List of conflicts in the Near East

List of conflicts in the Near East
A geographical map showing territories commonly considered part of the Near East.

The area known as the "Near East" is usually referred to as Middle East in modern contexts. For periods predating Classical Antiquity, the common term is Ancient Near East. The Near East is generally associated with Anatolia, the Levant, Mesopotamia and to greater degree Egypt, Arabia and Greater Persia.


Ancient Near East conflicts

Bronze Age

Early Iron Age

Note: This section is covering Iron Age I and II, Iron Age III is related as Classic Period

Classic antiquity conflicts

Greco-Persian domination

Roman, Parthian and Sassanid domination

  • Siege of Jerusalem (63 BC)
  • Samaritan Revolts
    • Samaritan revolt against Zeno 484
    • Revolt against Anastasius I
    • Third Samaritan revolt 529-531
    • Fourth Samaritan Revolt 555-572

Medieval conflicts

    • Mudhar-Yamani conflict 793-796
  • Byzantine-Ottoman wars 1265-1453
    • Rise of the Ottomans 1265-1328
    • Byzantium counter: 1328–1341
    • Balkan invasion and civil war: 1341–1371
    • Byzantine civil war and vassalage: 1371–1394
    • Resumption of hostilities: 1394–1424
    • Ottoman campaign on Constantinopolis 1424–1453

Ottoman Period conflicts 1453-1918

Ottoman expansion

Ottoman era period conflicts 1453-1516

  • Yazidi uprising against Safavids 1506-1510
  • Şahkulu Rebellion 1511

Ottoman Empire conflicts

  • Cretan War (1645-1669)
    • Atmeydanı Incident
    • Çınar Incident 1656
  • Edirne revolt 1703
  • Baban uprising 1806-1808
  • Events of 1807-08 (Ottoman revolts)
    • Kabakçı Mustafa revolt

Ottoman Tanzimat period

  • First Botan uprising 1843
  • Bedr Khan Bey uprising 1843
  • Culemerg uprising 1843
  • Bedirhan Bey uprising 1847[1]
  • Yezdan Sher uprising 1855[2]

Post-Ottoman era conflicts


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