Division (country subdivision)

Division (country subdivision)

A division is a type of administrative division of some Asian and African countries. Some have been dissolved or been renamed.

Administrative divisions

Group Continent Level Note
divisions of Bangladesh South Asia 1st
divisions of Cameroon (also called departments) Africa 2nd below provinces of Cameroon
divisions of the Gambia Africa 1st renamed to regions
divisions of India South Asia 2nd below states of India
divisions of Malaysia South Asia 1st alongside the states of Malaysia
divisions of Myanmar South Asia 1st renamed to regions, per 2008 Constitution
divisions of Pakistan South Asia 2nd dissolved in 2000, partially re-established in 2008


Some of the hundreds and wapentakes in England (both historic subdivisions of historic counties) were subdivided into divisions. Also a number of the Wards of the City of London are, or were, divided into two divisions.

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