List of No More Heroes characters

List of No More Heroes characters

This article provides a list of characters who appear in the 2007 Wii video game No More Heroes[1] and its sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


Main characters

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown is a 30-year-old American assassin and stereotypical otaku – his motel room decorated with professional wrestling and anime collectibles – living in near poverty in the motel "NO MORE HEROES" of Santa Destroy, California[2] accompanied by his kitten Jeane (most likely named after his long lost love). He appears to have interest in Lucha Libre icons, as well as a moe driven anime series called Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly; his apartment is filled with such mentioned merchandise. After winning a beam katana in an internet auction he becomes a hitman. When he runs out of money to buy video games he accepts a job to kill Helter Skelter, also known as "the Drifter," which earns him rank 11 by the United Assassins Association, a governing body of assassins. Realizing that he has now made himself a target for aspiring assassins, he sets out to secure himself as number one in the UAA.[3] He gets around on his exaggerated motorcycle, dubbed the "Schpeltiger."

He is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes (English) and Nakai Kazuya (Japanese).

Sylvia Christel

Sylvia Christel is a Japanese Ukrainian UAA agent, since raised in France, and Henry's wife. Described in official literature as "mysterious" and "cold," she provides ranks and sets up ranking matches for UAA members.[4] Though she is married, she continually flirts with Travis (though in a somewhat sadistic way), leads him to believe she will have sex with him should he attain the #1 rank, and even threatens to kill him if he ever makes her jealous. She appears one last time after the credits at the end of the game with a little girl, Jeane, in front of a painting depicting Travis' showdown with Henry. Her name may be an allusion to Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel. She appears in the sequel, once again roping Travis into the UAA with the promise of sex.[5] In No More Heroes 2 Sylvia has been divorced from Henry, and pursues a relationship with Travis in the latter half of the game. Also, Sylvia is the narrator for the game's events from a future perspective.

Sylvia Christel is voiced by Paula Tiso (English) and Marina Inoue (Japanese).

Henry Cooldown

Henry Cooldown is a 30-year-old American assassin, since raised in Ireland, and Travis' twin brother. He wears a full gray outfit and wields the Cross Saber, a beam katana similar to Travis' Tsubaki Mk-III. He is first encountered as a shadowy figure in the Senton Splash Tunnel of Santa Destroy, on Travis' way to the ranking match versus Letz Shake. Henry and Travis meet face-to-face, after Henry kills Letz Shake before Travis does and thus ignites a rivalry between the two. He later challenges Travis to one final duel outside of the "NO MORE HEROES" motel after Travis becomes ranked first in the UAA. As their battle ensues, Henry reveals that he is both Travis' twin brother and Sylvia's husband of 10 years. The outcome of their fight is left open.[6] In No More Heroes 2, Henry is divorced from Sylvia, and was somehow defeated by Dr. Letz Shake, leading to an unintended rescue by Travis. He is then playable for one battle in a nightmare, fighting an anime-styled girl named Mimmy. After waking up, he kills the assassins ranked 5 and 6 for Travis and saves him during the final boss fight. He leaves during the boss's final form, refusing to help fight because even being associated with the outlandish boss would hurt his reputation.

Henry is voiced by Quinton Flynn (English) and Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese).


Jeane is a 25-year-old American assassin, the main antagonist of the first No More Heroes game, and Travis' childhood love interest, who actually turns out to be his half-sister; her surname is unknown (although as she and Travis share their father, they probably share last names too). She hated Travis and his family for being stuck with his father who sexually molested her (revealed in a fast-forwarded cutscene, when slowed down)[7] after causing her mother to commit suicide. She resorted to prostitution to fund her training in an attempt to seek revenge, and afterwards she murdered Travis' parents in front of him and destroyed his home. She appears at the near-end of the game after she kills Dark Star, the highest-ranked assassin, with a single blow from behind. After explaining herself to Travis, saying her situation is similar to the manga Miyuki, she engages him in a final battle using her mixed martial arts skills. Travis eventually kills her with Shinobu's help.

