List of characters in Camp Lazlo

List of characters in Camp Lazlo

The following is a list of characters which appear in the Cartoon Network animated television series Camp Lazlo.


Main Bean Scouts



Lazlo is a eccentric Brazilian spider monkey. Often annoying Edward, he is a very happy-go lucky monkey. As a hippie, Lazlo loves peace. Carlos Alazraqui voiced Lazlo. Lazlo is Template:Terrified of clowns. Lazlo "goes where the wind blows" by his own statement.[1]

Creation of Lazlo

Joe Murray, creator of Camp Lazlo, originally created Lazlo for a children's book concept. As he developed the concept, Murray believed that a children's book could not contain the stories and ideas, so he decided to create a television show.[2] According to Murray, when he thought about Lazlo's personality, a spider monkey came to his mind.[3] Originally Murray wanted Lazlo to carry a strong Brazilian accent, but when Cartoon Network asked Murray to choose only one character to carry a strong accent, Murray opted for Raj and gave Lazlo an Americanized voice.[4] Murray said that he did not plan for Alazraqui to voice Lazlo; according to him the arrangement simply occurred.[3]

Description of Lazlo

Murray wrote on his website that Lazlo's parents moved to the United States to start a fruit company, allowing Lazlo to learn English.[4]

Lazlo stays in the Jelly Cabin with Raj and Clam; the three are called the "Jelly Cabin Trio." [5]

Personality of Lazlo

The Cartoon Network press kit character descriptions describe Lazlo as "imaginative, freethinking," and a "natural-born non-conformist." The press kit states that Lazlo "enthusiastically spreads mischief and wacky shenanigans," uses "imagination and creativity" to solve problems, and annoys Scoutmaster Lumpus with his "persistent happiness and optimism." [5]

The Hollywood Reporter reviewer Ray Richmond described Lazlo as "energetic."[6] Science Fiction Weekly reporter Kathie Huddleston describes Lazlo as "optimistic" and "out to wreak as much good-natured havoc as he can."[7] Common Sense Media reviewer Joly Herman, whose review is posted on, says that Lazlo possesses "innocent rebellious quality of a trickster" since "authority" is often his adversary, and that Lazlo does not "take him seriously," with "him" being Lumpus.[8]

Murray says that he admires Lazlo's ability to "make the best of situations when things go against him." In an interview the interviewer inquired Murray about Lazlo's dislike of "structure." [3]

Murray also describes Lazlo as dealing with conflicts and issues "with imagination"; the Camp Lazlo creator said that in his own family he likes to use "imagination" when dealing with his real life conflicts.[3]

A member of the Squirrel Scouts, Patsy Smiles, has a crush on Lazlo (and frequently crushed him in her enthusiasm). In an interview Murray said that Patsy's affection causes Lazlo to feel "little freaked out" and that "She scares him." He describes Patsy as "a little more aggressive with Lazlo than he would ever reciprocate." [3] It later was revealed that Patsy is Lazlo's soulmate, concluding that Lazlo and Patsy will be together in the future.[citation needed]


Raj is a cautious Indian elephant who speaks with a distinct Indian accent. Born in India, Raj is one of Lazlo's bunkmates and best friends in the Jelly Bean Cabin at Camp Kidney and is seen spending most of his time with Lazlo and Clam; the three are collectively known as the "Jelly Trio."Raj has dreams of becoming a famous DJ. Jeff Bennett voiced Raj.

