Darren Osborne

Darren Osborne
Darren Osborne
Darren osborne.jpg
Ashley Taylor Dawson as Darren (2011)
Hollyoaks character
Portrayed by Adam Booth (1996–97)
Ashley Taylor Dawson (1999—)
Introduced by Phil Redmond (1996, 1999)
Jo Hallows (2003)
Duration 1996–97, 1999–2000, 2003—
First appearance 18 November 1996
Classification Present; regular
Spin-off appearances Hollyoaks Later (2009)
Date of birth 21 August 1982
Home 65 Christleton Terrace
Occupation Barman (1998–2010)
Pub owner (1999–2007)
Student (2010—)
Businessman (2011—)

Darren Osborne is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks. Darren was introduced by executive producer Phil Redmond as part of the Osborne family. Darren made his first on-screen appearance on 18 November 1996 and was initially played by Adam Booth, before the Booth left the part. Darren was reintroduced to the serial in 1999 having been recast, now played by Ashley Taylor Dawson. Fellow cast member Alex Carter, who plays Lee Hunter, originally auditioned for the role of Darren when the part was being recast. In 2000, Dawson decided to leave Hollyoaks to concentrate on other projects. Dawson returned to filming in 2003 and has since remained part of the cast.

Darren was characterised as a "bad boy" who matures throughout his tenure. Some of Darren's notable storylines include a Gambling addiction which led him to lose his share in The Dog in the Pond, be disowned by his father and have his family turn there backs on him. Other storylines include helping his father to fake his own death and several schemes to regain the Dog in The Pond. In his time with the show he has also been at the centre of several relationships and affairs, one of which led him to become a father to twins. The Metro have praised his "bad boy" status. While Supanet criticised his "pimp-like dress sense" and the Daily Record accused him of being a "rat". Dawson has received various awards nominations from his portrayal of Darren.


Character creation and casting

Darren was created by Phil Redmond and joined the show in 1996. He was created along with parents Celia Osborne and Jack Osborne and arrived from America. His older sister Ruth was already living in the village. He went back to live in America and later rejoind the show. He is still in the show today and has been referred to as "one of the most popular and longest serving Hollyoaks characters".[1]

Auditions were held for the part of Darren with actor Adam Booth going onto secure the part in 1996 before joining the show in November 1996. Adam Booth left the part in 1997 and upon the characters return the decision was made to recast the role. The character rejoined the serial in 1999 now played by Ashley Taylor Dawson. Other actors to audition for the part of Darren while in the stages of recasting include Dawson's fellow Hollyoaks star Alex Carter who went onto secure the part of Lee Hunter in the soap, two years after auditioning for the part of Darren.[2] Dawson joined Hollyoaks when he was 17 years old after getting his big break with the National Youth Theatre. He went onto secure the part of Darren following an audition, but soon after left in 2000 when he was offered the chance to pursue a pop career in the UK pop band AllSTARS*.[3] Ashley re-joined the show in August 2003 after AllSTARS* split up. On playing the part Dawson said "I love playing the bad lad. He's my alter ego".[3] While in college Dawson got an agent before going to several auditions, one of which was for Hollyoaks which he was successful for. When asked out of which other characters from the serial he would like to play, Dawson responded saying "Tony" because he's "great" or "Bombhead" because he's a "fruitloop".[4] In 2010 speaking of his ten year stay Dawson said he felt he like he was "turning a bit into Ken Barlow" and added that he "enjoys it more and more every year". Dawson added that he was "still learning" and didn't take his role "for granted what I’ve got there". Speaking of his future plans he added "i’m not ignorant enough to think I can just go off and be a Hollywood star! I’d like to take on some more challenges for Darren".[5]

Character development


I've loved all the explosions we've done - they're always good fun to film, from the one in the church to The Dog exploding. All of Darren's gambling problems have been fantastic, and getting shot! And now it's this - this storyline with Darren as a father. I'm looking forward to it and the changes that Darren is going to go through".

