List of Hollyoaks characters (2007)

List of Hollyoaks characters (2007)
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The following is a list of minor characters that first appeared in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks in 2007, by order of first appearance.

Father Raymond

Father Raymond
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Colin Connor
Duration 2007, 2008, 2009

Father Raymond is the Catholic Priest that first appeared to console Myra McQueen over the anguish she felt about her gay son John Paul McQueen. He also helped prepare for the double wedding of Russ Owen and Mercedes McQueen and Dominic Reilly and Tina McQueen, he also took confession from Mercedes about her affair with Warren Fox. He is a priest at St.Paul's Catholic Church. Father Raymond re-appeared when Kieron Hobbs chose to leave his position in the church and told him that he must do what is right for him. Father Raymond then took over again from Kieron and started working at a new Catholic Church, St.Timothy's, it was here that he performed the wedding of Carmel McQueen and Calvin Valentine. Father Raymond then re-appeared to perform the funeral service for Tina Reilly. He is due to re-appear again for the funeral of Warren Fox. Father Raymond is Irish and appears to be mostly bemused by the McQueens antics.

Leah Barnes

Leah Barnes
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Jessica Croft-Lane (2007-11)
Elá-May Melek Demircan (2011-)
Duration 2007—
First appearance February 2007
Classification Present; recurring
Date of birth 26 February 2007
Home Council Flat A

Leah Barnes is the daughter of teenager Amy Barnes, from a one-time encounter with a boy named Billy. She was originally played by Jessica Croft-Lane. As of April 2011, Elá-May Melek Demircan plays her and on 4 April, Leah was credited for the first time.

After discovering her pregnancy, Amy initially wants to have an abortion, but eventually opts for a state of denial, with only Michaela McQueen aware she is pregnant. In February 2007, she gives birth to Leah on the kitchen floor, with her shocked father Mike and sister Sarah delivering the child. Amy refuses to go near Leah, leading her mother Kathy to claim she is Leah's mother. This ruse continues for several months, but finally Michaela sells the story to a tabloid. By this time, Amy has formed a bond with Leah, and claims the baby as her own. However, Kathy has become obsessed with Leah and, after failing to make Amy look incapable of being a parent, she kidnaps Leah. She is eventually sectioned and leaves Hollyoaks village a few months later.

Leah's moves into a flat with Amy and boyfriend Ste Hay. Amy tells her family that Ste is Leah's father. After the couple discover they are in serious money trouble, Ste lies that Leah has leukaemia in order to get money. The lie quickly spirals out of his control as Ste and Amy begin raking in money as. Eventually, the truth does come out. Amy's friend Sasha Valentine babysits Leah one night. However, drug dealer Nige Foster arrives and persuades Sasha to take drugs, despite Leah's presence. Amy and Ste return home to find Leah crying on her own, and close to a syringe. An angry Ste throws both Sasha and Nige out after threatening them. Ste's anger issues grow out of hand, and on various occasions, he attacks Amy, who briefly moves out of the flat with Leah. Amy later discovers she is pregnant and has a son called Lucas Hay. She, however, does not take Ste back. Following Lucas's birth, Amy suffers from postnatal depression and moves away, leaving Leah and Lucas with Ste. She returns months later. Amy, Leah and Lucas move back in with Ste, but Amy and Ste do not get back together.

Gabby Sharpe pays Amy to babysit her daughter Amber. Amy takes Leah and Lucas to Gabby's flat and on the same night, an arsonist sets fire to Il Gnosh, which is below the flat. Amy falls asleep as the fire spreads, however wakes up and realises she is trapped. She eventually attracts the attention of Steph Cunningham outside. Steph enters and manages to save them with the help of Gilly Roach, although Steph dies in the fire.


Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Tom Vaughan
Duration 2007, 2008
First appearance March 2007
Last appearance 28 November 2008

Spike was a character portrayed by actor Tom Vaughan from March 2007 to August 2007, with a brief return at the end of November 2008.[1]

Spike was first seen DJing at the reception for Jacqui Malota and Aleksander Malota. He soon befriended Jacqui's gay brother, John Paul McQueen. John Paul was still not confident in his sexuality, but Spike was not only openly gay, he said his father was also gay and lived with a man named Simon.

Once John Paul got up the courage to ask Spike out on a date, they became very close very quickly. Spike was good-natured, but also wasn't afraid to stand his ground, especially when John Paul's ex Hannah Ashworth interfered with a date. On another occasion, Hannah told Spike about John Paul's feelings for his straight best friend, Craig Dean. Spike became jealous and when John Paul tried to tell him how much he cared, Spike told him he was being too serious and that he didn't "do" serious. Spike was in the middle of a DJing gig at the Dog and tried to tune John Paul out. When John Paul turned the volume on his amp down, Spike warned him to never do that again and passionately kissed him in front of everyone. This seemed to strengthen his relationship with John Paul, and he even managed to charm John Paul's sister Mercedes and mother Myra when he finally went to their house for a visit.