Jeane is voiced by Kari Wahlgren (English) and Mamiko Noto (Japanese).

United Assassins Association

The United Assassins Association (米国暗殺者協会 Beikoku Ansatsusha Kyōkai)[8] is an organization of prominent assassins. Members are ranked, with numbers one through eleven appearing in the game. In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, the members are now ranked one through fifty one.

No More Heroes

Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter is a cigar-smoking albino garbed in the manner of a cowboy and the eleventh ranked UAA assassin until he is killed by Travis before gameplay begins. His age and nationality, as well as whether or not Helter Skelter is his real name are unknown, though he seems to also go by the title of "the Drifter." Despite his large arsenal of weaponry which included dual revolvers and a special set of gauntlets that housed missiles, mini-guns and blades, he was unable to stop Travis from decapitating him. He is named after The Beatles song "Helter Skelter."

Helter Skelter is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, though his voice can only be heard in the game's original trailer.

Death Metal

Count Townsend, better known by his pseudonym Death Metal, is a 55-year-old English assassin who lives in a mansion on the outskirts of Santa Destroy. He is ranked 10th in the UAA. His codename is named after the subgenre of heavy metal of the same name, while his real name is named after Devin Townsend. Most of his body is covered in tattoos and he brandishes a large curved beam katana that greatly contrasts Travis'. His saber, the Orange II, has a symbol which parodies Apple Inc.'s logo as it was designed by the fictitious Orange Computers (also a parody of Apple Inc). He also seems to be able to make copies of himself, as he does so in his fight with Travis. During the conversation before their battle, Travis somewhat envies him for living in what he considers true luxury, though Death Metal believes his envy to be foolishness since he does not feel the same way about his lavish surroundings. He explains that where he lives is no paradise, but rather a place for people to die. After his defeat by losing both his hands (bloodless in the Japanese and UK version), he passes on the title of "Holy Sword" to Travis and tells him to "master the ways of the assassin," facing his end very admirably. Travis then decapitates him with his beam katana.[9]

Death Metal is voiced by Grant Albrecht and Ken Narita in the Japanese version.

Dr. Peace

Pastel Brankino, better known by his pseudonym Dr. Peace, is a 50-year-old American assassin who is a corrupt vice detective, master gunslinger, and is called the "department store of crime." He is also a karaoke enthusiast; before fighting Travis, Peace sings the song "The virgin child makes her wish without feeling anything," written by Suda 51, at the pitcher's mound in Destroy Stadium. He is ranked 9th in the UAA. Peace is very similar to Travis, except for explaining that he enjoys taking lives from others; it is his passion and his calling. His weapon, dual golden revolvers, are a possible homage to Emir Parkreiner of killer7's golden gun. He reveals himself to be divorced and that he has a daughter named Jennifer from this past relationship that he has not seen until recently. The UAA helps him get a reservation for a dinner with his daughter and get the Destroy Stadium as a venue for singing, apparently using Travis's fees. The dinner did not go well, as both of them knew the night was paid for with the blood of others. He dies from being disemboweled by Travis, his last word being the name of his daughter, "Jennifer.".[10]

Dr. Peace is voiced by Richard McGonagle and Chikao Ōtsuka in Japanese.


Shinobu Jacobs is an 18-year-old African American assassin, the youngest confirmed ranked member of the UAA, and a high school student at the local Santa Destroy High School.[11] She is ranked 8th in the UAA. Shinobu bears a grudge against Travis because she believes he murdered her father, though in truth Travis had idolized Shinobu's father so much so that he watched all of Jacobs' tapes until they wore out, but had never actually met him in person. Shinobu also goes to great lengths to hide her profession as an assassin from her fellow classmates, going so far as to kill a small group of students who overheard Travis challenging her to a ranking battle.

