List of characters in the Nightmare on Elm Street series

List of characters in the Nightmare on Elm Street series

The following are major fictional characters in the series of slasher films "A Nightmare on Elm Street".


Alexandra Marie Coyle

Alexandra Marie Coyle is a character in the novel "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Suffer the Children". A teenage girl abandoned by her father at a young age, Alex and her mother move to 1428 Elm Street after Mrs. Corwin is transferred to Springwood. Shortly after moving into her new home, Alex finds herself tormented by Freddy Krueger, who appears to take an interest in Alex due to the girl's past habit of self-mutilation. Unable to sleep due to Freddy, Alex, after an outburst in class, is sent to after school detention in the Springwood High Library. In detention, Alex befriends a group of fellow students - jock Chris, pampered Heather, nerdy Peter, gothic Kat and stoner Lloyd - and is convinced along with the others to take a paid drug trial at the Katja Institute of Sleep by Lloyd, who had previously attended a drug session. While under the influence of an anti-insomnia drug, Alex and her friends are confronted by Freddy who, after toying with them, states they "are my children now" before influencing Lloyd into tearing off his own face, leaving the boy hospitalized in a comatose state. After the experience at the Katja Institute, Alex and the others discover that they now possess supernatural abilities, Alex's being empathy and the control of emotions, and that the authorities refuse to help them and that almost all records of Freddy Krueger have been covered up. After Kat is by Freddy killed, Alex, Peter, Heather and Chris are transported to Freddy's realm, where he instructs them to kill for him and to spread his name under the threat of being killed themselves. After this encounter with Freddy, Alex has a dream in which she witnesses one of her friends agree to Freddy's deal. While on the run from the authorities, who were searching for her after Freddy had possessed her body and attacked a psychiatrist her mother had visiting, Alex discovers Heather, Chris's entire family and Peter's father have all been killed and, after hearing most of the victims having been immolated, Alex accuses Chris, whose power is pyrokinesis, of having allied himself with Freddy. When Chris storms off, enraged at Alex's accusations, Alex and Peter go to Springwood Hospital to try and rouse Lloyd from his coma, having correctly guessed that when one of them dreams, they all do, regardless of whether they have taken the dream suppressant Hypnocil or not. Entering the hospital, Alex and Peter discover Freddy has broken into the real world through Lloyd, and, after Peter is seemingly killed by Freddy, Alex tries to wake Lloyd, while the recent arrived Chris battles Freddy. When Chris is killed, Alex discovers it was Peter who had joined Freddy. Getting a pair of scissors from an office in the hospital, Alex, after accidentally killing Peter when Freddy leaves his body, is brought into the Dream World by Freddy. As Freddy prepares to mutilate her, Alex is saved by Lloyd, who fights and distracts Freddy long enough for Alex to wake. Told by Lloyd to kill him in the real world to sever Freddy's connection to Earth, Alex does so, stabbing Lloyd in the chest with the pair of scissors.

After killing Lloyd, Alex appears to go completely insane and is institutionalized, all of Freddy and Peter's murders being blamed on her. While Alex, now a drooling maniac, is in her cell, she is visited by Freddy, who possesses an orderly. Freddy taunts Alex and reveals she is pregnant with his child, Freddy having possessed Peter when he and Alex had had sex after developing a mutual attraction to each other. The child, as evil as Freddy himself, will be used as an avatar in the real world by his father when born. cite book|last = Bishop|first = David|url =|title = A Nightmare on Elm Street: Suffer the Children|publisher = Black Flame|date = 2005-04-26|isbn = 1844161722 ]

David Bishop, author of "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Suffer the Children", had planned to have Alex appear in a sequel to his novel, with the working title "House of 100 Maniacs". The novel was never created, however. [ cite web|url =|title = A Q&A With David Bishop|publisher = A Nightmare on Elm Street Companion|accessdate = 2008-09-01 ]

Alicia Norris

Alicia Norris is a character in the novel "Freddy Krueger's Tales of Terror: Blind Date". A teenage girl and inhabitant of Springwood, Alicia is a cheerleader at Springwood High and lives with mother, a shut-in. After having several disturbing dreams for several days, Alicia befriends Evan Walker, the Springwood High pariah who all her friends relentlessly bully. Alicia's new friendship with Evan does not bode well with her other friends, who, after playing a particularly cruel prank on Evan at Alicia's birthday party, send the boy running off into a storm. Convincing her boyfriend Scoot Martin to help her look for Evan, Alicia and Scott, while driving through the rain, are involved in a car crash. Blinded by this accident while Scott is disfigured, Alicia relies on Evan, who believes his uncle, an eye doctor, can cure Alicia's blindness. While with Evan, who Scott claims disfigured him with a tire iron after the car crash he and Alicia were in, Alicia notices bizarre instances occur, such as the disappearance of two of her fellow cheerleaders and the crippling of her friend Boomer. Disbelieving Scott when he states that Evan is responsible for all these occurrences, Alicia goes to Evan's house, where Evan's uncle puts her under anesthesia in preparation for impromptu eye surgery. While unconscious, Alicia discovers that Evan's uncle had died days ago and that Freddy Krueger had possessed the man's body, using it to manipulate Evan and kill Alicia's friends. Woken up by Scott, who had followed her into Evan's house, Alicia discovers her eyesight has returned and also finds the mutilated corpses of Evan and her friends Tiffany and Ellen, their eyes all missing. cite book|last = Richards|first = Bruce|url =|title = Freddy Krueger's Tales of Terror: Blind Date|publisher = Tor Books|date = 1994-11-15|isbn = 0812551680 ]

Alicia makes a return appearance in "Freddy Krueger's Tales of Terror: Fatal Games". While looking through Evan's house, trying to find some clue as to what happened there, Alicia meets and befriends Chip Parker and the boy's adoptive brother Al, who are planning on moving into the old Walker house. When Scott is murdered while trying to burn down Chip's house, which he believes is evil, Alicia and Chip attend his funeral, where they are chased by a hooded figure. Escaping this figure, Alicia, after having a vivid nightmare, travels to Chip's house, where she finds Chip confronted by Freddy Krueger, who had possessed the body of Alicia's old friend Johnny Murphy, who had committed suicide some time ago. Before the two of them can be killed by Freddy, Alicia and Chip are saved by Al, who, snapping out of the trance Freddy, who was revealed to be Al's father, had him in, attacks Freddy, tackling him into an open boiler, where the two of them are immolated. With Freddy defeated and Al dead, Chip and Alicia quickly flee from the Parker house. cite book|last = Richards|first = Bruce|url =|title = Freddy Krueger's Tales of Terror: Fatal Games|publisher = Tor Books|date = 1995-02-15|isbn = 0812551893 ]