—Ashley Taylor Dawson discussing the events of Darren's life and how they have changed him (2011).[6]

Darren's personality has a taken a number of twists and turns over the character's duration. On the characters transformation Ashley Taylor Dawson spoke to Digital Spy saying when Darren was younger he was "just a horrible child and he had nothing nice to say about anyone" before Darren matured and softened. Dawson added that it was "nice" to see a different side to the character rather than his "brash and horrible side" which is "fun to play!" Dawson later added that the character's change was good as "everyone goes through changes in their life and Darren just hit that time. It was good timing for him".[6] He also commented on his character becoming a father and how it led him to develop saying when the babies are born Darren does "step up to the mark" and "tries hard to be the father that he wants to be. It changes him a bit and he matures very quickly, like you'd have to. I think he also enjoys it - he feels complete and like he has a purpose in life, whereas before he was always chasing his tail".[7] On the character's change after he allows Jake to take credit for saving Holly, Dawson said: "Jake is like Darren in a way. He means well but everyone hates him. And Darren knows how that feels. It's very uncharacteristic but Darren is softening up".[8] Dawson added that Darren had been through a lot which led him to "mature" and act like a "bit of a saint". He commented that Darren is "willing to help out left, right and centr" but his involvement causes him to "mess it up somehow. He never means to, so I think he’s quite hard done by and misunderstood".[5]

Darren's earlier appearance including his "customary string vests and bling" (2009).

E4's official Website describes Darren stating: "For a long time Darren found it easier making enemies than he did friends, what with his constant scheming and dangerous gambling habit [...] Darren 2.0 is a reformed man though".[9] Dawson commented on his character calling him "an opportunist" and a "male chauvinist pig".[7][10] Hollyoaks international broadcaster, BBC America described the character as a "relentless schemer and ne'er-do-well".[11] The Metro described him as the "village hunk".[12] What's on TV described Darren as an "outcast" and as "heartless".[13][14] Amy Duncan of the Metro described the character as "charming", with the "cocky arrogance that make him a bad boy" and as "known for being better at making enemies than friends in Chester just as much as he is known for starting up affairs".[15] The Daily Mail's Tina Ogle labelled the character "hapless" and "devious" while the Daily Star described Darren as a "bad boy" and a "twisted hunk".[16][17] Female first described the character as a "money-grabbing womaniser" while Supanet branded Darren "sleazy".[18][19]

Dawson stated that when he first auditioned he had "bumfluff" which he was asked to keep for the part.[4] Darren's dress sense has gone undergone changes in recent years. He often wore string vests and gold jewellery but he later changed his style which became more mature. On his character's change in style and the reasons for it Dawson said the producers were right to make the changes opining that Darren has "moved on now and grown up a bit. I think a bit of change is good - everyone goes through changes in their life and Darren just hit that time".[6] E4 commented on him being a reformed man before adding that "he's even ditched his once customary string vests and bling".[9] Virgin Media also criticised the character's dress sense stating "he might be male, but that doesn't mean Darren can escape the fashion police. He may have gone to prison once already, but with his chunky gold jewellery and sinister string vests, it won't be long before he is carted away in cuffs for his crimes against style".[20] Fellow cast member Jessica Forrest who plays Leanne Holiday opined that the character's style was the best style of any character from the show but "back in the day…with the string vests and highlighted hair".[21] Caroline Fitton of the Daily Mail said that "it's just wrong that Darren is now a legit student - no doubt all his tutors will undoubtedly be asking the same question: will he drop the faux-bling-chain T-shirts?"[22] Supanet commented on the character's dress sense and Dawson's pop career saying "It's hard to know what is worse, an exceptionally cheesy pop attempt or the terrible pimp-like dress sense he seems to have in the soap".[19]

Earlier storylines

One of Darren's earlier storylines saw him and friend Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy), stand up to bully Mark Gibbs (Colin Parry). After Darren becomes friends with Mark, he rapes Luke. Darren takes advantage of the situation and begins a relationship with Luke's girlfriend Mandy (Sarah Jayne Dunn). The Metro said this was "One of the worst things he has done" and added that he is "yet to be truly forgiven".[15] Darren becomes embroiled in a feud with Scott Anderson (Daniel Hyde). Scott sets fire to The Loft with Darren inside. Dawson said the scenes were some of his "favourite scenes" for a while because "the scripts were good" and he enjoyed "working with Dan".[4] The scenes also required a pyrotechnics specialist to come in and assist Dawson and Hyde through the scenes.[4] While Darren is feuding with Scott he and Debbie Dean (Jodi Albert) have a brief relationship. Dawson said Darren's relationship with Debbie and feud with Scott were his "favourite" storylines as they were "more in-depth and show both sides of the character".[4] Darren has a brief relationship with Steph Dean (Carley Stenson), with Stenson commenting that Steph "really loved him" even though he was a "dirty dog to her".[5]

