Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign Union order of battle

Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign Union order of battle

The following units and commanders fought in the Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign of the American Civil War on the Union side. The Confederate order of battle is shown separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign[1], the casualty returns[2] and the reports.[3]


Abbreviations used

Military rank


Military Division of the Mississippi

MG Ulysses S. Grant

  • Chief of Staff: BG John A. Rawlins

Army of the Cumberland

MG George H. Thomas

General Staff:

General Headquarters:

  • 1st Ohio Sharpshooter: Cpt Gershom M. Barber
  • 10th Ohio: Ltc William M. Ward

IV Corps

MG Gordon Granger

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division[4]
     BG Charles Cruft

2nd Brigade

   BG Walter C. Whitaker

  • 96th Illinois: Col Thomas E. Champion[5], Maj George Hicks
  • 35th Indiana: Col Benjamin F. Mullen
  • 8th Kentucky: Col Sidney M. Barnes
  • 40th Ohio: Col Jacob E. Taylor
  • 51st Ohio: Ltc Charles H. Wood
  • 99th Ohio: Ltc John E. Cummins
3rd Brigade

   Col William Grose


Second Division
     MG Philip H. Sheridan

1st Brigade

   Col Francis T. Sherman

2nd Brigade[7]

   BG George D. Wagner

  • 100th Illinois: Maj Charles M. Hammond
  • 15th Indiana: Col Gustavus A. Wood[6], Maj Frank White (w), Cpt Benjamin F. Hegler
  • 40th Indiana: Ltc Elias Neff
  • 57th Indiana: Ltc George W. Leonard
  • 58th Indiana: Ltc Joseph Moore
  • 26th Ohio: Ltc William H. Barnes
  • 97th Ohio: Ltc Milton Young
3rd Brigade

   Col Charles G. Harker


   Cpt Warren P. Edgarton

  • 1st Illinois Light, Battery M: Cpt George W. Spencer
  • 10th Indiana Battery: Cpt William A. Naylor
  • 1st Missouri Light, Battery G: Lt Gustavus Schueler

Third Division
     BG Thomas J. Wood

1st Brigade

   BG August Willich

2nd Brigade

   BG William B. Hazen

  • 6th Indiana: Maj Calvin D. Campbell
  • 5th Kentucky: Col William W. Berry[8], Ltc John L. Treanor
  • 6th Kentucky: Maj Richard T. Whitaker
  • 23rd Kentucky: Ltc James C. Foy[9]
  • 1st Ohio: Ltc Bassett Langdon[10] (w), Maj Joab A. Stafford[11] (w)
  • 6th Ohio: Ltc Alexander C. Christopher
  • 41st Ohio: Col Aquila Wiley[12] (w), Ltc Robert L. Kimberly[13]
  • 93rd Ohio: Maj William Birch (mw), Cpt Daniel Bowman (w), Cpt Samuel B. Smith
  • 124th Ohio: Ltc James Pickands
3rd Brigade

   BG Samuel Beatty

  • 79th Indiana: Col Frederick Knefler
  • 86th Indiana: Col George F. Dick
  • 9th Kentucky: Col George H. Cram
  • 17th Kentucky: Col Alexander Stout
  • 13th Ohio: Col Dwight Jarvis, jr.
  • 19th Ohio: Col Charles F. Manderson
  • 59th Ohio: Maj Robert J. Vanosdol

   Cpt Cullen Bradley

  • Illinois Light, Bridges' Battery: Cpt Lyman Bridges
  • 6th Ohio Battery: Lt Oliver H. P. Ayres
  • Pennsylvania Light, Battery B: Lt Samuel M. McDowell

XIV Corps

MG John M. Palmer

  • 1st Ohio Cavalry, Company L: Cpt John D. Barker
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Richard W. Johnson

1st Brigade

   BG William P. Carlin

  • 104th Illinois: Ltc Douglas Hapeman
  • 38th Indiana: Ltc Daniel F. Griffin
  • 42nd Indiana: Ltc William T. B. McIntire
  • 88th Indiana: Col Cyrus E. Briant
  • 2nd Ohio: Col Anson G. McCook
  • 33rd Ohio: Cpt James H. M. Montgomery
  • 94th Ohio: Maj Rue P. Hutchins
  • 10th Wisconsin: Cpt Jacob W. Roby
2nd Brigade[14]

   Col Marshall F. Moore
   Col William L. Stoughton[15]

3rd Brigade[16]

