Chapman (name)

Chapman (name)

Chapman is a surname. People with the surname or nickname Chapman include:

*Allan Chapman, British historian of science
*Alvan Wentworth Chapman, American botanist
*Anne Chapman, Franco-American ethnologist
*Ben Chapman (politician) (born 1940), a British politician and former civil servant
*Beth Nielsen Chapman (born 1958), an American singer and songwriter
*Colin Chapman (1928–1982), automotive engineer, designer, and racing director
*Donovan Chapman, country music artist
*Doug Chapman, stunt performer, actor and stunt coordinator
*Duane "The Dog" Chapman (born 1953), a bounty hunter who lives in Hawaii
*Ed Chapman, artist
*Eddie Chapman, spy
*Emmett Chapman, a jazz musician best known as the inventor of the musical instrument Chapman Stick
*Frank Chapman (1864–1945), an American ornithologist
*Fred Chapman (1872–1957), the youngest professional baseball player in the United States when he debuted on July 22, 1887, for the Philadelphia Athletics
*Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721–1808), Swedish naval ship architect
*George Chapman (ca. 1559–1634), English dramatist, translator, and poet
*Graham Chapman (1941–1989), a British comedian and writer, member of Monty Python
*Grant Chapman (born 1949), an Australian politician
*Harold Chapman (born 1927), an English photographer, especially noted for pictures taken at the Beat Hotel
*Herbert Chapman (1878–1934), an English football player and manager
*James Chapman (author) (born 1955), an American novelist and publisher
*Jim Chapman (born 1945), an American politician, was a Democratic Congressman representing Texas
*Johnny Appleseed or John Chapman (1774–1847), an American pioneer orchardist and Swedenborgian Christian missionary
*John Herbert Chapman (1921–1979), a Canadian space researcher from London, Ontario
*John Chapman (footballer), sixth manager of Manchester United football team
*Katie Chapman (born 1982), English football player
*Lee Chapman (born 1959), English football player
*Les Chapman (born 1948), English football player and manager
*Mark Chapman (DJ) (born 1973), a British radio sports newsreader and DJ
*Mark David Chapman (born 1955), assassinated former Beatle John Lennon
*Mike & Matt Chapman, the duo responsible for the creation of the Homestar Runner series of animated cartoons
*Michael Chapman (1934-2005), a British bassoonist
*Mike Chapman Australian-born record producer and songwriter
*Percy Chapman (1900–1961), English cricketer
*Philip K. Chapman (born 1935) Australian astronaut and scientist
*Ray Chapman (1891–1920), a shortstop for the American League Cleveland baseball team
*Richard Chapman (born 1980), a top man from Grimsby, England.
*Reuben Chapman (1799–1882), an American lawyer and politician
*Robert Chapman (cricketer) (born 1972), English first-class cricketer in the 1990s
*Sir Robert Chapman, 1st Baronet (1880–1963), British soldier and Conservative Member of Parliament 1931–1935
*Robert Foster Chapman (born 1926), a U.S. court of appeals judge
*Robert Hett Chapman (1771–1833), president of the University of North Carolina
*Roger Chapman (born 1942), an English rock singer
*Stanley Chapman (born 1925), a British architect, designer, translator and writer
*Steven Curtis Chapman (born 1962), American Christian musician
*Sydney Chapman (astronomer) (1888–1970), a British astronomer and geophysicist
*Sydney Chapman (politician) (born 1935), an English politician and architect
*Sydney John Chapman (economist) (1871–1951), was a British economist and civil servant
*Tiffany Chapman (born 1979), English actress
*Tony Chapman (living), musician, early member of The Rolling Stones
*Tracy Chapman (born 1964), an American singer-songwriter
*William W. Chapman (1808-1892), American politician in Iowa and Oregon

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