Alice Johnson

Alice Johnson is a fictional character who was portrayed by Lisa Wilcox in the 1988 horror film ' and the 1989 sequel '. Alice was a quiet girl who escaped from her dysfunctional homelife with her alcoholic father in daydreams. Her older brother, Rick, didn't take their father's abuse so passively, and sometimes fought back. Whenever Alice dreamed, she'd remember an old nursery rhyme about "the Dream Master" that her mother had taught her. She kept a mirror completely covered with pictures because she didn't want to see herself as she really was. As time passed and Alice accepted herself, she removed the pictures. In "The Dream Master", Alice was a friend of Kristen Parker's, who dated her brother Rick. After her friends Kincaid and Joey were killed, Alice was pulled into Kristen's fight with Freddy Krueger, who was plaguing the children of Elm Street. When Kristen was killed, she passed her power to Alice, but it went through Freddy first, taking a part of himself into Alice. She was too late to save Kristen in the real world, however, and Kristen burned to death. Freddy then begins to use Alice to gain access to the dreams of other children and proceeds to kill Rick and many of Alice's friends. However, Alice absorbs the "dream powers" and personality traits of each victim causing her to become the Dream Master. Alice confronts Freddy in the Dream World but is unable to seriously harm him despite her newly acquired powers. Just as Freddy has her cornered, she recalls the last part of the Dream Master rhyme: "In the reflection by my side, evil will see itself, and it shall die." Using a broken piece of glass, she forces Freddy to see himself. The imprisoned souls of his victims escape, tearing Freddy to pieces in the process.

In "The Dream Child", Freddy uses the dreams of Alice's unborn son, Jacob, to murder more people including Daniel Jordan, the father of Alice's baby. Freddy plans to use Jacob to be reborn into the real world. However, Alice, with help from the spirits of both Amanda Krueger and Jacob, defeats Freddy once more and traps him inside Amanda Krueger. Alice later gives birth to Jacob and moves away from Springwood. Alice remains the only one of Freddy's enemies to survive two encounters with him in battle. In the original draft of "Freddy's Dead" an adult Alice is killed by Freddy. However, this version of the script was never used, and so presumably Alice is still alive.

Amanda Krueger

At age 18, Amanda Krueger (1907-1968) decided to become a nun, choosing "Mary Helena" as her name in Christ. Her first assignment as a nun was to care for the inmates in Westin Hills hospital, including the infamous tower (where the most insane patients were locked up). Only a few days away from Christmas, Amanda was accidentally locked in the tower when the guards were in a hurry to go home to their families. She was left alone with the inmates for several days, and she was brutally raped and beaten many times during this ordeal. When she was finally found, she was barely alive — and pregnant. Nine months later, Amanda gave birth to Frederick Charles Krueger (aka Freddy Krueger). Shortly after, the infant was given over to the state and adopted by Mr. Underwood, an abusive alcoholic. Amanda Krueger followed her son's trial after he was arrested for the murders of several neighborhood children. Freddy was released on a technicality and Amanda was distraught, committing suicide shortly after she heard the news. Amanda's body was never found. The tower where she hanged herself was sealed and that wing of the hospital closed. A head stone was placed in the Springwood cemetery for "Sister Mary Helena".

Amanda Krueger would return twice, in spirit form, to help those that were fighting her son Freddy. Her first appearance was in '. Amanda appeared as an old nun going by her name Sister Mary Helena, trying to help doctor Neil Gordon save the last Elm Street children. At the end Neil found her grave site and learned Freddy's mother had been helping them. The second time was in '. After his defeat in the ', Freddy used Amanda to give birth to him again in the dream world. Upon his return, he remained afraid of his mother's power and tried to keep her sealed away. Alice Johnson, the heroine of the film, needed to find Amanda's resting place so that this power could be used in the fight. She didn't have enough time to search, so she had her friend Yvonne try and find the body. The body was found and Amanda's spirit was freed just in time to help Alice defeat Freddy. After his defeat, Freddy was left in his infant form, which Amanda then absorbed back into her. Eventually he escaped, continuing his reign of terror in '.

In Marvel Comics' non-canonical "A Nightmare on Elm Street" comic series, Amanda appears in a flashback depicting her rape and impregnation by the inmates of Westin Hills. [ Cite comic
Writer = Steve Gerber
Penciller = Rich Buckler
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] Additionally, Innovation Publishing's "Nightmares on Elm Street" miniseries mentions her, with the implication being made that Freddy has rid himself of her permanently. Cite comic
Writer = Andy Mengels
Penciller = Patrick Rolo
Inker = Raymond Kryssing
Story = Bang Bang: Devonne's Silver Hammer
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] Amanda makes a cameo appearance in the three-issue comic miniseries "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Paranoid" by Avatar Press; Amanda appears in the Dream World being attacked by dream versions her rapists as Freddy laments the fact that he cannot reach the children of Springwood to her ("That ain't fair, ma!")

In Westwood Studios' "A Nightmare on Elm Street" computer game for the Commodore 64 and IBM Personal Computer, Amanda appears throughout the game, dispensing hints and health to the player. [ cite video game|title = A Nightmare on Elm Street | developer = Westwood Studios| publisher = Monarch Software | date = 1989 | platform = Commodore 64 and IBM Personal Computer | language = English ]


Chip Parker

Chip Parker is a character in the novel "Freddy Krueger's Tales of Terror: Fatal Games". A seventeen year-old boy with an affinity for football, Chip lives with his mother, pet cat Maggie and adoptive brother, Al, who constantly teases Chip by saying that he was the result of an affair Chip's mother had with Freddy Krueger while living in Springwood. After the death of his father in a boiler explosion, Chip and his family move to his mother's childhood home of Springwood, where they plan to open a doughnut shop. While moving some objects to his their new house in Springwood in the night, Chip and Al meet a girl named Alicia Norris, who Chip is instantly attracted to. Shortly after moving into Springwood, Chip notices Al begin to acting more and more erratic and notices strange things beginning to happen wherever he goes, and is also warned by a disfigured boy named Scott, Alicia's ex-boyfriend who breaks into the Parker house, that the house is evil. After Scott is murdered while trying to burn down the Parker house, Chip, while visiting his grave with Alicia, is told by a neighbor of Chip's that Mrs. Parker was involved in accident. Rushing home, Chip (accurately) blames Al for his mother's accident, accusing Al of pushing her down the basement stairs. After Al, who had left the Parker house enraged returns and enters the basement, Chip, hearing Al and another person's voice through the vents, enters the basement and discovers Al being instructed by another boy named Johnny, a fellow member of his gang, into killing him. When Alicia enters the basement, Johnny reveals he is actually Freddy Krueger, the biological father of Al Parker, or Alfrederick Krueger. As Freddy advances on him and Alicia, Chip is saved from him by Al, who, snapping out of his father's control, stabs Freddy in the chest with his switchblade and, managing to survive a stab wound to the head inflicted by Freddy, tackles Krueger into the nearby boiler, immolating both himself and his father. With Al dead and Freddy defeated, both Chip and Alicia flee from the Parker house. cite book|last = Richards|first = Bruce|url =|title = Freddy Krueger's Tales of Terror: Fatal Games|publisher = Tor Books|date = 1995-02-15|isbn = 0812551893 ]