   BG John C. Starkweather

  • 24th Illinois: Col Geza Mihalotzy
  • 37th Indiana: Col James S. Hull
  • 21st Ohio: Cpt Charles H. Vantine
  • 74th Ohio: Maj Joseph Fisher
  • 78th Pennsylvania: Maj Augustus B. Bonnaffon
  • 79th Pennsylvania: Maj Michael H. Locher
  • 1st Wisconsin: Ltc George B. Bingham
  • 21st Wisconsin: Cpt Charles H. Walker
  • 1st Illinois Light, Battery C: Cpt Mark H. Prescott
  • 1st Michigan Light, Battery A: Cpt Francis E. Hale
  • 5th United States, Battery H:[17] Cpt Francis L. Guenther

Second Division
     BG Jefferson C. Davis

1st Brigade[18]

   BG James D. Morgan

2nd Brigade[19]

   BG John Beatty

  • 34th Illinois: Ltc Oscar Van Tassell
  • 78th Illinois: Ltc Carter Van Vleck
  • 98th Ohio: Maj James M. Shane
  • 108th Ohio: Ltc Carlo Piepho
  • 113th Ohio: Maj Lyne S. Sullivant
  • 121st Ohio: Maj John Yager
3rd Brigade

   Col Daniel McCook, Jr.

  • 85th Illinois: Col Caleb J. Dilworth
  • 86th Illinois: Ltc David Magee
  • 110th Illinois: Ltc E. Hibbard Topping
  • 125th Illinois: Col Oscar F. Harmon
  • 52nd Ohio: Maj James T. Holmes

   Cpt William A. Hotchkiss

  • 2nd Illinois Light, Battery I: Lt Henry B. Plant
  • Minnesota Light, 2nd Battery: Lt Richard L. Dawley
  • Wisconsin Light, 5th Battery: Cpt George Q. Gardner

Third Division
     BG Absalom Baird

1st Brigade

   BG John B. Turchin

  • 82nd Indiana: Col Morton C. Hunter
  • 11th Ohio: Ltc Ogden Street
  • 17th Ohio: Maj Benjamin F. Butterfield (mw), Cpt Benjamin H. Showers
  • 31st Ohio: Ltc Frederick W. Lister
  • 36th Ohio: Ltc Hiram F. Devol
  • 89th Ohio: Cpt John H. Jolly
  • 92nd Ohio: Ltc Douglas Putnam, jr. (w), Cpt Edward Grosvenor
2nd Brigade

   Col Ferdinand Van Derveer

3rd Brigade[20]

   Col Edward H. Phelps (k)
   Col William H. Hays

  • 10th Indiana: Ltc Marsh B. Taylor
  • 74th Indiana: Ltc Myron Baker
  • 4th Kentucky: Maj Robert M. Kelly
  • 10th Kentucky: Col William H. Hays, Ltc Gabriel C. Wharton
  • 14th Ohio: Ltc Henry D. Kingsbury
  • 38th Ohio: Maj Charles Greenwood

   Cpt George R. Swallow

  • Indiana Light, 7th Battery: Lt Otho H. Morgan
  • Indiana Light, 9th Battery: Lt Robert G. Lackey
  • 4th United States, Battery I: Lt Frank G. Smith

Artillery Reserve

BG John M. Brannan[21]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     Col James Barnett

1st Brigade

   Maj Charles S. Cotter

  • 1st Ohio Light, Battery B: Lt Norman A. Baldwin
  • 1st Ohio Light, Battery C: Cpt Marco B. Gary
  • 1st Ohio Light, Batter E: Lt Albert G. Ransom
  • 1st Ohio Light, Battery F: Lt Giles J. Cokerill
2nd Brigade
  • 1st Ohio Light, Battery G: Cpt Alexander Marshall
  • 1st Ohio Light, Battery M: Cpt Frederick Schultz
  • 18th Ohio Battery: Lt Joseph McCafferty
  • 20th Ohio Battery:[22] Cpt Edward Grosskopff

Second Division

1st Brigade

   Cpt Josiah W. Church

  • 1st Michigan Light, Battery D: Cpt Josiah W. Church
  • 1st Tennessee Light, Battery A: Lt Albert F. Beach
  • Wisconsin Light, 3rd Battery: Lt Hiram F. Hubbard
  • Wisconsin Light, 8th Battery: Lt Obadiah German
  • Wisconsin Light, 10th Battery: Cpt Yates V. Beebe
2nd Brigade

   Cpt Arnold Sutermeister

  • Indiana Light, 4th Battery: Lt Henry J. Willits
  • Indiana Light, 8th Battery: Lt George Estep
  • Indiana Light, 11th Battery: Cpt Arnold Sutermeister
  • Indiana Light, 21st Battery: Lt William E. Chess
  • 1st Wisconsin Heavy, Company C: Cpt John R. Davies

Cavalry Corps

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division[23]

