List of The Bill characters

List of The Bill characters

The Bill is a long-running British television police procedural television series, named after a slang term for the police. The characters are all police officers or civilian staff at the fictional Sun Hill police station in London.

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Rank Name Actor Last Appearance
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Georgia Hobbs Kazia Pelka 1 March 2007
Commander Lisa Kennedy Julie Graham 8 April 2010
Ch Supt Ian Barratt John McArdle 3 November 2005
Ch Supt Charles Brownlow Peter Ellis 2 May 2002
Ch Supt Guy Mannion Nick Miles 26 October 2001
Ch Supt Adam Okaro Cyril Nri 14 September 2006
Supt John Heaton Daniel Flynn 16 July 2009
Supt Tom Chandler Steven Hartley 16 October 2002
Supt Jack Meadows Simon Rouse 31 August 2010
Supt Amanda Prosser Serena Gordon 22 September 2005
Ch Insp/ Acting Supt Derek Conway Ben Roberts 28 March 2002
Ch Insp Philip Cato Philip Whitchurch 3 March 1995
Ch Insp Paul Stritch Mark Spalding 28 March 1995
DCI Frank Burnside Christopher Ellison 4 September 1993
DCI Kim Reid Carolyn Pickles 13 February 1992
DCI Rowanne Morell Tanya Franks 7 December 2005
DCI Gordon Wray Clive Wood 20 December 1990
DI Alex Cullen Ged Simmons 20 August 2002
DI Chris Deakin Shaun Scott 31 October 2000
DI Roy Galloway John Salthouse 17 December 1987
DI Harry Haines Gary Whelan 31 December 1993
DI Sally Johnson Jaye Griffiths 27 January 1995
DI Neil Manson Andrew Lancel 31 August 2010
DI Claire Stanton Clara Salaman 31 October 2000
DI Samantha Nixon Lisa Maxwell 18 June 2009
Insp Christine Frazer Barbara Thorn 11 January 1990
Insp Brian Kite Simon Slater 7 December 1987
Insp Andrew Monroe Colin Tarrant 16 April 2002
Insp Dale Smith Alex Walkinshaw 31 August 2010
Insp Gina Gold Roberta Taylor 2 October 2008
Insp Rachel Weston Claire Goose 16 June 2009
Sgt Matthew Boyden Tony O'Callaghan 1 May 2003
Sgt Stuart Lamont Steve Morley
Sgt Joseph Corrie Roland Oliver 18 July 1991
Sgt Bob Cryer Eric Richard 24 April 2001
Sgt Craig Gilmore Hywel Simons 6 February 2003
Sgt Jane Kendall Liz Crowther
Sgt John Maitland Sam Miller 25 May 1993
Sgt Tom Penny Roger Leach 13 December 1990
Sgt Alec Peters Larry Dann 27 February 1992
Sgt Ray Steele Robert Perkins 11 April 1996
Sgt June Ackland Trudie Goodwin 8 March 2007
Sgt Callum Stone Sam Callis 31 August 2010
Sgt Jo Masters Sally Rogers 31 August 2010
Sgt Nikki Wright Gillian Taylforth 31 August 2008
Sgt Diane Noble Kaye Wragg 30 April 2009
DS Don Beech Bill Murray 31 October 2000
DS John Boulton Russell Boulter 7 October 2000
DS Jim Carver Mark Wingett 24 February 2005
DS Geoff Daly Ray Ashcroft 31 October 2000
DS Ramani DeCosta Thusitha Jayasundera 23 February 2006
DS Max Carter Christopher Fox 31 August 2010
DS Stevie Moss Lucy Speed 31 August 2010
DS Phil Hunter Scott Maslen 17 October 2007
DS Debbie McAllister Natalie Roles 10 November 2004
DS Jo Morgan Mary Jo Randle 12 October 1995
DS Danny Pearce Martin Marquez 21 September 1995
DS Ted Roach Tony Scannell 15 May 1993
DS Vik Singh Raji James 4 April 2002
DS Stuart Turner Doug Rao 16 July 2009
CSE Lorna Hart Siobhan Redmond
CSE. Eddie Olosunje Jason Barnett 31 August 2010
CPS Lawyer Jonathan Fox Larry Lamb
CPS Lawyer Matt Hinckley Mark Dexter 3 May 2007
CAD Officer Dean McVerry Luke Hamill
PC Polly Page Lisa Geoghan 8 April 2004
SRO Roberta Cryer Moya Brady 31 December 2003
SRO Julian Tavell Nick Patrick
SRO Marilyn Chambers Vickie Gates 24 February 2005
PCSO Colin Fairfax Tim Steed
CSP Rachel Inns Amanda Abbington 2 August 2007
DoPA Mia Perry Jo Anne Knowles 14 June 2007
DRO Rochelle Barratt Anna Acton 31 January 2005
StCh. Supt. Marion Susan Majorlier
PC. Leon Taylor Dominic Power 31 August 2010
PC. Roger Valentine John Bowler 31 August 2010
PC. Mel Ryder Rhea Bailey 31 August 2010
PC. Kirsty Knight Sarah Manners 31 August 2010
PC. Ben Gayle Michar Balfour 31 August 2010