Dean is the main character in "Double Shift", the eighth and final issue of Wildstorm's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" comic series. A resident of Springwood who lives with his parents and sister, Dean is the assistant manager and cook at the fast food restaurant Burger Heaven. Made to work multiple exhausting double shifts at the Burger Heaven, Dean finds himself being terrorized by Freddy Krueger when he goes to sleep, with Freddy making him live through a nightmarish version of his job whilst murdering random people and making Dean watch him do so. Left sleep deprived due to his nightmares, Dean, after falling asleep on the job and having a particularly disturbing dream, finally snaps and sends his co-workers, customers and boss fleeing from the Burger Heaven after threatening them with a cleaver. Falling asleep again when everyone leaves, Dean finds himself working the cash register at the Burger Heaven in his dream and is confronted by Freddy, who he, in a dazed manner, asks what he wants to order. Sometime later, a group of police officers burst into Burger Heaven lookng for Dean, and find him hacked to bits, his bodyparts and innards stuffed in several Burger Heaven chicken buckets. [ Cite comic
Writer = Chuck Dixon
Penciller = Kevin West and Bob Almond
Inker =
Story = Double Shift
Title = A Nightmare on Elm Street
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Date = 2007-07-27
Publisher = Wildstorm

Dream Demons

The Dream Demons are a trio of powerful serpentine entities and characters from "". Little of the Dream Demons origin is revealed, their apparent and only motive seemingly being to find and empower the most twisted and depraved humans. cite video|people = Rachel Talalay (Director) |title = Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare |medium = DVD|location = United States |publisher = New Line Cinema |year = 1991 ]

The Dream Demons first appear in the film "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare", which reveals they are the beings that made Freddy the dream destroying maniac he is. When Freddy is killed by the mob of vigilantes after escaping justice for the crimes he did, the Dream Demons appear before him and offer him a deal - become an agent of their's and be given vast amounts of power and become "forever". Freddy accepts the Dream Demon's offer and they fuse with him, giving him the ability to kill people in their dreams. Near the end of "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare", Freddy is dragged out from the dream world by his daughter, Maggie Burroughs, who blows him apart with a pipe bomb, which causes the Dream Demons to eject from his remains. As Freddy wasn't killed in the dream world, the Dream Demons are evidently unable to revive him, as they are implicated as having done after his "deaths" in previous films.

The Dream Demons do not appear in "Freddy vs. Jason", though Freddy still retains his dream powers; albeit weakened from his defeat in "Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare". cite video|people = Ronny Yu (Director) |title = Freddy vs. Jason |medium = DVD|location = United States |publisher = New Line Cinema |year = 2003 ]

Andy Mangels' script for the third issue of the cancelled comic series "A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Beginning" by Innovation Publishing offers more insight into the origin of the Dream Demons, revealing that when early creatures began to dream the energy of those dreams gathered together and created the Dream World and it's inhabitants - Good Dreams, Nightmares and the Dream Demons, who left the Dream World for Earth, seeking to cause havoc there. The script also introduces their Hell-bound and repulsive queen and reveals that the Dream Demons' serpentine forms are not their true forms and that their real bodies are a "hideous amalgamation of human, insect, fish and alien". []

In "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash", the Dream Demons make a cameo appearance in the second issue of the miniseries, appearing doused in flames and floating around Freddy as he tells Jason Voorhees to seek out the "Necronomicon Ex-Mortis". More monstrous version of the Dream Demons also appear in issue five of the series, appearing after Freddy uses the "Necronomicon" to gain reality warpng powers.

Donald Thompson

Donald Thompson (1932-1987) is a fictional character who appears in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984) and "" (1987). He was portrayed by John Saxon. Donald Thompson was born in 1932 and probably married Marge Thompson in the late 1950s. He joined the police force. In 1966 his daughter was born (Nancy Thompson). In 1968 he saw how child-killer Freddy Krueger was announced not guilty and participated in killing him (without a trial). In the early 1970s he got divorced with his wife Marge and Nancy Thompson stayed with her mother. By 1981 Donald became lieutenant.

At that time Tina Grey, his daughter's friend, was murdered. He arrested Rod Lane as he was the primary suspect. Soon, however, Lane apparently committed suicide. However, his daughter kept on telling him that it was Freddy Krueger who was responsible and that he lived in the dreams of the teenagers. After the death of Nancy's boyfriend Glen Lantz Donald Thompson arrived to his house just in front of his daughter's and former wife's house. His daughter phoned him and told him to help her to catch Freddy. When Donald Thompson saw smoke coming out Nancy's house he rushed inside. As the police and Donald Thompson went upstairs, they saw a burning Freddy Krueger trying to strangle Marge Thompson. Donald Thompson tried to save her but it was too late and she burned to death. Soon afterwards his daughter ended up in a psychiatric clinic.

After his daughter's release in 1984 Donald Thompson didn't talk much to her. He started to drink heavily and could hardly do his police duty. In 1987 he heard about a series of deaths in the clinic in Springwood his daughter worked in. By this time he had lost his job at police department and was currently a security guard.Nancy Thompson and Dr. Neil Gordon came to Donald Thompson to ask him where Krueger was buried. At first Donald didn't tell anything and Nancy rushed to the clinic. However, Dr. Neil Gordon persuaded him to take him to the burial site. Once arrived in a junkyard the couple dug up the remains of Freddy Krueger. Suddenly the skeleton got up and attacked Dr. Neil Gordon. Donald Thompson tried to attack the skeleton of Krueger but was impaled on metallic tube. He then died as the tube went right through his heart. Shortly after the death of Kristen Parker, we briefly see his grave beside his daughter's, Kincaid's, and Kristen's in a cemetery.

In the "Nightmares on Elm Street" comic miniseries by Innovation Publishing, set between the events of ' and ', Donald appears; the series reveals that ever since his death, Donald has been trapped in Freddy's realm, constantly tortured by him and unable ascend to the afterlife. When Freddy inacts a complex scheme to break through to the real world, he forces Donald into working for him, promising to allow him to die completely in exchange for killing Nancy.