2nd Brigade

   Col Eli Long

Engineers and Garrison

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Engineer Troops
     BG William F. Smith

Engineer Brigade

   Col Timothy R. Stanley[24]

  • 1st Michigan Engineers (detachment): Cpt Perrin V. Fox
  • 18th Michigan: Maj Willard G. Eaton
  • 21st Michigan: Cpt Loomis K. Bishop
  • 22nd Michigan: Maj Henry S. Dean
  • 18th Ohio: Col Timothy R. Stanley
Pioneer Brigade

   Col George P. Buell

  • 1st Battalion: Cpt Charles J. Stewart
  • 2nd Battalion: Cpt Correll Smith
  • 3rd Battalion: Cpt William Clark

Chattanooga garrison
     BG James B. Steedman[25]

Post of Chattanooga

   Col John G. Parkhurst

  • 44th Indiana: Ltc Simeon C. Aldrich
  • 15th Kentucky: Maj William G. Halpin
  • 9th Michigan: Ltc William Wilkerson

Hooker's Command

MG Joseph Hooker[26]


  • 15th Illinois Cavalry, Company K: Cpt Samuel B. Sherer
XI Corps

MG Oliver O. Howard
General Headquarters:

  • 8th New York, Independent Company: Cpt Anton Bruhn
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
     BG Adolph von Steinwehr

1st Brigade

   Col Adolphus Buschbeck

  • 33rd New Jersey: Col George W. Mindill
  • 134th New York: Col Allen H. Jackson
  • 154th New York: Col Patrick H. Jones
  • 27th Pennsylvania: Maj Peter A. McAlcon (mw), Cpt August Riedt
  • 73rd Pennsylvania: Ltc Joseph B. Taft (k), Cpt Daniel F. Kelley (c), Lt Samuel D. Miller
2nd Brigade

   Col Orland Smith

  • 33rd Massachusetts: Ltc Godfrey Rider, jr.
  • 136th New York: Col James Wood, jr.
  • 55th Ohio: Col Charles B. Gambee
  • 73rd Ohio: Maj Samuel H. Hurst

Third Division
     MG Carl Schurz

1st Brigade

   BG Hector Tyndale

  • 101st Illinois: Col Charles H. Fox
  • 45th New York: Maj Charles Koch
  • 143rd New York: Col Horace Boughton
  • 61st Ohio: Col Stephen J. McGroarty
  • 82nd Ohio: Ltc David Thomson
2nd Brigade

   Col Wladimir Krzyzanowski

  • 58th New York: Cpt Michael Esembaux
  • 119th New York: Col John T. Lockman
  • 141st New York: Col William K. Logie
  • 26th Wisconsin: Cpt Frederick C. Winkler
3rd Brigade

   Col Frederick Hecker


   Maj Thomas W. Osborn

  • 1st New York Light, Battery I: Cpt Michael Wiedrich
  • New York Light, 13th Battery: Cpt William Wheeler
  • 1st Ohio Light, Battery I:[17] Cpt Hubert Dilger
  • 1st Ohio Light, Battery K: Lt Nicholas Sahm
  • 4th United States, Battery G:[17] Lt Christopher F. Merkle
XII Corps
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division[27]
     BG John W. Geary

1st Brigade

   Col Charles Candy[28]
   Col William R. Creighton (k)
   Col Thomas J. Ahl

  • 5th Ohio: Col John H. Patrick
  • 7th Ohio: Col William R. Creighton, Ltc Orrin J. Crane (k), Cpt Ernst J. Krieger
  • 29th Ohio: Col William F. Fitch
  • 66th Ohio: Ltc Eugene Powell, Cpt Thomas McConnell
  • 28th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas J. Ahl, Cpt John Flynn
  • 147th Pennsylvania: Ltc Ario Pardee, jr.
2nd Brigade

   Col George A. Cobham, Jr.

  • 29th Pennsylvania: Col William Rickards, jr.
  • 109th Pennsylvania: Cpt Frederick L. Gimber
  • 111th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas M. Walker
3rd Brigade

   Col David Ireland

  • 60th New York: Col Abel Godard
  • 78th New York: Ltc Herbert von Hammerstein
  • 102nd New York: Col James C. Lane
  • 137th New York: Cpt Milo B. Eldredge
  • 149th New York: Col Henry A. Barnum[29], Ltc Charles B. Randoll

   Maj John A. Reynolds[30]

  • Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery E: Lt James D. McGill
  • 5th United States, Battery K: Cpt Edmund C. Bainbridge

Army of the Tennessee

MG William T. Sherman[31]

XV Corps

MG Francis P. Blair[32]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Peter J. Osterhaus

