Aimpoint AB

Aimpoint AB

Aimpoint AB is a Swedish optics company manufacturing red dot sights for civilian, police and military use. The most popular model is the CompM2 (M68), currently used by numerous armed forces around the world.

Aimpoint AB

Aimpoint AB was awarded the first multi-year contract ever for a red dot sighting system by the US Army in 1997. Since then, Aimpoint AB has continued to deliver large quantities of sights to the US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US SOCOM, French Army, Swedish Army, Danish Army, Finnish Army, Norwegian Army, Latvian Army, Slovenian Army, and Italian Army. The Aimpoint sight is also currently in use with Special Forces all over the world and is the standard optical sight in most NATO countries. More than 500,000 Aimpoint sights are in military service today.

Aimpoint features

Aimpoint sights can be used with both eyes open, giving an unlimited field of view at any distance. Eye relief is unlimited, so the user's eye position behind the sight does not affect how well the target or the aiming point can be seen. Aimpoint sights also utilize a double lens system, making the sight parallax-free, which means that no matter where on the sight lens the red dot is reflected, the user's point of aim will be the point of impact.

Discontinued Aimpoint models

*Aimpoint Electronic
*Aimpoint Electronic G2
*Aimpoint Mark III
*Aimpoint 1000
*Aimpoint 2000
*Aimpoint 3000 : a sight with 1" (25,4 mm) tube. It is used by the French GIGN on G-3 TGS and sometimes on Remington 870 ; it is thought to have been used, or to be in use still, by Navy SEALs on the M4A1 [ [ Equipment | - Experience the SEAL Edge ] ]
*Aimpoint 5000
*Aimpoint 5000 XD
*Aimpoint 5000 XD 2x
*Aimpoint 7000S
*Aimpoint 7000S 2X
*Aimpoint Comp
*Aimpoint Comp XD
*Aimpoint CompM/ML
*Aimpoint CompM/ML XD
*Aimpoint Laser Dot
*Aimpoint Bow

Current Aimpoint models

CET technology

*Aimpoint CompM2 - The standard military red dot sight, designated M68 CCO (Close Combat Optic) by the US Army. 4 MOA and night vision compatible.
*Aimpoint CompML2 - Same as CompM2, but lacks night vision compatibility.
*Aimpoint CompC
*Aimpoint CompC 2x
*Aimpoint CompC SM - Lightweight sight with XD technology, 7 MOA.
*Aimpoint 7000L
*Aimpoint 7000L 2x
*Aimpoint 7000SC (Carbon Black) remplaçant l'*Aimpoint 7000S
*Aimpoint 7000SC SM (Silver Metallic)
*Aimpoint 7000SC 2X (2x magnification – Carbon Black only)
*Aimpoint LPI
*Aimpoint MPS II - Passive electronic reflex collimator sight for medium or heavy support weapons.

ACET technology

*Aimpoint CompM4 - The standard military - The latest version of the military M68 Close Combat Optic. 2 MOA dot and uses standard AA battery. Night Vision Compatible.
*Aimpoint CompM4s -Same specifications as the Aimpoint CompM4, but it comes with a low battery compartment.
*Aimpoint CompM3 - Available in 2 and 4 MOA models. Night vision compatible.
*Aimpoint CompML3 - Same as CompM3, but lacks night vision compatibility.
*Aimpoint CompC3 - Lightest Comp-sight, used on scout rifles, bows, carbines and competition pistols. 2 & 4 MOA.
*Aimpoint 9000L - Full-length sight ideal for hunting big game and sport-shooting rifles.
*Aimpoint 9000L 2X - Same as 9000L with 2X magnification.
*Aimpoint 9000SC - Medium-length sight primarily designed to be used with semi-automatic shotguns and rifles.
*Aimpoint 9000SC 2X - Same as 9000SC with 2X magnification.
*Aimpoint Micro H-1 - The smallest sight in the Aimpoint familly, only 105grams including the mount. Comes in 4 MOA dot.
*Aimpoint Micro R-1 - Same as the H-1 but instead of the black finish the R-1 comes in a Silver finish.
*Aimpoint Micro T-1 - The police and military version in the Micro series, comes in a matt black finish with NVD capabilities.
*Aimpoint MPS3 - A machinegun sight which uses the same type electronics as the Aimpoint CompM4.


*Aimpoint 3XMag - 3X magnification module for Aimpoint sights.Featured behind an eotech. [ [ Systema M4A1 PTW ] ]
*Aimpoint LPI - Infrared laser sight to be mounted on either a Picatinny rail or directly on some of the CompML or CompM sights.
*"'Aimpoint CEU (Conceiled Engagement Unit) Mounted on the Aimpoint TM (TwistMount) behind the Aimpoint sight. Easy to take on and off. Now you can engage the target from a protected position.


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