List of Friday the 13th characters

List of Friday the 13th characters

Friday the 13th is an American horror franchise that consists of twelve slasher films, a television show, novels, and comic books. The main character in the series is Jason Voorhees, who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake as a boy due to the negligence of the teenage counselors. Decades later, the lake is rumored to be "cursed" and is the setting for a series of mass murders. Jason is featured in all of the films, either as the killer or as the motivation for the killings. Each entry in the series features a different cast of characters, including a final girl who defeats the killer in the end. Recurring characters in the series include Jason's vengeful mother Pamela Voorhees, Tommy Jarvis, and Alice Hardy.

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Alice Hardy

Alice Hardy[1] is a character in the film Friday the 13th, played by Adrienne King. She is one of seven camp counselors hired by Steve Christy, with whom she is in a romantic relationship, to reopen and work at Camp Crystal Lake. On Friday the 13th, the counselors are murdered one-by-one by a prowler. Alice is eventually left alone, the sole survivor, and is discovered by Pamela Voorhees. Mrs. Voorhees explains to Alice how her young son Jason drowned at the camp several years ago, and reveals herself to be the killer. After a long chase and a brief struggle, Alice is finally able to decapitate Mrs. Voorhees with a machete, before passing out in a canoe on the lake. There, she suffers a nightmare in which Jason's decayed corpse drags her underwater. When the police arrive and she tells them her story, they explain that they did not find a boy, to which she replies "Then he's still there..."[2] Alice makes a brief reappearance in the opening scene of Friday the 13th Part 2, where she is stabbed in the temple in her apartment by an adult Jason Voorhees, who evidently survived his childhood drowning and had tracked her down. Later in the movie, Paul explains how Alice went missing and blood was found in her apartment. Her decomposed body is later seen in Jason's shack.[3] Alice also appears in the beginning of the 2009 remake of the original film when she beheads Pamela Voorhees, and a flashback in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

Alice's backstory is expanded upon in the novelization of Friday the 13th, which reveals she has a boyfriend named John in California and that her father was neglectful workaholic who, due to stress, died of a heart attack while at his office.[4] This backstory is contradicted in the novelization of the second film, which states Alice's father is still alive, also mentioning that Jason had tracked Alice down to her apartment by memorizing what her car looked like when she had made a visit to the camp.[5] Alice also appears in the prologue of the Freddy vs. Jason novelization as a shade in Hell.[6] In the novel Friday the 13th: The Jason Strain, Jason witnesses a holographic projection of Pamela being attacked by a soldier and suffers a hallucination which causes him to perceive the soldier as Alice, while the novel Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs adapts Alice's battle with Pamela as its prologue, and also features an appearance by her corpse which is found in Jason's shack by Glo and her friends and later, the police.[1][7] Alice makes a cameo appearance in the sixth and final issue of Wildstorm's Friday the 13th comic series, in a flashback depicting Jason's attack on her from the first film.[8] The second issue of the comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale by Wildstorm also features a cameo appearance by Alice, depicting the scene from the first film when she first meets Mrs. Voorhees.[9]

Although always the heroine, Alice was originally scripted as a slightly less sympathetic character than seen in the final cut of the first film. In early drafts, she was having an affair with a married man on the West Coast, which was the reason her relationship with Steve Christy is deteriorating and she wants to leave Crystal Lake. Adrienne King claims she played the character as a traditional horror movie character, stating "I think that Alice is a great scream queen heroine. You got the feeling that Alice could handle anything which, in a way, she could". She also expresses regret that, due to the nature of horror movies, audiences never got to see more of Alice's relationship with Steve, or what could have happened between her and fellow counsellor, Bill.[10] Rather than viewing the character as a victim, King describes the role as an "empowering position" due to her survival in the film.[11] Alice was supposed to return as the heroine in Part 2, but the producers were unable to reach a financial agreement with King's agent for her to appear in a major role, so the character was killed off instead. Steve Miner, director of Part 2, says "Alice was a very special character: she was the hero of the first film and indestructible in a way. It was important that she be killed off in a dramatic way because this is Jason's film and avenging the death of his mother is what motivates him." Because the character displayed an artistic side in the first film, production designer Virginia Field included various sketches in her apartment in order to show that Alice was a "real person". She says, "It didn't seem like a big deal at the time we were filming, but I knew that Alice liked to draw and I wanted to show evidence of that." Adrienne King felt that killing her character was somewhat unusual since she had survived so much in the original film. She claims Alice's death was done in such a way to leave the door open for a possible return, but does not know how she could have survived an icepick through the head.[12]

Alice's decayed corpse appears as a part of the model of Jason's shrine to his mother NECA has released.[13] Mezco Toyz has also released a screen grab statuette of Alice, which depicts the hallucination of Jason attacking her from the ending of Friday the 13th.[14]

Alice Jane Witney

Alice Jane Witney is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs. The daughter of George Arthur Witney, the owner of a traveling carnival called Doktor Geistmann's Carnival of Terror, Alice loathes her life, believing the carnival has ruined any chance she has for a better life. After the carnival is run out of Crystal Lake by the superstitious locals, Alice, while driving an RV drunk, runs over Jason Voorhees. Jason, weakened due to his battle with Freddy Krueger, is knocked out after being hit and is collected by Alice and the other carnival workers, who decide to use him as the newest sideshow attraction. While setting up the Jason display in a town, Alice learns from fellow carnival worker Kenton Freely that her mother had hated the carnival and that her father had lied to her - Alice's mother did not die in a carnival accident, she had actually died when George stabbed her to death after finding her and Kenton together; Kenton had been blackmailing George with this information, so he could embezzle from the carnival and eventually take it over. Devastated by this news, Alice, becoming drunk, steals a laptop from one of the carnies and uses it to put Jason up for sale on an internet auction site called ZingBid. Passing out after putting Jason up for auction, Alice awakens to find Jason rampaging through the carnival, having woken after a teenage girl named Glo, who had been possessed by Pamela Voorhees, came in proximity to him. After he kills the Pamela-possessed Glo, Jason falls comatose again and is taken by Alice, who drives away from the ruined carnival. Despite losing her laptop and being attacked by FBI agents and Jason when he briefly revives, Alice manages to reach a computer and successfully sells Jason to a shock rocker named Ross Feratu for five million dollars. Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs ends with Alice relaxing in a resort in the Caribbean, enjoying her new wealth.[1]


Annie is a young woman who hitch hikes her way to Camp Crystal Lake because she was hired to work as the camp cook. At some point, she stops in a diner and one of the locals known as Enos, agrees to drive her part of the way to the camp and offers her some warning. He informs her about the two counselors, Barry and Claudette, who were murdered in 1958 as well as about fires and water contamination. Despite all of the warnings, Annie refuses to believe them. Eventually Annie is picked up by someone else whose identity is not revealed. During the second car ride, Annie tells the driver that she really likes children when she suddenly notices that they drove passed the camp. After a brief chase scene through the woods, the driver of the car finds Annie and slits her throat. Later in the film, Annie's corpse is discovered by Alice Hardy inside Pamela Voorhees car.

Ash Williams

Ashley J. Williams is the main character of the Evil Dead series, played by Bruce Campbell. An employee of the supermarket chain S-Mart, he discovers his destiny as the "Chosen One" while vacationing at a cabin in the woods, where he and his friends raise the demonic "deadites" after reading from the Necronomicon. Ash's friends are killed, and he loses his right hand to the deadites, which he replaces with a chainsaw. Ash's first appearance in the Friday the 13th series is the crossover comic Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, in which he arrives at Crystal Lake to work at the town's S-Mart. Learning the legend of Jason Voorhees, he becomes convinced that Jason is some kind of deadite and travels to the Voorhees house to find and destroy the Necronomicon.[15][16][17][18][19][20]

Ash faces Jason again in the comic miniseries, Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors.[21]



Barry (Willie Adams) is a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake during the summer of 1958, and the boyfriend of Claudette, a fellow counselor. After singing with the other counselors around a campfire, he and his girlfriend go to have sex while hiding in a building, where Pamela Voorhees finds and interrupts them. Barry attempts to convince her that they were just horsing around, but is stabbed and killed by her. Little else is given about him, but he is notable for being the first murder victim of the entire series.

Big Red Gleason

Big Red Gleason is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Jason's Curse. An inhabitant of the Crystal Lake area, Big Red, due to abuse suffered at the hands of his family has several mental and physical handicaps, such as a missing eye and leg. While fishing in Crystal Lake, Big Red discovers the hockey mask of Jason Voorhees and puts it on, which places him under the influence of Jason's soul. Setting out to kill all those he perceives as having hurt him, Big Red kills various members of his family before beginning to murder a group of teenagers who have come to Camp Crystal Lake in search of Jason. After all her friends are murdered, Kelly Boone, despite being severally injured, manages to kill Big Red, shooting and impaling him before managing to hack him apart with an axe. Unlike the other characters influenced by Jason, Big Red retains some level of his humanity, showing hesitation and unease about his actions several times.[22]

Eric Morse, the author of Friday the 13th: Jason's Curse, has stated that Big Red "came about because I wanted to explore the world of the abused child getting revenge on those who hurt him". He also views Big Red as the opposite of Jason; whereas Jason grew up with loving parents, Big Red was raised by abusive and apathetic ones.[23]

Butch Mahan

Butch "The Butcher" Mahan is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: The Jason Strain. A champion ultimate cage fighter, Butch, after being framed for a double homicide, is put on death row and disowned by his mentor and adoptive father. While in prison, Butch is approached by media mogul Caleb Carson, who convinces him to compete as one of twelve contestants on his death sport reality show Extreme Elimination 2, promising Butch that if he wins the game Caleb will help him prove he was innocent of the murders he was imprisoned for. While on the Costa Rican island where Extreme Elimination 2 is set, Butch befriends fellow contestants Alexandra Coyle and Valkyrie Randall and together, the trio escape the island with a group of soldiers after a zombie plague spread by Jason Voorhees, a "special guest" on Extreme Elimination 2 who, after being exposed to an artificial virus, begins to emit a reanimating plague. After Valkyrie and the soldiers are killed either by zombies or Jason, who had reached mainland, Butch and Alex reach the compound of the soldiers' boss, Dr. Helen Cain, the person who accidentally created the "Jason Strain" virus. Using holographic technology developed by Dr. Cain, Butch and Alex manage to capture Jason by making him believe Alex is Pamela Voorhees and take him to Dr. Cain's compound, where a cure for the Jason Strain (which will not effect Jason, but will kill the infected and immunize the living) is being released into the air. Upon reaching the compound, Butch and Alex find Dr. Cain dying, having been shot repeatedly by soldiers working for Caleb Carson, who still believes he can salvage what is left of Extreme Elimination 2. Before being captured by Caleb's soldiers, Butch manages to obtain the dosage of the Jason Strain cure meant to rid Jason of his plague spreading abilities from Dr. Cain. Put on a plane set for America, Butch, after Jason breaks free of his restraints and begins to kill everyone on the plane, learns from Caleb that he was the one who actually ordered the double homicide Butch was imprisoned for. Giving Alex a recording of Caleb's confession, Butch has her jump out of the plane with a parachute while he stabs Jason in the eye with the syringe containing the cure for the Jason Strain before the plane crashes, removing Jason's ability to reanimate his victims. With Butch dead, Alex honors his last request, giving the tape containing Caleb's confession to Butch's adoptive father.[7]


Carly McDonnell

Carly McDonnell is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Mother's Day. After the death of her father when she was a toddler, Carly is left alone with her overprotective mother, who shelters her constantly. Going on a trip with her friends and her boyfriend Billy Boone to Camp Crystal Lake on a Friday the 13th, Carly and her friends are at first oblivious to the legends surrounding the place, only being told about the Voorhees family en-route to the camp. It is there that Carly encounters Joe Travers, a hunter who kills all her friends while under the influence of Jason Voorhees' hockey mask and the reanimated head of Pamela Voorhees. After several attempts to flee from Joe and Pamela fail, Carly fights back, stabbing Joe to death before using his own shotgun to blast Pamela's head apart. After killing Joe and Pamela, Carly tears Jason's mask from his face and tosses it into a stream.[24]

A minor mention of Carly is made in the novel Friday the 13th: Jason's Curse, which reveals that after her experience at Camp Crystal Lake, she has managed to get her life back on track, having gotten into Harvard University.[22]


Caroline is a character in the six-issue comic miniseries Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash by Wildstorm. A resident of Crystal Lake and employee in the town's new Super Mega Ultra Warehouse Sized S-Mart, Caroline wishes to leave Crystal Lake, believing the town to be too boring and uneventful. When Ash Williams is transferred to the S-Mart, Caroline (who Ash refers to as "Carrie"), unlike her fellow employees, believes the stories he tells about having fought evil entities. After Ash tells Caroline about his various adventures, Caroline tells him about Jason Voorhees, who Ash surmises is a Deadite, an old enemy of his. When citizens of Crystal Lake begin to be murdered by Jason, who has been sent out by Freddy Krueger to find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, Ash travels to the old Voorhees house, believing the Necronomicon could be there, not knowing Caroline is following him. When Ash, who finds the Necronomicon in the Voorhees's basement, and girl named Bree are attacked by Jason, Caroline saves the two, ramming Jason with her car and taking Ash and Bree to the S-Mart. Shortly after reaching the S-Mart, Jason, who had followed the trio, enters the store and, after killing several shoppers and store employees, knocks Ash unconscious and murders Bree, taking the Necronomicon from her; Jason brings the book to Freddy, who uses it not only to free himself from Jason's mind and increase Jason's intelligence, but also give himself reality warping powers. After Ash regains consciousness, Caroline helps him reclaim the Necronomicon, after narrowly escaping both Freddy and Jason on several occasions. Together, Ash and Caroline open a portal to the Deadites' dimension and send both Freddy and the Necronomicon there, also trapping Jason under the ice of Crystal Lake.[15][16][17][18][19][20]

In Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors, set six months after the events of the first miniseries, Caroline has gone steady with Ash and the two have lived together in Franklin, Michigan ever since defeating Freddy and Jason. While preparing for a backyard barbecue in June with family and friends Caroline is killed by Jason while Ash is at the store getting refreshments. When Ash returns home he finds Caroline's body pinned to the wall and her severed head burning on the grill.[21]

Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins is a character in Friday the 13th Part III, played by Dana Kimmell. A teenage girl who lives in the Crystal Lake area, she returns to her home three years after a traumatic event occurred there. It is later revealed through flashback that Chris survived an attack by a disfigured man who turns out to be Jason Voorhees. Jason, who is still living in the forest, attacks her again at her summer home and murders her friends. Chris manages to hit Jason in the head with an axe, before suffering a hallucination of Mrs. Voorhees dragging her into the lake, similar to the ending of the first Friday the 13th. She is then taken away by the police, severely traumatized.[25]

In an alternate ending of Friday the 13th Part III, Chris' fate is changed; after hearing her boyfriend Rick's voice while canoeing to safety, Chris follows it to a cabin, only to be dismembered by Jason, who is waiting inside.[26]

In the 1982 novelization of the film, Chris, instead of striking Jason with an axe, decapitates him with a sickle, later falling unconscious and awakening in her own bed, with it being implicated by an attending doctor and police officer that the events of the previous night were simply delusions. Sneaking out of her room and to her barn after being left alone, Chris discovers both the place completely cleaned up and the bodies of her friends and the trio of bikers Jason had killed. After discovering the bodies, Chris is killed by Jason. The scene then shifts to the police officer who was guarding Chris who, after waking from a nap, enters Chris's room and finds her sleeping peacefully; after checking in on Chris, the officer listens to a radio broadcast that mentions the shopkeepers Jason had murdered earlier in the book, but makes no reference to any events having transpired at Higgins Haven.[27]

Dana Kimmell has said that she only took the role of Chris due to the paycheck, stating she felt uncomfortable working on the movie, persuading executive producer Frank Mancuso to alter or remove several scenes involving gratuitous sexual or violent material.[28] Her reason for taking the role is similar to that of Ted White taking the role of Jason in Friday the Thirteenth: The Final Chapter.


Claudette (Debra S. Hayes) is a character in the original Friday the 13th film. She is a counselor working at Camp Crystal Lake in 1958 and is Barry's girlfriend. After singing a camp fire song with the other counselors, she sneaks off with her boyfriend to have sex privately in a cabin. Pamela Voorhees interrupts them, and kills Barry, leaving her alone and screaming. Despite attempts to defend herself, she is killed off-screen by Pamela. Little else is known about her, except that she is the second murder victim of the entire series.

Clay Miller

Clay Miller is the protagonist in the Friday the 13th reboot, he is portrayed by Jared Padalecki. Clay comes to Crystal Lake searching for his missing sister, Whitney, who is attacked by Jason Voorhees early in the movie. The Crystal Lake locals have given up searching for Whitney, who has not been seen for six weeks, and advise Clay to look for her somewhere else. Undeterred, Clay eventually meets a group of college students vacationing in the woods, and befriends one of them, a girl named Jenna. Jenna decides to aid Clay in his investigation of Camp Crystal Lake, but while searching the camp grounds, they witness Jason Voorhees hauling a dead body. The pair escape to warn Jenna's friends, but Jason follows them and kills the other students. Clay and Jenna eventually wind up back at the camp, where they discover Whitney alive in Jason's underground lair. As the three make their way through the tunnels, Jason murders Jenna, leaving only Clay and his sister alive. The siblings take refuge in a barn, where Jason catches up with them. Whitney uses her resemblance to Jason's mother to distract the killer long enough to stab him with his own machete. She and Clay then dispose of his body in the lake, only to be attacked once more.[29]

Jared Padalecki describes his character as a real hero, because when his sister goes missing he sets out "to do the right thing", and tends to go about it as this "lone wolf" who wants to take on this responsibility of finding his sister himself.[30]

Crazy Ralph

Crazy Ralph is a character from both Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2, played by Walt Gorney. A man who lives in the Crystal Lake area, Ralph rides around on his bicycle telling people to stay away from Camp Crystal Lake (which he refers to as Camp Blood) or they will be killed, claiming he was a messenger sent by God to warn people of the campground's "death curse", always saying "Doomed. You're all doomed!"[2] Ralph is murdered in Friday the 13th Part 2 by Jason Voorhees, who strangles him with a length of barbed wire and stuffs his body in a pantry, where Ginny Field discovers him.[3]

Two other characters have had a Crazy Ralph-type role. In Friday the 13th Part III, the main characters encounter an old drifter named Abel (David Wiley) while travelling to Higgins Haven. Abel carries around an eyeball which he views as an "omen" and warns the group to "Go back from whence ye came!"[25] In Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, an unnamed deck hand (Alex Diakun) of the Lazarus, having seen Jason climb aboard, attempts to warn the crew and passengers of the ship about him (stating "This voyage is doomed! Doomed!") but is dismissed as insane and later, when people aboard the ship are found dead, is accused of being the killer. The deck hand is later killed by Jason with a fire axe to the back.[31]

In the novel Jason X: Death Moon, a character named Tobe Cunningham is hired to portray Ralph on Moon Camp Americana, a job which entails warning new arrivals to the Moon Camp about Jason and telling them to stay away from the woods and lake. Tobe is murdered by Jason in a manner almost identical to Ralph's death, being strangled with barbed wire, which is later used to decapitate him.[32] In the later novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat a farmer named Jack Flanahan recalls an encounter he had with Ralph on a stormy night, nearly shooting him by accident when he found Ralph skulking about his property, ranting about how he "knew what was going on under the lake".[33] Ralph also makes a cameo appearance in the two-issue comic series Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale by Wildstorm, which features the scene, from the first film, of him warning Annie and Enos not to go Camp Crystal Lake.[9]

Victor Miller claims that "the function of Crazy Ralph is to set the tone for this horrible geographic area."[11] Miller also states that in the original screenplay for Friday the 13th, Ralph was known as "Ralphie the Rat Boy" and describes the character as "one of those crazies you see in Deliverance, a demented person who knows the truth, a character who gives you the sense that the world you're in is not what it seems, a soothsayer right out of Shakespeare. Most people think people like Ralphie are nuts, but they are closer to reality in some ways than the 'normies'."[34]

Ralph is featured in the third installment of IGN's Obscure Character of the Day feature, which has him referred to as the "unsung hero of the slasher movie genre".[35]

Creighton Duke

Creighton Duke is a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Steven Williams. An anti-heroic bounty hunter who styles himself like a cowboy, Creighton witnesses Jason Voorhees being blown apart by the FBI, but remains unconvinced that Jason is truly dead. After several murders are committed in a style similar to Jason's, Creighton is hired by talk show host Robert Campbell to hunt down and kill Jason. Before going to search for Jason, Creighton attempts to warn Jason's sister Diana that Jason will be searching for her, but is arrested by Diana's boyfriend, the sheriff, for harassing her. While in jail, Creighton meets Steven Freeman, the ex-boyfriend of Diana's daughter Jessica who has been blamed for Jason's murder of Diana. Creighton tells Steven that Jason will be looking for Jessica because; if he manages to possess her he can recreate his body. Creighton later escapes his jail cell when a Jason-possessed Robert Campbell goes on a rampage at the police station while looking for Jessica. Going to the diner where Diana worked, Creighton abducts Stephanie, Steven and Jessica's infant daughter, and brings her to Pamela Voorhees's old house, leaving a note for Steven and Jessica telling them to meet him there. When Jessica and Steven arrive, Creighton gives Jessica a dagger, which he claims can kill Jason if it is used against him by someone else of Voorhees descent. When Jason (who has possessed a local deputy) arrives at the Voorhees house, he finds and possesses Diana's body, which had earlier been moved to the house by Robert Campbell. Attempting to fight the newly resurrected Jason, Creighton dies when Jason breaks his back in a bear hug.[36]

Creighton makes a cameo appearance in the 2003 novelization of Freddy vs. Jason. While in Hell, Jason, after impaling a girl to a tree with his machete, watches as she shifts into several mocking former victims of his, Creighton among them.[6]

Creighton's original name was Anderson Duke.[37] Additionally, cut dialogue was to reveal that Creighton's obsession with Jason stemmed from him witnessing Jason kill his girlfriend while the two were out boating on Crystal Lake. Adam Marcus, the director of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, has said that he believes Creighton to be, after Jason, the best character in the Friday the 13th series, also stating Creighton "is the flip side of the Jason coin. A sadistic psychotic who happens to be sort of a hero or at least an enemy of Jason"[38]


Davie Falkner

Davie Falkner is a character in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Wildstorm. A 13-year-old boy suffering from a disfiguring bone disorder called craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, Davie is sent to the Camp Crystal Lake adjacent Camp Piney Woods by his mother, despite his objections, in an attempt to have him interact with other children. While at the camp, Davie is relentlessly bullied by the other children who, one night, after telling him about Jason Voorhees, throw Davie in the lake. As Davie struggles to swim, Jason appears and proceeds to kill the other children, before spotting Davie. Instead of attacking Davie, Jason simply stares at him, only reacting when Davie flees from him along with two counselors. As Jason chases Davie and the counselors, the group runs into the local sheriff, Elroy P. Tanneyhill. Sheriff Tanneyhill, in a deranged state due having just used meth, opens fire on Davie and the counselors, killing the two counselors. As the sheriff approaches him, planning on killing him as well, Davie is grabbed by Jason, who leaves the scene and the sheriff. Unable to get away from Jason, Davie can only watch as he murders a group of police officers the two encounter before moving on, Davie slung over Jason's shoulder.

While held captive by Jason for nine days, Davie befriends him, after realizing Jason has not once tried to injure him and has provided him with such things as food and shelter; Davie grows to admire Jason, relating to him due to their similar childhood and deformities. After following Jason into the woods and aiding him in killing a pair of soldier sent to look for him, Davie attacked by Sheriff Tanneyhill from a helicopter, the sheriff having tracked Davie down with the intent of killing him, Davie being the only witness to the sheriff murdering of the two camp counselors. Davie and Jason escape the sheriff and hide in a cave after Jason causes Tanneyhill's helicopter to crash. Spending the night in the cave, Davie wakes up and finds Jason leaving and attempts to stop him, only to be ignored by him. When Jason exits the cave, Davie is grabbed by Sheriff Tanneyhill, who tries to slash Davie's throat with a switchblade, only to be knocked backwards into a hole by Davie, who stabs the sheriff in the leg with a knife he had earlier taken from one of Jason's victims. Rushing outside the cave, Davie witnesses Jason being shot by soldiers and knocked to the ground, seemingly dead. As Davie mourns for Jason, Sheriff Tanneyhill, having climbed out of the pit Davie knocked him into, grabs the boy and yells his intent to kill him in front of all the soldiers present. As Sheriff Tanneyhill yells at the soldiers to drop their weapons, he is attacked by a recovered Jason. Despite Davie telling him to be careful, Jason falls off a cliff while fighting with the sheriff, who also falls.

With Sheriff Tanneyhill dead due to the fall and Jason having disappeared, Davie is taken by two soldiers back home, stating to himself that his time with Jason was exciting and taught him a lot, also saying that all the people Jason had killed during their time together were "assholes" and deserved to die, rationalizing that Jason was defending him and himself and simply doing what he had to in order to survive.[39]

Diane Cavanaugh

Diane Cavanaugh is a character in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Bad Land by Wildstorm. An experienced camper and hiker, Diane, while out hiking with friends Phil and Jeremy in early April, becomes stuck in a blizzard. Seeking shelter, the trio discovers an abandoned cabin located in Camp Crystal Lake and, breaking in, proceed to make themselves at home. While waiting out the blizzard, Diane and Jeremy have sex. While with Jeremy, Diane notices Jason Voorhees glaring in a window at her. Shocked by the sight of Jason, Diane accidentally wakes Phil up, who walks in on her and Jeremy together. Angered and hurt at the sight of Jeremy and Diane, the latter who he has a crush on, Phil storms off outside, dismissing Diane's sighting of someone out there as a trick of the snow. Worried that Phil could freeze to death in the blizzard, Diane convinces Jeremy to go look for him.

