Provinces of Turkey

Provinces of Turkey

Turkey is divided into 81 provinces, called "iller" in Turkish (singular is "il", see Turkish alphabet for capitalization of i).

A province is administered by an appointed governor ("vali"), and was formerly termed a "governorate" ("vilayet").

The provinces are divided into a number of different districts. Each province has a government area ("il merkezi") in the central district ("merkez ilçe"), and may include other districts ("ilçe" singular, "ilçeler" plural). The government area usually bears the same name as the province; the exceptions are Antakya (in Hatay), İzmit (in Kocaeli), and Adapazarı (in Sakarya).

List of provinces and centers

* Population data according to 2000 census.
* After Zonguldak the ordering is according to traffic plate numbers of provinces, rather than alphabetical, because the provinces were newly created and named by the government.

See also

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* Regions of Turkey
* Villages of Turkey

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