John Paul was still a virgin and was nervous about taking the next step. One day while the McQueen house was empty, Spike took John Paul to his bedroom and they made love for the first time. This was the high point of their relationship, as the happier they became, the more upset this made Craig. Craig slept with John Paul and although John Paul tried to continue seeing Spike, he eventually dumped him, not telling Spike the real reason why.

Spike and John Paul remained friends, and when John Paul needed Spike to help him retrieve a poison pen letter he'd written to Craig's mother while Craig was on holiday with his girlfriend (again not telling Spike the truth), Spike did. They sparred with Hannah and her new friend Melissa, and Melissa responded by throwing John Paul's records in the water. Spike and John Paul fished them out and went back to John Paul's place, where they kissed and would have gone further if John Paul hadn't stopped. Spike advised him to sort out what was going on in his head and have some fun.

A few weeks later Spike began bartending at The Dog and quickly realized John Paul and Craig were involved. Spike began teasing Craig, and their increasingly hostile exchanges roused Sarah's suspicions. Craig played on John Paul's sense of chivalry and John Paul convinced Spike to keep quiet.

John Paul himself exposed the affair a few weeks later, and Spike did not appear and was not mentioned for over a year.

Spike made a brief return in November 2008. By this time, Craig and John Paul had left town together, and Spike did not mention them. However, his tensions with Hannah had not gone away. Working as a reporter for the Chester Herald, Spike wanted to do a story on the Dog, or as Neville Ashworth had renamed it, The Jolly Roger. The nautically-themed opening night, complete with young men wearing sailor suits, led Spike to write an article which sold the pub as a gay bar. When Neville realised what was going on, he was shocked, even more so when Spike jokingly pretended that he believed Neville was gay. Neville barred him from the pub, but he'd already booked Spike as a DJ. Finally, Neville had enough, fired Spike, and decided to change the pub back to The Dog in the Pond.

Tristan Burgess

Tristan Burgess
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by William Rushton
Duration 2007
First appearance April 2007
Last appearance September 2007

Tristan Christopher Anthony Burgess was a rival of Tom's from school. He was mentioned by other characters from as early as March 2005. In Spring 2007, O.B. invited Tristan and his mother Yasmin over to the flat, not realising who Tristan was. Tristan was a vegan and Yasmin specifically gave orders not to let him have anything with bread or meat, but while she was on a date with O.B., Max let Tristan have a burger. Later that year, when Max's new girlfriend Steph was throwing a party for her new foster brother, she invited some of Tom's schoolmates so he wouldn't feel left out, unaware Tristan and Tom weren't exactly friends.

Yasmin Burgess

Yasmin Burgess
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Lauren Varnfield
Duration 2007
First appearance April 2007
Last appearance April 2007

Yasmin Burgess was a woman who O.B. developed an interest in after giving her a questionnaire for a new business plan. She was a single parent, as were O.B. and Max. O.B. went out on a date with her, leaving her son Tristan at home with Max and Tom, but Yasmin was more interested in talking about the evils of bread and the importance of exercise than in any romantic inclinations. Yasmin was very upset to learn Tristan had eaten a hamburger. When she asked O.B. if he wanted to go out again, he declined.

Noel Ashworth

Noel Ashworth
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Craig Cheetham
First appearance 5 June 2007
Last appearance 28 June 2007
Date of death 16 October 2007

Noel Ashworth was the brother of Neville Ashworth. When he arrived in Hollyoaks, he caused friction in the Ashworth household by announcing that he was the real father of Rhys, after having an affair with his brother's wife Suzanne 20 years ago. He also announced that he was going suffering from liver cancer, and only had a few months to live. Despite this, he continued to drink and smoke.

During his time there, he also told Rhys that he was leaving for Glasgow, and asked whether he would like to come with him or stay in Hollyoaks. Rhys decided to stay, and Noel announced that he would never return to Hollyoaks. Noel died on the 16 October 2007, and it was revealed at his wake that he had a daughter, Beth Clement, who was in a relationship with Rhys at the time.

Aleksander Malota

Aleksander Malota
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Jon Lolis
Duration 2007, 2008
First appearance 5 March 2007
Last appearance July 2008
Home Albania

Aleksander "Alek" Malota was an Albanian immigrant, first appeared when Davey Thomas arranged for him to marry Jacqui McQueen so that he could stay in the United Kingdom. Despite Jacqui's reluctance he was determined to see it through for the sake of his family in Albania.