While Diane waits for Jeremy to return, Phil enters the cabin, telling Diana to barricade the entrances, as he had just found Jeremy in the woods, decapitated. While Phil pushes a couch in front of the cabin door, he is killed when Jason forces a ski pole through the door and his head. Despite Diane's attempts to keep him out, Jason bursts into the cabin and knocks her to the floor. Before Jason can attack her, Diane, tearing the ski pole out of Phil's head, impales Jason with it before fleeing outside. While running from the cabin, Diane trips on a rock, allowing Jason to catch up with her. As Jason readies himself to kill her, Diane begins to beg for her life and ask why he is doing this, before falling into a rant about how she should not have come her and how it’s "a bad place". As Diane mumbles this over and over again, Jason strikes her in the head with his machete, killing her instantly, and proceeds to drag her body to Crystal Lake.[40]

Doctor Armando Castillo

Doctor Armando Castillo is a character in the novel Jason X: Death Moon. An infamous scientist, Dr. Castillo has little regard for human life, his experiments often resulting in the mutilation and death of his subjects; a necrophile, cyborg and sadomasochist, Dr. Castillo is a lifelong admirer of Dr. Wimmer (a minor character in Jason X). After Jason is captured by the government, he is in the custody of Dr. Castillo, who has the government convert one of their bases on the moon into a laboratory; to cover up the unexpected reopening of the Moon Base, the government rechristens it Moon Camp Americana, a camp for delinquent girls and the set for reality TV show hosted by pornographic and exploitation film maker Roger Bordeaux. Wanting to replicate Jason, Dr. Castillo keeps him in suspended animation, as he begins to murder the campers in Moon Camp Americana to use as test subjects for his experiments. After Jason escapes and goes on a rampage, Dr. Castillo, after armed soldiers prove unable to defeat Jason, resorts to blasting Jason apart with a weapon referred to The Berzerker. With Jason apparently dead, Dr. Castillo begins the process of rebuilding him. After Jason is reconstructed, he once more break free and goes on a rampage. Tracking down Dr. Castillo, who had just finished having session with his robotic mistress, Jason murders him, stabbing his face with shards of a mirror before tearing him apart and stomping his head into the ground.[32]

Despite Dr. Castillo stating in Jason X: Death Moon that he does not have a family, the novel Jason X: To The Third Power (in which Dr. Castillo's name is changed from Armando Castillo to Arthur J Castillo) reveals he has a wife and three daughters - Luna, Terra and Skye Fellows. Jason X: To The Third Power also states that after the events of Jason X: Death Moon almost all evidence of Dr. Castillo's existence was wiped out.[41]

Doctor Hyacinth Stein

Doctor Hyacinth Stein is a character in the novel Jason X: The Experiment. A well-known scientist working for the government, Dr. Stein is strict and has little regard for human life, traits which have caused some of her employees to privately refer to her as "Dr. Bitchenstein". When Jason Voorhees is captured by the military after going on a rampage at the Three Mile Island Power Plant, he is placed in the custody of Dr. Stein, who makes plans to replicate Jason's abilities to create an army of supersoldiers. After having four staff members at her research facility killed for breaking into her office, Dr. Stein begins experimenting with their corpses, hoping to somehow imbue them with Jason's powers. After several failed experiments, Dr. Stein's attempts at replicating Jason bear fruit, as a clone of Jason, one formed when some of Jason's nano ants (which Dr. Stein had been keeping immobilized, thus paralyzing Jason) manage to migrate from Jason's body to the cadavers of three of the staff members she had killed. Shortly after her discovery of the clone, Dr. Stein is killed by it and Jason (who grows immune to the devices Dr. Stein had been keeping him captive with) when the two tear her arms off, though not before Dr. Stein has a chance to press the panic button in her lab, signaling the military to come and "sterilize" the research facility. The Jason clone, after Dr. Stein is disposed of, absorbs her body into itself, the clone being in a constant state of needing to absorb living tissue to survive.

Later on the novel, when two interns named Lynne and Fredo encounter Jason's clone, they discover it now has Dr. Stein's mind and voice. Before the clone can attack, Lynne and Fredo blast it apart with laser weaponry, only to notice moments later, while leaving the scene, that it has begun to regenerate. The book ends with it being stated that the clone, as well another research facility member who was mutated by exposure to Jason's cells, have been captured by government.[42]

Dr. Stein and her work with Jason are mentioned frequently by Professor Bardox in novel Jason X: Planet of the Beast; Bardox holds the opinion that Dr. Stein's (who for an unknown reason is referred to being male) work was both "extremely brilliant, and primitive".[43]


Elias Voorhees

Elias Voorhees (or simply Mr. Voorhees) is the husband of Pamela Voorhees, and the father of Jason Voorhees and Diana Kimble and jeanette johnson is daughter-in-law.

Virtually nothing is known about the character, making him one of few mysteries surrounding Jason in the series. The nature of Elias is much debated among fans largely due to what little information is given in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, which is the first installment to touch upon the character in any way. Though the scenes involving and mentioning Elias were edited out of the theatrical cut (but preserved in the novelization) it nevertheless is, to date, the most information given on the character.

According to Tom McLoughlin's treatment, the red haired Elias is depicted as being silent, but quite intimidating. The caretaker of Jason's grave makes sure not to touch Elias' hand when taking his payment and is careful not to look into his eyes. There is a general belief that Elias is quite aware of what Jason is. This evidence stems from the fact that Elias paid for burials of Jason and Pamela rather than a cremation, which would have prevented Jason's resurrection. Additionally, at the end of the film and novel, Elias is seemingly aware of the fact that Jason's body is no longer in his grave (in the deleted scene, he peers into the camera; in the novel, he looks in the direction of the lake where he was left defeated in the film).[44]

The reason for abandoning his family also remains unknown and left up to fan speculation, but the closest thing to an answer is given in and with the writer of the first film, Victor Miller. When he was asked about the background of the father, Miller says that there was no time allowed for a proper back-story when they made the film, including that of Jason's father. The only idea Miller had was that Mr. Voorhees simply ran off at least in part because he could not handle Mrs. Voorhees' slightly unbalanced obsession with their child. Miller's wording does not make it clear if it was due to how Jason came out, though it is of note that Miller did not envision Jason with deformities. However, as this is only Miller's admitted assumption, the issue of discrepancies is moot.[34]

Because the information regarding Elias does not derive from what made it to film, its canonicity is unknown. However, the ninth film Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday does briefly mention Elias as the father of Jason, securing the name, at least, as canon.[36] Elias himself is present in an early screenplay of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday written by Dean Lorrey, which portrays him as the film's main antagonist and Jason's brother, instead of his father.[45][46] The films director, Adam Marcus, has stated that the version of Elias present in this early screenplay is "far more evil than Jason".[38]

In the Jason vs. Leatherface comic miniseries by Topps Comics, Elias (never referred to by name and seen only in flashbacks caused by Jason witnessing Hitchiker's abuse of his brother Leatherface) is depicted as stereotypical "white trash" and is highly abusive towards a young Jason, beating him and calling him a freak and monster; Elias is killed by his wife, Doris (a renamed Pamela) with a machete while trying to beat Jason once again.[47]

Elias is mentioned in the novel Jason X: Death Moon by Black Flame. Here, Elias is described as being little more than a hillbilly, whose great-great-great-grandfather Jebediah Voorhees was a warlock who lived in Salem, Massachusetts and possessed the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. In the year 1667 on Samhain, the townsfolk living near Jebediah, believing him to be responsible for the disappearance of several local girls, burned his mansion to the ground with him inside, though after the fire no body was ever found. After Jebediah was supposedly killed the Necronomicon was passed down to Elias, who uncovered it one day while searching for kindling. After accidentally using the Necronomicon to summon a demon, which proceeded to possess the then unborn Jason, Elias attempted to use the book to become a warlock himself, with minimal success. The authenticity of this story remains in doubt, as the character who tells the story admits that "that's just one version of what happened".[32]

A version of Elias similar to the one presented in Jason vs. Leatherface, both in appearance and demeanor, appears in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale by Wildstorm. Here, Elias is shown to be a worker in a mine and abusive towards Pamela. After a particularly brutal beating (and possible sexual assault) at Elias's hands, Pamela, driven by a voice she believes to be the unborn Jason, murders Elias with an axe blow to the head before entering a manic state and proceeding to hack his body to pieces. Afterwards, Pamela disposes of Elias's remains by dumping them in Crystal Lake, after blowing up the trailer the two of them lived in using gasoline.[9]


Enos is the nice gentleman who agrees to drive Annie part of the way to Camp Crystal Lake. During the drive, he informs Annie about the 1958 murders of the camp counselors Barry and Claudette as well as about mysterious fires and water contamination. However, his warnings are dismissed by Annie.


Ethan is a character in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Bad Land by Wildstorm. A fur trapper living in the 19th century, Ethan, while hunting with fellow fur trappers Ben and Joseph, becomes stranded in a blizzard near Crystal Lake.[48] While searching for shelter, the trio of fur trappers discover a hut belonging to a Native family and break in. While Ethan is content to simply wait out the storm and leave the occupants of the hut, a woman and her child, alone, Ben grows restless and, with help from Joseph, rapes the woman, threatening Ethan with violence if he interferes. After raping the woman, Joseph and Ben rest, while Ethan voices his disgust at what they have done. As Ethan talks, Joseph notices the woman reaching for something and, believing it to be a weapon, shoots her and her baby dead, only to learn to afterwards that what she was reaching for was a rattle. Enraged by what Joseph has done, Ethan begins to yell at him, only to be interrupted in his speech when the husband of the dead woman enters, having been out fishing. Seeing his family dead, the man lunges at Ethan, only to be shot in the face by Ben and sent running.

Soon after the woman's husband is shot, Joseph begins acting erratic before fleeing from the hut, manically claiming that this is "a bad place". Believing Joseph could freeze to death outside; Ethan prepares to go after him, attempting to convince Ben to do so as well. When Ben refuses to go outside, not caring about what happens to Joseph; Ethan threatens him, but gives up on attempting to convince him to go searching and leaves, cursing Ben as he does so. While searching, Ethan, unaware that Ben has been killed by the Native from earlier, finds Joseph impaled on a tree, barely alive. With his last breaths, Joseph continues his rant to Ethan about how the surrounding land is cursed before dying. Convinced that Joseph is right, Ethan is about to run when he is attacked by the Native man with a tomahawk, getting an ear chopped off and being knocked to the ground. Attempting to fight back, Ethan tries to shoot the Native with his gun, but misses and hits a nearby tree, and resorts to clubbing the Native in the face with his gun. After doing this, Ethan tries to run away, only to be tripped by the Native. As the Native readies to kill him with a rock, Ethan mutters "I am so sorry..." before having his head crushed.

Centuries later, in the year 2008, Diane Cavanaugh, while fleeing from Jason Voorhees, unknowingly passes the tree accidentally shot by Ethan, which still has the bullet lodged in it; she also trips on the very rock used to kill him.[40]


Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is a horror icon and main character of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Played by Robert Englund, he appears in several crossovers with the Friday the 13th series. Freddy Krueger was a child murderer who was burnt to death in the boiler room where he worked by the vengeful parents of the children he murdered; he later returned to haunt the dreams of his killers' children in which he used his supernatural powers to execute them in their sleep. His clawed glove cameoed in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and he appeared fully in Freddy vs. Jason. In that film, Freddy has grown weak, as people in Springwood, his home, have suppressed their fear of him. Freddy, by impersonating Pamela Voorhees, sends Jason (Ken Kirzinger) to Springwood to cause panic and fear. Jason accomplishes this, but refuses to stop killing. A battle ensues in both the dream-world and Crystal Lake. The winner is left ambiguous, as Jason surfaces from the lake holding Freddy's severed head, which winks and laughs.[49]

References to Freddy and his battle with Jason are occasionally made in novels, such as Jason X: Death Moon, Friday the 13th: Church of the Divine Psychopath and Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs.[1][32][50]

Freddy and Jason reunited in the comic book miniseries Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, which reveals that since his death in Freddy vs. Jason, Freddy has been trapped in Jason's mind for five years. After searching the bowels of Jason's mind, Freddy discovers the existence of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and has Jason seek it out, having Pamela Voorhees tell him in dream that the book can be used to turn him into "a real boy". Despite the interference of Ash Williams and several local teenagers, Jason does gain the Necronomicon and brings it Freddy's severed head, which is in his shack. Reading the magic words in the Necronomcon, Freddy resurrects himself, gains reality warping powers and also increases Jason's intelligence as a reward for his aid. Despite his newfound abilities, Freddy is defeated when Jason turns on him and Ash, having taken the Necronomicon from Freddy, uses it send him to the Deadites' dimension. The comic miniseries ends with it being stated that the Necronomicon, having foreseen that Freddy would want to harness its powers, had manipulated events so that Ash came to Crystal Lake, with the book realizing that Freddy having access to all its secrets would end disastrously.[15][16][17][18][19][20]