Shinobu specializes in using her katana, even throwing Travis off guard by using her signature move, Sonic Sword. After she is defeated, her right arm cut off by Travis' blade (only in US version), Travis chooses to spare her life despite her requests for him to kill her. Travis then challenges her to kill him in the future, stating that he wants to kill people who are stronger than he is. It is likely that Travis truly could not kill her because of his discomfort in killing women (as revealed with his victory against Holly Summers), or the fact that she is the daughter of his mentor. Then again, it is also possible that her young age may have also played a factor in his sparing her. He tells Sylvia how he wants her to grow strong so he can kill her later. Shinobu later appears (with her right hand reattached) to save Travis from being killed by Jeane.[12]

Shinobu returns in No More Heroes 2, and is mandatorily playable in two of the game's stages. Her severed hand has been replaced with a mechanical one, and she has become the greatest assassin in Asia. She now refers to Travis as "Master", and appears to have become interested in him romantically. Players take control of Shinobu on missions to eliminate Million Gunman and New Destroyman, the 9th and 8th ranked assassins.

Following these missions, Shinobu reveals her desire for Travis. He rejects it, telling her he does not want to become one of those "pervy teachers in a porn". Disappointed, she leaves his motel room and is not seen again for the rest of the game.

Shinobu is voiced by Kimberly Brooks and her Japanese VA is Kitamura Eri


John Harnet, better known by his pseudonym Destroyman, is a 28-year-old assassin who also recently took up a job as a postman. His nationality is unknown, although he is presumably American. He is ranked 7th in the UAA. Destroyman is technologically superpowered,[13] and cosplays the likeness of a character from an in-game self-financed movie with a cult following also titled Destroyman. All of his attacks' names begin with the word "Destroy," such as "Destroy Spark." He also has a move called the "Destroy Cannon," which comes from his hands, and a gigantic beam attack, the "Destroy Buster", which he projects from his oversized, glowing codpiece. He is known for his enjoyment in killing his opponents or as he calls it 'tasting the blood of his enemies', fighting dishonorably and often resorting to taking cheap shots at his opponents (he zaps Travis during a handshake of "good sportsmanship" prior to the ranking match, and cons him into turning around before trying to shoot him from behind). When Travis gives Destroyman a hint of chance for survival after stabbing him through the chest, he attempts to kill Travis using machine gun turrets hidden by his nipples, immediately after which he is vertically bisected by Travis's sword.[14]

Destroyman is voiced by Josh Keaton and Kōichi Sakaguchi in Japanese.

Holly Summers

Holly Summers is a Swedish assassin and model; her age is unknown. She is ranked 6th in the UAA. Her weapon, the prosthetic left leg she wears, is equipped with a missile launcher. In addition, she also carries a shovel which she uses to dig trenches, pitfalling unsuspecting foes, and bombarding them with grenades before they can climb to the surface.[15] Travis, because of his almost chivalrous attitude towards women, is unable to kill Summers after defeating her; however, after informing Travis that assassins must die when they are defeated, Summers pulls the pin out of one of her grenades, and places it in her mouth. Before Travis can stop her, it detonates, killing her instantly. Travis, feeling guilt over the fact that he dishonored Summers by not killing her, buries her upon the beach where they fought, confessing that "[he] loves her soul," before leaving.[16]

Holly Summers is voiced by Kim Mai Guest and Fumiko Orikasa in Japanese. The fact that she has a prosthetic leg and is a European model could be a reference to Heather Mills, who lost half of her leg after being knocked down by a police motorcycle.

Letz Shake

Letz Shake is a 22-year-old Singaporean assassin and vocalist(and possible guitarist) of a punk band; his real name is unknown. He is ranked 5th in the UAA. His weapon, the Earthquake Generator, was previously a war weapon owned by the United States Army and contains the brain of its inventor, Dr. Shake. While he speaks with a comical German accent, in-game concept cards confirm him to be Singaporean. The top half of his overalls has been flipped outwards and the kanji 大地震 (huge earthquake) have been drawn in. He and Dr. Shake are bisected by Henry just as Travis begins to attack them, in an anticlimactic fashion. The visor and wristpad he dons during the set-up phase of Dr. Shake resemble that of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, while Dr. Shake contains engines that refer to the PlayStation 3's cell microprocessor and the Xbox 360's Trinity engine.

