Chapman (surname)

Chapman (surname)
Family name
Meaning Business man or trader

Chapman is a surname and perhaps an occupational surname. There is not a single agreed origin of the surname Chapman. Theories include it being a name for a business man or trader which was called in Old High German either choufman or koufman, which became the Old English surname céapmann.[1] Other theories include a Saxon origin, as the Saxon words ceapan or cypan mean to buy or sell, however there is a similarity in this origin to the Old High German version, it once again would means a trader or business man.[2] In addition, during the Middle Ages Chapmen or a Chapman sold chapbooks which were pamphlets intended for a wide audience.[3]

The Oxford English Dictionary gives four meanings for Chapman. They are a man whose business was buying and selling; an itinerant dealer who travels otherwise known as a hawker or peddler; an agent in a commercial transaction, or a purchaser or customer.[4]

It is the cognate of Kaufmann, a common German surname.

People with the surname or nickname Chapman include:



Austin Chapman, Australian Protectionist Party politician
Andy Chapman, indoor soccer player
Andy Chapman, indoor soccer player
  • Aaron Chapman, Canadian musician and writer
  • Abel Chapman (1851–1929), British born hunter-naturalist
  • Adam Chapman (born 1989), Northern Irish footballer
  • Alfred Chapman (1829–1915), American real estate attorney and investor, best known as one of the founders of Orange, California
  • Alger Chapman (1904–1983), American attorney, businessman and New York State official
  • Allan Chapman
  • Alvah Chapman, Jr. (1921*–2008), American newspaper publisher
  • Alvan Wentworth Chapman, American botanist
  • Amy Chapman (born 1987), Australian footballer
  • Andrew Grant Chapman (1839–1892), American politician
  • Andy Chapman (born 1959), British indoor soccer player
  • Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko-Chapman (born 1982), Russian Entrepreneur, television host, and agent of the Russian Federation
  • Anne Chapman, Franco-American ethnologist
  • Annie Chapman (1841–1888), English victim of Jack the Ripper
  • Aroldis Chapman (born 1988), Cuban baseball player
  • Art Chapman
  • Arthur Chapman
    • Arthur Chapman (poet) (1873–1935), American poet and newspaper columnist
    • Arthur B. Chapman (1908–2004), British-American animal genetic researcher
  • Augustus Chapman
  • Austin Chapman (1864–1926), Australian Protectionist Party politician


  • Ben Chapman
  • Benjamin Chapman (1621–unknown), English soldier
  • Bert Chapman (born 1942), Australian footballer
  • Beth Chapman
  • Billy Chapman (1902–1967), English footballer
  • Bird Beers Chapman (1821–1871), American editor and Democratic Party politician
  • Bob Chapman (born 1946), English footballer, often known as 'Sammy'
  • Brenda Chapman, American animator and film director
  • Brian Chapman (born 1968), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Bruce Chapman (born 1934), American director and founder of the Discovery Institute, and Republican Party politician
  • Bryn Chapman, American beauty queen, and operatic soprano


Carrie Chapman Catt, woman's suffrage leader
Carrie Chapman Catt, woman's suffrage leader


Donovan Chapman, American country music artist
Donovan Chapman, American country music artist


Eddie Chapman, British spy and double agent, aka Agent Zigzag
Eddie Chapman, British spy and double agent, aka Agent Zigzag


Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, Swedish naval architect
Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, Swedish naval ship architect
  • Fern Schumer Chapman, American author
  • Frank Chapman
    • Frank Chapman (1864–1945), American ornithologist
    • Frank Chapman (baseball) (1861–1937), American baseball player who made his only major-league appearance on July 22, 1887, for the Philadelphia Athletics. For more than a century, he was misidentified as "Fred Chapman" (1872–1957) and thought to be the youngest player in American professional baseball history.
  • Fred Chapman
    • Fred Chapman (baseball) (1916–1997), American baseball player
  • Freddie Spencer Chapman (1907–1971), British Army officer and World War II veteran
  • Frederick Chapman
  • Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721–1808), Swedish naval ship architect


