Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign Confederate order of battle

Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign Confederate order of battle

The following units and commanders fought in the Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign of the American Civil War on the Confederate side. The Union order of battle is shown separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization from November 20, 1863[1] and the reports.[2]


Abbreviations used

Military rank


Army of Tennessee

Gen Braxton Bragg


  • 1st Louisiana (Regulars)
  • 1st Louisiana Cavalry

Hardee's Corps

LTG William J. Hardee

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cheatham's Division
     MG Benjamin F. Cheatham
     BG John K. Jackson

Jackson's Brigade

BG John K. Jackson
Col John C. Wilkinson

  • 1st Georgia (Confederate)
  • 5th Georgia
  • 47th Georgia: Ltc A.C. Edwards
  • 65th Georgia
  • 2nd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters
  • 5th Mississippi
  • 8th Mississippi: Col John C. Wilkinson
Moore's Brigade

BG John C. Moore

  • 37th Alabama: Ltc Alexander A. Greene
  • 40th Alabama: Col John H. Higley
  • 42nd Alabama: Ltc Thomas C. Lanier
Walthall's Brigade

BG Edward C. Walthall (w)

  • 24th Mississippi: Col William F. Dowd
  • 27th Mississippi: Col James A. Campbell (c), Ltc Andrew J. Jones
  • 29th Mississippi: Col William F. Brantly
  • 30th Mississippi: Maj James M. Johnson
  • 34th Mississippi: Col Samuel Benton, Cpt H. J. Bowen
Wright's Brigade[3]

BG Marcus J. Wright
Col John H. Anderson

  • 8th Tennessee: Col John H. Anderson, Ltc Chris C. McKinney
  • 16th Tennessee: Col D. M. Donnell, Cpt Benjamin Randals
  • 28th Tennessee: Col Sidney S. Stanton
  • 51st-52nd Tennessee: Ltc John G. Hall
Artillery Battalion

Maj Melancthon Smith

  • Fowler's (Alabama) battery
  • McCants' (Florida) battery
  • Scogin's (Georgia) battery
  • Smith's (Mississippi) battery

Hindman's Division
     BG Patton Anderson

Anderson's Brigade

Col William F. Tucker

  • 7th Mississippi
  • 9th Mississippi
  • 10th Mississippi
  • 41st Mississippi
  • 44th Mississippi
  • 9th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters
Manigault's Brigade

BG Arthur M. Manigault

  • 24th Alabama
  • 28th Alabama
  • 34th Alabama
  • 10th-19th South Carolina
Deas' Brigade

BG Zach C. Deas

  • 19th Alabama
  • 22nd Alabama
  • 25th Alabama
  • 39th Alabama
  • 50th Alabama
  • 17th Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters
Vaughan's Brigade

BG Alfred J. Vaughan, Jr.

  • 11th Tennessee
  • 12th-47th Tennessee
  • 13th-154th Tennessee
  • 29th Tennessee
Artillery Battalion

Maj Alfred R. Courtney

  • Dent's (Alabama) battery
  • Garrity's (Alabama) battery
  • Scott's (Tennessee) battery
  • Waters' (Alabama) battery

Buckner's Division[4]
     BG Bushrod R. Johnson

Johnson's Brigade

Col John S. Fulton

  • 17th-23rd Tennessee
  • 25th-44th Tennessee
  • 63rd Tennessee
Gracie's Brigade

BG Archibald Gracie, Jr.

  • 41st Alabama
  • 43rd Alabama
  • 1st Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion
  • 2nd Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion
  • 3rd Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion
  • 4th Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion
Reynolds' Brigade

BG Alexander W. Reynolds

  • 58th North Carolina
  • 60th North Carolina: Maj James T. Weaver
  • 54th Virginia
  • 63rd Virginia
Artillery Battalion

Maj Samuel C. Williams

  • Darden's (Mississippi) battery
  • Jeffress' (Virginia) battery
  • Kolb's (Alabama) battery: Cpt R. F. Kolb

Walker's Division
     BG States R. Gist

Maney's Brigade

BG George Maney (w)