Letz Shake is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, while Dr. Shake is voiced by Fred Tatasciore. In Japanese, Letz Shake is voiced by Setsuji Satō.

Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii

Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii is a Russian assassin and stage magician who gives shows for large audiences; his age is unknown. He is ranked 4th in the UAA. Silvia and Travis attend one of Volodarskii's performances, where he selects Travis from the audience to assist him onstage. A brief conversation between the two reveals for the first time during the game that Travis' parents are dead. Associates restrain a willing Travis under a large circular saw with which Volodarskii attempts to kill him, though he survives. Harvey fights using two beam kodachi, as well as several of his magic tricks, including changing Travis' katana into a harmless magic wand, temporarily flipping everything upside down, and trapping Travis in a box with a bomb. Humorously, if Travis escapes the latter attack, he and Harvey bow to the audience before resuming their fight.

Ultimately, Harvey is blinded when Travis throws his beam katana across his eyes, and is soon after restrained by his own associates and sliced vertically in half by the same large circular saw that he attempted to kill Travis with during the start of his performance.[17]

Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii is voiced by James Horan and Kōji Yusa in Japanese.

Speed Buster

Speed Buster is a 76-year-old assassin who lives in the abandoned Speed City, and is the oldest ranked member of the UAA; her real name and nationality are unknown. She is ranked 3rd in the UAA. Speed Buster is a misandrist woman who claims men to be unbelievably stubborn and foolish. She claims to have trouble hearing, but this is only a feint to give her time to activate her main weapon-a shopping cart that transforms into a chicken-themed energy cannon with an extremely long barrel. She kills Thunder Ryu in a duel before Travis' ranking match against her begins, causing the otaku to seek venegance upon her. After Travis evades her attacks, defeats her minions, and deactivates her energy cannon, she surrenders. Speed Buster claims she knew Thunder Ryu before they fought, and moments before she is killed she says, paradox of her initial attitude, that she thought of him as a good man and believes Travis will develop into one as well. She then bids farewell and kisses Travis on the cheek as a "little present" before being decapitated by him.[18]

Speed Buster is voiced by Mitzi McCall and Kimiko Saitō in Japanese.

Bad Girl

Bad Girl is a 23-year-old assassin who lives in the basement of Destroy Stadium; her real name as well as her nationality are unknown. She is ranked 2nd in the UAA. She drinks frequently (as is evident from her refrigerator, which is filled with nothing but canned beer; the refrigerator itself has "Chiller 7" written on it as a reference to Killer 7), dresses in a style similar to that of the Sweet Lolita fashion (which directly contrasts with her murderous personality) and bludgeons cloned men dressed in S&M gear with a baseball bat. After listening about how she feels no remorse whatsoever about killing (claiming it to just be a job), Travis takes an immediate disliking to her, saying that she is not a true assassin, but a "perverted killing maniac". In retaliation, she claims that Travis is no better than her because although she resorts to more cruel methods to killing, they both are assassins and kill who they must all the same. She attacks Travis with her baseball bat, as well as using her bat to hit gimps with enough force to turn them into living projectiles. She is not above trickery, either; should Travis approach her when she falls to her knees and begins crying, she will sweep his legs out from under him and bludgeon him to death with her bat. When heavily injured, she also spits liquor on her bat and sets it alight, increasing her damage.

After their fight, she stands with Travis' beam katana sticking through her abdomen, refusing to give up. She continues to brutally assault Travis until he tells her he gives up, in order to make her stop her assault; she then dies on top of him, making Travis 2nd rank regardless of his forfeiture.[19]

Bad Girl is voiced by Kathryn Fiore and Yūko Sanpei in Japanese.