Free Jefferson

Free Jefferson is a character in the novel Jason X: To The Third Power. A 24-year-old cybertechnician, Free is the son of London Jefferson and Jason Voorhees, conceived when his mother was artificially inseminated with Jason's sperm in the novel Jason X: Planet of the Beast. As a child, Free spent the bulk of his life with his mother on a satellite owned by one of the richest men in the universe, Jackson Mansfield, who had rescued London when she was lost in space. In order to prepare Free for the real world, Jackson Mansfield places him in charge of a project dedicated to creating the perfect cyborg, giving him and his team one of Earth II's moons, Elysium, to work on. While working on Elysium, Free enters a relationship with fellow scientist Skye Fellows and learns his true parentage from some logs Skye, the daughter of Jason obsessed scientist Dr. Castillo, has. When the prisoners being held in a prison on Elysium escape due to the machine being used to transport them to another moon malfunctions, Free, Skye and their companions are captured by the prisoners. Befriending the leader of the prisoners, a man named JJ, Free, Skye and JJ, after a battle between prisoners, are captured by Viper, a rival of JJ's. Escaping captivity, Free, Skye and JJ travel to the prison, believing that they can use the transport there to escape Elysium. While in the prison, Free, Skye and JJ encounter a clone of Jason and, after JJ is killed, Free and Skye escape back to their laboratory, finding all the prisoners and their fellow scientists dead. In order to combat the Jason clone, Free and Skye create another clone of Jason. After briefly joining forces, the two Jason clones fight each other, with the second clone winning the battle and absorbing the first clone, adding to its own power. After Skye is killed by the Jason clone, Free manages to launch the clone into space, and is left alone on Elysium to wait for rescue.[41]


Ginny Field

Ginny Field is a character in Friday the 13th Part 2, played by Amy Steel. A friend of Paul Holt, she arrives at Crystal Lake to partake in his counselor training camp. Familiar with the legend of "Camp Blood", she initially feels sorry for Jason Voorhees, sympathizing with his lonely childhood and the traumatic death of his mother. However, when Jason enters the camp and murders all the counselors, Ginny is forced to fight for her life. She eventually discovers Jason's shack in the woods, and dons Pamela Voorhees' old sweater in effort to convince him she is his mother. Jason falls for her plan, and she manages to calm him down before driving a machete into his shoulder. One of the final scenes in the movie is of Ginny being carried away in a stretcher, crying out for Paul, whose fate is unknown.[3]

Ginny appears briefly in Friday the 13th Part III, using footage from Friday the 13th Part 2. She can be seen on a news report detailing the events of the last film.[25]

Ginny is referenced to in the novel Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs, which states that her claims of finding Jason's shack in the woods went ignored, due to the authorities doubting her sanity.[1]


Halo Harlan

Hayley "Halo" Harlan is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat. A nineteen-year-old woman trapped in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Trey, Halo's father left her family before she was born and her mother died of cancer shortly afterward, leaving Halo to be raised by older sister Shelley. While returning home one day after discovering she is pregnant, Halo encounters a psychic named Denzela, who tells Halo that "a storm is coming... in the shape of a man" and that only “the wings of destiny" can save her. After meeting Denzela, Halo, Trey and a couple of their friends take a trip to the Clear Water (formerly Crystal Lake) area, where Halo's sister Shelley works as a receptionist in the newly-opened Phoenix Heights Hotel. Halo is contemplating leaving Trey after the trip is over, but the decision is taken out of her hands when Jason Voorhees attacks their camp, killing Trey and the others and leaving Halo on the run. Although she manages to trap Jason under a fallen tree at one point, she is unable to kill him, fleeing from him only to encounter serial killers Norwood and Penelope Thawn, strict moralists attempting to make contact with Jason due to their belief that he shares their 'moral code'. Having escaped the Thawns while Jason attacks Norwood and murders Penelope, Halo makes her way to the Phoenix Heights Hotel, a comment of Norwood's having led her to believe that her sister has been murdered. With the aid of Tom Sheridan, a marketing executive becoming disillusioned with his life, Halo manages to fight off Jason and Norwood, Jason killing Norwood shortly before Halo throws Jason off the top of the burning hotel, causing him to be impaled on the sharp wing-tips of the metal phoenix fountain in the park. Although she has lost the baby during her struggle, the novel ends on an encouraging note for Halo, when it is implied that she and Tom will enter into a relationship.[33]


Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is the primary character in the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th (1980) as Mrs. Voorhees' son, portrayed by Ari Lehman. Created in combination by Victor Miller, Ron Kurz, Sean S. Cunningham and Tom Savini, he was never intended to carry the series as the main villain. Jason Voorhees has also been represented in numerous novels, comic books, and a cross-over film with another horror legend, Freddy Krueger.

The character has primarily been an antagonist in the films, whether by stalking and killing the characters, or acting as a psychological threat to the lead character, as is the case in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Since Lehman's portrayal, the character has been represented by numerous actors and stuntmen, sometimes by more than one at a time; this has caused some controversy as to who should receive credit for the portrayal. Kane Hodder is the most well known of the stuntmen to portray Jason Voorhees,[51][52] having played the character in four consecutive films.

The character's physical appearance has gone through many transformations, with various special makeup effects artists making their mark on the character's design, including makeup artist Stan Winston. Tom Savini's initial design has been the basis for many of the later incarnations. The trademark hockey mask did not appear until Friday the 13th Part 3. Since Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, filmmakers have given Jason superhuman strength, and near invulnerability. He has been seen as a sympathetic character, albeit one whose motivation for killing has been cited as driven by the immoral actions of his victims.

Jason Voorhees has been featured in many humor magazines, referenced in feature films, parodied in television shows, and been the inspiration for a horror punk band. Several toy lines have been released based on various versions of the character from the Friday the 13th films. Jason Voorhees's hockey mask is one of the most recognizable images in popular culture.[53]

Jessica Kimble

Jessica Kimble is a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Kari Keegan. She is the niece of Jason Voorhees and daughter of Diana Kimble. While searching for a host body, Jason tries to transfer his soul into Jessica's baby, Stephanie, but later claims Diana's instead. Being a Voorhees, Jessica is the only one who can kill Jason, and is responsible for sending him to Hell with an enchanted dagger after he recreates his body after possessing Diana's body.[36] In the comic book Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors, Steven mentions that Jessica died.[21]

Dean Lorey, the writer of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, has stated he had Jessica be a mother because "I thought that a mother fighting to protect her baby would really up the stakes and elevate the movie." Lorey would later regret this decision, agreeing with film director Adam Marcus that Jessica having a child "made her less sexy and, therefore, less appealing to the core audience."[37]

Joe Travers

Joe Travers is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Mother's Day. A hunter who lives in the Crystal Lake area, while hunting for deer, he finds Pamela Voorhees reanimated head in a shallow grave, brought back to life through the power of her son Jason's cursed hockey mask. Led to Jason's mask by Pamela, Joe puts it on and begins to be influenced by Jason's soul and proceeds to go on a killing spree under the orders of Pamela, murdering several members of a group of camping teenagers with a machete and shotgun. Joe is eventually killed by the final girl of the novel, Carly McDonnell, who destroys Pamela's head with Joe's own shotgun, after tearing Jason's mask off Joe and stabbing him to death.[24]

Juan Jimenez Gonzales

Juan Jimenez Gonzales (often shortened to simply JJ) is a character in the novel Jason X: Death Moon. A conspiracy theorist, J.J. is placed on Moon Camp Americana on the moon Elysium, a camp for delinquent girls, to spy on Dr. Castillo, the man who was responsible for murdering his parents. Working as a technical consultant on Moon Camp Americana while uncovering Dr. Castillo's crimes, JJ befriends and soon enters a relationship with a girl named Amanda Cartwright. When Jason Voorhees, who was being held captive by Dr. Castillo for experimentation, escapes imprisonment and goes on a rampage, JJ attempts to stop him, but fails. After Jason is killed and subsequently rebuilt by Dr. Castillo, JJ, after finding Amanda being tortured by one of Dr. Castillo's employees, kills the torturer and, working with Amanda and a pair of androids named Major Tom and Pinkie 3K, sends the rampaging Jason off Elysium and into a black hole, which regurgitates him onto another part of the moon, near a city.[32]

JJ returns as a main character in Jason X: To The Third Power. After the events of Jason X: Death Moon, both JJ and Amanda are imprisoned on Elysium by the government for knowing too much about Dr. Castillo and his experiments. Becoming the leader of the convicts who are placed in the prison, JJ, Amanda and the other prisoners, after the device meant to transport them off Elysium and on to another moon malfunctions, escape from the prison. Encountering a group of young scientists who are staying on Elysium, JJ learns from them that they are there working on the creation of the ultimate cyborg and that Jason Voorhees, or at least a copy of him, is on Elysium. During a battle between prisoners, in which Amanda is killed, JJ, after the battle, is imprisoned along with three of the scientists by Viper, a rival of JJ's who wants to depose him as leader of the convicts. Escaping captivity, JJ and two of the scientists, Free and Skye, begin to travel to the prison, believing they can still use the transport system there to escape Elysium. It is at the prison that JJ, Skye and Free encounter a clone of Jason. Attempting to give Free and Skye enough time to escape the Jason clone, JJ battles him and is killed when the clone halves him at the waist with its machete.[41]


Kelly Boone

Kelly Boone is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Jason's Curse. The sister of Billy Boone, the character is first mentioned in the novel Friday the 13th: Mother's Day, with her brother stating that she is too sick to go on a trip to Camp Crystal Lake with him and his friends.[24]

After her brother is murdered by Jason Voorhees (actually a hunter named Joe Travers possessed by Jason) on the aforementioned trip taken by him to Camp Crystal Lake, Kelly becomes obsessed with the place and the history of it, an obsession which begins to ruin her life. Kelly eventually decides to travel to Camp Crystal Lake with her roommates and boyfriend, intent on hunting Jason and avenging her brother's death. While at the camp, Kelly's companions are murdered by the Jason-possessed Big Red Gleason and the malevolent ghost of her brother. After Big Red kills a policeman, Kelly encounters him and is forced into a fight against him. Despite being shot and stabbed by Big Red several times, Kelly manages to kill him by shooting him, impaling him and hacking him apart with an axe, afterwards witnessing Big Red's leg, under its own power, attack her brother's ghost, vanquishing it. With her brother's spirit gone, Kelly takes Jason's hockey mask from Big Red's body and buries it, before dying due to the wounds she had obtained during her fight with Big Red.[22]

Kelly Mills

Kelly Mills is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Church of the Divine Psychopath. A 26-year-old woman with a troubled history, Kelly, while in a drunken stupor, wanders into The Ministry of the Heavenly Vessel cult and joins the group, developing a crush on the founder of it, the charismatic Father Eric Long. As time goes on, Kelly grows increasingly disillusioned with the cult, especially when Father Eric has his followers sell all their belongings and move to Camp Crystal Lake, where he plans to revive Jason Voorhees, who the cult is dedicated to worshipping. Only staying at the camp due to her friendship with a seventeen-year-old girl named Meredith, who has developed a crush on her, Kelly, after Jason is awakened by Father Eric and begins to slaughter church members, flees from him and reaches a black ops group, which had been sent to seek out and destroy Jason, stationed nearby. Eventually, Kelly and the black ops group leader, Walter Hobb, are the only ones left at Camp Crystal Lake, Walter's fellow operatives and the cult members having been either killed by each other or Jason. Aiding Walter in a plan to defeat Jason, Kelly lures Jason to the main cabin of Camp Crystal Lake, where Walter blows him apart with grenade launchers. With Jason seemingly dead, Walter and Kelly collect his remains before leaving the area in a partially working LAV[disambiguation needed ].[50]


Kristen is a character in the comic Jason X Special by Avatar Press. A bio-engineer living in a laboratory on the dead Earth Prime, Kristen, wanting to study and replicate Jason Voorhees's regenerative abilities to help her dying lover Neil, hacks into and takes control of the holo-deck of The Grendel, the ship Jason is on, and manipulates the crew of it into setting course for her planet. After The Grendel explodes, seemingly killing the crew who had thought they were heading to Earth II, Kristen and her android assistant Michelle capture Jason and extract some of his tissue. Before Kristen can inject Neil with Jason's tissue, Jason breaks free from his restraints and, destroying Michelle, goes after Kristen. Fleeing from Jason, Kristen manages to reach Neil and inject him with the tissue sample before luring Jason into the launch bay of her lab, where she proceeds to launch him into space in a shuttle. With Jason gone, Kristen returns to the now fully healthy Neil who, upon seeing Kristen, attacks her with knife, driven to do so by the voice of Pamela Voorhees. As she lies on the floor dying, Kristen is cursed at by Neil, who now has Pamela's voice, and watches as he kills himself by slitting his own throat.[54]


Laura Upland

Laura Upland is a character in the comic Friday the 13th Special. The daughter of Camp Crystal Lake's founder, Laura and her brother Miles are driven to near bankruptcy when Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, during their fight at the campground in during the events of Freddy vs. Jason, destroy practically all the uninsured equipment the two had been using to renovate the place into a resort. Wanting revenge on Jason for ruining her plans for the camp, Laura hires a paramilitary group to hunt Jason down and destroy him. When her hired soldiers are all killed by Jason, Laura, having witnessed their deaths from a helicopter, attacks Jason with the helicopter's weaponry. Retaliating from Laura's assault, Jason manages to kill the helicopter's pilot and cause the vehicle to crash into the trees near Crystal Lake. Having survived the helicopter crash, Laura confronts Jason and explains why she hates him before challenging him to enter Crystal Lake, which she landed in after falling from her helicopter. Jason, not wanting to enter the water, responds to Laura's challenge by knocking her helicopter out of the trees by throwing his machete at it, causing it to land on Laura and slice her apart.[55]