Development of Raj

The Raj character design appeared in many of Joe Murray's sketchbooks; the Raj design appeared as a character in "Family Pop," a web series written by Murray.[4]

When Murray created Camp Lazlo, he wanted one of the main characters to be Indian and decided that Raj would make a good choice.[4] Murray thought about an Indian elephant and its personality, and "that’s how we got Raj." When the network asked Murray to choose only one character for an accent, Murray chose Raj over Lazlo and gave him an Indian accent. Originally Murray created Raj with a massive overbite, creating a "spitty" noise; he decided to remove the trait as he felt it made the voice difficult to understand.[4]

Character of Raj

Cartoon Network's press kit described Raj as "reluctant, neurotic," and "often finds himself pulled into situation that he would rather avoid but goes along with Lazlo and Clam for fear of being left alone."[9]

Raj's parents sent him to Camp Kidney because they believed that Raj needed "toughening up." The press kit says that he has several disorders, including a "cleaning compulsion," skin ruptures, and phobias of snakes and "bugs" and found "a philosophical home at Camp Kidney." Raj was terrified of water but has since gotten over his fear.The kit states that Raj uses many "sayings" that "usually strike a point with his co-conspirators." Raj also owns an "extensive and dusty hi-fi" gramophone record collection.[9]

The Hollywood Reporter reviewer Ray Richmond described Raj as "wise and neurotic." [6]


Clam is a small albinopygmy rhinoceros who is part of the "Jelly Trio." Although being one of the main characters of the show, he rarely speaks. He has a low voice and usually speaks in short bursts of few words, often repeating the last words that others say. Carlos Alazraqui voiced Clam.

Development of Clam

Murray said that he had "no idea where he came from." He said that he started drawing a character with rhinoceros horns and the form is "what he became."

Originally Murray created Clam as a mute, but he decided that he preferred Clam to have a voice.[4]

Character of Clam

Cartoon Network's press kit describes Clam as an "eccentric musical and academic genius," "misunderstood," and "protective."[9] The Hollywood Reporter reviewer Ray Richmond described Clam as "highly intelligent." [6] Clam once painted a portrait that looked identical to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. From an empty soda bottle,[4] he coaxed a symphonic version of Beethoven's Ninth, complete with supporting chorus.[10] Clam understands the operation of technology and machinery that other characters find "confusing." Clam eats cereal in order to obtain prizes from the cereal carton; most of the possessions he brings to camp consist of prizes from cereal boxes. Other episodes have shown he loves to eat pancakes and vegetables.


Edward is a sadistic platypus who sleeps in Pinto Cabin with Chip and Skip. He is a main antagonist of the show to others. He enjoys watching the suffering of others and is constantly coming up with schemes to spoil any fun that Lazlo and his pals might have. He has a severe hatred for Lazlo and Camp Kidney, though that has lessened over time. Murray described Edward as having "a serious negative attitude and no social skills." [4] The official Cartoon Network press kit described Edward as "a stickler for rules" who hates "any scout who doesn't follow them."[9] Murray described Edward as one of his and his crew's favorite characters to write for.[4] Edward often plots to ruin the Jelly Trio and its "freethinking ways," and the plans often fail. Even though his attitude and temperament suggest a tough guy, he has a secret soft side: he carries a doll based on Barbie, but has a platypus head.

Of the campers, Edward is the only one to have his brothers appear. Murray said that the situation involving the brothers provided insight into Edward's neurosis.

Edward is voiced by Doug Lawrence.


Samson is a guinea pig.

Originally Samson served as a background, secondary character.[11] Murray liked the story concepts stemming from Samson's phobias and "whiney, Truman Capote 'esque" character traits. Murray liked Bennett's voice acting and the stories involving Samson created by writer Kaz.[4] The Cartoon Network press kit describes Samson as a "magnet for catastrophe" because he uses his scientific knowledge to advance his "paranoid sense of impending doom."[9] Samson's camp duty involves running the camp's post office.[12] Whenever Samson gets nervous, tired, or scared he says Merp. He is probably the second smartest Bean Scout after Clam and the Loons, and has been referred to as "the Camp Wimp" on more than one occasion.

Samson is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Chip and Skip

Chip and Skip are two unintelligent dung beetle brothers. The official Cartoon Network press release described the two as confused by "their role in nature."[9] Edward often asks them to assist him in his schemes.

The two are constantly being followed by a smelly dirt cloud and a large group of fruit flies that they obtained from Lazlo.[1] On his website Murray commented, "I am sure that the overseas animators got tired of constantly including their ever-present flies into every shot." [4] The features prevent the brothers from stealthily moving.The only way to tell each other apart is that Skip wears a sash.