Dark Star

Dark Star is an assassin who lives in a large castle hidden far away from Santa Destroy; his real name, age, and nationality are unknown. He is ranked 1st in the UAA. He wields a sword-hilt like device that can project a large, dragon-like tendril of energy, and knows much about Travis' past, claiming to be his father. He is killed with a stab to the groin by Jeane before his battle with Travis starts. Jeane claims that he is lying, and points out that Travis' father is dead; however, though, he does manage to make Travis remember who the true killer of his parents are before he is killed. He is a parody of Darth Vader from the Star Wars series.

Dark Star is voiced by Steve Blum (English) and Tessho Genda (Japanese)

Ermen Palmer

Ermen Palmer is an assassin who breaks into Travis' motel room, attempting to kill him while he is defenseless on the toilet. Nothing of his age or origins are known, except that he appears to be African American. The "bad" ending of No More Heroes concludes after the confrontation. The "good" ending, however, extends beyond the confrontation. Ermen is killed when Henry arrives at Travis' motel room to challenge him to a fight. He is an homage to Garcian Smith from Killer7.

No More Heroes 2

Skelter Helter

Skelter Helter is an assassin who meets Travis on the rooftop he killed Helter Skelter in the first game. Claiming that he is going to fight Travis to avenge his brother, Travis pays no mind as he can not properly remember any aspect of Helter Skelter other than telling the younger brother he was a douche. Like his older brother, he is an albino and wields a beam sword and a modified revolver with extra chambers on a metal ring. At the end of the fight, Travis kills him in a similar fashion of his older brother by decapitating him, only to have his severed head fall back down perfectly on his body. As the UAA begins to clean up his corpse, he comes back to life briefly in order to relay a message from Helter Skelter in regards to telling Travis that he would suffer the death of a person he considered a brother (namely Bishop Shidux). Skelter "kills himself" after finishing his statement by pulling his head off of his body, becoming lifeless after doing so. He is ranked 51st by the UAA and Travis assumes his rank upon his death. He resembles Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII in appearance.

Skelter Helter is voiced by Matthew Mercer.

Nathan Copeland

Nathan Copeland is an assassin who is also the founder and leader of a religious cult that spreads their word through rap music. He's challenged by Travis on the luxorious suite he lives on. He states that his only desire was to face Travis, and that his sect and mob mean nothing compared to the challenge of fighting him. Copeland's main weapon is a boombox that can turn into a partial armor that covers his arms that he uses both for defense as well as for offensive melee attacks. His boombox can also fire missiles from its loudspeakers while in regular form. During the battle, the suite's many ornaments turn into deathly hazards that can hurt both Travis or Copeland. He's ranked 50th by the UAA, a rank he loses after he's bisected by Travis.

Nathan Copeland is voiced by Khary Payton.

Charlie Macdonald

Charlie Macdonald and his group of twenty-four cheerleaders are assassins faced on the Destroy University football field. Charlie and his cheerleaders' appearance seem to have an American Football theme, with Charlie wearing a set of massive football gear and his cheerleaders wearing identical green uniforms. He seems obsessed with football in any shape or form, even admitting that he loves Travis' name.

Rather than fighting Travis directly, the group transforms into a giant mecha known as the Santa Death Parade. To counter this, Travis summons a mecha of his own, which is stylized after Glastonbury, a mecha from one of his favorite anime, "Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly". The actual fight takes place on the Santa Destroy streets between the two giant robots.

Charlie Macdonald is ranked 25th by the UAA, while his cheerleaders all have their own ranks from 26 to 49. The Santa Death Parade is destroyed after being launched into space and then shot by the Glastonbury's laser cannon with Charlie and the cheerleaders inside, thus killing them.

