List of minor humans (Animorphs)

List of minor humans (Animorphs)

This page details the minor-role humans from the Animorphs series.

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Allison Kim

Allison Kim, of Korean descent, is Edriss 562's third human host body. Edriss took much information about the human race from her and also found herself respecting and admiring her, in comparison to her previous host Jenny Lines. Allison tried to commit suicide while under the control of Edriss by closing one eye Edriss had allowed her control over and almost causing a car crash - this was a key moment where Edriss realised the "liberty-or-death" mentality possessed by humans. She believed Allison to be more passionate and alive than any Yeerk - so much so that for about a year Edriss took on many aspects of her personality and "became human" - going so far as to fall in love with and marry Essam 293 (a subordinate who was infesting a man named Hildy Gervais) and have two children: Madra and Darwin. She was later killed by Edriss, who had taken on the host of Lore David Altman.

Alternamorphs books only

  • The First Journey (order of appearance)
    • Your mother
    • Lexie, your sister
    • Diane, your mom's friend
    • Ms. Humphries, your next-door neighbor with many ferrets and at least one cat. She is a controller.
    • The two animal handlers
    • The Gardens park security
    • Finley, the tall police officer
    • Seidel, the other police officer, both controllers
    • Patrolman Teeter (crossing guard)
    • Ms. Pedalowski (Marco's previous homeroom teacher)
  • The Next Passage
    •  ?


Aria appears only in #23:The Pretender. Tobias describes her as being between 25 and 30 years old, with dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is of medium height, thin, and somewhat tan-colored skin. Later in the book, it is revealed that "Aria" is merely one of Visser Three's (at least three) human morphs, used as a disguise to get closer to Tobias under the guise that she is a nature photographer working in Africa who was related to Tobias in a vauge cousin sort-of-way. It is not known where Visser Three obtained his "Aria" morph from.



The "Barry" of The Barry and Cindy Sue Show. His name and job are a reference to Regis Philbin of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Only appears in #12:The Reaction.

Bart Jacobs

Bart Jacobs appears in #12:The Reaction as a guest on the Barry and Cindy Sue Show. He is an animal trainer who brings his animals on the set. His name and occupation are likely a reference to Steve Irwin, the real-life "crocodile hunter", or Jack Hanna, who is known to bring live animals onto a talk show stage at times.

Jean Berenson

Jean Berenson is the mother of Jake Berenson. She works as a freelance writer. In book 49, she and her husband Steve are infested by two Yeerks with the help of Tom's Yeerk. She was played by Karen Waddell on the TV series, renamed Nikki.

Steve Berenson

Steve Berenson is the father of Jake Berenson. He works as a pediatrician. In book 49, he and his wife Jean are infested by two Yeerks with the help of Tom's Yeerk. He was played by Jonathan Whittaker on the TV series, renamed Greg.

  • Pete and Dominick - Two of Steve's friends who come over to his house in #11:The Forgotten to watch boxing on pay-per-view for $40. Steve looks forward to spending "quality time" with his sons, and one of the things he likes to do is watch sports events on TV.
  • Joe Johnson - Steve's (and the family's) insurance agent, likely of car insurance if not also home and/or life. Mentioned in book 31.
  • Jeannie and Mary Anne - Two of Steve's coworkers at the doctor's office where he works (book 31).

Tom Berenson

Thomas Berenson
Animorphs character
Tom Berenson.jpg
Tom, as played by Josh Peace on the TV series.
First appearance The Invasion
Last appearance The Beginning
Created by K. A. Applegate
Portrayed by Joshua Peace (TV series)
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Yeerk Host
Family Steve Berenson (father)
Jean Berenson (mother)
Jake Berenson (brother)
Relatives Rachel, Jordan, Sara, Saddler, Justin, Brooke, and Forrest (cousins)
Dan and George (uncles)
Naomi and Ellen (aunts)
Grandpa G. (maternal great-grandfather)
Isaiah Fitzhenry (maternal great-great-great granduncle)
Religion Jewish
Nationality American
Controlling Yeerks Temrash 114
Unnamed Yeerk

Thomas "Tom" Berenson is Jake's older brother. Described as almost identical to Jake, only taller with shorter, darker hair, Tom became an involuntary Controller after following a crush into an exclusive meeting of The Sharing. Tom was a Controller before Elfangor crash-landed on earth.

Marco realized that he was a Controller when he became very interested in the circumstances surrounding the crash landing, and in book 1 the Animorphs enter the Yeerk pool in an attempt to save him. Though the Animorphs learn that he is an involuntary host when they invade the Yeerk Pool in the first book, Jake does not learn exactly how he became a Controller until book six. It is revealed that Tom followed his crush into the Yeerk Pool and saw Visser Three in his stolen Andalite body. Jake learned of this when he was temporarily infested by the Yeerk Temrash 114 who informs him that Tom has been given to another Yeerk. During Temrash 114's dying moments, because of Kandrona starvation, Jake witnesses some of his memories, including how Tom was originally infested.

Tom's second Yeerk was an ambitious low-level grunt who rose quickly in the ranks after gaining the Escafil device (morphing cube). In the Animorphs TV series the Yeerk was referred to as Iniss 335 (Iniss 226 is Mr. Chapman's Yeerk). However, in the novels, the Yeerk's name was never revealed. He manages to prevent torture and execution by Visser One, who is angered by the incompetence showed by Tom who was living in the same house of one of the "Andalite" bandits, by stealing the Escafil device, and who is let off by Cassie who has the intuition that allowing Yeerks to morph would make them give up their conquest for habitable species given also the fact that they are constrained by the necessity to exit their hosts every three days to soak in their own true bodies Kandrona nutrients, something that the partially-blinded Andalites themselves would never dare to consider given the Yeerks' ruthless and cunning nature (her intuition is partially proved correct by Ax, who while initially feels deeply betrayed by her act and cannot thus forgive Cassie for what he perceives is treason that had she been Andalite would have been punished by immediate execution by her superiors, encounters during a fight a Yeerk in bird morph that tells him that he has almost consumed the entirety of the time-limit of the morph and that he will thus be trapped in the morph and therefore free). After gaining the Escafil device, he eventually tries to betray Visser One in an attempt to start his own empire with his own following in some other part of the galaxy by using Visser One's Blade Ship. He attempts to kill the Animorphs by making a double-deal given his contempt for them and for Jake, but Jake eludes him, and sends his cousin Rachel to kill him out of necessity. Tom dies at the age of 19.

Bobby McIntyre

Bobby McIntyre was a young boy who appeared in book 43. He is deaf, and in the book, Tobias finds him lost in the woods, and helps a search party find Bobby. In doing so, Tobias is also attacked by a golden eagle.


Brooke is one of Saddler's siblings, and is a cousin of Jake and Rachel.