There was an attraction between Aleksander and his sister-in-law Carmel McQueen who started an affair, with a reluctant Jacqui's acquiescence. The affair was discovered by her brother John Paul McQueen and their mother Myra McQueen. The fall-out from this discovery lead to the uncovering of the marriage arrangement, adding to Myra's fury and disgust, with Myra slapping Alek around the face. Although very sceptical, Myra quietly agreed. In May, when Tony Hutchinson stopped by for dinner, her accidentally spilt gravy on Carmel's shirt, leading Aleksander to realise Carmel had breast implants. He harshly judged her for using money on such a frivolous purchase, and his fury only grew when he learned she'd stolen the money. Carmel and Aleksander briefly broke up, but Jacqui told Aleksander he never would have met Carmel if not for her taking the money, and convinced him to give Carmel a break.

A few months later, Jacqui lost her baby, and Tony beat up Alek as he was the one receiving sympathy and being able to grieve. Tony announced to the shocked onlookers in the Dog that the baby was in fact Tony's. Jacqui asked Alek to go back to Albania and he agreed. When Carmel found out she was shocked and begged him to stay. Alek agreed to stay, and he and Carmel slept together. When Carmel went out to the chip shop, she came back to find that Alek had gone, leaving her a note, saying " I will always love you. A xxx "

Alek returned for a short period in July 2008, when Carmel agrees to help him, arousing Calvin Valentine's suspicions.

Graham Carpenter

Graham Carpenter
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Paul Clarkson
Duration 2007, 2008, 2009
First appearance 28 May 2007
Last appearance 3 December 2009

Graham Carpenter is Zoe and Archie Carpenter's father. After her ordeal at the hands of Will Hackett, Zoe left to be with her parents, but a few weeks later returned to HCC long enough to gather her belongings. The next day, her father showed up while she was playing around with Zak and demanded Zak get away from her. After a talk with Zak, and a look at some of the photos Zoe had taken of fun times with her friends, Graham convinced her to stay at HCC. He returned in May 2008 to see Zoe was now involved with a much older man, Mike.

On 11 June 2009, Graham returned to wish Zoe good luck after hearing she had been accepted for university. He gave Zoe and Archie two cheques for one thousand pounds each, which Zoe, who had stolen her film script from Mike, felt guilty about taking. After Zoe's Film Studies lecturer, Adrian, offered to let the plagiarism pass if she would sleep with him, she sat alone crying and ripped up the cheque. On 26 June, he arrived with his wife Christine for Zoe's graduation. Graham and Christine gave Zoe a necklace, unaware she had failed her degree. Adrian approached Zoe, Graham, Christine and Archie and told Zoe she should tell her parents. Graham and Christine were disappointed but forgave her.

In October 2009, Graham returned to visit Zoe in prison after see was charged with Sarah Barnes' murder. He later appeared at her court case.

Nana McQueen

Marlene 'Nana' McQueen
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Diane Langton
Duration 2007, 2008, 2009
First appearance July 2007

Marlena "Nana" McQueen was first seen in July 2007 when flirting with Russ Owen at The Dog. She entered the McQueens' house to find her granddaughters fighting. When the rest of the McQueens got back she saw Russ and claimed he was chatting her up at The Dog. It appears she has favourites in the family. She dislikes Jacqui as she was not invited to her wedding, she married an illegal immigrant and put Myra through a lot with her criminal activities. It appears her favourite grandchild is Mercedes as she invited her to her wedding and they are "two peas in a pod". She did not like Tina very much as she considered her "boring".

Nana reappeared in October 2007 when Carmel and John Paul nearly died from carbon monoxide poisoning. She stirred up trouble by lying to Mercedes that she had seen Carmel and Russ kiss at the hospital. Myra tried to get along with her, but after she realised Nana had tried to steal the compensation money the family had received for Carmel and John Paul, Myra threw her out. Nana reminded Myra that she was her mother, but Myra said that she had stopped being her mother at the age of 14. Nana said she'd be back, and then left in a huff.

Nana returned for the family's Christmas and Boxing Day celebrations. Neither she nor the rest of the family realised their guest, Niall Rafferty, was the son Nana had forced Myra to give up at birth. During the dinner, Nana toasted Tina for being a surrogate for Jacqui and her boyfriend Tony Hutchinson. Myra got upset and left the table. Nana found her in the bathroom, weeping over old newspaper clippings of the child she had given up at birth. Myra told her mother she could never forgive her, or herself. Nana told her to quit complaining and that she had been right to give up the child. Myra slapped her and Nana slapped her back, leaving as she refused to be treated in such a manner.

In February 2008, Nana returned after Myra was arrested for benefit fraud. After having an argument with Myra she went to The Dog with Niall where she got drunk and confessed to Niall that she forced Myra to give him up at 14. In revenge Niall attacked her and left her for dead. She was later found by her granddaughter Tina, and returned home the next day. Nana and the rest of the McQueens were at that point unaware that it was Niall that attacked her.

