Russian hip hop

Russian hip hop

Russian hip hop is hip hop music produced in Russia or in the Russian language in other countries (mainly former Soviet states of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan).

The pioneers of Russian rap was a group called Malchishnik (Мальчи́шник, Russian for "Bachelor Party"), but the recognition of the rap genre came with the rise of Bad Balance, with their 1994 album "Naletchiki Bad B.". Russian Hip Hop, just like Canadian Hip Hop is inspired by Rastafari music, which hit an up-swing during the fall of the Soviet Union.

Only a few Russian rap artists have achieved commercial success: Detsl (Децл), Bad Balance, Kasta (Ка́ста) and the Belarusian artist Seryoga (Серё́га), who combined original rap with the native Russian satiric song genre "chastushka" which some critics consider a new branch in the rap genre: rap-chastushka. Although some rap fans believe he does not belong to the Russian rap scene, the musician won the nomination for best Russian rap in 2005 on the RMA (Russian Music Awards).

List of performers

* [ Hip-Hop Radio]
* [ Bad Balance]
* [ Big Black Boots]
* [ DaBudz] ( _ru. Дабац)
* [ KREC]
* [ Kasta] (Also known as foggy glass)
*Krestnaya Semya ( _ru. Крестная Семья)
* [ Krovostok] ( _ru. Кровосток)
* [ Ligalize] ( _ru. Лигалайз)
* [ Mnogotochie] ( _ru. Многоточие)
* [ Noize MC] ( _ru. Noize MC)
* [ NTL] ()
* [ Smoki Mo] ( _ru. Смоки Мо)
* [ Basta] ( _ru. Баста)
* [ CENTR] ( _ru. Центр)
* [ Guf] ( _ru. Гуф)
*DJ Hobot

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* [ News, Reviews and other Russian Hip-Hop related content]
* [ Hip hiphop discussion board]

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