Captain Olston

Captain Olston is the head commander of the National Guard detachment around the Animorphs hiding location. In The Sacrifice (#52), the Animorphs decide to blow up the Yeerk pool, so they send the adults in as lost campers to distract the Guard while the rest of them invade warehouses of explosives to steal. When they are stopped, Jake introduces himself, and states that he needs explosives. Olston is reluctant. Rachel's lawyer mother, Naomi, introduces herself as well, and Olston thanks her once again for defending his son, who was wrongfully accused of a car theft. If he had not been cleared, Olston would likely have left the service in order to continue the case. Naomi stands firmly behind her nephew Jake, and Olston concedes. He later escorts the trucks full of explosives into town.

Carla Belnikoff

Carla Belnikoff is a well-known gymnastics coach on the east coast, in the city where Rachel's dad Dan is relocated to as a news anchor. She takes in "three or four" professional-level gymnastics students every year, and past students of hers have won "two gold medals and a bunch of silver ones." She is mentioned in book 7 by Rachel's dad as a possible teacher if she chooses to move with him to the east coast.

The Carpenters

Richard, Lewis, and Emily Carpenter are three campers whom the Animorphs meet in the novel The Resistance in the Hork-Bajir valley. Richard is the father, while Lewis and Emily are his two kids. They are avid Star Trek fans. In that book, the Yeerks capture a free Hork-Bajir. Although the Animorphs want the other Hork-Bajir to evacuate, they want to stay and fight. Tobias conducts aerial reconnaissance and finds three campers. Jake and Marco attempt to frighten them off, but they do not believe it, so they tell them the truth. The Carpenters are then only too eager to help the "good aliens" against the "bad aliens".

However, Richard did not quite understand what Jake meant, and thought that "killed" meant "stunned" or temporarily paralyzed or captured (despite Jake's warning about "spilled guts, severed limbs, and psychological horror"). When he found out, he wanted to leave, but Lewis wanted to stay and fight. The Animorphs could not let him go anyway because the battle was about to begin. The Animorphs stage a successful defense and force the Yeerks to retreat before evacuating the valley. Tragically, during the intense fighting, Richard is killed. Emily and Lewis' fates after they are evacuated are unknown.

Chapman, Hedrick

Hedrick Chapman
Animorphs character
Principal Chapman.jpg
Hedrick Chapman, as portrayed by Richard Sali on the TV series
First appearance The Invasion (published)
The Andalite Chronicles (chronologically)
Last appearance ?
Created by K. A. Applegate
Portrayed by Richard Sali (TV series)
Nickname(s) Chapman
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Vice Principal
Spouse(s) Mrs. Chapman
Children Melissa Chapman
Nationality American
Controlling Yeerks Sub-Visser 7 (briefly)
Iniss 226

Hedrick Chapman was captured by Skrit Na in The Andalite Chronicles with Loren. After they were rescued by the StarSword, an Andalite ship, he was forced to detour onto the Taxxon homeworld where he was infested by Esplin 9466 after revealing Earth's location to them while trying to make a deal. After that Yeerk infested Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, the ship was attacked, drained of its energy, and was drifting to a black hole. Esplin, Elfangor, and Loren escaped in the Time Matrix, but Chapman, who was unconscious, was about to be sucked in, and Elfangor believed that he was dead. However, the Ellimist saved him, wiping his memory and returning him to Earth, as he still served a purpose.

When the Animorphs continuity begins, Chapman is the vice-principal of the school that the Animorphs attend, controlled by the Yeerk Iniss 226. He is also the head of the Yeerk front organization The Sharing. He plays a critical role in plot of the first novel - Jake watches him enter the Yeerk Pool's underground cave via a janitor's closet in the school, which the Animorphs would use in their first invasion.

He became a voluntary host to prevent the infestation of his daughter, Melissa Chapman. When the Yeerk was threatening to turn Melissa over, Chapman rebelled and caused much trouble. This was the Animorphs' first evidence that Controllers could rebel against their Yeerks. He appears as a recurring character through the series.

In the second-last book of the series, Chapman is kidnapped by Ax and Marco, and used as a hostage in order to force Erek to cooperate. Jake threatened to kill Chapman should Erek disobey his orders, and Erek, a Chee, was programmed to always choose the least violent path; therefore his cooperation, however unwilling, would minimize casualties.

Chapman is presumably freed from his Yeerk parasite at the end of the series, but he is never mentioned again.

Mrs. Chapman

Mrs. Chapman is Hedrick Chapman's wife. Like her husband, she voluntarily became a Controller to protect her daughter. Mrs. Chapman revolts against her Yeerk, which causes the Yeerk to request that Mr. Chapman try to talk Visser Three out of taking the cat. In The Weakness, it is revealed that she owns a barbershop, which the Animorphs invade and tear up.

Chester and his friend

Chester, who has blond hair and wears a ponytail, and his friend (who wears a baseball cap), appear in the first two chapters of book 2. Chester shoots at Rachel, Tobias, and Jake when they are in bird-of-prey morphs (for fun). His friend is drinking a beer. The three Animorphs attack the two young men as they sit in the bed of their pickup truck. Rachel (as a Bald Eagle) swipes Chester's rifle, and Marco steals the other's beer can. They drop the items into the ocean and a trash barrel, respectively.

Cindy Sue

The "Cindy" of The Barry and Cindy Sue Show. Her name and job are a reference to Kathie Lee Gifford of Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Only appears in #12:The Reaction.



Dan Berenson is Rachel's father. He first appears in book 7 as a news anchor. Before the series began, he had divorced his wife Naomi. In book 7, he moved across the country to the East Coast to follow his news anchoring job. Dan has blond hair like his daughter Rachel.


Darwin Gervais is the human son of Edriss 562 and Essam 293, and twin brother of Madra. His name was a joke on said Yeerks' part, for he represented something that had never evolved, the product of not two but four parents, two human and two Yeerk. Darwin was captured by Visser Three and made a Controller. Visser Three tried to force Edriss to shoot him in an attempt to prove her loyalty, but the Animorphs attacked before she could pull the trigger. One of the Animorphs knocked him unconscious.


Davis was a man in the 1930s at Princeton University who appeared in Elfangor's Secret. He called Cassie the n-word. Cassie, having just experienced Jake and Rachel's deaths (temporary, but unknown to her at the time), focused her anger on Davis. She said "You don't like black people, Mr. Davis? No problem. I can turn white. Watch me." She morphs into a polar bear, pins him to a wall, and roars in his face.

He has two friends named Friedman and "Blue Eyes".


Mr. DeGroot (pronounced 'de-groat' and rhymes with 'boat') is Elfangor's (Alan Fangor) lawyer. Although the Ellimist had erased all traces of Elfangor and Alan Fangor's existence on Earth, he was able to leave a final testament. DeGroot found the letter, and brought Tobias in, as it stated that it would be read on his birthday. However, it is revealed that DeGroot is a Controller, and that Visser Three is using the letter to try to trap Tobias (although the letter is genuine).

  • Ingrid is DeGroot's secretary, who lets Tobias in to the office and later brings him a Coke at DeGroot's request.