In September 2008, it was revealed that she was on a cruise so she couldn't attend Carmel and Calvin Valentine's wedding.

She returned in November 2008 for Tina's funeral. She was unimpressed with Jacqui and John Paul because they failed to attend the service. Nana mentioned she had another daughter, Kathleen, who was in prison. She also mentions that she has another granddaughter, Theresa, whom she had to look after as a consequence. After arguing with Myra over Niall, Mercedes, of all people, threw her out.

She returned later the same month when it emerged that Theresa had slept with Tony – him not knowing that she is only 15.

Nana is also something of a former muse - she revealed she used to pose for a Dutch artist whose house she used to clean. In 2009 it turned out that these pictures were worth quite a lot of money; unfortunately for the McQueens, Leila Roy had painted over the canvas.

In June 2010 Theresa was sent to stay with Nana but returned after a few weeks, saying she had a miserable time.

Bonnie Bevan

Bonnie Bevan
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Melanie Walters
Duration 2007, 2008, 2009
First appearance August 2007
Last appearance 14 August 2009

Bonnie Bevan is Elliot Bevan's mother. She desperately wanted him to marry a fellow Welsh girl named Rhiannon. When she came to visit, Elliot had paid Steph Dean to pose as his girlfriend so he could get out of his previous engagement. Bonnie did not approve, and finally Elliot told he didn't want to marry Rhiannon. Bonnie returned the next year when Elliot was in hospital for hypothermia. He'd been trying to track down his father, who he believed had been taken by a UFO some years earlier. Bonnie told him that his father had abandoned them and had wanted nothing to do with Elliot, even though she'd kept him up to date on Elliot for years. Elliot told her he wanted nothing more to do with her.

Bonnie returned on 14 August 2009 where she confronted her ex-husband Gareth.[2] She informed Elliot that Gareth had had an affair when she was pregnant with him and he left to be with his mistress, who had also fallen pregnant.

Clive Harris

Clive Harris
Portrayed by Andrew Forbes
Duration 2007
First appearance August 2007
Last appearance August 2007

Clive Harris was the father of Jessica Harris. Clive's daughter had been brought up rich thanks to him, only for him to go bankrupt in spring 2007. After months of struggling, Jess was thrilled when he appeared just in time to help with her debts. He told her of a business dinner he had prepared and wanted her to attend. He encouraged her to wear a sexy red dress and flirt with the client. Reluctantly, Jess went along with him, only to see him arrested for fraud just as the deal was being made. Jess visited him in prison and told him he'd ruined all her happy memories, as she now had to assume their money had always come from illegal activities. Clive told her they were the same type of person, whether she liked it or not. A few weeks later, he sent her some money. After some temptation to spend on herself, she instead paid back Jack Osborne.

Melissa Hurst

Melissa Hurst
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Carla Chases
First appearance June 2007
Last appearance 3 September 2007
Date of birth 1985
Date of death 3 September 2007

Melissa Hurst was originally a friend to Sarah Barnes , who she met when the two worked together on a modelling shoot. Through Sarah, Melissa met and grew close to Hannah Ashworth after discovering she is bulimic, an illness which Melissa also suffered from. Melissa helped Hannah to be subtle and hide her eating disorder, encouraging her to exercise regularly, go without food and to stay away from her family and friends so that she is not 'tempted' by food or alcohol - even persuading Hannah to stay at home when her family went to France.

This period of the Ashworths being in France, leaving their house to Hannah and Gilly for the duration saw Melissa become a central character in the show’s plot. Melissa spent almost the whole of this time living at the Ashworths claiming she didn't want to go home, as her Mum would have forced her to eat. Hannah promised that she and Melissa would get through bulimia together and the girls soon started an extreme work out regime drinking only water and eating very little. Melissa had difficulties with Gilly Roach who thought she and Hannah were taking drugs because of the change in Hannah's personality, a fear also shared by her friends Sarah, Nancy Hayton and John-Paul McQueen whose suspicions were reinforced when Sarah overheard Hannah and Melissa in the SU bar's toilets about "disposing of the evidence" and later the same evening, Hannah passing out.

Upon the return of the Ashworths from France, Hannah’s mother Suzanne Ashworth was concerned as to how skinny Hannah had become. Melissa sarcastically stated that she had given Hannah drugs, resulting in Melissa being banned from the house. Melissa though continued to visit Hannah, angering Gilly. Hannah and Melissa threatened to say he had raped Hannah if he spoke out against Melissa. In spite of these threats, Gilly alerted Rhys Ashworth to his concerns about Melissa and she was forcibly ejected from the Ashworth's barbecue. Melissa had complained about a headache during the barbecue and continued to feel unwell as, after being ejected, she and Hannah stood in the rain waiting for a taxi. Melissa collapsed and was admitted to intensive care.