Encountering Nancy when she enters Freddy's world, Donald, on the verge of tears and begging for forgiveness for all he's done and what he is going to do, shoots her in the head. Donald's attempt at killing Nancy fails, due to her having become a being similar to Freddy; despite his attack on her, Nancy forgives Donald and finally ends his suffering by using her power to free him of Freddy's hold and allow him to ascend, after he leads her to Freddy's central lair.


Glen Lantz

Glen Lantz (1967-1981) is a fictional character from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of films. He was portrayed by Johnny Depp in "A Nightmare on Elm Street" in what was Johnny Depp's acting debut. Johnny Depp also appeared in , although his only appearance was a cameo. Glen Lantz is a student at Springwood High who is going out with Nancy Thompson. Nancy and Tina are being affected by dreams of a man with finger-knives, though Glen is not. After Nancy comes to the realisation that Freddy Krueger only exists in dreams, she asks Glen to stay awake as a guard, to rescue her. He fails but Nancy emerges safely, and mad, from the dream.

Later, Glen's father keeps the phone off the hook to keep him from associating with Nancy, considered a bad influence. Glen falls asleep on his bed. He is sucked into and killed. From the hole in his bed spouts a massive torrent of blood. Later, Nancy finds Glen's bloody headphones inside Freddy's lair.

In a deleted scene, Glen's bloody/mutilated body comes down through all the mess. Depp reportedly did his own stunt for this scene.


Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson is a character from "A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child" portrayed by Whitby Hertford. Jacob is the son of Alice Johnson and Dan Jordan, having been conceived sometime before his mother's high school graduation in 1990. cite video|people = Stephen Hopkins (Director)|title = A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child|medium = DVD|location=United States|publisher = New Line Cinema|year = 1989 ]

After witnessing the death of her boyfriend Dan, Alice faints and is put into the hospital, where she finds out that she is pregnant with Dan's child. While there, she meets a young boy named Jacob, who, unbeknownst to her, is her own son. Afterwards, Freddy Krueger begins to kill her friends in their sleep, one by one. Alice has an ultrasound done, where she discovers that Freddy is using the dreams of her unborn baby to get into other peoples' dreams so he can kill them. She also realizes that Jacob is her child. Alice's friend Yvonne finally believes what Alice has been telling her when she barely escapes Freddy, with some help from Amanda Krueger's spirit and Alice. Alice sends Yvonne to the abandoned Westin Hills Asylum to set Amanda's soul free while she goes to free Jacob from Freddy's manipulation. After being released by Yvonne, Amanda arrives and tells Jacob the only way to defeat Krueger is to release the power that Freddy has given him. After releasing the power within him, Jacob forces Freddy to revert back to an infant form, which is then absorbed by Amanda. A year later, Jacob is born and Alice has no more nightmares.

In the 1991 collection of non-canonical short stories "The Nightmares on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger's Seven Sweetest Dreams", Jacob appears as a main character in the story "Dead Highway, Lost Roads" by Philip Nutman, which depicts him as a young boy afflicted with heterochromia. After Alice is involved in a car pile-up, Jacob, sensing Freddy is somehow the cause of the accident and that his mother is in danger, enters the Dream World in search of her. While in the Dream World, Jacob encounters a serial killer named Karl Stolenberg who was being transported to his execution when the prison bus he was on was involved in the same accident as Alice. Befriending Karl and an anthropomorphic armadillo named Joe Bob, Jacob convinces the two to help him find his mother and Freddy, who the trio do find in a twisted version of the Mad Hatter's tea party from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". After Joe Bob is disemboweled by Freddy and Karl begins to attack Alice after being driven into a psychotic rage, Jacob manages to bring Karl back to his senses by striking him in the back of the head with a nightstick. When Alice and Karl defeat Freddy, Karl dying during the fight, Jacob returns to Earth. cite book|last = Greenberg|first = Martin|url =|title = Nightmares on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger's Seven Sweetest Dreams|publisher = St. Martin's Press|date = October 1991|isbn = 0312925859 ]

Though mentioned only in passing in the first story-arc of Innovation Publishing's "Nightmares on Elm Street" comic series, Jacob is featured as a major character in the second story-arc of the series, "Loose Ends". Here, Alice and Jacob, who is depicted as being unusually intelligent and possessing various telepathic abilities, return to Springwood, after leaving six years prior, when Alice's father passes away. Soon after returning to Springwood, Jacob is abducted by Devonne, an accomplice of Freddy, who he manages to convince to go to his father's grave. It is in Springwood Cemetery that Jacob, after using his powers to view some of Devonne's past, meets Freddy, who brings Jacob to the Dream World. Using the captured soul of Dan, Freddy begins manipulating Jacob into helping him enter the real world, promising to resurrect Dan if he does so. At first falling for Freddy's tricks, Jacob eventually learns what Freddy plans to do once he reaches Earth and, with help from his mother, father, Nancy Thompson, Dr. Neil Gordon and Devonne, manages to defeat Freddy before returning to Earth. With Freddy defeated, Jacob and Alice reunite with Dan, who returns to life by inhabiting Dr. Gordon's comatose body. Cite comic
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] Cite comic
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A twenty-one year old Jacob Johnson is the main protagonist of the Black Flame novel "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Perchance to Dream". cite book|last = Rhodes|first = Natasha|url =|title = A Nightmare on Elm Street: Perchance to Dream|publisher = Black Flame|date = 2006-02-28|isbn = 1844163229 ]