1st Brigade

   BG Charles R. Woods

  • 13th Illinois: Ltc Frederick W. Partridge (w), Maj Douglas R. Bushnell (k), Cpt George P. Brown
  • 3rd Missouri: Ltc Theodore Meumann
  • 12th Missouri: Col Hugo Wangelin (w), Ltc Jacob Kaercher
  • 17th Missouri: Col John F. Cramer
  • 27th Missouri: Col Thomas Curly
  • 29th Missouri: Col James Peckham (w), Maj Philip H. Murphy
  • 31st Missouri: Ltc Samuel P. Simpson
  • 32nd Missouri: Ltc Henry C. Warmoth
  • 76th Ohio: Maj Willard Warner
2nd Brigade

   Col James A. Williamson


   Cpt Henry H. Griffiths

  • Iowa Light, 1st Battery: Lt James M. Williams
  • 2nd Missouri Light, Battery F: Cpt Clemens Landgraeber
  • Ohio Light, 4th Battery: Cpt George Froehlich

Second Division
     BG Morgan L. Smith

1st Brigade

   BG Giles A. Smith (w)
   Col Nathan W. Tupper

  • 55th Illinois: Col Oscar Malmborg
  • 116th Illinois: Col Nathan W. Tupper, Ltc James P. Boyd
  • 127th Illinois: Ltc Frank S. Curtiss
  • 6th Missouri: Ltc Ira Boutell
  • 8th Missouri: Ltc David C. Coleman
  • 57th Ohio: Ltc Samuel R. Mott
  • 13th United States, 1st Battalion: Cpt Charles C. Smith
2nd Brigade

   BG Joseph A. J. Lightburn

  • 83rd Indiana: Col Benjamin J. Spooner
  • 30th Ohio: Col Theodore Jones
  • 37th Ohio: Ltc Louis Von Blessingh
  • 47th Ohio: Col Augustus C. Parry
  • 54th Ohio: Maj Robert Williams, jr.
  • 4th West Virginia: Col James H. Dayton
  • 1st Illinois Light, Battery A: Cpt Peter P. Wood
  • 1st Illinois Light, Battery B: Cpt Israel P. Rumsey
  • 1st Illinois Light, Battery H: Lt Francis De Gress

Fourth Division
     BG Hugh B. Ewing

1st Brigade

   Col John M. Loomis

2nd Brigade[33]

   BG John M. Corse (w)
   Col Charles C. Walcutt

  • 4th Illinois: Maj Hiram W. Hall
  • 103rd Illinois: Col William A. Dickerman
  • 6th Iowa: Ltc Alexander J. Miller
  • 46th Ohio: Col Charles C. Walcutt, Cpt Isaac N. Alexander
3rd Brigade

   Col Joseph R. Cockerill

  • 48th Illinois: Ltc Lucien Greathouse
  • 97th Indiana: Col Robert F. Catterson
  • 99th Indiana: Col Alexander Fowler
  • 53rd Ohio: Col Wells S. Jones
  • 70th Ohio: Maj William B. Brown

   Cpt Henry Richardson

  • 1st Illinois Light, Battery F: Cpt John T. Cheney
  • 1st Illinois Light, Battery I: Lt Josiah H. Burton
  • 1st Missouri Light, Battery D: Lt Byron M. Callender

XVII Corps

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
     BG John E. Smith

1st Brigade

   Col Jesse I. Alexander

2nd Brigade

   Col Green B. Raum (w)
   Col Francis C. Deimling
   Col Clark R. Wever

  • 56th Illinois: Maj Pinckney J. Welsh (w)
  • 17th Iowa: Col Clark R. Wever, Maj John F. Walden
  • 10th Missouri: Col Francis C. Deimling, Ltc Christian Happel, Col Francis C. Deimling
  • 24th Missouri, Company E: Cpt William W. McCammon
  • 80th Ohio: Ltc Pren Metham
3rd Brigade

   BG Charles L. Matthies (w)
   Col Benjamin D. Dean[34]
   Col Jabez Banbury[35]

  • 93rd Illinois: Col Holden Putnam (k), Ltc Nicholas C. Buswell
  • 5th Iowa: Col Jabez Banbury, Ltc Ezekiel S. Sampson
  • 10th Iowa: Ltc Paris P. Henderson, Maj Nathaniel McCalla (w)
  • 26th Missouri: Col Benjamin D. Dean

   Cpt Henry Dillon

  • Cogswell's (Illinois) Battery: Cpt William Cogswell
  • Wisconsin Light, 6th Battery: Lt Samuel F. Clark
  • Wisconsin Light, 12th Battery: Cpt William Zickerick


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