Hannah visited Melissa in hospital and told her she was all she had in the world and she was happy they met. Melissa tells her she's a true friend. Hannah applies make-up to Melissa, who was so weak she couldn't open her lip gloss. There was a montage showing the wires, drips, Melissa's bones sticking out and Hannah's family looking for answers back at her home. Hannah cries throughout this entire segment. The song "My Skin" by Natalie Merchant played throughout.

Melissa eventually engineered a plot to escape to Milan with Hannah, through fear that if she stayed in hospital and continued to be force-fed she would have got fat. Hannah agreed to the plan because she was fed up with her family interfering in her life. The two friends successfully escaped the hospital the next day, but had to return to Hannah's home to retrieve her passport; where Rhys and Suzanne grab her to prevent her from going. Melissa argued with Hannah's family before the stress of the situation caused her to collapse from a heart attack and despite Suzanne's attempts to revive her, Melissa died shortly after. Hannah then cradled Melissa's body, crying hysterically.

Melissa's death was one of the few episodes to not feature a wrap-up scene following the end credits.

In the episode following her death, a vision of Melissa reappeared to Hannah, as Hannah struggles to cope with her grief and is terrified that her mother will use Melissa's death to force her to eat. Hannah is seen trying on Melissa's dress (during the scene we see a flashback of Melissa proudly modelling the size zero dress for Hannah) Hannah however struggles to fit into the outfit, and a vision of Melissa appears and zips it up for Hannah, before vanishing.

Valerie Holden

Val Holden
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Jacqueline Leonard (2007)
Samantha Giles (2008–10)
Duration 2007, 2008, 2010
First appearance 6 September 2007
Last appearance 13 August 2010
Date of birth 29 May
Home London

Valerie "Val" Holden arrived in the village with her two children Danny and Lauren, who are the illegitimate children of Leo Valentine. She turned up at the Valentine residence to demand that Leo looked after the two while she sorted out her housing problems.

She returned in January 2008 to live with the Valentines, causing a stir with the locals. She took Sasha out clubbing and was involved in a fight with Katy Fox, which they both spent a night in the cells for. She then clashed with the McQueens over bingo winnings and began planning Carmel McQueen's wedding to Calvin. However, Val kissed Calvin before the wedding and, racked with guilt, she left to live in Spain. Danny later leaves to find her.

When Lauren is hospitalised Val returns to take her daughter back to Spain. Lauren is delighted but Sasha acts very coldly towards Val. After Lauren dumps her boyfriend Gaz Bennett who is in prison, Val is delighted to hear that Lauren wants to leave with her after all when she argues with Leo about the situation. She later changes her mind and leaves with Leo taking Lauren and inviting Spencer Gray to accompany them.

Terry Hay

Terry Hay
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Conor Ryan
Duration 2007, 2008
First appearance October 2007
Last appearance January 2008

Terry Hay was Ste Hay's abusive stepfather. Terry was mentioned in 2006 when Ste showed up at school with bruises on his face. Terry was first seen in October 2007, when he convinced the Barnes family that Ste was a danger to their daughter Amy and her baby Leah. When they went to Ste and Amy's flat, Terry began beating Ste until Mike pulled him off and threw him out. A few months later, after Ste had had a visit from his mother Pauline, Terry showed up and told them that things always got bad for him when Pauline started whining about her son. He almost broke Ste's finger and told them he'd call the cops on them unless they stayed clear of him and Pauline.

In March 2008, Pauline showed up again and told Ste that Terry was gone.

Harry Thompson

Harry Thompson
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Daniel Seymour (2007–08, 2009) Harrison George Rhodes (2009)
Duration 2007–08, 2009
First appearance October 2007
Last appearance 2 October 2009
Date of birth 1999

Harry Thompson is Tony Hutchinson's son with Tessie Thompson. Tony got to spend a few days with Harry, but he didn't get along with Jacqui McQueen who resented Tony having a child since she could not have one. Jacqui asked Tony to choose between her or Harry and he chose Harry, but later changed his mind, and gave up all contact with his son. In March 2008, Harry began contacting Tony even though Tony asked him not to call. When Jacqui found out, she decided that since they were going to have a surrogate baby of their own, she should let Harry back into Tony's life. Harry came for a brief visit and formed a bond with Jacqui. Tony was so pleased he even put a photo of Harry on the wall of Il Gnosh. He returned in March 2009, after Tony decided to start seeing him again and get his life back on track. He later appeared in Hollyoaks Later for Tony's wedding to Cindy Cunningham.

