Groove metal

Groove metal
Groove metal
Stylistic origins Heavy metal, hard rock, hip hop, dance music,[1] and death metal[2]
Typical instruments Electric guitar, drums, bass, vocals
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Groove metal is a subgenre of heavy metal.[1] It was often used to describe Pantera[3] and Exhorder.[4]


Characteristics and origins

Pantera's Cowboys from Hell album from 1990 was described as "groundbreaking" and "blueprint-defining" for the groove metal genre.[5] Tommy Victor of Prong claims that the attitude of groove metal came from Bad Brains.[6]

Geoffrey Himes of The Washington Post described the music in 1998, as a "marriage of hard rock with dance music and hip-hop"; and stated about groove metal: "This gives the loud, crunchy guitars a black-flavored dance pulse and gives the wailing vocals the punchy rhythms of rap and funk. The masters of this new sub-genre is Korn."[1] Other groove metal bands have incorporated thrash metal,[7] hardcore punk,[8] and industrial music.[9] Ian Christe credits Sepultura's Chaos A.D. and Pantera for creating the death metal-derived music of groove metal and influencing later groups in the genre during the 1990s.[2]


The style has been associated with bands such as Spiritual Beggars,[10] Soulfly,[11] Gojira,[12][13] Throwdown,[14] Trivium,[14] Lamb Of God,[13] Machine Head,[15] and Byzantine.[16]

To the contrary some bands have gone to some length to avoid being labelled as a groove metal band. Veteran thrash metal band Annihilator left Roadrunner Records in 1993 specifically to avoid being caught up in the groove-metal trend being promoted by the label. Subsequently, the Canadian band have not played in North America ever since their departure from the label.[17]


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