Manawatu (New Zealand electorate)

Manawatu (New Zealand electorate)

Manawatu was a parliamentary electorate in the Manawatu-Wanganui Region of New Zealand that existed during three periods between 1871 and 1996.



The electorate existed during three periods: from 1871 to 1890, 1896 to 1911, and 1919 to 1996.[1]

The first representative was Walter Woods Johnston, who was elected at the 1871 general election. He won the three subsequent general elections, and retired at the end of the parliamentary term in 1884.[2] Johnston was succeeded by Douglas Hastings Macarthur in the 1884 general election. Macarthur held the electorate for two terms until 1890, when it was abolished. He successfully contested Rangitikei in the 1890 general election.[3]

The electorate was recreated in for the 1896 general election, when John Stevens got elected for the Liberal Party. He represented it until the 1902 general election,[4] when he was defeated by Job Vile.[5] Vile lost the electorate again at the 1905 general election to Stevens, who held it until 1908.[4] In the 1908 general election, Stevens was defeated by the conservative politician Edward Newman in a second ballot.[6] The electorate was abolished in 1911.[1]

The electorate was recreated in for the 1919 general election, when John Stevens was once again successful. He held the electorate for one term.[4] He was succeeded by Joseph Linklater in the 1922 general election. Linklater held the electorate for four parliamentary terms until 1935.[7] In the 1935 general election, he was defeated by Labour's Clifford Hunter, who held the electorate for one term.[8]

Hunter lost the electorate in the 1938 general election to National's John Cobbe, who retired in 1943.[9] He was succeeded by Matthew Oram until 1957.

Members of Parliament

Manawatu was represented by 16 Members of Parliament.[1]

1871 to 1890

From 1871 to 1890, Manawatu was represented by two Members of Parliament.

Election Winner
1871 election Walter Woods Johnston (Independent)
1876 election
1879 election
1881 election
1884 election Douglas Hastings Macarthur (Independent)
1887 election

1896 to 1911

From 1896 to 1911, Manawatu was represented by three Members of Parliament.

Election Winners
1896 election John Stevens (Liberal)
1899 election
1902 election Job Vile (Independent)
1905 election John Stevens (2nd period; Liberal)
1908 election Edward Newman (Independent)

1919 to 1996

From 1919 to 1996, Manawatu was represented by a further eleven Members of Parliament.

Election Winner
1919 Edward Newman (2nd period; Reform)
1922 Joseph Linklater (Reform)
1935 Clifford Hunter (Labour)
1938 John Cobbe (National)
1943 Matthew Oram (National)
1957 William Blair Tennent (National)
1966 Les Gandar (National)
1972 Allan McCready (National)
1978 Michael Cox (National)
1987 David Robinson (Labour)
1990 Hamish MacIntyre (National, then Alliance)
1993 Jill White (Labour)


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