Nige Foster

Nige Foster
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Sam Townend
Duration 2007–08, 2009
First appearance 12 October 2007
Last appearance 26 February 2009

Nigel "Nige" Foster was an acquaintance of Ste Hay's who took over the local drug-pushing trade from one of Ste's friends, Tommo. Nige bullied Ste into temporarily letting him move into the flat Ste shared with Amy Barnes and her baby Leah Barnes. When Michaela McQueen met him, it was lust at first sight and they quickly made use of Ste and Amy's bedroom. She forced her bandmates Jamie "Fletch" Fletcher and Josh Ashworth to let him join, although his abilities were limited to a very poor trumpet. He later asked her to give a year 11 student drugs. The student wasn't there and Michaela threw the drugs at Amy when she saw teacher Russ Owen heading their way. Amy got out of trouble, but Nige wanted his money. When Amy protested, Nige threatened her.

Nige returned some months later when Sasha Valentine needed heroin. She reluctantly slept with him in order to get the drugs. Fletch, who by that time was also a heroin addict, was repulsed by what she had done, but finally agreed to Nige's demand that he sell drugs to schoolchildren in return for some heroin of his own. She slept with him again while babysitting Leah, who got dangerously close to a syringe.

Later, Nige needed money to pay his suppliers, and he resorted to stealing Justin Burton's laptop and having Sasha assist him in breaking into recently widowed Steph Cunningham's flat. When Danny Valentine caught Sasha in Steph's flat, Danny and Leo Valentine tracked down and beat up Nige.

Later, Calvin Valentine spotted Nige dealing drugs and took them Nige and told him to run, Calvin then put the drugs in his pocket, only for them to be uncovered by his partner Eddie later on, which resulted in Calvin nearly losing his job. Warren Fox revealed to Calvin he had the whole transaction between Calvin and Nige on tape, and after a few days of blackmailing Calvin with the tape, Warren asked for Calvin's assistance at The Loft. Calvin went in to find Nige there arguing with Warren. Nige spotting Calvin, pulled a knife and as Calvin tried to defuse the situation, Nige teased him about sleeping with Sasha, Calvin lost it and attacked Nige. During the scuffle Nige stabbed Calvin and Calvin hit Nige with a blunt object to the head. As Calvin was rushed to hospital, Warren met him the next day and revealed Calvin had killed Nige. Warren made plans with Calvin to dispose of the body, but Calvin failed to keep them, resorting in Warren having to dispose of the body himself.

On 20 November 2008, several months after the murder, the viewers discovered Warren was paying Nige to stay out of sight to continue the illusion Calvin has killed him. Calvin eventually confessed to Sasha that he murdered Nige, and racked with guilt posted his and Carmel McQueen's life savings through the letterbox of Nige's parents' house.

On 21 January Nige showed up at The Loft wanting even more money from Warren and in the process nearly exposed himself to Calvin. Warren snuck Nige outside and said that if he ever saw him again he would kill him.

In 26 February Calvin discovered Nige dealing in a carpark. Bedlam went down, Nige fled and Calvin began to plot to destroy Warren Fox.

Pete Webster

Pete Webster
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Richard Cambridge
Duration 2007
First appearance October 2007
Last appearance December 2007

Pete Webster was the head of the Careers department at Hollyoaks High School. His mother was head teacher. When Tina McQueen began working for Pete, he seemed friendly, but he soon began sexually harassing her. When she refused his advances, he did his best to undermine and intimidate her. He also befriended her husband, Dominic Reilly, who took Pete's word over hers. During a blackout, Pete tried to force himself on Tina, only to meet a fist belonging to Russ Owen Tina's brother-in-law; Tina was promptly fired, and Russ suspended. Tina had the last laugh though, as her sister Jacqui McQueen took over her job and flirted heavily with Pete. Alone in his office, she convinced him to take his clothes off. When he did, she kneed him in the groin, grabbed his clothes and keys, and locked him in the office. Pete was last seen as Tina called his wife, then his mother, to tell them to come down to the school to see him.

Simon Crosby

Simon Crosby
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Simon Lawson
First appearance October 2007
Last appearance December 2007

Simon Crosby was a lifeguard at the local pool and quickly ingratiated himself to Sam "O.B." O'Brien after he saved young Tom Cunningham from drowning.[3] He got on well with everyone, but when Gilly Roach went to work as a lifeguard, he saw Simon and a young boy as the boy left the changing room in tears. He began to suspect Simon was a paedophile, and eventually broke into Simon's home, and when he looked on Simon's laptop, he found photos of boys in swimming trunks. He told Tom's brother Max Cunningham, who panicked as Simon had taken Tom to the park and they weren't answering Max's calls. They broke into Simon's home and found a locked room which was a boy's bedroom. When Max caught up to Tom and Simon at the park, he began beating Simon until he was pulled away. Soon rumours spread around town and when Simon went into the Dog the next day, Gilly and Jake Dean taunted and jeered him. They followed him down the street, gathering a lynch mob who followed him to his home and smashed bottles and bricks against the doors and windows.