Derek is an Esquimau/Eskimo teenager who lives in the Arctic where the Animorphs visit for a mission in The Extreme (book #25). He believes that the Animorphs are special spirits; thus, the Animorphs feel friendly and do not try to hide anything. He helped the Animorphs acquire "Nanook" the Polar Bear for a cold-weather morph. He trades fur pelts and likes Star Trek. Marco says Derek has "a large, round face, with slightly slanted black eyes", and tough thick skin.

Doctor Kaehler

Dr. Kaehler was the head doctor in charge of overseeing Saddler's condition in the children's hospital. He shows disbelief when "Saddler" suddenly makes a full recovery after being badly injured in a bike/car crash where death was probable. He explains how the elevator "jammed" when the two doctors were taking Saddler to the operating room and were "knocked out". When they woke up, the elevator was working again and "Saddler" was fully healthy by the time they had rushed him to the operating room. "Saddler" was actually David in morph, and no one except Jake and Rachel suspect this.

Dream characters

The following named characters only appear in dreams had by the narrator of the book:

  • In book 31, The Conspiracy, Jake has a dream that he is a sergeant in World War II. Characters in this dream are:
    • Private Matthews (no first name) is from Arkansas or Alabama. "A southern boy. A kid, one of the last replacements to make it to our unit." He tells Jake that his mother fixed ham for Christmas dinner.
    • This dream has two other unnamed characters in the foxhole with Jake and Matthews.



Eileen is a dolphin trainer who works at The Gardens for the dolphin show. She appears in book 4, The Message.


Ellen is the mother of Saddler, the cousin of Jake and Rachel. Her husband is George, and either she or George is a sibling of Dan or Steve Berenson.


Animorphs character
Eva-Visser One.jpg
Eva, Visser One's host body, as portrayed by Allegra Fulton on the TV series.
First appearance The Predator (published)
Visser (chronologically)
Last appearance The Beginning
Created by K. A. Applegate
Portrayed by Allegra Fulton (TV series)
Unknown woman (inside cover of #30)
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Mother/Wife; host to Visser One
Spouse(s) Peter
Children Marco
Relatives Unknown
Nationality (Mexican) American/Hispanic
Controlling Yeerk Edriss 562 (Visser One)

Eva, Marco's mom, was host to Edriss 562 for much of the Yeerk-Human war. She was infested two years before the start of the series, which is also when Edriss faked Eva's death at sea. Eva is finally freed in book 45, when Edriss is killed. She has very dark hair and dark eyes, according to Marco.

She was known as "Laura" on the television show.



Farrand (first name unknown) was a character in The Secret. His job was the third person on a three-person committee that was to vote on whether to allow the logging job of the Dapsen Logging Company (controlled by Yeerks) to continue.


Forrest was a brother to Saddler, two years old, and cousin to Jake and Rachel. His parents are Ellen and George.

Frank Hallowell

Frank is the owner of Frank's Safari Land and Putt-Putt Golf, a dodgy roadside zoo/amusement park, which Rachel describes as "one of those crappy roadside zoo things." He keeps his animals in small cages and feeds them poorly. One day, a man comes by who says he found a strange creature (Bek) "wandering around the side of the highway." Frank pays $50 for Bek and keeps him in a cage. At "Aria's" suggestion, he changes the sign outside his business from "All New! Deadly Midget Freak! The Living Razor!" to advertising "the first ever actual space alien," which attracts many more customers. The Animorphs, along with Toby Hamee and the free Hork-Bajir, raid the mini park to rescue Bek.


Gary Kozlar

Gary Kozlar is a scientist working at an observatory on the coastline near the Animorphs' city. His Yeerk is Eslin 359, and his first and only appearance is in book 8, The Alien.

George "Berenson"

George is Saddler's father, and by relation an uncle to Jake and Rachel. His wife is Ellen, and either he or Ellen is a sibling of Steve or Dan Berenson.Also father of Forrest.

George Edelman

George Edelman is a Controller who goes insane after eating oatmeal. He tries to throw himself off a building, but he is saved by the Animorphs. Edelman tells Rachel that the Yeerks used microwavable maple-and-ginger oatmeal as a substitute for Kandrona, but that the food also made the Yeerks go insane; although the Yeerk no longer needs to leave Edelman's body, The Yeerk in his head, periodically blanked out and allowing Edelman to regain control. With this fact, the Animorphs acquire mole morphs and dig a tunnel down to the Yeerk pool and dump lots of oatmeal into it. The Animorphs succeed. At the end of the novel, Rachel's mother represents him in a court case, but Rachel (in bear morph) helps him escape from the psychiatric asylum, recalling a comment he made about how he would prefer to enjoy the times when he is in control in the real world rather than in the asylum.

The Governor

The Governor is a gray-haired woman described as 'frumpy, lumpy and dull' by Marco. She is alluded to in several earlier books (and in Book 6, her male predecessor is mentioned), but in The Absolute (#51), the Animorphs decide to contact her to publicly announce the Yeerk invasion threat. The Animorphs actually believe that the governor is a man; when Marco, Ax, and Tobias first meet her, Marco yells to her husband (who is under the control of a Yeerk) to not shoot. The Yeerks later attempt to capture her, but Marco morphs into the governor in a feint to lead the Yeerks away. Marco notes that the governor seems similar to Rachel in certain ways.

Grandpa G.

Grandpa G. is Jake Berenson's great grandfather by relation to his mother Jean. He was a soldier in World War II, and Jake had much respect and admiration for him. In The Conspiracy, he died of a heart attack while putting jelly on his toast. Jake's family left town to attend his funeral. His granduncle is Isaiah Fitzhenry.

  • Mrs. Molloy, his housekeeper

Mr. Grant

An office worker who appears only in book 30, The Reunion. Marco describes him as "stocky" and "well-dressed", and he uses Mr. Grant to get inside the Sutherland Tower by acquiring his DNA to put him in a trance. The security officer tells Marco (thinking that Mr. Grant is Marco's father) that Mr. Grant is very important. Later, Marco finds he must morph Mr. Grant to avoid detection in an upstairs office. Marco discovers Mr. Grant's receding hairline, pale blotches on his knuckles, a light beard close to forming, and a double chin. Mr. Grant is about the same height as Marco, which isn't as high as Marco's other friends. Two of Mr. Grant's coworkers are an unnamed woman and Carlos.


Hewlett Aldershot III

Hewlett Aldershot the Third appears in The Decision (book 18). He has a job as the "second-ranking guy" in the Secret Service, and Visser Three wants a Yeerk in his head because of the power and access to information he would have. While he is in the hospital in a coma (caused by Chapman/Iniss 226 hitting him with a minivan, on orders from Visser Three), the Animorphs morph mosquitos to try to suck his blood to get his DNA.

  • Jane Carnegie - his boss.