Gambling Addiction

Darren begins gambling in 2008 and later his addiction begins to cause him more and more trouble, leading him to stealing from his family and ultimately loose everything. On his characters addiction Dawson commented "Darren has been on a winning streak up to now but is quickly beginning to lose everything, including Zoe. He's torn about his addiction and although he knows he has a problem, he genuinely believes his next big win is just around the corner. Darren is absolutely devastated when he loses his half of the pub to Warren".[23] When talking to What's on TV about Darren's addiction Dawson said "It started out with a little flutter and spiralled from there. He had a few big wins, thought 'this is easy' and then the gambling quickly got out of control. Now he'll even bet on who's going to have toast for breakfast! [...] He's slowly beginning to realise he has a problem. To begin with it's all fun but when he starts losing the debts pile up.[...] We're not just talking a few quid but thousands and thousands. He's hooked on gambling but also desperate to try and win back money to pay off his debts. It's a terrible situation to be in. It's like he has no control over what's happening to him. He can't stop because he has to win but he just ends up losing more and more. He's stealing again. He steals off quite a few people and tries to justify it by telling himself he'll pay them back as soon as he's won again. It's a kind of gambling fever. [...] He wants to stop desperately but he may not be able to do it by himself. He may need professional help. He'd just better sort himself out soon or he'll wreck his own life as well as his dad's!".[24] Darren begins counselling but later plays a game of poker with Warren in which he loses his share of The Dog. Dawson said this "devastated" who can't convince Warren the poker game was "just a joke".[24] Dawson also said that Darren's gambling addiction had been one of his highlights in the show and described the storyline as "fantastic".[6]

Fake death scam and feud with Warren Fox

The storyline was announced on June 24, 2008 and was initially billed as Jack Osborne (James McKenna) being "at an all-time low and the finding of a dead body" which is "too good an opportunity for him and Darren to pass up". They swap Eamon Fisher's (Derek Halligan) identity with Jack's, "forcing Jack to slope off into the night".[25] The storyline was compared to John Darwin faking his own death with the Daily Record commenting that "clearly, the news stories about John Darwin and his canoe haven't reached Chester" while the Sunday Mercury commented that Darren feeling guilty after convincing Jack to fake his death was deserved "in shades of the current John 'dead canoeist' Darwin court case".[26][27] After these comparisons Dawson confirmed that the storyline was planned ahead of the media coverage of the case adding that he thought the storyline was "far fetched" and "sensitive" so likely to cause controversy.[28] Dawson commented that Darren initially thought faking Jack's death was a "brilliant idea" but put this down to lack of sleep and stress.[28] Dawson commented that Darren and Jack are so desperate "that at the time everything seemed easy" but added that they realise they are "digging a hole" and the situation is getting "worse and worse" for them.[28] Dawson commented that if Darren gets through the events without becoming "bitter", "twisted" and "cynical" then he could learn from the events and "definitely change" but "it could go the other way and he might blame everyone other than himself".[28] When the McQueen's are in danger Jack and Darren leave to help and hand themselves in when the police arrive. Female first commented on Darren's character change saying he was a humbler man upon his release from prison.[29] They are both jailed but are released early for helping in the church explosion. Dawson commented that the fake death scam was his "favourite time" with the serial.[28]

Darren and Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) begin a feud after Darren loses his share of the Dog in a poker game. Warren continues to taunt Darren including telling him he will sell him the Dog if he can come up with £100,000 in 48 hours. Warren eventually agrees to sell his share of the Dog back to Jack. Warren's former "partners in crime" take Jack, Frankie, Newt and Louise hostage.[13] Darren is left "fighting for his life" when he is "gunned down" by the armed robbers while trying to save his family.[13] Darren helps Warren frame Jake Dean for the murder of Sean Kennedy. Darren asks Warren for a loan, when he refuses he threatens him and Darren is soon after mugged by Malachy Fisher.[30][31] Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail commented on Darren's subsequent money troubles saying "there are more money problems for Darren and Jack. Oh, not again".[32]


Cindy Cunningham

When Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) returns to Hollyoaks Village she and Darren soon begin a casual relationship. Darren and Cindy later begin to show genuine affection for each other by helping each other through difficult times in their lives.

"I think up to now Cindy has been the closest thing because there's a bit of longevity in his interest in her, whereas normally he only has little flings. I think before that probably Zoe meant a lot to him, but Cindy is the most compatible."[33]

—Ashley Taylor Dawson discussing if Cindy was the love of Darren's life (2009).