  • 1st-27th Tennessee: Col Hume R. Field
  • 4th Tennessee (Provisional Army)
  • 6th-9th Tennessee
  • 41st Tennessee
  • 50th Tennessee: Col Cyrus A. Sugg (w)
  • 24th Tennessee Battalion Sharpshooters
Gist's Brigade[5]
  • 46th Georgia
  • 8th Georgia Battalion
  • 16th South Carolina
  • 24th South Carolina
Wilson's Brigade[6]
  • 25th Georgia
  • 29th Georgia
  • 30th Georgia
  • 66th Georgia
  • 26th Georgia Battalion
  • 1st Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters
Artillery Battalion

Maj Robert Martin

  • Bledsoe's (Missouri) battery
  • Ferguson's (South Carolina) battery
  • Howell's (Georgia) battery: Lt R. T. Gibson

Breckinridge's Corps

MG John C. Breckinridge

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cleburne's Division
     MG Patrick Cleburne

Liddell's Brigade

Col Daniel C. Govan

  • 2nd-15th-24th Arkansas: Maj E. Warfield
  • 5th-13th Arkansas: Col John E. Murray
  • 6th-7th Arkansas: Ltc Peter Snyder
  • 8th-19th Arkansas: Ltc Augustus S. Hutchison
Smith's Brigade

BG James A. Smith (w)
Col Hiram B. Granbury

  • 6th-10th Texas-15th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Col Roger Q. Mills (w), Cpt John R. Kennard
  • 7th Texas: Col Hiram B. Granbury, Cpt Charles E. Talley
  • 17th-18th-24th-25th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Maj William A. Taylor
Polk's Brigade

BG Lucius E. Polk

  • 1st Arkansas: Col John W. Colquitt, Ltc William H. Martin (w)
  • 3rd-5th Confederate: Ltc James C. Cole (w), Cpt W. A. Brown, Cpt M. H. Dixon
  • 2nd Tennessee: Col William D. Robison (w), Ltc William J. Hale
  • 35th-48thTennessee
Lowrey's Brigade

BG Mark P. Lowrey

  • 16th Alabama: Maj Frederick A. Ashford
  • 33rd Alabama: Col Samuel Adams
  • 45th Alabama: Ltc Harris D. Lampley
  • 32nd-45th Mississippi: Col Aaron B. Hardcastle
  • 15th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters: Cpt T. M. Steger
Artillery Battalion

Maj Thomas R. Hotchkiss
Cpt James P. Douglas

  • Calvert's (Arkansas) battery: Lt Thomas J. Key
  • Douglas' (Texas) battery: James P. Douglas, Lt John H. Bingham
  • Semple's (Alabama) battery: Lt Richard W. Goldthwaite
  • Swett's (Mississippi) battery: Lt Harvey Shannon (w), Lt Joseph Ashton (mw), Cpl F. M. Williams[7]

Stewart's Division
     MG Alexander P. Stewart

Adams' Brigade

Col Randall L. Gibson

  • 13th-20th Louisiana
  • 16th-25th Louisiana
  • 19th Louisiana
  • 4th Louisiana Battalion
  • 14th Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj John E. Austin
Strahl's Brigade

BG Otho F. Strahl

  • 4th-5th Tennessee
  • 19th Tennessee
  • 24th Tennessee
  • 31st Tennessee
  • 33rd Tennessee
Clayton's Brigade[8]

Col James T. Holtzclaw

Stovall's Brigade

BG Marcellus A. Stovall

  • 40th Georgia
  • 41st Georgia
  • 42nd Georgia
  • 43rd Georgia
  • 52nd Georgia
Artillery Battalion

Cpt Henry C. Semple

  • Dawson's (Georgia) battery
  • Humphreys' (Arkansas) battery
  • Oliver's (Alabama) battery
  • Stanford's (Mississippi) battery

Breckinridge's Division
     BG William B. Bate

Lewis' Brigade

BG Joseph H. Lewis

  • 2nd Kentucky
  • 4th Kentucky
  • 5th Kentucky
  • 6th Kentucky
  • 9th Kentucky
  • John H. Morgan's dismounted men
Bate's Brigade

Col Robert C. Tyler (w)
Col Anthony F. Rudler (w)
Ltc James J. Turner

  • 37th Georgia: Col Anthony F. Rudler, Ltc Joseph T. Smith
  • 4th Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters
  • 10th Tennessee: Maj John O'Neill
  • 15th-37th Tennessee: Maj John M. Wall
  • 20th Tennessee
  • 30th Tennessee: Ltc James J. Turner
  • 1st Tennessee Battalion
Florida (Finley's) Brigade

