Comillas Pontifical University

Comillas Pontifical University
Comillas Pontifical University
Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Seal of U P Comillas.png
Seal of Comillas Pontifical University
Motto El Valor de la Excelencia
Motto in English "The Value of Excellence"
Established 1890
Type Pontifical University
Chancellor V.Rev. Fr Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, S.J.
Vice-Chancellor Rev Fr. Joaquín Barrero Díaz, SJ
Rector Fr José Ramón Busto Saiz, SJ
Students 9.301
Location Madrid, Spain
Campus Both Urban and Rural.

Yellow & Black

Affiliations Society of Jesus
First Comillas Pontifical University building

Comillas Pontifical University (Spanish: Universidad Pontificia Comillas) is a private university located in Madrid, Spain. It is a Catholic institution run by the Society of Jesus.

The university ranks 5th in Spain's best schools of law ranking by El Mundo,[1] 4th in best industrial engineering schools [2] and 3rd in best social work schools.[3]

It is involved in a number of academic exchange programmes, work practice schemes and international projects with over 200 Higher Education Institutions in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.



Pope Leo XIII founded the Pontifical Seminary of Saint Anthony of Padua in 1890 in the town of Comillas (Cantabria, Spain) in response to efforts made by the Marquis of Comillas to build an institution for educating candidates to the priesthood. At the time of its foundation, the Seminary was entrusted to the Society of Jesus. In 1904, the Pontifical University was established when Pope Pius X granted the Seminary the power to confer academic degrees in Theology, Philosophy and Canon Law.

In 1969 the university was moved to Madrid, where its doors were opened to a wider range of students.

In 1978 the Jesuits incorporated into the university their Madrid's higher education institution ICAI-ICADE, the resultant entity of the merge in 1960 of ICAI and ICADE, two institutes established in 1908 and 1956 respectively. They are today the ICAI School of Engineering, the ICADE School of Law and the ICADE School of Business and Economics.

Several other schools, like the San Juan de Dios School of Nursing, were incorporated later on, to reach the structure of 6 colleges and schools that the university has today:

In recent years, new study and research centres and institutes have been created (Institute for Research in Technology, Institute for Liberalism, Krausism and Freemasonry Research, Graduate Studies Institute, Institute for Educational Science, Institute for Migration Research, Faith and Secularism Institute, Law Innovation Center, Modern Language Institute, University Institute on the Family).


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