Both are voiced by Steve Little. Murray encountered Little when Little performed at The Groundlings in Los Angeles. Murray asked Little if he was interested in being a voice actor and decided that Little matched the Dung Beetles.[4]

Dave and Ping-Pong

Dave and Ping-Pong are two identical twin common loons except that Ping-Pong is taller. The two eat many "bugs" and indicate scenarios that can ruin any plan. Their last name is Loon .The two also run the camp newspaper "The Weekly Bean."[13]

Doug Lawrence voices both Dave and Ping-Pong.

The Lemming Brothers

The Lemmings are quadruplet brothers that are teal-colored and black eyed lemmings. A Cartoon Network press kit gives the brothers the names Larry, Louie, Leonard, and Liniment.[9]

All four of their voices are done by Steve Little.


Milt/Sheldon is a hippo that attended Camp Kidney through the course of the series. in the episode "Raj and Harold", he is named Sheldon, but in the episode where Samson makes candy, he is referred to by Slinkman as Milt. His father is apparently Milt Sr.


Ted is the pig character in Camp Lazlo. He has a strong southern accent.


Harold is a walrus that is a background character, but associated in more episodes than the other background characters. His name is not actually Harold, but he prefers to be called that by his friends because the cool campers call him that. He talks almost as if he has a retainer. In the episode ("Radio Free Edward"), he does a show called "Freddie's Night Train" (possible chance that this may be his birth name).


Bear is a bear that was in Camp Lazlo. He never was given a real name but he did occasionally get a word in. he was normally used to show a very good or very bad scenario. He is voiced by Steve Little.


Fred/Beaver/Beavey is a beaver that was once Edward's only friend until Beaver met a stork that also was at camp. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Unlike Bear, who was referred to as Bear, Stork was never even referred to at all so we never knew his name. like Ted, he had a strong southern accent. Even though his name is not mentioned during the show, some sources give his name as Larrison. He is also voiced by Tom Kenny.

Other Bean Scouts

  • A light periwinkle aardvark known as Bill.
  • A light grey pelican known as Mort. He seems to have a Scottish accent.
  • A bighorn sheep known as Norman.
  • An off-white Persian Cat known as Kirkpatrick. He was only seen in two episodes and never spoke.
  • A brownish opossum known as Lemuel (who looks a bit like Samson)
  • A light grey hedgehog named Ignatious
  • A maggot that was only seen once as a pun that Commander Hoo-Ha said in 'Valentine's Day' (while making them do a test to find out who wrote a love letter to Patsy, he called them all maggots, and the maggot whines 'Does anyone find this offensive?')
  • A pair of two Whooping Cranes named Timmy and Tommy who were abandoned at Itchy Island.

Camp Kidney Staff

Scoutmaster Lumpus

Lumpus is an angry, selfish, stingy moose with a large ego. He is the secondary antagonist of the show. Tom Kenny voiced Lumpus. The Cartoon Network press release refers to him as Scoutmaster Leonard Lumpus.[9]

Murray originally created Lumpus as a horse; Murray changed the design to a moose when the design seemed more "mountain" [sic] to the Camp Lazlo creator. Murray experimented with voices, imagining (and later disliking) a "Don Knotts"-like voice. Murray described Kenny's voice as a "crazy mix of Richard Nixon and W. C. Fields." Murray stated that he enjoyed writing situations involving Lumpus as the character that had "no morals and zero conscience". It was revealed that in some episodes, Lumpus was a former Bean Scout from the same camp when he was a young kid. He is always in a bad mood and this horrible disposition could have been caused by his parents' failure to visit him at camp when he was a Bean Scout and tell him that they love him or even show any signs of care for him. It was seen in the episode "Slug Fest" that Lumpus does appreicate Slinkman. As Camp Lazlo episodes entered production, Slinkman, Lumpus's right-hand man, takes increasing control of the camp as Lumpus increasingly becomes mentally incapacitated. In a way to show difference between characters: Lumpus loves clowns and Lazlo hates clowns. Kenny, during a recording, thought of a scenario involving Lumpus locking up the real scoutmaster, described by Murray as bearing resemblance to Heffer Wolfe of Rocko's Modern Life, into a closet. The real scoutmaster said that Lumpus locked him in the closet since this summer. Murray decided to use the concept as a twist ending in the last episode, adding that the twist "tied up his character well." [4]