PC Nate Roberts Ben Richards 10 August 2010
PC Sally Armstrong Ali Bastian 17 December 2009
PC Timothy Able Mark Haddigan 1 March 1990
PC Jamila Blake Lolita Chakrabarti 28 January 1999
PC Adam Bostock Carl Brincat 6 September 1994
PC Cathy Bradford Connie Hyde 15 January 2004
PC Ruby Buxton Nicola Alexis
PC Dan Casper Chris Jarvis 16 August 2007
PC Roz Clarke Holly Davidson 11 November 2001
PC Norika Datta Seeta Indrani
PC Claire Brind Kelly Lawrence 28 December 1989
PC Andrea Dunbar Natalie J. Robb 24 February 2005
PC Francis "Taffy" Edwards Colin Blumenau 11 January 1990
PC Suzanne Ford Vicky Gee-Dare 7 November 1991
PC Rosie Fox Caroline Catz 2 April 2000
PC Millie Brown Clare Foster 29 December 2009
PC Robin Frank Ashley Gunstock 11 July 1989
PC Delia French Natasha Williams 26 March 1992
PC George Garfield Huw Higginson 14 October 1999
PC Gabriel Kent Todd Carty 6 October 2005
PC Arun Ghir Abhin Galeya 19 March 2009
PC Beth Green Louisa Lytton 18 March 2009
PC Vicky Hagen Samantha Robson 26 October 2001
PC Sam Harker Matthew Crompton 18 April 2002
PC Donna Harris Louise Harrison 27 February 1996
PC Lewis Hardy Aml Ameen 19 July 2007
PC Malcolm Haynes Eamonn Walker 22 August 1989
PC Honey Harman Kim Tiddy
PC Ben Hayward Ben Peyton 16 April 2002
PC Yvonne Hemmingway Michele Austin 15 November 2006
PC Steve Hunter James Lloyd
PC Reg Hollis Jeff Stewart 12 March 2008
PC Mike Jarvis Stephen Beckett
PC Leela Kapoor Seema Bowri 26 September 2007
PC Debbie Keane Andrea Mason) 22 September 1998
PC Emma Keane Melanie Gutteridge 1 May 2008
PC Nick Klein René Zagger 8 April 2004
PC Dave Litten Gary Olsen 22 January 1985
PC Steve Loxton Tom Butcher 14 November 1997
PC Abe Lyttleton Ronnie Cush 10 February 1986
PC Cathy Marshall Lynne Miller 19 January 1996
PC Garry McCann Clive Wedderburn
PC Ken Melvin Mark Powley 22 May 1990
PC Sheelagh Murphy Bernie Nolan 11 October 2005
PC Pete Muswell Ralph Brown 10 February 1986
PC Gemma Osbourne Jane Danson 21 May 2003
PC Danesh Patel Sonesh Sira 23 November 1987
PC Lance Powell Ofo Uhiara
PC Dave Quinnan Andrew Paul 27 February 2002
PC Pete Ramsey Nick Reding 25 July 1989
PC Cass Rickman Suzanne Maddock 12 December 2002
PC Billy Rowan Ben Lee 5 July 2007
PC Eddie Stantini Michael Higgs
PC Nick Shaw Chris Walker 7 December 1987
PC Nick Slater Alan Westaway 31 October 1997
PC Tony 'Yorkie' Smith Robert Hudson
PC Ron Smollet Nick Stringer
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole 5 November 2009
PC Barry Stringer Jonathan Dow 15 June 1993
PC Cameron Tait Daniel MacPherson 22 July 2004
PC Des Taviner Paul Usher 17 March 2004
PC Richard Turnham Chris Humphreys 10 April 1990
PC Di Worrell Jane Wall 16 April 2002
PC Phil Young Colin Alldridge
PC Kerry Young Beth Cordingly 21 December 2004
PC Laura Bryant Melanie Kilburn 25 May 2006
SC Terry Knowles Alex Avery 3 January 2002
DC Ken Drummond Russell Floyd 23 February 2005
DC Juliet Becker Rae Baker 30 October 2003
DC Gary Best Ciaran Griffiths 20 July 2005
DC Suzi Croft Kerry Peers 24 February 1998
DC Danny Glaze Karl Collins 8 October 2003
DC Kerry Holmes Joy Brook 31 October 2000
DC Brandon Kane Pal Aron 15 January 2004
DC Duncan Lennox George Rossi 2 January 2003
DC Jacob Banks Patrick Robinson 31 August 2010
DC Alfred "Tosh" Lines Kevin Lloyd 9 June 1998
DC Grace Dasari Amita Dhiri 31 August 2010
DC Terry Perkins Bruce Byron 31 August 2010
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons 31 August 2010
DC Viv Martella Nula Conwell 26 March 1993
DC Zain Nadir TJ Ramini 20 December 2007
DC Tom Proctor Gregory Donaldson
DC Liz Rawton Libby Davison 21 December 1999
DC Paul Riley Gary Grant 16 April 2002
DC Eva Sharpe Diane Parish 10 March 2004
DC Will Fletcher Gary Lucy 7 January 2010
DC Suzie Sim Wendy Kweh 19 July 2006
DC Rod Skase Iain Fletcher 17 February 2000
DC Rob Thatcher Brian Bovell 29 December 2004
DC Alan Woods Tom Cotcher 1 August 1996
DC Tom Baker Vic Gallucci