On the relationship Dawson said that Cindy was the most suitable for Darren out of his previous relationships.[34] In an interview with What's on TV when asked who Darren would choose out of Suzanne and Cindy, Dawson said "Cindy any time. He'd really like to make a go of things with her. He gets on with Holly too and was really chuffed when she wanted to live with him not Tony".[35] Dawson also commented on the relationship calling the relationship "interesting" because he believes "that Cindy has always been Darren's first port of call".[6]

Waring commented on the relationship and Cindy's choices saying "Cindy and Darren are one and the same - they're the same person with different body parts! They're made for each other but they're destructive when they're together. They bring out the worst in each other whereas Cindy and Tony bring out the best in each other. If she's with Darren he could be the love of her life but I think she's trying to be more sensible and say, 'This is the road I need to go down for my daughter's sake".[36]

In a later storyline Cindy announces her intentions to marry Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) and scam him, which Darren later becomes involved in. Darren marries Hannah and he and Cindy plan to scam The Dog. On their intentions to scam their respective partner Dawson said "Darren and Cindy are two sides of the same coin. Money is their motivation right now and Hannah and Tony, who Cindy’s getting close to, are useful to them. It wouldn’t surprise me if Darren and Cindy team up to get what they want from both of them".[37] Although Darren begs her not to marry Tony, she eventually goes ahead with the wedding. Darren and Cindy later begin planning to scam Tony. On how the storyline begins Pickard said "Cindy is with Darren and she’s realised I’ve got a bit of money. They’re scamming me! Tony’s been through the works, he’s been up and down."[38] Dawson commented on Darren and Cindy's later intentions to scam Tony saying "Darren and Cindy's is a very cold-hearted scheme. I think they would go through with it and I don't think Darren would have any problems with stabbing Tony in the back even now because Darren's that kind of guy."[33] On the storyline the Daily Star wrote: "Cindy and Darren are perfect for each other. They are both greedy money-grabbers and it isn’t long before they are looking for a way to fleece Tony for all they can get."[39] Darren and Cindy begin sleeping together. They are soon after caught by Tony but do not continue to see each other. Cindy and Tony divorce and Cindy soon after meets Alistair Longford and after a whirlwind romance agrees to marry him. Darren proposes to Cindy on the day of her wedding but she declines stating she wants to give Holly a better life and more financial security which Alistair can give her.

Cindy returns in 2011 after Alistair dies and makes an attempt to rekindle her romance with Darren although she fails. Dawson later admitted that Darren may still be tempted by Cindy before adding "Cindy is shocked because she can't believe that Darren would go for anyone but her".[40] Waring added "There's always going to be a spark there between them. But I think any romance is quickly stamped out when she finds out about the twins and the fact that he was recently engaged to Nancy. She gets over it pretty quickly! [...] she has her moments with Darren - I think he's the only person who she lets her guard down in front of. With everyone else, a big wall comes up and she doesn't let anybody else see that vulnerable side".[41] MSN said the sexual chemistry between the pair was undeniable after Cindy returned.[42]

Hannah Ashworth

Darren and Hannah (Emma Rigby) go on a rock 'n' roll weekend in Denmark where they drunkenly marry in a "shotgun" fashion.[43] On the storyline and how it begins What's on TV wrote: "Hannah has gone off the rails of late, but even she manages to outdo herself when she and Darren tie the knot after a particularly boozy night in Denmark."[44] Holy Soap said the wedding will leave fans "stunned" and described the pair as "odd".[45] On the sudden marriage Dawson said "Darren doesn’t suddenly fall in love with Hannah or vice-versa. It’s just one of those mad, crazy things you do when you’ve had far too many drinks and your life is in a bit of a mess. They both regret it. They get home and their friends and families are horrified – especially Hannah’s family".[37] On why she thought the pair married Rigby said "In trying to fit in and impress people, she went out and got drunk and ended up marrying Darren. So she finds herself married to someone she, never in a million years, would have gone out with willingly, not even under the influence. She's decided to stay married to him to annoy her parents, though. Maybe she's doing it for attention or as a cry for help. It's definitely attention-seeking and to shock people - doing things they would never have expected her to do."[46]