The official Cartoon Network press kit describes Lumpus as a "frustrated" and "egomaniacal" individual who "needs to have his world in complete order".[9] The Hollywood Reporter reviewer Ray Richmond described Lumpus as "thin-skinned".[6] Common Sense Media reviewer Joly Herman, whose review is posted on, describes Lumpus as the "primary malignant, greedy character who yells at the campers and ends up getting his just desserts in the end" [sic][14] and characterizes his yelling as "frightening, even if Lazlo does not take him seriously".[15]

Lumpus throws temper tantrums, complete with screaming, stomping and/or crying if his demands are not met. He wishes to become the Head Scoutmaster and feels disappointment with his current role.

Lumpus has a crush on Squirrel Scout leader Ms. Jane Doe, who is oblivious to his constant attempts to take her on a date.[4][16] Lumpus enjoys Doe's "Minnesota accent." Towards the end of Camp Lazlo, Lumpus marries Doe (though in one episode he was already married to a migrating mulberry tree).[4]

It was also revealed at the end of the series that Lumpus was not the official scoutmaster of Camp Kidney, but an imposter. The real scoutmaster manages to get the officers to put him in a mental hospital/cell under a strapjackeet. The real scoutmaster may be lying because he stated that Lumpus had locked him in the closet this summer, but Lumpus has been the scoutmaster for many years (though it turns out he got to be scoutmaster by buying fake badges) and that the real scoutmaster may be framing Lumpus. Also, in one of the episodes, it was revealed that Scoutmaster Lumpus was given the job from his dad from the Bean Tree, which was once owned by his grandfather. However, there's a contradiction on that episode for it said Lumpus' grandfather got Camp Kidney from a descendant of the camp's founder but another episode shows the founder as still alive and still owning Camp Kidney. Lumpus would still have the job after his arrest, due in the conclusion in the episode "Dead Bean Drop" end credits, showed that Lumpus is still scoutmaster in the future, despite the dispute that he's not the real Scoutmaster. The real scoutmaster resembles both Scoutmaster Lumpus and Heffer Wolfe and is too voiced by Tom Kenny.


Slinkman is a quiet nervous banana slug. Like a real slug, Slinkman is an invertebrate organism. Slinkman is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Murray discovered banana slugs in the Santa Cruz Mountains when he attended summer camps as a child. Murray originally created Slinkman as Lumpus's "beaten-down" assistant with a voice intended to sound "like Dustin Hoffman's Rain man." [sic][4] Cartoon Network's press release states that Slinkman, who "has no social skills, but knows the Bean Scout manual cover-to-cover and can keep up with Lumpus’ busy schedule better than Lumpus himself" and operates the camp whenever Lumpus suffers from a meltdown, does not have "enough spine to stand up for himself."[9] As episodes entered production, Slinkman gained increasing control over Camp Kidney as Lumpus became more mentally incapacitated. As a consequence, Slinkman's voice drifted away from the Rain Man voice towards a Christian Slater voice. Murray stated that Kaz placed an eye stalk gag involving Slinkman in all of the episodes that he wrote.[4]