Jerome Starkey

Jerome Starkey is a character in the novel "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Protégé". A seventeen year old resident of Springwood, Jerome, while still in the womb, is injected with some of Freddy Krueger's seamen by the killer, who wishes to use Jerome as his agent on Earth. Born shortly after his mother, Joanna Larkin, is killed by Freddy, Jerome is raised by his father and stepmother and is protected from Freddy's influence by a dreamcatcher his mother's psychic sister had given him, the only evidence of Freddy's tampering with Jerome being the boy's anger issues. After returning home from his friend El's house late, Jerome, after being confronted by his parents, in a fit of anger, throws a shoe at his bedroom wall, dislodging the dreamcatcher and breaking it. With the dreamcatcher that protected him destroyed, Jerome is confronted on several occasions by Freddy, who reveals his plans for the boy. Jerome's encounters with Freddy strengthen the evil festering inside Jerome, evil which eventually develops into a split-personality (referred to at one point as "Dark Jerome"). At first able to contain this new personality, Jerome finds himself fighting for control of his body when Dark Jerome, after wrenching control of Jerome's body from him, grows stronger after killing Pat, Jerome's rival, and the boy's two chronies. After Dark Jerome kills his aunt Bekka, who had attempted to repair Jerome's dreamcatcher by infusing it with her and Joanna's spirit, and knocks his girlfriend Cheryl unconscious, Jerome attempts to commit suicide by throwing himself off a bridge, only to realize too late that before he drowns, he will fall unconscious, allowing his dark side to take control of his body. As Dark Jerome goes on a rampage in Springwood, Jerome, trapped in the Dream World with Freddy, manages to escape back to the real world. Shortly after reclaiming his body, Jerome loses control of it once more when El, discovering Jerome had killed his parents, knocks him unconscious. While Dark Jerome kills El and abducts Cheryl, planning on killing Jerome's family, Jerome, guided by the spirit of his aunt, avoids Freddy in the Dream World and tries to once more reclaim his body. After Dark Jerome kills his father, Jerome wrestles control of body back and, after telling his stepmother and half-siblings to flee, is forced to let Dark Jerome take his body again when the entity threatens to have Freddy kill his relatives. Trapped in the Dream World again, Jerome follows his doppelganger, who has taken Cheryl captive again, to 1428 Elm Street, where Freddy breaks into the real world. As Freddy prepares to kill Cheryl, Jerome, realizing that when Freddy had injected him with some of his evil he had also given him some of his power, takes control of his body back and forces Freddy to attack him, jumping from his body at the last second and giving control back to Dark Jerome. With Dark Jerome dead, Jerome saves Cheryl and defeats the enraged Freddy, enveloping him with the negative energy the killer derives his power from. After saving Cheryl from Freddy, Jerome fades away, his physical body unusable due to Freddy butchering it when he unknowingly attacked Dark Jerome. cite book|last = Waggoner|first = Tim|url =|title = A Nightmare on Elm Street: Protégé|publisher = Black Flame|date = 2005-09-27|isbn = 1844162559 ]

Jesse Walsh

Jesse Walsh is the male protagonist of "" (1985). He is portrayed by Mark Patton. The Walsh family moved into the house Nancy Thompson lived in. Jesse Walsh starts to have nightmares about Freddy Krueger. Jesse apparently allows Freddy to use his body to return to the real world. At first Krueger kills Coach Schneider, Jesse's intruisive and seductive coach. Jesse is then invited to a party at Lisa Webber's house. Lisa is a girl who befriended him after he moved in and has feelings for him. However, Jesse parts as he feels himself turning into Freddy. He comes to his friend Ron Grady and tells him to watch him. Ron agrees and when Freddy comes he is unable to escape. Freddy then kills Ron. Jesse then returns and comes to Lisa's house. Once again Freddy comes out and attacks Lisa. However, Jesse begins gain control over his body again, and causes Krueger to disappear, but he appears again and attacks the partygoers, killing seven of them. He then heads to the boiler room where he kills his other victims. Lisa follows him into it and tries to make Jesse reposses his own body by saying that she loves him. She then kisses Krueger and Jesse repossesses his own body sending Krueger back to the dream world.

Joey Crusel

Joey Crusel was portrayed by Rodney Eastman in ' and '. Joey was a sensitive mute teenager who was committed to Westin Hills and is one of the last Elm Street children, along with Kristen Parker, Roland Kincaid, Will Stanton, Tayrn White, Jennifer Caulfield, and Phillip Anderson. He can be seen at the beginning of the movie sporting a teardrop drawn on his right cheek representing his mourning of a friend(s)that's passed on. Since he cannot speak, this was his form of expression. Joey shared a room at Westin Hills with Will Stanton. He is first captured by incognito Freddy posing as a beautiful nurse that Joey had a crush on at Westin Hills. Tied over a fire pit by snake-like tongues, he is saved by Nancy and Kincaid. At the end of the movie Joey discovers his dream power to be his voice.

Joey Crusel was in the sequel "". In part 4, Freddy returns to kill the remaining Elm Street children. While Kristen is having a bad dream, she brings Joey Crusel, Roland Kincaid, and Kincaid's dog, Jason into the dream world, which upsets Kincaid and Joey because there is no apparent threat. It is clear that Kincaid and Joey want to forget about Freddy and go on living like any other teenager. Joey falls asleep one night listening to his radio and watching MTV. Little does he know that Freddy has returned and just collected his dear friend Kincaid. Joey has a dream in which a model from a poster on his wall is swimming naked inside his waterbed. The model then disappears and Freddy slashes his way through the bed. He then grabs Joey and shoves him under the water, where he proceeds to stab him with his blades (Freddy states one of his famous death-lines: How's this for a wet dream?). Joey is discovered by his mother, drowned inside his waterbed, even though the waterbed's mattress is still intact.


Kristen Parker

Kristen Parker is a fictional character from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series of films. The character was portrayed by Patricia Arquette in ' and by the singer-actress Tuesday Knight in '. According to Rachel Talalay, producer for "Nightmare on Elm Street 4", Arquette was not approached by New Line to reprise the role. [ [ A Nightmare On Elm Street Companion ] ]

We first meet Kristen in part 3. She lives at home with her mother, Elaine Parker. She, like a handful of other children, (who are already at the Westin Hills mental facility) are all the last Elm Street children alive. Kristen tries to avoid sleeping by all costs by drinking caffeine, listening to loud music, swallowing coffee by the spoonful, and creating a papier-mâché version of the house from her nightmares, 1428 Elm Street. Finally, she falls asleep and is nearly killed by Freddy, who slits her wrists, making it look like a suicide attempt. She is then treated as a suicide threat and is the last to be admitted to Westin Hills where she meets the others who are tormented by the same man from all of their dreams. Kristen and the others then meet Nancy Thompson, the only person in the world that believes them and knows first hand what they are going through and exactly who is after them. With the help of Nancy, Kristen regains control of her telepathic ability to mentally pull people into her dream world. This was something she did with her father when she was a young girl and had not done since. Once she is able to control her dreams again, she becomes the key to defeating Freddy. With the help of her friends (collectively known as the Dream Warriors) she was able to survive her first conflict with Freddy Krueger. Kristen's dream powers also include intense gymnastic/combat skills.