Notable cast members

Notable characters

This is a list of the most notable characters to have appeared on The Bill, being those who have been in the series for some considerable time and have had a significant impact on the series.

  • Russell Boulter played DS John Boulton from 1995 to 2000, the character having first appeared as a DC in 1994.[4] The character had a reputation for being a hard man, and was once suspected of deliberately killing a suspect, although he was cleared. He later had a relationship with DS Claire Stanton, who was an anti-corruption officer targeting Don Beech. John was ultimately murdered by Beech, leading to the collapse of CID and the removal of Charles Brownlow as Superintendent.
  • Kevin Lloyd played DC Tosh Lines from 1988–98, the character was written out as having accepted a position in the Coroner's Office[21] after the actor was sacked for turning up drunk. The actor died a week after his dismissal.[22]
  • Lisa Geoghan played PC Polly Page from 1992 to 2004. After assisting a friend's suicide, she was tried for murder and returned to Sun Hill as a Civilian CAD Officer, a role which she ultimately resigned from.
  • Jeff Stewart played PC Reg Hollis from 1984–2008. In 2008, the character was written out with the character resigning after being traumatised by the death of colleagues in a bomb blast.[25] After learning of his axing from the show, Stewart attempted suicide on set by slashing his wrists.[26] Stewart has not been on television since but has starred in the Miike Snow video, Black & Blue.[27]
  • Graham Cole played PC Tony Stamp from 1984–2009. The character was written out as part of the 2009 revamp after producers felt that he didn't fit the new show. Cole's last episode was shown on November 5, 2009 and his departure means The Bill has no original characters remaining.[32][33]
  • Trudie Goodwin played Sergeant June Ackland from 1983 to 2007, appearing first in Woodentop.[34] The character retired in 2007 after her on-screen relationship with DC Jim Carver came to an abrupt end. When Goodwin left The Bill in 2007 she was not only the longest serving cast member in the history of The Bill, but also held the world record for the longest time an actor has portrayed a police character.[35][36]
  • Alex Walkinshaw has played Inspector Dale "Smithy" Smith since 1999. Walkinshaw made three "one off" appearances in the series prior to becoming a regular cast member and has made appearances in several other British soaps and serial dramas.[37]
  • Chris Simmons played DC Mickey Webb from 2000 to 2010.[41] He appeared twice on the show playing different roles, most notably as a criminal in 1999, before joining the cast as a regular in the following year. He left the series temporarily in 2003, as the culmination of a storyline where his character was raped. He made several guest appearances before returning as a regular in 2005.

Notable Actors

This is a list of some of the most notable actors to have made brief or cameo appearances in The Bill.[42]

  • Keira Knightley played child burglar Sheena Rose in a 1995 episode entitled "Swan Song".
  • David Tennant played kidnapper Steven Clemens in a 1995 episode of The Bill called "Deadline".
  • Paul O'Grady - credited as "Paul Savage" - played transvestite Roxanne in three episodes of The Bill between 1988 and 1990.
  • Sean Bean played robber Horace Clark in a 1984 episode of The Bill entitled "Long Odds"
  • Ralf Little played Tommy Lawson in the 2001 episodes Judas Kiss, Shout, Aftershock and Night Games.
  • Emma Bunton played the role of Janice in the 1993 episode Missionary Work.
  • Catherine Tate appeared in the 1993 episode Give and Take and 1994 instalment Fly on the Wall.
  • James MacAvoy played a Scottish runaway named Gavin in a 1997 episode entitled Rent.
  • Loraine Kelly appeared as herself in a 2003 episode when PC Cathy Bradford appeared on her GMTV show.


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