Commander Hoo-Haw

Commander Hoo-Haw is a bison who is the commandant of the scouts of Prickley Pines. He is in charge of both Camp Kidney and Acorn Flats, and possibly Tomato Camp as well. His daughter is Patsy Smiles, a member of the Squirrel Scouts. He's so protective of her that, when he figured out she likes one of the Bean Scouts (by finding a valentine card she wrote), he ordered her to beat all of them so he could figure out which one she likes when she hesitates to beat him. When it was Lazlo's turn to be beaten, she said the card was for her father and Commander Hoo-Haw believed it. Hoo-Haw's mannerism are comparable to a stereotypical marine, particularly R. Lee Ermey's acting in the film Full Metal Jacket. His name is based on a variation of a common affirmation/cheer in the United States Marine Corps. Hoo-Haw is also charged, aside from being commandant to the Bean Scouts, with selecting scouts to move up to the next camp: the Tomato Scouts, which are portrayed (in slides in their only appearance) as brutal, militaristic, sadistic, and he has muscles from Valentine's day. He once considered moving Edward up to the Tomato Scouts but changed his mind when he saw Edward shedding a tear. It seems that throughout the series, Lazlo seems to be his favorite scout of Camp Kidney. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Chef McMuesli

Chef McMuesli is Camp Kidney's goat cook. Originally Murray created McMuesli as the camp deacon; Cartoon Network discouraged religious elements, so McMuesli became the cook.[4] McMuesli's name is based on Muesli, a health food, and this in turn references his cooking choices. Most of his food sits on the eccentric end of the health food menu, almost always including tofu and other vegan ingredients. He seems somewhat oblivious to the fact that campers hate his cooking and considers serving them "normal" camp food to be a punishment. McMuesli is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

Nurse Leslie

Nurse Leslie is a male [4] pink nurse shark and is Camp Kidney's nurse. Murray named the character "Leslie" which, in the English language, is gender ambiguous. Murray created Leslie when the episode "Parasitic Pal" required the role of a nurse. O'Hare created the trait involving Leslie sitting in his stool at all times to the point where his leg muscles had atrophied;[4] when Leslie tries to stand on his feet, his legs crumble. O'Hare reasoned that, in Murray's words, "that doctor’s never seem to get up from their stools. Only scoot themselves around the examining room."[17] He is voiced by Doug Lawrence.

Squirrel Scouts


Patsy is a mongoose with bright pink hair. She has a crush on Lazlo in many episodes like "It's No Picnic", "Snake Eyes", and "Squirrel Seats", and will pounce on him on any chance she gets, and in an interview Murray said that Patsy's affection causes Lazlo to feel "little freaked out" and that "She scares him." He describes Patsy as "a little more aggressive with Lazlo than he would ever reciprocate".[3] Patsy is the daughter of commander Hoo-Ha, despite being a completely different species. Once, Patsy was trying to give Lazlo a Valentine card, but Lazlo rejected it, only because her father, Commander Hoo-Ha, will punish the person responsible of the card. Patsy later confessed that it was her who wrote the Valentine, but won't say that it's Lazlo she's trying to lend to because she loves him, and still, Lazlo doesn't give affection in return.

All that may be true, but during the series, Lazlo may be secretly liking Patsy, due to him being less freaked out and might have realized Patsy's strong feeling for him. In the episode "SpaceMates", it was revealed that Lazlo and Patsy are soul mates, meaning that Patsy and Lazlo will formally be in love and will be together, not to mention they'll also have kids sometime in the future. Patsy is described as "chirpy" by the Cartoon Network press release.[9] Jodi Benson voiced Patsy.


Nina is a giraffe,with orange hair who is best friends with Patsy and Gretchen. The press release describes Nina as "gangly" and "bookish."[9] She is a fan of science-fiction and loves reading comic books about aliens, and also dreams of being able to go into space and has a crush on Raj. Nina is voiced by Jill Talley.


Gretchen is an aggressive alligator, with blond hair and has a grudge on Bean Scouts. The official Cartoon Network press kit describes her as "ever-hungry" and desiring to eat "everyone, especially happy monkeys."[9] One thing that makes her happy is her little crush on Clam, but she will never tell anyone not even her best friend Patsy,though in an episode, she was said to have a crush on Edward. Gretchen is voiced by Jill Talley.


Almondine is a beige owl, with dark brown hair. In the one episode dedicated to her, she was established as being practical and sensible, but not having much of a sense for fashion or what was considered "pretty". Almondine is voiced by Jodi Benson.