Charlie Macdonald is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Incidentally, his voice actor also voiced Simon from the mecha anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and the Santa Death Parade is similar in design to the Dekabutsu mecha seen in that anime.


Kimmy Howell

Kimmy Howell is a student of Destroy University who is an All-American beam katana champion. She is very obsessed with Travis, claiming to be his number-one fan. Claiming that any other girl can say the same thing, she challenges Travis to a fight, wanting to behead and surpass him. Kimmy's weapon is a flute that doubles as a double-ended beam katana and also blows explosive bubbles.

Kimmy's rank is unknown, but lower than Travis'. After being defeated, she attempts to suffocate Travis by smothering him with her thighs. Travis slams her on the ground, knocking her out, then walks away, claiming he cannot kill a co-ed.

Kimmy is an optional boss. The only way to unlock her (and subsequently the revenge missions) is to exit and re-enter the motel anytime after beating Charlie.

Kimmy is voiced by Jennifer Hale

Matt Helms

Matt Helms was a young boy who was murdered after being abandoned by his parents in a cabin. An urban legend says that he made a pact with the devil so he could be revived to gain revenge on his parents, which he succeeded in doing. He is now a supernatural assassin who seems to have two different manifestations: a young blood-soaked boy, and an overweight masked man with a flame-throwing axe.

Helms is ranked 24th by the UAA. After defeating his adult manifestation, the young boy appears and attempts to kill Travis, but is shot by Sylvia before he can strike. The boy runs off, unharmed by the shooting, as Sylvia reveals to Travis that Helms is in fact a ghost. She and the UAA set fire to the cabin. The fate of the young Helms is never revealed.

Matt Helms is voiced by Debi Derryberry.

Cloe Walsh

A female assassin with the ability to spit acid and produce intense sonic screams. Travis finds her in an old abandoned prison on the sea that was shut down long ago. In daylight it is only ruins, but when night falls Cloe Walsh tragically screams causing the birds to become mad, caking the ocean surface with their dead bodies. She is very flirtaous and tries to kill Travis by giving him a kiss of death. Ultimately she is killed by Travis, who dices her into pieces with his Beam Katana. Voiced by Tara Strong

Dr. Letz Shake

Dr. Letz Shake, from the first game, somehow given a new robotic body to replace the one Henry destroyed, is the only contestant left alive in the UAA Battle Royale for Rank 10 by the time Travis arrives. He has also captured Henry, and apparently frozen him in carbonite (a reference to Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back). Shake is destroyed once again, this time by Travis.

Million Gunman

The 9th Ranked Assassin in the UAA, who doubles as a bank owner. Shinobu fights him in Travis' (unknowing) place in a bank vault. Million is a skilled gunslinger who uses a golden pistol to fire ricocheting coins, and during the fight, travels between the vault's levels using the elevators situated within. Upon defeat, Million Gunman requests Shinobu's name, to which she complies after slicing off his arms and decapitating him. Despite being a head balanced on a sword at this point, Million tells her he has heard her name, and Shinobu finally slices the skull into pieces. Voiced by Paul Eiding

New Destroyman

The 8th ranked assassins of the UAA. Destroyman from the first game has been reborn, with his bisected halves now each fused to a robot half; each one has a separate personality as well, also halves of the original: one is mild-mannered, yet deceitful, and the other is openly rude and vulgar. These halves battle Travis' self-proclaimed apprentice, Shinobu, who manages to destroy both by slicing one's head into pieces, and drilling her katana through the skull of the other. Voiced by Josh Keaton