London Jefferson

London Jefferson is a character in the novel Jason X: Planet of the Beast. A 28-year-old geneticist from the province New Saskatchewan on Earth II, London is named after the city of the same name and is unofficial second-in-command of G7, a space station orbiting and studying Planet #666 (nicknamed "The Planet of the Beast"). When the head of G7, Professor Bardox, unintentionally brings Jason Voorhees aboard the space station after returning from an unauthorized trip to Planet #666 (where Jason had crash-landed, along with two ships, the crews of which he had slaughtered) London and her co-workers are forced to fight for their lives against Jason, who proves to be unstoppable. After all her co-workers and boyfriend Andre are killed by Jason, London narrowly escapes him, flying away from the crumbling G7 in a semi-functional space shuttle. It is only while traveling through space that London is informed by the shuttle computer that she is pregnant with Jason's child, Bardox having impregnated her with some of Jason's genetic material after tampering with the G7's life-support to knock the entire crew of it unconscious.[43]

London has a cameo appearance in the novel Jason X: Death Moon, where she and her shuttle are sucked into a black hole.[32] The later novel Jason X: To The Third Power reveals that London, as her shuttle was being sucked into the black hole, had manage to escape death using a one-man pod that was in shuttle. While in the pod, London was found and rescued by a satellite owned by Jackson Mansfield, one of the richest men in the universe. For the rest of her life, London lived on Jackson's satellite, giving birth to her and Jason's son, who she named Free.[41]

Nancy Kilpatrick, London's creator, had intended all along for London to have one final showdown with Jason in a later Jason X novel and was outraged to discover that Alex Johnson had killed her off in his novel Jason X: Death Moon; when she gained the opportunity to write another Jason X novel, Nancy retconned London's death, having her survive the black hole she had been sucked into in Jason X: Death Moon.[56]

Lori Campbell

Lori Campbell is a character in Freddy vs. Jason, played by Monica Keena. her name was inspired by both character Laurie Strode from the Halloween franchise and actress Neve Campbell who played Sidney Prescott in the horror film Scream. Being one of the few residents of Springwood who realizes Jason Voorhees is responsible for the recent string of murders there and not Freddy Krueger, Lori and her boyfriend Will, along with their friends, make several attempts to stop the latter's return to full power. After a failed attempt at retrieving the dream suppressant Hypnocil and after Jason is left comatose due to the machinations of Freddy, Lori volunteers to enter the dream world and confront Freddy there and bring him to earth; after nearly being raped by Freddy and learning he was responsible for the death of her mother as a child, Lori does successfully force him into entering the real world, where he and the reawakened Jason battle in Crystal Lake. In the end, Lori blows up the dock the two are fighting on with gasoline and propane, and later decapitates Freddy, whose body falls into the depths of Crystal Lake, along with Jason.[49]

In an unused ending for Freddy vs. Jason, Lori dies when, while having sex with Will two months after Jason and Freddy's battle, he transforms into Freddy and proceeds to kill her. This scene is retained in the novelization of the film.[57] A small mention of Lori is made in the novel A Nightmare on Elm Street: Suffer the Children, in which the protagonists of the book discover her online journal.[58] In the Wildstorm and Dynamite Entertainment comic miniseries Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, set five years after the events of Freddy vs. Jason, both Lori (spelt Laurie in the comic) and Will return to Crystal Lake (renamed Forest Green once more) to make sure Jason and Freddy are gone for good. While investigating the woods around Crystal Lake, Lori encounters Jason in a partially constructed condo after finding Will's disemboweled body in it. Fleeing from Jason, Lori is injured by him with a metal rod. Despite her injury, Lori manages to get the upper hand against Jason, finding a handheld circular saw and attacking him with it. Lori manages to knock Jason out a window and rushes outside to finish him off, only to be met at the door by him. Before Lori can attack him again, Jason kills her by splitting her head open with his machete, and proceeds to take her body and Will's to his shack in the woods.[15]

Monica Keena has praised the depth of her character, claiming "I think Lori's a very independent and tough character. She has an arc in the film because she learns that Freddy killed her mother and that inspires her to have a need to get revenge. She's the real hero of the story."[59] Jeff Katz, who worked on the original screenplay for Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, explains that Lori and Will's deaths were a way to continue the long-running tradition of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street survivors being killed off in subsequent films.[15]

Lynne Bowes

Lynne Bowes is a character in the novel Jason X: The Experiment. A 28-year-old journalist working for a local newspaper, Lynne is given the chance to tour the newly opened and controversial Three Mile Island Power Plant. While Lynne is at the power plant, it is attacked by Jason Voorhees, who goes on a rampage in the plant, killing various personnel in his search for the plant power source, which the nano ants in his body are driving him to find. Lynne is saved from Jason when his nano ants become overloaded by the energy being shot at him by guards and shut down, immobilizing Jason.

After the events that occurred at the power plant are covered up, Lynne, suspicious of the military and Dr. Hyacinth Stein, who Jason has been placed in the custody of, applies for an internship at Dr, Stein's research facility, which she gains. While working under Dr. Stein, Lynne, discovering that all the surviving personnel from the power plant are being held by her as test subjects, manages to convince her co-workers to turn against Dr. Stein, who intends to use Jason to create an army of supersoldiers. After waking all the power plant workers from their comatose state, Lynne and a fellow intern named Fredo try to escape the facility after Dr. Stein, who is killed by Jason and a clone of him she had created, hits the panic button in her lab, signaling the military to come and cleanse the facility. While escaping the facility, Lynne and Fredo encounter Jason's clone, which appears to have Dr. Stein's consciousness, and blow it apart with laser weaponry, just as the real Jason is launched into space in a rocket. The book ends with Lynne and several other interns, having escaped the research facility, on the run from the military, who have covered up everything that happened at the facility and arrested several people involved with the events that transpired.[42]



Maggie is a character from the one-shot comic Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused by Wildstorm. A troubled and bullied teenage girl, after her mother died, Maggie was raised by an abusive stepmother and apathetic father. After her boyfriend Steve begins to become violent with her, Maggie, finding no help from school guidance counselors, psychiatrists or church officials, decides to solve her problems on her own. Murdering her parents, Maggie calls Steve and convinces him to take her to Camp Crystal Lake, promising to have sex with him if he does so. Upon reaching the campsite, Maggie attacks Steve with a knife and begins beating him, only for him to be killed by Jason Voorhees, after he discovers the two. Enraged at being robbed of the chance to kill Steve, Maggie begins to attack Jason, ultimately blowing him up. Seeing Jason has survived the car explosion unscathed, Maggie begins trying to reason with him, saying that they are both the same, as they both know what it is like to have lost a mother and to be hurt and ridiculed by others. Unfazed by Maggie's speech, Jason decapitates her with his machete, afterwards submerging himself in Crystal Lake, taking Maggie's head and body with him.[60]

Maxi Wagner

Maxine "Maxi" Wagner is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: The Carnival. A juvenile delinquent who is pined after by most of her male classmates, Maxi comes from a troubled home, having an alcoholic mother and adulterous father. At first not wanting to attend Vince Fantana's Travelling Fun House and Carnival which has come to Crystal Lake, Maxi eventually does go with her friends and teacher due to boredom. When Jason possessed carnival mechanic Mitch Deever and his dog Stump go on a rampage through the carnival and kill her teacher and friends, as well as her father and mistress who were also attending the carnival, Maxi is forced to fight for her life alongside Selene Tokar, the daughter of the carnival's fortune teller. In the carnival funhouse, both Maxi and Selene are attacked by Mitch, and, as he tries to kill Selene with a guillotine, Maxi, using a decorative axe, kills Mitch by striking him in the head with it. Shortly afterwards, Maxi is killed by Stump, who mauls and dismembers her. Her body is presumably incinerated when the carnival catches fire and explodes, an explosion which Selene escapes by climbing a tree and leaping over the electric fence.[61]

Megan Garris

Megan Garris is a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, played by Jennifer Cooke. A counselor working at the rebuilt and renamed Camp Forest Green, she is also the daughter of the local sheriff. Megan finds herself drawn to Tommy Jarvis, who claims to have brought local killer Jason Voorhees back from the dead while trying to cremate his body. Rebelling against her father's wishes and more than slightly motivated by the fact that she knows Tommy did not commit the murders as he was with her at the time one was being committed, she releases Tommy from jail and helps him track down Jason. When Jason arrives at Camp Forest Green and enters the children's cabin, Megan lures him out before he can hurt the children, Tommy subsequently calling Jason over to a boat on the lake. Although he manages to tie weights to Jason's feet, Tommy nearly drowns in the process, but Megan is able to get him back to land and stop Jason by cutting his neck and face with a speedboat motor, subsequently performing CPR on him and saving his life.[62]

Jennifer Cooke was at first hesitant to appear in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, but decided to take the part of Megan due to the pay. Cooke found her experience as Megan enjoyable though, stating "My character, Megan, was likeable and funny, and I got to drive a car fast."[28]


Melda is a character in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Jason vs. Jason X by Avatar Press. The pilot of the scavenging ship The Pompeii, Melda and her crew mates find the remains of the spaceship The Grendel while searching for derelict vessels to salvage. As her comrades board The Grendal to search it for valuables, Melda monitors their status from her ship. When all her crewmates life signs drop, Melda, realizing that something dangerous is lurking on The Grendel, undocks her ship from it and leaves, unaware that a clone of Jason Voorhees, the being that murdered her friends, has stowed away on The Pompeii. When her ship begins to malfunction, due to Jason sabotaging it, Melda docks with a passing ship named the S.S. Fun Club, a party vessel. While exploring the S.S. Fun Club, Melda, having left the maintenance crew of the S.S Fun Club in charge of her ship, encounters the real Jason Voorhees on the vessel and, while trying to flee from him, runs into his clone, which has killed the maintenance men she left with her ship and tracked her down. Fleeing from the two Jasons, who begin to fight each other, killing anyone they encounter, Melda reaches the controls of the S.S. Fun Club, after the ship's android captain is destroyed. With assistance from a gynoid named Alice, Melda manages to take control of the S.S. Fun Club and crash land it on Earth II. Both Melda and Alice manage to survive the crash landing and, after discovering Jason and his clone have as well, flee from the two into some nearby woods.[63]

Michelle Kyler

Michelle Kyler is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs. An FBI agent, Michelle is obsessed with Jason Voorhees, believing him to be her mother's murderer. After receiving a call from a teenage girl named Glo, who had heard of Michelle on a news broadcast and claims that her friends were killed by Jason, who was found and taken by a carnival, Michelle heads to New Jersey along with her partner Cory Tolleson to find Glo and Jason. Upon reaching the carnival Jason was being put on display in, Michelle and Cory find the carnival in complete ruin, Jason having destroyed it when Glo, who had been possessed by Pamela Voorhees, had awakened him from a comatose state. Chasing Alice, the carnival owner's daughter, who has Jason in the back of her truck, Michelle crashes her car, a crash Cory seemingly perishes in. Despite not managing to follow Alice, Michelle finds, among the objects that fell from Alice's truck, a laptop and the head of Pamela Voorhees. Traveling to a nearby town, Michelle learns from Alice's laptop that Alice plans to sell Jason on the internet auction site ZingBid, before Pamela Voorhees's spirit, which inhabits her severed head, tries to possess her. Proving too strong for Pamela to possess, Michelle learns from her that Jason is severely weak now and only awakens when her head is placed in moonlight. Additionally, if Jason does not kill someone on Friday the 13th, he will remain in this weakened state permanently. Preparing to find Jason with Pamela's reluctant help, Michelle, as she tries to steal the car of the local sheriff, is attacked by Cory, who had survived the car crash. Knocked unconscious by Cory, Michelle is taken to Nathanial Morgas, a wealthy Jason-obsessed man who had earlier contacted her. Tortured by Cory and Nathanial, who wish to learn how Jason operates, Michelle eventually reveals to them that by exposing Pamela's head to moonlight they can awaken Jason, who had recently been bought by a rock star named Ross Feratu, who plans to have Jason appear as a prop in a new music video. As Cory and Nathanial, who had exposed Pamela's head to moonlight, are distracted by a televised broadcast of Jason rampaging at Ross Feratu's music video recording, a barely alive Michelle is contacted by Pamela. Revealing to Michelle that her mother was not killed by Jason, instead being murdered by a backwoods cannibal living near Crystal Lake, Pamela possesses her, which Michelle allows. Having taken over Michelle's body, Pamela kills both Cory and Nathanial before leaving, planning to search for Jason.[1]