Part 4 begins sometime after being released from Westin Hills. Kristen, Kincaid and Joey return to school to lead a normal life. Kristen is getting along well with her new friends and her boyfriend, Rick Johnson. Soon she becomes paranoid that Freddy may be back. Her senses show true when he returns to kill both Joey and Kincaid in one night. Kristen freaks out when she notices that neither is in school one day. She knows he's back and begins her pattern behavior of avoiding sleep. Kristen's mother picks up on her behavior and slips her sleeping pills in her drink to force her to sleep. Eventually there's a showdown between her and Freddy. Kristen realizes she has no one left to call. All of the Elm Street children are dead and Freddy has come to collect the last little piggy. Kristen then calls Alice Johnson into her dream. Once she realizes what she has done, she apologizes to Alice and attempts to protect her by lunging at Krueger. Her attack backfires and Freddy throws Kristen into a lit furnace. Her last action was to unleash her powers to Alice, giving her the abilities Kristen had to battle Freddy. She is referred to by Freddy as "Elm Street's last brat" because she was the last survivor of the original Elm Street children whose parents got together and killed Krueger. Freddy was unable to access "fresh meat" without Kristen's help. Once she pulled Alice into her final dream, she opened a portal to new victims that he could only access when Alice was asleep. Kristen's actual death appeared as if she fell asleep with a lit cigarette and her bed caught on fire.


Keith is a character in the novel "Freddy Krueger's Tales of Terror: Virtual Terror". An inhabitant of Springwood, Keith is the captain of the high school wrestling team and lives with his widowed and workaholic mother. Keith, while at the mall with his girlfriend Pam and his friends Carrie and Mario, comes across a vendor selling 3-D posters, one of which, titled "Mysteria", causes Keith to experience a seizure-like episode. Recovering from this attack, Keith is offered the "Mysteria" by the poster vendor, an eccentric man named Mel. At first wary of taking the poster, Keith does so and takes it home. Keith soon realizes that the "Mysteria" can somehow cause him to see the deaths of others, deaths which happen shortly after he witnesses them in the poster. After a boy named Richard and his girlfriend Sandra are murdered, all signs point to Mario, who was having a secret affair with Pam which Richard and Sandra discovered, as the killer. Although at first hurt by Mario and Pam's betrayal, Keith, believing Mario to be innocent, meets him in the park shortly after finding Pam's body, nearly decapitated by a bear trap, there. Recognizing the bear trap as belonging to Mel, who he had earlier seeked the aid of in trying to discover what was going with the "Mysteria", Keith and Mario, believing Mel to be the real killer, go to his trailer, where they find Mel dead, a Glasgow smile having been performed on him. After finding Mel, Mario is killed by a deranged Keith, who rams him with his car and crushes him against Mel's trailer with it before fleeing back to his house. Horrified at what he has done, Keith begins trying to destroy the "Mysteria" with a hammer, only to be confronted by Freddy Krueger, who reveals that he has been using the "Mysteria" as a means of tormenting and possessing Keith. Discovered by Carrie after Freddy appears, Keith witnesses Freddy attack Carrie, who Freddy begins attempting to pull into "Mysteria", which has become a portal to Freddy's boiler room. Attempting to save Carrie, Keith sacrifices himself to rescue her, having her smash "Mysteria" with a hammer after Freddy drags him into the Dream World. Trapped with Freddy, Keith is mutilated by him, Freddy replacing several of Keith's body parts with those of some of his victims (Sandra's brain, Mario's body, Richard's hands and Pam's legs). cite book|last = Bergantino|first = David|url =|title = Freddy Krueger's Tales of Terror: Virtual Terror|publisher = Tor Books|date = 1995-04|isbn = 0812551907 ]


Lori Campbell

Lori Campbell is a character in "Freddy vs Jason", played by Monica Keena. Being one of the few residents of Springwood who realizes Jason Voorhees is responsible for the recent string of murders there and not Freddy Krueger, Lori and her boyfriend Will, along with their friends, make several attempts to stop the latter's return to full power. After a failed attempt at retrieving the dream suppressant Hypnocil and after Jason is left comatose due to the machinations of Freddy, Lori volunteers to enter the dream world and confront Freddy there and bring him to Earth; after nearly being raped by Freddy and learning he was responsible for the death of her mother as a child, Lori does successfully force him into entering the real world, where he and the reawakened Jason battle in Crystal Lake. In the end, Lori blows up the dock the two are fighting on with gasoline and propane, and later decapitates Freddy, whose body falls into the depths of Crystal Lake, along with Jason.

In an unused ending for "Freddy vs. Jason", Lori dies when, while having sex with Will two months after Jason and Freddy's battle, he transforms into Freddy and proceeds to kill her. This scene is retained in the novelization of the film.cite book|last=Hand|first=Stephen|url=|title=Freddy vs. Jason|publisher=Black Flame|date=July 29,2003|isbn=1844160599] A small mention of Lori is made in the novel "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Suffer the Children", in which the protagonists of the book discover her online journal. In the Wildstorm and Dynamite Entertainment comic miniseries "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash", set five years after the events of "Freddy vs. Jason", both Lori (spelt Laurie in the comic) and Will return to Crystal Lake (renamed Forest Green once more) to make sure Jason and Freddy are gone for good. While investigating the woods around Crystal Lake, Lori encounters Jason in a partially constructed condo after finding Will's disemboweled body in it. Fleeing from Jason, Lori is injured by him with a metal rod. Despite her injury, Lori manages to get the upper hand against Jason, finding a handheld circular saw and attacking him with. Lori manages to knock Jason out a window and rushes outside to finish him off, only to be met at the door by him. Before Lori can attack him again, Jason kills her with his machete, and proceeds to take her body and Will's to his shack in the woods. [ DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY: FREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH #1 - NEWSARAMA ] ]

Monica Keena has praised the depth of her character, claiming "I think Lori's a very independent and tough character. She has an arc in the film because she learns that Freddy killed her mother and that inspires her to have a need to get revenge. She's the real hero of the story."cite book|last=Grove|first=David|title=Making Friday the 13th: The Legend of Camp Blood|publisher=FAB Press|date=February 2005|location=United Kingdom|pages=226|isbn=1903254310] Jeff Katz, who worked on the original screenplay for "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash", explains that Lori and Will's deaths were a way to continue the long-running tradition of "Friday the 13th" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" survivors being killed off in subsequent films.


Maggie Burroughs

Maggie Burroughs is a fictional character from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series of films. She was portrayed by Lisa Zane in '. Maggie Burroughs (a.k.a. Kathryn Krueger"') was born in 1969 to Loretta and Frederick Krueger. Kathryn was still a little girl when children from the neighborhood went missing and were found dead. Soon after Loretta learned that down in the basement of the house, Freddy had a secret room where he kept many different tools of torture, newspaper clippings, versions of his famous glove, and more. Promising that "she won't tell," she was strangled to death by Freddy in front of a 6-year old Kathryn for "snooping in daddy's special work." In 1966, Freddy was arrested for the murders of the missing children and Kathryn was put into foster care and was later adopted by the Burroughs family. Her records were subsequently sealed and she was moved away from Springwood.

