 169 "Mac Takes a Vocation" Jim Drake Fred Rubin March 20, 1991 186950
Harry gets riled when a Supreme Court judge woos Mac away to serve as a vote-getting token on his staff and Dan hires an English valet in an attempt to replace Phil. 
22 170 "Harry's Fifteen Minutes" Jim Drake Jim Pond,
Bill Fuller
April 3, 1991 186951
Harry lets an article naming him one of New York's 10 most interesting men go to his head, and he disappoints Christine by fibbing to get out of a date. Dan tries to live up to his responsibilities as head of the Phil Foundation. 
23 171 "Where There's a Will, There's a Tony (Part 1)" Jim Drake Elaine Aronson May 1, 1991 186952
Harry experiences some very mixed emotions when Tony tries to win Christine back, and the transformed Dan gets some help in running the Phil Foundation, from Phil's twin brother Will. 
24 172 "Where There's a Will, There's a Tony (Part 2)" Jim Drake Kevin Kelton May 8, 1991 186953
See Part 1, above. 

Season 9 (1991–1992)

Ep. No. Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Production code
1 173 "A Guy Named Phantom (Part 1)" Jim Drake Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
September 18, 1991 187231
Harry and Christine are both confused over their feelings for each other, but before they can work them out, the deranged Dan kidnaps Christine at a courthouse costume party. 
2 174 "A Guy Named Phantom (Part 2)" Jim Drake Chris Cluess,
Stu Kreisman
September 25, 1991 187232
See Part 1, above. 
3 175 "My Life as a Dog Lawyer" Jim Drake Nancylee Myatt October 2, 1991 187233
Harry brings the country to the brink of war by jailing a diplomat from a small but belligerent nation, and Dan returns to duty. 
4 176 "Puppy Love" Jim Drake Kevin Kelton October 9, 1991 187234
Roz stuns her co-workers when her uptown husband pays a visit to secure a divorce so he can marry again. 
5 177 "Pop Goes the Question" Jim Drake Elaine Aronson October 16, 1991 187235
Wanda learns on the anniversary of their first date that Bull must perform a miracle before he can marry her. 
6 178 "Guess Who's Listening to Dinner?" Jim Drake Jim Pond,
Bill Fuller
October 30, 1991 187237

Dan tries to break up with the daughter of a crime boss, who insists Dan reconsider over dinner — and that he bring along Christine.

Note: This is the only episode that Harry Anderson does not appear in. 
7 179 "Looking for Mr. Shannon" Jim Drake Vince Cheung,
Ben Montanio
November 6, 1991 187238
Bull's bachelor party turns into a disaster when the guys are stranded at a motel with no money and no transportation, and where Bull is kidnapped. 
8 180 "Teacher's Pet" Jim Drake Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais November 13, 1991 187239
Christine is disillusioned by a law professor she once idolized and Bull undergoes an unusual ceremony to regain his virginity. 
9 181 "The System Works" Jim Drake Lee Maddux November 20, 1991 187236
Harry has his hands full when he agrees to teach a law course with a eclectic group of students and Dan hires an artist to do some very special sketches of Christine. 
10 182 "Get Me to the Roof on Time" Jim Drake Jim Pond,
Bill Fuller,
Rocky Danielson
November 27, 1991 187240
Bull's wedding day threatens to fall apart when bride Wanda refuses to wear Mother Hank's wedding gown, Harry and Art quarrel over being best man and Christine over-organizes everything. 
11 183 "Santa on the Lam" Howard Ritter Lee Maddux December 11, 1991 187242
On Christmas Eve Dan tries to show a disillusioned Santa that the holiday spirit still exists as Harry tries to get away from a depressing lonely soul he's befriended. 
12 184 "Shave and a Haircut" Tim Steele Kevin Kelton January 8, 1992 187243
Harry goes all out to get Mel Tormé to accept a man-of-the-year award unaware that it's all a prank and Dan and Will turn into bounty hunters. 
13 185 "A New York Story" Jim Drake Fred Graver January 15, 1992 187244
Harry uncovers a city financial snafu when a defendant proves he owns several prominent landmarks and Dan enjoys being a beauty pageant judge. 
14 186 "Undressed For Success" Jim Drake Mike Imfeld January 22, 1992 187241
Mac considers doing an underwear commercial for some quick cash and Roz entrusts some personal treasures to Dan. 
15 187 "Poker? I Hardly Know Her" Jim Drake Nancylee Myatt February 5, 1992 187245
Roz hosts a makeup-poker party while Harry redecorates his office and Dan dallies with a courtroom cutie. 
16 188 "Party Girl (Part 1)" Kevin Sullivan Elaine Aronson February 12, 1992 187246
A political consultant persuades Christine to run for Congress, Dan becomes a sexual surrogate, and Mac's video of Bull's wedding achieves a certain distinction. 
17 189 "Party Girl (Part 2)" Jim Drake Alison Rosenfeld-Desmarais February 12, 1992 187247
See Part 1, above. 
18 190 "To Sir With... Ah, What the Heck... Love" Jim Drake Jim Pond,
Bill Fuller
February 26, 1992 187249
Dan begins kissing up to Harry as part of his campaign to replace Harry on the bench when he becomes a full time law professor and Art the handyman becomes a surrogate dad to Bull when he starts dating Bull's mama. 
19 191 "P.S. Do I Know You?" Jim Drake Nancylee Myatt,
Karen Heckler
March 4, 1992 187250
Roz dreads meeting a male pen pal who's expecting someone just a little different than the real Roz. 
20 192 "Opportunity Knock Knocks (Part 1)" Jim Drake Elaine Aronson May 13, 1992 187251
Harry contemplates a variety of job offers, Dan anticipates life on easy street with a wealthy bride, Bull deals with some really out-of-town visitors, and Christine contemplates the agony of defeat. 
21 193 "Opportunity Knock Knocks (Part 2)" Jim Drake Nancylee Myatt May 13, 1992 187252
See Part 1, above. 
22 194 "The 1992 Boat Show" Charles Robinson Vince Cheung,
Ben Montanio
May 20, 1992 187248
Roz steals the show and Dan's spot with the in-crowd when a gossip columnist discovers her and Lisette tries to deal with her erotic dreams about Harry. This episode was originally scheduled for May 6, 1992 but instead aired after the series finale "Opportunity Knock Knocks (Part 2)". 

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