BG Jesse J. Finley

  • 1st-3rd Florida: Ltc Elisha Mashburn
  • 4th Florida: Ltc Edward Badger
  • 6th Florida: Ltc Angus D. McLean
  • 7th Florida
  • 1st Florida Cavalry (dismounted)
Artillery Battalion

Cpt Cuthbert H. Slocomb

  • Cobb's (Kentucky) battery
  • Mebane's (Tennessee) battery
  • Slocomb's (Louisiana) battery

Stevenson's Division
     MG Carter L. Stevenson
     BG John C. Brown

Brown's Brigade

BG John C. Brown

  • 3rd Tennessee
  • 18th-26th Tennessee: Ltc William R. Butler, Maj William H. Joyner (w)
  • 32nd Tennessee: Maj John P. McGuire
  • 45th Tennessee-23rd Tennessee Battalion: Col Anderson Searcy
Cumming's Brigade

BG Alfred Cumming

  • 34th Georgia: Col James A. W. Johnson (w), Ltc Joseph W. Bradley
  • 36th Georgia: Ltc Alexander M. Wallace (w), Cpt Jacob L. Morgan
  • 39th Georgia: Col Joseph T. McConnell (mw)
  • 56th Georgia: Ltc John T. Slaughter (w), Cpt John A. Grice
Pettus's Brigade

BG Edmund W. Pettus

  • 20th Alabama: Cpt John W. Davis
  • 23rd Alabama
  • 30th Alabama: Col Charles M. Shelley
  • 31st Alabama: Col Daniel R. Hundley
  • 46th Alabama
Artillery Battalion[9]

Cpt William W. Carnes[10]

  • Baxter's (Tennessee) battery
  • Carnes's (Tennessee) battery
  • Corput's (Georgia) battery: Cpt Max Van Den Corput
  • Rowan's (Georgia) battery

Wheeler's Cavalry Corps

MG Joseph Wheeler[11]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Wharton's Division
     MG John A. Wharton

First Brigade

Col Thomas Harrison

  • 3rd Arkansas
  • 6th North Carolina
  • 8th Texas
  • 11th Texas
Second Brigade

BG Henry B. Davidson

  • 1st Tennessee
  • 2nd Tennessee
  • 4th Tennessee
  • 6th Tennessee
  • 11th Tennessee

Martin's Division
     BG William T. Martin

First Brigade

BG John T. Morgan

  • 1st Alabama
  • 3rd Alabama
  • 4th (Russell's) Alabama
  • Malone's (Alabama) Regiment
  • 51st Alabama
Second Brigade

Col James J. Morrison

  • 1st Georgia
  • 2nd Georgia
  • 3rd Georgia
  • 4th Georgia
  • 6th Georgia

Armstrong's Division
     BG Frank C. Armstrong

First Brigade

BG William Y. C. Humes

  • 4th (Baxter Smith's) Tennessee
  • 5th Tennessee
  • 8th (Dibrell's) Tennessee
  • 9th Tennessee
  • 10th Tennessee
Second Brigade

Col Charles H. Tyler

  • Clay's (Kentucky) Battalion
  • Edmundson's (Virginia) Battalion
  • Jessee's (Kentucky) Battalion
  • Johnson's (Kentucky) Battalion

Kelly's Division
     BG John H. Kelly

First Brigade

Col William B. Wade

  • 1st Confederate
  • 3rd Confederate
  • 8th Confederate
  • 10th Confederate
Second Brigade

Col John W. Grigsby

  • 2nd Kentucky
  • 3rd Kentucky
  • 9th Kentucky
  • Allison's Tennessee Squadron
  • Hamilton's Tennessee Battalion
  • Rucker's Legion
  • Huggins' (Tennessee) battery
  • Huwald's (Tennessee) battery
  • White's (Tennessee) battery
  • Wiggins' (Arkansas) battery

Reserve Artillery

Battalions Batteries
Robertson's Battalion[12]

Maj Felix H. Robertson

  • Barret's (Missouri) battery
  • Havis' (Georgia) battery
  • Lumsden's (Alabama) battery
  • Massenburg's (Georgia) battery


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  6. ^ Col James C. Nisbet from the 66th Georgia was probably in command[citation needed]
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