Meanwhile, Simon's ex-wife Gemma, whom he'd mentioned but no one had ever seen, finally showed up, and was horrified by Max's accusations. She told them the swimming photos were for certificates for each of the kids Simon taught, and the bedroom was a reminder of their son Connor, who had drowned, which was the reason Simon had become a lifeguard in the first place. When the police showed up, the mob ran away. Afterwards, Gemma, Max and O.B. raced to Simon's home, but by the time they got inside, they found him unconscious on the kitchen floor from vodka and pills, holding a photo of his son.

Simon soon recovered, but with his reputation in tatters, he realised he could no longer stay in Chester. He asked O.B. to join him working at a bar in Tenerife, but O.B. declined. They agreed to stay in contact.

Gemma Crosby

Gemma Crosby
Portrayed by Gemma Langford
First appearance 18 December 2007
Last appearance 19 December 2007

Gemma Crosby was Simon Crosby's ex-wife. As none of the locals had ever seen her, when they began to believe Simon was a paedophile, they assumed he had made her up. Gemma arrived in town the day a lynch mob had formed around his home, and she explained to Max and O.B. that her and Simon's son had drowned, which was one of the reasons Simon had become a lifeguard, and that Simon would never harm a child. Gemma, Max, and O.B. found Simon slumped on the kitchen floor after a suicide attempt. Gemma was at Simon's side during his hospital stay, but when he recovered, they again parted.

Other characters

Freddie (Ben Parr, January 2007)

When Becca Dean was sent to prison, her sister Nancy needed a lodger. She soon decided on Freddie, who just happened to be a stripper. She enjoyed watching him practice his routines, and invited him to perform at her friend Hannah Ashworth's 18th birthday party. When Becca's husband Jake Dean moved in with baby Charlie Dean, Nancy asked Freddie to move out.

Nathan (Ali Natkiel, March 2007 - April 2007)

HCC student Nathan was Kris Fisher' boyfriend. Kris used him to annoy his crush Jessica Harris and was annoyed by how frequently Nathan tried to contact him. After a few months, Nathan dumped Kris via text.

Molly Traverse (Kate Deakin, March 2007)

Rhys Ashworth had a wild night with a woman he couldn't recall, and was shocked when the somewhat homely Molly tracked him down. In order to be free of her, Rhys lied that he'd just gotten out of a relationship. Gilly Roach was charmed by Molly and asked her out, but on their first date, she put her hands all over him and told him they'd be married within six months. Rhys called her mobile to give Gilly an excuse to flee. When Gilly found out she had a season ticket to football, he almost stayed, but Rhys persuaded him to go while he could.

DS Creswell (Tracey Moore, 31 May 2007)

DS Creswell was the lead detective after Josh Ashworth was arrested for hitting Mike in the head with a brick.

Janet (Zoe Aldrich, 6 June 2007)

Janet was in charge of the bridal shop visited by the McQueen sisters. Jacqui McQueen repeatedly clashed with the snobby Janet, and finally locked her in the changing room, followed by the five sisters fleeing the store in their wedding attire.

D.S. Grant (Gil Kolirin, June 2007)

Grant investigated Clare Devine's fall off the Loft balcony.

Meg (Tiffany Chapman, June 2007)

Meg was a social services worker who briefly took Tom Cunningham from his brother Max Cunningham.

Adam Clarke (Andonis Anthony, August 2007)

Jessica Harris and Zak Ramsey briefly worked at a phone advice hotline run by Adam. Intrigued by Jess, he asked her to work for him to prey on the bereaved to help them settle their loved ones' estates at a hefty cost. Jess hesitated over what to do, but eventually took the job, scamming the Osbornes out of several valuable items.

Dr. Sharma (Jay Kiyani, 14 August 2007)

Dr. Sharma told Jacqui McQueen she was incapable of carrying a living child.

Clerk (Charles Foster, August 2007)

The court clerk when Warren Fox was on trial for pushing Clare Devine.

Anna Frais (Lisa Shingler, August 2007)

Anna represented Warren Fox in his trial.

Edward Tunney (Oliver Senton, August 2007)

Edward prosecuted Warren Fox in his trial.

Judge (Martyn Read, August 2007)

He presided over Warren Fox's trial.

Bailiff (Paul Stenton, 30 August 2007)

He tried to remove the belongings from Jessica Harris' room in halls, smashing Zak Ramsey's television in the process. Jessica's father Clive showed up and paid his daughter's debts.

Lex (Steven Alvey, 30 August 2007)

A business acquaintance of Clive Harris. To persuade Lex to do business with him, Clive had Jessica wear a sexy red dress and flirt with Lex. Lex agreed to the deal, but the police arrived to arrest Clive for fraud. Lex tried to "comfort" Jess, who told him to stay away.