After a decade of slaughtering all the children of Springwood in their dreams, there were no children left. The remaining adults were kept in a mass psychosis after their children had been murdered. When there was no one left to kill, Freddy sought to leave Springwood— hoping to continue his murder spree in another town, full of more children. Only one person could arrange for this— his long-lost daughter, Kathryn. He used what was left of his supernatural powers to find his daughter, who was now an adult named Maggie Burroughs who was working as a counselor to troubled teens in another city. Since her mother's death, Maggie was raised by adoptive parents and had suppressed the horrible memories of her early childhood.

After two cops brought John Doe (Shon Greenblat) to the shelter, Maggie questioned him and discovered a newspaper clipping with the headline "Krueger Woman Still Missing." She took him back to Springwood to find answers about his past. Before John Doe died by Freddy's hands, he revealed to Maggie that Freddy didn't have a son. Later, Maggie had a dream of her past about her family, in which she met Freddy, who revealed to her that she was his daughter. After she woke up, she went home and discovered her adoption certificate. Freddy attempted to sway her to help him do his bidding. She proved that a thirst for murder was not hereditary, and schemed with Doc (Yaphet Kotto) to destroy Krueger once and for all. After pulling him out of her dream, a small scuffle between father and daughter occurred. She manages to break free by throwing multiple blades into Freddy and shoving a crowbar into his hand. She picks up Freddy's glove and as she looks at it, Freddy says: "Put it on, it's in your blood. That's it, put it on. Feels good doesn't it? Now let your daddy show you how to use it." Maggie moves the glove and turns it into a stabbing position. As she advances, she shoves the glove deep into Freddy's abdomen in which also resulted in Maggie shoving a pipe bomb into Krueger's chest, before running away. After she killed him and released the Dream Demons that had given him his power, Krueger was sent back to Hell. Afterwards, she smiled and replied to Doc and Tracy (Lezlie Deane), "Freddy's dead." Whatever happened to her afterward is unknown.

Marge Thompson

Marge Thompson is a fictional character from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series of films. She was portrayed by Ronee Blakley in "A Nightmare on Elm Street". She probably married Donald Thompson in the late 1950s. Her daughter, Nancy Thompson, was born in 1966. In 1968 she saw how child-killer Freddy Krueger was announced not guilty and participated with the other parents in killing him without a trial. In the early 1970s she and her husband Donald got divorced. Nancy Thompson stayed with her mother.

Around 1981, Tina Grey, her daughter's friend, was murdered. Tina's boyfriend Rod Lane was arrested because the police thought he killed Tina. Soon, however, he was strangled to death by his own bed sheets while he was still in jail. Nancy kept on telling her that it was Freddy Krueger who was responsible and that he lived in the dreams of the teenagers. Marge eventually ended up taking Nancy to a dream clinic, where everything went downhill after that. She bought bars that she put up on the windows and locked the doors to keep Nancy in. Later, Marge, apparently drunk, takes Nancy down to the basement, where she reveals the truth about Freddy Krueger to her. (In a deleted scene, Marge reveals to Nancy that she wasn't always an only child. Her, along with Tina, Rod, and Glen, each had an older brother or sister that was killed by Freddy when he was alive). She assures her that he cannot hurt her because she, along with the other parents, had burned him alive. After the death of her boyfriend Glen Lantz, Nancy takes matters into her own hands and goes into her dreams one last time in an attempt to bring Freddy Krueger out into the real world and defeat him.

When she pulled him out, he fell into some booby traps that Nancy had set up before she fell asleep. After luring him into the basement, she covers him in flammable liquid and sets him on fire. She locks him down in the basement long enough to call her father over to help her. Unfortunately, Krueger had gotten away and both rush upstairs to discover that Krueger had killed Marge. When Nancy turns her back on him, taking away his energy and defeating him, she walks out of the bedroom and is suddenly outside her home. She discovers her mother and friends, who are all alive and well. She then concludes that it was all just one big nightmare. She gets trapped in the car with her friends when the roof, (which is red and green), slams down and locks them in. Her mother stands, waving and smiling, as Nancy screams for help while the car drives off. Then Freddy's arm bursts through the window on the door and pulls her through it. In "", Nancy mentions that her mother died in her sleep.


Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson is a fictional character from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series of films. He was portrayed by Andras Jones in "". Rick Johnson is the son of Dennis Johnson and the brother of Alice Johnson. He is also the boyfriend of Kristen Parker. Despite the fact that his father is an alcoholic, Rick doesn't take his abuse as lightly as his sister does. Rick knows karate and is good friends with a guy called Dan Jordan, who Alice has a crush on. Even after Kristen is killed by Freddy in her dream, Rick doesn't know whether to believe Freddy is real or not. One day, Rick falls asleep in school and ends up in one of Freddy's nightmares. He descends in an elevator to a dojo where he has to battle Freddy. Only Freddy is invisible and Rick must use his other senses to combat Freddy. Rick defeats Freddy by knocking his glove to the floor, but the glove quickly gets back up and strikes Rick in the chest, killing him. At his own funeral, Rick comes out of his coffin to say goodbye to Alice before he goes to the afterlife, but this is actually one of Alice's daydreams.

Rod Lane

Rod Lane was portrayed by Jsu Garcia AKA Nick Corri (in the actual credits) in "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Rod Lane is a student at Springwood High who is going out with Tina. Both Nancy and her friend Tina have been having weird dreams about a creepy man with knives for fingers. Rod has a similar dream, but is too brave to admit it. However, he does admit to having a dream after sleeping with Tina. While Tina, Rod, Glen and Nancy are having a sleepover at Tina's house, Tina falls asleep and is attacked by Freddy. Rod awakens to witness Tina's gruesome demise. But he cannot see Freddy at all. All he sees is blood and Tina is dragged to the ceiling and dies. Rod escapes out of the window and becomes the main suspect over Tina's murder. Lt. Donald Thompson uses his daughter Nancy as a decoy to arrest Rod the next morning, and Rod was blamed for the murder, had been caught by the police, and was put in jail. Rod tries to convince Nancy that he is innocent and that it was Freddy Krueger who killed Tina. Later that night, Rod is strangled by his bed covers. Everybody believes it was a suicide, but Nancy knows otherwise.

Roland Kincaid

Roland Kincaid is a fictional character from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of films. He was portrayed by Ken Sagoes in ' and '. Kincaid is granted the ability of a strongman. His strength comes in very useful when his friends are attacked by Freddy. Roland Kincaid is committed at Westin Hills Psychiatric Home along with the other Elm Street children, who have been having nightmares about Freddy Krueger, the murderous dream stalker. Kincaid is afraid of being sedated, but he is often kept on his own if he loses his temper and causes a fuss. Although he shares a room with Philip Anderson, he tries to stay awake by singing a song when he is sedated. After Kristen and her friends enter the dream world, they form an alliance called the Dream Warriors, as they attempt to put an end to Freddy's killings. In the dream, each friend has a unique ability. Roland becomes strong and can bend objects such as chairs. Along with his friends, he is able to defeat Freddy and move on with his life.