Darren begins scheming with Cindy to scam The Dog. Darren decides to stay married to try to get The Dog back, so proposes to Hannah. Digital Spy chose Darren's proposal as their "picture of the day" feature.[47] On how Darren plans to scam Hannah Dawson said that "Hannah wants an annulment and so does Darren… at first. The cogs begin to turn in his twisted mind after Cindy points out that being married to Hannah could get him The Dog back. He plans to pretend he’s falling in love with her and tries to make her fall in love with him" and added that Hannah is "useful" to Darren as he is motivated by money.[37] In August 2009, Darren and Hannah sleep together. Darren ends his relationship with Hannah soon after. Hannah moves into Darren's flat after she and her parents argue. They form a close friendship, with Hannah helping him when he relapses with his gambling addiction. Darren runs away with Hannah after she leaves hospital but later tells Rhys and Josh where they are after Hannah collapses. While trying to save Hannah Darren is stabbed by Jamie. After Darren is stabbed to save Hannah the Daily Star wrote "by risking his life for her, Darren proves to Hannah she is the love of his life. We’ll have to see if she’ll make another go of it."[17] Darren offers to leave Hollyoaks with Hannah but she rejects his offer and leaves Hollyoaks alone. Hannah leaves Darren a present which he opens after her departure, inside he finds a photo of them together, a message which says that he is the best husband ever and £5000. On how the relationship effects Darren E4 wrote that he "turned a corner after marrying Hannah Ashworth, (albeit in a drunken, shot-gun fashion. Darren became a true friend to her and helped her through her eating disorders".[9]

Suzanne Ashworth

The storyline was announced on 23 May 2010 with the Daily Star describing it as beginning when Suzanne is upset and "Darren is more than happy to give her a shoulder to cry on. But he soon can’t believe the mess he gets himself into with his mate’s mum. He tries everything he can to put her off but Suzanne is not having any of it".[48] Kris Green of Digital Spy dubbed the pair Suzarren due to their dangerous liaison.[49] Darren supports Suzanne Ashworth (Suzanne Hall) through her marital problems. They grow close and begin an affair, until Rhys exposes them. On why the affair began Dawson said "they're both lonely and there's a bit of a thrill for Darren as she's an older woman. It's just a bit of fun for both of them".[35] The affair was described as "sizzling" by the Daily Star.[50] Neville throws Suzanne out of her home, forcing Darren to allow her tp move in with him. Suzanne decides to leave Darren and move to Spain with Neville. When asked who Darren would choose out of Suzanne and Cindy Dawson said "Cindy any time. He'd really like to make a go of things with her. He gets on with Holly too and was really chuffed when she wanted to live with him not Tony".[35] In early 2011, Suzanne returns, and announces that she's pregnant with Darren's twins. She gives birth on 21 January 2011 to Francine and Jack Osborne. Suzanne and the twins move into Nancy's flat which leads Nancy to end their relationship. In March Cindy returns and pays Suzanne to leave the village, which she accepts ending their relationship.

Nancy Hayton

Darren and Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox) begin a relationship when Darren, Texas, India and Nancy begin online dating in December 2010. Nancy goes to the SU Bar to see Darren's date but she doesn't arrive. As the evening continues the pair realise there is an attraction between them and agree to go home together.[51] Dawson commented on how the relationship first began saying "It's very funny because Darren and Nancy have always sort of hated each other - he's the opposite of her. She's a feminist and he's a male chauvinist pig! For them to get together is a case of opposites attracting - for some reason it works. I think it's because, throughout their pompous ways, they've both had hard times and been through them with each other because they've known each other for so long. They've never seen eye-to-eye, but I think that when they sit down and chat they realise they have a lot more in common than they think. In the past they just didn't want to accept that".[10] E4 described the relationship as "She’s chalk and he’s definitely more than a bit cheesy, but there you have it; Darren and Nancy (Dancy) are now officially an item! They’re the original odd-couple!"[52] Inside Soap described them as "one of soap's most unlikely pairings" and added that "it's clear they're made for each other".[53] Dawson also added "He's totally in love with Nancy. Nancy has really calmed Darren down. They have been through a lot together and they're really close. There's a lot of deep emotion there and I think Darren has grown up a bit and can see that he's got something special with Nancy".[42] On how the relationship began Jessica Fox commented saying "It was a relationship that came out of nowhere, but the writers and the audience were so charmed by Nancy and Darren together that it's kept going".[53] Dawson also commented saying "They were complete opposites - he was a male chauvinist pig pig, and she was a feminist. But somewhere in all the madness, they seem to be on the same page".[53] When asked if they were surprised at being initially paired up Dawson said "Yes, i was. The scene in which they got together was absolutely hilarious. Darren just looked up and there she was!" before Fox added "I never thought they were going to last, but we just went for it full throttle".[53]

