Rap metal

Rap metal
Rap metal
Stylistic origins Rap rock, heavy metal, hip hop
Cultural origins Mid-to-late 1980s, United States
Typical instruments Rapping - Vocals - Electric guitar - Bass guitar - Drums - Turntables - Sampler - Keyboard
Mainstream popularity Underground in 1980s, moderate in early 1990s, gained much mainstream success in the mid-90s.
Fusion genres
Nu metal
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Rap rock

Rap metal is a subgenre of rap rock which fuses vocal and instrumental elements of hip hop music with heavy metal.


Rap metal originated from rap rock, a genre fusing vocal and instrumental elements of hip hop with rock.[1] The genre's roots are based both in hip hop acts who sampled heavy metal songs, such as Beastie Boys,[2] Cypress Hill,[3] Esham[4][5] and Run-D.M.C.,[6] as well as rock bands who fused heavy metal and hip hop influences, such as 24-7 Spyz[7] and Faith No More.[8]

In 1987, New York metal band Anthrax fused hip hop with metal for their extended play I'm the Man,[9] and then were teamed up with Public Enemy for a remake of the latter's "Bring the Noise" that fused hip hop with thrash metal.[10] The next year rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot teamed up with Metal Church for his 1988 single "Iron Man", loosely based upon the Black Sabbath song of the same name.[1] In 1990, rapper Ice-T formed a thrash metal band called Body Count, and while performing at the 1991 Lollapalooza tour performed a set that was half rap songs and half metal songs. Stuck Mojo, a metal band whose vocalist rapped, is considered to be another pioneer of the genre.[11][12]

In 1993, the combination of rap and metal music was showcased on the soundtrack to the movie Judgement Night. Each song on the soundtrack is a collaboration between a rock or metal artist and rap artist with song genres ranging from alternative rock to thrash and heavy metal.

Cypress Hill incorporated direct heavy metal influences into their 2000 album Skull & Bones, which featured six tracks in which rappers B-Real and Sen Dog were backed by a band including Fear Factory members Christian Olde Wolbers and Dino Cazares and Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk.[13] B-Real also formed a rap metal group, Kush, with Wolbers, Fear Factory drummer Raymond Herrera and Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter.[14][15] According to B-Real, Kush is more aggressive than other bands in the genre.[15] SX-10, formed in 1996 by Sen Dog, also performs rap rock and rap metal.[16] The most successful bands in the genre are Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park. Although the popularity of these styles has declined,[17] some believe that rap rock may regain popularity, with younger music fans discovering bands in the genre.[18]


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