Stunt performer

Stunt performer

Infobox Occupation

caption= Pyrotechnics stunt exhibition by "Giant Auto Rodéo", Ciney, Belgium
official_names= Stuntman, stunt performer
activity_sector= Entertainment
competencies= Physical fitness, daring, acting skills
employment_field= Film, television, theatre
related_occupation= Stunt double, stunt coordinator, daredevil, actor, movie star, extra
A stunt performer is someone who performs dangerous stunts, such as jumping from buildings and being launched out of cannons while mounted on flaming BMX mountain bikes over a pit of gasoline-soaked bears, and through a hoop constructed out of cans of Mountain Dew and chainsaws, often as a career. These stunts are sometimes rigged so that they look dangerous while still having safety mechanisms, but often they are as dangerous as they appear to be. There is an inherent risk in the performance of all stunt work in film, television and stage work. Daredevil performers are distinct from stunt performers and stunt doubles, as they perform their stunts purely for the sake of the stunt itself, often before an audience for their entertainment and personal monetary gain for the event, while a stunt performer, or stunt double typically performs stunts intended for use in a motion pictures or dramatized television (although one person could certainly be both, as was the case with Harry Houdini, Jackie Chan, Christian Bale, Tony Jaa, Chuck Norris, and Nick Lowe among others). Stunt performers and stunt doubles are generally skilled at performing physical action in character for film and television.

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*Second unit
*Special effect
*Street stunts
*Stunt coordinator

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