The pair become engaged after Darren proposes, although the proposal is accidental rather than planned.[54] On the accidental proposal Dawson said that it was to soon for Darren to be talking marriage.[55] Soon after their engagement Suzanne returns and announces she is expecting Darren's babies. Darren and Nancy soon after split when he moves Suzanne and the babies into Nancy's flat. They later rekindle their romance after Suzanne leaves taking the children with her, leaving Darren heartbroken and Nancy to console him. On the character having twin babies and if the relationship would survive Dawson said "We're used to Darren thinking of himself, but for the first time he's not - he's thinking of the babies. He thinks that everything will be fine, but for Nancy, taking on Darren, two babies and the mother of the children is all a bit too much. I think it'll be an interesting story - finding out how they get out of it, how it works and whether they'll stick together. I think they do have something special and it's been fun filming it, so hopefully they'll give it a go".[7] Fox commented that the pair would make good parents but have "a lot of growing up to do themselves" and added she "hopes Nancy and Darren stay together for a long time" as "there's a lot of fun to be had". Fox later added that she'd "love a big soap wedding".[53] Dawson commented on the future for the couple saying "Darren might stray if Nancy continues to push him away, but i think he's more paranoid about her leaving him. He's been a good boy far too long - I want him to man up and get his head together".[53] After Darren buys Nancy a waterbed Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail opined that it was "all the better to drown him in..." and said that Nancy isn't impressed "when she learns that he expects her to move in with his family. Still, it’ll all be waterbeds under the bridge when Nancy becomes pregnant (my theory)" before her colleague Caroline Fitton commented on Darren and Nancy spending less time together because of her new job saying it proved "the girl had some sense".[56][57]


Ashley Taylor Dawson (pictured) has said that Darren becoming a Father has changed him.

Darren has an affair with Suzanne, who soon after moves to Spain with her husband. Suzanne returns in January and announces that Neville is divorcing her because she is pregnant with Darren's twins. Digital Spy described the pregnancy as a "bizarre mess".[58] On the storyline's beginning Dawson said "At first he doesn’t believe her and he thinks it’s a wind-up. When she threatens to go back to Spain he realises it’s not what he wants and he stops her. He decides to man up and be a dad to his kids".[55] A few days later, Suzanne gives birth with the help of Darren to twins Jack and Francine. Dawson said Darren initially "wants to avoid Suzanne after everything that's happened and because he wants to make it up with Nancy" and commented that when "Suzanne's waters break Darren's just in shock - he doesn't know how to handle anything like that... even kids, never mind babies! Darren doesn't know what to do and it's all a bit of a mess, but Suzanne ends up having to stay in the spa to deliver the babies. Obviously Darren is the father so Suzanne starts shouting for him to get involved and he ends up delivering the babies himself! I think it's a moment where Darren changes a little bit".[7] Dawson said that before the babies are born Darren "tries to block it out of his head - he's in denial about what's going on. He's tried to tell himself that it's no big deal and that it'll be fine, but the reality of it is massive. When the babies have been born, he does step up to the mark and really tries hard to be the father that he wants to be. It changes him a bit and he matures very quickly, like you'd have to. I think he also enjoys it - he feels complete and like he has a purpose in life, whereas before he was always chasing his tail. We're used to Darren thinking of himself, but for the first time he's not - he's thinking of the babies. He thinks that everything will be fine, but for Nancy, taking on Darren, two babies and the mother of the children is all a bit too much!"[7] On Darren becoming a father E4 commented that due to his previous antics he wouldn't be an ideal candidate for "Father of the year".[59] Digital Spy's Daniel Kilkelly questioned whether Darren could adjust to Fatherhood while Whats on TV labelled him a doting father.[7][60] She and the twins then move in with Darren. Cindy returns and offers Suzanne £100,000 to go back to Spain so that she can have Darren to herself. Suzanne offers to go if she doubles the money, which she does, and Suzanne leaves for Spain, taking Francine and Jack with her leaving Darren heartbroken.


