Posterior funiculus

Posterior funiculus
Posterior funiculus
Medulla spinalis - Section - English.svg
Section of the medulla oblongata through the lower part of the decussation of the pyramids.
1. Anterior median fissure.
2. Posterior median sulcus.
3. Anterior column (in red), with 3’, anterior root.
4. Posterior column (in blue), with 4’, posterior roots.
5. Lateral cerebrospinal fasciculus.
6. Posterior funiculus. The red arrow, a, a’, indicates the course the lateral cerebrospinal fasciculus takes at the level of the decussation of the pyramids; the blue arrow, b, b’, indicates the course which the sensory fibers take.
Latin f. posterior medullae spinalis
Gray's subject #185 752

The portion of the medulla spinalis which lies between the posterolateral sulcus and the posterior median sulcus is named the posterior funiculus. This area includes the dorsal columns (also called the posterior columns) which contains the fasciculus gracilis and, higher in the body, the fasciculus cuneatus, which are separated by a partition of glial cells. Histologically, these two fasciculi are on other sides of the dorsal intermediate sulcus.

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