Mitch Deever

Mitch Deever is a character the in the novel Friday the 13th: The Carnival. Mitch is the chief mechanic of Vince Fantana's Travelling Fun House and Carnival, a rundown traveling carnival which pitches its tents near Crystal Lake. On a Friday the 13th, Mitch, while playing fetch with his pet rottweiler Stump, discovers Jason Voorhees' hockey mask when Stump digs it up. Later, after getting a call to fix a ride in the carnival, Mitch decides to use Jason's mask instead of a welding helmet and upon putting it on, becomes possessed by Jason. After killing a handful of people, Mitch goes on a rampage around the carnival after trapping all the employees and attendees in it by locking the exits and turning on the electric fence surrounding the place. After chasing a pair of girls named Maxi and Selene into the carnival funhouse, Mitch, after torturing Selene, attempts to murder her with a guillotine, only to be killed by Maxi with an axe. After Mitch's death, the mannequins in the funhouse, having come to life, attempting to revive him, only to be destroyed alongside Mitch's corpse when the funhouse, and the entire carnival, catches fire and explodes.[61]

References to Mitch and the events that transpired in Friday the 13th: The Carnival are made by a corrupt state trooper in the novel Friday the 13th: Road Trip; the trooper had gotten the idea of blaming Jason for a double homicide he planned to commit after hearing rumors of how "some fool mechanic put on Jason's mask and went berserk at a carnival".[64]


Norwood Thawn

Norwood Thawn is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat. A member of a cult known as the Redeemers along with his wife Penelope, Norwood is also a serial killer who follows a warped moral code, believing he and his wife are emissaries of God charged with ridding America of sinners. While being chased by FBI agents across the country for committing various murders, both Norwood and Penelope search for and encounter Jason, who has just been accidentally released from Crystal Lake, and attempt to befriend him, believing he shares their same moral outlook and beliefs. After Norwood and Penelope offer Jason a girl named Halo Harlan as a "peace offering", Jason, uninterested in the offer of partnership the two make, kills Penelope with his machete and knocks Norwood unconscious, before proceeding to chase the fleeing Halo to the nearby Phoenix Heights Hotel. Recovering from Jason's attack, Norwood creates a makeshift weapon out of bones from Penelope's body and begins to trek to the Phoenix Heights Hotel in search of Jason, only to be found and arrested by FBI agents. Norwood eventually does reach the Phoenix Heights Hotel when one of the agents who arrested him is revealed to be a member of the Redeemers, and releases him after killing her partner. Stabbing the agent who helped in the chest with his bone knife, angered at her attempts to suggest that they go out for a drink once the Jason situation is resolved and swearing that his wife is irreplaceable, Norwood ascends to the roof of the Phoenix Heights Hotel, where he finds Jason and Halo. Engaging Jason in a fight as the Phoenix Heights Hotel burns down, Norwood is killed when Jason strikes him in the stomach with a cleaver and disembowels him with his bare hands, before throwing him into a hole in the roof of the blazing hotel.[33]


Pam Roberts

Pam Roberts is a character in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, played by Melanie Kinnaman. The assistant director of the Pinehurst halfway house in Crystal Lake, she is forced to protect herself and a young boy named Reggie (whose entire family was killed) from machete-wielding killer Roy Burns. The film ends with the implication that Pam is killed by Tommy Jarvis, but her fate is never revealed in the series.[65]

Pam is mentioned in the novelization of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, which states that she survived Tommy's attack on her, having fought him off and calmed him down. Afterwards, when Tommy is placed back in a mental institution, she decided to aid him recover from his fractured mental state.[44]

Melanie Kinnaman was to reprise her role as Pam in the sixth Friday the 13th, but was cut when it was decided that the film would not be a direct sequel to Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.[28]

Pamela Voorhees

Professor Claude Bardox

Professor Claude Bardox is a character in the novel Jason X: Planet of the Beast. A forty-year-old, famous geneticist and the head of the space station G7, Dr. Bardox's most noticeable feature is the black metal prosthetic he has in place of an arm. Not much of Bardox's past is revealed, though it is stated he was raised by a strict and possibly abusive father, who pressured him into becoming a scientist. In the novel, Bardox, after discovering Jason Voorhees has crash-landed on Planet #666, which G7 monitors, ventures there with his assistant Emery to find Jason's body and take samples of his tissue, which Bardox plans to use to create his own superior off-shoot of humanity. When the samples he takes from Jason's comatose body prove useless, Bardox and Emery hijack a space shuttle and travel back to Planet #666 to get more samples, unintentionally awakening Jason. After Emery is killed by Jason, Bardox signals for help from the G7 (his shuttle having been damaged while landing on Planet #666) and is rescued by G7 crew member Felicity, who he abandons on Planet #666, stealing her shuttle, which unknown to Bardox, Jason stows away on after killing Felicity.

Upon reaching G7, Bardox tampers with the life-support of the station, knocking out all his co-workers, one of whom, London Jefferson, he impregnates with some of Jason genetic material. When it becomes evident that Jason is aboard the G7 and has begun killing crew members, Bardox and the crew attempt to capture and pacify him using a specialized serum, a ploy which fails. After every member of the G7 crew except himself, London and an engineer named Bill are killed by Jason, Bardox, still believing he can control Jason, uses a combination of powerful tranquilizers to subdue him, making Jason calm and subservient. The effects of the tranquilizers prove only temporary though, as they soon wear off and Jason, after disposing of Bill, turns on Bardox, ripping off his arm and impaling him with his machete. As Jason begins to crush Bardox's head, the professor, having seen the error of all the deeds he had performed in his attempts at creating a new species and trying to control Jason, manages to rouse the nearby, unconscious London awake by yelling at her to abandon him and save herself.[43]

In Jason X: Death Moon, London Jefferson makes reference to Professor Bardox (referred to as Bartox in this book) who she correctly assumes was the one who impregnated her with Jason's sperm; later it is mentioned that all the events that transpired at G7 were covered up by the government.[32] Professor Bardox is briefly mentioned in Jason X: To The Third Power in one of Dr. Castillo's logs, in which Dr. Castillo makes reference to the events that transpired on G7, also referring to Bardox as an "esteemed colleague".[41]


Rennie Wickham

Rennie Wickham is a character in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, played by Jensen Daggett, and Amber Pawlick as a child. When she was young, Rennie was pushed into Crystal Lake by her uncle, in an attempt to make her swim, and nearly dies when a young Jason attempts to drag her underwater. During the events of the film, Rennie is traveling to New York on the cruise ship Lazarus when Jason climbs on to it when it passes through Crystal Lake. As Jason begins killing everyone aboard, Rennie, her dog and a handful of others manage to flee from him and reach Manhattan after Jason sinks the ship. Tracking Rennie and her boyfriend Sean Robertson down after killing the other survivors from the ship, Jason chases them through New York and into the city sewer system. It is there that Rennie and Sean defeat Jason, flinging toxic waste at his face and climbing back to the surface as the sewer floods, sweeping Jason, who is regressed back to a child, away. Safe from Jason, Rennie and Sean reunite with Rennie's pet dog in the middle of Times Square.[31]

In Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors comic miniseries Rennie appears under the care of Doctor Maggie Burroughs and Doctor Neil Gordon, being one of the first recruited to their group of those who have survived both Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Rennie's power is described by Maggie as "empathy", powerful enough to alter her perception (explaining the visions she had of Jason throughout Jason Takes Manhattan). After Jason attacks the group when it first assembles Rennie and the others head to the capitol building in search of Director Gordon Russell, who Maggie claims is her father and the head of "Project Black Book". Along with Neil and the director Rennie is killed by Maggie, revealed to be Freddy's daughter Kathryn, after she reunites with her father.[21]

Rowan LaFontaine

Rowan LaFontaine[66] is a character in Jason X, played by Lexa Doig. The project leader of a group running experiments on Jason Voorhees, she leads several unsuccessful attempts to execute him, and is ultimately forced to cryogenically freeze Jason when he escapes confinement and kills the team meant to transport him to another facility. However, before the process is complete, Jason breaches the containment with his machete and stabs Rowan in the abdomen, critically wounding her just as cryonics fluid spills into the room and freezes her along with him. Unfrozen in the year 2455 aboard the spacecraft the Grendel, she is then forced to fight for her life when Jason awakens and starts killing everyone on the ship. At the conclusion of the film, she, a student named Tsunaron and the gynoid Kay-Em 14 he created are the only survivors of Jason's attack, picked up by a rescue vessel while Jason is sent hurtling through the atmosphere of Earth II when the Grendel explodes.[67]

Roy Burns

Roy Burns, played by Dick Wieand when unmasked, and portrayed by Tom Morga when disguised as Jason, is a character in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. A quiet loner paramedic who keeps to himself, Roy, after discovering that his son Joey, who he had presumably abandoned, has been murdered by a troubled, abusive teenager, named "Vic", at the Pinehurst halfway house, becomes unbalanced and decides to avenge his death by murdering all those he deems responsible, similar to Pamela Voorhees. Dressing as Jason (although with a different style hockey mask) as he goes on a massacre throughout the suburb where Pinehurst is, Roy's rampage is eventually stopped by Tommy Jarvis, who kills Roy by knocking him onto a tractor harrow, which impales him through the chest.[65]

The novelization of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives makes reference to Roy's crimes, with it implicating that Roy may have somehow been influenced from beyond the grave by Jason to commit the murders. The novel also incorrectly states that Roy was the one who had transported Tommy Jarvis to Pinehurst.[44]


Sally Thomas

Sally Thomas is a character in Wildstorm's Friday the 13th comic series. Sally suffers from such mental illnesses as bi-polar disorder and depression, which need medication to be controlled. Little of Sally's life is revealed, but what is revealed is that six months before the events of the comics she witnessed her boyfriend die in car crash the two were in.

Sally is first seen in the comics fleeing from both Camp Crystal Lake and Jason, naked, injured and filthy. Finding a road, Sally collapses in the middle of it, where a traveling elderly couple find her and, seeing the condition she is in, hastily take her to their RV and drive away. As she is driven away, Sally sees through a window in the RV Jason calmly standing in the middle of the road, looking right at her as she escapes him. Taken to a hospital in the town near Crystal Lake, Sally begins to act irrationally due to suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and is sedated and left in the company of Sheriff Wilson, who begins talking with her in an attempt to discover what has happened to her. As Wilson speaks with her, Sally lies semi-conscious and begins to have flashbacks.

Two weeks previously, Sally, along with several other people, who include Alisha, Nate, Jerry, Brian, Sasha, Rico and Ryan, is hired by Camp Crystal Lake's newest owner, Trevor Gaines, to renovate the camp for its reopening as both a summer camp and a tourist attraction. The workers are to live in the camp for two weeks, working under the supervision of Mike Burns, a local who takes an instant attraction to Sally. Soon after entering the camp, Sally nearly dies, as, while swimming, she is dragged underwater by innumerable decayed, ghostly children and has a near-death experience in which Jason attacks her. Sally is saved from the ghosts in the lake by Mike, who brings her ashore and performs CPR on her. Regaining conscious, Sally has no recollection of being attacked by the children in the lake, believing her foot had simply become snagged on something.

When Jason begins his killing spree at the camp, Sally encounters him while driving with Mike in search of the missing Nate and Jerry. As Jason kills Mike while he is changing a tire on his jeep, Sally manages to flee from him and reach the camp, where she finds the others and tells them what has happened. While her friends elect to barricade themselves in the camp's rec cabin, due to all available vehicles having been sabotaged by Jason, Sally decides to venture out and find her medication, believing herself useless if she has break down during a crisis. Reaching and searching her cabin, Sally finds her pills in the toilet and urinated upon and reluctantly begins trying to scoop them out, only to be attacked by Jason. As Jason tries to kill her with a knife, Sally fights back and manages to beat him to death with a toilet cistern lid - only realizing minutes later that the person she has killed was actually Brian, who she had hallucinated was Jason. Realizing what she has done, Sally suffers from a panic attack and tears off her bloodstained clothing before collapsing naked on Brian's corpse. It is in this position that the real Jason finds her moments later and, instead of killing her, takes her away to a cabin, along with Brian's body. Waking up in the cabin, Sally runs from it in terror after finding Brian's and Sasha's corpses in it. Outside, Sally finds both Ryan and Trevor's bodies on the ground and sees Alisha and Rico running into the woods away from Jason, who approaches her. Handing Sally his machete, Jason gestures in the direction Rico and Alisha have fled, implicating he wants her to chase and kill the two. Hesitating for a moment, Sally attacks Jason with his machete and runs into the woods, as he goes after and kills Rico and Alisha.