The 7th ranked assassin of the UAA. A bōsōzoku (term for a Japanese biker gang member) who rides a motorcycle with dragon aesthetics. He uses it in the first part of his and Travis' match, in which they attempt to push each other off the battlefield with their bikes. Travis is victorious in pushing Ryuji off, but Ryuji goes on foot and initiates a beam katana duel with Travis. Ryuji's beam katana also doubles as a naginata, and he is capable of summoning a dragon made of lightning that swirls in and out of the arena. Again, Travis wins, but instead of going in for the kill, he relishes in the enjoyment of such a match, and considers sparing Ryuji. To Travis' shock and disgust, Sylvia, out of nowhere, callously guns the man down with a machine gun. She reiterates that the loser must die, and that pity will get Travis killed, noting his actions with "that dumb school girl", meaning Shinobu as Kimmy is an optional boss or one could choose to fight Kimmy after Ryuji. Voiced by Robert Wu

Margaret Moonlight

Margaret Moonlight is the 4th ranked assassin in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. She's a gothic lolita character who fights Travis at the top of a supermarket building. She attacks with two giant, bladed sniper rifles, called Le Croissant du Ange. They resemble Barrett M82 .50 BMG anti-material rifles modified into ornate scythes. While she fights Travis, she sings the song "Philistine", which also seems to be directed at Travis. After being mortally wounded, she asks Travis what he thinks of her song, to which he answers "Catchy as Hell." Travis then proceeds to disembowel her, her last words being "That is so sublime." Voiced by Tara Strong

Captain Vladimir

A Russian cosmonaut who became[in space] decades ago, he has arrived again on Earth, but has gone mad from the years spent stranded in space. He fights Travis using an orbital laser cannon. Travis' finishing blow shatters Vladimir's helmet visor, allowing the man to see that he had finally returned to the Earth he loved, and dies with content. When the UAA arrive to dispose of the still floating corpse, Travis demands that Sylvia leave it alone, as Vladimir deserves to rest in peace on the planet he lost so long ago.

Voiced by Paul Eiding

Alice Twilight

The 2nd ranked assassin of the UAA, she is found on a rooftop burning old photos of herself. Before the battle, she converses with Travis, questioning the ranking system that cost many assassins their lives and seeing hope for the future of the assassin in Travis, as he managed to leave the UAA after becoming number one. She is a beam katana user as well, having six mechanical arms on her back wield one each for her. The katanas' laser blades are replaceable, as they grow back when she hurls them at Travis during the battle. Before she is sliced in two, Alice asks Travis to remember her name, as proof that she ever existed. Her melancholy words cause Travis to let out an enraged cry upon killing her. He argues with Sylvia once more about the senselessness of the UAA's ranking matches and threatening to shut it down, inadvertently burning her left hand with his beam katana.

Alice is voiced by Jennifer Hale

Jasper Batt Jr.

A short, bucktoothed, bald man with a pizza tattoo on the side of his head. He's the head of the massive Pizza Batt corporation, in effect making him the most powerful man in Santa Destroy, and the #1 ranked assassin in the UAA. He had Bishop Shidux killed in revenge for Travis' murder of Jasper's father and two brothers in the side missions of the first game. Travis prevented the monopolization of Santa Destroy by Pizza Batt three times in the first game by assassinating the company's CEO, but upon leaving the town after the first game, Jasper was able to bring his company to the town.

He has three forms in his fight. His first form is himself in a floating car, which he tries to run Travis over with, while also using lasers to attack even though he can be hit by them himself. In his second form, he injects himself with an unknown compound, and becomes a giant, muscular superhero, with teleporting abilities, and throwing batarang-like projectiles. In his final form, he inflates himself to a massive size, After leveling the top level of Pizza Batt Tower. He is killed when Travis does a jumping stab on him, splitting him in half and blowing him up.

Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal


Mimmy is a small anime girl who appears in Henry's dream while he is staying in Travis' home. Mimmy has green hair and two giant robotic arm straps, complete with jets which allow her to fly, sterios, missiles and lasers. Her battle takes place on a sunny, flower-filled, anime hill with a stream running through. Upon meeting Mimmy, Henry is shocked to find Mimmy is saying what Henry is thinking in his head. Mimmy tells him he is giving his thoughts to her and that his consciousness reached out to her. After Henry refuses to play with Mimmy, the battle begins. After defeating Mimmy, Henry plunges his Beam Katana into a small air vent in the back of her robotic suit, causing her to inflate far beyond her normal size and explode.