Hildy Gervais

Hildy Gervais, of French descent, is Essam 293's second human host body. For about a year both he and his superior Edriss 562 (who had infested a woman named Allison Kim) were cut off from the Yeerk Empire; during this time the human personalities proved overwhelming for them and they lived as humans—he married Edriss/Allison and fathered two children: Madra and Darwin. But while Edriss ended up reverting back to the Yeerk way Essam did not—Hildy and Essam had become friends and Essam wanted to stay as a human. Hildy Gervais suffered the agony of having Essam 293 die inside him of Kandrona starvation—once Essam was at the point of death he began crawling out of Hildy's ear as is reflex to do.

He died halfway, and Edriss pulled Essam out and put him in her pocket. This resulted in bits of Essam still being attached to Hildy's nerve endings, affecting his mental stability. After trying to attack Edriss (who was in the body of Lore David Altman), he was declared insane. Edriss did not kill him (like she did with previous hosts) because nobody believed anything he said anyway. Some years later, during the trial of Visser One, Visser Three brought Hildy in as a witness for the prosecution. During the period, Hildy had since become homeless, decrepit and alcoholic, answered to the nickname "Spacey," and had changed so much that Edriss did not recognize him at first. His testimony incriminates Visser One of treasonous activities.

Hotel people

Individuals at the Marriott Hotel resort nearby the Animorphs' hometown.

  • Tony, the White House Chief of Protocol. See Tony, below.
  • Unnamed Head of State - A leader of a foreign country, possibly Russia, who attended the Summit during the David trilogy. They break down his beach cottage and find him half naked and drunk, sitting in an easy chair. He wears his tuxedo, but wears nothing but his underwear. He laughs at the elephants and rhinos, and motions for them to go along their way.
  • Mr. Charlie Broom and his two coworkers, a male and a female (book 35); they work as kitchen staff at the hotel, and witness a skunk/spider morph mashup that Marco becomes. They see him after he leaves the restroom and enters the hallway.
  • Marcel, the chef who seems to be in charge of all the kitchen operations at the resort hotel. He speaks with a loud voice, in English that has a heavy French accent.
  • The unnamed garde-manger (salad dresser) that Marco briefly works with when he tries to gain access to William Roger Tennant's salad. Marco claims that Tennant does not want tomatoes on his salad, but later discovers that Tennant likes tomatoes.
  • Hanson attends the dinner banquet William Roger Tennant is at, and Zac is unfortunate enough to receive Tennant's salad with cockroaches (the Animorphs) inside it.


Instant messaging individuals

The following people appeared in book 16, The Warning, as members of a chat room on a secret website dedicated to Yeerks. Listed in order of appearance.

  • YeerKiller9 - Claims he was once a host to a Yeerk, and that he escaped "by a miracle". He only speaks twice in the chat room while the Animorphs watch.
  • GoVikes - Marco calls him "your standard chat room moron", also a "jerk" and an "idiot." He repeatedly talks about chopping Yeerks up ("If you just cut them in half they just grow again,") and comparing them to worms and snails without shells.
  • Chazz - Chazz appears to be more knowledgeable about the Yeerks than the other people in the chat room, and he wants to use the chat room to actually take action against the Yeerks, instead of just talking about them. He rebukes YrkH8er when he tells CDKsweet that The Sharing is a Yeerk front organization. He also warns Gump8293 to not talk to his father about his suspicions that he may be a controller.
  • YrkH8er - The Animorphs identify YrkH8er as a Controller early on in the conversation they view. He periodically yells out "Kill all Yeerks!", but defends The Sharing, comparing it to the Boy Scouts. He also ecourages Gump8293 to talk to his father and "tell him what you think." By hacking, Ax and Marco later determine that the real name he uses for his Web Access America account is Edward Cheltingham. When Cassie looked up the name in the phone book, she found two female "Cheltingham"s, but no Edward, leading them to believe the name (and address) may be fake.
  • Gump8293 - A nine-year old boy whose father is a human-Controller. He tells how his dad seems "[nice] in some ways, but... too nice." His father recently "got all these new friends", and he also hears them whispering about a Visser. He mishears the word and MegMom corrects him. Through Ax and Marco's hacking, the Animorphs find his address, and at the end of the book, Cassie speaks to him as a wolf (at his school during recess, skipping her class), sadly telling him he can never fully trust his father.
  • CKDsweet - An out-of-town chatter who inquires about The Sharing. He suspects they may all be Yeerks, which is confirmed by Chazz. He only speaks once in the book.
  • Carlito - Also speaking only once, Carlito hypthesizes about the Yeerks' 3-day feeding cycle, theorizing that they must go someplace secret to "feed or replenish".
  • MegMom - MegMom is knowledgeable, nice, and from out-of-town. She corrects Gump8293's spelling of "Visser", and suspects that it may be a rank "like a general or something." She also warns Gump8293 against talking to his father. She appears to trust Fitey777 as a reliable source of information, saying "Good, Fitey's here," when he enters the chat room.
  • Fitey777 - The intelligence of the chat room community, he often brings in new information on suspected Controllers/known Yeerks. On the day the Animorphs watch, he reports on Charles J. Sofor, "the deputy police chief in the capital." He also says he is "close to getting the location of a Yeerk feeding area." In reality, he is actually Joe Bob Fenestre/Esplin 9466 Lesser, using his presence on the chat rooms and ability to find identities (as owner of WAA) to lure in human-Controllers so he can kill them and eat the (powdered) Yeerk inside.
  • Bball24 - Jake's username. In Jake's best-ever game of Basketball, he scored 24 points.
  • Cassie98 - The username that Marco uses to tease Jake with.
  • PrtyGirl802 - At first, Marco thinks that this user is his "online girlfriend", sending him flirty e-mails and IMs. Through the hacking that he and Ax do, he finds out that he/she is actually a 73-year-old retired postal worker.

Isaiah Fitzhenry

Isaiah Fitzhenry is Jake's great-great-great maternal granduncle, or the granduncle of Jake's Grandpa G. In The Resistance, Jake reads his diary from when he was a soldier fighting for the Union in the American Civil War.


Jeanne Gerard

Jeanne Gerard is a student of French descent who is in Jake's morphing academy. Jake selects her as one of two students to join his mission to save Ax. She is picked for both her skill and lack of any close family (as they may never come back from the mission).

Jenny-Lynne Cadwalader

Edriss 562's second human host and a character in Visser. She was referred to by Edriss and by most people as "Jenny Lines." She was addicted to drugs and aspired to be an actor. She was Edriss' first real experience with humans; Edriss' first host, an Iraqi soldier, was short-lived. Cadwalader's addiction to drugs led Edriss to initially consider using drugs to infest humans, but she later decided that it also impaired their usefulness. She was later killed when Edriss wanted to infest Allison Kim. Edriss dragged Kim into the deep end of a pool and transferred hosts; her last neural command was for Jenny to breathe, causing her to drown of water inhalation.