At this point, the flashbacks stop and Sheriff Wilson voices his opinion to the still semi-catatonic Sally that he believes she had murdered of her friends and bosses at the camp, not some non-existent zombie or death curse. As Wilson rants about how she will not escape justice, Sally is roused to full consciousness when a blood covered Jason bursts into the room, having just slaughtered his way through the hospital staff. Grabbing Wilson's keys as he fights with and is subsequently dismembered by Jason, Sally rushes outside and reaches Wilson's car. Failing to unlock the car in time, Sally is grabbed and dragged away, kicking and screaming, by Jason. Her heavily decayed body is later shown near the shore of Crystal Lake six weeks later.[8]

Sandra in Friday The 13th Part 7

Sandra was a Caucasian teenage girl with blonde hair and around 5 foot 4 inches and has a small role in Friday The 13th Part 7 The New Blood. She was played by Heidi Kozak. She was the girlfriend of Russell who's uncle owned the house that the birthday party was held in. Despite her small part in the movie she appeared to be one of the nicer girls in it who didn't go out of her way to be mean to Tina Shepard. It was mentioned by Heidi Kozak in several different interviews that she had a bigger part in the original screenplay that she was on a high school swim team which would have made her death more poetic if it had been mentioned in the movie. She goes out for a walk early in the night with her boyfriend Russell and she goes skinny dipping in the lake and after she tries to entice him into joining her she goes under water and Jason kills Russell by axing him in the face and when she resurfaces she see's his body and screams and Jason gets into the water with her and as she is treading water and screaming Jason goes under water and grabs her foot and pulls her under water drowning her. Her naked body is later shown being dragged out of the lake across the sandy shore and again later when Tina accidentally backs into her prone body on the ground in the woods real close to the house along with the bodies of Russell, Maddie and Kate. Strangely though her hair is completely dry despite it being cold outside. She is also featured in a Friday The 13th fan story on called Friday The 13th: The Survivor by Duke Nukeum where she lives through the drowning and tries to get on with her life after the huge tradegy of loosing those close to her. Her full name in the fan story is Sandra Karla Konnerth.

Stephanie Kimble

Stephanie Kimble appears in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Originally played by actress Brooke Scher. She is the daughter of Jessica Kimble and Steven Freeman, and the great-niece of Jason Voorhees. In Jason Goes to Hell, she is a baby and Jason tries to use her to be reborn in another body, but is stopped and sent to Hell by Jessica and Steven.[36]

Stephanie reappears in the comic book miniseries, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors. Now a teenager, she suffers from nightmares about Jason Voorhees. Her mother Jessica (the protagonist of Jason Goes To Hell ) is revealed to have died a few years earlier, and her father has spent thousands of dollars on psychiatric help for her, but none of it has been successful. Eventually, the family are contacted by Dr. Maggie Burroughs, who is forming a group of people who have survived Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Steven is cynical, but Stephanie insists they let her help them. However, when the group meets up for the first time, they are attacked by Jason and Stephanie watches helplessly as her father is murdered in front of her. Upon discovering that, as a Voorhees, she is destined to become a killer just like her great-uncle, Stephanie dons a similar hockey mask and, during the final showdown, impales Jason with a machete, which weakens him enough for Tommy Jarvis to finish him off.[21]

Steven Freeman

Steven Freeman first appears in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and is played by John D. LeMay. He is Jessica Kimble's ex-boyfriend and the father of her baby Stephanie, with whom he has no contact. When Jessica's mother Diana is murdered by Jason Voorhees, Steven is blamed. In jail, he learns from bounty hunter Creighton Duke that Jason is attempting to be reborn through another Voorhees, and that Jessica and Stephanie are his only surviving blood relatives. Steven escapes from jail and tries to warn Jessica of the danger she and their daughter are in, but she does not believe his story. When Jason attacks Jessica in the body of her current boyfriend Robert Campbell, Steven guns him down and saves her. Steven and Jessica eventually travel to the Voorhees house to retrieve their baby from Duke, who reveals that Jessica is the only one capable of killing Jason permanently. When Jason is finally reborn through Diana's corpse, he and Steven engage in a fist fight until Jessica uses a mystical dagger to send Jason to Hell. Steven is almost dragged into Hell as well, but Jessica rescues him and the couple reconcile, walking off into the sunrise with their baby.[36]

Steven reappears in the comic miniseries Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors. His wife Jessica is now deceased, and the now-teenage Stephanie is having nightmares about her great-uncle Jason Voorhees. Having spent thousands of dollars getting psychiatric help for his daughter, Steven (spelt Stephen in the comic) eventually takes her to Doctor Maggie Burroughs, who is forming a group of people who have survived Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. However, Steven becomes frustrated when Maggie reveals her plan to combine their strengths to stop the killers permanently. During his rant, Jason Voorhees bursts into the house and crushes his head as Stephanie looks on in horror.[21]

The book Making Friday the 13th: The Legend of Camp Blood describes Steven as "a deadbeat who refuses to grow up and take responsibility for his actions, but who, nonetheless, eventually summons the courage to fight Jason".[68] Horror website Slasherama labels him "plucky, if rather geeky" and "one of the more quirky Friday heroes".[69] The role was initially offered to Blair Underwood but he refused it for "personal reasons"; Making Friday the 13th asks whether having a "strong African-American presence" may have been beneficial for the series, but concludes that it is a moot point since Jason is "an equal opportunity killing machine". The part of Steven eventually went to John D. LeMay, who had previously appeared as lead character Ryan Dallion in Friday the 13th: The Series. LeMay was hesitant about returning to the Friday franchise, having left the television series to avoid being typecast. He states "It's hard to say, looking back, if it was a good move or a bad move, career-wise"; he ultimately accepted the role because "it was a lead role and I liked the character and, with New Line involved, it seemed like the series was going in a whole other direction."[68] However, he also admits "I was broke at the time so it was a beautiful lifesaver. I needed it to pay the rent!" Nevertheless, he says "I had a blast making Jason Goes to Hell. You had to have a sense of humour while fighting Jason at three in the morning, trying to find ways to hit him with a shovel and stuff like that [laughs]. As if that would do any good!".[69]

Summer Stone

Summer Stone is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Road Trip. A cheerleader for the Carville High Hornets football team, Summer, while traveling via van back to Carville from a football game alongside several football players, fellow cheerleaders and the team coach and mascot, is involved in accident near Crystal Lake. As the team coach goes off to seek aid, Summer and her friends go off into the forest to explore, leaving the team mascot, Teddy, behind. Discovering Camp Crystal Lake, Summer and her friends are soon hunted by Teddy, who had found the mask of Jason Voorhees and become possessed by it. Fleeing from the campgrounds with her boyfriend Slick and the football team lineman Russ Johnson, Summer and Russ are found by Teddy and knocked unconscious, while Slick is swarmed upon and eaten by bats. Taken to a cave in Crystal Hill by Teddy, who plans to cut out her heart on a demonic altar located in the cave, Summer is saved by Russ, who had awoken and tracked Teddy down. Together, Summer and Russ kill Teddy, lighting him on fire and tearing Jason's mask, along with his face, off. With Teddy dead, Summer and Russ manage to travel back the main road and find help.[64]


Teddy Bateman

Teddy "Buzzy" Bateman is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Road Trip. The bullied mascot of the Carville High Hornets football team, Buzzy was raised by his accountant father, after his mother died of lung cancer when he was a child. While traveling back to Carville after a football game with several football players, cheerleaders and the team coach, the van the group are traveling in is involved in an accident, crashing into a tree near Crystal Lake. While the coach goes to seek aid, Teddy is left alone with the van when his companions go off to explore the area. As Teddy tries to change a flat tire on the van, the vehicle starts itself and proceeds to ram itself into a tree, the inside of which, Teddy finds the hockey mask of Jason Voorhees. Putting on Jason's mask, Teddy is possessed by it and proceeds to track down and begin murdering several of the football players and cheerleaders, eventually finding and knocking out both Russ Johnson and Summer Stone. Taking the unconscious Summer to an altar in a cave in nearby Crystal Hill, Teddy prepares to cut her heart out with an X-Acto knife, before being attacked by an awakened Russ, who had followed him to the cave. Working together, Summer and Russ manage to kill Teddy, lighting him on fire and tearing Jason's mask, and his face, off.[64]


The Tillamook are an extinct group of Native American flatheads once indigenous to Crystal Lake who appear in the Friday the 13th comic books by Wildstorm. The first mentioning of the Tillamook is in the sixth and final issue of Wildstorm's Friday the 13th comic series, where they are the subject of an extended flashback sequence. The flashback reveals that in the 19th century the Tillamook were in the midst of being wiped out by a group of fur traders. The fur traders, knowing that the shaman of the Tillamook was responsible for giving his people the hope they needed to fight back, invade the tribe's main village to abduct him, killing anyone in their way. Before they can escape with the shaman, the fur traders are surrounded by Tillamook warriors. Trapped, the fur traders attempt to force the shaman to call his warriors off, but the shaman refuses, telling his warriors to attack. Before the warriors close in on him and his allies, the fur trader's leader slits the shaman's throat. The shaman, in his death throws, manages to crawl to the shore of Crystal Lake while his warriors and the fur traders wipe each other out, and proceeds to bleed out into the lake's water, his "seemingly neverending flow of blood adding another quarter mile to the circumference of Crystal Lake."

For years afterwards, the spirits of the Tillamook, bound to Crystal Lake and the surrounding woods, begin to search for "a vessel" to use to spread their hatred, killing many who enter Crystal Lake in their search, those they kill becoming trapped in the lake and woods as well. Eventually, the Tillamook find a worthy vessel in the form Jason Voorhees, who they imbue with superhuman abilities so that he may destroy anyone who enters the wilderness surrounding Crystal Lake.[8]

In Friday the 13th: Bad Land, a two-issue comic miniseries released by Wildstorm with two stories in it, one taking place two-hundred and fifty years in the past and the other in the present, a Tillamook family consisting of a mother, father and infant son appear in the story set in the past. During a blizzard, the husband leaves to fish, leaving his wife and son at home in their hut. While in the midst of feeding her child, the woman is found by a trio of fur trappers, who break into her house seeking shelter from the blizzard. At first content to simply wait out the blizzard, two of the fur trappers grow restless and, despite their companion’s pleas not to, rape the woman; afterwards, one of the rapists kills the woman and her child when he believes her to be reaching for a concealed weapon, in actuality, a rattle for her child. Directly after doing this, the fur trappers are found by the woman's husband who, seeing his wife and son dead, tries to attack them, only to be shot in the face. Injured, the man flees from his home and the fur trappers, who believe he will die. The man, seeking vengeance, attacks one of the fur trappers when he runs from the hut and into the nearby woods, panicking and rambling about how this is "a bad place". Impaling the fur trapper on a large tree branch and leaving him to die, the man returns to his hut and kills another fur trapper, the man whose idea it was to rape his wife, with a tomahawk before seeking out the remaining fur trapper, who is in search of his runaway associate. Getting into a fight with the fur trapper, the man manages to knock him to ground and, picking up a large rock, crushes his head with it, right after the fur trapper gives a whispered apology for everything his two companions have done. With the fur trappers dead, the Tillamook, procuring his wife and son's bodies, proceeds to throw them in Crystal Lake before drowning himself.[40]

Tina Shepard

Tina Shepard is a character in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, played as an adult by Lar Park Lincoln and as a child by Jennifer Banko. Possessing telekinetic/psychokinetic powers, Tina accidentally killed her abusive father as a child when she destroyed the pier he was standing on, causing him to drown in Crystal Lake. As a teenager, Tina is being treated by psychiatrist Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser), who secretly plans to exploit her psychic powers for his own personal gain. Returning to Crystal Lake to deal with the trauma, Tina attempts to resurrect her father with her powers, but instead succeeds in releasing Jason from his watery prison. As Jason wanders the forest killing anybody in his way, Tina experiences psychic visions of the people he kills. When Jason murders Tina's mother (Susan Blu), her doctor, and friends, she is forced to use her powers to defend herself and fellow survivor Nick (Kevin Blair). Tina eventually summons a manifestation of her father to drag Jason back underwater.[70]

Tina is mentioned in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat, which is set shortly after the events of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood; the book states that, due to the outlandish nature of her story and the lack of evidence supporting it, Tina and Nick were arrested by the authorities, who suspected they were the ones who murdered the people they claimed Jason had. The epilogue of the book mentions that due to the revelation that Jason actually does exist, Tina and Nick were both released from custody.[33] In the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors comic miniseries, Tina appears under the care of doctors Maggie Burroughs and Neil Gordon, one of the first recruited to their group of those who have survived Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.[21]

A New Blood was initially conceived as Freddy vs. Jason; when studios failed to agree over rights to the respective franchises, the concept became Jason vs. Carrie instead, with Tina created to fill in for Stephen King's telekinetic character Carrie White.[71] Screenwriter Daryl Haney believed giving the character telekinetic abilities would add a new twist to the commonly seen final girl in the films.[72] Director John Carl Buechler sees similarities between Tina and Alice Johnson, the protagonist of A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. He says, "Both films are about heroines who take on special powers which they use to fight the monster. In The New Blood, Tina's able to fully harness her telekinetic powers by the end of the film and she uses the powers to defeat Jason which is what happened, more or less, in The Dream Master." Buechler was disappointed that the film did not explore Tina's powers more, "I wanted to really get into the clairvoyant stuff and have Tina experience all of these surreal nightmares because I'd really done a lot of homework about the paranormal and the way that clairvoyants use their powers. The producers did not like the idea." One of Beuchler's plans involved Tina seeing her mother holding Pamela Voorhees' head, which would have cried, "Help me, help me." The idea was vetoed by Barbara Sachs for being too "out there". Composer Fred Mollin came up with theme music for Tina "because she was a psychic and I felt like she'd project a certain aura since there had never been character like her before in a Friday the 13th film.[71] When developing the comic miniseries, The Nightmare Warriors, the creators felt that Neil Gordon from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors would be a natural replacement for Dr. Crews as Tina's doctor.[73]