Tootie is a grayish squirrel, with tall purple hair. Tootie is voiced by Tara Strong.


Amber is a blue rabbit, with curly light pink hair. Amber is voiced by Tara Strong and Jill Talley.


Honey is a light brown bear with curly blonde hair. As it was shown in one episode, Honey is also very dim-witted. She is voiced by Jill Talley and Tara Strong.

Other Squirrel Scouts

Acorn Flats Staff

Ms. Jane Doe

Jane Doe is a female deer and one of the leaders of the Squirrel Scouts. The official Cartoon Network press kit describes her as resembling "an insecure substitute teacher." Doe possesses a "Minnesota accent," a quality that Lumpus enjoys.[9] Jane's name is based on the generic name police in the United States of America and some other countries give to an unidentified female (usually a body) until a name can be obtained. Towards the end of Camp Lazlo, Lumpus marries Doe.[4]

Jodi Benson voiced Doe; Murray describes Benson as giving Doe a "slightly crazy side to her that let her ride that edge." Murray describes her performances of Doe "losing it" as "legendary." [4]

Ms. Rubella Mucus

Ms. Rubella Mucus is a warthog who is Jane Doe's assistant. The Cartoon Network press kit describes her as bearing a "gruff, prison guard attitude."[9] She had been a soldier for 15 years.[citation needed] For reasons not completely explained in the series, she hates the Bean Scouts with a passion, and tries to teach the Squirrel Scouts to despise them as well (in multiple episodes, she has the girls fire watermelons at any Bean Scouts who try to cross the lake to their side). She serves as one of the antagonists of the series.

Ms. Mucus is voiced by Jill Talley.

Other characters

  • Edward's Four Brothers: Joe Murray, creator of Camp Lazlo, stated that the situations involving the brothers provide insight into Edward's neurosis. Their names are Cheesely, Alpine, Fancy Pants, and Phillip. Voiced variously by Doug Lawrence, Tom Kenny, and Jeff Glen Bennett.
  • Mayor Pothole McPucker: The mayor of Prickly Pines. He is a misshapen pig. Sometimes, people introduce him as, "Mayor- OH! For the love of...!" He woos Jane Doe in The Engagement, becoming engaged to her. The engagement ends when he professes love for Lumpus. (who he thought to be female.) [4] J.G. Quintel, a writer for Camp Lazlo, wanted a situation involving the mayor of Prickly Pines judging the most beautiful parade float as ugly. Murray developed the idea and Steve Little added the belching and spitting voice.[4]
  • Hanley Manster: The teen idol heart-throb to the scouts of Acorn Flats. Although not an actual character in the show, he does make an appearance (only in the episode "Hard Days Samson") on the cover of "DreamBoat" magazine in which the Squirrel Scouts soon unexpectedly thinks that Bean Scout Samson looks exactly like him.
  • The Scout Master In The Sky: The Scout Master In The Sky (SMITS for short) is, as his title suggests, is the god of the scouts. He was first mentioned in an episode where Sampson was constantly hit by balls that seemed to be shot from the sky and he believed it to be SMITS' doing. It was revealed to the viewers at the end of that episode that the balls were shot by a faulty machine from a nearby ball factory. However, SMITS did appear in a later episode when Lazlo and Sampson (who were mysteriously experiencing each other's usual luck) went to the sky (by taking an elevator inside a big tree) to ask him about their sudden change of luck. SMITS explained that, when a scout is born, his luck (or lack of it) is defined by having the newborn scout pull the lever of an one-armed bandit. Lazlo got the best possible result while Sampson got bad luck represented by three matching balls (a reference to the episode where SMITS was first mentioned). When Lazlo agreed to temporarily take over Sampson's mail man duties, SMITS exchanged their luck and forgot to change it back. After undoing it, he agreed to give Sampson another try. Sampson got a good result but was so excited he decided to pull the lever again, unwittingly restoring his usual bad luck.


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