In the sequel "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master", Freddy returns to kill the remaining Elm Street children. While she is having a bad dream, Kristen Parker brings Joey Crusel, Roland Kincaid and Kincaid's dog Jason into the dream world, which upsets Kincaid because there is no apparent threat. It is clear that Kincaid wants to forget about Freddy and go on living like any other teenager. While he is asleep one night, Kincaid awake inside a broken car in the same scrapyard that Neil Gordon vanquished Freddy's skeleton in, towards the end of the previous movie. Kincaid sees his dog Jason in the middle of the junk yard, but it is only a representation of the dog, not the real thing pulled in as before. The dog pees fire on the ground where Freddy was buried, which begins Freddy's resurrection. Kincaid attempts to kill Freddy by pushing a car off a junk yard stack and onto him, but Freddy cannot be defeated so easily. Freddy brings the demolished cars in the junk yard back to life, and chases Kincaid into a dead end with them, which Freddy then seals off with cars, trapping Kincaid. Kincaid yells to Kristen that "Freddy's back!", but because he is dreaming, Kristen does not know Kincaid is in danger. Since Kincaid is trapped with nowhere to run, he is killed by Freddy when he stabs him through the abdomen. Even to the end he showed courage against Freddy, on account of his last words being "I'll see you in hell..." Freddy responded, "Tell 'em Freddy sent ya."


Taryn White

Taryn White is a character from "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors", played by Jennifer Rubin. A troubled young lady, Taryn had a history of abusing drugs and was harassed by one of the male orderlies at Westin Hills Psychiatric Home because no one would believe a "crazy junkie chick" as the man put it. Along with the other Elm Street children, Taryn can become someone special in her dream. She chooses to become a tough biker chick, complete with two switchblades. Taryn is committed at Westin Hills Psychiatric Home along with several other kids from Elm Street who have been having nightmares about Freddy Krueger, the dream stalker who was vanquished by Nancy Thompson six years beforehand. Nancy comes to visit Taryn and her friends at the hospital. Nancy is the only person who believes their story, as she was one of a few people who managed to defeat Freddy in the past. Taryn was addicted to drugs prior to being referred to the hospital, but she vowed to give them up. She is still a smoker though and is seen smoking in the corridor. Taryn and the other inmates become the Dream Warriors and they attempt to save their comatose friend Joey by coming into the same dream. Joey was captured by Freddy after they fell asleep during a group session and he wandered off. Joey was left suspended above a fire pit, after he was seduced by Freddy, who was disguised as the nurse Joey had a crush on. Eventually, the Dream Warriors save Joey from a horrible fate. Unfortunately, Taryn ends up in an alley and is confronted by Freddy Krueger. Taryn is dressed as a punk rocker armed with a black leather catsuit, black leather gloves and a pair of switchblades. She stabs Freddy in their fight but despite a valiant effort, Freddy uses Taryn's fears against her. Instead of knives, the fingers on both hands become syringes and he kills Taryn by injecting her in both arms, which precipitates an overdose. As the veins rush up to her head and then her brain, she screams and cries at the same time, prompting Freddy to say "What a rush!" as he rolls his eyes back. You can hear Taryn's scream stop indicating obviously she is dead. cite video|people = Chuck Russell (Director) |title = A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Warriors |medium = DVD|location = United States |publisher = New Line Cinema |year = 1991 ]

Tina Grey

Tina Grey was played by Amanda Wyss in the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Tina is best friends with Nancy Thompson (portrayed by Heather Langenkamp). In the beginning of the film, Tina confides in Nancy about her nightmare about a man with metallic fingernails. Unbeknownest to Tina, the man is Freddy Krueger, a child murderer who was burned alive by the parents of Elm Street and swore revenge by murdering their children inside their dreams. The following evening, Tina asks Nancy and her boyfriend Glen Lantz to spend the night since she is still scared from her nightmare. Some time in the night, she's joined by her delinquent boyfriend Rod Lane, and the two lock themselves in her mother's bedroom for privacy. Upon falling asleep, however, Freddy catches up to Tina in her dreams and mangles her in real life. While slicing Tina to shreds, Krueger makes her death even more memorable by dragging her body up the wall and halfway across the ceiling, where it is dropped upon her expiration in a pool of blood. Simultaneously, Rod is awoken by the sounds of Tina screaming and is forced to helplessly watch as Freddy, invisible to him since he is awake, butchers her before his very eyes. Naturally, due to the locked door, he becomes the main suspect in Tina's death and is soon arrested for her murder. After her death, Freddy would use Tina's bloody body inside Nancy's dreams from that point on as a lure.


Will Stanton

Will Stanton (1969-1987) is a fictional character from the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of films. He was portrayed by Ira Heiden in "". Although he cannot walk under ordinary circumstances and uses a wheelchair, Will can walk whilst in a dream state. He can also use various forms of magic while in the dream world. Will Stanton is committed at Westin Hills Psychiatric Home along with several other kids from Elm Street who have been having nightmares about Freddy Krueger, the dream stalker who was vanquished by Nancy Thompson six years ago. Nancy comes to visit Will and her friends at the hospital. Nancy is the only person who believes their story, as she was one of a few people who managed to defeat Freddy in the past. Apparently, Will tried to end his life, but he survived and was left disabled as a result. One night, Will is awakened by Joey Crusel, who witnesses fellow inmate Philip Anderson leaping to his death. It is actually not a suicide. It was their nemesis Freddy Krueger, controlling Philip as a puppet and making Philip's death seem like his sleepwalking habits had caused the fatal fall. Will and the other inmates become the Dream Warriors and they attempt to save their comatose friend Joey by coming into the same dream. Joey was captured by Freddy after they fell asleep and he wandered off. Joey was left suspended above a fire pit, after he was seduced by Freddy, disguised as the nurse Joey had a crush on. Eventually, the Dream Warriors save Joey from a horrible fate. However, Will soon faces Freddy, during the group dream, Will finds himself in a narrow hallway and is attacked by a wheelchair with spikes on it. It injures his legs, but before it can rebound, Will blows it up using his magic powers to stop the wheelchair dead in its track. Unfortunately Freddy appears; Will attacks with the lightning causing seemingly no effect. As he moves in closer Freddy then kills Will by stabbing him in the chest with his clawed glove.


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