Darren first arrives in Hollyoaks village with parents Celia (Carol Noakes) and Jack from America. His older sister Ruth (Terri Dwyer) is already living in the village. Celia discovers that Jack has had an affair with Dawn Cunningham (Lisa Williamson) and leaves to live in America, taking Darren with her.[1] Darren returns to live with his father at The Dog in the Pond two years later.[1] Darren becomes friends with Luke, together they stand up to bully Mark. When Mark's bullying of Luke becomes more severe Darren decides to become friends with Mark in the hope he will go easy on Luke. His attempts do not succeed and Mark rapes Luke. After Luke's attack, his relationship with Mandy begins to fail so Darren takes advantages of the situation and begins a relationship with Mandy.[61] Darren suggests that Luke might be gay and he was responsible for his own rape. Mandy breaks up with Darren.[62] Darren trashes Ruth's flat and is evicted. He leaves the village.[63]

Darren returns to Hollyoaks village from America 3 years later.[64] Darren begins a Skimming scam which is found out by his boss Scott who refuses to give him time off work. In retaliation he plants incriminating evidence on Scott's computer before phoning the police.[65][66] Scott sets fire to The Loft with Darren inside. Scott becomes trapped and Darren leaves him for dead.[67] Darren is told no trace of Scott has been found.[68] Scott starts sending threatening postcards to Darren.[69] Scott attacks Darren who pleads with Scott not to kill him but the police arrive shortly after.[70]

Debbie and Darren have a brief relationship, however, it ends when her boyfriend Dan Hunter (Andrew McNair) returns from prison.[71] He later begins a relationship with Debbie's sister, Steph Dean (Carley Stenson) but ends it when she has a fit due to her epilepsy.[72][73] Darren begins a relationship with Zoë Carpenter (Zoë Lister).[74] Darren begins gambling, and soon after becomes addicted.[24] The relationship ends when Darren sleeps with Zoë's best friend Jessica Harris (Jennifer Biddall) after he and Zoë fight over his gambling addiction.[75][76][77] Darren steals Frankie's jewellery to settle a debt with a loan shark, and blames Newt (Nico Mirallegro) who is sent back to care.[78][79] Jack, unaware of Darren's addiction, gives him half The Dog in recognition of how much he has matured.[80] Darren begins counselling for his gambling addiction but later poker with Warren and loses his fifty percent of The Dog In The Pond to him.[81] Jack and Frankie discover Darren stole Frankie's jewellery and lost his half of The Dog.[82] Jack then has a heart attack.[83] Warren offers to sell his share of The Dog back if Darren came pay him ₤100,000 within 48 hours.[84] Darren and Jessica steal ₤3000 from Evissa which they take to they casino.[85] Darren wins ₤200,000 which Jess steals before leaving.[86][87] When Warren causes Jack trouble, Jack blames Darren and later disowns him.[88] Jack, Frankie, Newt and Louise are held hostage at The Dog. Darren tries to help them, but is shot in a confrontation with their captor.[89] Darren is taken to hospital where he recovers. Warren later gives Jack his share of the Dog.[90] Warren bribes Darren with £100,000 to help frame Jake for the murder of Sean Kennedy.[91][92] Darren takes the money to the casino, where he loses all of it overnight.[93][94] Darren discovers Jack trying to commit suicide, but stops him. Darren finds the dead body of Eamon and decides to use it to fake Jack's death, later claiming Jack's life insurance to solve the families financial problems.[95] Darren and Cindy begin a casual relationship.[96] Upon learning the McQueens are in danger Darren and Jack leave to try to rescue them from Niall Rafferty (Barry Sloane).[97] The church is blown up with them inside and Darren helps rescue the McQueens from the rubble.[98] Darren turns himself in to the police after Jack refuses to leave the scene and the insurance scam is discovered.[99][100] He is released 4 months later.[101]

Frankie and Jack discover that Darren took a £100,000 bribe from Warren to get Jake Dean to confess to Sean Kennedy's murder, and then gambled the money away despite the family being in debt. Jack banishes his son.[102] Darren becomes depressed when his family ignore him and begins staying in his flat, refusing to leave. Cindy convinces Tony to give Darren a job at a charity event at Il Gnosh.[103] While on a rock 'n' roll weekend, Darren and Hannah drunkenly marry.[104] Darren, begins scheming with Cindy to scam The Dog.[105] Darren and Hannah sleep together.[106] Darren ends his relationship with Hannah and with Cindy begins planning to scam Hannah and Tony.[107] During Hollyoaks Later, Darren attempts to convince Cindy not to marry Tony.[108] They marry despite Darren's attempts to stop the ceremony.[109] Hannah moves into Darren's flat after she and her parents argue.[110] Darren organises a Christmas event at The Dog however Cindy's daughter Holly Cunningham (Lydia Waters) is electrocuted by Darren's Christmas lights. Darren performs CPR on Holly and saves her life. Darren gives Jake credit for saving her.[111] While trying to save Hannah from Jamie Darren is stabbed.[112] Darren recovers and offers to leave Hollyoaks with Hannah but she rejects his offer and leaves alone.[113]