Jeremy Jason McCole

Teen superstar Jeremy Jason McCole was a major character in the hit TV series Power House. He willingly becomes a Controller when offered greater wealth, fame, and glory by Visser Three. McCole goes on tour to promote The Sharing on the Barry and Cindy Sue Show. However, when the Animorphs storm the studio, McCole is nearly killed by a crocodile- created when Rachel's body expelled the DNA of a morph that she was allergic to- and the Yeerk in him dies when Rachel in bear form steps on it. His stardom and fame shattered, McCole disappears from the public eye and retires to Uzbekistan. He is likely a parody/analogue of Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Home Improvement.

Joe Bob Fenestre

Joe Bob Fenestre is the founder and owner of Web Access America, and the second richest man in the country. His surname is an obsolete spelling of the French word for "window" - fenêtre. He appears in book 16, The Warning, and his controlling Yeerk is Esplin 9466 Lesser, the twin of Esplin 9466 Primary. His online username he uses for chat rooms is Fitey777.

John Berryman

John Berryman is the host of the Yeerk formerly known as Visser Four. The Yeerk was demoted after the Yeerks lost the planet Leera in book 18. In Megamorphs #3, Elfangor's Secret, the Yeerk found the Time Matrix and used it to travel through time to try and weaken the human domination and make the Yeerk invasion of the future easier. When even Crayak and the Ellimist agree that he is a threat, they have a short truce and send the Animorphs to follow him. After several disastrous attempts to stop him, they finally catch up to him on an alternate D-Day, where Berryman is freed from the Yeerk. He is, however, erased out of existence as the Animorphs prevent his mother from meeting his father, so he was never born, which stopped the chain of events that led to his initial discovery of the Time Matrix itself.

When Ax spots him at the Battle of Agincourt, he describes John as being about 25 years old and having a small amount of facial fat. His parents are named John and Theresa Knowlton.


Jordan is Rachel's younger sister by two years, and was implied on some occasions to have a crush on Marco. She has dark hair and dark eyes, like a "smaller version of" her mother.


One of Saddler's younger siblings, and a cousin to Jake and Rachel.



Karen is the girl who is the host of Aftran 942. She and Aftran first appear in book 19 where Aftran frees Karen, and Aftran later appears in book 29. Karen's father is the president of UniBank, and by the end of The Departure, Karen (the real Karen) convinces her father to support Walter's Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, which was lacking funding to continue operating. Karen has curly red hair and green eyes, and is a little bit younger and shorter than Cassie.


Lonnie Lowenstein

Lonnie Lowenstein is a minor character first seen in chapter 13 of Visser. He is a TV producer who works with Jenny-Lynne Cadwalader. Jenny becomes Edriss 562's host, and Lonnie becomes the host of Essam 293.

Lore David Altman

Edriss 562's fourth human host, with whom she created The Sharing. He was originally a real-estate salesman named Lawrence Alter, but Edriss changed his name to Lore David Altman because she believed that leaders were more inspirational with three names. While his mind was a "wasteland" compared to Allison Kim's, he had a powerful voice and looked the part of a charismatic leader. He was later killed because Edriss said that humans always tear down a man who is alive but idolize one who is dead.


Animorphs character
Animorphs 49 illustration.jpg
Loren, at left, and her son Tobias (in Champ morph) in a supermarket aisle. Illustration by David Mattingly for Book 49.
First appearance The Andalite Chronicles
Last appearance The Beginning (or earlier)
Created by K. A. Applegate
Portrayed by Unknown (Book 49 inside cover)
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Family Unnamed Father (Vietnam War veteran)
Unnamed Mother
Tobias's aunt (sister)
Tobias's uncle (brother or {ex-}brother-in-law)
Spouse(s) Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul
Unknown male (repaired timeline)
Children Tobias (son)
Relatives Noorlin-Sirinial-Cooraf (father-in-law)
Forlay-Esgarrouth-Maheen (mother-in-law)
Religion Possibly Christian
Nationality American

Loren was first introduced in The Andalite Chronicles, a prequel to Animorphs. She was a human captured by the Skrit Na along with Hedrick Chapman. The two were rescued by Elfangor, whom Loren later married. Their son is Tobias. Loren's memory and sight were lost in a car crash (that left her scarred) after the Ellimist takes Elfangor – who had morphed and become a human to be with her – away, returning him to his own timeline.

Loren is reunited with Tobias near the end of the series when the Yeerks discover who the Animorphs really are, which puts their families in danger. She is given the morphing power to escape, although her only morph is Tobias' red-tailed hawk form. The morph returns her eyesight permanently, but not her memory.

Loren's father is a disturbed veteran of the Vietnam War. Tobias' aunt is her sister, and his uncle must be either her brother or her sister's husband or ex-husband.

It is noted that Loren is considered to be a very compassionate person, and Tobias briefly wonders how a woman so openly loving towards most all of what she called "God's creatures" never sought out her son. Loren is not close to her sister, whose perception of her is warped and blackened by negativity. Tobias, though her son, feels uncomfortable using such endearing terms as "Mom" to describe a woman who was absent from his life for his childhood and the better part of his teenage years; however, he does show some compassion for her in a local convenience store, replacing her soured milk with a carton of fresh beverage. Loren,however, due to her inability to see, is unaware of this fact.

Loren is not at all surprised at Tobias's sudden reentry into her life. When she awakes one morning to find him in her kitchen, she only muses as to the amount of time it took her son to locate her. Loren owns a trusted guide dog by the name of Champ, and it is revealed that he is rather intelligent. It is never said what happened to Loren at the end of the series.



Madra Gervais is Visser One's human daughter and twin sister of Darwin, named after a moon on the Yeerk homeworld. Madra was named by her Yeerk-controlled parents – Visser One and Essam 293 – after the tiny, bright moon of the Yeerk home world. Visser One advocated for a slow infiltration to prevent the possibility of Madra being killed if all-out war broke out. In Visser, Visser One thinks about one day finding her, as she still desires her "daughter's" love---though she also considers having Madra infested to "force" her to love her, showing Visser One's understanding of human emotions is not very deep. Madra is never actually seen in the series (except as a baby in Edriss's memories), and her fate is unknown.


Michelle is Cassie's mother, and the head veterinarian at The Gardens' zoo. Cassie uses this connection to allow the other Animorphs to enter the facility in order to acquire their first battle morphs in The Invasion. In book 22, she is called to the mall for an emergency when a tiger (Jake, injured by David) is found badly wounded on the floor of the mall in the middle of the night. In Book 49, Cassie explains to her and Walter the war that is going on, and they are evacuated to the Hork-Bajir valley. In Book 8, Ax describes Cassie's mom as having dark hair like Walter, but much more of it.

Michelle is portrayed by Melanie Nicholls-King in the TV series, renamed Aisha.



Naomi Berenson is Rachel's mother. She is a lawyer and is extremely headstrong and contentious. When she is forced to hide in the Hork-Bajir valley, she tries to escape a few times. She was not popular among the Hork-Bajir, despite helping them draft a constitution and was in the process of teaching them to read and write. One of the stumbling blocks the Hork-Bajir face when learning the English alphabet is due to how the Alphabet song is sung: They think that L M N O P is one word: elemenopee.

Naomi has dark hair and dark eyes, like her daughter Jordan.