This is the only time of the game where Henry is playable (without use of hacking or the Homebrew Channel).

Recurring supporting characters

Doctor Naomi

Doctor Naomi is a professional weapons maker; her full name, age and nationality are unknown. Naomi creates pricey beam katanas and sells them to Travis. She seems to find a slight distaste in Travis being an otaku, and acts sour towards him on many occasions, yet flirtatious when he departs her warehouse. Strangely enough, Doctor Naomi's outfit is similar to the outfits worn by the characters of Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. She returns in the second game, creating an additional beam katana and a working mecha for Travis. Her breasts are noticeably larger in the sequel than they were in the first game.

Doctor Naomi is voiced by Vanessa Marshall and Uetake Kana in Japanese.

Thunder Ryu

Thunder Ryu is a former Japanese professional wrestler turned Yakuza; his real name and age are unknown. He has a tendency to say the word "that", and also reminds Travis about making sure that his "ass is clean". Now retired from the wrestling ring and running a gym, he acts as Travis' instructor, teaching him in both sword fighting techniques and professional wrestling moves. After he is killed by Speed Buster, he gives Travis his sword (which Naomi uses to design the Tsubaki Mk-III) and his ghost can still be found at his gym to give Travis training and help him find his way through the Forest of Bewilderment, en route to Dark Star's castle. He is based on real-life Japanese wrestling legend Genichiro Tenryu, and is also a parody of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars series. Thunder Ryu is voiced by Paul Nakauchi (English) and Rikiya Koyama (Japanese).

Ryan Yamazaki

Ryan Yamazaki is the owner of Ryan Yamazaki's Ultimate Workout Gym of Santa Destroy in Desperate Struggle. He is a flamboyantly dressed man in a pink leotard who serves as Travis Touchdown's new gym trainer.

Randall Lovikov

Randall Lovikov is a drunken Russian man who is seemingly always found at a bar by the name of bar plastic model in Santa Destroy's Japantown, called Gold Town. His age is unknown. His memories reach out to Travis to teach special moves and skills, each of which are named after the Smith assassins from killer7, by beating the assassin senseless. Travis pays him in the form of so-called Lovikov Balls, which can be found all over Santa Destroy.

Randall Lovikov is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Bishop Shidux

Bishop Shidux is the only true friend of Travis, as seen in Santa Destroy, and the owner of the local video store, Beef Head Videos. He seems nonplussed by Travis's profession as an assassin and is even willing to drive the Schpeltiger to him if he gets called in to do so. He seems to have problems with his personal relationships (his girlfriend sends him a long text message composed entirely of the word "die") and despite his love for videos, is somewhat dissatisfied with his career. In the game's sequel, he is killed by hitmen hired by Jasper Batt Jr., motivating Travis to renew his quest for the top spot in the UAA in order to avenge his death.

Bishop Shidux is voiced by Matthew Mercer


Diane, Bishop's unseen and long-suffering employee, usually calls Travis after each of his ranking matches to remind him to return overdue merchandise, the entirety of which is pornographic in nature. She has little patience for Travis's procrastination and once even claimed to have revoked his membership until the return of a certain video.


Jeane, Travis' kitten, appears to be the only thing close to family he has in Santa Destroy. Although she is almost exclusively a minor character, she does trigger a major plot device for the storyline during Thunder Ryu's duel against Speed Buster. The player can interact with her by selecting the "Jeane" option in Travis' living room. She is named after Travis' ex-lover and one of the final bosses.

She is in No More Heroes 2, in mini-games that focuses on Travis putting her on a diet after she got fat some time between the two games, and once she is under 11 pounds, her new found energy reminds Travis of a certain wrestling move, but otherwise has no influence on the plot.

Jeane is also the name of a little girl shown in the scene after credits during the true ending.


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