Grizz Chapman, television actor
Grizz Chapman, television actor
George Chapman, English dramatist, translator and poet
George Chapman, English dramatist, translator and poet
  • Gareth Chapman (born 1981), Welsh rugby union player
  • Gary Chapman
  • George Chapman
    • George Chapman (1559–1634), English dramatist, translator, and poet
    • George Chapman (murderer) (1865–1903), Polish serial killer, suspected by some as being Jack the Ripper. Born Seweryn Antonowicz Kłosowski
    • George Chapman (healer) (1921–2006), British trance healer and medium
    • George Henry Chapman (1832–1882), American Civil War General in the Union Army
    • George W. Chapman, American lawyer and Democratic Party politician
  • Georgina Chapman (born 1976), British fashion designer and actress
  • Gerald Chapman
  • Glenn Chapman (1906–1988), American baseball player
  • Graham Chapman (1941–1989), British comedian and writer, member of Monty Python
  • Grant Chapman (born 1949), Australian Liberal Party politician
  • Grizz Chapman, American television actor, notable appearances in 30 Rock
  • Guy Chapman (1889–1972), British author, historian and distinguished World War II soldier


Henry Chapman Mercer, American archeologist
  • Hank Chapman, American golden age comic book writer
  • Harold Chapman
    • Harold Chapman (born 1927), English photographer, especially noted for pictures taken at the Beat Hotel
    • Harold Chapman (footballer), New Zealand International footballer
  • Harry Chapman
    • Harry Chapman (footballer) (1879–1916), English footballer
    • Harry Chapman (news anchor), American television news anchor
    • Harry Ernest Chapman (1871–1944), British soldier and police officer
    • Harry Chapman Pincher (born 1914), Indian born British journalist and novelist
  • Hayley Chapman, Australian television presenter and producer
  • Henry Chapman
    • Henry Chapman (American politician) (1804–1891, American Democratic Party politician
    • Henry Samuel Chapman (1803–1881), British born Australian and New Zealand judge
    • Henry Chapman Mercer (1856–1930), American archeologist, artifact collector, tile maker and designer
  • Herbert Chapman (1878–1934), English football player and manager, notably of Huddersfield Town and Arsenal
  • Horace Chapman (1890–1941), South African cricketer


  • Ian Chapman (born 1970), English footballer
  • Isaac Chapman Bates (1779–1845), American politician
  • Ivan Chapman (1906–1976), English cricketer


Johnny Chapman, race car driver
John Wilbur Chapman, American Presbyterian evangelist
  • Jake Chapman (born 1966), English conceptual artist
  • James Chapman
  • Jan Chapman (born 1950), Australian film producer
  • Janice Chapman Australian-born British singer and voice coach
  • J.B. Chapman (1884–1947), American minister and president of Arkansas Holiness and Peniel Colleges
  • Jeff Chapman
    • Jeff Chapman (1973–2005); Canadian urban-explorer, fountineer, author and editor. Also known as Ninjalicious
    • Jeff Chapman (Georgia politician), American politician
  • Jenny Chapman (born 1973), British Labour politician
  • Jim Chapman
  • John Chapman
  • Johnny Chapman (born 1967), American race car driver in the NASCAR Nationwide series
  • Jonathan Chapman (1807–1848), American politician and mayor of Boston
  • Joseph Chapman
  • Judith Chapman (born 1945), American actress



Leonard F. Chapman, Jr, American Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps


Maria Weston Chapman, American abolitionist
Marshall Chapman, American country rock singer/songwriter

Matt Chapman Airshows, World renowned airshow pilot and Commercial Airline Captain


Nicki Chapman, British television presenter
Nicki Chapman, British television presenter


  • Orlow W. Chapman (1832–1890), American Solicitor General of the United States
  • Oscar L. Chapman (1896–1978), American Secretary of the Interior during the last three years of the Truman administration
  • Owl Chapman, Surfer


Phillip K. Chapman, Australian astronaut and scientist



Roger Chapman, British rock singer


Steven Curtis Chapman, American Christian musician


Tracy Chapman, singer songwriter
Tracy Chapman, singer songwriter



Victor Chapman, French American wartime pilot
Victor Chapman, French American wartime pilot


William W. Chapman, American politician in Iowa and Oregon





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