Nora Robinnette

Nora Robinnette was Marco's math teacher, and in Book 35, Marco's dad Peter marries Nora because he still believes that Eva is dead. She owns a poodle named Euclid who dislikes Marco. Nora has dark hair and "very smooth fair skin".



Peter is Marco's father. Two years before the series begins, he loses his wife Eva, in what he thinks is her death. Until The Proposal, he is very depressed. From pre-series to book 6, his job is a part-time janitor "with a temporary service," unpacking boxes at department stores. From book 6 onward, he goes back to his old job working as a computer scientist, and in The Revelation, his lab discovers Z-Space, which requires the Animorphs and Marco to capture Peter and bring him to the Hork-Bajir valley for safety.

Marco's dad is "pretty tall," according to Marco, with paler skin than he has and light brown eyes; he wears glasses. In the TV series, he was played by Frank Pelligrino, renamed Jeremy.


An Amazon Indian tribal leader. Polo helps Jake and the others fight a group of pursuing Hork-Bajir in Animorphs #11 The Forgotten, providing Jake with a poisoned spear to use against Visser Three, although the timeline where this confrontation occurred was erased at the conclusion (Sario Rip).

Professor Powers

An older woman that Tobias remembers in a book 33 flashback. She owns a raspberry bush in her garden that Tobias eats from, and when she sees him, she calls him inside her house. Professor Powers has graying hair and a strong, deep voice, though she is kind. Her kitchen is bright with warm-colored yellow paint. She prepares hot cider, cinnamon rolls, and raspberry tarts in her kitchen. In contrast to Tobias's life at "home" with his uncle (and aunt), Professor Powers showed him kindness by letting him eat at her house while she told him stories.


Rich Huntley

Rich Huntley is the first-ever voluntary Yeerk host, at one of the early meetigns of the Sharing. When Edriss 562 (in Lore David Altman) asked him why he wanted to join the Inner-Sharing, he said it was because he really believed in all the things he/she was saying; because he wanted to be part of something big and important. Edriss gives him Essam 293, and makes history. She uses this example of the first voluntary human host to convince the Council of Thirteen that slow infiltration is possible. Edriss and Essam later "dispose of" Rich after they finish recording his infestation to show to the Council.

Rick Stathis

Rick Stathis, brawny with pale blue eyes, appears in a flashback of Tobias's in book 33. He was a bully to Tobias, who waited for him at the top of a hill in the winter wearing a "heavy black coat." On one occasion, Rick also beat up Tobias against a school locker.

Ronnie Chambers

Along with Cassie, Ronnie Chambers is one of the assigned protectors of the Hork-Bajir. Although they presumably have many duties, the only one that is seen is scouting for new places for the Hork-Bajir to inhabit. He is Cassie's boyfriend at the end of the series.



Saddler is a cousin of both Jake and Rachel and is two years older than them. One of his parents, Ellen and George, is a sibling of their fathers, Steve and Dan Berenson. He was hit by a vehicle while riding his bike and was in intensive care in The Threat. David later morphed Saddler (presumably disposing of the real Saddler) and displayed himself to Jake's family in The Solution. Since a morph is made from a DNA copy, David-as-Saddler was healthy, and the family marveled over the seemingly miraculous recovery. However, when the Animorphs trapped David in morph, the family realized that there were no miracles, and that Saddler had really died, at the age of 16.

Saddler's parents are Ellen and George and his siblings are Justin, Brooke, and Forrest (a two year-old). When the cousins played together as small children, Saddler would break things and then blame it on Jake.

Judge Sally Forensik

Sally Forensik first appears in book 17, The Underground unnamed. While Rachel is in the Yeerk Pool complex pretending to be a Human-Controller, she and Rachel have a short conversation about how Visser Three will soon "take care of" the Andalite scum. Sally's Yeerk then makes an excuse for leaving that her host is a judge and that she has to prepare for an important case, but Rachel knows she just wants to avoid the visser.

Sally Forensik appears again in book 37, The Weakness. Here, Rachel describes her as a "distinguished-looking older woman". The Animorphs break into her courtroom and cause mayhem, and Sally hides under her big maple-wood desk, cowering and bawling in fear.

Sam Doubleday

Samuel Doubleday is a three-star Army general who is in charge of Alien Task Force One (ATF1), a U.S. Army group assembled to knock out the Yeerk's plans for global conquest. The Animorphs pay him a visit. After he throws Jake in jail three times, thinking that he was an alien, he eventually listens to Jake's plan. He agrees to send a ground force involving tanks, men, and helicopters to provide as a distraction force while the Animorphs attempt to sneak on the Pool Ship. He loses most of his men, but the Animorphs succeed.


Santorelli (no first name given) is a student at Jake's morphing academy. Like Jeanne, Jakes selects him because he does not have any close family. Jake calls him the "best BS artist" after Marco. When Jake and the others finally find the lost Blade Ship, Jake orders Santorelli to pose as the captain of their ship. Santorelli performs the job superbly, but The One senses and unmasks the deception.


Sara is Rachel and Jordan's younger sister. She was played by Cassandra Van Wyck on the TV series, as "Sarah".

  • Tisha — one of Sarah's friends who owns many Barbie dolls. Whenever Sarah visits, she comes home wanting another Barbie toy.