Actress Lar Park Lincoln was intriqued by the role of Tina and her telekinetic powers, saying, "It was a complex story and it would allow me to play something other than a drug addict or a prostitute. So I said sure." Lincoln was already a Friday the 13th fan, and was proud to have seen every one of the films. She claimed, "I don't think anybody really set out to change the world with these movies. Nobody will ever be accused of trying to make a social statement or great art. What these films are is entertainment." Serious about doing the movie justice, Lincoln took it upon herself to study with real life psychics.[74] She explains, "I knew how important Tina's telekinetic powers were to the character so I went out and met with real psychics and learned about psychic visions and the way that psychics can relate their visions because it's one thing to have a vision and another to be able to explain it." Lincoln admits she does not know how genuine the psychics she met were, but claims it was an interesting experience. Another area of Tina's characterization the actress took interest in was her guilt over her father's death; "It gets worse by the end of the story because so many people die, including her mother, and it's really her fault because she brought Jason back."[71]

Tommy Jarvis

Tommy Jarvis is one of the series' most frequently recurring characters, appearing in three films played by three different actors. Tommy (Corey Feldman) made his first appearance in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter as a young boy with an affinity for making his own masks and make-up effects. When Jason Voorhees brings his blood bath to the Jarvis cabin, Tommy is forced to fight for his life along with his sister Trish. In an attempt to trick Jason, who is attacking Trish, Tommy shaves his head to make himself appear as Jason was when he himself was young. Distracted by Tommy's appearance, Jason is attacked by him with a machete and knocked to the floor, apparently dead. While embracing Trish, Tommy notices Jason beginning to stir and proceeds to go into a maniacal state, brutally attacking Jason with his machete while screaming "Die! Die! Die!", ignoring Trish's desperate protests for him to stop. The film ends with Tommy visiting Trish at a hospital an unspecified time after killing Jason and being hugged by her, while staring emotionlessly and blank-faced at the camera.[75] Tommy (John Shepherd) returns in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning as a teenager/adult, now living in a halfway house, having spent the last five years in a mental institution. When Roy Burns begins committing murders in the style of Jason Voorhees, Tommy's sanity begins to slip away again and he starts suffering hallucinations and nightmares of Jason. Tommy is later forced to kill Burns in self-defense, and this seems to push him over the edge; the final scene of the film has a hockey-masked Tommy preparing to stab the halfway house's assistant director, Pam. Original Tommy actor Corey Feldman ressumes the role for a cameo appearance in a dream sequence at the beginning of the film.[65]

In Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, a more stable Tommy (Thom Mathews) decides to confront his demons by cremating Jason's body. Digging up Jason's body, Tommy's memories of his encounter with Jason rise to the surface, and he ends up repeatedly impaling Jason's corpse with a piece of cemetery fence. Unfortunately, this attracts a bolt of lightning, which both resurrects Jason and grants him numerous superhuman abilities. Trying to make amends for his mistake, Tommy warns Sheriff Garris that Jason has returned to Crystal Lake (renamed "Forest Green"), but the sheriff assumes he has had another psychotic break and ignores him; the pile of bodies Jason racks up only convinces the sheriff that the killer is in fact Tommy. Tommy eventually teams up with Garris' daughter Megan, a counselor at Camp Forest Green, to defeat Jason himself. Researching occult books, he decides to return Jason to the lake where he originally drowned as a child. Tommy succeeds in chaining Jason to the bottom of the lake, but almost drowns in the process. After regaining consciousness thanks to Megan swimming him ashore and performing CPR on him, Tommy grimly notes that it is finally over, and Jason is at last home.[62]

The novelization of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives reveals that what happened between Tommy and Pam at the end of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning; the book explains that Pam had managed to return Tommy to his senses and, when Tommy was put back in a mental institution, she helped him recover.[44] The novel Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs references Tommy, revealing he has written at least six books about Jason and Crystal Lake, with the title of one them being mentioned as My Life of Hell: One Man's Fight Against Jason Voorhees, which is described as a "whiny piece of garbage" by a character.[1] Tommy faces Jason again in the comic miniseries Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Nightmare Warriors. When Jason attacks Dr. Maggie Borrough's group for those who have survived Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, Tommy intervenes and reveals his intent to finish Jason off, ultimately decapitating him with the help of Jason's great-niece, Stephanie. After both Freddy and Jason are defeated, Tommy is appointed leader of the Nightmare Warriors by Ash Williams.[21]

It was Joseph Zito's original intention to have Tommy become the antagonist and "new Jason" in any subsequent Friday the 13th films created after the fourth.[76] The ending of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning leads up to this, although due to the negative reaction to that film, the idea was dropped.[77] Devin Faraci of describes Tommy Jarvis as a "fan-favorite" and "the seminal survivor figure in the F13 series".[78] The producers of the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot considered using the Tommy character,[78] but decided not to because they wanted to create their own mythology.[79]

Mezco Toyz has released a statuette of both Tommy and Jason, depicting the scene of the two grappling with each other underwater from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.[80]

Trey Leblanc

Trey Leblanc is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hell Lake. A student at Forest Green University, Trey and his friends, after several murders are committed by Jason Voorhees and a group of criminals who have escaped from Hell, are placed under suspicion by the authorities, who believe they committed the murders. After several more people are killed despite the security at Forest Green University being tightened and a curfew being in place, Trey leads an illegal walkout of students. After Trey and his fellow students encounter Jason and a group of criminals they are arrested by the authorities and placed in the Cunningham County Prison. When Jason and the criminals attack the prison, Trey and several others manage to flee. Along with his girlfriend Shawna Black, Trey finds their friend Gretchen (who appears to be channeling the spirit of Pamela Voorhees) and together, the trio joins a group refugees who have been driven from their home by the invading criminals from Hell. While Trey is with the refugees, their camp is attacked by Jason, who kills several refugees and Shawna. Escaping Jason by hijacking an RV, Trey and Gretchen travel to Crystal Lake. Using Gretchen's connection with Jason, Trey has her summon him and, after Jason teleports to the lake and enters it, Trey kills him and himself by jumping into the water while holding several cables attached to the RV.[81]

Trish Jarvis

Patricia "Trish" Jarvis[82] is a character in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, played by Kimberly Beck. A local of the Crystal Lake area, she lives with her mother and younger brother, Tommy. Trish and Tommy meet a man named Rob Dier in the woods, who claims to be hunting bears but is actually searching for Jason Voorhees, the man who killed his sister, Sandra (a character in Friday the 13th Part 2). Trish and Rob discover that Jason has murdered a group of teenagers vacationing next to the Jarvis house. When Rob and her mother are killed, Trish is forced to protect herself and her brother from Jason, fighting him off with a machete while Tommy distracts him. She is last seen being visited in the hospital by Tommy after he kills Jason.[75]

Trish can be seen briefly in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning along with her mother in a photo belonging to Tommy. Whatever happened to her is never revealed.[65]


Violet Defalco

Violet Defalco is a character in the three-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Bloodbath. A teenage girl with a punk style appearance, Violet was orphaned at a young age and raised by a variety of foster parents, some of them criminals. Hired along with several other teens by a man named Kevin Carny to renovate the Camp Crystal Lake adjacent Camp Tomorrow, Violet soon develops a relationship with fellow co-worker Rich. While working at Camp Tomorrow, Violet notices that she and several of her co-workers all have similar backgrounds, as they are all orphans. When several of the others working at the camp go missing, Violet and Rich go looking for them, finding that they have been killed by Jason Voorhees. Chased by Jason back to Camp Tomorrow, Violet and Rich warn the others about Jason, and are attacked by Kevin with a shotgun while trying to flee the camp, after finding the only vehicle has been sabotaged. As two of their co-workers are chased into the woods by Kevin, Violet and Rich are captured by a group of soldiers working for Kevin, who is revealed to be actually named McClintock. Violet and Rich are subsequently taken to McClintock, whose soldiers have captured Jason with liquid nitrogen and who explains that they and the other camp workers were all a part of his plan to capture Jason; they would be the bait used to lure him out into the open, as they lacked families and no one would miss them if they disappeared. After McClintock is distracted when his helicopter has trouble picking up Jason, Violet and Rich attack him and, grabbing a nearby machine gun, Violet opens fire on the transport helicopter, causing it to crash.

Fleeing the scene as an unfrozen Jason begins killing soldiers, Violet and Rich hijack one of the soldiers' tank trucks (which, unbeknownst to them, Jason is clinging to the roof of) and interrogate the man driving it, throwing him out after learning that McClintock works for a group called the Trent Organization. While driving away from Crystal Lake, Violet hits a land mine planted by the soldiers, which causes the truck to crash. Surviving the crash, both Violet and Rich flee from Jason and open fire on him, missing and hitting the tank of the crashed truck, rupturing it and causing it to release liquid nitrogen, which freezes Jason and several soldiers. With Jason stopped, Violet and Rich make their way to the main road, where McClintock finds and attempts to shoot them. Wrestling McClintock's gun from him, Violet shoots him in the head before she and Rich steal his car and drive away.[83]

Violet makes a return appearance in the one-shot comic Friday the 13th: Fearbook, which takes place directly after the events of Friday the 13th: Bloodbath. While driving away from Crystal Lake in McClintock's car, Violet and Rich are ambushed by a group of soldiers, who cause Violet to crash. After pronouncing Rich dead, the soldiers take Violet to the Trent Organization's headquarters, planning to use her as bait to lure Jason to the facility, realizing he will be searching for her. Feigning needing to go the washroom, Violet manages to escape her guard, seducing and disarming him. Shortly afterwards, Violet, after encountering Jason on the base, barricades herself and the Trent Organization's board of directors in an office, while Jason begins killing security guards while trying to reach them. After disposing of the guards, Jason breaks into the office and, killing the board members, goes after Violet. As Jason advances on her, Violet jumps out a nearby window, only to be grabbed by Jason, who drags her back into the office and kills her off panel.[84]


Walter Hobb

Walter Hobb is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Church of the Divine Psychopath. An operative for a government black ops group simply referred to as The Agency, Walter, after two of his fellow operatives are killed in a raid at a meth lab (in which Walter receives an injury to his eye after being struck with a nail-studded baseball bat) is demoted by his superiors. Despite being pressured by his wife Lauren to quit working for The Agency, Walter keeps his job, eventually being assigned to work with a group other operatives who are being sent out to find and destroy Jason Voorhees, in a mission Walter views as little more than a snipe hunt. While at Camp Crystal Lake, Walter and his companions find themselves fighting not only Jason, but a cult calling itself The Ministry of the Heavenly Vessel, which has dedicated itself to worshipping and protecting Jason. Eventually, Walter and a woman named Kelly Mills are the only survivors at Camp Crystal Lake, Walter's fellow operatives and the cultists having died either at the hands of each other or Jason. Wanting to destroy Jason once and for all, Walter, arming himself with a pair of Milkor grenade launchers, battles Jason in the main cabin of the camp. Successfully blowing Jason apart with grenades, Walter collects what is left of him before leaving the camp with Kelly in a semi-functional LAV[disambiguation needed ].[50]

Wayne Ricardo Sanchez

Wayne Ricardo Sanchez is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hell Lake, loosely based on real-life serial killer Richard Ramirez. A Satanist serial killer and rapist (dubbed "The Daytona Beach Devil Boy" by the media) Wayne, after being caught by a mob of vigilantes and the authorities, is executed via lethal injection. Sent to Hell after his death, Wayne is at first disappointed to find that Satan appears not to exist, but is overjoyed to discover Jason Voorhees, one of his personal heroes, is in Hell. Befriending Jason and establishing a mental bond with him, Wayne has Jason breakout of Hell, releasing him and innumerable other denizens of Hell. Finding himself in Crystal Lake after exiting Hell, Wayne, after bidding goodbye to Jason, begins to travel to Florida, committing various robberies, rapes and murders along the way. Upon reaching Florida, Wayne and a boy named Paul Christos, who Wayne had decided to take on as an apprentice, are attacked in a motel room by another escapee from Hell. Fighting the man, Wayne disembowels him with a stiletto knife before betraying Paul and doing the same to him. After going on a killing spree, Wayne, while walking down the street, is attacked by a mob of vigilantes, led by the same man who had led the mob that had captured him years earlier. Beaten by the group, Wayne is killed when the mob leader curb stomps him.[81]

Whitney Miller

Whitney Miller appears in the reboot Friday the 13th and is played by Amanda Righetti. Her mother is dying of cancer and Whitney looks after her fulltime. She is convinced by her boyfriend Mike to take a vacation to Crystal Lake, but while there, they are attacked by Jason Voorhees. Jason kills Mike and the rest of the group, but leaves Whitney unharmed and takes her prisoner because she reminds him of his mother. Six weeks later, Whitney's brother Clay explores Crystal Lake looking for his sister, concerned by her failure to attend their mother's funeral. He eventually finds and rescues her from Jason's underground tunnels. Whitney later uses her resemblance to Mrs. Voorhees to her advantage by distracting Jason long enough to stab him with his own machete. She and Clay then dump Jason's body in the lake, but he rises and attacks once more, leaving their fate unknown.[29]

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