Cindy feels neglected by Tony and she and Darren sleep together.[114] They are about to sleep together again the next day but are caught by Tony.[115] Darren and Suzanne begin an affair.[116] Rhys Ashworth (Andrew Moss) exposes their affair and Suzanne is forced to move in with Darren but later moves to Spain with Neville Ashworth (Jim Millea).[117][118][119] Darren moves back in with Jack after they reconcile.[120] Darren fails to win back Cindy's affections as she marries Alistair Longford, but she gives him a brooch before leaving. Darren sells the brooch for ₤50,000 and uses it as a deposit to help his dad buy his house.[121][122][123][124][125] Darren begins a relationship with Nancy.[126][127] Darren proposes and she accepts before Suzanne returns, and announces that she's pregnant with Darren's twins.[128] She gives birth on 21 January 2011 to Jack and Francine.[58][129] Suzanne and the twins move into Nancy's flat which leads Nancy to end her relationship with Darren.[130] When Cindy returns, she pays Suzanne to leave the village, so she can have Darren to herself.[131] Her plan fails, when Nancy and Darren reconcile.[132]


"He's the typical blonde hair, blue-eyed boy that can ruffle the feathers of every female he comes into contact with. Darren has the ability of charming his way out of every situation and he can play a married woman like putty in his hands if he so wishes. Not only has he got the looks and the cocky arrogance that make him a bad boy but he's also got the body of a fire-fighter making him the perfect pin up for Hollyoaks. However, Darren is known for being better at making enemies than friends in Chester just as much as he is known for starting up affairs. One of the worst things he has done - and is yet to be truly forgiven for - is when he stole his best friend Luke's girlfriend off him when he found out he'd been raped and even started to befriend Mark Gibbs - Luke's rapist."

Amy Duncan of the Metro, describing Darren[15]

Dawson was nominated for "Sexiest Male" and "Best Villain" at the 2005 Inside Soap Awards.[133] Dawson was later nominated for "Funniest Performance" in 2007 at the Inside Soap Awards.[134] He was also nominated for "Best Actor" at the British Soap Awards and "Funniest Performance" at the Inside Soap Awards in 2009.[135][136] Dawson was later nominated for "Best Actor", "Funniest Performance" and "Sexiest Male" in 2010 for his role as Darren at the Inside Soap Awards.[137] In 2011 he received a nomination for "Sexiest Male" at the Inside Soap Awards.[138] Inside Soap's Sarah commented on the character saying he was the only part of the show that held her interest.[139] The character was described as a "rat" and as "dastardly" for splitting up Gina and Emily by the Daily Record.[140] On Darren and Cindy, Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail questionned if there was "anyone either of these two haven't had now? I'm getting sex-sickness."[141] She later questioned whether Darren would "ever be able to hold on to a fiver for more than an hour?"[125] Kris Green of Digital Spy responded negatively to Darren's marriage to Hannah saying "I still have NO idea why the storyliners thought it was a good idea to marry them off" and later said that Rigby's on screen partnership with Jamie in Hollyoaks Later worked well and was "better than Hannah and Darren, anyway".[46] Upon the character's 2003 return the Sunday Mercury said he had become "even more of a pain in the neck".[64] They later called the character "a really nasty piece of work" and after he stole his father's credit card before going on a shopping trip they questioned if Jack would "see what he's really like?"[142]

Bryan Kirkwood who was producer of Hollyoaks said that he though Dawson was a "brilliant actor."[143] He also said that "Darren's one of my favourite characters" and commented on Dawson's acting skills positively saying "Ashley's one of those people that can do comedy and pathos within the blink of an eye".[144] Paul Marquess who was also series producer spoke positively of Dawson's performance in an interview with Digital Spy in which he said "I think Ashley Taylor Dawson, who plays Darren, is a really strong actor, and by the end of this year we'll see a very different side to his character".[145]

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