Arabic hip hop

Arabic hip hop

Arabic hip hop is hip hop music and culture originating in the Arabic-speaking world. It is performed in English, local Arabic dialects, Hebrew, and French. Like most artists of the genre, these artists are highly influenced by American hip hop.Hip hop music is played on the radio stations and shown on TV stations in Arab countries, but performing it has begun only recently. Somewho say a Palestinian group called DAM began the movement but in fact, the "MWR" (from Akko) released the first hip hop single in Arabic called "Ashanak Arabi" ("Because you an Arab").Fact|date=January 2008


*Mc NiZ-R is an Iraqi rapper who is living in Jordan who raps in both Jordanian and Iraqi Arabic dialects.
*TIMZ is an Iraqi American rapper mostly known for his controversial rap song "Iraq", he now has a debut album "Open for business" available online. He has gained recognition through the political messages in his music, he has also been featured on Fox News, MTV News, and Al-Jazeera, as well as being nominated for "Best Hip-Hop Album" at 2006 San Diego Music Awards.
*The Narcicyst is an Iraqi Canadian hip hop artist and peace activist who has shared the stage with Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Non Phixion, Madlib, A-Trak, Brother Ali, DJ Vadim, Dead Prez and Afu Ra. He raps in both Iraqi Arabic and English.


Palestinian hip hop supposedly started in 1998 with Tamer Nafar's group DAM.The group, based in Israel was founded in 1998, and is made up of three Palestinian Israeli men: Tamer Nafar, his brother Suhell Nafar, and Mahmoud Jrere. They blend Arabic melodies and hip hop beats in their music. The group's name is the Arabic word for "blood," () but can also be an acronym for "Da Arabic MCs."

Ramallah Underground is a hip-hop group based in Ramallah, Palestine - including boikutt, stormtrap, and aswatt. Their lyrics represent a powerful response to the occupation of their country. Despite the severe isolation imposed on them they have benefited from a global media revolution that surpasses all boundaries and have adopted hip-hop as a subculture and a form of expression of protest, ultimately giving voice to a whole generation of Palestinians and Arabs.

The group MWR (Mahmoud, Waseem, and Richard) helps to bridge the social gap between Israelis and Palestinians by showing that being both Arab and Israeli is acceptable. They also describe that it is possible for Arabs and Israelis to exist in peace. They sing out against poverty, drugs, crime, and the hardships they deal with as Palestinians living inside of Israel.Their lyrics represent a powerful response to the occupation of their territory. Despite the severe isolation imposed on Arab-Israelis, they have benefited from a global media revolution. This has allowed them to adopt hip-hop as an expression of protest, giving voice to the youth generation of Palestinians and Arabs. MWR is one of the most powerful hip-hop groups in Palestine. They have even captivated a strong Israeli fan base to go along with their Arab supporters. This has helped them represent the Palestinians struggle within Israel today. [ [ Hip-Hop - Israel - ] ]

Palestinian rappers and producers:

*Belly (Rebellyus)
* DJ Khaled of the Terror Squad
* Fredwreck of the doggystyle Records


One of the most successful Arabic rappers is the Moroccan artist Salah Edin who performs his music in the Moroccan dialect Darija. Salah Edin has performed in over 31 countries in 4 continents and worked among popular American acts such as the Wu-Tang Clan, producer Focus (Aftermath) as well as with popular French artists IAM and Danish topsellers Outlandish.
Cilvaringz is also a Moroccan rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan who speaks out against anti-Islamic sentiment along with fellow Dutch Moroccan rappers Salah Edin, Appa and Sjaakie. Rapper Appa was accused of aiming death threats at the Dutch right wing politician Geert Wilders. Wilders took Appa to court over this issue and the judge ruled in favour of Appa.

In Morocco Fnaire is another popular hip hop group. Lyrically they rap about how proud they are about their country and the way how people in Morocco.H-kayne is also a rap group. Lyrically there different from Fnaire, comparable to American brag and boast rappers.


Rap and Hip Hop music are also very popular in Jordan. Arabic Hip Hop is one of the most popular music genres listened to by Jordan's youth, in addition to trance and techno. Famous artists are TAJ (The Arabian Journal), 962 Crew, DJ Sotusura, DJ Flava and DJ Bee Bee.


On the Past it was So Strange to hear this Type of Music on Egypt , Egyptian Rappers Started like Signed Rappers , The First Egyptian Rap Crew Was MTM , They Put The Egyptian Rap Under Spot all Over The World , They Released Two Albums "Omy Mesafra" (My Mother is Travelling) 2001 , And "Telephony Peyren" (My Phone is Ringing) 2003 , They have got much criticism , also The Most Egyptian Youth Admired them and Started to Make their own Songs, and start to make this Underground Society .Another Signed Rapper is Karim Naguib , He Start To Make his Songs and Released his First Album L'Wahdy (Alone) 2007.And The First Signed Rapper from the Underground Society Rappers is Omar Boflot Who Won the First Place at the MTV Arabia competition Hip-Hopna .The Most Famous Egyptian Underground Rapper is El7aty Who Make a song Talking about The World Cup 2010 Egyptian Organization Scandal.Also There is an Active Egyptian Rapper Who have The Copyrights of Arabic Rap Kings Mixtapes , his Name is LaLaZeZo , This is the First time on the World to Release an Albums Containing those Songs for The Arabic Underground Rappers ..

Arabic Rap mixtapes

The First Arabic RapMixtape released at 2008 Under the Name of Arabic Rap Kings "Vol.1 2008" , This Album CopyRighted to LaLa4Fans Company for Amateur Talents .


Other successful rappers, producers and DJs of Arabic origin are DJ Khaled (Terror Squad), Freeman (IAM),rim-k , Isam Bachiri (Outlandish), producer Fred Wreck, Fnaire, and Bigg.

There is also the rap group, [Fnaire] , who have claimed nominal success.


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