Minor characters whom the Animorphs go to school with

  • Allison - (Book 29) Rachel and Cassie know red-haired Allison, who voices her intent to ask Jake to the upcoming dance. When Rachel tells them that Jake is already taking Cassie to the dance (something she made up then and there), Allison and Brittany point out that Jake (and Marco) is on the other side of the cafeteria, and question Rachel (ignoring Cassie) as to if Jake really asked Cassie out. Later, at the dance, she stares at Ax in his human morph, and asks to dance with him, but Ax scares her away by playing with the sound that the word "body" makes.
  • Bailey - A minor character in the beginning of book #32, The Separation. Rachel is not sure if Bailey is his first or last name, but he tries to make conversation with her before she drives him off so she can morph a starfish to retrieve her earing.
  • Beth - A girl that Jake knows; she has braces, and she was at the school assembly in book 26 when the Ellimist froze time to talk to the Animorphs. He took the image of Beth and used her for the majority of his appearance in the auditorium.
  • Brittany - Allison's friend who urges her to go out with Jake. Appears in books 29 and 33. In book 33, she and two other girls walk out of the school. She says Hi to Jake, and Jake remembers her name too late, insulting her.
  • Dahlia - In book 32, The Separation, Dahlia asks Nice Rachel (due to a starfish-related split) if she's okay, but Nice Rachel's overly submissive and passive (nice) attitude lead Dahlia to believe Rachel is being sarcastic, saying "You were always stuck-up, Rachel, but lately you're just this total, like, witch." Nice Rachel is deeply hurt by this.
  • Danielle - Works out a lot and is "very strong", according to Marco. She misunderstands Marco's compliment and thinks he meant that she looks like a boy. (Book 20)
  • Darlene - A popular girl at the Animorphs' school. In The Andalite's Gift, she invites Jake and Cassie to her pool party, while Marco and Ax sneak in as mice to cause mayhem.
  • David
  • Drake and Woo - Two bullies who are divers on the school's swim team. Drake is better than Woo, who has "the I.Q. of cheese," according to Marco. (Book 15)
  • Elizabeth - (book 32) She sees Nice Rachel on the bus after the beach field trip and comments on Rachel's "cute sweater". Nice Rachel responds pleasantly, saying she got it at Abercrombie for $27.95, marked down from $42.50. Elizabeth asks if Rachel is going to the mall after school, but Nice Rachel gets lost in her thoughts (narrating to the reader), causing her to forget the question. Elizabeth then says "Forget it."
  • Hans - A boy at the Animorphs' school and a friend of Darlene. He tells Darlene to run towards him when Marco and Ax are chasing her, with the intent of stepping on the mice. (MM1)
  • Jawan - A shy boy from The Unknown who accidentally calls Cassie "Kendra".
  • Jessica - A girl that Rachel and Marco are familiar with. In book 5, Jessica knocks a fork out of Rachel's hand into her tray. Rachel gets mad at her, and Marco tries to break them up, which sends all three of them to Chapman's office.
  • Joe - A friend of Cassie's who had once gone horse riding with her. He has trouble recognizing her new outfit in book 14.
  • Justin Mullins - A boy that Danielle likes. (Book 20)
  • Marian - An attractive girl that Marco gets a date with in book 25. She has "long, black hair, deep, dark eyes, and dimples." She is impressed with Marco's apparent knowledge of classical music, and asks him out to the Symphony Hall concert after their music appreciation class. One of the pieces that is played at the concert is Beethoven's Third. Tobias, Ax, and the other Animorphs watch her for three days and determine that she isn't a Controller. Unfortunately, Marco falls asleep at the concert, and she leaves along with everyone else without him.

Melissa Chapman

Melissa Chapman is the daughter of Hedrick Chapman, and was once one of Rachel's best friends. She owns a cat named Fluffer McKitty.

Melissa thought her parents no longer loved her and became depressed (leading to the dissolution of her friendship with Rachel). However, in reality, her parents gave up their freedom and became voluntary Controllers to protect her from becoming infested. Rachel types up a short, unsigned letter in an attempt to help cheer her up.

In the altered reality seen briefly in Megamorphs #3: Elfangor's Secret, Melissa was an Animorph and was Tobias' girlfriend and Cassie's best friend. This is because Rachel was in a re-education camp in that reality and never joined the Animorphs or met Tobias. In the TV series, she is played by Terra Vanessa Kowalyk.

  • T. T. appears only in book 27, The Exposed. Rachel thinks he is cute, and he is taller than her, with blue eyes (like her) and dimples (unlike her). Rachel considers going out on a date with him, as it would be a nice change from having a hawk for a boyfriend, but she denies him before giving it a second thought.
  • Tracy - One of Darlene's friends. At the pool party (Megamorphs #1), she and Darlene are afraid of Marco and Ax as mice.
  • T'Shondra - A "beautiful girl" with a "beautiful name," according to Marco. She misunderstands Marco, thinking he meant that she wasn't beautiful enough for her name. (Book 20)

Doctors Sinegert and Singh

Visser Three's "two devoted scientists". They are not very large for humans, and when Tobias sees them in book 33, they look "haggard, like they hadn't slept in days." It is possible that their "day jobs" are true doctors/scientists, but Visser Three also made them work on the Anti-Morphing Ray during their off-time, leaving them no rest. Due to their "failure" at the AMR not working (Tobias was already demorphed as a hawk, so it didn't affect him), Visser Three has both of them thrown to the Taxxons to be eaten. In reality, their work was perfect and the AMR would have worked if directed on a morphed individual.


Strake is a minor human mentioned in book 27. The Chee suspect he may be a Controller, and he is known to engage in illegal drug fencing in an abandoned building where Lourdes is hiding. When the police (and the Animorphs) raid the building, Rachel discovers that he is a Controller, as he aimed a gun at her as an elephant and uttered "Andalite!". After shooting her, she throws him out into the street, where the cops identify him as Strake.



A known human-Controller host. He appears in book 33. Jake says that Tasset works in a sporting goods store, and was identified as a Controller at the Yeerk pool. The Animorphs use Tasset to find their way into a new pool entrance built into the playground at the new Sharing-financed community center.


Sub-Visser Fifty-One, more commonly known as Taylor, is a character featured in the book series Animorphs, in The Illusion (#33). She is a couple of years older than Rachel, but still tall, thin, and with blond hair. When Tobias first sees her in book 33, she wears "sleek chinos, leather loafers, and a knit top." Her mother was the chief of police, and Taylor/Sub-Visser 51 helped the Yeerks take her involuntarily.

Sub-Visser Fifty-One is Visser Three's first lieutenant on Earth. Her host's name is Taylor, who was, at first, a voluntary controller. Taylor was once the homecoming queen, tennis champion and president of the student body, but was horribly burned in a house fire one night. Because she lost her beauty, she lost her popularity among the students. Upon hearing about The Sharing, she joined, after being convinced that she would some day regain her lost prestige. Taylor was granted her wish, at an enormous cost; to relinquish control over her own body and betray Earth and humanity. Thus, she became the host body for Sub-Visser Fifty-one.

Taylor's new body was composed of her original burned flesh, and metal and plastic (pearl-white-colored) alloy prostheses. She was also able to paralyse opponents with a crystal substance projected from nozzles in her prosthetic fingers. A certain dosage could knock a victim down for a long duration.

The result of Taylor and Sub-Visser Fifty-One's experiences developed a Yeerk brand of split-personality disorder. In The Illusion, she tortures Tobias after failing to force him to demorph with the Anti-Morphing Ray (AMR). Taylor tortures the nothlit with a machine that controls the parts of the brain that induce pain and pleasure. He almost went insane and nearly died after receiving heightened, alternating doses of painful and pleasant memories. Here, he experienced an Utzum, a vision Andalites believe happens at the moment of death. Following Tobias' rescue by the other Animorphs, she was stripped of her rank, and faced certain death at the hands of Visser Three.

Much to the rude shock of Tobias and the other Animorphs, she reappears in book #43, The Test. She appears to Tobias, attempting to enlist his help in overthrowing Visser Three and creating a democratic Yeerk society by hijacking the Pool. This was to be achieved by holding the inmates - both Yeerk and host - hostage by threatening to destroy the Pool with a gas explosion. The Animorphs discover that this conspiracy was really Visser Three's instrument to annihilate the Animorphs and the Yeerk Peace Faction/Movement. The plan failed, and Taylor was blown away by the pressure of the gas. Her death is probable but not definite. Tobias discovers that Taylor and the Yeerk's relationship had been severed, when Taylor momentarily regains control over her body and warns him not to listen to the former Sub-Visser. In this episode, Tobias acquires Taylor's DNA. Taylor also has her own website, . She also introduces Ax and Tobias to their first Taxxon morph.