Martin Spencer (Marcus Hutton, 1 October 2007)

Nancy Hayton took his class at HCC. Martin told her he'd also taught her late sister Becca Dean, which furthered Nancy's insecurities about becoming a carbon copy of her sister.

Vic (Steve Bell, 2 October 2007)

Vic was the instructor at the survival course Mercedes McQueen and Carmel McQueen went on (as the initial were S.P.A, they'd expected a spa). Vic and Mercedes got cozy, but after he told her he'd "always wanted to test-drive a Mercedes", she was repulsed and pushed him away.

Jay (Lewis Rainer, 3 October 2007)

Jay met fellow student John Paul McQueen in the SUbar. He went back to John Paul's for some fun, but John Paul's sister Tina McQueen and her husband Dominic Reilly were using John Paul's bed. Myra McQueen walked in and got into an argument with John Paul about bringing a stranger home for sex. Jay left.

Adoption Officer (Rebecca Courtney, 8 October 2007)

She tried to help Jacqui McQueen and Tony Hutchinson in their quest to adopt a baby. When she learned Jacqui had a prison record, she said any further progress was unlikely.

Cupid (Callum Byrum, 8 October 2007)

A child Cupid who appeared in the opening and closing scenes, firing fantasy arrows at various couples.

Daisy (Kimberly Slack, 17–19 October 2007)

When Frankie Osborne and Jack Osborne decided to foster a child, their first attempt was Daisy, a little girl who stayed in various homes while her mother battled multiple sclerosis. Frankie and Jack quickly grew close to her, but Jack's son Darren Osborne was bitterly opposed to her presence. Right before she returned home, Darren began to change his mind, and let her have a baseball cap she'd admired.

James (Chris Brazier, 29–30 October 2007)

James was Summer Shaw's boyfriend. They'd had a long-distance relationship for some time, as he was in the army. He visited her to tell her he was being sent to Afghanistan in a few days. A few weeks later, he dumped her via text.

Tommo (Nicholas Higgins, 29 October & 8 November 2007)

Tommo was first seen harassing Barry Newton on his first day at school, until Lauren Valentine and later Steph Dean and Tom Cunningham warned him off. Tommo taunted Newt over being defended by girls. Tommo was seen a few weeks later at friend Ste Hay's housewarming party. When Amy Barnes' sister Sarah Barnes saw him lighting up a joint, Amy made Ste throw him out. After the party, Ste exchanged money with Tommo and revealed that he had to throw him out so Amy wouldn't know he was encouraging Tommo to get the other teens hooked on drugs.

Social worker (Fiona Clarke, 9 November 2007)

She showed up at Amy Barnes's and Ste Hay's flat after Amy's mother Kathy Barnes called social services following the house party.

Carl (Wesley Theobald, 13 November 2007, February 2008)

Carl, an old criminal associate of Warren Fox, first showed up shortly before the engagement of Warren and Louise Summers. Louise wanted to test Warren's loyalty to staying clean, so she asked Carl to offer Warren a big illegal job. Carl returned several months later with associate Anthony. They'd just attempted a bank robbery and blackmailed Warren into letting them stay in his flat. They overheard Jack Osborne tell Warren that he was going to give him 100,000 pounds for his half of the Dog in the Pond. They planned to rob Jack and then leave with the money, but the police were called, and Carl and Anthony had to take Jack, Frankie Osborne, Barry Newton and Louise hostage. On the way to the car, Carl struggled with Jack and Jack's son Darren. Anthony shot Darren and sped away, leaving Carl to be arrested.

Bishop (Faye McKeever, 15 November 2007)

Bishop was in charge of a Rant Club at the SUBar, where Jake Dean, Malachy Fisher, and Gilly Roach, among others, vented their problems to an audience.

Counsellor (Tom Sawyer, 19 November 2007, 7 February 2008)

A counsellor who had sessions with anorexic Hannah Ashworth.

Receptionist (Lyndsay Smith, 21 November 2007)

Receptionist at the health spa Carmel McQueen worked at after Evissa was damaged by fire. Carmel's sisters Jacqui McQueen and Mercedes McQueen went to the spa, stole a woman's wallet, and booked treatments under her name. When the receptionist learned the truth, they were thrown out, and Carmel was fired.

Heavy (Paul Duckworth, 12 December 2007)

Darren Osborne owed him gambling debts. When he threatened to harm Darren's ex-girlfriend, Darren found the money.

Counsellor (Daniel Husbands, 20 December 2007)

A counsellor who unsuccessfully attempted to help Darren Osborne with his gambling addiction.

Carol Singers (Jonathan Taylor,Rachel Heaton,Mia Burke,Georgia Weddenburg, 24 December 2007)

A group of Carol singers who sang outside the, 'Dog in the Pond,' to lure in customers during Christmas time.


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