To Tobias and the Animorphs, she appeared to be a weak, deluded, and power-hungry Yeerk. However, Tobias could understand her lust for power, because she saw herself as a weak individual. In spite of this analogy, it can be said that Taylor is stronger than anyone perceived her to be, since she returned from certain death at the hands of Visser Three.


Minor teachers at the Animorphs' school.

  • Mr. Feyroyan - Tobias's old English teacher, though young of age, from before Tobias "dropped out". Tobias runs past him in book 33 during the school dance, but he does not recognize Tobias until later. Tobias escapes outside to demorph, and Mr. Feyroyan tries following him. Tobias explains in narration that Mr. Feyroyan was "one of the few friends" he had in school, a "dreamer", and Tobias had always thought that he "was like an older" version of himself.
  • Mr. Halloram - A teacher that saw Rachel and Jessica (and Marco, though he was trying to spearate them) fighting/scuffling in the lunchroom.
  • Ms. Paloma is a history/social studies teacher at the Animorphs' school. Rachel and Cassie are both students in her class. In book 7, The Stranger, she teaches about how the United States made World War II worse because it was so devoted to peace. "Maybe if the United States had been ready to fight earlier, the war would have ended earlier and fewer people would have been killed," she said. When Cassie questions why one cannot second-guess history (if one could go back and change things so that "the U.S. was ready to fight earlier"), Ms. Paloma responds by saying that events are "intertwined in ways we cannot see." She uses a metaphor of a butterfly beating its wings and causing a wind on the other side of the globe; how a small thing may make a bigger change elsewhere and/or later.
In the alternate future presented to the Animorphs by the Ellimist (where the Yeerks have won), Rachel wonders if a skeleton she sees lying across a desk in their destroyed school are the remains of Ms. Paloma.
  • Mr. Pardue is a teacher at the Animorphs' school, who appears in book 8, The Alien. He is Jake's English or History teacher, but when his Yeerk starts to die from Kandrona starvation (as a result of the local Kandrona being destroyed by the Animorphs in book 7), he acts out in class, yelling for the Yeerk to get out of him and generally scaring his students. Jake rushes to his side to privately comfort him, but then Chapman walks in the room and orders all of the students out. When the students, including Jake and Ax, are in the hallway, Chapman quietly kills both Mr. Pardue and his Yeerk with a Killing cylinder.
  • Ms. Pedalowski - mentioned by Marco only in The First Journey. She was Marco's homeroom teacher one year before the events of Alternamorphs #1.
  • Mr. Tidwell - A teacher at the middle school, Mr. Tidwell is the Yeerk Illim's host. He was depressed and unhappy because of his wife's death the previous year and presumably joined the Sharing to help himself. Tidwell was initially an involuntary Controller, but as Illim became part of the Yeerk Peace Movement (not wanting to dominate their hosts), they soon developed a friendship of sorts, working together to help each other. Mr. Tidwell has blue eyes.
He contacts Cassie when Aftran 942 was captured. Because Ax and the other four Animorphs were disabled by an Andalite flu, yamphut, Cassie had to go in to the Yeerk Pool herself to save Aftran. To defeat the Gleet BioFilter system (which only permits entry of Yeerks and humans, or other specified DNA), Cassie morphs into Illim and slides into Tidwell's ear canal. Cassie places Illim in a bag of water and lets him out when she drops into the Yeerk pool. Cassie successfully rescues Aftran and does brain surgery on Ax, to remove his Tria gland.

William Roger Tennant

William Roger Tennant is a Yeerk Controller and media personality. Marco first noticed him when he was channel surfing and saw Tennant recommend the Sharing (a front organization for the Yeerks) to an old, lonely lady on his TV show Contact Point. Tennant's Yeerk is constantly at odds with his host, as seen when the Yeerk rants about his host's pleas to not hurt his birds. The Animorphs begin a harassment campaign against Tennant to try to knock him off the air. In a grand finale, Tennant begins choking Marco (while in a toy poodle morph) in front of a television camera on the TV set. Ax hacks into the computers and sends a live feed out to the country, exposing Tennant as a lunatic. He is promptly disconnected from the air and disappears.

William Roger Tennant has a beard, with "light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail".


Tony, who appears in the David trilogy, is the White House Chief of Protocol. (This job could also be the White House Chief of Staff or the Chief of Protocol of the United States.) He is inside Marine One when the Blade Ship, cloaked, stuns those inside and has a holographic helicopter take its place. Visser Three acquires Tony's DNA while he is unconscious, and appears as Tony to change the plans for the G8 banquet at the Marriot hotel, planning to have the world leaders walk past a holographic pillar with a small Yeerk pool inside, as they make their way to the stage to speak. The real Tony is presumably kept hidden during this time.

  • Sheila is another staff member of the White House that Tony knows. Visser Three, as Tony, speaks to her and another male staff member while Jake listens in under the table they're at.

Captain Torelli

Captain in charge of Zone 91 (the Animorphs' version of Area 51). Cassie, Rachel and Marco give him fake names and phone numbers when they are captured, and then escape as insects, leaving Torelli bewildered and furious. Although Zone 91 contains proof of alien existence, the sole exhibit is an obsolete Andalite Toilet.

They later encounter him at The Gardens during an attempt by Yeerks to infest the staff of Zone 91, and are forced to rescue him from Hork-Bajir (Torelli is unconscious at the time, so has no memory of the incident).


A kid from book 12 that Rachel rescues after he falls into the crocodile pit at The Gardens.



Walter is Cassie's father who stays at home and runs the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic in their barn. In The Alien, Ax describes him as having dark brown balding hair and round-lens glasses. It is also in this book that he makes his signature chili, which Ax wolfs down while in Jake morph. Walter owns an old, beat-up truck to pick up injured animals and run errands; this truck is later destroyed in The Andalite's Gift as the Animorphs use it in an attempt to outrun the Veleek dust-monster. The only thing he likes about the replacement truck is its CD player; Cassie mentioned in book #28, The Experiment that he "still cries" over its destruction.

In the TV series, he was renamed John.



An Aboriginal Australian who Cassie encounters after accidentally coming to Australia. He lives with his family in a small outstation, in the Piti Spring Community, near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory Outback. He and his grandfather believe Cassie could be distantly descended from their spiritual ancestors, owing to the Dreamtime tales of people turning into animals. Appears only in book 44. He owns a dog named Tjala, and one of his uncles is a tour guide near Uluru, or Ayers Rock. Yami's family members include his grandfather, his mother, two aunts (who prepare some Witchetty grub for Cassie to eat), two uncles, and some younger cousins.

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  • Chronological list of Animorphs books — This is a chronological list of the Animorphs books by K.A. Applegate, as applies to storyline continuity. The Andalite Chronicles (c. 1976, 1980s, 1997) This book is divided into three parts: #1: Elfangor s Journey, #2: Alloran s Choice, and #3 …   Wikipedia

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